To review: A preposition relates a noun or a pronoun to another part of the sentence. They show where, when, or in what direction. 1. Where Prepositions- on, in, at, inside, above… 2. When Prepositions- after, before, during, while… 3. What Direction Prepositions- under, over, toward… See your packet called “Three small but Important parts of speech” to know for examples of the most common prepositions.

A prepositional phrase is a short group of words beginning with a preposition and ending with a noun or pronoun. Prepositional phrases functions as adjectives or adverbs. Some basic prepositional phrases: At home, in time, from Jake. Some more complex prepositional phrases: Along the busy highway, under the warm blanket, from my Aunt Jane, on the road to Grandmother’s house Some sentences can have more than one: I stood in the rain | during the game. Prepositional phrases that function as adjective tell us “which one.” The book on the bathroom floor is all wet now. Which book? The one on the bathroom floor. The note from my second cousin Ed was unreadable. Which note? The one from my second cousin Ed. Prepositional phrases that function as adverbs tell us “how” or “when” or “where.” She travelled from London on a Jet Blue plane. How did she travel? On a plane. Before class Jeff asked his friend for a pencil. When did he ask? Before class. We all met for dinner at the new Italian restaurant. Where did we meet? At the new restaurant. Examples: Underline the prepositional phrase or phrases. Then circle the preposition or prepositions. 1. Tim ran from first to second base. 2. The smell of cookies drifted throughout the house.

3. The path along the house needs to be shoveled. 4. The applause lasted for two minutes after the soloist’s performance. Practice: Underline the prepositional phrase or phrases. Then circle the preposition or prepositions. 1. The train raced through the tunnel. 2. No one worked during the strike. 3. Brian walked toward the ballpark after school. 4. Linda tripped clumsily over the rug. 5. Ask Dad if we had the keys to the boat. 6. The doorman stands inside the lobby during winter. 7. Have you looked for your umbrella in the closet? 8. The signature on the check is a forgery. 9. David drove past the driveway. 10. Without a doubt, this is the best restaurant in town. 11. The safe is behind the painting on this wall. 12. A flock of geese landed beyond the ridge. 13. An assortment of wild flowers grew in the meadow. 14. You sounded like Helen on the phone. 15. A horseshoe was nailed over the door. 16. We parked in the lot near the bank. 17. Without a doubt, Natalie will arrive before us. 18. Cassie has not been in town since last month. 19. Throughout the day, newscasters broke into the regular programs with special bulletins.

20. June sat on a bench against the wall.

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