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PSP Series
[Preparation for Summer Placements]
General Questions

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Roll No.

: Varun Baxi
: 15P055

Name: Monish Banerjee

Name: Aayush Aren

Mentor 1

Mentor 2

MDI Prep Team

Question 1:
Tell me something about yourself.
I am Varun Baxi from Indore. I did my in Production engineering from
NIT Trichy. Out of my inquisitiveness and interest I further ventured into my
subjects this helped me published 1 research paper in a reputed Inderscience
journal, I also presented 2 research papers in international conferences,
which also highlights my analytical abilities. I was also involved in other cocurricular activities; I have leadership skills and organizational abilities which
I could portray when I was in the capacity of various responsibility positions.
Post my graduation I worked with Honda Motorcycle and scooters India Pvt
Ltd. I was in purchase department and was responsible for the procurement
child parts. This job gave me the opportunity to interact with the people at
different levels in hierarchy; this helped me to add substantial value to my
knowledge base and experience. In addition to this at Honda I was involved
in the quality improvement projects on the vendor end I thus got a lot of
exposure of process and systems during my job at Honda.
I have moved around and lived in different parts of the country due to
reasons like Fathers employment, education and my employment, as a
result of this I got the opportunity to intermingle and mix with people from
diverse backgrounds and cultures, I learned to adjust myself in different
situations. This has groomed my personality and enhanced my adaptability.
This dynamic environment has also kindled the interest towards travelling in
me. I also have a keen interest in clicking the Photographs of natural world. I
regularly go for photo-walks with friends/colleagues who share the same
passion. Apart from this I have also started participating in mini marathons.

Question 2:
Mention 3 strengths. State one instance associated with each.
Leadership skills:

MDI Prep Team

I have been the head of Workshops team for Prodigy national level
department symposium of Production engineering department of NIT Trichy. I
am a person who likes to take the initiatives.
I love travelling a lot and have been to and lived in many different parts of
India. Be it living in Nagpur or Indore while growing up, attending college in
Trichy, joining Honda in Gurgaon and subsequently getting relocated to
Rajasthan. It has helped me in broadening my outlook.

I get along with

people very easily and have never faced issues with adapting to a new place
or interacting with an unknown person.
Coaching and mentoring abilities:
I was the part of prep team for campus placements in my college which was
responsible for training the juniors for the placements in our final semesters
after our placements. Also I have taught 4 students Physics for IITJEE.

MDI Prep Team

Question 3:
Mention 3 weaknesses. State how you plan to work on each of those
I tend to get impatient at times, especially when work is not done up-to my
expectation. I am trying my best to overcome this by learning to express
myself in more patient and cordial manner. I am practicing meditation. Also
working in teams has taught me to be cordial with the team and has
improved my patience level.
Tone and Tenor
Due to the high pitch of voice and having a problem with the voice
modulation at times people perceive me a bit loud and aggressive. I am
trying to overcome this problem by practicing in-front of mirror and making a
conscious effort to reduce the pitch and decibel level in my voice.
Shortfalls in cognitive decision making:
I lack the intuitive aspect in the decision making. I prefer to base my
decisions excessively on data and analysis. I have the tendency of collecting
lot of material and data before taking the decisions.

MDI Prep Team

Question 4:
What are your short term (3-5 years) and long term goals (10-15 years)?
In the coming 3-5 years I would like to see myself working in corporate
finance division of renowned MNC. I would like to learn the nitty-gritty of the
field. I have always been fascinated about knowing and experiencing how
companies arrange, manage and allocate the funds. I would like to explore
this field in greater depth and gain the expertise in corporate so that I can
excel in this domain and can be successful in the organization I am working
In a long term I see myself in a leadership position where I can continue to
learn, take on additional responsibilities, have exemplary knowledge and
insight in my field ,contribute as much of value as I can, where my decisions
and suggestions have bearing on the vision and mission of the organisation,
also I become an inspiration for my subordinates.

MDI Prep Team

Question 5:
Give an instance when you stepped in, took charge, mustered support &
influenced the outcome of a project by taking on a leadership role.
This is the incident that happened to me in Honda Motorcycle and Scooters
India Pvt ltd. On the day I got relieved. After all my relieving formalities were
done, we came to know about the labour strike that had popped up in JNS
instruments and Jay Ushin ltd which were my suppliers. As I was handling
those suppliers for about past 1 year my manager asked me if i can
participate and contribute in devising the contingency plan in order to
cushion HMSI from the effects of the strike at vendor end.
Even though I was relieved from HMSI I decided to take the responsibility and
worked for 1 more day. We devised the strategy to procure the 1 week
material in advance and maintain the inventory at our end. I had the
negotiations with the management of the supplier, got the material procured
during the night and ensured that production at HMSI does not suffer. The
next day my manager took me to the plant head and told him about the case
and the way I contributed in-spite of being relieved of my duties. The plant
head commended my work and appreciated me for being responsible. I feel
this is my biggest achievement and i feel proud of it.

MDI Prep Team

Question 6:
What has been your greatest achievement? Justify.
I was head of workshops team for Prodigy 2013 national symposium of
Production Engineering Department of NIT Trichy. We had 3 workshops
planned out in a day namely a workshop on Ansys, Flexsim and CNC
simulator. All the workshops were planned to be hands-on workshops. We
had about 1000 participants participating in the workshops.
Before Flexsim Workshop there was the last moment infrastructure
breakdown due to short circuit in department lab server room where the
workshop was scheduled. So there was no scope of conducting the workshop
in the lab. That was an acute crisis.
So I had the meeting with my team we brain stormed on the possibilities and
decided to conduct the workshop in batches in the Auditorium giving the
participants similar hands-on experience.
We all went to our hostels and asked for the help to the fellow students from
all years. We asked them to lend their laptops to us. This way we were able
to conduct the workshop smoothly and deliver the similar experience to the
This incident I feel was a test of my resourcefulness, leadership skills, crisis
handling and my temperament. And I believe I came out with the flying
colours. This boosted my self confidence and I still feel happy after thinking
about it.

MDI Prep Team

Question 7:
What decisions have you most regretted? Why?
At a certain period of my life in college during my 1st 2 years, I went a little
wayward and didnt concentrate fully on my academics. I faced the
consequences, and scored quite low in the 1st 2 years. By the end of my 2nd
year I realised my mistake. I pondered a lot over the fact and was really
dejected, however I stayed positive and introspected a lot, this failure made
me realise a lot about lot of my mistakes. I understood that failure is just an
opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. I revamped my
strategy of managing my curriculum, extra-curricular and co curriculum
activities. I changed my lifestyle completely and improved in my academics
in the subsequent semesters. Finally I could manage to get a decent score
with strong will power and structured preparation.

MDI Prep Team

Question 8:
Tell us about a situation when you faced an ethical dilemma and how you
overcame it?
In Honda I was in purchase department. During Diwali many of my vendors
were offering me unwarranted and undue gifts, monetary and in kind as a
token of goodwill. I found it really gauche. I couldnt accept something which
I was not entitled to have. I realized this type of practice was quite prevalent
amongst my counterparts and compatriots. But I didnt bow to the pressure
& the alluring gifts and politely refused the vendors asserting that it was
against the interest of the organization

MDI Prep Team

Question 9:
Why Finance/Marketing/Consulting/HR/Operations/IT? (Answer according to
your first preference of specialization)
I was always intrigued with the way the stock market works from class 12 th I
wanted to know why the price of a particular stock changes. Thus my quest
of knowing the intricacies of the business from financial point of view began.
During my engineering I started reading the business newspapers and in
order to understand them I started exploring further one thing led to another
and I started to connect the dots. But this way of understanding the things
was really haphazard. But this quest further kindled my interest in the
financial aspects of business.
I worked with Honda Motorcycle and Scooters India pvt ltd., There I worked in
the Purchase operations. When I interacted with the costing department in
purchase operation I came to know how critical it is to manage the money in
the business. After the experience at Honda I could really appreciate how
finance department is integrated with all the other departments of the
company and the critical role they play in the company for its smooth
Watching the finance working in the vicinity kindled my thorough interest in
corporate finance. I wanted to know about the intricacies involved in
managing the funds and capital structures of the organizations and the
actions that managers take to increase the value of the firm to the
shareholders, Additionally I also wanted to learn about the tools and analysis
used to allocate financial resources to the projects.
Owing to the fact that I come from an engineering background in order to
learn about the tricks of the trade in structured manner and to synergize my
interest with the profession MBA in Finance seemed to be the most logical

MDI Prep Team

Question 10:
What are your key interests? What have you done till now to pursue them?
(Describe instances)
I have a keen interest in photography. I like to take snaps of nature and
wildlife. In order to pursue my interest I frequently go on photo-walks this
gives me the opportunity to learn and enjoy my hobby with the people
sharing my passion.
I am also interested in organising events and have been a member of various
clubs in school and college. I have an experience of organising diverse
events. I have organized workshop events in National level department
symposium Prodigy in NIT Trichy. Also I have organized Fair-well events in
college and school. On a social front I have also organized clean up drive
under the prerogative of Utkarsh Seva Samiti in my locality.