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Test Implementation and Integration of solutions

Proof of concept for new Project

Creation of functional tests
Execution of tests
Gathering knowledge and keeping and eye on other available vendors and
products in market with respect to Backup Technology
Evaluation of various products and vendors
Testing of various upcoming and available technology's (software, Hardware,
Patches, Tools)
Create SAP requisitions
Delivery/order followup
Build and deploy procured solution / redeploy of existing backup box
Procurement & Asset Management
System management tool ownership
Backup Adminsitration/Management
Performing Adhoc Backups
Planning for Scratch Media
Scheduling of New Backups/ Modifiying existing Jobs
Performing Restores
Inserting/ Ejecting Media
Planning Backup Policies and Storage Units, Pools
Tape Library Configuration and Setup
Tape Library Administration and operation
Online Backups for Databases, Mail Servers etc
Optimising Media Consumption
Data Domain replication schedulings
Data Domain Administration
On site Tape handling
Off site Tape management (including media exchange to 3rd party)
SOX audit testing and restore
Administration and operation NDMP backups
Setup NDMP backups
Monitoring & Troubleshooting
Monitoring of Backup and Restores
Monitoring and availability of media in robots
Monitoring of media quality (incl. removal of bad/out-worn media)
Monitoring of Drives / Robots (incl. break fix & follow up against vendor)
Monitoring of Drives / Robots (incl. connectivity between application and
Debugging Backup Failures
Monitoring tools

Maintenance Activities
New Backup Tool Installation
Backup HW Installation
BacupExec Installation and administration
Manage Script / Automation of Minor Tasks
Installing Agents
Migration from one Backup tool to another tool
Backup Tool Configurations
Upgrading Versions and Patching Backup Server
Upgrading Versions and Patching Backup Clients
Scripting / Automation of Major/ Complex Tasks
Recovery of Backup/Restore Servers from failure
Performance Management & Reporting
Performance Management for Backup/Restore
Reports on backup usage and performance
Documentation & Reports
Responsibility for proposing improvements in documentation and procedures
Documentation describing hardware setups & diagrams
Documentation of Operational procedures and processes
SLA reporting and maintain Dashboard
SOX compliance reporting
Monthly backup success rate
Incident Management
Priority1/Sev1 Tickets
Priority2/Sev2 Tickets
Priority3/Sev3 Tickets
Priority4/Sev4 Tickets
Change Management (Pre-Approved)
CR Document Preparation
Taking Change Board Approval
Deploying the Change
Billing Report Generation & Validation
Backup infrastructure used by Business units
Trend reporting on amount of data backup
Backup chargeback designs
Future growth expansion plans and cost
FSO - Storage
See FINAL_DA server Hosting( Windows) SOW -Updated as on 29 Jan 13 V 1.0
for detailed descriptions

Asset management of backup HW and SW

Goods receipt
Maintain inventory
License audits
Build and deploy solution
Decommissioning incl. removal and destruction
System management tool ownership
Capacity planning
SOX Auditing
Backup system HW & SW management
Monitoring & Troubleshooting
Performance Management
Documentation and procedures
Incident, change, problem and request management
Onsite support
Tape media handling, offsite tape exchange to 3rd party,
or offsite storage at other designated location
Break fix of all backup hardware
IMAC (install/move/add/change) of all backup hardware
Local logistic
Escort vendor service engineers when needed
SOPs and Run Books