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LUNCH served from sam to 2pm bibimbap traditional korean hot dish with fried rice, sauteed vegetables & sunny side up egg topped with pickled cabbage & chili paste applegate turkey & provolone ‘sandwich served on a ciabatta roll with pesto mayonnaise & mixed greens. ‘comes with Casa Pablos corn chips. up of soup or sd salad $e banh mi sandwich marinated baked tofu, sliced ‘cucumber with pickled carrots, shallots & our cilantro time Vinaigrette, comes with Casa Pablos comm chips. grilled cheese sandwich cheddar & gruyere cheese on Le Petit sourdough bread. comes with ‘Casa Pablo chips and homemade pickles, 89 36 $6 $6 bengali bowl 36 brown rice, layered with havart cheese our apple chutney & rec Lentil dahl served warm, gluten free tofu plate baked macaroni and cheese 34 Montana-grown wheat pasta, baked with bread crumbs & mild cheddar cheese, homemade soups: bowl $6 / cup $3 choose from a vegetarian or meat esse side 20120 $3 house salad large $8 / small $3 mixed baby greens topped with dried cranberries, feta & candied walnuts, dressed in a red wine vinaigrette do cu of scup $3 trio of salads 88 house salad served with your choice of two other side salads kale slaw large $6 / small $3 kale & cabbage tossed with our sesame ginger dressing Lifeline beet salad sé fon a bed of greens with aur citrus shallot dressing Montana Kamut — large $6 / small S¢ taboull salad with fresh vegetables. fished with our lemon hers dressing, roasted root salad $4787 organic Idaho potatoes, Lifeline beets, carrots. onions, sweet potatos. and sunchokes roasted With fresh rosemary & served with our citrus shallot dressing and a hard boiled egg, Buttercup made empanadas 55 Hutterite chicken & mushroom OR curried Montana bison & sweet potatoes OR mushroom, leek & herded chevre, add a.cup of soup or sie sola $8