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General Objectives:
Within the 4 days of duty in the Davao Medical School Foundation Hospital. Our
fundamental goal for the study is to be able to select a patient for our case study
and conduct a comprehensive case study of the illness, and most especially, to
provide a holistic and effective nursing care to the client by relating and putting to
use the knowledge that we have acquired.

Specific Objectives:

define the complete diagnosis of the patient

conduct a cephalocaudal assessment of the patient and Identify

any abnormalities within the physical assessment.

identify the developmental data of the patient

state a comprehensive prognosis

create efficient nursing care plan based on actual high-risk

health needs

discuss the implications of the laboratory results of the

patient as well as the surgical procedure done

review and discuss the human anatomy and physiology of

the respiratory system, focusing primarily on the affected
organ and organ systems

locate and identify a genogram that could trace any disease

that could be hereditary to the patient which might contribute
to his present condition

Analyze the disease process of pneumonia by explaining its


Formulate specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timebounded nursing care plans to outline the care to be provided for
the patient.

Recognize the relevance of drug to the patient by doing drug


State nursing theories to organize the framework of concepts for

our nursing practice.


gather data and comprehend the patients data, family

background, health history and present health condition

Select a pediatric patient who will be the main subject of the

case presentation.

choose and apply the different and related nursing theories

that are appropriate to the present health condition of the

present medications and its indications given to the patient

Conduct a thorough physical and acute assessment to the

patient by using this as basis for NCP.

Collect valid data regarding the past and present health

history of the patient

Perform the appropriate nursing care plan to achieve the

need of the patient

Conduct health teachings to the patient to promote health

and prevent disease that can be acquired.


establish good rapport with the patient to gain their trust

and cooperation

show respect, genuine concern, and empathy to the

patient by giving care and attention

provide the best quality of care along with the

principles of nurse-patient relationship

Give the best quality of care with integrity, honesty, love and
compassion by doing bedside care and regular visit.

Allow patient to express their feelings and thoughts through active

listening and have a good and open communication.

offer health teachings to the client to achieve optimum

wellness as well as other relevant discharge orders