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25-Y The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin

(Appeal Song: “Just as I Am”)

Topic: The Holy Spirit and the unpardonable sin.

!Not long ago–American governor pardoned all 156
prisoners on his state’s death row.
–Opponents of–death penalty–delighted;
–But not families–victims and supporters–death penalty
–They were outraged.


–Word–includes–idea of forgiveness.
–Word–can mean undeserved mercy.
–Word–means being set free from
–penalty –what you’ve done.


!Let–ask you something.
If you–in charge–pardoning people
–for their bad deeds–crimes –for their sins
–would there be any you couldn’t or wouldn’t pardon?

–How about–mass murderer?
–If he or she–genuinely repentant–sorrowful,
–could you pardon–mass murderer?
–How about–rapist?
–Child molester?

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25-Y The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin

–How about someone guilty–trying–wipe out
–whole race of people,
–like Pol Pot–Cambodia or Hitler–Germany?
–What about other sins:
–lying, stealing, adultery, cheating, hatred,
–assassinating somebody’s character, betrayal?
–Could you pardon those sins if–person were


!How bad would–sin have–be
–for you–not be unable–pardon it?
–Let’s ask – question–different way:
–How bad does–sin have–be,
–that even God can’t pardon it?
–Doesn’t God pardon–forgive ALL sins?
–Bible tells– is one sin even God can’t pardon.
–has therefore come–called “the unpardonable sin.”
–Imagine–terrible this sin–be,
–even God can’t pardon it.
!Sometimes, people come to–pastors greatly distressed
–worry that–have committed–unpardonable sin.

–Well, friends, as–look tonight–what
–Bible teaches about this subject,
–will learn –anyone–worried–may–committed
–unpardonable sin definitely has not!
–Because one sure sign–someone–NOTcommitted
–unpardonable sin is–are afraid–worried-they have!

International English Version B



–hid in wilderness –had an encounter with God –asked God for forgiveness.25-Y The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin !What is the unpardonable sin? !Some–afraid they’ve committed–unpardonable sin !What is the unpardonable sin? 9 !Is it murder? !Moses–crown prince of Egypt 10 –became angry–saw–Egyptian beating Israelite –Moses killed Egyptian–buried him–in sand 11 !When his crime–discovered. 12 !God took Moses out of the wilderness –used him–free Israelites–Egyptian bondage 13 !Moses. the murderer –became–mighty man of God –received–ten commandments–from God –saw–glory of God–Mt Sinai 14 International English Version B 3 ...

” –Each of us–lied–deceived someone 18 !Unpardonable sin–isn’t murder–lying or deceit !Is it denying Christ? 19 International English Version B 4 . . I am with you and will keep you wherever you go.. for I will not leave you..25-Y The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin !Moses died–without entering–promised land –Jude 9–Jesus fought with Satan –over body of Moses –Deuteronomy says–Moses’ tomb not found –resurrected and taken to heaven –Matthew 17–Moses and Elijah–spoke to Jesus –Mount of Transfiguration !Obviously–murder is not–unpardonable sin 15 !Is it lying or deception? !Jacob pretended–be Esau–deceived father –stole–birthright from brother –Had to run away–escape brother’s anger 16 !God revealed himself to Jacob–in a dream –Jacob asked for forgiveness 17 !God said to Jacob–Genesis 28:15 “Behold.

–A changed Peter on the day of Pentecost. –even when–turn our back on Him–deny Him !No–unpardonable sin–isn’t denying Christ 23 !Is it denying God’s existence or persecuting God’s people? !What about–apostle Paul? 24 International English Version B 5 .. –Jesus needed–word of encouragement 21 !But Peter–who denied Lord–cursing and swearing –went out and wept bitterly 22 !God forgave–rebuilt Peter–we see. Lord..” –Jesus said–“before the rooster cries out three times you’ll forsake me. I’ll give my life for you.25-Y The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin !Think of Peter–with Jesus at–last supper –Peter said–“though all men forsake you. I will never forsake you. –Holy Spirit used Peter –three thousand baptized–one day !God doesn’t reject us..” –Peter said–“No..” 20 !Peter–disciples–with Jesus–3 years –Under political pressure –Peter cursed–swore–“I do not know the man!” !Peter failed–Jesus needed him most.

. Colossians –Romans. –This is Jesus Christ whom you’re persecuting –God stopped Saul in his tracks 27 !Saul–persecutor of Christians–became –Paul–mighty apostle–to gentiles –Paul–writer –Galatians. – God’s grace–always greater–our sin !Unpardonable sin not–murder–lying–deceit–cursing God– persecuting God’s people 29 !Certainly not adultery –when Mary committed adultery–Jesus said..25-Y The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin !Consider Saul/Paul–the persecutor –Saul–delighted–destroying God’s people –He was there–Steven was stoned 25 !Damascus road–Saul met Jesus –Jesus appeared–enormous light –Saul fell–helpless–to the ground 26 !Voice from heaven said. –“Go.. and sin no more”–“I don’t condemn you” !What is–unpardonable sin? –What does the Bible teach about the unpardonable sin? International English Version B 30 6 .. Corinthians–many others !Clear–killing Christians–isn’t unpardonable sin 28 !We may be great sinners but we have a great Savior. Ephesians. Philippians.

. –why keep reminding him of them? 33 !When Jesus walked up Calvary’s hill –paying–penalty–your sin and mine –no sin too great for him to forgive –repent–confess–accept God’s forgiveness 34 International English Version B 7 . He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins.” 31 !If we confess–he will forgive them... “For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness.” !God has–short memory? –Bible says–remember sins no more –If God doesn’t remember your sins. and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. –So–unpardonable sin –must be–sin we won’t confess –a sin that we cling to–attitude of rebellion against God !Some say–“I feel so guilty”–what I’ve done –because of–affair–theft–anger–bitterness –I feel so guilty? Can I be forgiven? !Bible says–if we confess–Christ will forgive !If you say–sins–too great–Christ to forgive –make Jesus a liar –He said–if we confess–He will forgive 32 !Hebrews 8:12 says. and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more.25-Y The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin !Bible says–1 John 1:9 “If we confess our sins..

“For God so loved the world. but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit. it will be forgiven him.” 38 “..Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man.” 35 !I come–to cross–kneel–confess my sin –believing in him –His forgiveness–eternal life is mine !Does that mean–no unpardonable sin? !After all–Bible says–1 John 1:7 “But if we walk in the light. but have everlasting life. that he gave his only begotten Son.. as He is in the light.. and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin. .. 32 says .. . “Therefore I say to you.” 36 !According to this text–only unpardonable sin –is the sin–I don’t confess !How do you explain this unpardonable sin? !Read Bible text–regarding unpardonable sin –where Jesus described–unpardonable sin 37 Matthew 12:31.…” 39 International English Version B 8 .25-Y The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin !John 3:16 says. but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven men. we have fellowship one with another. that whosoever believeth in him should not perish. every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men.

!A pilot was flying his small plane to a distant airport in Central America. He continued going–wrong direction–taking him away from his destination. Finally–pilot–flew out of range. The pilot’s route of flight took him through the edge of his destination airport’s reception area.25-Y The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin “…it will not be forgiven him. He filed a flight plan to the correct airport but mistakenly flew toward another airport 100 miles away.” The unpardonable sin is not a kind or type of sin. The unpardonable sin is the continual rejection of the prompting of the Holy Spirit. International English Version B 43 9 . Controller kept calling him. –it says–“all manner”–will be forgiven –So–unpardonable sin–not type of sin –God will forgive any sin–if we confess it to God. Controller tried–to get pilot--change direction–to no avail. 41 !Only one possible explanation. either in this age or in the age to come…” !Clear–unpardonable sin –is–sin against the Holy Ghost 40 !What does–word “manner mean? The word “manner” means “kind” or “type. No longer hear–pleading approach controller.. 42 Flying after dark over unfamiliar terrain he was unaware of the problem. Problem–not fault of controller–pilot continued–wrong direction–soon went out of range–could not hear voice of controller. !Any sin–adultery–murder–impatience–lying–cheating– stealing.

sinning. !Does that mean–everybody who rejects God’s voice –committed the unpardonable sin? –Not at all. Holy Spirit keeps working !Is possible–according to Bible–enter state–perpetual sin –We keep sinning. sinning –Each time God calls–don’t yield–harden our hearts –Soon–hard hearts–no long hear Him –God still calls–we no longer hear !You may ask. !Christianity–not only a creed –deals with–supernatural power–Holy Spirit –making radical changes–life of the believer International English Version B 44 10 . Do you think somebody here–committed unpardonable sin? –One who commits–unpardonable sin– –NOT interested–meetings–this –Have no interest–in spiritual things –Have no interest–in the Bible !Vital–we understand–danger–rejecting pleading of–Holy Spirit !We can only understand the unpardonable sin if we understand how the Holy Spirit has worked through the Bible.25-Y The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin !What’s the unpardonable sin? –It is not first step you take–or second step –But when God calls you–persistently reject his calls –possible–heart become so hardened– –no longer hear God’s voice –no longer feel–pleading of–Holy Spirit.

48 !God said–creation–let tides hold back–dry land appear –word–living God–animated–power–Holy Spirit –held the tides–land appeared 49 !God said–out of nothing–let earth appear 50 International English Version B 11 .. the Spirit played an active role.. “The earth was without form. At creation. and darkness was on the face of the deep. and void. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.” 46 !Three members–Godhead–participated in creation –God spoke–world into existence –Holy Spirit–took words of God–world was created 47 !The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Godhead.25-Y The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin !Let’s study–power–Holy Spirit–in the Bible 45 !At creation–Bible says–Genesis 1:2.

.25-Y The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin !God said–let fruit trees appear –Spirit of God–beautiful fruit trees –dotted the landscape 51 !For 120 years Noah preached –world would be destroyed–by flood –to Godless–morally twisted–society –to society–filled–corruption and violence 52 !Genesis 6:3 says “And the LORD said....’” 53 !Days of Noah–God’s Holy Spirit–reaching out –touching men’s hearts !Today–Holy Spirit–convicts us of sin 54 !Days of Noah–resistance–hardening of the heart –men and women–lost –God gave opportunity–120 years !Holy Spirit–touched hearts –revealed to them–right and wrong –tens of thousands–lost–resisted Spirit’s pleading !Resist–Spirit–pleading–extremely serious 55 !Bible says–John 16:8–the Holy Spirit. “.He will convict the world of sin. and of judgment:” 56 International English Version B 12 . ‘My Spirit shall not strive with man forever. and of righteousness....

Gave Bobby–just–amount of money–needed. His hands got sticky–sugar crumbs stuck to his face–worst thing– candy didn’t taste as it should. His heart–heavy with guilt. It only cost 2 cents! Mother had given–just enough–pound of sugar–didn’t have–2 cents for the candy. On arriving home–mother knew–done something wrong.25-Y The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin !Who makes you feel–something–done is wrong? –Have you ever had–feeling–doing something wrong? –I know I have 57 (ILL) Bobby was 10 years old–in 5 th grade–years ago. Bobby said some candy. He told her–grocery store owner–given it to him. His mother–sent him–one-room–family grocery store–buy 1 pound of sugar. So. in addition to stealing– Bobby lied to his mother. Seemed to call him. International English Version B 13 . Maybe it was the sticky hands–sugar around mouth. He walked to the store. She asked–how he got candy–didn’t have money–pay for it. She asked–what he had eaten. Candy was sweet– conscience made it bitter. Oh. Started walking home–began to eat the candy. At the counter–little store–saw–home-made candy. Bobby thought quickly–told her a lie. how he wanted that candy. Must have–showed on face. After paying for the sugar–store owner walked out–Bobby was alone with the candy! Quickly he took--lid off the jar– took out–one piece of candy–rushed out door.

. “. His classmates–from school across street–stand under window–called–ask him–play with them. The second time–parents punished him–teaching him a lesson. Mother–paid for candy–walked home very quietly. He said–he’d seen Bobby steal–candy. He said he hadn’t. Then Bobby paid for the candy! Parents decided–needed–learn a lesson. and of judgment.. and of righteousness. They told him– thieves eventually end up in prison. First time–overwhelming sense of guilt–for doing what he knew was wrong. She took him by the hand–walked back to the grocery store.when He. !Bible says.. in John 16:8 that.for the second time... He had to tell them--couldn’t--was being punished ..” –You know–God convicts us–to do something –Feel–still small voice–telling you–right and wrong 58 !You’ve entered–relationship–you know is wrong –Spirit of God–talks to your heart–Don’t reject Him. !You sense–God is leading–keep Bible Sabbath International English Version B 14 . Hanging his head in shame--mother asked the store owner if he had given him a piece of candy for free.25-Y The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin Bobby didn’t expect–what happened next. He will convict the world of sin. the spirit of God is come. Locked me–in bedroom–for entire week.

.. and you hear the sound of it.” 61 International English Version B 15 . !You sense–God–leading–abstain–habits–like alcohol.25-Y The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin –That’s the Spirit of God–don’t reject Him. but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. tobacco –That’s the Spirit of God–don’t reject Him !Bible says–when Jesus was baptized –Holy Spirit came down–on Him !It descended–form of Dove –prepare Him–temptations–Satan–wilderness !The Holy Spirit strengthens us against temptations. –We can’t battle evil one alone –When we give our hearts to Christ –transformation–Bible calls–new birth 59 !Jesus–talking to Nicodemus late one night –religious leaders –didn’t want to be seen with Jesus 60 !Jesus said–Nicodemus–John 3:8 “The wind blows where it wishes.

the Spirit of truth.. “However. for He will not speak on His own.25-Y The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin “..So is everyone who is born of the Spirit... when He.” !Jesus spoke to Nicodemus –need to be born again –need to be “born of the Spirit” 62 !God promises–when you accept salvation “in Christ” –Holy Spirit–enter into your life–change your life –make you over–into totally new person !Maybe you’re facing a particular problem –You’ve been coming–these meetings –learned many truths–God’s word –What to do about these–caused you a real struggle –Holy Spirit is touching your heart !It is–Holy Spirit–convicts us of sin –Holy Spirit who changes our hearts –The Holy Spirit who leads us into truth 63 !Holy Spirit–God’s Channel of Communication: 64 !John 16:13 says.. has come. He will guide you into all truth..” 65 International English Version B 16 .

..” !In these meetings–learned Bible truths.. and He will tell you things to come. –If I take one step–this direction–one thing –if I continue walking away from Holy Spirit–dangerous !Only safe course–God reveals truth–follow it –Jesus loved you so much –sent–Holy Spirit–teach you more !How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit? –What does it mean–filled with the Holy Spirit? 67 International English Version B 17 . !Who has revealed these truths to you? !Truth–Jesus alone saves–Holy Spirit–revealed this !Truth–Christ is coming literally–visibly–every eye will see him –Holy Spirit–revealed this !Truth–when you die you rest until the resurrection? –Holy Spirit–revealed this !Truth–regarding the Bible Sabbath –The Holy Spirit–revealed this 66 !Who is it that guides us into all truth? –Bible says–it is the Holy Spirit !If the Holy Spirit guides me into truth –If I reject truth–resist truth–I’m resisting Holy Spirit –That’s the function of the Holy Spirit–open my mind to truth !If I’m not here by accident –If God brought me here–hear and understand God’s truth –failure–walk in the truth– –bracing myself against–pleading–Holy Spirit !Is that the unpardonable sin? Certainly not. but whatever He hears He will speak.authority..25-Y The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin “.

keep My commandments. “if you love me.the Spirit of the truth..... 68 !He said–Acts 1:8 “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you. that He may abide with you forever.” do what? –Keep my commandments –I will give you–the Holy Spirit 73 !When I come to Jesus–and accept His grace –When I determine–obey Him–gives me added power to live International English Version B 18 .. and He will give you another.. 70 !But–Who would Christ give the power of the Holy Spirit to? 71 !Jesus said–John 14:15-17 “If you love Me....25-Y The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin !When Jesus ascended to heaven.” 72 “.” 69 !Would you like power–Holy Spirit in your life? –Jesus promised it..Helper.” !Jesus said.. And I will pray the Father.. He promised the gift of the Spirit.

. –You–believe–Holy Spirit–more–we do? What–you mean? !Yes–the Bible says in Acts 5:32.. !Do people receive Holy Spirit– –who say God’s law–ten commandments–done away with !Some say–I thought–Holy Spirit came –somebody spoke in tongues !What does the Bible teach about the gift of tongues? !Note the characteristics–this experience 75 International English Version B 19 . and so also is the Holy Spirit whom God has given to those that obey him.” 74 !Who receives–fullness of the Holy Spirit? –People that–Obey him. “And we are His witnesses to these things.25-Y The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin !When do I receive the Holy Spirit? –As I surrender my life to Christ –when I decide–follow–truth of his Bible !My Pentecostal friends ask me. –Do you believe in being filled with the Holy Spirit? –say to them–I believe–infilling–Holy Spirit–more than you do...

!On Day of Pentecost–Medes–Parthenians –Edomites–people of other nationalities –gathered–heard Peter preach–own language! 76 2.25-Y The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin 1. –It is true. !God broke the language barrier.I would rather speak five words with my understanding.. Paul is clear–Corinthian believers –using gift of tongues wrongly –speaking in languages– –nobody in their congregations knew. 77 !Someone says–1 Corinthians–says–praying in tongues. –Paul had to write–people–using gift–tongues–wrongly 3. every person was able to understand in their own language (Acts 2:6).. Paul declared.” (1 Cor. When the gift of tongues was being misused in the Corinthian church. When the gift of tongues was given on the day of Pentecost. The gift of tongues was a real language to communicate the gospel. 78 “… than ten thousand words in an unknown tongue. “. 14:19) 79 International English Version B 20 .

–Holy Spirit–never bypasses the brain –God–not glorified–speak gibberish– –language nobody understands –True gift of tongues–real spoken human language –God gives gift occasionally–interpret Bible –as we preach the gospel to unbelievers. 27) –one person speaks–for those–understand –interpreted for those who don’t d) Only one person at a time must speak (vs 27).” 84 International English Version B 21 . Paul gave believers guidelines–speaking in tongues a) Tongues are for a sign not to believers but to unbelievers –Believers–don’t need tongues in the church –understand the same language –God gave tongues–so unbelievers–hear gospel 80 b) Only two or at most three people should speak in these languages in any given meeting (vs 27).. –Must not be confusion–spirit–reverence to God 82 e) The individual must be in control of his words and actions. 83 !Bible says–1 Corinthians 14:33 “For God is not the author of confusion.. 81 c) There must be an interpreter present (vs.25-Y The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin 4.

Mary. And I shall be innocent of great transgression.” –When I continue to sin –When I walk away–truths of the Bible !God says– –walking on dangerous ground –hardening your heart to the Spirit.” –Dangerous thing–harden heart-walk away from God 88 !When Mary was committing adultery –Jesus said–you’re forgiven–go and sin no more –He said.25-Y The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin !To be filled with the Holy Spirit means: –To have a heart that deeply loves Jesus –To have a mind filled with His words –To have a determination to follow the truth 85 !Bible says–Psalm 51:11 “Do not cast me away from Your presence. Let them not have dominion over me….: 87 “… Then I shall be blameless. don’t harden your heart !It’s a dangerous thing–turning back on God 89 !Continual sin hardens the heart. 86 !Bible says–Psalm 19:13 “Keep back Your servant also from presumptuous sins. and do not take Your Holy Spirit from me. –Continual persistent sin seals off the mind 90 International English Version B 22 .

–Reach place–heart–hardened –no longer hear–voice of God 91 !The story of Saul dramatically illustrates the results of saying no to God. International English Version B 96 23 . to obey is better than sacrifice. And to heed than the fat of rams. 92 !God sent–Samuel to Saul –Saul resisted the prophet –Saul resisted the truth of God’s word 93 !Samuel said–1 Samuel 15:22 “Then Samuel said: ‘Has the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices.25-Y The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin !The unpardonable sin occurs when any individual repeatedly says no to God. or –possessed by the spirit of demons.” !Samuel said to Saul –all your sacrifices to God –mean little–keep disobeying 95 !Saul–rejected truth from God –met the devil–cave–a witch in Endor !Last days–every human being –possessed by Spirit of God. As in obeying the voice of the Lord? 94 Behold.

. –polarization–division–taking place now. –Or they say. –Minds closed–couldn’t care less–God’s truth !This is God’s final call–These are God’s last days. and a distressing spirit from the Lord troubled him.” !It is tragic–if we walk away. Lord.25-Y The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin !Bible says–last days–our choice will be –truth or error –hearts opened to God–or closed to God !Today there are those who say: –Lord. !The great majority of people–in the middle–they say –Well. International English Version B 24 .. –truth as it is in Jesus–distressing spirit troubles us 97 !But–if we open our hearts to Jesus –Holy Spirit comes into our life –His grace forgives our sin –His power changes our life. sometimes yes and sometimes no !But that middle ground–going one way or the other. whatever you want me to do I want to do it.. !Some–your friends–becoming more spiritual–interested–Bible !Others–hardening their hearts–locked in–religious traditions. –I don’t want to have anything to do with your truth or you. !1 Samuel 16:14–when Saul walked away from God “But the Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul.

!Many–already made decisions for baptism. You may or may not be a church member. I don’t want anything separating me and you. to those–here tonight–but there’s something hidden in your life. !Second: You’ve learned new truths from God’s word in these meetings. It’s troubling you. If you are cherishing a secret sin tonight. you want to make a final decision. Please take it away. be baptized accepting that truth. !First. You know God International English Version B 25 . –I’m talking to three classes of people. but you’ve been holding back making a decision. Jesus. step out by faith. have you opened your heart to Jesus? !Is there anything in your life that’s not in harmony with his will? As you’ve been coming to the meetings you have been growing in Jesus. here it is. And tonight you want to say. But there’s a secret sin in your life. I want to surrender that sin to you.25-Y The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin !When He descends–corridors of the sky –we look up gratefully –He saves us in his kingdom 98 !Tonight. –I’m not appealing to you tonight. I’m talking to you tonight. But now. Third: Maybe you have drifted away from Christ. why not say Lord.

and fears without. cleanse. Has broken every barrier down. I come. I come. many a doubt. And that Thou bid’st me come to The. Sight. But now. O Lamb of God. I come. Thou wilt receive. You want to leave this auditorium knowing that you’re forgiven. O Lamb of God. I’m going to invite you to stand. and Thine alone. Yea. I’m going to have special prayer for several groups of people tonight. !Friend listen carefully. Wilt welcome. I come. I’m going to invite you.” 1) Just as I am. all I need. I come. To Thee whose blood can cleanse each spot. But that Thy blood was shed for me. though tossed about. Now to be Thine. To rid my soul of one dark blot. I come. O Lamb of God. 3) Just as I am. I come. pardon. you want to make your decision to return to Him. First–If there’s some secret sin in your life and you want to deal with that tonight. Because Thy promise I believe. O Lamb of God. relieve. riches. and waiting not. O Lamb of God. I come. poor. Thy love I own. healing of the mind. 2) Just as I am. without one plea.25-Y The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin is leading you back to Him. I com. Fights within. 6) Just as I am. O Lamb of God. I want us to sing together a wonderful song. inviting you to be rebaptized. in Thee I find. 5) Just as I am. wretched. Let’s all stand together as _____leads us in that wonderful song “Just as I am. 4) Just as I am. as we sing just to slip out from wherever you are and come International English Version B 26 . to be cleaned through the water again. With many a conflict. I come. I come. I come. blind.

Lord. And fourth–If you’ve been resisting following Jesus’ example in baptism. Third–I want to pray for those who once walked with Jesus but who drifted away. and you want to say yes. I invite you to join me here. including friends and family. If there’s some truth God is leading you into. If you need to make something right with God.25-Y The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin down here to the front for prayer. I’d like to pray for you. You know you should be baptized. but you’ve been holding back. I’m going to follow that truth. If you want to ask God for His strength to break the bondage of pressure from anybody. You walked totally away from him. If you are in that group I invite you to join me here tonight. you International English Version B 27 . Second–If you know you’ve been led to Bible truth but you have been resisting a little bit. Let me pray with you. just come. I accept. Jesus. and you know God wants you to you follow it. just come. you come. If you want to follow the truth you’ve learned from God’s Word and you want to ask God to give you His Spirit. By coming you are say. If God is leading you to be baptized or to be rebaptized. just slip down here with me tonight. You sense the invitation of the Holy Spirit to be baptized again.

you come. You’ve held it back for years.25-Y The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin come. But tonight you’re coming to the altar. International English Version B 28 . If there is tonight some truth that you’ve learned in the meetings but you’re kind of hesitating. just come. and you need special power from God. Tonight you’re opening your heart to God. you come. you just come. just come. If there’s some sin in your life that you need to make right with God. and you just sense God calling you. Tonight you’re dealing with that thing. If you’ve been resisting a decision. Something you’ve got to deal with. you just get out of your seats right now and come. I’m going to bow my head to pray. And as I do. If you need strength and you’re trying to make a decision for Christ and there’s a Sabbath work problem that you’re facing. you come. if there’s something you’ve got to make right with God. It’s deep down inside. and you really want to show God and your heart is genuine. if you want to be included in this closing prayer. If the Spirit of God is speaking to you. If there is some cherished sinful habit that you need to lay down.

they have come to know Jesus. We give them to you right now. Others of us want to join your church by profession of faith. Some here have drifted away and are now here having made a decision to be rebaptized. It’s hard. Father for whatever reason we come. we’ve already been baptized. I thank you. we have come. you’ll never ever cast us out. Others of us. we surrender ourselves to you and give us the power to follow it. Lord. some of us have learned new truth and it’s scary. my Father. Thank you that we can accept you. you said that when we come to you. Amen International English Version B 29 . thank you that we can walk through the water and be cleansed. They have come. And so we have come to you. But Lord. We ask you for your power and your strength in our lives right now. Lord. boys and girls.25-Y The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin Father in heaven tonight scores of men and women. They have come to find Christ. Lord. are being baptized for the first time. And Father. And we praise you that our sins can be forgiven. And we thank you that you will fill our hearts with your love and grace and power in Jesus’ name. They have come to lay down their sins.