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A gathering
h i off descendants
d friends
f i d off the
h Gudbrandsdal,
G db d d l Trøndelag
T d l
and northern Hedmark regions of Norway

Fargo, North Dakota · Best Western Doublewood Inn
August 1-4, 2012

Velkommen til Stevne!
Both, Fargo, North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota were founded in 1871 where the Northern Pacific Railroad
crossed the Red River of the North. Thousands of Norwegian Immigrants came along with the railroad and se led in
Fargo/Moorhead and across the area of the Red River Valley. To this day over a third of the popula on in the area claim
Norwegian ancestry. Fargo is home to one of the largest and most ac ve Sons of Norway Lodges (Kringen Lodge). The
early Norwegian se lers founded Concordia College, in Moorhead, in 1891. Moorhead also lays claim to the Hjemkomst
Center… home to both the Hjemkomst Viking ship and the Hopperstad Stave Church replica.
With this strong Norwegian heritage I can’t think of a be er place for this year’s Tre Lag Stevne. This year’s theme, About
Face! Our Legacy, puts an emphasis on old pictures. A number of seminars will focus on photographs including our
keynote address by Verlyn Anderson, Old Photos – Voices of the Past. I trust the programs and ac vi es at this Stevne will
keep you busy. I am excited for the opportunity to showcase the Fargo/Moorhead area. In addi on to the great program,
I also encourage you to take advantage of the genealogy lab and the exper se provided by the Lag Genealogists.
The Fargo/Moorhead area offers other ac vi es and places to visit. On Thursday, from 5 pm-6:30 pm there will be an
open house recep on for Fred Cogelow’s Woodcarving Exhibit at the Plains Art Museum in downtown Fargo. Also that
evening, for you classic car lovers, you may want to a end “Cruisin’ Broadway” in downtown Fargo from 5pm-9pm.
Velkommen l Fargo/Moorhead og i 2012 Tre Lag Stevne!

John F. Peterson
President, Gudbrandsdal Lag

Joy Shong
President, Nord Hedmark og Hedemarken Lag

Robert Fossum
President, Trønderlag of America

Birdie and Blooming Prairie THE STORY OF NORWEGIAN IMMIGRANTS DURING THE 1862 SIOUX UPRISING Available at book stores and online www.1:15 PM Registration Desk Open for Tour Participants 1:30 PM .Atreasuresiteonthewebthatismost valuable. Seminar: Norwegian Immigrants Who Dared to Dream & To Do .8:00 PM Registration Desk Open 6:45 PM .Wednesday.candacesimar. Welcome from Fargo Mayor. Call of the Lur – Gene Nelson.Thesestoriesexpressimportant valuessuchasworkinghardtomakepossibleabetterlifeforthe familyandbuildingschoolsandchurchestosupportthecommunity.8:30 PM Concurrent Seminars Seminar: Classic and Internet Genealogy – Marilyn Sorensen Genealogicalresearchhaschangedwiththeavailabilityofreference materialsandtoolsforresearch. and the US.Familyletters documentthecrossingoftheoceantofindthedreamandof travelinginlandtofindahome. Memorial Service and Dinner at Sons of Norway (bus transportation) 6:45 PM . Mark Voxland. 1 August Time Event 12:00 PM . Dennis Walaker. Place Lobby Meet in Lobby Lobby Walnut Woodland S Walnut Birch ABERCROMBIE TRAIL SERIES by 2012 Spur Award winner.6:45 PM Tour: Hjemkomst Center. Candace Simar. Norway.7:30 PM Opening Ceremony – Emcee – Robert Fossum. Prairie Public Broadcasting. Abercrombie Trail.Joan Buckley Candace is available for speaking engagements Visit Candace at the Minot Høstfest 3 . Pomme de Terre.Buckley'spresentationisbasedonherresearchofherHalling ancestorsandofNorwegianimmigrationhistory. Welcome from Robert Fossum and the Lag Presidents. Music – Chris Falteisek 7:30 PM . National Anthems of Canada.9:30 PM Genealogy Lab Open 7:30 PM . Welcome from Moorhead Mayor.Dowethrowawayalltheoldin favorofthenew?Sometoolsandresourcesarestillusefuland complementinternettools.

nhohlag. Olson Jim Olson President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Director Director Director Membership Genealogist Editor Webmaster Historian Archivist Past President 4 . Secretary Website: www. Dahl Trudy DeKeuster Chris Falteisek Cheryl Goodin Dixie Hansen Nancy Hawkinson Johanna Shager Hocker Richard Lundgren John F. Peterson Richard Lundgren Robert O.gudbrandlag. Editor & Webmaster NORD HEDMARK OG HEDEMARKEN LAG 2012 TRE LAG STEVNE STEERING COMMITTEE Officers Robert Fossum. Olson Anne Haugen Anne Farning Katherine Pedersen Crystal Bloecher Betty Strand Marilyn Sorensen Jan Floeter Gary Romsaas Hanard Lien Robert O. Chair Joy Shong. Peterson John Reindl Marilyn Sorensen Betty Strand President Vice President Secretary (acting) Treasurer Director Director Director Editor Genealogist Past President/ Membership Webmaster Tre Lag Photographer: Bob Christensen GUDBRANDSDAL LAG NATIONAL Website: www. Vice Chair Ron Joy Shong Chris Falteisek Dixie Hansen Ron Helstad Roland Krogstad Gene Nelson Joe Waddell Shirley Schoenfeld John Reindl Dixie Hansen Bob Christensen Committee Members Barry John F.tronderlag.LAG BOARDS TRØNDERLAG OF AMERICA Website: Robert M. Fossum Trudy DeKeuster Nancy Hawkinson Jon Satrum Sandra Aune Barry Dahl Richard Erickson Gary Flatgard Linda Schwartz President Vice President Secretary Treasurer / Membership Director Director / Genealogist Director Director /Historian Past President. Treasurer Nancy Hawkinson.

Jack Sprat! 763-412-6853 scandolls@comcast. Both are from Alvdal in Hedmark. Gudbrandsdalslag President. Hedmark and Marit Hendricksdatter Ollemo (from Tranøy. scan-dolls . Nord Hedmark og Hedemarken Lag Collectible Porcelain Dolls Celebrate Your Scandinavian Heritage! Each Porcelain Doll wears a handcrafted folk dress. and www. Makes a Great Family Keepsake or an Excellent Gift! Jørgen Oleson Ryhaug (from Folldal. Gay Kearin.ABOUT FACE! Ragnild “Bertine” (Tobiasdatter Steivang) Brandvold and her husband. John Peterson 5-generation Morph from Eirik Syverson Steien (frame 1) to Samuel Edward Steien (frame 3) to Mayme (Steien) Dobos (Frame 5) to Sylvia (Dobos) Falteisek (frame 7) to Chris Falteisek (frame 9) 5 . Troms) . Photos submitted by their granddaughter. Karl Pedersen Brandvold.the Great Great Grandparents of Nord Hedmark og Hedemarken Lag President. c om Tore Iverson from Våga morphed to his great grandson. Joy says these two remind her of the nursery rhyme characters Mr. Joy Shong.

10:15 AM Concurrent Seminars Seminar: A Heritage of Landscapes: The Geologic Setting for Settlement in North Dakota and Minnesota – Don Schwert Aglacialterrainresultingfromrepeatediceagesprovidedresources (andchallenges)tosettlersemigratingfromScandinavia.Thursday.4:00 PM Hospitality Room Open 9:15 AM .particularlythose associatedwiththesedimentsofGlacialLakeAgassiz.andrichsoils.9:00 AM 8:00 AM .share ideasanddosomestitching. 9:00 AM .hills.they provideyouwithaneasywaytocomparefamilytreeswith hundredsofyournewlyfoundcousinsaroundtheworld. 10:15 AM . Experiencedstitchersshouldbringtheirprojectstoshow.Included werelakes.Autosomaltestingprovides informationaboutALLofyourancestrallines&cancolorcodeyour ancestrybynationality.Thistalk providesanoverviewoftheregion’sgeologichistoryandhowthe geologyinfluencedhumansettlement.11:45 AM Event Trønderlag Business Meeting Registration Desk Open Genealogy Lab Open Vendor Displays Open Hardangersom Klubb / brief presentation at 9AM.aquifers. Seminar: History of Skiing Including How Norwegians Brought Skiing to North America – Rick Scott AshorthistoryofskiingwithafocusonitsNorwegianroots:How NorwegianImmigrantsdeliveredskiingtotheNewWorldandwho andwhatdidthe"HeavyLifting"whichmadeskiingTheNational WinterSport.6:00 PM 9:00 AM .9:00 PM 9:00 AM .Supplieswillbefurnishedforbeginners. 2 August Time 7:45 AM . Seminar: Autosomal Testing for Genetic Genealogy – John Storlie AutosomalDNAtestinghasbecomeapowerfultoolforthegenetic genealogist. then informal workshop .Ginny Nelson ExploreyourNorwegianheritagethroughhardanger.andforgoodreason.10:45 AM Break and Vendor Display Browsing 6 Place Walnut Lobby Woodland S Woodland E Elm Hospitality Woodland N Walnut Birch .4:00 PM 9:00 AM .Inaddition.providingamuchmoreaccurateviewof whoyouarethanyDNAormtDNAanalysisalone.fromthe beginnerlearningthefirststitchtotheadvancedlearningsome newtricksofthetrade.

Learnaboutresourceswhichcanhelptellthe compellingstorythatisyourfamilyhistory.Thursday.datesandlocationsofyourancestors.Autosomaltestingprovides informationaboutALLofyourancestrallines&cancolorcodeyour ancestrybynationality.whichcausedprofoundmourningin hishomestateofNorthDakota. Seminar: From Family Tree to Family History: Using Secondary Resources to Tell Your Familiy's Story– Jackie Henry You'vefoundthenames. 2:15 PM - Seminar: Autosomal Testing for Genetic Genealogy – John Storlie AutosomalDNAtestinghasbecomeapowerfultoolforthegenetic genealogist. 2:45 PM Coffee and Refreshment Break and Vendor Display Browsing 7 Walnut Birch . 2 August Time Event 10:45 AM . and Sex Appeal – Lawrence Moe CarlBenEielsonwasaNorwegianͲAmericanpilotandexplorerin howdoyoumovetothenextleveltotellamorecompletestory? Secondaryresourcescanexpandafamilytreebeyondthenames anddates.“TheFatheroftheBush Pilots”achievedthefirstnonͲstoptranspolarintercontinentalflight (AlaskatoNorway). Norwegians would…? Were Nordic genes and cultural proclivities the paramount catalysts in carving career of one fredgelow somebody.makinghimfamous. or was it merely a fortuitous balance of nutrition and brain damage? – Fred Cogelow Place Woodland N Walnut Birch Woodland N (Note:SeeCogelow'swoodcarvingsatthePlainsArt Museumreceptionat5:00PM).andforgoodreason.Inaddition. Triumph.11:45 AM Concurrent Seminars Seminar: Colorado Pete: Tragedy. Seminar: Scandinavian Heritage Museum in Minot – Verla Rostad VerlawillbetakingusonavirtualtouroftheScandinavianHeritage ParkinMinot.they provideyouwithaneasywaytocomparefamilytreeswith hundredsofyournewlyfoundcousinsaroundtheworld. 11:45 AM 1:15 PM - 1:15 PM Lunch (on your own) 2:15 PM Concurrent Seminars Seminar: Isn't it good.Eielsondiedattemptinga daringrescuemissionin1929.providingamuchmoreaccurateviewof whoyouarethanyDNAormtDNAanalysisalone. Seminar: Scandinavian Heritage Museum in Minot – Verla Rostad VerlawilltakeusonavirtualtouroftheScandinavianHeritagePark inMinot.

Admission is free to our group.Bytherulesoftheresearchinstitute.etc.immigrationport.ThetwolonelymenslowlyovercometheinitialpostͲwarNorwegianͲ Swededistrustandbecomefriends. Refreshments will be served. 7:00 PM Dinner (on your own) Evening Entertainment Options 8:30 PM Norwegian Dancing – Polly Johnson Place Woodland N Walnut Birch Cedar Plains Art Museum Woodland N LearnsimpleNorwegiandances.DoDdevelopedthe GlobalPositionSatellites.RomsaasshowshowtouseGoogleEarth andaGPSreceivertomarkfamilylocations(e.Nopartnernecessary! 7:00 PM - 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Movie: Kitchen Stories (Salmer fra kjøkkenet) Walnut SwedishefficiencyresearcherscometoNorwayforastudyofNorwegianmen.Thursday.Learnaboutresourceswhichcanhelptellthe 4:00 PM 5:00 PM - 5:00 PM 7:00 PM - 5:00 PM Tre Lag Musicians Practice Session 6:30 PM Grand Opening Reception at the Plains Art Museum – Fred Cogelow's Woodcarving Exhibit (transportation on your own .datesandlocationsofyourancestors.birthplace.)with informationthatpopsupinacaptionastheglobespinsandfocuses optimizeuseoftheirkitchen. 2 August Time Event 2:45 PM . Seminar: From Family Tree to Family History: Using Secondary Resources to Tell Your Familiy's Story– Jackie Henry You'vefoundthenames. Seminar: History of Skiing Including How Norwegians Brought Skiing to North America – Rick Scott AshorthistoryofskiingwithafocusonitsNorwegianroots:How NorwegianImmigrantsdeliveredskiingtotheNewWorldandwho andwhatdidthe"HeavyLifting"whichmadeskiingTheNational WinterSport.butnever talktohim. emigrationport.4 miles .homestead.g.theresearcher hastositonanumpire'schairinthesubject’skitchenandobservehim.3:45 PM Concurrent Seminars Seminar: Government Technology for Genealogy / Google & GPS – Gary Romsaas CIAseedmoneydevelopedGoogleEarth. 9:00 PM Documentaries produced by Prairie Public Broadcasting Birch 8 .so howdoyoumovetothenextleveltotellamorecompletestory? Secondaryresourcescanexpandafamilytreebeyondthenames anddates.

Til Minne Om Remembering Lag Members Who Have Recently Passed Away Lorraine Estelle Sloan • 1921-2012 • Balatan.95 with FREE shipping in the USA Volume 3 — Norwegian immigration during 1825-1913 • Sorted by last name or paternal name. WI • NH Kathleen (Geving) Sturre • 1938-2011 • New Hope.700 pioneers indexed plus contains maps of Norway • Pioneer sagas. IA 52172 Phone: 563-568-6229 gourleydeb@gmail. 7 x 10 inch. hardcover.95 with FREE shipping in the USA 100-year-old books now available in English! 9 . 7 x 10 inch. deres Historie og Rekord Written by Martin Ulvestad Volume 1 — Norwegian immigration during 1825-1907 • Sorted by geography in the USA & Canada and by 1st name • USA (41 states.astrimyastri. IL • T G=Gudbrandsdal Lag . Smyth sewn binding • = $34.000 pioneers listed by 1. year. their History and Record: A translated version of the 1907 and 1913 Nordmændene i Amerika. MN • G Elaine (Samuelson) Smiley • 1943-2011 • Mazomanie.700 locations in Norway • Connecting Norwegian-Americans to ancestral roots • Norwegians in American Wars including Civil War • 640 pages. Smyth sewn binding • = $39. emigration & immigration • Bilingual — English translation and Norwegian transcription • 480 pages. references Vol 1 & 2 • GENEALOGY — GENEALOGY — GENEALOGY • Thousands of biographical sketches plus 1901 USA maps • Where emigrated from in Norway. where Norwegians in America. MN • T Ruth (Steffan) Williamson • 1925-2012 • Lake Forest. genealogy. hardcover.NH=Nord Hedmark og Hedemarken Lag Lorraine Estelle Sloan Elaine Smiley Kathleen Sturre Ruth Williamson Pictured with her http://www. Smyth sewn binding • = $29. 500 counties) & Canada (6 provinces) • 5. hardcover. David Williamson NEW 3 Volume Set! Astri My Astri Publishing Deb Nelson Gourley 602 3rd Ave SW Waukon.T=Trønderlag . occupation • Names of sons and/or relatives born in America at that time • 704 pages.95 with FREE shipping in the USA Volume 2 — Norwegian immigration during 1825-1907 • Sorted by occupation and where emigrated from • 25. 7 x 10 inch.

SD .10 Gudbrandsdal National .Sioux Falls.2011 .

SD .11 Trønderlag of America .Sioux Falls.2011 .

Sioux Falls. SD .12 Nord Hedmark og Hedemarken Lag .2011 .

buttons. Pewter. Olson Weathervane Antiques and Books Jame 3016 S. framed art. Sølje & other jewelry.Loppemarked Butik (Norwegian for Flea Market Boutique) Stop by our booth this year – We feature pre. linens + more ……just check us out! Karen Mullen.6067 James B. mostly one. South Dakota 57105 jimolson@iw. 10th Avenue Sioux Falls. Norwegian porcelain. Omaha NE 605-332-1321 Stop by my booth in the genealogy lab to view the books I have found in the past year. Specializing in Norwegian Genealogical Resources Sp Bygdebøker Local histories NorwegianAmerican Books 13 Family Histories Research Guides Dictionaries Biographies .a.owned Norwegian (and other Scandinavian) items.kind pieces: Rosemaling.of.31 2.

Using onlinebooksandnewspapers.4:00 PM 9:15 AM .Learnmore! 14 Place Walnut Lobby Woodland E Nordic Needle Hospitality Woodland S Woodland N Walnut Birch Woodland N Walnut Birch .4:00 PM 9:00 AM .Friday.11:15 AM 9:00 AM .immigrationport.birthplace. Break and Vendor Display Browsing Concurrent Seminars Seminar: Carl Ben Eielsen: The Norwegian-American Lindbergh – Lawrence Moe CarlBenEielsonwasaNorwegianͲAmericanpilotandexplorerin thegoldenageofaerialadventurers.RicktracksdownthePenningtonfamily'smovesfrom SanDiegotoLosAngelesandSanFranciscointhe1880sandthen followsthetrailacrosstheUS.9:00 AM 8:00 AM .CentralAmericaandtheCaribbean. turningupfourmarriagesandareversaloffortune.a bachelorNorwegianimmigrant. emigrationport.tape. Seminar: Red River Genealogy – Jackie Marler AmongthemostunsungforthemanygenealogyresourcesinFargo isthelibraryoftheRedRiverValleyGenealogicalSociety.. Seminar: Government Technology for Genealogy / Google & GPS – Gary Romsaas CIAseedmoneydevelopedGoogleEarth.10:15 AM 10:15 AM .)with informationthatpopsupinacaptionastheglobespinsandfocuses oneachlocation.4:00 PM 8:00 AM .CDformats. Seminar: Thinking Outside (and Inside) the Box: Reconstructing the Immigrant Life – Joy Lintelman AnintriguingConcordiaCollegehistoryclassprojectbasedonabox ofdocumentsandphotosleftbehindbyLarsMartinAskeland.10:45 AM 10:45 AM .whattheyfound.aswellaspassengerlistsandcity directories.whichcausedprofoundmourningin hishomestateofNorthDakota. 3 August Time 7:45 AM .andhowtheysurvived.Eielsondiedattemptinga daringrescuemissionin1929.11:45 AM Event Gudbrandsdalslag Business Meeting Registration Desk Open Vendor Displays Open Hardangersom Klubb / visit to the Nordic Needle .etc.“TheFatheroftheBush Pilots”achievedthefirstnonͲstoptranspolarintercontinentalflight (AlaskatoNorway).g.4:00 PM 9:00 AM .RomsaasshowshowtouseGoogleEarth andaGPSreceivertomarkfamilylocations(e.Ginny Nelson (½ mile walk or take hotel shuttle) Hospitality Room Open Genealogy Lab Open Concurrent Seminars Seminar: Tracing Your Family History With Online Books and Newspapers – Rick Crume Ancestorswhomovedregularlycanbehardtotrackdown.000 resources…includingprint.afterhisdeath.todayitcontainsover5.homestead. Seminar: I Go To America .makinghimfamous.DoDdevelopedthe GlobalPositionSatellites.Swedish American Women and the Life of Mina Anderson – Joy Lintelman AnintimateanddetailedportraitofyoungSwedishwomenwho chosetoimmigratetoAmericainthenineteenthcentury—whythey left.Builtfrom scratchstartingin1967(whenthelibraryfitinanapplecrateand wascarriedfrommeetingtomeeting).

Wange and O.3:00 PM Coffee and Refreshment Break and Vendor Display Browsing 3:00 PM .Friday. Preview of the 2013 Stevne in Madison. Seminar: Scandinavians and the Birth of Fargo and Moorhead – Carroll Engelhardt ThistalkdealswithNorwegiansandSwedesas"honoraryYankees" whowerewelcomedbyOldAmericans(thosewhooriginatedinthe easternUS)toboosttheeconomicgrowthofthedualcityfrom 1870to1900.with earlyphotos.andalsoinmanyothernonͲtraditionalgenealogical resources.10:00 PM Stevne Banquet Bunad Parade. Closing Ceremonies.E Flaten – Mark Peihl MarkPeihl.Theinformationintheseoftenneglectedsourcesadd humantouchestoyourfamilystoriesasyourancestorsspeaktoyou fromoldphotographs. WI.2:30 PM Keynote Address: Old Photos and Letters:Voices of the Past – Verlyn Anderson Agreatdealoffamilyinformationisfoundinoldphotographsand letters.the Work of NorwegianAmericans S. 3 August Time Event 11:45 AM .1:15 PM Lunch (on your own) 1:15 PM .archivistoftheHistoricalandCulturalSocietyofClay CountyintroducesustotheworkoftwoNorwegianͲAmerican photographers.lettersanddocuments. P .TalkincludesthefoundingofConcordiaCollege. 2:30 PM . Emcee: Marv Lang 15 Walnut/ Birch . Entertainment by The NorSweDane Dancers.4:00 PM Concurrent Seminars Seminar: Two Photographers . Place Woodland N Woodland N Walnut 5:30 PM - 5:45 PM Group Photo: Gudbrandsdal Lag Woodland N 5:45 PM - 6:00 PM Group Photo: Trønderlag Woodland N 6:00 PM - 6:15 PM Group Photo: Nord Hedmark Lag Woodland N 6:15 PM - 7:00 PM Hospitality Hour – with music by the Tre Lag Musicians Lobby 7:00 PM .

MN 55369-3312 763-424-4343 Scandolls@comcast. MN 55444 763-242-6574 Anne Strootman Scan-Dolls 11593 100th Ave N Maple Grove. Olson Weathervane Antiques & Books 3016 South 10th Ave Sioux Falls. Wisconsin 53818 608-348-3398 Janet Letnes Martin Scandinavian Marketplace 218 2nd St E Norwegian genealogy Books and resources Diane Hoven 760 Florence St Baldwin. Iowa 52172 563-568-6229 gourleydeb@gmail. rosemaling. Wisconsin 54027 414-745-4362 16 . ND 701-772-8999 brekketours. books Linda Brekke Tours 802 N 43rd St Grand Forks.Vendors and Crafts Julie Olsen Backus Lena and Ole’s Gifts 405 315th St Lois and Ron Mueller Nordic Designs 1225 W Main St Thulite jewelry. Minnesota 55033 651-336-0045 lutheranladies@aol. NE 68106 402-312-6067 fraumullen@yahoo. Iowa 50248 515-520-7345 Candace Simar Author/Historical Novels 28718 County Road 107 Pequot Lakes. Wisconsin 54849 715-374-2405 Books James Deb Nelson Gourley Astri My Astri Publishing 602 3rd Ave SW Waukon. MN 56472 Phillip Lacher Viking Woodcarver 7557 Dupont Ave N Brooklyn Park. Engelun Norsk Heritage Workshop 8238 S County Road S Lake Nebagamon. Wisconsin 54002 715-684-3137 Hardanger embroidery Helga Kennedy Rosemaling & Woodcraft 607 Riverhill Dr Story City. South Dakota 57105 605-332-1321 Rosemaled fashions Karen Mullen Loppemarked Boutique 521 S 58th St Omaha.

Techniques in Photo Editing – Dixie Hansen Learnsomeofthebasicsofdigitallyscanning.10:30 AM Seminar: The Beauty and Superstitions of Norwegian Jewelry – Diane Schmid AninformationalpresentationonNorwegiansilverjewelryand theimportanceitplayedintheNorwegianwayoflife.sizing. Trønderlag? 17 763-412-6853 . circa 1950.11:45 AM Seminar: Face Time With Your Ancestors . Walnut Lobby Woodland N Woodland N Safe Travels! See you next year in Madison.10:30 AM Registration Desk Open 9:30 AM .silversmiths. Can you spot Linda w w w.Silver articleswillbeincorporatedintotheprogramwithanemphasis onthebrooch(solje)andhowthearthasevolvedovertime. Makes a Great Family Keepsake or an Excellent Gift! Gunhild Ellevsdatter Rogneslien (her married name in America: Gunhild Score) with her Great-Grandchildren gathered around. 10:45 AM . sca n .9:00 AM Nord Hedmark og Hedemarken Business Meeting 8:15 AM .d olls.9:15 AM Norwegian Frokost (Breakfast) Event Place Woodland S 7:45 AM .andediting yourancestralphotosaswellassometechniquesfordisplaying andsharingthem.Saturday.hallmarksandhowtocareforyoursilver jewelryandkeepitlookinggoodforfuturegenerations. 4 August Time 7:00 AM . OthertopicscoveredincludeabriefhistoryofNorwegiansilver mining. Wisconsin ABOUT FACE! Collectible Porcelain Dolls Celebrate Your Scandinavian Heritage! Each Porcelain Doll wears a handcrafted folk dress.

We stand on guard for thee. O Canada. Elsker. say does that star-spangled banner yet wave O’er the land of the free. Love it dearly. Gave proof thro’ the night that our flag was still there. elsker det og tenker På vår far og mor Og den saganatt som senker Drømmer på vår jord. by the dawn’s early light.O. our rights prevailed. And the home of the brave O Canada! Our home and native land! True patriot love in all thy sons command. And the land of Saga sinking. Lien Ja. With glowing hearts we see thee rise. Silently the Lord defended So our rights. thro’ the perilous fight. say can you see. Oh. O Canada. har den Herre stille lempet så vi vant vår rett. We Love This Land of Ours Rikard Nordraak Translation O. Senker drømme på vår jord. He has kindly saved our nation From oppression’s rod. Norske mann i hus og hytte. Norsemen. That for which our sires contended And our mothers wailed. skjønt det mørkt så ut. 18 . Yes.Tre Lag Stevne Music The Star Spangled Banner O Canada! Oh. our rights prevailed. vi elsker dette landet Yes. ever thinking Of our father’s strife And the land of Saga sinking. we stand on guard for thee. mødrene har grett. Som det stiger frem Furret vær bitt over vannet Med de tusen hjem. Silently the Lord defended So our rights. Ja. God keep our land glorious and free! O Canada. the bombs bursting in air. vi elsker dette landet. we love this land of ours As with mountain domes Storm-lash’d o’er the sea it towers With the thousand homes. O’er the ramparts we watched. Og den saganatt som senker. Thank your mighty God. Dreams upon our life. har den Herre stille lempet limpet så vi vant vår rett. we stand on guard for thee. in whatever station. What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming Whose broad stripes and bright stars. The True North strong and free! From far and wide. takk din store Gud! Landet vilde han beskytte. were so gallantly streaming? And the rockets’ red glare. Alt hvad fedrene har kjempet. Sinking dreams upon our life.

To the land where sunlight beams In to my childhood dreams. Under himmelens høye tak Høres fjerne vingeslag. Fugletrekket atter gar Mot nord. Dit mine tanker og drømmer vil gå. Alltid du er meg så nær Nidelven. Hils min far og mor. Ene og forlatt. On the deck I stand at night. oss til gavn. Together we sailed under stars up above. drikke på ditt ord. Deg Gud til ære. Yust a little lefse vill go a long vay! In Jesus’ Name Lefse’s good fer many tings. Greet them all from me! 19 . To eat and drink according to His word. Så får vi mat i Jesu navn. Dreaming of her that I love most of all. And my little brother When he welcomes you. Far away from friends and home. There all my thoughts and dreams wander too Always you seem to be near. Now it is only memories. Å spise. Langt i det fjerne bak fjellene blå. silent you are. Greet my father too. We receive the food in Jesus’ name. Dearest little swallow. If I had wings to follow. When the stars above are bright. Amen Chorus: Yust a little lefse vill go a long vay. stille og vakker du er Her hvor jeg går og drømmer. Nid River beautiful. Nid River beautiful. People sometimes use it as da soles upon dere feet and some folks tink it’s even good to eat. under himmelens stjernevell. The Nid River Greet them All Back Home Far off in the distance behind mountains blue There lies a place I love dear. us the gain. you’ll be sure to say. In Jesus’ name we go to the table. Hils dem! Hils fra meg! Den gamle bybro er lykkens portal. yew eat it just da same. ve don’t know who to blame. If yew know vat lefse is den yew can understand it look and feels like plastic and tastes just like plyvood ve don’t know who invented it. Drømmer om henne jeg hadde så kjær Nu er det bare minner. ve can give yew proof fer tiling on da kitchen floor or patching up da roof. To God the honor. silent you are Here where I walk in dreamland. but if yew are a Norske. Amen Hils fra Meg der Hjemme (A Sailors’ Greeting) Nidelven I den stille tause natt Står jeg her ved skipets ratt. Swallows on their wings so high. Happy would I be. mot lyse vår. Hils fra meg der hjemme. Hils de grønne lier Og den blanke fjord Hvis jeg hadde vinger Fløy jeg hjem med deg Til de lyse netter. Greet my dear old mother.Yust A Little Lefse I Jesu Navn I Jesu navn går vi til bords. Sammen vi seiler i stjernes koral. give you indigestion most all of the day Put it on your menu. Lonely here I roam. Ligger et sted jeg har kjær. Nidelven. The old city bridge is the portal of love. stille og vakker du er. Her hvor jeg går og drømmer. Now in spring they homeward fly. Here where I walk in dreamland.

ald du da forglemme kan. men harde ord. We are going to have a better world that way. Nature is bestowing Silent. Let us live for one another. land of rock and narrow fjord. Until. I find peace above. How can you forget old Norway And its narrow fjords so grand. og gi et svar på alle spørsmål vi ofte har? Hvis man kan glemme å være steil. we have the world to gain. Evening never bringeth Less’ning in its pace. ingen klokke ringer den til ro og fred. Let us Live for Each Other We never know what our lives will bring There may be hardship. trost og stær Synger alle dage! Lerka jubler høyt i sky. : in and out between the mountains? ‘Tis my own. and who needs more? From one another there’s so much that we can learn. There. Sunset warm and glowing Smiles and sounds all cease. But there’s a meaning to everything. Heralding the beginning of another spring. Det finns en mening med alt som skjer. Aftensolen Sunset Aftensolen smiler over jorden ned. Day is never done.Alle Fugler Sma De Er La Oss Leve For Hverandre Alle fugler små de er kommet nå tilbake! Gjøk og sissik. They had to flee from frost and snow. my native land. The lark is warbling way up among the clouds. : Where the mountains are like castles stand like sentinels on guard? : Ikkun bekkens vove risler saktelig. So my heart is beating In undending love. ‘mong break and willow. or what’s in store? So many questions. de måtte fly. Det hender ofte at livet gir små slag og motgang som kanskje svir. Curfew never ringeth Ending in its race. La oss leve for hverandre. The cuckoo. Who can explain life. there may be pain. livet selv kan gi det rette svar. her er sol og glede. Kan Du Glemme Gamle Norge? Kan du glemme gamle Norge? Aldri jeg det glemme kan. If we forget harsh words. de bare ødelegger mer. How can you forget old Norway. går det an å lære av hverandres feil. og naturen hviler taus i hellig fred. ringer våren inn på ny. where shall we turn? We have our friendships. How can you forget old Norway land of everlasting fame? : Can you ever find another with so glorious a name? : Ingen aften bringer stansning i dens fjed. gjennem mark og skove frem den slynger sig. How Can Your Forget Old Norway? 20 . til jeg engang blunder i en evig fred. birk og gran? : Kan du glemme sjøens vover. Now there is sunshine and happiness. Frost og snø. holy peace. : som med stolte kippeborge er og blir mitt fødeland : Kan du glemme dette landet som dig først tok i sin favn? : Mon du finne vil et annet med så stolt og herlig navn? : Kan du glemme Norges skover med sin furu. : Refreng: La oss leve for hverandre og ta vare på den tid vid har. death defeating. All The Little Birds All the little birds Have now returned. Refrain: Let us live for one another every moment of the night or day. : Så mitt hjerte stunder i sin kjærlighet. thrush and starling Are singing all day long. Hvem kan forklare. siskin. But the brooklet’s billow Murmur on and on.

BEST WESTERN DOUBLEWOOD INN AND CONFERENCE CENTER Field Trips: Nordic Needle (walk or shuttle) and the Plains Art Museum (drive) 21 .

...The Geographic Roots of our 3 lags. .. Trøndelag Nord Hedmark og Hedemarken Gudbrandsdal Parting Shots.