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Channing Blevens

Mrs. Tanis
Sophomore English period 2
January 22, 2015
Should Prostitution be Legal?
Is prostitution a form of exploitation to be abolished or an occupation to be regulated?
Prostitution has been around since the beginning of human history and has been regulated in hundreds of
different societies in their own unique way. But the real question is, is there a correct way of dealing with
a subject surrounded with as much controversy as history. This issue weighs morality, human rights,
economics, and the health and crime rate of a society.
Prostitution has existed throughout human history in all parts of the world.
For how far our society has evolved, prostitution laws have remained just as
INTRO. One of the main arguments against legal prostitution its abusive and
destructive by nature. Prostitution violates the right to physical and moral integrity
by the alienation of womans sexuality that is appropriated, debased, and reduced
as a commodity to be sold. MORALITY. Some go so far as defining prostitution as a
type of rape, since it turns a woman into an object for a man's use. Another reason
against legalizing prostitution is the uncertainty of the long term ramifications. Even
if it were legalized it would be difficult to keep it structured and under control, and
without a firm grip, the industry could very easily slip into disorder and any positive
effects gained would be lost into the underground crime world. Lack of proper
structure can result in increased human trafficking and more violent crime like rape

and assault against sex workers. Overall, the opposing side rely on the failure to
prevent something is not an argument for legalizing it.
INTRO. One of the arguments for the legalization of prostitution is that it will
improve condition for sex workers. In countries and states where prostitution is
legal, it has been proven to be physically and emotionally safer than where
prostitution is illegal. Furthermore, legalized prostitution even reduces crime rates,
rapes, and human sex trafficking. It is obvious that the number of rapes decreases
when there are legal alternatives that are more easily available. Another reason is
prostitutes are still people who have the basic human right to their own bodies. Sex
with a stranger outside marriage is perfectly legal, but is suddenly turned criminal
when compensation is given from one party to another. That is, unless theyre being
filmed, when it then considered pornography as compared to prostitution and is
then, perfectly legal. As long as it is a consenting adult purchasing sexual contact
with another consenting adult, they should have the freedom to do as they see fit.
To solve the controversy attached to this issue, there needs to be a
compromise between the sides. To reach a compromise between the two parties,
theres always decriminalization. Decriminalization does not legalize sex-for-hire
work, but it does instruct local police departments to treat these cases as a low
priority. Essentially, law enforcement looks the other way, allowing prostitutes to
have the peace of mind to report crimes against them, or other crimes they've
witnessed, without fear of arrest. In some decriminalization proposals, the money
spent on enforcing prostitution laws is redirected to social service organizations.
They must understand that no manner of banning prostitution will eliminate the
activity. Theres also the fault of criminal justice system worsening the matter by
stigmatizing sex workers but rarely the johns who pay for their services. Prostitution

is between two consenting adults, two. While prostitutes might be the suppliers,
industry needs demand as well. So, as opposed to criminalizing the selling of sex,
criminalize the purchase. In general, there needs to be less personal opinion in the
law in favor of it reflecting the human rights entitled by sex workers.
In conclusion, RESTATE THESIS. Proponents of legalizing prostitution believe it
will reduce crime, improve public health, and protect sex workers rights as people.
Opponents believe legalization would empower the criminal underworld with
increases global human trafficking and violent crime, promoted the repression of
women by men, and is inherently immoral. But, the fact that stands is where there
are willing buyers and sellers, there will be a market, and no amount of police action
or moral lecturing will change that.

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