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JANUARY 1, 1967



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Every watchtower has its purpose. It serves as an elevated place for a
wide-awake person with sharp vision. It enables him to see far ahead into
the distance and tell those below for w hom he is a watchman w hat is
drawing near, whether it is a danger against which to prepare or it is
something good over which to be glad with strong faith and hope.
Because o f having the name "T h e W a tch tow er7* this magazine Justly
has to render a similar useful service to the people o f all nations. This is
an international magazine and makes no racial distinctions, for w e are all
facing a common w orld danger; w e are all hoping for a common good.
Ever since "T h e W atch tow er* began to be published in July o f 1 8 7 9 it
has looked ahead into the future, always striving to aid its readers to ad­
vance in knowledge and to gain a clearer picture o f the glorious new order
o f things that is in store for righteous mankind. N o , "T h e Watchtower**
is no inspired prophet, but it follows and explains a Book o f prophecy the
predictions in which have proved to be unerring and unfailing till now .
"T h e W a tch to w er’* is therefore under safe guidance. It m ay be read with
confidence, for its statements may be checked against that prophetic Book.
A m o n g the m any nations o f today there are hundreds o f differing
religions. W h ich one does this magazine present? N o t the confused religions
o f Christendom, but the religion o f the oldest sacred Book on earth. W h ic h
Book? The Sacred Bible o f the H o ly Scriptures, written by inspiration in
the name o f the Creator o f heaven and earth, the only living and true G od.
The sacred, nonpolitical purpose o f "T h e W a tch to w er” is accordingly
to encourage and promote study o f the H oly Bible and to give our m any
readers the needed unsectarian help to understand that Book o f true
religion and infallible prophecy. Thus this magazine w ill be helping them
to prove w orthy o f perfect life and happiness in G od’s promised new order
under H is everlasting kingdom o f righteousness.

117 Adams Street
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201, U.S.A.
N . H . K n orr , President
G r a n t S uiter , Secretary
“ They w ill all be taught by Jehovah.” — John 6 :4 5 ; Isaiah 54 :13

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The Bible translation used in “ The Watchtower” is the New World
Translation of the Holy Scriptures, 1 9 61 edition. When other translations
are used the following symbols w ill appear behind the citations:

A S — American Standard Version
A T - An American Translation
A V - Authorized Version (1611)
D y - Catholic Douay version
J P - Jewish Publication Soc.

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M o - James Moffatt’s version
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J E H O V A H ’S

Where Is 1. 0 (1?

AR in Vietnam. There soldiers and
civilians die alike. The religious
people pray for help. But where is God?
In Iran floods kill forty-two. Epidemics
strike densely populated areas of the
Congo, and thousands suffer and die. The
religious people cry to heaven for mercy
and help. Doctors respond in great num­
bers. Emergency agencies rush in aid. But
where is God?
Two world wars have scarred this gen­
eration. Jews have been massacred by the
millions. Christian witnesses of Jehovah
have suffered in concentration camps and
died. Crime is on the increase. Morals have
broken down. These deplorable conditions
prompt many to ask: If God is, then
where is he?
Just because some claim that God is
nonexistent, that does not make it so. We
must look in the right places for things,
even for God. Not having found Him does
not alter the fact that God lives, that he
is! It may be that many people have been
looking in the wrong places for him.
People down through the ages have
been accustomed to picture their gods as
having the same needs as humans. This is
because their gods were of their own in­
vention, based solely upon an imaginary
foundation. So the Chinese built joss

houses in which they housed their gods;
the Arabians constructed mosques; the
Japanese designed shrines and the people
of Christendom built churches. But do
they find God in these structures?
The Christian apostle Paul quite frankly
told the Athenians that “ the God that
made the world and all the things in it,
being, as this One is, Lord of heaven and
doesnot dwell in handmade
ples,”—Acts 17:24, 25.
Think about those inspired words: We
are not going to find God in handmade
cathedrals, temples, churches, shrines or
in other physical edifices of worship. The
Great Creator of the universe is not to be
confined to lifeless human structures, no
matter how lavish they may be. King Solo­
mon, at the time of the dedication of the
temple he had built in Jerusalem, prayed:
“Will God truly dwell upon the earth?
Look! The heavens, yes, the heaven of
the heavens, themselves cannot contain
you; how much less, then, this house that
I have built!” (1 Ki. 8:27) Solomon wisely
recognized the relationship of God to
earth and buildings.
Moreover, has it not become apparent
that many religious institutions today
have turned away from the Bible and have
become increasingly worldly, even centers





for promoting social or political issues?
How can God be found by going to these
Some religious leaders today in these
institutions deny the very existence of
God. A modern Jewish rabbi, a leader of
a synagogue, quite boldly admits he is an
atheist. Is this man capable of leading his
parishioners to the true God? Are those
who go to his place of worship going to
find God? Hardly.
And many religious leaders, among
them Protestants and Catholics, deny the
Bible to be the inspired Word of God.
Some clergymen, bishops and other prel­
ates make light of the Bible account of
Adam and Eve, discredit the Scriptural
record of the Flood, scoff at the “virgin
birth” of Jesus Christ, his resurrection
from the dead, and so on
How can these men inspire faith or even
point to God when, by their own admis­
sion, they themselves have no faith in God
or his Word?—Jas. 3:11, 12.

Nevertheless, the apostle Paul refresh­
ingly assures us that God lives, that “he
himself gives to all persons life and breath
and all things” and that “ he is not far off
from each one of us.” (Acts 17:25, 27)
Yes, God lives, as his prophet stated: “Are
you not from long ago, O Jehovah? O my
God, my Holy One, you do not die.” (Hab.
1:12) How unreasonable it would be to
accept God’s sun, rain and the air we
breathe and then say he does not exist or
is dead! Instead, we should do as Jesus
Christ said: “Prove yourselves sons of
your Father who is in the heavens, since
he makes his sun rise . . . and makes it
min.” (Matt. 5:45) And not only has the
true God given us sun, rain, life and
breath, but he has given us all things. Je­
hovah the Creator lives and is not far off.
But where is he? Jesus Christ said he

B rooklyn,


is “ in the heavens.” So God’s dwelling
place is in heaven: “The heavens are my
throne.” (Matt. 6:9; Isa. 66:1) Solomon
stated that God is above the earth, that
the heaven of heavens themselves cannot
contain Him. How, then, can he be “not
far off from each one of us,” as the apos­
tle said?
God is near because knowledge about
him can be obtained near at hand, in his
Word, the Holy Bible, the Only Book
through which we can come to know him,
with everlasting life in view. There we
learn why the earth is filled with woe, why
even God’s servants are persecuted, and
when it will end.—John 17:3.
God is near because God dwells with
his people on earth. Not that he dwells
personally in people. How could he, if the
heaven of the heavens cannot contain
him? But by means of his holy spirit or
invisible active force, God motivates them
to a living hope and to a course that is
pleasing to him. He sustains them when
they undergo trial. The apostle Paul re­
veals this fact, in these words: “Do you
not know that you people are God’s tem­
ple, and that the spirit of God dwells in
you?” (1 Cor. 3:16) “ For we are a temple
of a living God; just as God said: ‘I shall
reside among them and walk among them,
and I shall be their God, and they wifi be
my people.’ ”— 2 Cor. 6:16.
So, it can be said that the dwelling place
of God in earth is also with his anointed
people, people who have his spirit and
bring forth the fruitage of his spirit,
which “ is love, joy, peace, long-suffering,
kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, selfcontrol.”— Gal. 5:22, 23.
if anyone is interested in knowing
where God is, the first thing to do is to
determine who God’s people are. There, in
their lives, in their work, in their conduct,
you will find the spirit of God at work.
There you will find God.

* *

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mftie fen ffofctc ef mem eft ckcc

tic net*, t ie f fotomediimS-'TKete. 4:t9, BO,

H I M 99

HERE must have been something nights, then he felt hungry.” (Matt. 3:16about this man walking along the 4:2) Now three temptations were cleverly
shore of the Sea of Galilee to make four put before Jesus by Satan. However, Jesus
hardworking fishermen leave their occu­ Christ remained true to his heavenly Fa­
pation and follow him. Had these fisher­ ther and finally said: “ Go away, Satan!
men ever seen or heard of this man be­ For it is written, ‘It is Jehovah your God
fore? Did they know who he was? Indeed you must worship, and it is to him alone
they did! They were well prepared to go you must render sacred service.’ ”—Matt.
when the call came: “ Come after me, and 4:10.
Now after this experience Jesus came
I will make you fishers of men.” How was
walking toward John the Baptist, and it
This man, Jesus, had been baptized thewas quite natural for him to point to Jesus
preceding year (29 C.E.) by John the and say: “See, the Lamb of God that takes
Baptist. At that time John saw the holy away the sin of the world!” The next day
spirit coming down out of heaven and re­ two of these Galilean fishermen met Jesus.
maining on this Jesus. So later he told How? That day “John was standing with
his hearers: “I have borne witness that two of his disciples, and as he looked at
this one is the Son of God.” (John 1:34)
John spoke right, for the record tells us:
“After being baptized Jesus immediately
came up from the water; and, look! the
heavens were opened up, and he saw de­
scending like a dove
God’s spirit com ing
upon him. Look! Also,
t h e r e w as a v o ic e
from the heavens that
said: ‘This is my Son,
the beloved, whom I
have approved.’ Then
Jesus was led by the
spirit up into the wil­
derness to be tempted by the Devil. Af­
ter he had fasted forty days and forty


1. Because those to whom Jesus spoke, as recorded
at Matthew 4: 19, 20, at once abandoned their fishing
nets, what questions logically come to mind?
2, 3. (a) Who did John the Baptist say Jesus was, and
how could he have known this to be true? (b) How
did John identify Jesus to two of his disciples, and
how did Andrew identify Jesus to his brother?



B r o o k l y n , N .Y .

6Now it is Passover time in the spring
Jesus walking he said: ‘See, the Lamb of
God!’ And the two disciples [of John] of the year 30, and Jesus goes to Jerusa­
heard him speak, and they followed Je­ lem. In this holy city he showed his in­
sus.” Fisherman Andrew was one of the dignation toward those who were turning
two that said to Jesus: “Rabbi, . . . where the house of his God into a business place.
are you staying?” “And they stayed with “He found in the temple those selling cat­
him that day.” Andrew then “ found his tle and sheep and doves and the money
own brother, Simon, and said to him: ‘We brokers in their seats. So, after making
have found the Messiah’ (which means, a whip of ropes, he drove all those with
when translated, Christ). . . . When Jesus the sheep and cattle out of the temple, and
looked upon him he said: ‘You are Simon he poured out the coins of the money­
the son of John; you will be called Cephas’ changers and overturned their tables. And
(which is translated Peter).” The next he said to those selling the doves: ‘Take
day Jesus desired to depart for Galilee. these things away from here! Stop mak­
“ So Jesus found Philip.” He was from the ing the house of my Father a house of
same city as Andrew and Peter.— John merchandise!’ His disciples called to mind
that it is written: ‘The zeal for your house
1:29, 35-44.
4 From this we see that John’s disciples will eat me up.’ ”— John 2:13-17; Ps. 69:9.
7Then one night Jesus received a visitor,
wanted to get acquainted with Jesus and
a Pharisee who was anxious
did. At least two of the fishermen, to
whom Jesus later said, “ I will make you to hear what this teacher from God had
fishers of men,” met him first at the Jor­ to say. Among other things, Jesus pointed
dan River. Many people knew what John out that “ God loved the world so much
had said about Jesus, that he was the Son that he gave his only-begotten Son, in
of God, the Messiah. It was quite natural, order that everyone exercising faith in
then, for them to want to hear what Jesus him might not be destroyed but have ever­
had to say. Let us travel a little while lasting life. For God sent forth his Son
with Jesus and see what he does after first into the world . . . for the world to be
getting acquainted with Andrew and Peter saved through him.” (John 3:16, 17) He
and Philip and other disciples.
further showed that faith in the true God
5Jesus left the upper Jordan valley and is necessary and that the one “that does
came to Cana of Galilee, where a marriage what is true comes to the light, in order
feast took place. The mother of Jesus was that his works may be made manifest as
there and Jesus and his disciples were also having been worked in harmony with
invited to this wedding celebration. It so God.” (John 3:1-21) After this most in­
happened the wine ran short, and here teresting night meeting “ Jesus and his
Jesus performed his first miracle, turning disciples went into Judean country, and
water into wine. This miracle was “the there he spent some time with them and
beginning of his signs, and he made his did baptizing. But John also was baptizing
glory manifest; and his disciples put their in Aenon near Salim.” “When . . . the
faith in him.” (John 2:1-11) All these Lord became aware that the Pharisees had
things had happened during the first six heard that Jesus was making and baptiz­
months since Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan ing more disciples than John— although,
6. What does the Bible record say Jesus did at Pass4. With whom did John’s disciples wish to get ac­
quainted, and why?
5. How did Jesus manifest his glory to his disciples
at Cana in Galilee?

over time of 30 C.E. in Jerusalem?
7. (a) What interesting information did Jesus relate
to the Pharisee Nicodemus? (b) What is next reported
as taking place in Judean country?

Ja n u a r y

1, 1967

indeed, Jesus himself did no baptizing but Jesus immediately took up the message
his disciples did—he left Judea and de­ concerning God’s kingdom. Then he went
parted again for Galilee.”— John 3:22, 23; to Nazareth and read his commission
from Isaiah, the sixty-first chapter, to all
8The people and religionists observed in the synagogue on the sabbath day. “ So
this great activity because now Jesus’ dis­ the scroll of the prophet Isaiah was hand­
ciples were baptizing and John the Baptist ed him, and he opened the scroll and
was still baptizing. But they observed found the place where it was written: ‘Je­
many more were now following Jesus. In hovah’s spirit is upon me, because he
fact, some of John’s disciples said ‘all were anointed me to declare good news to the
going to Jesus.’ John very carefully ex­ poor, he sent me forth to preach a release
plained that he was not the Christ but to the captives and a recovery of sight to
that he was sent forth in advance of the the blind, to send the crushed ones away
Christ. Then John made a very significant with a release, to preach Jehovah’s ac­
statement, which showed his real, true ceptable year.’ With that he rolled up the
love for Jesus, the Christ or Anointed scroll, handed it back to the attendant and
One: “He that has the bride is the bride­ sat down; and the eyes of all in the syna­
groom. However, the friend of the bride­ gogue were intently fixed upon him. Then
groom, when he stands and hears him, has he started to say to them: ‘Today this
a great deal of joy on account of the voice scripture that you just heard is fulfilled.’ ”
of the bridegroom. Therefore this joy of —Luke 4:17-21.
11Not being accepted in his own terri­
mine has been made full. That one must
go on increasing, but I must go on de­ tory, he went down to Capernaum, a city
of Galilee. “And he was teaching them on
creasing.”—John 3:25-30.
9Jesus did increase his disciples and the sabbath; and they were astounded at
many Jews were following him. “Now his way of teaching, because his speech
after John was put under arrest Jesus was with authority.” (Luke 4:31, 32) By
went into Galilee, preaching the good this time in Jesus Christ’s ministry there
news of God and saying: ‘The appointed must have been many very attentive lis­
time has been fulfilled, and the kingdom tening disciples, learners, but none as yet
of God has drawn near. Be repentant, you were called to do the work Jesus was do­
people, and have faith in the good news.’ ” ing. He was carrying on a real teaching
(Mark 1:14, 15) Matthew confirms this, program, instructing his disciples to be
for he says: “ ‘The people sitting in dark­ ready to take on responsibility. Now the
ness saw a great light, and as for those time came to select and train certain ones
sitting in a region of deathly shadow, for future work. Whom did Jesus choose
light rose upon them.’ From that time on first?
Jesus commenced preaching and saying:
‘Repent, for the kingdom of the heavens
12 So Peter and Andrew and their com­
has drawn near.’ ”— Matt. 4:16, 17.
panions had gone back to fishing. While
10Now John’s public work was done. He
Jesus was walking alone along the Sea of
had announced the one who must go on Galilee near Capernaum, well after Passincreasing, and after John’s imprisonment
8,9. How did John the Baptist testify that the fol­
lowers of Jesus must go on increasing, and what
important message did Jesus now begin proclaiming?
10. How did Jesus show the people in the synagogue
of Nazareth what his work on earth was to be?

11. Up to this time, how many were doing the work
Jesus was carrying on, and so what reasonably would
be the next step?
12. (a) How does Matthew 4:18-22 relate the call of
Jesus to certain ones to follow him? (b) What was
the response of these men?



over of 30 C.E., “he saw two brothers, Si­
mon who is called Peter and Andrew his
brother, letting down a fishing net into
the sea, for they were fishers. And he said
to them: ‘Come sifter me, and I will make
you fishers of men.’ At once abandoning
the nets, they followed him. Going on also
from there he saw two others who were
brothers, James the son of Zebedee and
John his brother, in the boat with Zebe­
dee their father, mending their nets, and
he called them. At once leaving the boat
and their father, they followed him.”
(Matt. 4:18-22) There was not the slight­
est hesitation to respond on the part of
these four fishermen. Like the prophet
Isaiah, centuries previously, in their
h e a r t s th e y sa id :
“ H e re I am ! S end
me.” (Isa. 6:8) They
were ready to go be­
cause they knew who
Jesus was. This was
not the first time they
had seen him or heard
his word.
Rem em ber, An­
drew and a companion
stayed with him one
evening, almost a year
before, and Peter met
him when Andrew his
brother said to Peter:
“We have found the Messiah.” They could
have been some of his disciples who were
at the marriage feast in Cana. If not with
him, surely they heard about Jesus’ clean­
ing out the money changers in the temple
at Jerusalem the following Passover sea­
son (30 C.E.). The news about his reading
Isaiah’s prophecy at Nazareth a little
while before now and his being run out of
town surely got to their ears. Without
13. (a) How could Andrew, Peter, James and John
be sure of who Jesus was? (b) What thought-provoking
questions now can be asked?

B rooklyn,

N .Y.

doubt they listened to his teaching with
authority at Capernaum. These four dis­
ciples knew who he was and were ready
to follow him. They did not go into this
new work as ministers of God without
knowing what Jesus was preaching and
without believing the kingdom of the
heavens was at hand! They were ready
and anxious to get into the ministry, as
every man and woman should be today
who has heard the Word of God and be­
lieves in the kingdom of God as the only
hope for mankind. Do you have knowledge
of God’s Word and faith that qualifies you
to be a minister? Have you responded to
the call to service? You should if you have
studied God’s Word and associated with
Jehovah’s witnesses
for a year or more.
“ M any men and
w om en tod a y have
seen the light of God’s
Word and, in effect,
they have abandoned
their nets and have
followed him. Peter,
Andrew, James and
John stayed with Je­
sus in the full-tim e
ministry because these
men loved the truth
and saw th e g r e a t
need to do the work
Jesus was doing. They had listened with
ears anxious to hear when John the Bap­
tist told them to repent and be ready for
Messiah’s coming. Now they had come
to know the Messiah and believed that he
was the one sent by God and was the Son
of God. They had traveled with him from
time to time, but now at the Sea of Gali­
lee the big opportunity came. The ques­
tion then was, Would they answer the call
as Isaiah did and say: “Here I am! Send
14. How had these first disciples of Jesus been pre­
pared for taking up the call to follow Jesus?

Ja n u a r y

1, 1967


me” ? They did, and we today are grateful
for it because we have their fine example
to follow.
15Jesus was still looking for sincere men
even though these four fishers definitely
accepted the call to be his followers. While
Jesus was in Capernaum he saw a man
“named Levi sitting at the tax office, and
he said to him: ‘Be my follower.’ And
leaving everything behind he rose up and
went following him.” (Luke 5:27, 28) Lat­
er Levi (or, Matthew) spread a big recep­
tion feast for Jesus, and reclining at the
table with him were many other tax col­
lectors. His disciples were there too and
Jesus used this opportunity to give a fine
witness to all present. He said: “I have
come to call, not righteous persons, but
sinners to repentance.”—Luke 5:32.
16 Now, after a year and a half of
preaching and teaching his disciples and
after attending his second passover since
his baptism, Jesus selected from his many
disciples twelve to be his apostles. He
made this matter of selecting men for such
an important position a subject of prayer,
and Luke tells us: “In the progress of
these days he went out into the mountain
to pray, and he continued the whole night
in prayer to God. But when it became day
he called his disciples to him and chose
from among them twelve, whom he also
named apostles: Simon, whom he also
named Peter, and Andrew his brother,
and James and John, and Philip and Bar­
tholomew, and Matthew and Thomas, and
James the son of Alphae'us, and Simon
who is called ‘the zealous one,’ and Judas
the son of James, and Judas Iscariot, who
turned traitor.”— Luke 6:12-16.
17 How interesting all this information
is! It took Jesus well over a year and a
15. Who else was now called to follow Jesus, and what
was his occupation?
16. Outline the next important selecting work Jesus had
to do, and how do we knew this was a very serious
17. How much time was involved in selecting the
twelve apostles, showing what to be necessary for them?


half to select these twelve men as his
apostles. He had gathered many disciples
around himself, many followed him, many
put faith in him, but out of all of these,
after a year and a half of work, he de­
cided on twelve men that he taught, called
and prepared for a special work. He did
not appoint them to this work of apostleship on his first calling them to follow
him, even though they at once left their
fishing or tax collecting work. First the
implanting of knowledge was necessary!
So it is today. Jehovah’s witnesses
find many persons in their house-to-house
work who become interested in the mes­
sage of God’s kingdom. Studies in the Bi­
ble are often started and conducted in the
homes of the people, sometimes for a year
or much longer. A Christian teacher
should not be discouraged because some
do not make their minds up to walk in
the footsteps of Christ Jesus in a short
period of time, say a year. Consider, if you
are an active Christian, how long it took
you to make up your mind to go from
house to house in the ministry. If you are
not an active Christian, ask yourself, ‘Am
I a Christian?’ Maybe you are one in name
only and, of course, then you do not even
deserve the name.
18In the case of the four fishermen, they
already had a profession. It was fishing
for fish in the Sea of Galilee. They prob­
ably were doing a very good business.
James and John were working with their
father Zebedee and they had hired men.
So if they hired men to work along with
them they must have had a big thriving
business. But despite this fine, lucrative
business, the two sons of Zebedee left their
father and followed Christ. They wanted
to be Christians! (Mark 1:19, 20) The
fishing business is a very healthy, out-of18. In our day, what view should we take of those
with whom we study the Bible?
19. What better work than the fishing industry did
Jesus have in mind for the disciples?



doors occupation. As for pleasant sur­
roundings, what could be better than the
Sea of Galilee? But Jesus had something
much better in mind. That is why he told
Peter: “From now on you will be catch­
ing men alive.” (Luke 5:10) Jesus wanted
live men, devoted men, to handle the mes­
sage he had. They must truly love his
Father in heaven, just as he did, and his
followers must love one another.—John
13:34, 35.
20 Jesus Christ was starting the Chris­
tian work, and these twelve men in their
turn must make disciples of Jesus Christ,
instructing them in Christ’s teaching. He
was opening up the only way of everlast­
ing life for all mankind. At his last Passover celebration, the one he kept with his
disciples, and at which time he introduced
the Memorial of his death, he said, in his
final prayer: “This means everlasting life,
their taking in knowledge of you, the only
true God, and of the one whom you sent
forth, Jesus Christ.” (John 17:3) What
a comprehensive statement! To get ever­
lasting life for oneself it is necessary to
take in knowledge, and get understanding
of the works and purposes of Jehovah God
and his Son, Jesus Christ. Where can you
get such knowledge? In God’s written
Word, the Holy Bible. It takes time to read
the Bible, but much more time to study
it. It even takes more time to be a teacher.
That is why these men at once abandoned
everything and followed Jesus so as to be
his full-time disciples and learn about God
and Christ Jesus and so prove to be bet­
ter teachers.
21 Now, after he had chosen the twelve
apostles, Jesus continued to give them
more knowledge of God and to show them
the course of life that all men must faith­
fully follow if they would gain everlasting
life. His twelve apostles along with great
20,21. (a) What opportunity was Jesus now opening
up to his followers? (b) How could these followers
learn about this wonderful gift?

B r o o k l y n , N .Y .

crowds of people who followed him heard
his sermon on the mount, as recorded in
the fifth to the seventh chapters of Mat­
thew. This was sound teaching.

22 The apostles always stayed close to
Jesus Christ now as learners, taking in
knowledge, asking questions, observing
the miracles he performed, traveling from
city to city with him, always listening
with open hearts and minds so as to take
in the good news. Jesus knew that the
apostles needed special training for their
future work and that the best way to give
it to them was to send them out on a
speaking tour. After their tour, all on
their own, and preaching the good news to
others, “ the apostles gathered together be­
fore Jesus and reported to him all the good
things they had done and taught. And he
said to them: ‘Come, you yourselves, pri­
vately into a lonely place and rest up a
bit.’ ” (Mark 6:30, 31; Luke 9:10) While
Jesus was primarily interested in the
twelve apostles and getting them ready to
handle the great work that lay ahead of
them, still he kept on making disciples of
many others and with good success. Con­
tinually great crowds of people were com­
ing to him. At one time he spoke to and
fed 5,000 people on the northeast side of
the Sea of Galilee.—Matt. 14:14-24; Mark
23 By the year 32 C.E., around the time
of the festival of tabernacles in Jerusalem,
people were truly amazed at this man, Je­
sus, because, “when by now the festival
was half over, Jesus went up into the tem­
ple and began teaching. Therefore the
Jews fell to wondering, saying: ‘How does
this man have a knowledge of letters,
22. Why did the apostles stay close to Jesus, and
what was Jesus' primary interest as far as these men
he had chosen were concerned?
23. (a) What caused those who heard Jesus speak to
be amazed? (b) What were those who listened called
upon to do, and is the same thing true in our day?

Ja n u a r y

1, 1967



when he has not studied at the schools?’ kill Christ would not be heard until the
Jesus, in turn, answered them and said: Passover of the year 33 C.E. By that time,
‘What I teach is not mine, but belongs to though, there were at least 120 who had
him that sent me. If anyone desires to do full faith in Christ Jesus, and forty days
His will, he will know concerning the after his resurrection Jesus gave to them
teaching whether it is from God or I speak through the apostles the orders: “Do not
of my own originality.’ ” (John 7:14-17) withdraw from Jerusalem, but keep wait­
So those people listening had to make de­ ing for what the Father has promised,
cisions either to accept the message as about which you heard from me; because
from God or reject it. The same is true John, indeed, baptized with water, but
today. Some hearers put faith in Jesus’ you will be baptized in holy spirit not
words and make progress and prepare many days after this.” (Acts 1:4, 5) Sure­
themselves to preach the same message, ly they would get further direction as to
namely, “The kingdom of the heavens is what they should do now that Jesus had
at hand.” The least one can do is tell oth­ died upon the torture stake and had been
ers what one hears about God, in one’s resurrected from the dead and had ascend­
daily conversations with other persons. All ed to heaven. These 120 disciples, eleven
of us can do that much, can we not?
of the original apostles and 109 other dis­
ciples, were awaiting in an upper room in
In two years’ time after Jesus began
preaching, many more Jews had enough Jerusalem for some sign from Christ Je­
knowledge to go from house to house and sus. The sign came! “They all became
preach. Luke tells us: “The Lord desig­ filled with holy spirit and started to speak
nated seventy others and sent them forth with different tongues, just as the spirit
by twos in advance of him into every city was granting them to make utterance.”
and place to which he himself was going (Acts 2:4) These now spoke fearlessly
to come. Then he began to say to them: about the things they learned in but a
‘The harvest, indeed, is great, but the few years because they followed Jesus. As
workers are few. Therefore beg the Mas­ for Peter himself, he certainly would be
ter of the harvest to send out workers in­ made a fisher of men.
to his harvest. Go forth. Look! I am send­
23 On that day of Pentecost Peter stood
ing you forth as lambs in among wolves.’ ” up and raised his voice and spoke to a
(Luke 10:1-3) His apostles and these sev­ great crowd of people, thousands. When
enty disciples, totaling eighty-two teach­ he finished, 3,000 embraced the word
ers, knew that for them to go out into the heartily and were baptized. Undoubtedly
world and preach as they were now in­ many of these three thousand had listened
structed to do would bring upon them to Jesus and had been taught by him. Je­
many problems, persecution and trials, but sus was well known throughout Jerusalem,
they had faith in Jehovah and his Son, Judea, Galilee and all the land of Palestine,
Christ Jesus, to take this forward step. for he was a great preacher of truth.
The life Christ led brought results. His
These ministers sent to preach still had
produced ministers of God. What
the time and opportunity of learning more
from Jesus. The cry to Pontius Pilate to has your ministry for God produced?
Have you been a good student of the
24. (a) After two years, how many disciples could be
sent forth to preach by Jesus? (b) By 33 C.E., how
many had full faith in Christ? (c) What did Jesus
promise his disciples, to ensure further instruction
and guidance?

25. At Pentecost, how many embraced the word and
were baptized?
26. What timely questions are asked for our con­
sideration ?



Scriptures and a hearer of the Word and
thus equipped yourself to be a good teach­
er? If you call yourself a Christian, you
should be doing what Jesus did or the dis­
ciples did. The early Christian congrega­
tion showed zeal for God and his kingdom
and walked in Jesus’ footsteps. How many
men and women of the Catholic, Orthodox
and Protestant faiths today believe like
Christ Jesus’ followers? How many have
ears even to hear? How many preach that
the kingdom of God is at hand?
27 In his zeal for the Jews’ religion Saul,
a Jewish Pharisee, “ breathing threat and
murder against the disciples of the Lord,”
opposed the work of the Christians. He
was stopped by blindness on his way to
Damascus by the heavenly resurrected
Christ Jesus. Jesus chose this man, the
worst persecutor of Christians, to be his
follower and be used ‘to bear his name to
the nations as well as to kings and the
sons of Israel.’ Ananias, a Christian, was
sent to the house where Saul was suffering
blindness, and at Christ Jesus’ direction he
laid his hands on Saul “ in order that you
[Saul] may recover sight and be filled
with holy spirit.” Saul “ recovered sight;
and he rose and was baptized.” He spent
some days with the disciples at Damascus
and, when he learned the truth and under­
stood what his work was to be, “immedi­
ately in the synagogues he began to preach
Jesus, that this One is the Son of God.”
He had the spirit of the prophet Isaiah,
when he said: “ Here I am! Send me.”
— Acts 9:1-22.
28 Once Saul appreciated the truth he
started to preach and kept at it. It was
not a spasmodic matter with him. One
time when he was traveling with his mis­
sionary companion Silas, he ordered a de27. Describe the events leading up to Saul's conversion
and what he did after becoming a follower of Christ.
28. How did Paul help a jailer, who had him and his
companion under guard, to become a believer in Jesus?

B r o o k l y n , N .Y .

mon to come out of a bothersome girl. He
caused an uproar and both these Chris­
tians were jailed after being beaten. Dur­
ing the night they prayed and praised God
with songs, and file prisoners heard them.
Then suddenly a great earthquake oc­
curred and the jailer feared that all his
prisoners had escaped, but Paul assured
him that such was not the case. Then Paul
spoke to the jailer on what to do for the
jailer to get saved. Here is what hap­
pened: “They spoke the word of Jehovah
to him together with all those in his
house. And he [the jailer] took them
along in that hour of the night and bathed
their stripes; and, one and all, he and his
were baptized without delay.” (Acts 16:
32-34) Any circumstance was a good oc­
casion for Paul (the onetime Saul) to
speak the word of Jehovah, and he got
Please observe that the jailer and his
family, after hearing the word of Jehovah,
“without delay” took their stand for the
truth. As far as one’s becoming a Chris­
tian is concerned, things are no different
today. A person must dedicate himself to
the service of Jehovah God as Paul did
and as the jailer did; then become bap­
tized and take up Christian activity, if he
wants everlasting life. Just as Paul walked
in the footsteps of Christ Jesus and as the
eleven other apostles chosen by Jesus did,
so we must prove ourselves faithful to
God’s real worship. We cannot be like Ju­
das Iscariot, who became a betrayer and
put material gain first. We, today, must
prove ourselves just as faithful as all the
early disciples of Christ Jesus in taking
up the ministry. This good news of the
Kingdom would not have been spread
throughout the world today if it had not
been for Christians like these.
29. What requirements for life today are the same
as in the days of Christianity’s beginnings?

K /l O





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liB M fff U N W I L L I N G N E S S
T O H E A R G O D 'S M E S S A G E


s •






.. \


cJlead.5 to £a.Lamlty


HAT an advantage the world of about it, and “ they followed him.” The
mankind has today with the Word twelve apostles, the seventy evangelizers,
of God printed in many languages and and the 120 at Pentecost, and Paul and
distributed to the ends of the earth! And, thousands of other Jews became active
in addition, Jehovah’s Christian witnesses Christians in those early days of Chris­
of today are anxious and willing to come tianity. These delighted to do the will of
into the homes of the people of all nations their God Jehovah and walk in the foot­
and help them study and understand their steps of Christ Jesus. But how about the
own Bibles. But by far those people in millions upon millions of so-called Chris­
Christendom are just like the people in the tians today? Are their ears and eyes shut?
prophet Isaiah’s day; the more you speak
Christendom of this twentieth century
to them about the goodness of God and says that it is the follower of Christ Jesus,
the gift he gave to mankind in his Son, but do you believe it is? Listen to, and
Christ Jesus, the more they prefer not to read, if you will, about the so-called repre­
understand. Even though they see and sentatives of Christ Jesus. They certainly
hear Jehovah’s witnesses again and again, do not show the faith in the Word of God
they refuse to get any knowledge. They that Jesus showed. Today many of the
do not want to! So, like Isaiah, true Chris­ leaders of Christendom want to speak of
tians preaching the only worthwhile mes­ their own originality and are drawing the
sage, “The kingdom of the heavens is at greater number of people away from the
hand,” will “make the heart of this people faith in true Christianity, the faith that
unreceptive, and make their very ears un­ Jehovah God lives and faith in God’s Son,
responsive, and paste their very eyes to­ Christ Jesus. They try to make the great
gether, that they may not see with their message that Jesus taught concerning the
eyes and with their ears they may not kingdom of the heavens as of no account.
hear, and that their own heart may not And as for the Bible’s moral code, they
understand and that they may not actually would make it as no guide for man today.
turn back and get healing for themselves.” The Pensacola Journal of Friday, Decem­
ber 3, 1965, reported: “ The winds of
— Isa. 6:10.
When Jesus was on earth preaching,change sweeping through the Roman
he said the same thing about the people Catholic Church are also buffeting the
of his day: “The heart of this people has house of Protestantism. Frighteningly for
grown thick.” (Matt. 13:13-15) A few, like many Protestants, the basic tenets of the
the apostles, listened and did something Christian faith are being questioned—not
by hard-core atheists but by theologians.
1. (a) What advantages do people have today when
it comes to hearing the truth? (b) Yet what mood are
most people found to be in?
2. Was the situation similar in Jesus’ time on earth?

3. (a) Looking at Christendom today, do we find the
faith in God’s Word Jesus had? (b) How do many
feel about the Bible’s moral code?



For want of a better phrase, the new
school of Christian humanism has become
known as the ‘God is Dead’ movement.”
4 We would like to ask: How can these
theologians say that they are Christians,
or even represent Christianity? Or, for
that matter, how can there be a religion
if there is no God or if God is dead? Some
theologians think that by the flip of the
tongue they can kill God, get rid of him,
and wipe out the Bible, God’s Book,
where we learn what men have said to
God and what God has said to them. Chris­
tian men and women with faith in their
Creator, God, will not agree with Thomas
J. J. Altizer, associate professor of reli­
gion at Atlanta’s Emory University, a
Methodist-owned school, who says, as also
reported in the Pensacola Journal of De­
cember 3, 1965: “We must recognize that
the death of God is a historical event.”
5Such theologians strongly encourage
men and women who at one time may
have had faith in God and in his beloved
Son, Christ Jesus, to discard the Bible and
make up their own religion, develop their
own belief and do this without a God.
They had better call it something other
than religion, because Webster’s New In­
ternational Dictionary (1927 edition) says
concerning religion: “The outward act or
form by which men indicate their recog­
nition of the existence of a god, or of gods
having power over their destiny, to whom
obedience, service and honor are due; the
feeling or expression of human love, fear,
or awe of some superhuman, overruling
power, whether by profession of belief, by
observance of rites and ceremonies, or by
the conduct of life; a system of faith and
worship; a manifestation of piety.”
6Under the heading, God, this same die4. What does it appear that some theologians think
about God?
5, 6. (a) What interesting information does Webster’s
New International Dictionary present for consideration
by those who would do away with God? (b) What does
the same source say in defining “ God” ?

B r o o k l y n , N .Y .

tionary says: “The Supreme Being; the
eternal and infinite Spirit, Creator and
Sovereign of the universe; Jehovah. ‘God
is a spirit and they that worship him must
worship him in spirit and in truth. (John
4:24).’ ” It also says: “A being of more
than human attributes and powers; espe­
cially, a superhuman person, conceived as
dominating nature . . . and to whom wor­
ship is due and acceptable.”
7These theologians who think they have
killed God by teaching their theory should
admit they are no longer representing a
religion and that they are trying to de­
stroy the worship of all people toward the
true God of the universe. They have noth­
ing to worship except themselves, and
they surely are no gods. So if there is
nothing to worship, there is no religion.
8If anyone is going to practice religion
he must believe in God; otherwise it is not
a religion. Why not close down all the
churches that have ministers who believe
God is dead, because they surely do not
want their parishioners to believe in God?
Maybe their parishioners will turn to an­
cestor worship or self-worship, or perhaps
they are gradually turning their minds
over to the Buddhist religion, where peo­
ple hope eventually to gain nirvana, the
great nothing which they believe is God.
W ebster’s New C ollegiate D ictionary
(1961 edition) defines “nirvana” : “ The
dying out in the heart of passion, hatred,
and delusion. This emancipation involves
a beatific spiritual condition and freedom
from the necessity of future transmigra­
tion. Oblivion to care, pain, or external
reality.” Are we to believe we came from
nothing and go back to nothing?
9Many of the leading religionists of
7, 8. (a) What should the “God is dead” theologians
be honest enough to admit? (b) What might the
adherents of such movement well come to worship
and believe?
9-11. (a) What view does one theologian take of some
Bible accounts? (b) What conclusion does one reach
by carrying such arguments to their logical ends?
(c) How does the apostle Paul outline the Christian
view for us to follow?

Ja n u a r y 1 , 1 9 6 7



Christendom are trying to destroy all faith of the Bible are myth and which are not.
in the Great God of the universe and in If Paul were here today he would say:
his written Word. One example of this is “ Let God be found true, though every man
an Associated Press wire of February 13, be found a liar.”— Rom. 3:4.
1961. It attributes this statement to the
11 Paul believed there was an Adam who
auxiliary Episcopal Bishop of California, violated God’s law in the garden of Eden,
the “Right Reverend” James A. Pike: “He and he knew there was a need for a ran­
spoke of the ‘myth of the Garden of Eden,’ som sacrifice in order to take away the
which he said has value in explaining what sin of the world, and he believed Christ
he called the ‘complicated truth’ of the Jesus was that one who did redeem man.
nature of man but added: ‘Yet I do not So did all the apostles and the faithful
know a single member of the Anglican followers of Christ Jesus back there 1,900
Communion—Bishop, Presbyter, Deacon years ago. The question is, Do you?
or Layman—who believes this story liter­
12 What do some of your clergymen say?
ally.’ Continuing, in a pastoral letter “A rector told the government of the An­
which he ordered all rectors and vicars of glican church of southern England Thurs­
his diocese to read today, he described the day the Old Testament contains passages
virgin birth as a myth which churchmen of ‘spiritual junk’ and ‘poison’ for the peo­
should be free to accept or reject.”
ple. Reverend J. C. Wansey of Woodford,
If there was no creation of man andnear London, called the attention of the
woman in the garden of Eden and the Convocation of Canterbury to some of the
Great God of the universe, Jehovah, had lessons set down for reading in church for
nothing to do with putting man here, then daily use and on Sundays.” (Reported
there was no sin to be taken away by the from London by Reuters in the Ottawa
second Adam, Jesus Christ. There was no Citizen of Friday, May 10, 1963.)
need of a redeemer and the virgin birth
13 The Buffalo Courier Express of Au­
of Jesus Christ. However, the apostle Paul gust 13, 1962, had a headline that read:
did not agree with or teach this present- “Minister Cites Need to Censor the Bible.”
day skepticism. He was a great Christian The article reads, in part: “London (AP).
evangelizer, a man of faith who said: Dr. Leslie Weatherhead, former president
“For, indeed, Christ, while we were yet of the Methodist Conference, would like to
weak, died for ungodly men at the ap­ censor the Bible. In an interview with cor­
pointed time.” (Rom. 5:6) He knew that respondents of three London newspapers,
mankind needed a redeemer to save them he said he would like to go through the
from sin and death. That is why he said: Bible and ‘be very free with a blue pencil.
“Just as through one man sin entered into . . . His main target was the Old Testa­
the world and death through sin, and thus ment, which he described as ‘completely
death spread to all men because they outmoded.’ ”
had all sinned.” (Rom. 5:12) But he also
14The lack of faith in the Bible on the
preached: “I have hope toward God, which part of the clergy of Christendom is very
hope these men themselves also entertain, noticeable. Mike Engleman, editorial staff
that there is going to be a resurrection of writer of the Dallas Morning News, exboth the righteous and the unrighteous.” 12, 13. How do two clergymen view the Bible, as re­
(Acts 24:15) Do you believe these things? ported by newspapers in Ottawa, Canada, and Buffalo,
New York?
If you do, you will not agree with clergy­ 14. Give the substance of a report from the Dallas
Morning News about the concern of many Protestant
men who say that they know which parts laymen regarding the Bible.

with byterian Church is a new organization the headline: “ Cleric Asks Homosexual called the Presbyterian Lay Committee— Legalization. B. Such a circumstance could union of Congregational. The Associated May 31. 1963) Of course. my peo­ the people’s belief in the Bible. discarding what not be misled. of liberal and humanistic thought that The apostle Paul would not agree with the they are proving more worthless to their Archbishop. when sexual intercourse outside marriage a body formed in the United States by a is not immoral. ‘I don’t sex to enter the institution of marriage? think that just because a boy and girl have This is an important question to which had premarital intercourse they are unfit I must reply ‘Yes’ ” ? (Toronto of for marriage. Wood. En­ and thus become as moral as heterosexual gland. if they can stamp the one prominent Dallas Presbyterian lay­ immoral acts of man in the law books as man recently: ‘Most ministers are so mis­ lawful. 18:4. Rom. of May 11 informs us: faith to a point where you will agree with “A bishop of the church of England has such men as “Reverend” John W. Is it a ple. and in the Greek Scriptures and so unnatural purposes. if you do not want to share with her myth to you and do you think the Bible’s in her sins. N . (a) To what extreme viewpoint have clergymen monished Christians to “flee from forni­ gone in their thoughts about morals and immorality? (b) What guiding principle in these matters does the cation.fornicators . so completely off base and so full though it is contrary to God’s moral law. clergymen of June 15. Lev.Y . that will make it moral even guided. .” (1 Cor. sexual love may reach a sacramental level Westall. code for moral conduct is outmoded? Are 17The Associated Press dispatch from you gradually being weakened in your Vancouver. who said: “ Homo­ ing marriage.” “The Archbishop of Canter­ and behind it lies a fundamental worry of bury joined other members of the British Protestant laymen throughout America: House of Lords Wednesday in urging the Is the Bible being stressed enough? Is legalization of homosexual practices be­ there too much talk from the pulpit these tween adult males. apostle Paul give us? . .”—Rev.” to please themselves. these clergymen of Chris­ not enough on the word of God? Declared tendom think that.” days on social questions and politics. and 16 Of course. nor adulterers. nor it wishes to discard in the Hebrew Scrip­ idolaters. Neither fornicators. 18:22) 15 This statement is so true. . the “Reverend” Christendom with this view do not agree John W. Is it proper for two of the same could not condone promiscuity. Evangelical and occur with a couple seriously contemplat­ Reformed churches. Wilfred A.C.’ ” He went on to Do you not know that unrighteous per­ say in this article: “Modern man today sons will not inherit God’s kingdom? Do is taking the Bible apart. ProminentWhy do you not follow the advice in God’s clergymen of Christendom are destroying Word? It says: “ Get out of her. . 6:9-11. nor men kept for tures. .”— 1 Cor.16 B r o o k l y n . 6:18. told an interviewer. will inherit God’s kingdom. said he believes there are circumstances a minister of the United Church of Christ. . Bishop of Crediton. because Paul wrote: “ What! parishioners each day. Devon. He said he behavior. 1966: “Within the United Pres­ Press gives this report from London.” Paul constantly ad­ 15-17. Rev. nor adulterers . will in­ herit God’s kingdom. 1:24-32. ter of homosexuality. SEeWATCHTOWER pressed himself in his column on Tuesday. nor men who lie with they will adjust God’s moral code or law men . Wood is in full agreement with with the apostle Paul who said: “ Neither the Archbishop of Canterbury in this mat. the Rt.’ ” Of course..

faithful servant of God. So they kept 18.20. Jesus explained to his disciples what was happening due to his talking to the people: 21 “ This is why I speak to them by the use of illustrations. John the B a p tist tried to get them to repent. that they might never see with their eyes and hear with their ears and get the sense of it with their hearts and turn back. 6: 8. multitudes followed Jesus. ‘Hear again and again. because. When there were loaves and fishes with which to feed them. (a) Nevertheless. O men. The Jews had become a delin­ quent nation. and hearing. 9) Isaiah. by his preaching and con­ tinually going to the people. By their not following God’s Word. They were forgetting their God. Jehovah God the Sovereign Ruler of the universe knows what is the best course for man to follow. certainly proved to “this people” that they did not want to understand. They did not want news that disturbed their way of life. Whom should we look to for guidance in living upright lives? 19. for this same situation exists with Christian 21. 18There is plenty of evidence to read that shows that the clergy of Christendom are guiding the minds of the people away from the Word of God. 1967 SfceWATCHTOWER. and with their ears they have heard with annoyance. and they have shut their eyes. He desired to prove his loyalty to his God when asked: “Whom shall I send?” Isaiah said: “Here I am! Send me. look at the delinquent state men are in today. What did Jesus say the attitude of people would be? 22. looking. 19 The situation is very similar to that existing in the prophet Isaiah’s day. you will look but by no means see. This prophecy is being fulfilled today. and.” Jehovah told Isaiah: “ Go. but do not understand. and see again and again. even after Pentecost of 33 C. The people were too self-centered. 20 The same things true in Jesus’ day. they look in vain. did Isaiah or Jesus quit preaching? Will Jehovah's witnesses today? (b) How do the majority of people feel about Jehovah’s witnesses’ calling at their doors? . They did not want to have ears that would listen.J a n u a r y 1. 22 What an obstinate people they were with such a fine teacher! But Jesus did not stop preaching.’ ’’—Matt. finally. ‘By hear­ ing. He created man and gave him the correct moral code to live by. and Christ Jesus opened their hearts and minds to the truth. even as Isaiah did not. and toward them the prophecy of Isaiah is having fulfillment. 13:13-15. Here we find the teachings of Christ Jesus. But it seems that the more he spoke to them about the real life the more people would close their eyes. looking. which are the expressions of his Father’s will. People forced themselves not to hear. but do not get any knowledge.’ ” (Isa. which says. Some did. only three thousand showed faith in him. they hear in vain. neither do they get the sense of it. too selfish to want to understand. and you must say to this peo­ ple. Isaiah was a vigorous. and I heal them. For the heart of this people has grown thick. the Bible. and they would not hear.E. but. How was Isaiah's day much like Jesus’ day and our day? 17 their eyes shut and their ears deaf. you will hear but by no means get the sense of it.

25 Where do you readers stand? Will you listen to what the Christian witnesses of Jehovah have to say or will you make your ears unresponsive and paste your eyes together so you cannot see and your heart cannot understand the Bible? Just what kind of a Christian or person are you? Are most of you so self-satisfied with conditions in this world that you have no time to study God’s Word so as to hear what God has to say about present condi­ tions and the future? Paul found an in­ different attitude like that in this day.Y. and thus what can logically be asked of all? witnesses of Jehovah. (a) What personal questions are now asked of readers of this magazine? (b) What does Paul say on the matter of those preached to about the truth of God’s Word. has to say about Jehovah’s witnesses: “The Greek Ortho­ dox Church regard the members of this heresy as enemy No. preach the good news of the kingdom “ in all the in­ habited earth for a witness to all the na­ tions. the priests. of the clergy. namely. Listen to what Greece’s Orthodox Primate. What view do Christendom’s clergy have toward Jehovah’s witnesses? 25. the less the people want to hear. B rooklyn. and then the end will come. which make up Christendom. 1966) Talk of this kind by the leading clergy­ men. shows that they are trying to kill the preaching of true Christianity. city to city. you will look but by no means see.’ The more Jehovah’s wit­ nesses speak to them concerning the Word of God. 24 Many. Jehovah’s wit­ nesses will do what Jesus said. We have re­ peatedly appealed to the authorities to in­ tervene and prosecute or arrest those of them who engage in proselytism. They still go from house to house.” (Matt 24:14) A few people out of billions living are thirsting for truth and righteousness and are listening to the Word of God. along with talk that God is dead and the Bible is a myth by the different divisions of Christendom. For the heart of this people has grown unreceptive. country to country declaring the good news of God’s kingdom. saying. He tried diligently to preach the good news to all sorts of people. Arch­ bishop Chrysostomos. But the vast majority of mankind feel that this calling by Jeho­ vah’s witnesses at their doors regularly is not worthy of their time. August 22. have taken a definite stand against the work of Jehovah’s witnesses because they are so zealous in preaching God’s kingdom as the only hope for mankind. . 26. “ HOW LONG?” . N. most. looking. 1. in fact. How long will the people prove unresponsive to the preaching of Jehovah’s witnesses? 24. and they have shut their eyes. doing this in all sincerity. . ‘until the cities crash in ruin and the houses have no inhabitants. the bishops of Protestant. ‘Go to this people and say: “By hearing. 23 Jehovah’s witnesses have asked God in prayer: ‘How long must this unrespon­ sive condition of the people toward the message of God’s kingdom continue on. and they believe.’ So Jehovah’s witnesses keep right on calling despite the unresponsive ears. Monday. . along with all the other so-called Christian organizations. That is why Paul said to Jewish un­ believers: “The holy spirit aptly spoke through Isaiah the prophet to your fore­ fathers. but it seems the more that he did the more people would not lis­ ten.18 3freWATCHTOWER. Even so. and. that they should never see with their eyes 23. and with their ears they have heard without response. Greek Orthodox and Catholic religions.” (New York Times. but not too many people have an ear to hear. for they do not have ears to hear and their hearts have grown thick?’ But they always get the same answer from God. and they ‘hear with annoyance. you will hear but by no means understand. that the people will refuse to hear and soften their hearts till calamity comes.

the world empire of false religion.” along with his demons will see to it that mankind in the great majority will line itself up on the side of the unholy organizations of the world and that he has gathered them together “ to the place that is called in Hebrew H arMagedon. to be without an inhabitant. Is it any wonder.” ’ ”— Acts 28:25-27. that they are having a hard time trying to establish the peoples’ faith in the Bible again? The majority of people today do not want to see the light of God’s message. 16:14) The Devil. even if healing were offered to them on a golden platter. and who help him in this work? 30.” From 1919 C. Septem­ ber 28.” It is very important that Jehovah’s witnesses continue to declare this good news of God’s kingdom. then. they are trying to remove the fine high standard of morality set out in the Bible and make the Bible of no account.” (Rev. made this report: “Billy Graham Evangelism Deplored by Canter29. and with their ears they no longer hear. 27The terrible situation existing in Christendom today is due to the clergy. be healed and gain life everlasting? If so. Furthermore. 29The clergy of Christendom are help­ ing to gather the kings of the entire in­ habited earth together to the “ war of the great day of God the Almighty. Many religionists no longer believe in the need of the Redeemer. What is Satan the Devil’s purpose at this time. when the full end of this system of things comes. Even high-ranking church officials admit that evangelistic methods employed by some are not having much success. not healed? Or do you want to know God’s will. People want this world. who is “ the god of this system of things.” (Isa. study your Bible with Jehovah’s witnesses. 26 Is that the way most of the people want to be. but will be completely destroyed when “ the cities actually crash in ruins. 28 What are Jehovah’s witnesses going to do about it? Quit? Slow down? Not at all! Their eyes are not pasted shut and they have heard the call. They are responsible because they have turned the hearts and minds of their pa­ rishioners away from the true teaching of Jehovah God the Creator of man. so the people are past­ ing their eyes shut. The New York Times of Wednesday. “this people” who do not hear will have put themselves in such a definite po­ sition against God that “ they may not 27. till now over a million of Jeho­ vah’s witnesses have responded. 6:10) They do not want to be healed. “ Come after me. as Jehovah’s witnesses go from house to house. Christendom has hardened its heart against God. 6:11) Why not break away from Babylon the Great. and why? 28. and now they are trying to make people believe that God is dead. 16:16) Surely those who refuse to hear the message of God’s king­ dom and put faith in Jehovah God and his Word now are hardening their hearts so much that they will not be able to turn back. 1967 SEeWATCHTOWER.” (Isa. and hear with their ears and understand with their heart and turn back. and I will make you fishers of men. because.” (Rev. Who is to blame for today’s situation in Christen­ dom. (a) How did one clergyman feel about certain kinds of emotional evangelistic preaching carried on in England? (b) What is it time for peoples of all nations to do? . and that their own heart may not understand and that they may not actually turn back and get healing for themselves.Ja n u a r y 1. and I should heal them. and study God’s written Word? 30The religious leaders of Christendom seldom agree among themselves as to how the wonderful message of Christ is to be presented to the people of Christendom. Jesus Christ. 31. Why is it important that Jehovah’s witnesses con­ tinue preaching the Kingdom good news? 19 hear. 1966.E. and “they followed him. and they think they can preserve it by loving and showing affection for the United Nations organization.

but made no the Watch Tower Society.’ The Archbishop’s observa­ tions of England and Canada are that arrange for someone to conduct a Bible there are ‘aspects in the church that are study with you in your own home. is the time to learn about God and his will Their doctrines and theories are based on concerning you.’ ” es are happy to arrange home Bible stud­ 31 It is good to hear that the Arch­ ies with anyone who is seeking the truth bishop admits that these are “ trying from God’s Word. N . tear away from false teach­ no significant changes in basic English re­ ers and listen to the message of Christ Je­ ligious habits. an intellectual. Dr. 27 (A P )— going to church? Why should there be The Rev. but ransom sacrifice of Jesus is of no value not the type practiced by the Rev.C. I have believe he lives and have a desire to know seen that in both Canada and England the truth as set out in his written Word.Y . Billy and the Bible is not the Word of God? Graham. With such thinking. thoughtful approach—not RESPOND TO THE CALL bursts of emotionalism. In many his apostles for some time before “ they cases. such as God is dead.” He was calling many parts of the Bible a myth not sent for a short period of time. oth­ then study it. then for your their “bursts of emotionalism. bury. is there any wonder that most people are no longer 32. Michael Ramsey. the Archbishop re­ plied: ‘Not generally speaking. But he also studying with one of Jehovah’s witnesses points out that his fellow workers are not or attending the Kingdom Hall meetings doing much to help the situation with with Jehovah’s witnesses. Remember. there is less conventional church­ followed him. 34. creeds brought over from heathen reli­ 33 Jehovah’s witnesses know the call was gions that existed from even before the not to follow Jesus in his ministry for a time of Christ. 117 Adams significant change in basic English reli­ Street. and for how long do they desire to preach about God’s Word? .’ Asked if the 32 If you still have a love for God and church is out of date. Archbishop churchgoing when all one gets there are of Canterbury. Ramsey said after step­ sus and his true Christian witnesses of Je­ ping off a plane from Kamloops. Christ Jesus then made them “ fishers of men. there are aspects that are antiquated. Jesus taught ers that are virile and growing. If you te re stin g to n ote th at he says B illy cannot find someone to teach you. If you are not already times” in which we live. then the Bible had to keep preaching for the rest of his standard is no longer satisfactory to such clergymen. Sept. write to Graham won ‘some converts. is what other clergymen are doing by who said: “ Here I am! Send me.. Brooklyn. ‘The recent Graham crusade in This is the time for peoples of all nations England won some converts. We need Word to others.” It is in­ own good get in touch with them. and what help is offered by Jehovah’s witnesses? 33.’ Dr. How can one who wants to love and serve God do so. and we will gious habits. yet it made to wake up.” But when they learned going yet stronger convictions among they responded. How do Jehovah’s witnesses feel about the ministry. Now antiquated. ‘The Billy hovah who believe the Word of God and Graham type of evangelism is not the kind are happy to spend time teaching God’s we need in these trying times. the Christian church needs some updating. Vancouver B.” Jehovah’s witness­ those who do go. but and by saying that we must accommodate the present generation. said yesterday that the men’s theories. New York. they feel like Isaiah. Yet. If the updating of religion short duration.20 SEeWATCHTOWER B r o o k l y n .’ This is undoubtedly true.

How many were baptized during the past year.” After these things “ the Christians who followed Christ Jesus. They have declared th em selves p u b licly as wanting to be harvesters.” The man said: “ Permit me first to you not rejoice to be like the seventy oth­ leave and bury my father. and who finally appreciated the wonderful work that Jehovah wants done in the . and with good success. 58. what have Jehovah’s witnesses continued doing? ---------2.” But he said ers who followed him and were sent by to him: “Let the dead bury their dead.” Jesus said to him: “ No man that to gain life everlasting? Is it for just a few has put his hand to a plow and looks at years of their lives? No! They want to the things behind is well fitted for the serve like the apostles and the early kingdom of God.arth in these “last days” have expressed their willing- 1966 than tl stops to thi: 1. but first permit 34 How long do Jehovah’s witnesses me to say good-by to those in my house­ think they must serve Jehovah God so as hold. Jehovah the Master of the harvest to send out God. them forth by twos in advance of him into They want to work and continue to “catch every city and place to which he himself men” and gather them together into God’s was going to come. Look! man creature. Christ Jesus and bring eternal praise and but the workers are few. but while there is yet time we should all work zealously.904 individuals have dedicated their lives to the doing of Jehovah’s will and symbol­ ized this dedication by wa­ ter immersion. peo­ ples and tongues. They spent mil­ lion s o f hours tr y in g to make disciples of men and women of all nations. “I will follow you.904 persons made T MAY be we are get­ ting near the end of the harvest years.’ ” (Luke 9:59-62. the Master of the harvest? You still have but you go away and declare abroad the time to do so. Even though the harvesttime may be nearing its completion. Lord.J a n u a r y 1. Those who studied the truth in home Bible studies for a period of time. there were 5. 21 life despite the unresponsiveness of his kingdom of God. 10:1-3) Would er. Christ Jesus. Go forth. Jeho­ vah’s witnesses around the world have worked dili­ gently during the 1966 ser­ vice year. 2 In the 199 lands where Jehovah’s witnesses have been preaching during the past service year. and Lord designated seventy others and sent that meant being faithful until death. indeed. too. No finer work than being a minister of God has ever been offered to any hu­ workers into his harvest. can follow to them: ‘The harvest. even several years. is great. 1967 SHeWATCHTOWER. ness to share in the work Jehovah’s witnesses are do­ ing. Therefore beg honor to the Creator of man. and what will they now be doing? I Those Sent to Harvest .489 fewer in­ dividuals who dedicated their lives to Jehovah in year before. working under the Master. Then he began to say congregation so they. Seize it! Do not be like the I am sending you forth as lambs in among man to whom Jesus said: “Be my follow­ wolves. It is true. but when one that 58.” And still another said: own people.

While 58. Even some of the 4. Domini­ still an opportunity before one dies to ask can Republic.904 were baptized. showing that the harvest still continues at a rapid pace? .Y . and then the a number of persons who used to be Jeho­ end will come. Portugal. preaching of this good news? How many of the 170. ‘looked back at the case. after putting his tized. What an opportunity is theirs of ers engaging in the field ministry each now teaching the truth to others concern­ month of the past service year. (a) What interesting questions are asked of Je­ hovah’s witnesses about their ministerial activity? (b) What sobering conclusion is reached with regard to some who have put their ‘hand to the plow’ ? 5. just as Jesus did. Are we to believe that the house to house and conducting Bible stud­ harvest is over in such countries? No! Be­ ies in the homes of the people? Or. what facts are brought ness by returning to the ministry.407 over last merits of Christ’s sacrifice! These new year. too. are we to conclude that the harvest is finished in such places. and why? (b) What has been happening in some countries.000 per­ place. 4 If all those who dedicated their lives the big step in their lives. furthermore.22 fEeWATCHTOWER. Jehovah’s witnesses cannot stop preaching. Such ones drifted away.904 were baptized. 24:14) This means vah’s witnesses found reasons sufficient to we are not done yet with the preaching convince themselves that they need no work. and they were saved. N . and. Do terialism attracted them? Has the loose living and immoral conduct of the world you want to be saved? 3 Were you one of the more than a mil­ensnared some of them? Where is that lion Christian witnesses of Jehovah who love for Jehovah’s organization and his devoted his time and energies to the service that they once had? 5As we analyze the report for the world. still this ing everlasting life gained through the is an increase of only 24. Noah gathered his fam­ sons. for forgiveness and share in God’s good­ Puerto Rico and Spain. Nicaragua. (a) Just because some countries report no increase. But where are the others? Has ma­ ily into the ark. preaching last year did you devote to the you will see that some countries had no spreading of the good news by going from increase at all.664. While the annual report shows there coming new order of things under Christ were 1. Congo (Kinshasa). will be ministers to the Most High God Jehovah in former going from house to house preaching that years had stayed in his organization right the kingdom of the heavens has drawn up to and during the year 1966.675 regular Kingdom publish­ Jesus. Where Christian ministers have now joined the were the other 34. there is Brazil. in many nations longer worship and serve Jehovah and at­ there is still a tremendous ingathering go­ tend meetings at the house of their God. did you find some ex­ “This good news of the kingdom will be cuse for not being one of Jesus’ disciples? preached in all the inhabited earth for a It is evident from the year’s report that witness to all the nations. B r o o k l y n . because Christ Jesus said: things behind’ ? Or. it is marvelous. were cause there were some persons being bap­ you one of those who.” (Matt. Check the report on Argentina. From now on they. But 58. there near. Remember. ing on. Chile.058.497 that cannot be ac­ many other harvesters so that the last counted for? Allowing for one percent of great gathering of people who are seeking the population dying in a year’s time meekness and righteousness might take would mean a drop of about 10. They will also be would have been a greater increase in the giving the warning concerning the destruc­ number of regular publishers than we have tion of this devilish world and of the in­ had.897 hours devoted to as set forth in the chart on pages 24-27. Even if that baptism were not the hand to the plow. Japan. However. to our attention? 3.

What kind It is not yet completed.000 back-calls.627 were copies of The have a great interest in the harvest work? 7. we will show it up.897 hours to the sent the truth clearly • T h e Modern F u lfillm en t of the “ P enny. What joy this brings to faithful fol­ 473 regular Bible studies conducted in the lowers of Christ Jesus! 8 The printing of the book “ Things in homes of the people each week. due prove what sort of work each one’s is. preach­ when co n d u ctin g • Heavens and E arth D eclare: <God Is A liv e !’ ing to as many per­ their Bible studies • H ow to Be a W ife Y ou r Husband Loves.382. The total p rod u ction amounted to 230. are we. while the distribution of bound books building?’ In teaching the truth to these people. How important is a solid foundation in our spiritual building work.J a n u a r y 1.” 664. 3:12.” field service. However. of builder are you? Do you try to pro­ 6Because Jehovah’s people believe the duce real Christians? harvesttime contin­ 8 ues everywhere they tian witnesses cer­ COMING IN THE NEXT ISSUE have devoted 170. This means that there were over 31.. firm to the very more about the Bible. to and symbolize it by water baptism. Paul said: “ The day or 4-percent increases. careless. The interest Jehovah’s witnesses showed in distributing this book attending these 802. by the end of the ser­ ing building materials like wood. There were 802. study.end. sons as p o s s ib le . materials. 1 9 6 7 SEeWATCHTOWER 23 countries behind the Iron Curtain had 3. How active were Jehovah’s witnesses in distributing Bible literature? Jehova . Of course. because it will be revealed have not published the figures of how by means of fire. But the ingather­ pointing to a harvester to see his ingathing is on and the harvest must continue.770.175. like gold.323 magazines. What shows that Jehovah’s people world wide which 118.473 Bible studies? 7We do well to ask ourselves this ques­ took away some from the time normally tion: ‘If we are conducting a home Bible spent in obtaining new subscriptions for the Watchtower and Awake! magazines. so that. of 6.tainly want to pre­ • M aking G rate fu l Use of a “ Penny. What are Jehovah’s Jehovah’s witnesses to place 5.000 copies.371 witnesses going to do with all the people bound volumes. they be made to help those who wanted to know will continue in the truth. in our teaching and are we us­ 140.000 more Which It Is Impossible for God to Bible studies conducted in 1966 than dur­ in many languages made it possible for ing the previous of fiery trials.8. In fact.000. rather. hay or vice year the Society found it necessary stubble? A good Christian will not build to print more copies of the Watchtower with combustible materials because then and Awake! magazines than during the his works would go up in smoke in the previous year. people are so interested in that goes with being a Christian. with what kind of material are we So. or return visits. and the fire itself will many publishers are in these nations. and so what do Jehovah’s witnesses want to do? 9. and show the people and with good suc­ the r e sp o n s ib ility cess. their message that it was necessary for when they do dedicate their lives to God 60. 13) It would be most disap­ hovah’s witnesses there. ered crop going up in smoke. in­ Watchtower and Awake! dropped by about different. silver and precious the new subscriptions obtained for The stones? Or. are we building with good solid increased by more than 900.” to the heavy hand of persecution upon Je­ (1 Cor.902.

019 532.908 28.367 13.977 233.719 196 50.965 37.414 90.872 82.194 142 1. 691 Ceylon 237 Chile 3.777 2. Country Pubs.589 4.992 199.370 566 37.705 079.980 1.840.989 8.451 Av.481 275 86.231 3.950.254 1.578 44 45 230 362 37 8 181 106 17 106 316 7 4 205 160 96 75 ininrH xtf g00O5O5g No.806 No.362 33.520 2 1.975 170.200 79.556 60.578 3.050 39.965 9.357 11.225 25 23 2.123 6 23 466 5.216 485.886 424 921.819 10.763 13. Pio.464 34 2.367 49 52 1.916 18.652 18.461 900.702 4.S.543 75.096 6.446 21.514 1.683 2.451 114 804 16 904 14 9.122.208 79.293 Central Afr.449 8.946.191 3.605 Ecuador 1.323 4 4 2 2 1 29 635 758 230 r~oococo inchooincs o rH t^toco rH toCOtoCOO % Inc.065 1.648 Argentina 16.497 10.869 14.018 1.229 9.880 1.405 448.972 804.680 176 129.453 236. 877.368 1.228 7 50.787 329 43.267 British Honduras 348 British Isles 48.306 889 76.242 6.437 140 8.355 381.090 25 5.688 20. 14.208 166 1.899 942 70.044 45.687 19.040 1.647.191 12 8.127. of Total Cong’s Literature 5.383 776 56.689 2.088 10.450 Bermuda 98 Guam 54 Ponape 2 Saipan 3 Truk 2 Alaska 508 10.474 36 9.520 85.261 441 39.850 270 276. Pubs.814 885.225 20 1.775 6.481 164.686 133 9.588 7.956 953.421 254 959 1.006 1.876 898 14.793.872 30 26 2. Pubs.279 90. N .265 20.588 5.735 30 1 844 9 16.220 535.042 2.007 1 547 136 148 13 10.838 811 528.203 2.556 36 2.793 2.069 11.312 114 3.145 403 26.223 53 454 7 437 7 7.350 284.301 Eire 238 El Salvador 892 Fiji 243 American Samoa 28 7 Cook Islands 6 Gilbert & Ellice Isis. 5 8 3 " cs in tH iH rHrHrH rH K3i8H3 to OO&t-g 1 rH theooo05 05 co HC S05 w csinr-'tfos rH(MOO in .776 3.643 410 174 10 2 2 1.289 23.726 508 41.589 59.950 2.919 3.832 Bolivia 536 Brazil 33.491 49 35.002 7.551 12.546 347 49.321 2.259 136.599 25 9 28 28 1 252 8.290 725.316 New Subs.424 36.854 26.667 2.803 29.709 1.186 10.119 1 2.469 Total Hours 48.772 166.806 211 599 36 13 81 133 51 4.913 688.118 28.431 479 272 1 244 78 10.982 Aden 4 Malta 18 Burma 243 Cameroun 7.073 5 23 245 7.478 11.520 567.271 1.842.075 152.958 2.866 188. 82 New Caledonia New Hebrides Niue Tahiti Tonga Western Samoa 1966 Av. 1965 1966 1 318.977 230.437 719 91.307 289.128 400 271.893 924.764.210 368 1.030 93 135.209 Tchad 13 Canada 39.253 1.950 19.915 371 29.737 2.015 553 2.581 394 1.451 1.181 18 41.645 11.481 97 50 4 4 2 545 11. Lucia 86 St.533 339 51 5.302 2.160 101 78.951 17.1965 Av. Peak over Pubs.655 599 28.149.523 17.514 151.205 324 759 21 24 179 103 88 8. Vincent 82 Belgium 7.504 Congo (Brazzaville) 951 Gabon 73 Congo (Kinshasa) 3.438 766 2.122 139 1.438 1.683 t-T C N t> rH in 5 51 474 11 9 258 75 1.042 836 269 4.737 Costa Rica 2.554 755 255 3.370 Colombia 3.263 87.611 107.184 742.306 4.475 16.127 157 152.851 8. 305.810 2 6.208 561 13 9 24 B r o o k l y n .599 24.059 630 207 7 894 1.193 102.119 60 55 4.949 116 1.649 413 283 282 3.191.150 6.805 981 84 4.Y .741 10.084 793 17.649 152 214 2 4.554 20 6.380 35.762 295 705 20 23 159 95 82 8.321 13.765 4. Bible Back-Calls Studies 16.919 4.025 23 2. Rep.665.950.112 4.738 5.406.996 624 40.681 3.283 239 173 1.342 168 83 2.872 278.349 15.998 Individual Magazines 56.420 63.234 10.899 23.539.438 896 804.338 285.181 4.749 540 5. U.021 43 1.892 456.156 Australia Austria 7.177 372 31.389 398.316 19.044.406 3.203 26.864 5.191 146.858 2.002 1.313 4.149 25 30.262.476 15 39.746 27.606 58 58.726 154 147 9.078 1 193 897 495.207 14 1.505 Bahamas Barbados Bequia Carriacou Grenada St.116 3. of America 302.593 1.244 5.276 3.002 68.996 167.513 2 2.369 8 9.540 10.665 438 1.959 3.551 28 1.668 2 50 36 3.698 2.633 370.264 Faroe Islands 27 Greenland 20 Dominican Republic 1. Public Meet’gs 269.625 305 4.630 178.643 744 128 5.829 20 24.066 180 2.644 Cyprus 399 Dahomey 951 Denmark 10.534.760 1.575 268 995 no rH <D 05rH minnow rH *# ?T S * in o t-oo *°*7 T 8 525 1 38 00 5.606 73 3EeWATCHT0WER 5 25 46 753 1.317 25.686 3.641 2.153 101 5.858 2.018 82.559 -1* 107 -8* 55 100 10 33 6 3 594 11.767 372 122 7.340 385 50.352 61.495 158 28 69 3 3 503 7.874.326 79.093 61.667 354 1.328 118 8.159 Av.333 413.279 1.014 23.

098 . West 00COrHcoin SO ? ininTrotCOt'-rHlO'tf r8&& H<N3S3C OSjH CO triad o m OS t- HN Macao Iceland India Indonesia Israel tH .964 85 24 38.708 602 srsgR a*- .830 7 6.459 106 425 13 62 276 ot-co^co HiH IOrH rHC t— H co r to OrW <nV* co* 5 372 630 7 1 1.110 .032 517 256 874 397 259 .800 178 635 .144 .919 6 117 COOOCO^ CS’^t'-t'-C'S COOinOCS IQrHTprHlO cocoes OS mt> tH rHCO t rH -T "6 823 8 229 .107 123 7 1 27 CO * OSCO<McorH CO (MCH 3 g K 8 H tHi-H 382 11.) 7 633 45 205 346 896 • *• Hinooo .300 .439 7.795 .244 9 731 302 236 20 114 .641 841 1967 2.822 .614 1.431 00<N 358 m r m 1-Tth 8 -9* 1 -8* 13 23 167 33 -15* -6* HiH Italy Libya Jamaica Cayman Islands Japan <N C CO OO cS csH8 S3 coO< in Ninth r-T r-T 28 437 206 730 257 .080 .075 . .369 142 274 C OH rH 194 .179 219 239 2 140 67 615 321 156 62 883 407 8 486 1 34 354 597 250 141 69 736 .439 8. g s s s 1 88 40 365 392 420 .1 148 30 422 176 t-CjirHt- inn H in 8 3 13 28 OSCOCOrHOS s a g s © 00 co 8 '*U OS ^ co in 214 .522 "P 8S8SJS3 rHt^OrHrH CO*rH* rH ■ SJ O t-^COrHC H H ® | 3 8 rt rrH rrH 0 0C OO OC in !N OS SC rH 0O 0 coco rHCHOOrHrH CO* rH Malagasy Republic Malawi Mozambique Mauritius Reunion GStH rHrH 3 oscpcot-t.959 2. Martin Liberia Luxembourg t-H CN t-H CO£ <no coin rH Anguilla Dominica Montserrat Nevis Saba mrH Guadeloupe French Guiana Martinique Guatemala Guyana West Berlin Ghana Ivory Coast Togoland Greece Finland France Algeria Tunisia Germany.409 700 118 882 941 286 796 549 607 169 632 397 465 .526 t-incoostCSOOrH^Tt* oococo t~ HCO esfr-T ei (N thco 27 156 20 53 106 6.152 6 780 247 Jhh ^ cotji COrHrHCOCO rH^lOt-CO a s ” 01.183 391 523 9 24 158 21 36 325 .088 .162 15.602 870 12 2 HN t-COtgtON OOCOrfTtCO ‘" a s s R ^ a H8 NrH o in 8S RS8Rm rtfcoc-o S t-oo oo8 inS Sv 8 8 ‘ ES|SSSi t-inooooo ^ CDCOO 294 11 6 39 836 corggoi a r® * 8S|8^ co nt tri in03coin (MrHrHrH rjeosmom SSSSoS 8 S 9 S 8 mrHt-OS co* inco* Tfr[c0*O* rH rHCO 3 258 8 4 35 783 HH <M *CO*(M *CO* 244 41 2 1 .708 t-etjco minr#ioo) o^t-coos COOScoo 8S5p>8S$ HNt* CO eortfcoosos iHrin H in rH to S 3 *• a ^ s s s * 8 tH m^ Uganda Korea Lebanon Iran Iraq Jordan Kuwait Saudi Arabia Syria Leewards (Antigua) oo^r-r^co incst-i-nco COiHOCDOO st^coos^tasas s s a s s £ 8 35 58 l § l l i i>‘b-*os‘coin CO*CS*rH *CO*<N* a ^ s a s s 8 8 * 8 9 COnun OO<NCS rH COrH com rH s m m rH *CO* t o‘ H r-T r-T <N 00<N t-O in H C O O r C O r H 5 N" Sf 6 S * "8 8 S O T * tri CO*tH ciWH« ilS ia sg - 164 105 703 . if in incoooo co s s s ls (NCsf 8O0 |0r§Hg CO OStXNCO S C ^V *rHO*OS t-h-OTjnn arfass rH CO * ■^(NOOrH 37 .653 61 989 374 SEeWATCHTOW ER 610 57 289 1.g s g s s OOOCO’^CO Jjffooio® -H St.244 158 004 420 491 350 ” £8§8 a eon inco HNNfN r r s 165 1 580 HN eo<Ninoo£r 35SS3S in<Ncocot8P S88 <N*<N*in*rH*gs* coco r-qs to S 88” WH m 8 8 rH rH rH Kenya Burundi Seychelles Sudan Tanzania iH .149 .175 100 1.000 8SSSSS CONOCO COHtHHin $ ^ S3 S3 802 841 297 283 778 8 3 8 8 8 SSfcSf: S S 8 3 S ^COCoScN OJf-rHt-O co(Minco coooHt-in OO OrH COCO00COrH 8$?v v 8 S M‘S'|S H'S 8 ‘” O $& *$ rH8 rH H tJ <* 25 57 4 1 83 141 8 ^ 3 * 8 3os 588 694 472 .ns a in^ H 228 .487 .150 124 241 13 22 8 56 4 2 111 114 3§38H 1 93 43 391 432 101 4 30 191 l 193 21 1 10 515 40 2 2 2 -8* 100 ^ 8 ^ OSinCOrH ■*r<N s . Kitts St.074 8 729 234 £ © Haiti Hawaii Marshall Islands Honduras Hong Kong •a* inoo ooocxnw STttTHrHrH “■ssias O OM r OS H OS ** TjT cCh <N SSEo® Is-rH U TSrH 3 in^t-ooco g i^ g .^ osoo S® 8® 8 ®fe!2!2 o to 0> 3 a * a 290 841 146 589 849 !S ^ g CS*CO* 00 inOS es t- S8 657 64 232 .151 5.936 2. Eustatius St.530 665 492 .902 .306 9 900 259 rH rH 8® h| SSJSsSg S S i S S co(Nino (Noosm^ osV hos &O )S$ rH& £ rH* co mt.248 .259 153 00rH(Nt-m Mcocsoin toin^iM co 335888S O3<NrH00T t< C O(MCOCO(N QOrHb't’* osin g j f & g C”^ rH S rt.974 ooo °°‘S 44 264 4 14 376 324 442 2 1 1.831 Ja n u a r y 1 .344 20 127 1.414 944 401 .619 245 784 5.236 25 3.718 830 23 7 .971 .

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regards hearing God’s truth? .Ja n u a r y 1. like Cuba. The time of decision is here and it appears that a definite decision is being made by the majority of the people world wide.C c3^bflc3 c'SsS1 ? >-CBgfe E-> D 27 Watchtower and 111. In many lands. But it is more and more difficult to find people with ears to hear and eyes to see and with hearts that can be turned back to Jehovah. <13 1o3 _'C '2 2 gs Xifi C3-Q | !| i| HH E_o . Spain. mankind will destroy itself.s 05H coo” ot­ t­ °0^OOT<M os _ H H O CO 05 lO H S3 oco *8 t-o <M SSTT^S . Millions of people know that the situation cannot continue to exist as it is. the Witnesses had to put up with much persecution and harassment.° Jz O 0 >£ k T O h 73 Q . (a) Outline some of the difficulties Jehovah’s witnesses have met in their worldwide preaching work. and they do not want actually to turn back and get healing for themselves from Jehovah. because they do not want their own hearts to understand. but they are thankful for their op­ portunity to serve Jehovah God.nSSH S ON iS 05 0 5 0 ( M H . they will not do so. In Burma all the missionaries were ordered to leave the country. But none of these happenings discouraged God’s ser­ vants.696 were copies of AwaTce! 10 Jehovah’s Christian witnesses had a very de­ lightful year in spite of the fact that it was more difficult to convince people to take a definite stand on the side of Jehovah’s kingdom and enter into the ministry. they refuse to see.” (Luke 10:3) They do not flinch and turn back. if it goes on this way. (b) What does it appear that most of the people of the world are doing as. Even though they have ears with which to hear. tribes and tongues of the world. But even though this be the attitude of mind of the majority of people who make up the many nations.J0 5 lO H t(M H IO ooo a. They have continued to press on with joy in all these lands.I I CO H o h COCO (MOO OH C O t-lO H O H 0<M (M lO H <M 05t OHC» H 0 t-io H H coco " . They remember Jesus’ words: “Look! I am sending you forth as lambs in among wolves.' 0005 0510 ot- occ O CN ooo IO H t-to udoo H H C 5H a>o ao 2g 32 0-0 cs <D£ g§ to (3 ff3fi sS3°O cfl 5^ g-a o+ e O O g. 1967 cot- sgpg- 83 oV SKeWATCHTOWER P »SP H H OOCO COHOOCOIN CM* O H H ‘ 05 r - HSS HOOCOO ss HO 52S‘ t-0 5 lO O (M W OO 050 0 (M 1 -1 0 0 1 0 0 5 e*28«g rH O C 3H O H H t -C O O r t—COHOO oco H O t-o I 8§g 1 % 8g HOT 8 05 COCO 005 H IO H H (M kSSSS0 OHHOO <M" s.404. Jehovah’s witnesses have the responsibility of going forth as God’s workers into the harvest. 10.. The witnesses of Jehovah want to aid all those they can to know what the Bible has to say on the vital subjects of life and death in order to help men to choose life. and though they have eyes with which to see. Portugal and especially countries behind the Iron Curtain. for. t-H coin 0 510 oo ssgsg sg M-* lOH § 5J <H O M H H E h & E h< t—05C fl'asB' ij J 05000 O Q O ^ (M o 05 05 lO PS oo SS ww — H O O 5SHS H H H OQ<M OO PS t. It is their prayer that during the 1967 service year they will find more persons who want to know what Je­ hovah’s will is concerning them and who will want to get out of this wicked system of things.

“ Come after me. in due time it will be a textbook for congregational studies. do so now. 11 Those of you who have read this re­is similar to the work that was carried on port and who want to know what the Bible by Jesus. right away by reading it from cover to cover. Typical is the chap­ ter “Heaven’s Way of Ruling the ‘Con­ gregation of God.” what tions of Jehovah’s witnesses. it will hasten your progress in learning God’s will. That Biblestudy aid contains a wealth of Scriptural information designed to aid you as one of Jehovah’s witnesses both in facing the problems of life and in instructing others. out the world there are 24. in addition to treating the subject doctrinally in all its aspects. Get an overall. The work will your answer be? All of Jehovah’s bap­ being done by them in all the earth today tized witnesses have made this decision. In particular have many expressions of appreciation been heard and received for the chapter “The Lord’s Evening Meal— A Liberation Supper. (a) What steps can one take to get acquainted with the Bible’s message? (b) What conclusion have Jehovah’s witnesses come to in this time of harvest? they want to be fishers of men. 4:19. so to speak. reading this book is strongly recommend­ * XV ed for all before they dedicate themselves and get baptized. but do not wait un­ til then to gain this precious information. many people believed one of Jehovah’s witnesses be sent to talk what they heard but did nothing about it. When you hear the call. H ave You Read Your Copy? EAD my copy of what?” you ask. Society in your own country and ask that In those days.Y.910 congrega­ and I will make you fishers of men. this book is not only for Je­ hovah’s witnesses. Why. Canada and Great Britain received your copies. If you have not already read it. Of course. Why? Well. too. whereas presbyteros [older man] can apply to either an episkopos or a didkonos. you are miss­ ing out on a spiritual treasure.’—Matt. to you about God’s Word. In other chapters the book makes clear just what Jesus Christ meant by saying . A WEALTH OF INFORMATION This new Bible-study aid contains a wealth of information. bird’s-eye view of it. Are you studying the Bible with one of Jehovah’s witnesses? Then you will want to read it through on the side. 11.’ ” To mention but one point: By reading it carefully you will ap­ preciate that in the Christian congrega­ tion episkopos[overseer] and [ministerial servant] are mutually exclu­ sive terms. True. Or.fHeWATCHTOWER.” For. and they will be if ‘they follow him. your copy of Everlasting— in Freedom of the Sons of God! It has been four to six months since most of you in the United States. it makes clearer than it has ever been made before just who should partake of the Memorial emblems and how one can judge with certainty for himself. especially after with them and study the Bible? Through­ reading and studying the Holy Scriptures. if you do not. if you know What will you do? Will you investigate? where Jehovah’s witnesses meet in your The time must come in each one’s life for city or village. why not get acquainted him to make a decision. 28 B r o o k l y n . Jesus went about the land teach­ says about our times should feel free to ing and preaching the truth and he found write to the Watch Tower Bible and Tract disciples who wanted to learn the truth. N. Really. as it were.

but do not put off your first reading of the book for lack of time to study it thoroughly. Knorr. H.’ and how these principles should affect choice of employment and your attitude toward political activities in your community as well as conflicts be­ tween nations. The question. When you come to something new to you.” What is the bap­ tism to which this refers? What is the salvation? Is it being saved at Armageddon? Then. nothing has cre­ ated more interest in this textbook than the first chapter with its chart and fine information regarding the 7. remains: How can you find time to read this fine Biblestudy aid? It may be said to be large­ ly a matter of appreciation and orga­ nization. why is it not correct to say that Jesus’ baptism symbolized his dedication to do his Father’s will? And did Jesus’ going down into the water and com­ ing out of it picture his death and resur­ rection? If not.000 years of God’s rest day. 5:15. Thank you. We are now using this time reading other publications of the So­ ciety. For instance. however. 12: 1. for having brought this new-found time to our attention— time which was otherwise idled away. giving us a wealth of knowledge. But. Among the many fine points on which new light is shed in this new Bible-study aid is the prop­ er application of 1 Peter 3:21. the president of the W atch Tower Society. Time used to give it at least a quick preliminary reading is time well spent. concerning reading the Life Everlasting book while still seated at the supper table. For others the problem may be solved simply by buying out time from watching television for reading the Everlasting book.” also what is meant by Paul’s saying that Christians ‘present their bodies to God. (Eph. Make time to read it now! . N.Ja n u a r y 1 . use it wisely. or sev­ ered times a week to and from congrega­ tional meetings? Then why not take a pocket-sized edition of Life Everlasting with you and read it? Or could you and your family spend ten or fifteen minutes right after the eve­ ning meed each day reading it? Regarding this.” Time is precious. which have been neglected by us in the past. in part: “ That which corresponds to this is also now saving you. you may want to slow down and make it your own. baptism. 1 9 6 7 SEeWATCHTOWER that Christians “ are no part of the world. do you travel to and from work each day by bus. If you have a copy of L ife Everlasting— in Free­ dom of the Sons of God you have a mar­ velous book in your possession. and being more fully equipped for our ministry. again. 16) Or it 29 may be that you can make better use of certain time in your busy schedule. without a doubt.—John 17:16. This new­ found time enabled us to finish the book in two months. recently received the following letter: “My family and I wish to thank you for the wonderful suggestion you gave this summer at our Dis­ trict Assembly in Montreal. why not? Read the book and find out. Brother Knorr. namely. subway or train. Some managed to read the book through on their vacations this past summer. The observation that 1975 may well mark the beginning of man­ kind’s great Jubilee has intrigued many. which reads. Rom.

immature or sick. 15:1. if it has been committed repeat­ edly. ^ \ \ / \ ( /» / 30 brought to the attention of the congregation committee. but the individual “ sheep” of the congregational flock must fully cooperate. For example. 5:2. empathy. service meetings and others. Job was an “object . 13:17. W There is also the matter of your conduct. Nor to be overlooked is contributing financially to the upkeep of the Kingdom Hall. of setting a fine example in conduct and in caring for their fam ilies. Do you give him full cooperation? Do you volunteer to work with him in the field? Do you volunteer to extend to him Christian hospitality? Do you attend all the meetings? — 1 Pet. will enable you In all such ways the indi­ the congregational flocks servant leadership. as well as to do these things. Willingness to cooperate is also shown by engaging regularly in the field ministry and reporting promptly. • W ho were foreshadowed by the ancient patriarch Job? A s his name showed. They must heed the counsel of the apostle Paul: “ Be obedient to those who are taking the lead among you and be submissive. as well as those physically incapacitated.* How can you fully cooperate with the ser­ vant leadership? By being thoughtful. and they have the obligation to feed and protect the flock of God. Jesus Christ.540. Do you cooperate with the servant leadership by never giving them concern because of being careless about your m orals? Since the servants have the obligation to give personal attention to the spiritually weak. Love. W hen scheduled to have a part.— 1 Pet. there is the simple matter of coming to meetings on time.* \ \ 0 W hat type of sins definitely ought to be * All references are to TheWatchtowerfor 1966. vidual members of can cooperate with hovah’s praise and of all. 541. whether committed by adults or bap­ tized minors. alert and ready to do your part. visits the congre­ gation. For both shepherds and “ sheep” to be truly happy. 541.”— Heb.— Pp.COOPERATE AS A FLOCK WITH SERVANT LEADERSHIP Then there is the opportunity to cooperate in the matter of assignments for parts on the program for the various meetings. draw away from Jehovah’s organization. also preparing for meetings in ad­ vance and then giving others the benefit of your preparation by freely speaking up as opportunity affords.— P. are you always on hand or do you fail to show up at tim es? Do you do your best to make your part on the program interesting and upbuilding?— 1 Tim. 2. why should he seek mature Christian help? Primarily because the Bible wisely counsels him to do so. who said in regard to his followers’ response to him : “The sheep listen to his voice. even though some counsel has already been given by another mature Chris­ tian brother? Any sin of the type mentioned at 1 Corin­ thians 5:11. out of fear of being discovered. 4:9. Sexual immorality involving other per­ sons. as well as helping to keep it clean. Additionally. A n occasion in which there especially is a golden opportunity for all the flock to co­ operate with the servant leadership is when the W atch Tower Society’s traveling represen­ tative.— Heb. for they are keeping watch over your souls as those who will render an account.” In so doing you are showing regard for the Great Shep­ herd. May 1. * For details see The Watchtowerj March 1. 4:13-16. H A T many responsibilities fall to the shepherds comprising the servant leader­ ship in the congregations of God’s people! These shepherds have the obligation of taking the lead in the field ministry. to Je­ to the mutual happiness Do You Remember? H ow carefully have you read recent issues of The Watchtower? Do you recall these outstanding points? • r ^ • If someone gets involved in an act of serious sin. John 10:3. 3. 1966. 13:7. if he fails to do this he may become irreformable or may. the theocratic ministry school. not only must the servants properly discharge their duties. 20. Any serious sin that has become public knowledge. the circuit servant. do you cooperate by doing your part to aid and com­ fort these needy ones?— Rom. even if committed only once.

S. 553. In verse 10 the apostle Paul goes on to say: “Also. as the apostle Paul says here. then the mother bears that load. O f course. • W h at has God's kingdom been doing since 1914? It has taken action against its heavenly enemies.A. Whenever a brother is being recommended by the congre­ gation service committee as a servant.” he will be a person who is conscientious about the ministry. 750. one who manifests exemplary spirituality.. The Bible sets the standard.— Pp. 31 j heaven. discusses the overseer. resulting in Satan’s ouster from • W hat qualifications should a person have in order to qualify as a book study conductor in a congregation of Jehovah's witnesses? — A. or if there is some other situation that raises questions. how long Jehovah would permit the bad spiritual condition o f Israel to continue. The modern-day remnant of spiritual Israel. before he is appointed. it has gathered willing subjects \ who have joined in preaching the good news f of the Kingdom. “How long. “The truth will set you free. 1967 f&eWATCHTOW ER. The answer was.” It is not wise to be in a hurry about recommending anyone about whom there is any doubt. the man is “serious” and holds “the sacred secret of the faith with a clean conscience.— P. of hostility. the Greater Job. they ought to open the Bible and view the individual in the light of what it says. 554. S. • In the modern-day fulfillment. 573. / • W hat “truth” is it that Jesus meant when f he said. have come under similar reproach from religious enemies. not double-tongued. Notice what it says: “Ministerial servants should likewise be serious. as they are free from accusation. O Jehovah?” He was not asking as to how long he must preach. 598. but it is the truth f that comes from Jehovah through Jesus. • W ho bears the primary responsibility for making decisions as to activity in which minors may or m ay not engage? God has assigned that responsibility to the father. if there is no father in the home. it is not neces- .Ja n u a r y 1. respect for Jehovah's laws. became the object of hostility from religious groups in his day. Let him “ be tested as to fitness first” . \ • W hat are the precious fire-resistant ma\ terials with which Jehovah's witnesses en/ deavor to build true Christians? i v / \ \ They are godly qualities such as spiritual discernment. not giving themselves to a lot of wine.— P. then.” Jesus Christ. it has caused worldwide proclamation ( of its installation to be made and protected f the anointed ambassadors making that procj lamation. holding the sacred secret of the faith with a clean conscience.” and in • what way could people be free? \ It is not truth in general.— Pp.— Pp. be a source of strength to fellow believers and serve to honor Jehovah's name.” who include the congregation book study conductors. what God’s Word says about right conduct should always be followed.— Pp. but. devotion to Bible principles. 717. because it is the responsi­ bility of the book study conductor to help build up the spirituality of each one in the group to which he is assigned. verses 1 through 7. If there is some doubt about whether his secular work sets a good example for others.”— Pp. This is important. rather. / ^ • f ^ • f • W hat did Isaiah want to know when he asked. 599. then let them serve as ministers. not greedy of dishonest gain. 661.— P. The j freedom he spoke about was freedom from \ sin and death. who are pictured by Job's three false comforters? The religious clergy and leaders of Chris­ tendom who have misrepresented and opposed God's servants. because of their integrity to God. First Timothy chapter 3. let him show that his decisions are always firmly based on the Scriptures.” If. let these be tested as to fitness first. 716. 620-625. 557. U. • W hat fine results can come about when a Christian endures under persecution? It can strengthen the individual spiritually. 751. starting in verse 8 is informa­ tion about “ministerial servants. “ Until the cities actually crash in ruins. and fearless willingness to witness about the Messianic kingdom.

what the Bible says about who is quali­ fied to serve always outweighs other consider­ ations. then he should not be recommended for ap­ pointment by the Society to shepherd the flock of God. moderate in habits. W hile sisters are not appointed as minis­ terial servants. Songs to Be Used: 24. For a time the group m ay be larger than we might prefer. 9. along with three Bible booklets. Send for the report of worldwide activity of Jeho­ vah’s witnesses as contained in the 1967 Year­ book of Jehovah}s Witnesses. however. The next verse says: “W om en should like­ wise be serious. a high standard is set for these ministerial servants. 1123-34. not slanderous.Y . ANNOUNCEMENTS FIELD MINISTRY Jehovah’s witnesses carry on their ministry in an organized way. So this com­ ment in verse 11 is simply pointing out that the sisters in the congregation too should en­ deavor to measure up to this fine Bible stan­ dard. When a brother is being recommended. Songs to Be Used: 10.” So. we read: “Let ministerial servants be husbands of one wife.” A year’s subscription. N . which. but mere num­ bers in attendance are not the primary con­ sideration in determining whether a new group should be formed. under the direction of their Fine Shepherd and Jehovah’s Principal Servant. and Modern Unwillingness to Hear God’s Message Leads to Calamity. You will want to know how far this dividing work has pro­ gressed and what still lies ahead for us. and The Report of Those Sent to Harvest. selves a fine standing and great freeness of speech in the faith in connection with Christ Jesus. Jesus Christ. it is evident that the com­ mittee is obligated to do more than simply review the report on his Publisher’s Record card and have a casual chat about the individ­ ual. if married. Those who have re­ ceived favorable estimate are commissioned to share in the program of proclaiming Jeho­ vah’s judgment message. Together. Songs to Be Used: 3. 111-22. calendar. they cooperate in announcing Jehovah’s kingdom. The Watchtower. you see. because in the twelfth verse Paul says that the ministerial servants.SHeWATCHTOWER. Send today. fll-25. is devoted to “Announcing Jehovah’s Kingdom. It is of fa r greater importance to be sure that there is a Scripturally qualified brother available to care fo r the new group.” N ot that they were the ones who would be appointed as minis­ terial servants.” 1126-29. In harmony with Jesus’ own instructions. but the time can be well used to train as assistants those who show good potential until they meet the Bible’s standard. Just follow the Scriptural admonition that he should be 'Tree from accusation. faithful in all things. would be husbands.” If he is not. then. 13. they m ay be asked to serve as substitutes until such time as there are quali­ fied men available in the congregation. as a united group. For the men who minis­ ter in a fine manner are acquiring for them­ B r o o k l y n . 50c.” Page 5. Though there are a variety of factors to con­ sider in organizing the congregation book studies. . ARE YOU GATHERED TO THE RIGHT HAND? Did you know that Jehovah’s judgments are filling the earth in our day? A ll individuals are being gathered to the right hand of favor o f his King-Son or are being abandoned at his left for destruction. r. as its front cover shows. but the servants of their Christian brothers. Yearbook. During January they will be doing this from house to house by offering to interested persons this Bible magazine. It is a fine thing to keep the congregation book study groups moderate in size. 25c. February 5: “They Followed H im . God’s W ord must light the way. “WATCHTOWER” STUDIES FOR THE WEEKS January 29: “They Followed H im . P age 11. Continuing in verses 12. presiding in a fine manner over children and their own households. Send for the 1967 calendar colorfully depicting the response to Jesus’ call for preachers. 4. those in the congregations of Jehovah’s witnesses who take the lead are not an exalted clergy class. 32 sary to write to the W atch Tower Society to ask if it is permissible to recommend him. 11. Page 18. February 12: Modern Unwillingness to Hear God’s Message Leads to Calamity. will be offered for $1.


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provided you keep on doing good and not fearing any cause for terror. 4. but let it be the secret person of the heart in the incorruptible apparel of the quiet and mild spirit.’ And you have become her children. A cheerful disposition.signed them for their roles as hus­ band and w ife. do to prevent this from happening? How can you be a wife that your husband loves? Beauty of face or form. precious garment— “ the incorruptible ap­ parel of the quiet and mild spirit” ? What is required to do so? The Bible shows by next saying: “ For so. 3:3. and usually look forward to marriage in order to realize its fulfillment. Of greater importance are unseen qualities that spring from a good heart. God created man and woman and de­ O 35 . 3:5. 5:25) What can you. however. you. modesty. formerly the holy women who were hoping in God used to adorn themselves. sympathetic understanding— these are things that will endear you to your husband. calling him ‘lord. I. So he knows best w hat m akes a wife appealing to her mate. as a wife.”— 1 Pet. too. an even temper. every human being wants love. They thrive on love. husbands cease to heed the Bible’s counsel: “ Continue loving your wives. friendliness. gentle kindness. Although beloved Sarah may not have personally liked her husband’s fre­ quent decisions to move from place to low lo be 1 WIFE YOIIR HUSBAND LOVES NE of the greatest human needs is to be loved. many wives are disap­ pointed. will not alone make you desirable to him. all people. Unfor­ tunately.”— 1 Pet.” (Eph.” This desire and need for love is par­ ticularly strong in women. The love of their mates soon cools off. What particularly endears a wife to her husband is her willing subjection. as Sarah used to obey Abraham. cooper­ ating with him and supporting his deci­ sions. while perhaps a factor in attracting your husband. Can wives actually put on this priceless. Observed one perceptive physician sifter forty years of medical practice: “Whether they think they do or not. subjecting themselves to their own husbands. 6. And notice where God’s Word says a wife should place emphasis relative to her ap­ pearance: “Do not let your adornment be that of the external braiding of the hair and of the putting on of gold ornaments or the wearing of outer garments.

She has rewarded him with good. Of such a capa­ ble wife. she took corrective measures.” she said. to be the man of the house. and relations in the family soon improved. ‘Ask Daddy. in managing a household and in keeping a clean home— these are things greatly ap­ preciated by a husband. place. . and that by your husband. This cooperative. su­ perstitious worship.” (Prov. his mistakes and his fears. too. a discreet wife will tactfully help him see that it is his place. 2:18) How be­ loved and precious is the wife that fulfills her role by working along with her hus­ band. who subjected her­ self to her husband Abraham. considerate. Wisely. “Finally. bejeweled clothing that a wife might wear. The children came to me for all de­ cisions and permissions—it was just sec­ ond nature to them. all the days of her life. 31:10-31) Skill in cooking. she supported Abraham in what­ ever he did. generous. She should not push ahead and han­ dle family matters without his approval. I was really glad. He will love you for the understanding and interest you show. or independent of his direction. and they are cer­ tain to endear you to him. for feel­ ings of love can turn to resentment if a wife assumes too much and operates in­ dependently of her husband. helping him to accomplish what he has to do! Today a wife generally is not directly in­ volved in her husband’s secular work. In her the heart of her owner has put trust. her hus­ band began to feel more and more left out. wife observed: “ I used to congratulate myself for the smooth way things were going. You can supply him invaluable emotional support by being a willing lis­ tener to his triumphs. and there is no gain lacking. forgiving. Such genuine expressions of love for other persons will usually be returned.36 3TieWATCHTOWER.” the surprised wife explained. I was so accustomed to it that I wouldn’t think to say.” she concluded.” (Gen. as a complement of him. he exploded. directing the children on more im­ portant issues to look to their father as head of the house. “ I made an abrupt effort to change. sympathetic understanding of the problems. and I was shocked to find out how bitterly he re­ sented it. it means living a Bible-based faith— being kind.Y . What will also make you a wife your husband loves is capableness in handling the many tasks necessary for the smooth operation of a household. After creating man and giving him an assignment of work. helpful spirit is more beautiful in a husband’s eyes than any costly. Should a husband tend to shirk his manly responsi­ bilities. A wife who desires her husband’s love will especially keep in mind the impor­ tance of God in her life: “ The woman that fears Jehovah is the one that procures praise for herself. his disappointments. trials and tensions your husband experiences in today’s highly competitive world can be of tremendous aid to him. For you to be truly loved by your husband you must imitate godly Sarah. N . This underscores the fact that a wife’s role is properly that of helper to her hus­ band.” (Prov. A young B r o o k l y n .’ ” What was the result? Why. 31:30) This fear of God does not involve fanatical. God said: “I am going to make a helper for him. and not hers. the Bible says: “ Her value is far more than that of corals. Nevertheless. Women were designed by God for this role as assistants and supporters of their husbands. “Underneath. nor will it allow your ministering to others to prevent the per­ formance of family obligations. and helping others to know and serve Jehovah God. and not bad. But there is a need for caution. Rather.

the heavens.”— Rom. Note how the Bible closely links their ‘God is dead’ philosophy with the immorality and wickedness then practiced: “The error of the house of Is­ rael and Judah is very. similar views and atti­ tudes were popular among people of that immoral and wicked city. a professor of religion at a Methodist s c h o o l in th e U n it e d States. they are by no means original.500 years ago. 1:20-32. and of the work of his hands the ex­ panse is telling.” for example. saying: “ For [God’s] invisible qualities are clearly seen from the world’s creation onward. with their billions of glistening. because they are per­ ceived by the things made.ROMINENT theo­ logians and cler­ gymen of today assert: ‘God is dead. he does not see.” Although such ‘God is dead’ views are considered revolutionary.’ — ” Ezek. “ then he died. jewellike stars. at the same time.’ Some be­ lieve that he has actually died. one of the greatest scientists to live.” declared Thomas J. Yet. The Christian apostle Paul was. many were saying prac­ tically the same thing. Sir Isaac Newton. “The heavens are declaring the glory of God. while Rome was still at the zenith of power.”— Ps. very great. so that they are inexcusable. saying: “This most elegant system of suns. planets and comets could only arise from the purpose and sovereignty of an en­ lightened and mighty being. Yes. Years later. 19:1. Explained William Hamilton of Colgate Rochester Theological School: “We are not talking about the absence of the experience of God but about the ex­ perience of the absence of God. Altizer. he argued against their ‘God is dead’ philosophy. and one night after another night shows forth knowledge.” Today scores of trained scientists. 9:9. therefore. agreed with the psalmist. resulting in much discussion and debate. 2. “The God of the Bible was once alive. prompted to condemn the detestable sexual immorality and other forms of unrighteousness prac­ ticed by those people. declare that God is alive? Long ago the appreciative Bible psalmist answered. was not in position to interpret properly the evidence of the heavens. One day after another day causes speech to bubble forth. therefore. even his eter­ nal power and Godship. Over 2. he has left the land and is no longer concerned with man and the earth. 37 . DECLARATION OF THE HEAVENS Is the Bible correct? Do “ the things made. But Jeho­ skeptics may argue that the psalm­ and ist David was not a trained scientist and.” Other theologians ap­ parently mean that God is absent. just prior to the fall of the Judean king­ dom to Babylon. J. for they have said. that he no longer exists. ‘ Jehovah hasleft the vah is not seeing. and the land is filled with bloodshed and the city is full of crookedness. And.

Night after pieces by them—this One died. heavenly bodies still sustaining and en­ he created the heavens. N . Our first body of evidence is found in cosmology. when laws are orderliness which suggests an arranger or in effect and being enforced. would men put their faith O L ord. season after season.Y . is a result of their existence prove? Why. according to cles through a city’s streets. for example. traffic laws that the artificial satellites can be predicted in control and direct the movement of vehi­ advance. 1:17) The psalmist Mo­ sky?” Another scientist. If they were sub­ God. scien­ The law and order that continue to gov­ tific thought can be found . then. is the One who established rists would claim that this proves only the laws that control the movement of that the “ God of the Bible was once alive” . . declared: “Art not thou from of old. saying: as well as unscriptural. equipped with far greater knowledge of declare merely that God once lived. .38 SfieWAT CHTOWER B r o o k l y n . Consider. Mo. also marvel at the orderliness conclusion based on sound reasoning? and precision with which the starry bod­ HEAVENS DECLARE GOD STILL LIVES ies move.” They would argue that the heavens time scientists shoot off a rocket into . in ern the movement of the heavenly bodies the existence of a universe which is gov­ testify that God still exists. under inspiration of turies in advance. . reasoned soundly formed the earth and the world. or ever thou hadst Professional Biologists. . everlasting to everlasting. What does common human experience.” (1 Tim. AS) It is simply unreasonable. year after year. my holy God? Thou diest not!” A T . Ro) in them to guide them across the seven (Hab. They say that the One who pant. the path of planets and.” laws! Yet some prominent ‘God is dead’ theo­ Well. “ the King of seas or through the unmarked paths of the eternity.” (Ps. . that there is an orderly mind. They return so regularly in their orbits that eclipses may be predicted cen­ prophet of old who. 1:12. that he now erned by precise forces of Nature and an lives. Marlin Books Kreider. cannot die! He is immortal. even from regarding the testimony of the heavens. ses exclaimed: “Before the mountains a member of the American Society of were brought forth. Chaos rather than order a civil authority in existence that estab­ emerges unless a designing or controlling lished and is sustaining or enforcing these force is functioning. to believe that the “Evidences of the existence of God God who created this marvelous universe equally as strong as those often accepted died sometime in recent history! as proof in many fields of rational. a sovereign organizer. Is this the heavens. Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Stud­ created the billions of galactic systems ies. thou art God. This is so because. . but “ then he forcing these laws? He definitely is! Every died. . Cecil Boyce Hamann. 90:2. more recently. reasonable that someone so powerful could century after century the worlds of outer die? What do you think? space have followed their courses through Undoubtedly you will agree with the the sky. This precision is so great that or government must still be operating. we nized them so that they orbit in such splitsurely must exclaim with wonder at the second precision that man sets his time­ orderly sweep of the stars. . ject to no laws. an out­ Think about the significance of this for standing scientist and a research partici­ a moment. Such order. commented: with their innumerable stars and orga­ “ Lifting our eyes to the heavens. Is it night. N W .

However. never because the laws governing the universe failed to function consistent­ ly. the rain. God’s provision of the sunshine. . and even “life and breath and all things. Science News L etter of April 6. . “It is here that the ‘deities’ perform their miracle. it is always due to some human failure. The heavens most certainly declare: ‘God is alive’ ! DECLARATION OF EARTHLY THINGS But what about things upon the earth? Do they also declare that God is alive? Do they indicate that he is concerned with humankind and is interested in their welfare? Yes. we cannot assimilate it from the air into our bodies. giving you rains from heaven and fruitful seasons. unlike oxygen. It is a gas that comprises about 78 percent of the air we breathe. filling your hearts to the full with food and good cheer. indeed! The Christian apostle Paul was moved to exclaim: “ God. 1957. a simple sugar. the most learned human scien­ tists are amazed at it. What a marvelous cycle in which both plants and animals cooperate! —Acts 17:28. Nitrogen is one of the substances nec­ essary for life in plants and animals. Marvelous laws beyond human 39 perception and comprehension control the process. and thus miraculously pro­ duce food. Consider the marvelous way that He feeds and sustains life on earth. All our food comes as a result of His wonderful food-making process that man calls photo­ synthesis. Although it appears so basic. the substance that gives plants their green color. did not leave himself without witness in that he did good.” (Acts 14: 15-17) Also. the carbon dioxide dissolves in the water lying be­ tween the cell walls of the plant.”— Matt. Once inside. And when a rocket goes off course. in the nitrogen cycle. 5:45. the nitrogen cycle. For example. . the delicious foods to eat. Under the influence of these two.Jan u a r y 15. give off carbon dioxide. Many other wondrous processes for the sustenance of life have been provided by God for mankind’s benefit.” How incredible! In what a simple. who made the heaven and the earth and the sea and all the things in them . 1967 SEeWATCHTOWER. (Acts 17:25) Daily he is furnishing things for the sustenance and good cheer of humankind. All the numerous fats. so simple. in turn. The solu­ tion now readily passes through the cell walls to small bodies within the cells which contain chlorophyll. Green plants com­ bine energy from light with water and carbon dioxide. space they are counting on the fact that these laws will be sustained and perform according to the exact specifications of their Maker. proteins and carbohydrates used by plants and animals must be created later from this sugar. the carbon dioxide and water now combine to create the basis of all food. Man and beast take in this oxygen— they require it to ‘live and move and exist’— and. he is not without witness that he is a living God.” testifies that he is alive. Jesus Christ said that God “ makes his sun rise upon wicked people and good and makes it rain upon righteous people and unrighteous. and chloro­ phyll acts as the ‘switchboard’ that con­ trols the reaction. a key material used in plants for food-making. and yet wonderful and efficient way God pro­ vides! Consider also that in this miracu­ lous food-making process oxygen is manu­ factured in the plants and released to the atmosphere. but. He is not ab­ sent from the earth or man. describes the steps involved in this way: “ Carbon dioxide in the air enters a leaf or other green part of a plant through minute openings. Sunlight provides energy for the great chemical change.

he is not seeing. New laws are being discovered land. all the evidence. found skeptics and them. but one plausible answer. . that he is “ from everlasting to ever­ lasting.”— Matt. there ignore the evidence in the Scriptures and must logically be someone enforcing and the power and majesty of God so apparent supporting them. Yet. There is no very nature of them.”—Ps. and that tuously criticize. A prom­ GOD LIVES! To what does this amazing order and inent one is that such persons do not wish harmony that we see all around us testify? to be accountable to God’s laws. S ervants of God Fu ll T im e. pride. common-sense fit. thunderstorms.Y . the Bible statements that God lives. in their than the universe in which they operate. in his material creations. but would time and in His own way. 14:1. As plants and animal matter decay they release nitrogen to the atmosphere. the fact remains. that he is “King of eternity. producing processes? For these laws and Yet. We then get the necessary nitrogen by eat­ ing the plants. They want Merlin Grant Smith. “All Nature func­ of times past. they presump­ mind. Shall we accept the theory (Ezek. in His own that God did initiate these laws. N . AS. the fool hath said in his heart. These laws are of higher origin Another factor is that skeptics. 22:29. which I again call God. Hab. make that completely God. right along. By their lack of claim that he is now either out of exis­ faith and Bible knowledge. no matter how many people may processes to continue to function. to my ordinary. or by eating animals that have eaten them.” that he does not die. how could this be? If he is dead. Ps. 1:17. thereby completing the cycle. W H Y THEIR SKEPTICISM? What. The heavens and earth do in­ is dead. “The titude of them. instead.” willing patiently to learn how and when Many ‘God is dead’ theorists may agree God will remedy man’s ills. they tions a c c o r d in g to say.40 SheWATCHTOWER. ‘God has left the fixed laws. find fault with God. inde­ pendent course with­ matician and univer­ out the restrictions sity professor. they reveal tence or completely uninterested in man­ themselves to be counterparts of the reli­ kind. 90: 2. then. supports deed declare: ‘ God isalive/ . . gious leaders to whom Jesus Christ said: then what force or power is sustaining the “You know neither the Scriptures nor the intricate laws and incomprehensible food. Like the wick­ H ow God Speaks to Us Today. the harmony of them. usually want God to act as they see There is.’ yes.power of God. 1:12. a prominent mathe­ to be free to pursue their selfish. observed: ed immoral peoples Men W ho Really Are Head of the House. he is dead. AS . introduce nitrogen into the soil in the form of nitrates that can be absorbed by plants. is the reason for the foolish claim that God is dead? No doubt there are a number of factors involved. 9:9) But in taking this position that they are of material origin? The mul­ they show themselves to be fools. Although it is popular to assert that God HE LIVES. as well as certain bacteria.”— ! Tim. B r o o k l y n . and is that these laws demand belief in a Law­ even attack his existence. impossible. point­ COMING IN THE NEXT ISSUE th a t G o d ’ s la w s ed to the marvels of F ru itfu l C hristians M anifest Godly cr e a tio n that con ­ w o u ld p l a c e u p o n Contentm ent. And when he does not. They are not giver. .

”— Matt. Also. people.” W and In accord with what prophetic rule has this occurred ? 2. He said: “Why. He was a rich man. So let us turn back the pages Ten Commandments as given to the nation of history. it was in full accord with the up to him.” Jesus meant Jehovah God. was received every that the first-class reli­ on his way to that festi­ man a penny. What has taken place finds its pattern where. What his problem? This. Jesus Christ. Though this was against the general called Perea.E. and how does our examining this pattern help us to understand how the rule was applied In our day? 3. Who since 1919 have gratefully used the “ penny. but at —Matt. of Israel through the prophet Moses. if we ex­ you ask me about what is good? One there amine how the rule worked out the first is that is good. that fulfillment swering.HO are the ones 3 The Jewish that have made of the year 33 C.” gious leaders of Chris­ val at Jerusalem. (a) What was the problem of the rich young ruler who ran up to Jesus over in Perea? (b) What did Jesus say about goodness. A young man came running expectation. was "And when they came grateful use of this valu­ approaching. Jesus showed that God is really was an illustration of what was to take the embodiment of goodness. time that it was applied. Jesus proceeded plication of this rule during our day of to say: “If. and what commandments did he tell the young man to keep? 41 . what good must I do about the reversal of the positions of the in order to get everlasting life?” In an­ first and the last. observe the commandments contin­ enabled thus to see who are the ones ually. The great that were hired about able “penny” ? They are Preacher of the kingdom the eleventh hour. of generosi­ place in our times as a double fulfillment ty. though. it helps us to 4 After reminding the rich young ruler understand what has occurred in the ap­ of who the Good One is.” The rich young ruler asked Jesus: whose positions were reversed. Naturally. We are life. and also a rule prophetically laid down long ago: “In ruler among the Jews. You must not murder. He said to the young ruler: “Why do of this prophetic rule. AV. 4. Dy. 20:16. You 1. tendom would expect! the time he was on the Reliable records since east side of the Jordan the year 1919 indicate R i v e r in t h e r e g i o n this. as his words to Jesus occurred back there fulfilled this rule disclosed: “Teacher. As such. they the “last ones” on earth of God. in accord “Which ones?” Jesus now referred to the with the rule. What was nineteen hundred years in the past. you want to enter into strange happenings and surprises. 20:9. especially as he was such a consci­ 2 What has taken place in our time real­entious keeper of the Law of God’s cove­ ly finds its pattern in what took place nant with the nation of Israel. and among the first or foremost ones of his the first ones last. he was this way the last ones will be first.

what question did the disciples ask. much was to be ex­ pected in regard to him. But Jesus said to his disciples: ‘Truly I say to you that it will be a difficult thing for a rich man to get into the kingdom of the heavens. what did Jesus say about rich men? 7. but also because he is the Good One. saying: ‘Who really can be saved?’ Look­ ing them in the face. You must not steal. Mark 10:17-31. and then what rule did he announce? 9. one of the first peo­ ple among the Jews. generous.’ ” 7Well. one of the first people of the land. what yet am I lacking?” Jesus suggested to him that all his good efforts at Law keeping had not brought him human perfection. such as Simon Peter the former fisherman? No wonder that there was surprise! “ When the disciples heard that. who else could. what actually will there be for us?’ Jesus said to them: ‘Truly I say to you.’ ” —Matt. loving. for he was holding many possessions. The rich young ruler was among the first people among the Jews. At this. by answering: “If you want to be perfect. but Simon Peter and the others of the twelve apos­ tles had done so. And everyone that has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or lands for the sake of my name will receive many times more and will inherit everlasting life. At the young man’s reaction to this. such a prom­ ising young man. As regards those who had left all to follow Jesus. “ Then Peter said to him in reply: ‘Look! We have left all things and followed you. In the re-creation.42 SfieWATCHTOWER. Honor your father and your mother. when the Son of man sits down upon his glorious throne.’ ” This was so. 10But in his observing of the Law he was trying to justify himself. he was such a faith­ ful observer of the commandments of God as contained in the Law covenant into which the nation of Israel had entered with God. and they had already had some experiences with Jesus. how could the young man be­ come perfect? 6. and come be my follower. You must love your neighbor as yourself. he would alter his situation and become a materially poor follower of the generally despised Jesus. and what did Jesus reply about the possibility of getting into God’s kingdom? 8. and. what did he say that they would have. (a) How did that rule apply to the rich young ruler? (b) How would that rule apply with regard to Jesus’ disciples? . Luke 18:18-30. Instead of continuing to be a highly respected rich man. if a law-observing person like this rich young ruler. now. especially common. Again I say to you. not only because God is almighty. to work out merit for himself as a righteous Jew. B r o o k l y n . He was. 9 There you have the prophetic rule ap­ plied from this standpoint. N. they expressed very great surprise. you who have followed me will also yourselves sit upon twelve thrones.Y. Moreover. You must not bear false witness.” Thus he would distribute the money to the poor who could not repay him and then come and be a disciple of Jesus. 8The rich young ruler had refused to leave all material things behind and follow Jesus as one of his disciples. ordinary persons like the twelve apostles of Jesus. 6That was too high a cost for gaining the perfection of which Jesus spoke. he went away grieved. But many that are first will be last and the last first. must not commit adultery. but with God all things are possible. Jesus said to them: ‘With men this is impossible. could not get into the kingdom of God. 19:16-30. But what would be the final outcome? Simon Peter was anxious to know. judging the twelve tribes of Is­ rael. go sell your be­ longings and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven. He 5. therefore. It is easier for a camel to get through a needle’s eye than for a rich man to get into the kingdom of God. 10.” 5 The rich young ruler replied: “I have kept all these. As stated by Jesus. “When the young man heard this saying.

How. Jesus doubtless had in mind the words of Isaiah 5:1-4. the ' amha-arets. and the first last. Why did that parable come to mean something to the dis­ ciples ? 13.” He said: the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that is an householder. would gain a foremost position. it would have meant nothing to them. he sent them into his vine­ yard. and they would not have had the rule actually work out in their own per­ sonal case. because at once he went on to illustrate this pro­ phetic rule with a parable. which was then in a national contract with Jehovah itGod through the covenant of the Law that the prophet Moses had mediated at Mount Sinai in the year 1513 B. then. The vine­ yard is the nation of Israel. namely. (a) Who was the “house­ holder” of the parable.E. who belonged to the people of the land. Yet the disciples of Jesus Christ.Jan u ar y 15. judging the twelve tribes of Israel. Otherwise. that the parable is meant to illustrate the prophet­ ic rule is further proved 11.”— Matt. and to build a tower in the m iddle of it.” (Matt. to my beloved one a song of my loved one con­ cerning his vineyard. Under such circum­ stances it was easier for a camel to get through the eye of a sewing needle than for him to get into God’s kingdom and sit on a throne with Jesus Christ. in the present pe­ riod of time they would get a hundred­ fold more than what they had left behind. That would be in the coming system of things. And there was also a wine press that he hewed out 12. Luke 18:29. which went out early in the morning to hire la­ bourers into his vine­ yard. 12 Since the parable of the vineyard was called forth by the circumstances and ex­ periences of Jesus Christ at the time. 7. 19:30 to A V . And he proceeded to dig it up and to rid it of stones and to plant it with a choice red vine. He tied in this parable with the stated rule by beginning the immediately following parable with the conjunction “for.D y) The fact 20:2. 30) What a rever­ sal of matters this was! 11 Now. 30. What did Jesus tie in with the stated rule. There was a vine­ yard that my beloved one came to have on a f r u it fu l hillside. is that the way Jesus meant when he said: “Many that are first will be last and the last first” ? Yes. where Jehovah God says: “Let me sing. In reverse of this. Besides that. 14. as the superior Jewish Phar­ isees called them. and what was the vineyard? (b) As to the identity of the vineyard. the Owner of the great symbolic vineyard. of course. did it work out ac­ cording to Jesus’ parable? THE “VINEYARD” 13 The “householder” of the parable of the vineyard is Jehovah God. (Mark 10:29. 20:16. a throne in God’s king­ dom. AV. 11When speaking of this symbolic vine­ yard. Peter and his fellow disciples were the last ones that a self-righteous Jew would think of as gaining a throne in God’s kingdom. please. what prophecy of Isaiah may Jesus have had in mind? . And when he had agreed with the labour­ ers for a penny [the R o­ man penny] a day. 1967 was also materialistic. it is evident that the parable had a fulfill­ ment in the days of the twelve apostles to whom Jesus stated and illustrated the rule.C. and why finally did he repeat the rule? 43 S&eWATCHTOWER by Jesus’ finishing the parable and then adding the words: “ So the last shall be first. along with persecutions.

” 15 Jesus may also have had in mind and will indeed keep my covenant. (a) What relationship did Jesus have with the Law covenant. And now. forth its boughs as far as the sea. one who had not the land. And he kept hoping for it to pro­ vineyard to work there by bringing them duce grapes. You made Jews would not only gain everlasting life a clearing before it. that you Thus. in which the psalmist you will certainly become my special prop­ Asaph addresses himself to Jehovah God. he was their God-given land. to a vine cultivator.B r o o k l y n .” (Ex. saying was paid as a wage for the work of a day to his apostles: “ I am the true vine. And you your­ slavery in Egypt. erty out of all other peoples. then Psalm 80:8-11. the Son of God from heaven. What is there yet to do for my or reward for serving as the fruitful vine­ vineyard that I have not already done in yard of the Most High God? Jehovah God it? . 19:5. in the ful­ my Father is the cultivator. . pence and two farthings he deserved to be a king and priest in an in British money in the earthly way. and of twelve hours. and to was born into the Jewish nation and under the River [Euphrates] its twigs. 5) How15. of God with its boughs. but he was (literally) denarius began marked by that Law as a perfect man. by birth. He was the only Jew sus’ day the Jews were still occupying that kept it perfectly. What was to be the pay vineyard. Every branch fillment of Jesus’ illustration the “penny” in me not bearing fruit he takes away. In Jesus’ day this for Jesus to compare his heavenly Father. So the Roman “penny” or nant as all other Jews were. Because. The mountains were “kingdom of priests” for God’s use in covered with its shadow. .Y . amount of money had such a value that it Jehovah God. it was quite appropriate American money. For the vineyard of Jehovah of ar­ mentioned this at the time that he pro­ mies is the house of Israel. . to circulate throughout absolutely free from sin. because the who delivered the nation of Israel from whole earth belongs to me. and what value did it then have? 16. It gradually sent 17 Jesus. and says: “You pro­ selves will become to me a kingdom of ceeded to make a vine depart from Egypt. and the cedars blessing all the rest of mankind. for God said: “ Now if you will strictly obey my voice was fond. by keeping the Law covenant the might plant it [in Palestine]. you are the branches. and the men posed this Law covenant to the forefathers of Judah are the plantation of which he of the Jews of Jesus’ day. N . I am the vine. and every one bearing fruit he cleans. Therefore.” (John 15:1. this denarius forfeited the right to everlasting life. that 16 Jehovah God brought laborers into his it may bear more fruit. (a) Where did Jehovah plant the vine that he took 44 out of Egypt? (b) How did the Roman “penny” (denarius) come to circulate there. SfceWATCHTOWER in it. but subject to the not condemned by the Law of that cove­ Roman Empire. pictures a value of no little worth. and how was he marked by it? (b) Why was it fitting for Jesus to speak of his heavenly Father as a Vine Cultivator? . What was to be the reward for their serving as the fruitful vineyard of Jehovah God? 17. . 6) You kept driving out the nations. . that it might take as human creatures but also become a root and fill the land. 2. please judge between me and my ones their duties.” In Je­ the Law covenant. priests and a holy nation. O you in­ into the Law covenant as mediated by the habitants of Jerusalem and you men of prophet Moses and assigning to various Judah. Consequently. he be­ days of King James I of longed to the Jewish “ vineyard” planted A Denarius E n g la n d o r 17 c e n ts by Jehovah God. For e q u a l i n g a b o u t e ig h t his keeping that Law covenant perfectly.

That ficial scribes. and those of the Householder: 22 “ Going out also about the third hour. (a) Did those hired first into the “vineyard” live in Moses’ day or in whose days? (b) Who spe­ cifically were those hired first. who had serve in Jehovah’s vineyard of the nation been fishers up till the spring of the year of Israel. and the greetings in the market land of Palestine. Since Jesus’ parable of places and to be called Rabbi by men.E. and what words of Jesus show they considered themselves to be such “first” ones? 21. Because of being occupied continually in the Jewish he saw others standing unemployed in the religious service in Israel. 1967 SfteWATCHTOWER. unlike the apostles Peter. then. versed in the Law of Moses. Andrew. sequently. 19T h eir being twelvehours-a-day laborers would mean that they were full­ work. 2° “ The scribes and the Pharisees have 18 The Jews of Jesus’ day were brought seated themselves in the seat of Moses. (a) Who. that he might be glorified. and the un­ ers. into the Law covenant by descent from They like the most pi’ominent place at eve­ their forefathers. days of Jesus’ twelve apostles.C. ‘You also. the of­ the full reward was not made certain. or in a therefore picture the religious leaders of rank lower than that of the full-time the nation of Israel. such as the high workers. Hence their likelihood of receiving derpriests.* J . James and John. unlike the imperfect Jews under the the ones first hired. would be merely part-time work­ priests Annas and Caiaphas.22. those of the sects of the is why Jesus’ parable of the vineyard says Pharisees and the Sadducees. those whom the great H ouseholder h ired “e a rly in the morning” to work for twelve hours in his “vineyard” could not be those Jewish forefathers of the sixteenth century B. whom Jehovah God ning meals and the front seats in the syna­ brought out of Egypt and planted in the gogues. Jesus and his “branches” foremost or first-ranking people of the na­ are a spiritual vine that does not fail to tion. go into the vineyard.Ja n u ar y 15. That they looked upon themselves as bear much fruit to the great Cultivator being such is indicated by Jesus’ words: Jehovah God.. So the laborers who were hired at sunrise or about six o’clock in the morning pictured Jews living in the days of the apostles. also the temple Levites. were the part-time workers? (b) How did Jesus’ parable show that how much pay the part-time workers would receive was uncertain? . and whatever 18-20. 45 ever.E. 6. All others brought into the ser­ 30 C. Con­ .. they would be market place. 23:2.” the vineyard had its first fulfillment in the —Matt. 7. They would also be the Law covenant. and to those he said. and on this ba­ time laborers at the things sis they agreed to of God. Those full-day laborers would vice of Jehovah God after them. it could 21 They expected full pay for a full day’s not apply to those ancient forefathers with whom the Law covenant was "You too go into the viney personally made through Moses.

B r o o k l y n .” In the spring of others standing. 49) They were willing to work in the last vineyard laborers to be employed God’s service.” (John the “vineyard” of Jehovah God. They were 19:13. he sent John the Baptist “to get have you been standing here all day un­ ready for Jehovah a prepared people. and why Those who had put in full time.” (Luke 9: the religious leaders of Israel were con­ 1-6. He instructed them his service. were the last to be gathering of disciples. up till that eleventh hour. telling the people: “The kingdom So. not at the end of the week or end of the month. working had nobody hired them prior to that hour? 46 24. or 25 Jesus received the disciples gathered about five o’clock in the afternoon (an by John the Baptist and also did further hour before sundown). 20:3-7. Jehovah’s Kingdom service while the na­ has he? But this crowd that does not tion of natural circumcised Israel was still know the Law are accursed people. (Lev.” 23 Those hired at the eleventh hour. Who were the eleventh-hour laborers. fore­ man or “ man in charge” with reference THE LAST OR “ ELEVENTH HOUR” LABORERS to God’s “ vineyard. 23The work under the Law covenant in After wasting practically all day. (a) At the close of the day’s work the time came for what.” and for how long did they work in it? 26. who became like a steward.” employed?’ They said to him. 10:1-11) Even women came along cerned. what would the part-time laborers get? .’ The con­ with Jesus and his apostles in their preach­ temptuous attitude of the religious leaders ing work and offered help by “ministering toward those lowly people was betrayed in to them from their belongings. ‘You the great Householder sent his own Son too go into the vineyard. ‘Why 29 C.E. (a) When and how did the great Householder call the eleventh-hour laborers into service? (b) How was God’s Steward used to send laborers into the “ vineyard. 24:15) 23. and through rep­ Again he went out about the sixth and the resentatives whom he sent to Israel he ninth hour and did likewise. N. they had the “vineyard” of natural Israel came to to look for someone to come who saw a close. how they could be used in God’s service Then came pay time for the laborers. They would be the ones the all to go preaching the heavenly kingdom least likely to be called into God’s service.E. according to God's Law? (b) At all events.” common people.” (Luke 8: their saying: “ Not one of the rulers or of 1-3) In this way they spent some time in the Pharisees has put faith in him [Jesus]. SBeWATCHTOWER is just I will give you. it was God’s law under 24 The day of working in the vineyard the old Mosaic covenant that workers of Israel under the terms of the Mosaic Law covenant was nearing its end. By the religious leaders of the na­ work in the Israelite “vineyard. besides the twelve apostles. and they labored in Israel religious leaders they were not told the till Jesus’ death in the year 33 C. Jesus. yard Owner knew that.’ ”— Matt. about called those eleventh-hour laborers into the eleventh hour he went out and found service in his “ vineyard. and he said to them.’ So off they went.” For in­ tion of Israel. of God.Y. as far as of God has come near to you. like the work of a twelve-hour day. whom he set to hired. but because of the blinded by the Owner. Finally.’ He said to them. Deut. right things to do nor put to work at them. Jeho­ should be paid at the close of the day’s vah God the great Householder and Vine. Be­ and who would assign them to some ser­ cause of the immediate daily needs of the vice in God’s religious “ vineyard. those pictured by the stance. 25. Jesus eleventh-hour laborers were considered Christ also sent seventy evangelizers into the last ones whom God would employ in the “ vineyard” work. ‘Because no­ (Luke 1:13-17) About six months later body has hired us. ‘nobody had hired them.

how much. 2:14) True. to close the day’s work? 29. they supposed that they should have received more. y* D to Christ’s torture stake. which have the “first” people of the nation. part-time workers get? Whatever it rested on Passover night of the year 33 would be. 20:8-16. Zech. and died on the torture stake at Cal­ according to what the Householder told vary the following afternoon. and the unusual rule as I am in the world. Then the borne the burden and heat of the day.”— Matt. were sure of receiving a “pen­ ny” according to the agreement made the evening came and brought the work­ with the Householder. A V . Note this fact. as Jesus’ parable goes for parts of three days (Nisan 14-16. EVENING AND PAY TIME in the “vineyard” during the twelve hours 28In the first fulfillment of the parable of daylight. and they likewise re­ 14:27. what did the great Vineyard Owner now have? . And when they came that were shepherd. decrees. and with what reactions by some? 28. which consisted of shall be first.” was blotted out. Jesus had those whom he engaged for work at the prophetically indicated this when. By and go thy way: I will give unto this last. saying. What would the lat­ day to a close when Jesus Christ was ar­ er. And when they did not resume any public work until Pen­ had received it.). beginning from the last unto they were scattered like sheep without a the first. 29 Jesus Christ was put to death at the the goodman of the house. These last have wrought but one hour. Friend. it would be “whatever is just. 27. (a) At Jesus’ death natural Israel ceased to be what.” Jesus’ death on the stake was God’s I do thee no wrong: didst not thou agree means for bringing the Law covenant with me for a penny? Take that thine is. Matt.” (John 9:3-5) When Jesus was dead tion. 33 on to say: “So when even was come. are not found in the Fourth Century Sinaitic and Vatican No. with the nation of Israel to an end. 26) They ceived every man a penny. When they met together. for fear of the hos­ ceived every man a penny. it was taken out of the way by being nailed. Call the labourers. and the first last. the night is 27 Well. six months before his death. and thou instigation of the Jewish religious leaders. as it were. The “ handwritten eye evil. and said. I am the world’s enunciated by Jesus was put into opera­ light. he could not work as a man in God’s lord of the vineyard saith unto his stew­ “vineyard” of Israel. But nation of Israel ceased to be God’s “vine­ he answered one of them.” thereof. means of his death as a ransom sacrifice even as unto thee. (John 16:32. for their hire. for found in Matthew 20:16 of the Authorized Version and the Douay Version. in cancellation * The words “ for many be called. they murmured against tecost came. 9:5. John 20:19. In the parable’s first fulfillment. that sent me while it is day. 13:7.Janu ary 15.” C. As long time of surprises. hast made them equal unto us.E. We must work the works of him very little pay. and give them ther could his eleven faithful apostles. when did the “evening” come. it was hired about the eleventh hour. they re­ behind closed doors. 10) Nei­ ard. Is it not lawful for me the “Law of commandments consisting in to do what I will with mine own? Is thine decrees” was abolished. but few chosen.E. Mark first came. Col. (Eccl. 26:31. because I am good? So the last document against us. the C. 1967 47 SReWATCHTOWER. pay time turned out to be a coming when no man can work. But when the tile Jews. 2:15. he said to the laborers employed for only the twelfth his apostles: “It was in order that the hour of the day could expect to receive works of God might be made manifest in his case. 1209 Bible manu­ scripts and are therefore omitted by modern Bible versions. and why? (b) Despite extended favor to Israel for three and a half years’ time afterward. In what order were the workers in the parable paid. about third hour of the workday. (Eph. yard. Ordinarily.

namely. Jehovah God continued his special favor to natural Israel. It was then B r o o k l y n . The proof of who had been paid first of the workers was made known how. and who came together to witness this? . 2: 32. who were the first ones to be paid. 32 Jewish expecta­ tions. 80 This being so.E. the fir s t ones paid w ere the d e s p i s e d twelve apostles o f Jesus C hrist and the rest o f the congregation of 120 disciples that were meet­ ing quietly together in an upper room. These were also the “last ones” whom the reli­ gious leaders of the nation of Israel would expect to receive a full day’s wage. It was the “last” ones who had been sent into the vineyard of natural Israel. and how had they till then been ranked? 32. 31 Who. Je­ hovah God.” from the great Householder and M aster o f the vineyard. withdrawn from the multitude of Jews and proselytes who were celebrating Pen31. told his steward. Acts 1:4-8. making exclusively them witnesses of his resurrection. 33 C. Then came the festival day of Pentecost. 14:16. God used the glorified Jesus Christ in heaven as his steward or “man in charge. At Pentecost. and who had worked with the “ man in charge. then. even though Jesus did appear exclu­ sively to his disciples for forty days there­ after. 33) In paying the workers their wage. 16:7. 15:26. then. and with it pay time. that the lord or master of the vineyard. (John 15:1-8) Indeed. but the nation ceased to be His “ vineyard.” God now had begun a spiritual “ vineyard.” in which his Son Je­ sus Christ was the Vine and his disciples were the branches. Jehovah God. foreman or “ man in charge.E.” for God used him to pour out the holy spirit upon the workers on the Pentecostal day. 10:4042) But there was no open display of these favored disciples of Jesus. even for ten days after he ascended to heaven. Jesus Christ up in heaven followed the unusual rule that he had declared down here on earth.” to pay the workers. Luke 24:49.Y . (Acts 1:1-8.48 5iieWAT CHTOWER three and a half years after that. were the first ones to be paid at Pentecost? The outpouring of the holy spirit upon those who were there in Jerusalem on that Pentecostal day of the firstfruits of the wheat harvest revealed this.? No. a sym­ bolic “ penny. N . Nisan 16. (John 1:32-34. the twelve-hour workday in God’s vineyard of natural Israel came to a close at Jesus’ death at Calvary. 33 C.” the Steward Jesus Christ. when did pay time come? At Jesus’ resurrection from the dead on the third day. giving them the first opportunities for the Kingdom.17..

therefore. to work in God’s vineyard of natural Israel? These “ first ones.’ ” So the apostle Peter was first to get up and explain that Christ’s disciples. Heb. What. anointed to preach the good news of God’s Messianic kingdom. 2 : 1 . It occurred in conjunction with the outpouring of the holy spirit upon the 120 disciples. Thus they would be fruit-bearing branches in Jeho­ vah’s spiritual vine. namely. God’s new “ vineyard. 31:31-34. filled with spirit. exalted to God’s right hand in the heavens. True. the Lord Jesus Christ. the glori­ fied Jesus Christ. whom. pow­ er and material income in the temple of Jerusalem.” and when and where was it to be used by the receivers? 49 symbolic vine branches. something that meant their livelihood. the proof of who was paid first of the workers in God’s “ vineyard” was made known by a miracle. was the “ penny. 2 9 . 8:6 to 9:15) The sym­ bolic “penny” was. however. 2 9 . It was some­ thing for their use here on earth. the “penny. would they have to accept the “ penny” ? (b) Accepting it thus would cost them what things hitherto enjoyed? . Never­ theless. 35 How about those who were hired first.” as it were. About three thousand of the ob­ servers and hearers did so and became part of the congregation of spiritual Is­ rael. It was the privilege that went with the receiving of the holy spirit. not up in heaven. scribes. 19:21) It would mean their giving up their places of honor. 2 9 ) . 29. Also. (a) Through .”— Acts 2 : 3 7 42. importance. They saw them using the symbolic “penny. and their having a place and position that was rec­ ognized and allowed by the Roman gov­ ernment.1 3 . and how many sought to avail them­ selves of the gift of the spirit? 34. soon heard and ob­ served that Jesus’ disciples had been paid for their late work in God’s vineyard of natural Israel. (Matt. But 35.” through God’s Steward. that the resurrected Je­ sus Christ.” the Jewish high priests. then. Such things had been coming to them as good pay for their services in God’s “vineyard” of Israel down till Pen­ tecost of 33 C. and how was the “ penny” available for them also? 36. particularly since Jehovah God continued to deal with the nation of Israel exclusively for about three and a half years after that.” The full day’s wage was available for them also. the privilege of being a member of spiritual Israel. They were taken into the new covenant. their everlast­ ing life in God’s new order. their sitting in the “seat of Moses. they had agreed with the great Householder. “ different ones laughed at them and began to say: ‘They are full of sweet wine. which Jesus Christ mediated between Je­ hovah God and the congregation of these 33.E. 1 Tim. author­ ized to prophesy in fulfillment of Joel 2: 2 8. 1 9 6 7 ffteWATCHTOWER. tecost at the temple of Jerusalem.” for the gift of the holy spirit in fulfillment of Joel 2:28. Levites. and over three thousand Jews and proselytes came to the place to witness this strange spec­ tacle. What did the ones hired “ early in the morning” hear and see. But to do this would mean their doing what the Lord Jesus Christ had told the rich young ruler to do.” their being called Rabbi. 34 Thus the symbolic “penny” was not the gift of the holy spirit in itself. How did Peter explain what they were beholding taking place. were not drunk but that this was the fulfillment of Joel’s prophecy ( 2 :2 8 . 2:5. if they repented and got baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and became his disciples. “early in the morning. (Jer.Ja n u a r y 1 5 . 36 However. the Owner of the “vineyard. in the synagogues and in the sanhedrins. Then all twelve of the apostles ex­ plained that this promised gift of the holy spirit was available also for the rest of the Jews. 6. 33Well. had received the promised holy spirit and had poured it out upon his disciples on earth in fulfillment of Joel 2: 2 8 . 4 1 . un­ derpriests. such religious leaders had to accept the full day’s pay. lawyers versed in the Mosaic law.— Acts 1 : 5 . namely.

” the nation of Is- . What shows whether all those “first” laborers refused the “penny. not because of ac­ cepting Jesus Christ. “the word of God went on growing. the “last” laborers to be engaged in the “vineyard. to give up all their hitherto religious advantages in Israel and to receive the holy spirit outpoured by Jesus Christ and thus be anointed to do the work of dis­ ciples of Jesus Christ along with his apos­ tles. They lost their jobs there and the Romans came and took away both their place and their nation. they continued using their “ penny” to accom­ plish God’s Kingdom service and to gain their own everlasting life.. that accepted the “penny.Y . Rev. like Joseph Barnabas of Cyprus. 48) Their eye was wicked because Jehovah God was good toward the disciples of Jesus Christ. these religious leaders of Jewry. Their murmuring and objections took the form of persecuting Christ’s disciples. Phil. people of the “last” rank. 38 Of course.” (Acts 4:36. a personal friend of the Jewish high priest. 37 In their pay from God they wanted more than the holy spirit and its miracu­ lous gifts and its associated Kingdom priv­ ileges.” Even Saul of Tarsus. So were they satisfied to receive just the “penny.” even though he had been a Pharisee. 39.’* and how did their attitude express itself toward the “last” laborers? 38. 30.” 39 They kept up this type of religious service until the year 70 C.” Hence these “ first” laborers murmured against the Owner of the “vine­ yard” and were loath to accept just the “ penny. all this would cost them too much. but what did Jesus’ disciples keep using? the ancient nation of Israel nineteen cen­ turies ago has happened in these last days with regard to what is called Christendom. (Acts 9:1-22.”— Matt. kept on work­ ing at their hitherto religious privileges in natural Israel and getting their regular pay for this as allowed by the Law of Mo­ ses. So they wanted more than the sym­ bolic “ penny. How long did they keep at this type of religious service.” just as doubtless the rich young ruler did in contrast with the apostle Pe­ ter. Then their temple in Jerusalem was taken away from them. why must there be a final fulfillment of the parable of the “ penny” ? B r o o k l y n . eleventhhour workers. 3:4-6) But most of these “ first” laborers. including the apostle John. 37) And even after the twelve apostles were im­ prisoned and tried by the Jerusalem San­ hedrin for using the “penny” in God’s ser­ vice. but because of re­ jecting him and refusing the “penny. and the number of the disciples kept multi­ plying in Jerusalem very much.50 SEeWATCHTOWER. and a great crowd of priests began to be obe­ dient to the faith. 37.—Mark 10:29. accepted the “penny.” (John 11:47.E. despite the per­ secution. there were some temple Levites.E. 1:9. the report in Acts 6:7 informs us. refusing the “penny. now.” and at what did some prefer to keep working? OMETHING similar to the experience of the workers in the “vineyard” of 1. As for these disciples. 20:10-12. The ancient “ vineyard. Because of what happened on the day of Pentecost in 33 C. N .

(a) When did use of the “penny” begin to fall off? (b) What has Christendom claimed to be. She has like­ day of Pentecost. By their claims. cated. the prophecy of Joel 2:28. 26:26-28. In the first half of the fourth cen­ God’s kingdom without being schooled in tury C. when the symbolic “pen­ wise claimed to be the spiritual “vineyard” ny” was paid. be in the new covenant with God by 32. 1967 51 fiieWATCHTOWER. This would ligious clergy. (Matt. which the apostle Peter quoted on the the Mediator Jesus Christ. the religious organization of their seminaries and ordained by them Christendom was established. for a diator. baptized Christians are branches in 3This Christendom has a clergy and a the Vine Jesus Christ and are to bear fruit laity and is split up into religious sects.E. 4 By their religious claims the clergy nant that was abolished at the time of Jesus’ death. Jehovah God rejected his typical gymen their profession. of their lives. was typi­ just like the religious organization of Is­ cal. a full-time job. 18.” not under the old Law cove­ from active work. rael in the Mosaic Law covenant. Losing over by religious leaders or clergymen. Heb. so “vineyard” of natural. 11. 1 Tim. where have Christendom’s clergy put themselves in being hired into God’s vineyard. 10: the spiritual Israel of God and therefore 1) Moreover. full day. baptized Chris­ ny” paid out at Pentecost began to dis­ tians who have taken up the preaching of appear. was not completely fulfilled of God. Persons taking up part-time ser­ 1 Tim. with ment to their pulpits have been despised many religious denominations presided by these first-ranking clergymen. selves as remaining clergymen for the rest and his true followers are the branches. and in what service have its clergy considered itself to be. even after being retired (John 15:1-8) He now has a spiritual “Is­ rael of God. And cultivating a spiritual “ vineyard” of which once ordained. with her many religious sectarian back there nineteen hundred years ago. they have considered them­ Jesus Christ is the Vine. claims to be work­ final fulfillment of Jesus’ parable of the ing in the “vineyard” of the Most High “penny” in these “last days” of this sys­ God. 20. Orthodox and Protestant. (Acts 2:17. By their respective religious denomi­ tem of things. but under the new covenant have been “ first” to be hired for work in of which Jesus Christ is the heavenly Me­ God’s “vineyard” of spiritual Israel. made up of her ordained mean that there would be a further and priests and preachers. sight of the fact that all individual dedi­ Catholic. and why so? 4. It has since with a title and degree and an assign­ grown to worldwide proportions. 6) After the death of all the vice in religious circles have been con­ apostles of Christ by the end of the first sidered inferior to them and deserving of century C. tically to their clergy posts over the reli­ gious flocks of the laity. Any dedicated. 10:1-6. Col.Jan u a r y 15. 17. They have made 2As foretold in the prophecy of Isaiah their positions and responsibilities of cler­ 5:1-7. 2:5. those or2. Thus Christendom’s re­ fulfillment of Joel 2:28-32. the use of the symbolic “pen­ less pay. churches serving as “ branches” in the Hence there must be a larger and final Vine Jesus Christ.. many of its experiences were pro­ rael in the days of Jesus Christ and his phetic “shadows” of things to come. the central stock. 3. as spiritual “priests” of God. Christendom has claimed to be (1 Cor.E. Luke 22:19. 3: nations they have been ordained formalis1-5) There are facts to prove this. He has since been be in the full-time service of God. baptized Christians not of clergy rank? . and where have they put dedicated. 2:16. circumcised Israel that they have considered themselves to nineteen centuries ago.

Greek. these dedicated Christian Bible students appeared to be the “last ones” whom the great Householder. in various places. Polish. NOT THE “PENNY” 6Because of their late. goes on to comment on the “Penny” of Matthew 20:2-17.” for work in the spiritual “ vine­ yard” of Jehovah God was ending. Christendom’s clergymen despised these Bible students as preachers and expound­ ers of God’s Word. Especially was this so in view of the fact that the Gentile Times ended in the year 1914. at first a small group. this Bible-study aid The Finished M ystery along with ac­ companying service privileges was thought to be the symbolic “penny. Swedish. in whole or in part. under the heading “Wanted 1. unschooled “laymen.” this book being the seventh and last one of a series of seven volumes of Studies in the Scrip­ tures. Why did these Christians appear to be the “last ones’* hired.’ ’ Then The Watch Tower.” 5 Among those thus viewed by the or­ dained clergy of Christendom was a dedi­ cated Christian group that has kept itself separate from Christendom and yet has become very prominent in this twentieth century. unorthodox ap­ pearance on the world stage of religious affairs. Among those thus viewed was what Christian group recently organized. 7 So in July of the midwar year of 1917 the Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society published (only in English)* the book en­ titled “The Finished Mystery. It is being translated into four other foreign languages. to work in God’s spiritual “vineyard. reference having been made to this parable and the “eleventh hour” away back in the issue of Zion’s Watch Tower as of April of 1881. and both are to be off the press this month.” which called for work­ ers. In 1884 they established what is now the Watch Tower Bible & Tract So­ ciety of Pennsylvania as their publishing and administrative agency. and what did they themselves think about the “ eleventh hour’’ ? B r o o k l y n . French. Jehovah God. The Watch Tower said: “ We are pleased to announce that the translation of the Seventh Volume into Swedish and French has already been accomplished. 1917. They came to be known as International Bible Students. hired for work in his spiritual “vine­ yard” of the real. They have consid­ ered these to be the “last” ones to have any valid assignment in God’s service. page 373. It is being translated and published by install­ ments in the German. and doubtless will be translated into many more soon. announcement will be made in these col­ umns. Also.000 Preachers. Fin­ nish. in which year World War I broke out. 7. during the frenzy of World War I. Polish and Greek Watch Towers. in Europe. By the year 1924 The Finished Mystery was advertised as being published in English. In * In its issue of December 15.” coming as a reward to the faithful “ vineyard” laborers before they departed from this earth. and what did the clergy succeed in having done to them during World War I? 6. true organized Chris5.” The pulpits of Christendom were generally barred to such dedicated ministers of God. Because the heavenly glorification of the faithful remnant of the Christian church was believed near.Y. on page 7. and what relationship was it said to bear to the symbolic “ penny” ? . This continued on until finally. in the following paragraph. who were viewed as being mere untrained. and in view of the worsening conditions of mankind during World War I. (Luke 21:24) In harmony with their understanding of prophecy regard­ ing the end of this system of things. As soon as we can fill orders in these or other languages. They had long been interested in Jesus’ parable of the vineyard and the penny. their religious literature was banned.52 SlkWATCHTOWER dained clergymen of Christendom have looked down on them. In the last half of the nineteenth century they got organized. they succeeded in having the president and secretary-treasurer of the Watch Tower Society and a number of their editorial as­ sociates imprisoned in a Federal prison of the United States of America. What book did the Society publish in July of 1917. it seemed to these Christian international Bible stu­ dents that the last hour. and opposed and hin­ dered their zealous preaching of God’s kingdom. tianity. German. N. Dano-Norwegian. “ the eleventh hour.

to wit.” * Students in Federal prison in Atlanta. Ill.’ In Psalm 149:5-9 we read. expecting the last coming into the truth would be classed equally with the first in receiving it.” Also. the Seventh Volume (Ezek. 53 fact. let the high praises of God be in their mouths and a two-edged sword in their hand. We are asking the classes everywhere to revive that organization and put it in proper form. In to execute vengeance upon the heathen and punish­ the spring of 1919 the imprisoned repre­ ment upon the people. would be used by the saints on this side the veil. in paragraphs two and three. under date of September 15. instead of up in heav­ enly glory. Penny” read: “ Explaining the parable of the Penny (Matthew 20:1-16). said. * The two paragraphs under the heading “ The Georgia. referred to the work with the Seventh Volume that had been carried on to a limited extent on account of world war conditions and. that the Penny is students was badly crippled by govern­ ‘Kingdom honors. The parable shows that some would murmur and complain.000 Bible creation. clergy opposition. 1917. In harmony with this parable we see some murmuring and rejecting Volume Seven.’ Commenting upon this Psalm. All have looked for it. 1967 SEeWATCHTOWER. Such are not engaged now in the harvest. 15). carried C a n a d a .’ ‘the down here on earth. to bind their kings with chains and their nobles with fetters of iron. It is a great and wonderful honor to have part in wielding the sword now (the message of truth) that is binding the kings. Brother Russell set forth in Scrip­ 9Thus the work of these Christian Bible ture Studies. what occurred in connection with The Finished Mystery. travailing students was built up and w aiting f o r the fo r distributing The manifestation of the Finished Mystery sons of God. in from house to house. rulers. 21:14. when that meaning of the this book there was printed an enlarge­ “penny” was given to The Finished Mys­ ment of a coin like a penny. nobles and systems of this world. to put the associated “ hon­ the leading ones of the or” as the symbolic From “The Finished Mystery” In tern a tion a l Bible “ penny. Vol. issue 1918 this b o o k was banned both in the of TheWatch Tower. persecution and wartime disruptions. t h i s a heading that said book was used by the “ The Penny” and it United States govern­ spoke of the book The ment. Y e s. religious upon their beds.” t On page 281 The Watch Tower. Hence they are not satisfied with the penny—the honor that the Lord has offered them of having part in this wonderful closing work of the harvest. to execute upon sentatives of the Watch Tower Society them the judgment written. the Publishers’ page. this honor have all the saints. The inscrip­ tery. thus receives ‘Kingdom Honors’—The Penny. in part: “Every reader of The Watch Tower has wanted to pass on the message of glad tidings.Ja n u a r y 15.” 8. on page 2. After World War I. Seven thousand of the friends were engaged in that special work. the Seventh Volume. “ For many years we have been promised the Seventh Volume. the But by the spring of October 1. that the sword. United States and in on page 293. and finally what became apparent about it in connection with the “ penny” ? . let them sing aloud ment action. but are more particularly engaged in murmuring. An orga­ household of faith’ and of the groaning nization of 7.t that same year. (a) However. of 8However. Brother Russell were permanently released from Federal stated that the ‘honor’ here referred to would be conferred upon the saints on this side of the veil. ‘Let the saints be joyful in glory. page 223. 1919. then at war Finished M ystery and with Germany.” what did the Publishers not foresee? (b) What events in Canada and the United States followed the publication of The Finished Mystery? 9. no one expected tion on it read: “To the King of Kings and or foresaw that World War I would end the Lord of Lords This Work Is Dedicated in the following year (1918) and that in the Interest of His Consecrated Saints there would be an extended peace period Waiting for the Adoption and of ‘all that thereafter with the anointed remnant in every place call upon the Lord. when this meaning was given to the “ penny. Now will you avail your­ self of this opportunity? “ How to Proceed “ The organization that handled the Seventh Volume work proved a wonderful success. in finding fault and in trying to hinder the work. Everyone who joyfully receives and uses the ‘point’ of the sword. likewise.

“ The kingdom of heaven is at hand. in the November 15 and December 1 issues of The Watchtower and Herald of Christ’s Presence there ap­ peared the leading article (in two parts) entitled “Laborer’s Wages. and say. then.” So now.Y . In fact. what began to be appreciated about Jehovah’s name. N . saith the Lord. The book The Finished Mys­ ittery and the honor of distributing it had proved not to be the “penny. that they may be justified. to bring a message of consolation to the people that the kingdom of heaven is here. Never before has he given such a wage to creatures. at the in­ ternational convention in Columbus.” “ The work of gathering the anointed remnant of the heirs of God’s heavenly kingdom appeared to be nearing comple­ tion. This reached a grand * On Friday. and my servant whom I have chosen.” what now began to be thought regarding the conferment of the name “Je­ hovah’s witnesses. which was desig­ nated “The Day” of the second international con­ vention of the International Bible Students at Cedar Point. could not the conferment of the new name upon the International Bible Stu­ dents be the “penny” ? 12In the year 1933.” This dealt with Jesus’ parable of the vineyard. the president of the Watch Tower Society gave an unforgettable speech based on the Bible text of Matthew 4:17. and which name shows the close and confi­ dential relationship between Jehovah and his faithful people. and they were replaced by new. in the year 1937 it became 11.* The work of bearing witness to his name became more domi­ nant among them. climax in the year 1931. and show us former things? Let them bring forth their witnesses.” and why? 12. therefore ye are my witnesses. Ohio. So in ten years’ time it became mani­ fest that the Seventh Volume and the hon­ orable service that went with it was not really the penny. .” (Page 339) Paragraph 21. F. what began to be appreciated about the matter of being witnesses of Jehovah. But in 1927 The Finished M ystery and the oth­ er six volumes of the Studies in the Scrip­ tures ceased to be published.54 SEeWATCHTOWER prison. September 8. that I am God. and in 1920 the ban was removed from Fin­ the Seventh Volume and thus ished M ystery was allowed to be circulated again in the United States of America. the hire or penny is the honor of being given the new name which Jehovah gives to his people. then. Let all the nations be gathered together. namely. and that millions now living will never die. Thus we see that God purposes to have a people in the earth in this time of stress.” In the fifth and sixth paragraphs from the end of his speech President J. deliver the message to those who do not understand? Will any one hear? The Prophet of the Lord answers: ‘Bring forth the blind people that have eyes. fearlessly crying out the message: ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand!’ ” 10. or let them hear. connections with the Watch Tower Society’s branch offices were reestablished. that the people shall know that he is Lord.’—Isaiah 43:8-12. postwar Bible-study aids. It is truth. By 1937. and let the people be assembled: who among them can declare this. Thus it is seen that God purposes that his name shall be magnified. and the deaf that have ears. “ Thus we see that those of the temple class are clearly designated as the Lord’s witnesses at this time. By 1925. Near the close of the year 1933. this bestowal of a Biblically supported name upon them in 1931 seemed to come as a reward for having engaged in twelve years of hard Christian work since 1919. Rutherford said: “ Why. Hence. 10 In the meanwhile. these much-maligned Bible students adopt­ ed a resolution by which they embraced the name suggested by Isaiah 43:10-12 (AS). The second paragraph of Part One of this ar­ ticle said: “The laborers are those at the temple for judgment. and who engage in the service of the kingdom. . from 1922 onward refer­ ence was repeatedly made to Isaiah 43:1012 to prove that they must be witnesses of the Lord God during the remainder of their days on earth. on page 344. Ye are my witnesses. 1922. Ohio. in the year 1925 began to be appreciated by these Chris­ tian Bible students that the vindication of God’s name Jehovah by means of his new­ born Messianic kingdom was God’s leading purpose. when. and with whom did The New World of 1942 class the “ great crowd” of the “ other sheep” of today? . and how did this appreciation reach a climax in 1931? B r o o k l y n . Since matters regarding The Finished Mystery had proved not to be the “penny. said: “No greater wage could be paid to creatures on earth than that of receiving a name at the mouth of Jehovah God. saith the Lord.” 13 However. clearly marked as separate and distinct from all others. . standing as his witnesses. what did The Watchtower say with regard to the “ penny” ? 13. “ Jehovah’s witnesses.

be­ sides TheWatch Tower. The work of the ones hired “last” was crippled and prac­ tically stopped in 1918 by the banning of Watch Tower literature and the imprison­ ment of the official representatives of the International Bible Students. 1918. Today our un­ derstanding of the “penny” can be cleared up by looking back at the first fulfillment of Jesus’ parable of the vineyard in the days of his apostles nineteen centuries ago.” and what about such a “new name” on Pentecost of 33 C. the clergy of Christendom. they have not proved themselves to be Je­ hovah’s witnesses. The League of Nations was pro­ posed as an instrument for preserving world peace and security. 1919. the “vineyard” la­ borers were reorganized world wide. when did the “even” and close of the day’s work in the vineyard come. Thus what came to be seen regarding the title “ Jehovah’s witnesses. more fully appreciated that the faithful prophets and men of integrity from John the Baptist back to the first martyr Abel were also witnesses of Jehovah. and how? 55 twelve-hour day’s work came during World War I. In the modern-day fulfillment of the par­ able. was held September 1-8. the “ evening” and the close of the 14. The full-time laborers. (Pages 368. As regards re­ ligious affairs. since the year 1935. if not Jehovah’s wit­ nesses of modern times? 14 Thus the title “ Jehovah’s witnesses” is now seen as not applying exclusively to the anointed remnant.” For the Christian internation­ al Bible students it was like a resurrection of the dead. ? 15. therefore.E. Such a reactivation of the International 16. Ohio. “ so great a cloud of witnesses.E. 15 It is now thirty-four years since 1933 and the beginning of the terrible persecu­ tions of Jehovah’s witnesses under the Na­ zi regime of Adolf Hitler. turned their efforts to the war activities of the nations at war. on that day of Pentecost. and was attend­ ed by 7. their of­ ficial and editorial representatives were released from prison. The “new name” was not the “penny” back in the year 33 C. the ones “ first” hired. 375) Today the “great crowd” of these “ other sheep” that have been gathered into association with the anointed rem­ nant are regularly included among Jeho­ vah’s witnesses. This stop­ page corresponded with Jesus’ death and scattering of his disciples. which war marked the close of the Gentile Times in the autumn of 1914.Ja n u ar y 15. (a) When. indicated that the “ great crowd” of the “ other sheep” foretold in Revelation 7:9. 10 were also witnesses of Jehovah. was pay time to be expected? (b) How was the spring of 1919 like a day of Pente­ cost for the “hired” ones? . and. and now world attention turned to peace and reorganization in the postwar period.” published in 1942. If. 369. USE OF THE “PENNY” TILL N OW 16 World War I stopped on November 11. (a) How can our understanding of the “ penny” be cleared up today? (b) Modernly. in­ asmuch as those Jewish disciples of Jesus Christ were already Jehovah’s witnesses by being from birth members of Jehovah’s chosen people of Isaiah 43:1-12. On March 26. 11:1 to 12:1. and so this new name for Christians could not be the sym­ bolic “penny” of Jesus’ parable. 1919. 1919. the first convention at Cedar Point. then by all the facts of history what have they proved themselves to be? Who are they. 1967 SReWATCHTOWER.” (Heb. AV) Later the book entitled “The New World. evidently pay time had come for those who had either professedly or actually labored in Jehovah’s spiritual vineyard! What would be the “penny” giv­ en to them in the postwar epoch? The spring of 1919 was like a day of Pente­ cost for those hired “last” to work in the “vineyard. a new magazine The Golden A ge (today known as Awake!) began to be published October 1. the postwar work was at once planned.000 at the public meeting.

including those whom Jehovah God has added since 1919. preaching this good news of God’s newborn Messianic kingdom in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations before the end of this system of things comes. they were ushered into the privilege of fulfilling Mat­ thew 24:14. which 17. and to date around a mil­ lion of them all around the earth have separated themselves from Babylon the Great and are join­ in g the anointed rem nant in praising Jehovah God and his Messianic King. claims to be God’s vineyard.” They kept up friendly relations with worldly politicians. and their murmuring took on the form of per­ secuting these Kingdom preachers. Who are proving to be the “ last ones" to accept the “penny"? 20. Bible Students in the religious field caused amazement and dismay in Christendom. In harmony with this. as on the day of Pente­ cost nineteen centuries ago. N .” God’s Mes­ sianic kingdom had been born in the heav­ ens at the close of the Gentile Times in 1914. then. Jesus Christ. These have ac­ cepted the Kingdom message as preached by the anointed Kingdom ambas­ sadors. 20 Particularly since the year 1935 the “penny” has been used in gathering the “ great crowd” of sheeplike persons fore­ told in Revelation 7:9-17. The clergy of Christendom are proving to be the “last” ones to accept the precious “penny. and finally to what extent? B r o o k l y n . Acts 2:20. Since the pay­ ment of it in the year 1919 they have used it with growing appreciation of its value. (Rev. was the pay­ ment of the “ penny” to those last hired in Jehovah’s spiritual “vineyard.Y . Mark 13: 10) What a wonderful value such a “pen­ ny” has meant to them! 18 The clergy of Christendom. This ambassadorial service was carried out with the help of God’s holy spirit. What. How have these paid laborers already been rewarded for their grateful use of the “ penny" down till now? . and the “ penny” paid to the vine­ yard laborers was the privilege and honor of serving as anointed ambassadors of God’s newborn Messianic kingdom from that time on till the coming “ battle of the great day of God the Almighty” at Arma­ geddon. murmured at this way of paying spiritual wages. who murmured. 17 Here. did the “penny" prove to be for the laborers hired “ last"? 18.” if they accept it at all before Babylon the Great (including Christen­ dom) is destroyed at that great and fearinspiring day of Jehovah now near. but they rejected God’s newborn kingdom by preaching in favor of the League of Nations as “the political expres­ sion of the kingdom of God on earth. 16:14-16.56 SBeWATCHTOWER. What a reward this has already been to the Kingdom ambassa­ dors for their grateful acceptance and use of the “penny” at Jeho­ vah’s hands! MAKING USE OF THE PRIVILEGE OF BEING AMBASSADORS OF THE KINGDOMOF GOD 19. At that development.— Joel 2:31. then. are grateful for the “penny” paid to them. The clergy could have joined in this Kingdom witness. 19The anointed remnant of Kingdom heirs. 32. 21.

This is bound to stir up Satan and also to stir up the spirit of the world. the spir­ * Time. In previous issues of Watchtower the spirit of the world has been defined as the frame of mind. 57 . At Revelation 16:17-21 we read: “And the seventh [angel] poured out his bowl —I ^ AS ACE-OLD INSTITUTIONS :?V « r7W ~ Ju HEN the spirit of the people is affected it has a shaking effect upon governments. established standards of morality are for­ saken for loose morality. more violent and destructive and more obvi­ ously and definitely against God.” Philosopher Michael Novak believes that the Roman Catholic Church faces “ a cultural crisis of the first order of magnitude. 2:2) This ruler is described as the “ god of this world. described the attitude of Roman Catholics today to be free to deny or ignore doctrine and yet to count themselves as good members of the church.” as the wicked one in whose power the whole world lies and as the Devil and Satan.” and shows that the ruler of the authority of the air motivates people to act disobedient­ ly toward God. to think and to take certain attitudes and viewpoints and to decide and act in a certain way that fol­ lows a definite pattern. religions and established ways and customs. to cause it to become more active..* he said this is an “ age of unbelief that has finally begun to hit the church in America. Rev. publisher of th e N a t i o n a l Catholic Report­ er.. Coups d’etat. The plague reveals how God views men in­ fluenced by the spirit of the world and also portrays the actual results to them of his anger carried out against them. namely. the persistent tendency that con­ trols the world of mankind. lawlessness increas­ ing in greater percentages than the popu­ lation and governments falling or being changed often and almost overnight. that is. W WHAT THE SPIRIT OP THIS WORLD PRODUCES There is no doubt that the spirit of the world has lately been stirred up to bring about sweeping changes. of course. who is misleading the entire inhabited earth. 1966. No matter how old and venerable they may be. also by the pro­ fessors and teachers. 4:4. take place about once a month. D o n a l d T horman.” We see similar attitudes expressed by students of universities and colleges. 12:5. unconstitutional changes in gov­ ernment. Old. —2 Cor. God is. (Eph. The Bible book of Revelation shows that he expresses his indignation against it by pouring out one of the seven plagues or bowls of his anger upon it. they are seriously altered or crumble into ruin.^ JL— X- v i— ^ it o f d oin g just what one desires without any re­ straint or conside r a t i o n o f the rights of others. the inclination of the mind. the source of this spirit. We find it ex­ pressed in the spirit of uncertainty. The Bible speaks of the Devil. September 16. I I — . as “ the spirit that now op­ erates in the sons of disobedience. displeased with the spirit of this world. 1 John 5:19. the spirit of unbelief and of rebellion. It moves the world to certain characteristic conduct. to speak. educational institu­ tions.

because the cultivating his spirit among the nations in order to lead them to this fight. This will bring God’s about the weight of a talent [around a invisible protective hosts in full fury hundred pounds] descended out of heaven against Satan’s organization on earth. And a great hail with every stone Jehovah’s witnesses. so great. so ex­ God’s people in Detroit in August 1928. * Se e T h e W atch tow er. Portugal. It revealed that “ Gog of the land great earthquake occurred such as had of Magog. so extensive an earthquake. on Thursday. has violently affected the spirit of the and Babylon the great was remembered in whole world. is Satan the Devil.000. thunders and heav­ 1923. 1 of the Detroit convention the Society’s and 43. B r o o k l y n .000 remained missing. D e c e m b e r 15.000. as de­ great. of course. The depth of other flashes of spiritual enlightenment. not literal lightnings. At this a loud voice issued when the address on the subject “ New out of the sanctuary from the throne. The violence president delivered a Bible talk on “ God’s was such that in some fields potatoes were Lightnings. which plague of it was unusually great. and adjacent enly voices.” will prove so disastrous to them.Y . but symbolic ones. What. and the men blasphemed destroy it completely. The death toll was 100. to give her the cup of those on earth who represent His king­ the wine of the anger of his wrath. And the great city split into three scribed in Revelation 12:5-10. Also. . He can fight God by fighting the sight of God. Lisbon. quake occurred such as had not occurred God himself does this. a tensive an earthquake. and a 112. Japan. Satan is very busy God due to the plague of hail. N . Since he has earth.” foretold in Ezekiel. dom. works if an earthquake should shake the entire earth? Revelation’s earthquake. The earthquake that destroyed tions of Bible truth. to upon the men. would happen to man’s New York city. and mountains were not upon the peaceful New World society of found. his spirit parts.* Rev­ natural forces that man has experienced. tensity took place at noon on September 1. in 1903 was said to have A prominent fulfillment of this occurred shaken an area four times as large as at the 1953 international assembly of Je­ Europe. hovah’s witnesses at Yankee Stadium. On August cities in ruins. and left Tokyo. GOD MAKES KNOWN HIS ANGER EARTH’S MOST TREMENDOUS SHAKE-UP When Jehovah’s witnesses are used to The description of the effects of the announce or declare these plagues they have no part in enforcing the effect of plague continues: “ And a great earth­ them or of carrying out God’s judgments. 1966. and the cities of the nations fell. say­ World Society Attacked from the Far ing: ‘It has come to pass!’ And lightnings North” was delivered to an audience of and voices and thunders occurred. elation says in connection with the seventh and they are increasing in frequency in plague: times.58 SHeWATCHTOW ER. chapters not occurred since men came to be on the 38 and 39. July 23.” Since then there have been thrown out of the ground. He is foretold to make a final assault every island fled. One of more than average in­ “ Andlightnings and voicesourand thunders occurred” These were. Sagami bay was increased in places a max­ other thunderings of divine judgments and imum of 690 feet and decreased as much other voicelike proclamations or publica­ as 820 feet. so been thrown out of the heavens.” Earth­ marked declaration of this plague upon the quakes are the most destructive of the spirit of the world was expressed. upon the air. then. At a convention of since men came to be on the earth.

—Matt. 59 “ the great city that has a kingdom over the kings of the earth. especially in Babylon the Great. It is more than a shaking of institutions merely because of the spirit of the world being stirred up. Revelation’s vision therefore symbolizes a colossal shaking to come. Some institutions have been able to sur­ and Babylon the great was remembered in vive turbulent times and the raging of the the sight of God. radical. spoken of in Revelation 17:18 as able to withstand the shaking at God's . yet it is really from Jehovah God that this destruction comes. shaking out from the nations the “ desir­ able things. nor will occur again. and the cities of the nations fell. thorough breaking up of it. 1 9 6 7 3TieWATCHTOWER~ however. representing em­ phasis. God has not ignored her centuries of wickedness.” Hie ments for hundreds of years. The publication of the established kingdom of God does not destroy this world. 7. It is a shak­ ing from the Almighty God as an expres­ sion of his anger against that spirit in the people. It will make her so drunk with woe and shame that she will never recover from its effects and wake up. as the Bible in­ dicates. Nothing will be too distant or isolated. and these right-hearted persons are the really valuable things in God’s eyes. The age of BABYLON THE GREAT IRREPARABLY SMASHED institutions will make no difference. (Hag. though literal quakes may well be used by Jehovah in the final part of the shaking. God is in­ terested in lives. The shaking is greater than the shaking now taking place due to the proclamation of the Kingdom message.Ja n u a r y 1 5 . no. for the Revelation says that it is God who gives her the cup of the wine of his wrath. This cup of his wrath first exposes her. All the wickedness that she has done has been “in the sight of God” and he pays her back with de­ struction. He has seen and has kept a record. to escape destruction. The number three is used in the Bible many times. This earthquake pictures the world’s final trouble.” It is a religious kingdom and represents the world empire of false religion. as an island in the sea. the climax of the great tribulation such as has not occurred since the world’s beginning until now. 2:6. While the rulers. Babylon’s being split into three parts symbolizes a very serious. and mountains were not found. “ And thegreat city split into the three parts. 21. “ Also.” That is. 22) The earthquake here described will bring the cities of the nations crashing down in ruins and the national governments of this world will be shaken to destruction with them. Heb. or too lofty and sturdy like a mountain in Satan’s visible organi­ zation. but the coming world earthquake of trouble at God’s hands will affect the sea and land tremendously. From this we can see what a tremen­ dous shaking the world empire of false religion will undergo and how it will be torn apart and will fall beyond repair or recovery. nihilistic ele­ the wine of the anger of his wrath. 24:21. to give her the cup of sea of revolutionary. will have to do with the destruc­ tion of false religion. shak­ ing its member religious organizations. But in this “great city” has reference to Babylon the earthquake there will be no escape.” To destroy a mountain or an island would be greater than de­ stroying a city. It causes consterna­ tion. is sym bolic. none Great. every island fled. then causes her to be destroyed. 12:20-28. it causes to come forth from the world to Jehovah’s orga­ nization the people who love God and who fear him and want to serve him. Only God’s heavenly kingdom and the kingdom interests in the earth will re­ main standing.

which constitutes the things that bring good into the lives of men. It indicates that those who survive the symbolic earthquake will with­ out fail be destroyed by the accurately aimed executional hailstones from the heavens. this hailstorm pictures that heaven would send down upon world­ ly mankind a barrage of hard Biblical truths. and the men blasphemed God due to the plague of hail. revelries. but it will be good for those who love God and who want to see righteousness in the earth. which cannot be shaken. 3. con­ tentions. practice of spiritism.” (Gal. long-suffering. 23. 5:22. 46:2. peace. idolatry. Isa. unyielding proc­ lamation of God’s vengeance against Sa­ tan’s visible organization. envies. Therefore Revelation continues: a great hail with every stone about the weight of a talent descended out of heaven upon the men. They must now apply themselves to the cultiva­ tion of God’s spirit to produce the fruitage of the spirit. ha­ treds. 28:2-17. strife. loose con­ duct. Not that the truths themselves kill them.— Job 38:22. but who blasphemed him at hearing the judgment messages and the execution of these. goodness. 10: 13) The fact that the plague of it was un­ usually great foreshows that at the last there will be an unusually great procla- Brooklyn. Since hailstones are congealed water. Such persons will escape this last plague by studying his Word. That the seventh plague will indeed fin­ ish the anger of God upon the world is illustrated in the picture here given in Revelation. 8. mation of God’s vengeance by Jehovah’s witnesses.— Ps. 23) They are the ex­ act opposite of the things produced by the spirit of this world. Rom. presaging the destruction of the men upon whom it falls. The questions clearly set for decision before each one who hears the proclama­ tion and reads and understands these things are.60 f&eW ATCHTOW ER hands. They refused in the past to hear the message that would have meant salvation for them and now they especially hate this con­ demning declaration. but the hard. AT THE LAST. hailstones of tremendous size. uncleanness. Only those supporting his Kingdom will find refuge. namely. Which fruitage do you want? Do you want to live a short time in a . but the judgments that God ex­ ecutes in harmony with the truths ex­ pressed. 5:19-21. weighing ninety-six pounds avoirdupois. mildness. because it affects the atmosphere itself. divisions.” — Gal. The men who are affected by this hail­ storm are those who did not call upon the name of Jehovah for salvation. fits of anger. not a message of deliverance. A DEVASTATING HAILSTORM The seventh plague poured out upon the air or spirit of this world accomplishes these things and also much more. and things like these. which things do good to no one. But the hailstones picture. because the plague of it was unusually So from the atmosphere there crash down hailstones on men. They are “love. Jehovah’s wit­ nesses will at the last deliver this stinging message. jealousy. 148:7. faith. Jehovah’s witnesses are now preaching a message of deliverance and salvation for those who will take refuge in the Kingdom. They fall with great speed and cause stu­ pendous destruction. CAN ANYTHING REMAIN? But what about survival? Is it possible to live and experience something better than the present situation? It is true that this judgment will be severe indeed on those who hate God and who blaspheme him. drunken bouts. joy. sects. kind­ ness.Y. Ps. the works of the flesh: “fornication. N. (Joel 2:32. selfcontrol.

the GP’s. A conscientious gen­ eral practitioner may devote as much as seventy hours or more a week to his pro­ fession. preaching. WHY SO MUCH TO DO? O QUESTION about it. And. As Christians we are in a spiritual war­ fare. And those who are servants in the congregations have still more du­ ties to discharge. gathering the animals and storing away a year’s supply of food for all. living in urgent times. There are all the various features of the Chris­ tian field ministry. everybody is in need of the kind of healing that they offer. How so? Because theirs is a far more important work. However. There are five weekly meetings of the con­ gregation to prepare for and attend. 8:4. what is more. of­ ten have much to do. We are. 24:37-39) And remember Gid­ eon and his band that put the Midianites to flight? They had an urgent task before them if they were to clinch the victory. There is also the need to assist their Christian brothers. and. additional­ ly. Act quickly to escape the final crash. as it were. caring for his household. for most persons are not conscious of their spiritual plight. It keeps us busy and at times we get tired. all because of the demands made upon him by his patients. 6:137:5. today the Christian witnesses of Jehovah have much to do. and so forth. Jesus likened our urgent times to the days of Noah.”— Judg. has much to do. There is reading and studying of the Bible and Bible literature. If the conscientious medical practitioner has reason to be busy. as well as pre­ paring for parts on the various programs. (Gen. indeed. preaching from house to house. but we keep up the pursuit. Matt. the time is fast being reduced during which there is an opening for one 61 to receive salvation from the earthquake and the unusually great rain of hailstones. their work requires much time and patience because they must first show the people how sadly they are in need of spiritual healing and how serious spiritual sickness is. Jehovah’s Christian ministers have even more reason to be busy. Even though you may look upon a religion. and so we read of their being “ tired but keeping up the pursuit. that of spiritual healing. THE URGENCY OF OUR TIMES Another reason for such ministers be­ ing so busy. or do you want everlast­ ing life in a world filled with the fine fruitage of God’s spirit? Right now. building the ark. Much to do? No doubt about it! But have you ever considered the fact that in having much to do Christian ministers are not altogether unique? Such professional men as general practitioners. is that there is so little time left in which to do spiritual healing. a government or an institution or ideology as age-lasting. Jesus said on one occasion: “We must work the works of him that sent me while . opposing the forces that cause spiri­ tual sickness. having so much to do. God’s kingdom by Christ. We keep on going because we know that lives are involved. which leads to ever­ lasting life.Jan u a r y 15. forsake it now for the only lasting thing. making return visits and con­ ducting Bible studies in the homes of the people. 1967 SEeW ATCHTOW ER world filled with works of the flesh and then die forever. he has much reading to do so as to keep up with progress made in medicine. when this seventh and last plague is being poured out. and we know that Noah had much to do.

again. Once King David stayed at home. for Wednesday night back-call activity. Joab.” Such a night came upon Jesus. The meetings for ser­ vice are for our convenience. and our­ selves from being occupied with the works of the flesh. If we are wholehearted in Jeho­ vah’s service. “ having plenty to do in the work of the Lord” is a protection. since the 1914 generation will not pass away before it comes! No question about it. The point is that she gave all she had.— Gal. Phil. Matt. and no one needs to feel pushed or pressured to get out at a time not possible for him to do so. the local congregation may provide for Tuesday evening pre­ study field service. 4:8. Psalm 51. David would never have been exposed to that temptation to which he succumbed. Some may be able to devote only one or two hours instead of three on Sunday mornings or afternoons. . But today Armageddon is coming. another may be able to engage in the Saturday magazine work. having much to do protects us from its temptations and snares that beset us on every hand. Then. 5:19-23. she did not give little because of lack of desire to give more. But if we hold back on service because we prefer other activity. By our having many arrangements there is opportunity for all to have a share according to their conditions and circumstances. not all have the same strength or energy. that we have much to do as Armageddon gets clos­ er?— John 9:4. Here one can take encour­ agement from the widow with her coins of very small value. but is able to get out on Wednesday evening. since we are no part of the world. then. there is the midweek witnessing. These arrangements are not made with the thought that everyone must get out in service practically every day in the week. N. He would never have made the most heinous mistake of his life had he kept busy. For example. for midweek daytime witnessing and Saturday magazine work as well as Sunday house-to-house and back-call service. a bless­ ing for us. — Luke 21:1-4. So each one of us can examine his own position. 24:34. then we need to im­ prove our spiritual outlook. PROVISIONS TO ACCOMMODATE EVERYONE The fact that the “faithful and discreet slave” provides us with so much to do in B rooklyn . with many meetings to attend and with much to do in the field ministry. Then. after­ ward to regret it O so bitterly! Can you not look back and see how at times hav­ ing much to do may have kept you from making a serious mistake?—2 Sam. time is run­ ning out! Is it not fitting. For Christian housewives whose hus­ bands are not believers and who want them home Sundays. again. By keep­ ing busy with these things we will find our minds filled with the things that are upbuilding. This protects our minds against the spirit of this world. we have reason to rejoice. to help us. another may not. the field ministry does not mean that each one is expected to do all that everyone else does. apparently deciding to “ take it easy. A PROTECTION FOR US Actually. again. It is thoughtful on the part of the “ faithful and discreet slave” to pro­ vide us with plenty to read and study. the night is coming when no man can work.” Had he been busy fighting the sons of Ammon at Rabbah. one may be able to share in the Tuesday prestudy activity.62 SEeWATCHTOWER it is day. Take a lesson from King David. along with his general. which cannot be far away. Then. 15:58) In what way? In that. but another may only be able to get out Sundays for the field min­ istry.Y. (1 Cor. 11:1. Better to spend that one hour than not to go out at all.

W e encourage you to make plans now to be sure that your vacation dates include one . So the question is already being raised: W here will we have our assemblies during 1967? Arrangements for these assemblies have been under way for some time now. and they are conveniently located so that every reader of The Watchtower should find it possible to attend. We might liken our spiritual provisions to a great banquet being spread for many guests. some read faster than others. worldly magazines may tell of the rise of “ situational ethics. do not minimize the value of Awake! If you can. They may have interesting accounts about haunted houses but they have no idea what is back of it all. Not everyone may be able to read all that the Society publishes. So it is with our spiritual food. large and small. to Jehovah’s praise and to our own well-being. But certainly all should endeavor to find time to read the Bible regularly and to read the Soci­ ety’s official journal. meetings to attend and field ministry to perform. Are we making the best possible use of the time at our disposal? Could it be that we are spending time reading worldly magazines that could be spent reading The Watchtower? Or are we spending more time than we should with the daily paper or watching television? What about reading the Awake! maga­ zine? So as to appeal to many different kinds of people it contains a great variety of different articles. we do have much to do in the way of per­ sonal Bible reading and study of Bible literature. a wide variety of subjects for per­ sons in varying circumstances.—Isa. The Watchtower. The assemblies will be spread throughout the entire period of the northern summer. In fact. Awake! articles are prepared by God’s organiza­ tion. old and young. and we are glad to pass on to you the details now available concerning the dates and cities. some can grasp things more quickly than can others. Those who attended any of these assem­ blies were deeply moved by the things that they saw and heard and they are looking forward to the next assemblies arranged by the Watch Tower Society. A sister may not be interested in what it has to say about mechanical care for autos and a brother may not be interested in an article about 63 sewing. 1967 W ATCHTOW ER ENOUGH SPIRITUAL FOOD FOR ALL The same principle applies to our read­ ing the publications of the Watch Tower Society. Not all can eat the same amount of food. Some have more time to read than others. 25:6. read each issue from cover to cover. For example.— Rom. If we find that we are not doing this we may well ask ourselves. from cover to cover. and at the same time it gives us the theocratic perspective on everything it dis­ cusses. 8:6. And by using the spirit of a sound mind we can strike a happy balance be­ tween what there is to do and what we are able to do. As Christian witnesses of Jehovah. “Disciple-making” District Assemblies Memories of the “God’s Sons of Liberty” District Assemblies held during 1966 have not yet faded. in South America and the Caribbean those assemblies are still in prog­ ress. but there is an abundance for all. However. But there is something for every­ one. which is interested in our spiritual welfare. Having so much to do is a real safeguard for us.Ja n u a r y 15. But if we appreciate why we have so much to do—because of the importance of our work and the ur­ gency of our times— we do not complain.” but they do not give us God’s view re­ garding these. Awake! protects us from the creature worship that worldly maga­ zines encourage by featuring personali­ ties.

L o n d o n .. Each assembly will open on Thursday after­ noon and conclude on Sunday evening at about 6 p. T e x . P a . N. S p rin g fie ld . . August 3-6 : T r u r o .. A m a r illo . M o n t .. they cooperate in announcing Jehovah’s kingdom. S to c k to n . W e s t P a lm B e a c h . those in the congregations of Jehovah’s witnesses who take the lead are not an exalted clergy class. . June 29 -Ju ly 2: A b e rd e e n . Note: I t is h o p ed t h a t tw o m o re a s s e m b ly lo c a tio n s w ill be a d d e d to t h is lis t . 111. M ass. February 26: Making Grateful U se of a “Penny. P it t s b u r g h . M o . 111. The Watchtower. Septem ber 7 -10: S w a n s e a ..Y .. N . A ugust 10-13: C o lu m b u s . 64 Brooklyn. ANNOUNCEMENTS FIELD MINISTRY Jehovah’s witnesses carry on their ministry in an organized way.o n . Together. V ic k s b u r g . L a n s in g . Read it regularly. CANADA July 6-9 : S a s k a t o o n . A ugust 10-13: B a r r ie .. the program this year. L o u is . W a le s . K a n s . T u s c a lo o s a . O n t.SKeWATCHTOWER. ( t e n t a t iv e ) . C a l i f . Su sse x . G a lv e s to n . S a u lt S te . F l a . W ill you be present all four days? W e encourage you to do so. S o u t h B e n d . R a le ig h .. ( t e n t a t iv e ) . S a v a n n a h . O s h a w a . C a lif . ( t e n t a t iv e ) . as a united group.. under the direction of their Fine Shepherd and Jehovah’s Principal Servant. L a n c s . July 27-30: S a r n ia . (t e n t a t iv e ) Ju ly 27-30: F r e s n o . T a u n t o n . O rla n d o . N ’la n d . . U t a h .” A year’s subscription.T y n e .J . B e r k s . of the 1967 “Disciple-making” District Assem­ blies. But if you are one of the many sincere persons whose faith has remained unshaken by the materialistic trend of this world. E v a n s v ille . L a u r e l. S a s k . as its front cover shows. (S p a n is h o n ly ) . G r a n d Is la n d . E a s t S t . $1. A la . S c o tla n d . G a .m. M ic h . S e d a lia . M i c h . M is s . Ju ly 6-9: A lle n t o w n . along with three Bible booklets. G la m s . N . W a c o . In d . W e feel confident that. No Dates Set: C h ic a g o .103. . . Unless otherwise indicated. T e x . ( S p a n is h o n ly ) . N . . The Watchtower remains steadfast in its determination to bring you the truth from God’s W ord and to help you appreciate this Book of Books’ practical value in our day. N o r t h a n t s . A s h e v ille . W i l t s . (t e n t a t iv e ) T e n ta tiv e . M is s . N . L a . Songs to be used: 58. W a sh . P e te rb o ro u g h . Ju ly 20-23: M a n c h e s te r . L a f a y e t t e . Y a k im a . Those who came to the assemblies only for the weekend last year were disappointed to find that they had missed some of the choicest portions of the program. M ic h . ( S p a n is h a ls o ) . S .C . J u ly 27-30: B a r n s le y . U N IT E D S T A T E S June 2 2 -2 5 : K a l is p e ll. O n t. some of the assemblies in the United States will provide a program in Spanish. is still an outstanding champion of the Bible and of our Creator’s Godship. N e b . Jesus Christ. Send now and receive free three timely book­ lets on vital Bible subjects. C h a r lt o n . is h a ls o ) . N . M a s s . O gd en.. J e r s e y C it y . A ugust 3-6: E u g e n e . P o m o n a . S a n Jo se . R o c h e s t e r . During January they will be doing this from house to house by offering to interested persons this Bible magazine. D e v o n .. is devoted to “Announcing Jehovah’s Kingdom. right from the first day. . T u c s o n . W i s . A ugust 10-13: N e w c a s t le . B r ig h t o n . M in n . The Watchtower. E s s e x . you will be glad to know that this magazine you are holding. T e x . “ WATCHTOWER” STUDIES FOR THE WEEKS February 19: Making Grateful Use of a “Penny. P la n s a r e b e in g m a d e fo r tw o a s s e m b lie s in F r e n c h . J u ly 20-23: S w in d o n .. H O W DO YOU VIEW THE BIBLE? H ow long has it been since you heard some­ one belittle the Bible or try to minimize its value? More and more such expressions are becoming commonplace. 111. A ugust 17-20: M o n cto n . J u ly 13-16: O x fo rd . One year. which. O r e . as you will note. A r i z . S c o t la n d .. Page 41.Y.. H a m ilt o n . A ugust 24-27: J a c k s o n . . In d . will be just as delightful and spiritually up­ building as was the one in 1966. 34. T e x . In harmony with Jesus’ own instructions.. . B .. W o rce ste r. S. (t e n t a t iv e ) A ug ust 17-20: C o s t a M e s a . Note: I t is ho p ed t h a t e le v e n m o re a s s e m b ly lo c a tio n s w ill be a d d e d to t h is lis t . T r e n to n .. M d. ( S p a n ­ B R IT IS H IS L E S June 29-July 2: R o m fo rd . C a l if . N . with Jehovah’s blessing. . O xo n . F l a . L a n a r k s . C . S a lin a . M a r ie . A ugust 31-Septem ber 3: W o o d G re e n .. U t ic a .. P a . A n g u s .” fll-34. August 3-6: B la c k b u r n .” Page 49. M a d is o n . the programs for the assemblies listed below will be in English. July 6-9: R e a d in g . August 17-20: D u n d e e . T o rq u a y . and The Modern Fulfill­ ment of the “Penny. .. C a lif .” H35-39. Y o r k s . ( S p a n is h a lso ) Ju ly 13-16: L a r e d o . will be offered for $1. N . N . P e o r ia . H a tt ie s b u rg .J . C a l if . M o .H . . D . L o n d o n . G a . . ( S p a n is h a ls o ) . O n t . but. but the servants of their Christian brothers. Songs to be used: 55.


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it has long been the prac­ tice in some places for husbands to treat their wives as slaves or worse. put off making decisions. Yet. many m odern -day hus­ bands have abdicat­ ed their rightful po­ sition as head of the house. therefore. as the physical head directs the movements and operations of the body.” And Christ definitely did not treat his congre­ gation of followers in an unloving manner! So men who really are the head of the house are not dictatorial bosses. The failure of many men to exercise proper headship is clearly responsible for a large portion of today’s marital prob­ lems. In fact. what would they think of him? Why.” one promi­ nent marriage counselor in New York city reported. .” Thus.M y 4 rv n o u n c iriQ r J E H O V A H ’S KING DO M February 1. for notice that it says: “ A husband is head of his wife as the Christ also is head of the congregation. 1967 tt A Number 3 the other hand. is involved in being a proper head of the house? What role should the husband assume in the family? How should he treat his wife? Some men interpret headship to mean that they should be dictators to their wives.” the Bible explains. The situation is similar in a home. and forced his sub­ ordinates to take charge in order to get anything accomplished. gave them no directions or instruc­ tions. Under such circumstances relations can deteriorate fast. one in charge of a division or department. they would consider him to be a mere figurehead. (Eph. If a man turns over leadership and all h u sban d \ . What. failed to shoulder responsibility. on l who really are HEAD OFTHE HOUSE 67 . A p r o p e r h e a d is. What would happen if the head of a staff of workers knew little or nothing about the work of his department? If he took little interest in what his staff was doing. . nei­ ther are they weak and irresolute. or the head one of a department supervises the organization and work of his staff. is head of his wife. as W e b ­ s t e r ’ s N ew Third International Dic­ tionary describes. not a real head. so the head of the house should assume charge of the house­ hold. 5: 23) Yet. “Many of my clients complain of the weakness and ir­ resolution of their husbands. al­ lowing their wives to assume the role that is rightfully the ir s. having jurisdiction over its activities. “ one who stands in relation to others somewhat as the head does to other mem­ bers of the body . according to reports of social scientists and wives themselves. But this is not in harmony with the above Scrip­ tural principle.

He real­ izes he does not “know it all. Still the husband exercises jurisdic­ tion and. Yet. or to make decisions in other similar mat­ ters. however. including wives and children. they take an active part in sharing with others what they know about God and his purposes. and that is in teaching his family love and respect for Almighty God. A man who does this not only is loved by his family but is pleasing to Jehovah God as well. and. He sees to it that there are occasional week­ end outings with the children and evenings that include some form of family relax­ ation. N . “ Go ask your mother. He also considers the needs of his wife. continue loving your wives. what to purchase in the way of food for the family. as he sees fit. So proper headship is not a matter of making every decision. but go on bringing them up in the discipline and authoritative advice of Jehovah. she quickly loses respect for him as her head. there can be a great latitude of freedom within the bounds set.Y . at times. a husband may grant his wife almost total freedom to decide how the furniture is to be arranged. Usually. at the same time. Such a father and husband is really appreciated and loved.” He acknowl­ edges that his wife and. A good family head will not withhold praise. then. as a family.” meaning they would cooperate to the fullest extent. 5:25) And: “ Fathers. Never­ theless. Similar ex­ pressions are heard concerning men who B r o o k l y n .68 SfHeVv'ATCHTOWER decision-making to his wife. Sometimes persons are heard to say about such a one: “ I’d do anything for him.” when­ ever the children ask permission to do something. to enjoy relative free­ dom. Still there is another area in which a man who is truly head of the house must take the lead. It is the man’s responsi­ bility to set the guidelines according to which the household is run. Such a family head is humble. can issue direc­ tives to improve the way things are being handled. Genuine concern for the welfare of his staff of workers distinguishes a really fine departmental head. even his children may know more about certain matters than he does. “You decide. kind words of encouragement and well-placed compli­ ments do the most to inspire cooperation and support.” (Eph. What. A man who is really head of the house has initiative. 6:4) To such a consid­ erate.” whenever a family decision has to be made.” (Eph. It is understandable that after a hard day’s work he appreciates a little peace and quiet when he comes home. People are discontent and rebel when their every move and moment of time is directed and scheduled for them. . perhaps in perusing the evening newspaper. For example. he shows initiative by planning and organizing family activities. Yet. even as he might plan his business schedule. In this way his wife and children are made to feel close to the family arrange­ ment. reveals that he is not really the head of the house. He prays with his family. perhaps planning an evening out alone with her at times. they feel secure in knowing that the head of the house is assuming his responsibility. but of exercising oversight of all the activities and business of one’s family. he is not a lazy person. at the same time. A man that says. heed the Bible exhortations: “ Husbands. they regularly attend Christian meetings together. helpful and loving head it is a joy to be subject. or. do not be irritating your children. And such a home is generally an unhappy one. does proper headship in­ volve? Does it mean making all decisions? Does it include directing every activity and movement of one’s wife and children? Not at all! God created humans. So he often discusses things with them before making decisions.

” or representative spokesman the very reason that men follow the inner of God. This from the inner counsel of the heart. it may well be asked. ‘If he cares. just and loving God speak so many contradic­ tory things? The fact is that the Bible warns us against the fallen. and he himself why doesn’t he speak out? w ill m ake Why doesn’t he help us to you r paths How does God help us to cope with solve the problems that s t r a i g h t. for Genesis 22: is this really the answer? If God’s word comes from the inner 11 plainly says that “ Jehovah’s angel be­ counsel of the heart. such as in the account of Abraham. gan calling to him out of the heavens.” But is clear from the Bible record.could a wise. or spelled out on stone tablets. imperfect human heart: “The heart is m ore treacherous than anything else and is desperate. He recent­ ly said: “ God’s word does not come to examine how Jehovah God spoke to men man through magical handwriting on the of early times. 3:5. strife your heart and do not lean and lawlessness that upon your own understand­ mark our day cause some ing. to explain the matter.— John 1:1. the problem is But how can not that God does not humans “take speak out but that people in general are notice” of God? Does God speak to men confused as to how God speaks to us today. the Hindu. the referred to as “the word spoken through Communist. the agnostic.” From the counsel of whose heart? The Also. but to mankind was by means of angels. how GOD Sneaks foils Today 69 . 2:2) The most prominent Moslem. (Prov. Who can know it?” (Jer. 1 7 : 9 ) T h a t is w h y G o d ’ s Wo r d counsels us: “Trust inJehovah with all 'H E confusion. to mankind. 6) he speaking through humans today? Really. Harry Emerson It will be enlightening for us first to Fosdick. Jesus Christ in his prehuman ex­ counsel of their hearts that the world is in istence. or from the hearts of those ad­ of angelic mouthpieces used by God was hering to any one of the hundreds of con­ the one later identified in the Bible as flicting sects of Christendom? Is it not for “the Word. In all your to conclude that God no ways take no­ longer cares what happens t i c e o f hi m . One of the ways God spoke wall.” problems of modern-day living? Is face us?’ they ask. the Buddhist.” (Heb. God also spoke in ancient times by such a sorry state today? Besides. the Mosaic Law given to Israel is heart of the atheist. the angels. today? This is evident even in the effort of one HOW DID GOD SPEAK IN TIMES PAST? of America’s clergymen. 14.

when a certain Ethio­ it describes in detail the times in which pian official was reading the prophecy of we live. It speaks of future days. 3:1-5. af­ just as it truthfully is. Isaiah and could not understand it.” (2 Pet. most Paul wrote: “All the things that were importantly. not only written for our admonition. prophets. God 26) It shows the course that we should sent a representative of his organization. (Acts 9: through those prophets has been preserved 1-19. at Hebrews 1:1. which you heard from us. he taught Saul spoke on many occasions and in many the truth about Jesus. THE BIBLE end of these days spoken to us by means What God spoke through the prophets of a Son.” stop speaking to men? No. having done this. did God instruction. Saul needed help from God’s prophets of old time. but. 2:13. as the apostle through angels and prophets. showing that God speaks to for us in the Holy Bible. we are hearing the scribed himself as “a man that has told words of God. written aforetime were written for our 2:1-3) Now. knowledged that the words he spoke were As a result. stand what he was reading. but men originality. The facts show God’s word came to him in a miraculous that it is sound. from Genesis not of his own originality: “What I teach through Revelation. the prophets. 8:40. The inspired account at Hebrews 1:1. (Rom. indeed. through his own Son.” Much of what God spoke and he became the apostle Paul. is not mine. ed Son. 22:16) This very apostle later wrote these words. you to speak the words God had given him. N . The Lord sent the the Bible. 2. is inspired of God.”— 1 Thess. through it God is speak­ Philip. . accepted it. in fact. 17. as the word of ter stating that God spoke in times past by God. sending him to the earth as a man God’s word. you the truth that I heard from God. The most important way that God has mankind through humans who belong to spoken to mankind is by means of his own His organization: “When you received Son. Yes.Y . all Scripture. we might have hope. not as the word of men. words of divine by holy spirit. For prophecy was er it is from God or I speak of my own at no time brought by man’s will. For example. . (Acts 8:26-40) God’s Word is not out-of-date in this There is also the case of Saul of Tarsus. 15:4) What the Bible says reaches God now spoke to mankind through his far beyond the days in which it was re­ organization of followers of his resurrect­ corded.” This Son when on earth ac­ and through his Son he has had recorded. . it was So God spoke in times past. disciple Ananias to Saul. Saul was at once baptized. but. (2 Tim. 25.B r o o k l y n .” Jesus’ followers well knew spoke from God as they were borne along that he spoke God’s words. At the prompting ways to our forefathers by means of the of Ananias. In fact. 1:20. If anyone desires to do His will. means of his prophets. explains that God “ has at the GOD SPEAKS THROUGH HIS WORD. (Heb. for people of generations past. Earl 70 . 21) So when truth.” What God had recorded was not merely — John 7:16. but belongs to him that sent just as the apostle Peter testified: “No me. . No. pursue now. he prophecy of Scripture springs from any will know concerning the teaching wheth­ private interpretation. to help this truth seeker under­ ing to us today. 11. flieWATCHTOWER. on one occasion Jesus de­ we hear the Bible read. that. Luke 21:10. Concerning this. says: “ God . Jesus Christ appearing to him.” (Acts 3:21) And visible organization. In this regard one way. Yet of the apostles of Jesus Christ said: “ God in spite of thus supernaturally receiving spoke through the mouth of his holy God’s word. modern scientific world.

not only with regard to modern-day individual problems. In this materialistic age. His Word shows the only solution to the over­ whelming problems facing mankind—the kingdom of God. wick­ ed days than ever before. 20:19. 13:20.— Rom. . God’s counsel for husbands and wives that he caused to be recorded back there is as applicable to us today as when it was first written. 17. as archaeologists have con­ firmed.” (1 Tim. “is more up to date than this morning’s newspaper. I happen to be­ lieve those Scriptures. Monsma. 3:22-4:1. 25. Heb. what frus* In The Evidence of God in an Expanding Universe —J. as the congregation is in subjection to the Christ. to associate with persons who love divine wisdom could never be more up-to-date. rather. says: “As a scientist I find my conclusions con­ cerning God and the universe confirmed by the sacred Scriptures.— Dan. but also as to present world problems.” ! — Prov. husbands failing to love their wives as themselves. And when does God say that this is to take place? In this generation. 1949. it also contains God’s perfect prin­ ciples to guide us through these hard-todeal-with times. 21:2-4. 13: 1-4.900 years ago. 9:7. God. Col. a mathematician and author of the textbook Vector Analysis. Isa. 1 Cor. . 10) Yes.— Eph. what he has spoken to us is even more helpful in these critical. are we tempted by the love of money? God speaks to warn us against it: “ Those who are determined to be rich fall into temptation and a snare and many senseless and hurtful desires. . and between Chris­ tians and their presiding ministers. 4:14-19. . what unhappiness. 5:22-28. continue loving your wives .” once said American educator William Lyon Phelps.” * Even as the Bible is scientifically accurate and contains reli­ able history.” Surely this counsel gets at the chief causes of marital difficul­ ties: wives failing to be in subjection. 1:10-19. . Why. 6: 9. Furthermore. For the love of money is a root of all sorts of injurious things. It explains how that heavenly kingdom will solve them and bring in everlasting peace and make pos­ sible everlasting life in God’s righteous New Order. God is speaking to us today by means of the Bible. with hot-tempered people or with talebearers but. Indeed. p. which plunge men into destruction and ruin. husbands ought to be loving their wives as their own bodies. f Treasury of the Christian Faith. [Critics] have been caught in errors too often for us to accept their flippant assertions. by means of his Word. Husbands. God gives wise counsel on the relations between the individual and the governing authorities. between em­ ployers and employees. “The book of Proverbs. of material possessions! How wise this warning that God speaks to us today! Are we concerned with preserving a happy marriage? Human nature is no dif­ ferent today from what it was 1. edited by Stuber and Clark. 26. All of it fits our circumstances today. so let wives also be to their husbands in everything.F ebruary 1. COPING WITH PROBLEMS OF MODERN-DAY LIFE God has not left us in the lurch in these modern times. Matt. the coun­ sel given in the book of Proverbs for us not to associate with wicked ones. 71 trations people bring upon themselves and what crimes have been committed all be­ cause of the love of money. 2:44. . Rev. 24: 32-34. I believe all they say about the origin and direction of this universe. . 1967 SKeWATCHTOWER Chester Rex. And God speaks to us. 48. Yes. 15:24. C. speaks to us today words of wisdom to help us cope with modern-day problems. 13:7. . and so God speaks to us today regarding these things also: “ Let wives be in subjection to their husbands as to the Lord . 22:24.

Just as there you received this magazine.” fully teach what it This is being done in Fulfilled Prophecy Testifies th a t God Lives. 3:1-7. 20. tify the organization through which God even as Jesus Christ foretold for our day: is speaking to mankind today? He must examine their claims in the “ This good news of the kingdom will be light of God’s writ­ preached in all the ten Word. ?’ And yet then I will confess to by reading the Bible.72 SEeWATCHTOWER. the Bible and faith­ tions. 5:22. it is God who is speaking —John 17:16. Made P o w e rfu l. that “ they are no part of the world. not everyone listens to God . when overseers in the Christian they known for their unity. “Many will say to me in that day. B rooklyn. harmony with it? Is cipal island groups. By means of them uses the name of his Son. 1:10. Jesus Christ said con­ you. would be true of those who really are in When they give counsel in harmony with union with him and God his Father? the Scriptures. Do they inhabited earth for a COMING IN THE NEXT ISSUE stick to God’s Word witness to all the na­ Jehovah Makes Full M ig ht Abound. However. because he sends his me. who des­ God’s message through them is the same ignated them as overseers? It is God’s to people everywhere? Are they readily Word that set out the qualifications. 23.’ He explained: one of them. For the fruits of God’s spirit in their lives? Are example. 13:35. ‘Lord. 1 Cor.” vants that speak his Word and becoming will receive approval.” steering clear of involvement in its he is the one talking. Prove to your­ were prophets in ancient times of whom self whether they meet the Scriptural God said. God is not speaking by means There are such persons today through of everyone who takes up the Bible and whom God is speaking. you workers of lawlessness. No. 21. 7:21-23) Then how can one iden­ people. God uses men to speak to those social and political strife? Do they produce within the congregation of believers. N. . Do not delay. so that ers. to tell them about his kingdom. says? Do they live in 199 lands and prin­ Meeting the Problems of Your C hildren. they are designated by God. nor have qualifications set out above. by means of them. If identifiable as distinct from all others be­ they are serving because they meet those cause they love one another as Jesus said qualifications. who really is speaking? Well. Lord.” (Jer. as What they are tell­ ing people is what God in his Word says. “I have not sent them. “ Lord. Gal. 24:14) “ From a W eak State . . Y. associate I commanded them or spoken to them. Matt. 14: Christian witnesses to the homes of the 14. believing and congregation counsel their fellow believ­ teaching alike wherever they are.” with them in the Kingdom Hall nearest so it is in our time.— 1 Tim. too. GOD SPEAKS THROUGH HIS ORGANIZATION TODAY . Lord. . did we not prophesy in your name Of course. But this does not them: I never knew you! Get away from muzzle God. it true of them.” (Matt. Your life depends on cerning the time of reckoning that ‘Not finding out who today are truly God’s ser­ everyone saying to me. So. Jesus said. .

Bible those people who Christians apathetically “ took are not persons who no n o t e ” of the simply go to a place warning that God of worship once in issued through No­ a while. It is characterized by men who ferent about his situation in life. which are the fruits things” does not mean that one is indif­ of sin. 39) They said. have you taken to heart the counsel re­ 3 Nor does the inspired counsel of the corded in the Bible at Hebrews 13:5. they impending. 3:1-5) How could any true Christheir indifference toward the message Noah preached. Their en­ sult. It 1. and then ah before the flood live like the rest of and who. we shall be content with these t h in g s . (John in our day. meated with sin and is marred by sickness.” counsel on this matter is recorded at Hebrews 13:5? 2. As Jesus 24:38. a manner that in­ so they take to dicated that they heart the things did not take seri­ that he and his ously what Noah apostles taught preached. if lieve that global they are mature destruction was Christians. 17:16) They do not put ma­ ungodly apathy about spiri­ terial p o s s e s s i o n s above tual matters is not to be con­ spiritual values.! Tim . Ro. of things. This system of things is per­ Yg. Is that true of you? If you fused with godly contentment. t h e y are showed by their “no part of the actions that they world.— Luke 17: are one who professes to be a Christian. (a) How should one’s being a Christian affect his is filled with those who are “lovers of attitude toward material possessions? (b) What pointed pleasures rather than lovers of God. as a re­ the world. Jesus do not share the said that the outlook of the materialistic same attitude would prevail 'Having sustenance and cover­ world around them. how did people manifest (2 Tim. (a) Before the Flood. (Matt. Why could no true Christian be content with the present wicked system of things? 73 . Certain­ are “lovers of money” and who indulge in ly it does not mean that he is complacent about spiritual matters. and did. 26-30. 2 Being “ content with the present suffering and death. 6 :8 . He is not like the dishonesty that such love breeds. went on ‘eat­ tire outlook on life in g and drinking is deeply influenced and m arrying and b y th e f a c t t h a t giving their daugh­ they are followers ters in marriage’ in of Jesus Christ. T rue FRUITFUL CHRISTIANS MANIFEST and is the same attitude evident today? (b) Is such apathy what is meant by being “ content with the present things” ? 3.” and. ED. while you are satisfied with the present wicked system content with the present things” ?— NW." . for did not really be­ that reason. Such ing. apostle Paul to be “ content with the which says: “Let your manner of life be present things” mean that one should be free of the love of money. and it does.

and I will say to my soul: “ Soul. 3:10. So. 25. . what question should each one ask himself? 5.” (1 Tim. 12. What situation provided a fine opportunity for Jesus to point out the proper attitude toward material possessions. and Jesus made it plain. say that that is true of you? LIFE DOES NOT RESULT FROM MATERIAL POSSESSIONS 5 On one occasion when Jesus was preaching in the territory of Judea. 1:4. 8. but he did discern what the difficulty was and so replied: “Keep your eyes open and guard against every sort of covetousness. himself gives to all persons life and breath and all things. and nei­ ther can we carry anything out.” —Acts 17:24. ‘I will do this: I will tear down my store­ houses and build bigger ones. when he said: “Even when a person has an abundance his life does not result from the things he pos­ sesses. Jesus used an illustration: “The land of a certain rich man produced well. This does not mean that any­ one is being told to be lazy. eat. something that was not due him. what is the contentment that the Bible encourages us to have? (b) In this regard. What made him think that way in the first place was that he felt that material possessions are the big thing in life.” ’ ” But even if he got all his riches stored away.” (Luke 12:13-15) Life is from God.Y . this night they are demanding your soul from you. 4Then. ‘Unreasonable one. enjoy yourself. we shall be content with these things. (a) So. drink. 34) But it does mean that we are being urged not to get trapped in the material­ istic way of life of the world. just what is the contentment that the Bible encourages us to have? It is contentment with the material necessi­ ties of life. As the apostle Paul explained to men of Athens. tell my brother to divide the inheritance with me. was there any as­ surance that he would live long enough to enjoy it? Did he really have security? No. N . as Jesus went on to show. ‘What shall I do. in all honesty.” Jesus did not agree to mediate that family dispute over inheritance. it went deeper than that. is to have the things you stored up?’ ” (Luke 12:16-20) And is that not just what so often happens in life? A man works hard for many years so that when 6. and there I will gather all my grain and all my good things.” Jesus’ warning against covetousness seems to indicate that the man was really seeking to get 4.74 SfteWATCHTOWER tian be content with such a state of af­ fairs?— Gal. 6: 7. constantly endeavoring to add to our material posses­ sions. now that I have no­ where to gather my crops?’ So he said. (Deut. expecting others to provide for him while he takes it easy. 21:17) But the man’s difficulty was not only that he was covetous. saying. . hav­ ing sustenance and covering. (2 Thess. then. a situ­ ation arose that gave him the opportunity to emphasize the proper attitude toward material possessions. Consequently he be­ gan reasoning within himself. 6 Developing the matter. Who. Eccl. 5:15) Can you. both for his benefit and ours. “ God said to him. that such think­ ing is not sound. “ the God that made the world and all the things in it . For this reason Paul said with unmistakable clarity to his fellow Christian Timothy: “We have brought nothing into the world. appar­ ently the dispute had arisen over failure to respect the Law requirement that two parts of everything go to the eldest son. One of the crowd said to him: “Teacher. you have many good things laid up for many years. (a) With what illustration did Jesus develop the point he was making on that occasion? (b) Why is a course like that of the man in Jesus’ illustration a vain one? . and what was basically wrong with his inquirer’s outlook on life? B r o o k l y n . Acts 20:33. as if life itself depended on doing so or as if such possessions were the source of true happiness. take your ease.

for in­ surance. however. but. Concern over material wants and needs comes first in their lives. they may set their hearts on the education that is offered by the world’s institutions of “higher learning. and what are the pitfalls in such a course? DO SPIRITUAL INTERESTS COME FIRST IN YOUR LIFE? .” (Luke 8:11. (Mark 4:18. only to die before he even enjoys what he has saved up.” and the Scrip­ tures urge us: “From these turn away.” (Luke 12:21) How well that describes the situation of the majority of people today! They may “be­ lieve in God. 6:22. So they devote most of their lives to acquiring and enjoying material possessions. that is. Of whom is it true that they “ keep bearing much fruit. and they also bear Kingdom fruit. —Rom. It happens to them as Jesus said— “the anxieties of this sys­ tem of things. and espe­ cially is this true if their parents are inclined to value highly the ability to com­ mand a big salary in the business world. 7Jesus did not charge the man of whom he spoke with dishonesty in business. Why do some young folks who have shared in Jehovah’s service seek a college education. as it were.” because they are the ones who favorably receive the word of God. money will do more for them than faith. there are those who have taken to heart the words of the Lord Jesus. and this is often because they are no longer “ content with the present things.” as they put it. providing for their families. 19. They do not shove spiritual interests into second place but “always offer to God a sacrifice of praise. 13:15) Is that true of you? Jesus showed that it is true of those with “a fine and good heart. They are busy earning a living.” “ the deceptive power of riches” and “pleasures of this life” domi- nate their lives and choke the word about the Kingdom. They are per­ sons “ having a form of godly devotion but proving false to its power. As a result. entertaining guests or making trips here and there. when all is said and done. 15) Their course glo­ rifies God and leads to everlasting life. servants of God. 10 Some persons who have been bearing godly fruit. How do people today frequently show themselves to be like that man of whom Jesus spoke? 8. Luke 8: 14) Such a course brings no glory to God.” (Heb.” Young people.” Their de- 7. 3:5) Do not be like them.” (2 Tim. or does the service of God come first? There are countless persons in this world who are like that man of whom Jesus spoke in his illustration. but it is always in second place. they may include a little religion in their lives. What vanity!—Eccl. But his big mistake was that he had the wrong viewpoint toward life. He was busy acquiring material possessions and was not “rich toward God.” and with what results? 10. 2:1719. 9On the other hand. turn aside from that right course.F e b r u a r y 1. that you keep bearing much fruit and prove yourselves my disciples. so it cannot grow and be­ come fruitful. the fruit of lips which make public declaration to his name. nor did he say that he had no interest in God. They may be mothers caring for their children. first of all. They may say that they like the message of God’s kingdom. but they feel that. (a) In what way do many persons show that spiritual interests do not come first in their lives? (b) What prevents them from being fruitful Christians? 9. But they are. for example. buying a home or redecorating one. They may be students at­ tending school. 75 8 What is your outlook on life? Have you set your heart on acquiring material things. They manifest the fruits of God’s spirit in their lives. are easily influenced by the materialistic out­ look of the world around them. “retain it and bear fruit with endur­ ance.” (John 15:8) They may be men who are secularly employed. who said: “My Father is glo­ rified in this. 1 9 6 7 3freWATCHTOWER he retires he will be financially secure. sharing in the proc­ lamation of God’s kingdom.

What that. but they are not really ciations predominate. (1 Cor. though they congregation meetings. (1 Thess. How have some others who at one time were active in God’s service lost their spirituality? demonstrate that they are not truly “ rich toward God” ? (b) Why is this a matter for serious considera­ tion now ? . their fear of displeasing God. sire is not simply to learn a trade so that to devote again to materialistic pursuits. They knew the alive and able to do things. really find that they are persons 11 Others. Bible. N . because fear of would have known if they took seriously displeasing their employer is stronger than what the Bible says.” But they or next year. in just one year at college. the boy will be their position when Armageddon had lost his faith— something that no strikes? Will Jehovah. they in their quest for what might be consid­ have to work hard at it. They came to be materially pros­ tenance and covering. They may 2:8) It may even come as a shock to their have a token share in the field minis­ parents. Participa­ be in an upper-income bracket.” those who devote perous but spiritually impoverished. even education they have set out to get. had bought out from the world they began 12. while we are yet did not guard their hearts. (Mark and for Riches. worldly philosophy “ rich toward God. they want to the congregation.Y . is the time truth in their minds. but today. Col. Worldly asso­ Jehovah’s people. (a) In what way does the course of some persons 11. (Rev. What happens? Perhaps frequently crowds out attendance at the not what they expected. 4:10-12) But what is wrong with that? and finally stopped. but it is what hap­ 25) Rather than being content with “sus­ pened. 4:19) If they are going to succeed in the 12 Many are the individuals who.”— Ps. Time that they time indefinite. just recently a man who try because they know it is a Christian wanted his boy to have a “good education” requirement.” (1 Tim. association with the Christian con­ allow their production of fruitage to God’s gregation and participation in the Chris­ praise to be stifled. 15:33.”— Matt. what they planned. Why. 6:24. 18. themselves to getting a “higher education” 3:15-17) It emphasizes the truthfulness of usually want to be able to enjoy “ the rest Jesus’ words: “You cannot slave for God of the things” that money can buy. tion in the field ministry became irregular. but their principal efforts so that life would be easier for him found are channeled into other interests. but in time their to prove that we want to be wholehearted hearts began to long for more in the way praisers of Jehovah “from now on and to of material possessions. 115:17. In so doing. then many. too. Not just next month portune time for yourselves. Study of the ered just the normal requirements of life.” Overtime secular work fills their minds. they can work with their hands and not At first they missed a few meetings of be a burden on others. “ some Jesus frankly said that it would be more have been led astray from the faith and difficult for a rich man to get into the have stabbed themselves all over with Kingdom than for a camel to get through many pains. may at one time have who have loved him with all their heart prized the truth of God’s Word and set and mind and soul and strength? (Luke aside time to teach it to others. heart. They associate with tian ministry are curtailed. who examines the amount of money can buy.76 SEeWATCHTOW ER B r o o k l y n . no. (Luke 18:24. 6:10) This is not the eye of a sewing needle. buying out the op­ serious consideration. They ap­ plied what the Bible said at Colossians 10:25-28) Will he preserve them into his 4:5: “ Go on walking in wisdom toward new system of things? This is a matter for those on the outside.

How has the heavenly Father blessed many Chris­ tian overseers for ‘seeking first the kingdom. For whom did Jesus show that this provision would be made by God.” Christians are not to be like the “ na­ tions of the world. What is the proper view of this matter? Jesus Christ when on earth made it clear that he never spoke of his own originality. will be thus favored by God.' and who can benefit from their example of faith? . What attitude toward obtaining the necessities of life did Jesus urge his disciples to have. but that he ex­ pressed the will of his Father in heaven. (Jas. being of limited means from a material standpoint. seek continually his kingdom.F ebruary 1. the provision is made by God for ‘workers. (John 14:10) So it is with interest that we read his words on the matter. for all these are the things the nations of the world are eagerly pursu­ ing. 14 Take note that Jesus did not say that no one on earth would go hungry.’ those who “seek continually his kingdom. A person cannot produce fruit that is really an honor to God if he does not view things in God’s way. (Eccl.” Certainly such overseers have 15. Nevertheless. In scores of cases the faith of such overseers was put to the test. when it was realized that the employee would quit the job if necessary and look for another one later. 11:6) Rather. he prayed about the matter to God. and what would it include? 77 there any assurance that professed Chris­ tians who simply do not like to work or refuse to do work that they consider too lowly would be cared for. and quit being in anxious suspense. spirituality suffers. a Chris­ tian overseer in Brazil who has a wife and four children was invited to the Watch Tower Society’s special training course for overseers. Request for a leave of absence to attend the school was refused by their employers —but later was granted. Jesus turned to his disciples and showed them how this prin­ ciple applied in their lives. Luke 12:22. As Jesus went on to say: “Your Father knows you need these things. 6:8. As a matter of fact.” — 1 Tim. and how is this different from that of worldly people? 14. when one puts material in­ terests first in life. because he was a man who was “ seeking first the kingdom. Shortly before he was to leave for school. (2 Thess. he foretold “ food short­ ages” for our time. and frequently with pay.” Their whole life is not to be a mere struggle for material necessities. 3:10) Those who may be skeptical about the whole situation are given no reason to be­ lieve that they. Imme­ diately after Jesus’ illustration emphasiz­ ing that one’s life does not result from the things he possesses. 10. 6:7) It is not that they need these things less than unbelievers. 15 There are many thousands world wide who are keenly aware of the heavenly Father’s blessing on their efforts to ob­ tain life’s necessities while putting King­ dom interests first. not of piling up great riches. 6:33) He did not promise material luxury—just “ sustenance and covering. saying: “ On this account I say to you. 1:6-8. CONFIDENCE IN GOD AS PROVIDER 13 Obviously. For example. 10:9. Heb. with their lack of faith. but of obtaining the necessities of life. (Mark 13:8) Nor is 13. Quit being anxious about your souls as to what you will eat or about your bodies as to what you will wear. That prayer was answered when several in the congregation volunteered to care for his family materially while he was away be­ coming better equipped to care for all of them spiritually. He spoke. he had no way to support them while he would be away. but. and these things will be added to you.”—Luke 12:22-31. 31. 1967 f&eWATCHTOW ER.” those who are “ seeking first the kingdom.” Does not God provide food for the birds? Does he not ‘clothe the vegetation of the field’ ? Then how much rather will he care for you who are his servants! “ So quit seeking what you might eat and what you might drink.” (Matt. He regularly works to care for his family.

— Acts 16:14. And he will certainly be­ an. Phil.Y . day back. He preached to the guards. and he will not see when heat lady of the house and told her: “ See that comes. and whose confidence Jeho­ witnessing to a favorably disposed wom­ vah has become. but nothing is the able-bodied man who puts his trust was offered. they put the ministry ahead of their efforts to satisfy their material needs? the builder and creator of which city is 17. And in the year of drought him to eat with us. but with approval in God’s Word. (Acts 28:16. How can we today show that we have faith like that of Abraham. 6. then in pris­ city of Ur in ancient Chaldea at God’s on in Rome. and why should we desire to do so? . ing.” The ex­ leave off from producing fruit. (a) What attitude on the apostle Paul’s part enabled him to be productive under difficult circum­ stances? (b) What confidence on our part will enable us to continue to produce godly fruitage even in times of economic hardship? 18. A boarder in the home who had been that sends out its roots right by the water­ listening from the next room called to the course. and dwelt in tents how to be low on provisions. he continues to mon among those who have left behind put spiritual interests first. a pioneer arrived back in his ter­ visit him. Concerning his moved out of the materially prosperous experiences the apostle Paul. He is doing God’s work. dent in the land of Canaan. to be resided as an alien in the land of the prom­ self-sufficient [content]. I he will not become anxious. In one to others that he could arrange to have instance. that they might REACHING OUT FOR SOMETHING BETTER devote their entire lives to the service of 1 8 When they pursue such a course the God. If he cannot pay. with very little money and no six letters of marvelous spiritual counsel lodging. For with Isaac and Jacob. Even there in prison fulfillment of the promise that the mate­ he kept on seeking the interests of God’s rial necessities of life would be provided kingdom. 1:13) ritory assignment after a Christian con­ During the time he was in prison he wrote vention. but his foliage will actually prove this man has a place to sleep.78 SfHeWATCHTOWER B r o o k l y n . As Jeremiah 17:7. Abraham he will find contentment. homes and possessions. 31. it is com­ full confidence in Jehovah. wrote to the congregation at command and became a temporary resi­ Philippi in Macedonia: “I have learned. What has been the experience of pioneers when awaiting the city having real foundations. he called to mind Jesus’ words even under adverse conditions. can beneficially imitate. whether at Matthew 6:33. In deciding how to spend his first that have become part of the Bible. .— Heb. he again mentioned his need of lodg­ come like a tree planted by the waters. and as he went along one can continue to produce godly fruit­ he mentioned to householders that he was age. Isaac and Jacob. in the field ministry. All day long he worked due to persecution or economic difficulties. . 30. 10 Particularly have those who are in the 4:11-13) Paul was not one who quit when full-time service as pioneers experienced the going got hard. and if they put the service of God first. 8 says: “Blessed looking for a room to rent. 30. after in Jehovah. modern-day Christian witnesses of Jeho­ 17 This does not mean that one who vah prove that they have faith like that ‘seeks continually the kingdom’ will al­ of those men of old times who are named ways have an abundance of provisions.” (Phil. “By faith he in whatever circumstances I am. For he was 16. 13:5. and invite to be luxuriant.” Having perience is not an isolated one. . the heirs with him of the very same promise. Mark 10:29. 13:7. a faith that others who worship Jehovah all things I have the strength by virtue of him who imparts power to me. I know indeed ise as in a foreign land. N . Yes. 15. I know in­ deed how to have an abundance.— Heb. nor will he will. Late in the afternoon.

but will keep our lives lieve it? The fact is that some who pro­ oriented around “ the more important fess to believe it may lose out on the bless­ things. The physical facts that mark 20 If our love for God abounds. 4:15. are full-time ministers. 16. But they did not. who are baptized Christians. to come weighed down with overeating and be called upon as their God. 11: heavy drinking and anxieties of life. and he took that mes­ sage to the people wherever they were.. If they had kept thinking about the more ardent than their service to God. having studied 1. (a) How many of Jehovah’s witnesses are full-time ministers? (b) What is God’s will for true Christians as shown by Jesus. (Mark 1:14. they could That is why Jesus warns: “ Pay attention have returned to it. Already over fifty-two years ing supplication that you may succeed in have passed since the Kingdom’s estab­ escaping all these things that are destined lishment in heaven in 1914.”— Phil.” In this way we will prove to be ings of God’s new system of things fruitful Christians. 1:9-11. we of things” are unmistakable. and what timely warning does Jesus give? 20.C. in the twentieth and hearts fixed on the hope ahead. and we our time as the “conclusion of the system have accurate knowledge of his Word. In­ century B. may cause some who know these things to lose out on the blessings of God’s new system of things.E. they were willing to forgo stead of finding contentment with “ sus­ many of the comforts the world offered. Keep awake. very close. 24:3) will not allow ourselves to be drawn aside It is a time of great urgency. which is through Jesus Christ. place they had left behind. (a) Why is ours a time of great urgency? (b) What God’s glory and praise. In what way will we be able to continue to prove ourselves to be fruitful Christians? Semnfs ofGodFullTime LL of Jehovah’s witnesses. they know what that will is. Thesethose dwelling upon the face of all the are the “last days” of this wicked system earth. 15. Luke 8:1. 1967 SfieWATCHTOWER 79 God.F ebruary 1. they are being sucked down into manent city that God would build. Do we be­ to worldly pursuits. and in standing before the Son six thousand years of human history is of man. to 19. They have dedicated their lives to God to do his will. “ filled with righteous because they are not keeping their minds fruit. The end of to occur. to yourselves that your hearts never be­ “Hence God is not ashamed of them. as Jehovah’s Chief Witness. Jesus Christ.”— Luke 21:34-36. and 8-16) Is God just as pleased with the suddenly that day be instantly upon you course in life that you have taken? as a snare. 3:14) He was a preacher of the good news of the kingdom of God. For it will come in upon all 19 We today live in critical times. set the example for them. and. a heav­ the world’s materialistic whirlpool. tenance and covering” along with godly because their hearts were set on a per­ devotion. Their enly government under which they could pursuit of the pleasures of the world is live. (Matt. then.” Away back then. and how did the early Christians respond to it? the Bible. all the time mak­ of things. (Rev. 5:27) .” (Heb.

80 SfoWATCHTOWEFL B r o o k l y n . shoemakers. Wolff) reports: “ The Christian was by no means content with the prospects of his own salvation. by Dr. J. Not all qualify to be overseers. “ Whether you are eating or drinking or doing any­ thing else. translated by H. whose writings are referred to in The History of the Christian Religion and Church. too. farmers” were. it is yet alive among the modern-day Christian witnesses of Jehovah. anxious to con­ vert and save others. Heb. but if we publicly praise the name of God. nevertheless.* The book A History of Civilization (by C. as a result of what they observe. 3:22. 12:6-8) So. to advance the interests of pure worship? (b) What motive in service on our part is well pleasing to God ? He trained his disciples to share in that work. glorify God. first of all. this is well pleasing to God. 4) So their being full-time ministers means that they are ministers of God twenty-four hours a day. do all things for God’s glory.— 2 Cor.” (1 Cor. Is that the way you think of yourself— as a full-time min­ ister of God? 4 Of course. 1848). It is what they be­ lieve and teach as ministers that influences their choice of secular work.” (Acts 1:8) They did not conclude that only a select few were to do this work. (Col. ministers of God. Even secular historians who ridiculed Christianity testify that ear­ ly Christians who supported themselves as “ labourers. 23) Their secular work may change. 1 Pet. even along with all the personal study and reading that one may do at home. 6:3. Rose. but also in conduct. in addition to their preaching. office workers or in some other business. and then the end will come. not grudgingly or under compul­ sion nor because we are seeking to please men. How is it true that each baptized witness of Jehovah is a full-time minister? 4. (Rom. He was from the first an ardent missionary. their conduct when shopping in the market. They may be secularly employed as laborers. some may be in position to do more in certain ways to advance the interests of pure worship than others. but they are. not all are able to devote the same amount of time to the field min­ istry. 5:14-16. and this is what makes them conscientious workers. N .’ that others may. Before leaving them he commis­ sioned them to be witnesses of him “ to the most distant part of the earth. 21. 3 Yet the preaching of the “ good news” and the attending of meetings. Whatever they do is with an awareness that they are ministers of God. Christopher and R. but not the ministry. while the oth­ ers looked on. ministry.” 2That spirit has not died out.000 hours each month to this very work that Jesus fore­ told. they endeavor to ‘let their light shine. every day. 24:14) In near­ ly two hundred lands Jehovah’s witnesses devote upward of 14. and to the same extent. they also regularly attend and participate in congregation meetings.” (Matt. 13:20. What evidence is there that that spirit is yet alive? 3. Brinton. namely: “ This good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations. but each one does make a valuable contribution to the spiritual welfare of the congregation if he does in real earnest what he is able to do. And. (Matt. His acceptance of the will of God was not passive. They take note of Jesus’ prophetic declaration for our day. farmers. * Celsus. does not fill the day of each one of Jehovah’s witnesses. 2 Cor. 2:12. zealous preachers of the gos­ pel.Y . 9:7. Augustus Neander. but because our hearts overflow with gratitude to our loving Father in heaven. 10:31) Not only in speech. 2. nor do all excel as public speakers. does it? So how can it be said that they are all full-time ministers? Because every aspect of their lives is affected by their . During the Three First Centuries (New York. It influences their training of their children. (a) Are all of us able to do the same things. when at­ tending school.000. when engaging in recre­ ation or sitting down to a meal.

” (Eph.” (1 John 2:15-17) Love sonable. He called to mind the make more room for the field ministry. just a short lies? Are mothers to neglect their respon­ time ago. cutting out personal Bible do they react to “ attractive offers” from study and meeting attendance in order to the world? During his last year of high preach? Are fathers to neglect their fami­ school one young brother. 12:1. 1967 SHeWATCHTOWER. health and without family obligations or The apostle Paul wrote to the congrega­ other responsibilities that have a prior tion at Ephesus: “Keep strict watch that claim on them. . in good other pursuits to devote to this vital work. one needs to take into consid­ 6. being honest with him­ certaining what one can do in the field self. 5:21-6:4) So. It is fine that they hundred hours to preaching the “good see the importance of that work. (a) Why is it the right decision for most young eration his entire life as a Christian and people who have completed their secular schooling to enter the pioneer service? (b) How did one young ask what course will truly result in the brother recently respond to offers of scholarships for 5. and one of which 6 Some. They have completed should. 81 IS PIONEER SERVICE FOR YOU? best spiritual condition for all in the 5 Since the preaching of the Kingdom household and so will bring the greatest message is a prominent part of the life glory to God. at essary things can be better organized to most. then in the following verses he show's 7On the West Coast of the United States that the “will of Jehovah” includes prop­ a married man was busy paying for his er attention to the physical. and why? (b) What ought to be taken into consideration in determining how much time one can devote to the field ministry? a college education. Bible’s counsel: “Do not be loving either but do not forget that all these other re­ the world or the things in the world . that education. It required regular. in as­ field ministry. short-lived. We need to ‘buy out’ time from their secular schooling. devoting a to the field ministry. 5:15-17) And promise moved him to enroll as a pioneer. sponsibilities are part of one’s life as a the world is passing away and so is its Christian minister. full-time secu­ and spiritual needs of the members of lar work. buying out the opportune in the business world. but he spent some time in the one’s family.” But from what should we ‘buy that God’s Word plainly says is ‘going out’ the time? Are we to sacrifice our own out of business’ in the near future. he realized that he was more conministry. was offered scholarships that sibilities to their husbands and their chil­ would have completely paid for a college dren in order to preach more? No. and why? 7. Yet. because the days are not see throwing in their lot with a system wicked. as pioneer ministers.F ebruary 1. But he knew that success he is not the point. It may be that these nec­ might enjoy in the world would be. 13) They do how you walk is not as unwise but as not choose to get established in a career wise persons. (a) On what basis may some be inclined to judge whether they are pleasing to God. Paul goes on to say: desire. So how spirituality. but go on perceiving what the for Jehovah and faith in His word of will of Jehovah is. (Eph. . on examining their situation. (Eccl. we all news” each month. but he that does the will of God “On this account cease becoming unrea­ remains forever. (a) Why did a brother on the West Coast of the United States sell his home to enter the pioneer work? (b) What blessings have he and his wife enjoyed since then? . he keeps a record so as to make a report realize that the course that is truly con­ to the congregation. of a Christian minister. because they can­ time for yourselves. some may be inclined sistent with their dedication to God is for to judge whether they are pleasing to God them to be sharing in the field ministry simply in terms of the hours they devote full time. emotional home. are young.

In order to and covering. Her preschool-age Jehovah. Soon they were in­ came a Witness two years after her hus­ vited to share in special pioneer service band had left her with four youngsters to where the need was greater. still has the needed “ sustenance well as a better housekeeper.9. After trying for two years to arrange for con­ venient secular work so he could pioneer. Fi­ good thing for the spirituality of their nally. He turned in his resignation. to please Jehovah. She had the neers. the mother too rejoiced to have the for children. all right. them spent between five and seven sum­ 8 Others who have enrolled as pioneersmer vacations in that full-time service and. and now they are children to love and serve Jehovah God. one mother felt that her becoming For two years he tried in vain to make a pioneer. including personal organi­ zation.Y . he one from other obligations has made me a stood firm.82 3fteW A TC H TO W ER B r o o k l y n . Jehovah has richly Though she could not pioneer. each one be­ it would not be possible to take on the re­ came a pioneer minister. have children to consider. Would that to improve his spirituality. band. and she reported that that neer if he did not put his full trust in is the way it turned out. he realized that he would never pio­ entire family. But she be­ they never had before. in examining that he could pioneer if he could only ar­ her own circumstances along with her hus­ range for adequate part-time secular work. There are a variety of fac­ opportunity to enroll as a pioneer. Having faith­ sponsibilities of a full-time pioneer min­ fully cared for those family responsibili­ ister and at the same time properly care ties. and what has been his experience since then? . she instilled blessed them for the faith they showed in the desire to share in full-time preaching enlarging their share in the preaching in each one of her children. would be a such arrangements with his employer. also be true in your case? 5:3) After careful consideration. (Matt. pioneering has seeing a new congregation with fifty pubtaught me that one must lean heavily up. But. How did a mother with four children to raise by 8. After four years he is still pio­ more conscientious wife and mother as neering. 19:21. N . then to the raise. who was a pioneer minister proved to be a He knew that. She did not sidestep that responsi­ Watchtower Bible School of Gilead for bility. An­ he ought to get a sizable salary increase. 10The problem facing another Kingdom tors involved.” and has had the joy of be fruitful in the ministry. cerned about his secular work and his on Jehovah at all times.” Having a mother home than he was with Jehovah’s service. even for a time. other mother who also has pioneered said: Determined not to let materialistic pres­ “Knowing that pioneering doesn’t excuse sures curtail his service to Jehovah. (a) Mention some of the factors that might influence a mother’s decision as to whether she could pioneer and still properly care for her children. but boy went with her in the service and thor­ almost immediately his boss called him oughly enjoyed it and her seven-year-old into the office and said that he thought began asking when he could pioneer. In some cases on graduation from school. He felt traits of the children. one’s health. he had rich blessing to these families. and the ages and publisher was different from that. They began to enjoy the service as desire to pioneer. Each one of work. what did one brother do. he sold 8 In the case of a Witness living in Ohio his home and he and his wife became pio­ the situation was different. serving in Colombia. but diligently raised all four of those missionary training. (b) What was the effect on their families in the case of two mothers who pioneered? herself properly shoulder that responsibility and at the same time show how she felt about pioneer service? 10.

“ There are many who. and they have a zealous share in it every month. do not find that they can be regular pio­ neer ministers. but they were able to help both the jailer and his family to become believers. 20. and Paul was en­ dangered by highwaymen. 4:1) His attitude was as record­ ed at Acts 20:24: “ I do not make my soul of any account as dear to me. Many others have faithfully served for ten. they. are grateful to God that he has counted them worthy by permitting them to have a share in the ministry. Others may do it during their vacation time or at regular intervals all year long. How do many who are not able to pioneer never­ theless demonstrate their wholehearted devotion to Jehovah God? 12. and how did they view their ministry? 14. who were some that shared in foreign missionary work? (b) What experiences did they have. What blessings they enjoy as a result! 11. 12Periodically. when there is much spe­ cial activity in the congregation. flooding rivers and shipwreck. Mark. too. fifteen or twenty years in missionary assignments. (Acts 16:25-34) Frequently travel in their territory wets perilous. there are those in modern days who. It takes careful planning on their part and extra effort. Among such were the apostle Paul. and his companions Barnabas. after honestly appraising their personal circumstances. or seventy-five hours for the month if they are two-week pioneers. 1 9 6 7 SEeW ATCHTOW ER lishers grow up in the territory where he serves. but their love for Jehovah moves them to do it when they can. until there were over ten thousand active­ ly praising Jehovah’s name. are full-time minis­ ters. When faced with pressures from the unbelieving world. If their being minis­ ters of God truly affects all their activi­ ties in life. They may not be able to keep that pace all the time. and why? (b) When may a person share in vacation pioneer service? 83 ACCEPTING THE CHALLENGE OF MISSIONARY SERVICE 13 In the first century of our Common Era there were some in the Christian con­ gregation who were able to arrange their affairs to share in foreign missionary work. but there were rich spiritual rewards. They cherish that month in which they are able to devote a hundred hours to the field ministry. and they stayed on for twenty-seven years. But this does not necessarily mean that they love God less. putting the ministry ahead of everything else in life. Their hearts are in Jehovah’s service.—1 Tim. (a) In modern times. too. 6:8. to bear thorough witness to the good news of the undeserved kindness of God. (a) For what special service do many of Jehovah’s witnesses periodically enroll. Many share in this activity during the month of April each year. They. what privilege did a mis­ sionary couple enjoy in West Africa? (b) Why did not those who are now missionaries choose easier fields in which to serve Jehovah? . (1 Thess. 19. devoting one hundred hours each month to the field ministry. 2: 8. and they ‘buy out the opportune time’ from other pursuits to seek first God’s kingdom. In Philippi two of them were thrown into jail. (a) In the first-century Christian congregation. It was not easy work. if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received of the Lord Jesus.F e b r u a r y 1. Luke and Timothy. have become mis­ sionaries. and he had deep love for those whom he was able to instruct in The Way. they are just as firm for what is right as are their brothers and sisters who are able to devote more time to the field ministry. large numbers of these zealous ministers of the good news enroll as vacation pioneers for a period of two weeks or a month or more. But he was grateful for God’s undeserved kindness to him. Silas.” “ Similarly. Those who have taken up missionary ser­ vice might have chosen easier fields in 13. One such missionary couple moved from the Caribbean islands to West Africa at a time when there were none of Jehovah’s witnesses there.

they realized that they could make the necessary ad­ justments to take up that service. Tertius was privileged to do scribal work. Here. (Rom. and bind millions of copies of the Bible in many languages. “ they could not hold their own against the wisdom and the spirit with which he was speaking. 6:8) They knew that the Kingdom good news yet had to be preached in other lands. after all. Love for Jehovah dispelled any fear. Lack of faith did not deter them. ‘distributed food to the tables’ of those early Christians who were serving close together.—Matt.” (Isa.” SERVING AT BETHEL 15 Some who have made that decision to put first the interests of God’s kingdom have been invited to serve at one of the Bethel homes. (1 Pet. they do work like that of their Chris­ tian brothers in the first century. They.” (Acts 6:1-10) Members of Bethel families around the world appre­ ciate that fine example set by Stephen. too. Grand privileges of service open up for willing servants. it is proper to count the cost. instead of making just one copy at a time. 16:22) Silvanus also recorded part of the Bible. and they re­ sponded. as did the faithful prophet Isaiah: “Here I am! Send me. which to serve Jehovah. No. Ste­ phen was zealous in the field ministry and a powerful defender of the Word of God. Many of them are appointed servants in the con­ gregations and public speakers. they knew that Jehovah would fulfill his good prom­ ise to provide the things they needed. 10:13-15) On examining their circumstances in life. are glad to do whatever work is assigned. many years after graduating from the Watchtower So­ ciety’s missionary school and taking up a foreign assignment: “When decisions have to be made.84 SSeW ATCHTOW ER. In such a theocratic atmosphere as exists at Beth­ el homes there is marvelous opportunity for spiritual growth. and some are privi­ leged to run printing presses on which Scriptural counsel provided through the “faithful and discreet slave” is turned out by the tens of thousands of copies every hour. Said one brother. (Rom. 16 Others serving in Bethel homes do work like that of Stephen.Y . who. to be given to someone who could not do anything else. preaching from house to house and conducting Bible studies. they were grateful to God for the privilege to be used by him. (a) In what respects is some Bethel service like that of faithful Stephen? (b) How does Bethel service prove to be a marvelous blessing for those who lay hold of it? . at the apostle Peter’s direction. How is some work performed by those in Bethel service like that done by Tertius and Silvanus in the first century? B r o o k l y n . What a fine privilege to be serving in such a place during the remaining years of this old system of things! 16. too. 24:45-47. they endeavor to have a full share in the field ministry. writing the inspired letter to the Romans at the apostle Paul’s dictation. That was no unimportant as­ signment. At the same time. In­ difference did not make them reason that. as a wait­ er. and that the peo­ ple there could never put faith in Jehovah and his kingdom if no one preached to them. and they realize that it is a great privilege to serve Jehovah and their brothers in this way. But at the same time. N . brothers in Bethel service print 15. the Bible tells us that Stephen was appointed to that necessary work because he was “ full of faith and holy spirit. but he who decides for the Kingdom and its interests will never be disappointed. branch offices or printing plants of the Watch Tower Society. but their heart­ felt gratitude to God for his undeserved kindness to them moved them to say. When opponents tried to dispute with him. 5:12) Today. God could use someone else to do the job.” He was a trustwor­ thy man who could be counted on to do the job well.

rejoice that the hearts of your brothers are so filled with 19If you are a baptized Christian. Your entire life ought to reflect the fact that you are a minister of God. in faithfulness to God. and it was love for Jehovah that moved you to make those changes. As one continues to study God’s Word and personally ex­ periences his goodness. Have you learned to look to him for guidance in all that 17. there are those who might have a fuller share in the service if they were given loving encouragement. Is some­ one thinking about pioneer service? By all means commend him. 4:7) They are far more directly tied in with your willingness to be used by Jehovah. do not depend solely on your ability. 12) Bible principles will more deeply influence all his decisions. keep proving what you yourselves are. or to take up Bethel or missionary service. “Keep testing whether you are in the faith. and what you are able to accomplish in the service of the heavenly Father. Satan! You are a stumbling block to me. with full faith in Jehovah. Is this happening to you? To stay in the faith one must keep on growing spiritually. not God’s thoughts. perhaps in the form of an invitation to go along with you.F ebruary 1. 16:23) Rather. too. 13:5. 24:12) But. it is a matter of faithfulness to God on our part to offer such encouragement. (Jas. one’s own love grows and is expressed more fully. 3:4. But that was only the start. when there is oppor­ tunity to encourage anyone in our midst to enlarge his privileges of service. 4:4. we en­ courage them to become active praisers of Jehovah. and why ? 19. the progress that you are able to make spiritually. The world is never going to offer such encour­ agement. (a) To what extent should our lives be influenced by our dedication to Jehovah? (b) What evidences of advancement to maturity should we look for in ourselves ? 20. Do not be like those brothers in Caesarea to whom Paul had to say: “ What are you doing by weeping and making me weak at heart?” (Acts 21:13) Nor be like Peter on that occasion when Jesus turned to him and said: “ Get behind me. and what opportunities are there for all of us to do so? 18. 2 Tim. Matt. Why should we encourage others in Jehovah’s service. 5:11. 18 In like manner. 5:11) As we study the Bible with others. Therefore the apostle Paul wrote to the Christians at Thessalonica: “Keep comforting one an­ other and building one another up. (Heb. Is he talking about applying for Bethel service or mis­ sionary work? Build him up.”— 2 Cor. and his desire to share to the full in the preach­ ing of this good news of the Kingdom will grow stronger. because you think. Encourage them to move ahead. just as you are in fact doing. but those of men. he is going to press on to maturity.” (1 Thess. 1967 SfteW A T CH TO W ER ENCOURAGE OTHERS love for Jehovah that they are willing to be used more fully by him. (2 Cor. We individually can have a share. we owe such en­ couragement to others. Within the congregation. Changes in your way of thinking and doing things were required when you became a Chris­ tian. never lose sight of the fact that your entire life has been dedicated to God. what should we do.” (Matt. What attitude on our part will make possible the accomplishing of the greatest good in Jehovah's service? “KEEP PROVING W HAT YOU YOURSELVES ARE” . If any in our midst express a desire to pioneer. 17 It should be the earnest desire of every dedicated Christian to see Jehovah’s name praised to the fullest possible extent in all the earth. because it lacks love for God. Unless he becomes ‘dull in his hearing’ of God’s Word. 20 Remember. and we can do much to encourage others to be praisers of Jehovah. It is not merely a few hours a week that you have vowed to devote to the doing of God’s will.

the text discussions each morning and the Watchtower study on Monday nights. in turn. not with disbelief.” Not many people have the privilege of re­ ceiving so pleasant a letter. the close proximity of wellequipped libraries. You will prove yourself to be a servant of God full time. many little considerations shown to us at Bethel have been received with appre­ ciation. president of the Watch Tower Society. and the unspeakable privilege of close association with mature anointed brothers who form the nucleus of the New W orld society. Yes. the abundant supply of good. That skepticism was unfounded. Knorr. in an upbuilding way. “I have enjoyed very much also the privi­ lege of being assigned to a New York City congregation and working with the local brothers as a study conductor and Ministry School servant. the IJJ headquarters of the W atch Tower So­ ciety? Does he feel that he has wasted his life. which has helped to keep life simple and enjoyable. who was a bundler on a Cottrell press used in printing Awake! magazines.86 SEeW ATCHTOW ER you do? Do you have full faith in his ability to sustain you as his servant? Do you appreciate fully that. I ’ve learned a lot about getting along with my brothers and how to associate with sisters. O f course. you will continue to respond to his leading. Not only have I learned much about the Bible from the Primary School Course and the three-year coverage we are about to complete in the Theocratic Ministry School. The viewpoint of parents whose sons have served at Bethel is also of interest. H. “Also. and helping cover the terri­ tory assigned to the congregation. Also the provision for us to be able to show hospitality when guests come to visit and the assurance that we’ll be II taken care of when we are sick contributed to the feeling of security one gets at Bethel. such as a desk of my own for personal organization and study. “I’ll never forget the daily prayers at Bethel for the brothers in the field and. of being able to work on Bibles. the need for punctuality and personal organization. after four years of Bethel life. the Primary School Course for new members of the Bethel family. Y . wholesome food. N . cheerful room. that he has forfeited a college education? W hat are his thoughts? A brother. I have appreciated the clean. I’ll keep you in my prayers with the memory of the good friends at Bethel and in many countries around the world. the chance to learn something about printing. in groups. “W ith regard to learning something at Bethel. it is God who makes it grow? (1 Cor. the chance for travel and occasional solitude. Appreciated too was the firsthand education concerning life in other countries by association with Gilead students. having association with the Gilead students from many lands. For . I’ve learned to listen more and speak less. I’ve learned something of the art of printing. and our treatment as mature adults. but I’ve attended a full-fledged meet­ ing every day at the morning text discussions. I ’ve learned the application of Bible principles to daily life— such as 1 Thessalonians 4:11. the laundry and shoeshop. and other lessons in life too numerous to mention. too. personally wrote to N . the thrill of being busy every minute in Jehovah’s service. Brother Knorr. that your statement: 'Bethel service will prove far better than any secular education you could g e t/ was met. But any dedicated Christian young man who diligently applies himself after coming to Bethel w ill find reason to express himself in a similar manner. the privilege of being on the Public Speaking List. its measure of independence. while it is your privilege to plant and water in the min- B r o o ic l y n . 3:6-9) If so. Have Vou Thought About Bethel Service? ■ ■ O W does a young man feel after spend■ ing four years at Brooklyn Bethel. I finally learned to enjoy singleness with its freedom for the ministry. shown by each possessing his own key. but with some skepticism when I received your invitation four years ago. the following: “ I am very grateful to Jehovah to have tasted of these few years of Bethel service. istry. books and magazines that serve to bring vindication to his Name. I must admit.

Volume VI. from a parent’s standpoint. in Corinth. where false re­ ligion got its start after the flood.F ebruary 1. SPIRITUAL ADULTERY There is also a symbolic. Deut. Fornication and adultery are listed as things that would prevent one from entering into the kingdom of God. prostitution was a part of religious prac­ tice. .” The price paid by the male worshiper enriched the temple coffers. Christians. a father of two sons who served at Bethel. after six years of Bethel service. . It might be said we have had a member of our fam ily in Bethel for the past seven and a half years. page 187. they bound themselves. . There is no finer place on earth where they could be. An Israelite girl who in this way brought reproach upon her father’s house was to be put to death. saying: “W e no longer have our sons at Bethel. H ave you thought about serving at Bethel? ber of such women. (Deut. Our older son was there for five years. Many other religions having this Babylonish background practiced temple prostitution. or spiritual aspect to this matter. . to request the gods to multiply their prostitutes! and in order to express their gratitude to their deities for the favours they received. the spiri* Clarke’s Commentary. goddess of fertility. 22:21. a circuit servant. Our older son left Bethel three years ago to get married. Young ministers who avail themselves of this privi­ lege will cherish the experience the rest of their lives.— Gal. prostitution is an abhorrent thing. 5:19-21. for commerce with them was neither esteemed sinful nor dis­ graceful. Every female had to give up her virginity at the temple of Ishtar. W e feel our sons went to Bethel as boys and came out as capable men. Even in the days of the apos­ tles. (Lev. was worshiped by prostitution. wrote to the Watch Tower Society. Venus. by vows. the goddess of sexual love and licentious passion. 23:17) Money obtained by prostitution was an abhorrent thing. 1967 example. The training and association they re­ ceived while at Bethel will be of great value to them for all of their lives.” * While prostitution formed a part of the worship of Babylonish religions. . we have appre- N ANCIENT Babylon. the chief goddess. to increase the num­ I 87 SEeW ATCHTOW ER ciated the Bethel life that was offered our sons. and they were accustomed in their public prayers. 23:18) In the Christian con­ gregation. called “queen of heaven” and “mother of the gods. Our younger son left Bethel the first of October for the same reason. . 19:29.” Many parents feel the same way about having their sons at Bethel. . in God’s law to the nation of Israel no girl was al­ lowed to be a prostitute. A commentator writes: “Public prostitution formed a considerable part of their reli­ gion. “W e thought we would like to let you know.

August 8. October 1965. Today we see the religious systems of Christendom practicing spiritual fornica­ tion just as it was in places like Babylon and Corinth. I will show you the judgment upon the great harlot who sits on many waters. expressed himself on the matter: “I be­ lieve that Socialism is the political ex­ pression of the Kingdom of God on earth. 8. but also of the so-called pagan religions. with regard to Narada Thero.” ! Interference in political affairs is true. August 1959. John de­ scribes the vision in these words: “And one of the seven angels that had the seven bowls came and spoke with me. their form of worship. (Rev. She sits upon many wa­ ters which represent the people of the earth. a monk active in the politi­ cal affairs of Ceylon: “ It is political and militant Buddhism which keeps South­ east Asia in ferment today. that dabbles in politics and interferes in the political affairs of the governments or tries to reform the social order and make over this world is engaging in prostitution. 17:1. in­ cluding today’s kings of the entire inhab­ ited earth who are now being gathered by demon-inspired expressions to the batt The Methodist Magazine. for she has as her customers kings.” THE MOST INFAMOUS HARLOT There is no question that much turmoil and suffering have been caused by these things.88 SKeWATCHTOWER tual sons of Jehovah God. saying: ‘Come. 11:2) As a body of followers they are considered his bride. Jehovah speaks of judg­ ment upon her. 1966. as shown at Revelation 17:15. therefore. are spoken of as being espoused to Christ.Y . 21:9) Their al­ legiance has been transferred from the kingdom of darkness to God’s kingdom. B r o o k l y n . Pike. not only of Christendom. This harlot is shown to be no ordinary harlot. . the world empire of false religion. therefore. (Col.. N .’ ” f The Houston. . 1966. Texas. 2. do you not know that the friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whoever. went on record as claiming that “ the church ought to be passionately involved in political struggles. 1:13) Jesus himself said that his followers were no part of the world. James A. German correspondent G. showing itself to be a part of Babylon the Great. (John 15:19) A Christian who would become a part of the world or who would violate his allegiance to Jehovah God and to Christ by entering into political connec­ tions with the world would be engaging in spiritual fornication. it could be and it will be if Christians for Jesus Christ’s sake enter it. Post devoted almost an entire page to the subject “ Organized Re­ ligion Fights for Political Power.” (Jas. giving his official viewpoint and judgment. The letters that Narada Thero dictates here are more concerned with diplomatic strategy than with spiritual wisdom. and use it as a vehicle for the fulfillment of our ‘Father’s good * Awake!. The Bible writer James says: “Adulteresses. (2 Cor. . whereas those who in­ habit the earth were made drunk with the wine of her fornication.” * Donald Soper. for example. while still Episcopal bishop of California. 4:4) A religious organization. 19:7. wants to be a friend of the world is con­ stituting himself an enemy of God. Bonn reported in Atlas. t Awake!. pleasure to give us the Kingdom. but does God look with a smile of approval upon religion’s involvement in politics as her duty and commission? God went to the pains of providing a spe­ cial vision to the apostle John. August 8. I believe that though the Labour Party is not Socialist. Dr. transform it. bent on transforming the world.’ ”— Rev. one of Egypt’s leading ministers. doing so as an integral part of their religion. with whom the kings of the earth com­ mitted fornication. First of all.

It is an image of the wild beast that came out of the abyss of the sea. John gives us further information about the harlot: “And he carried me away in the power of the spirit into a wilderness. 17:3-6. King George V of Great Britain as supreme go v e r n o r of the Church of England was in favor of the League.’ And I saw that the woman was drunk with the blood of the holy ones and with the blood of the wit­ nesses of Jesus. 1967 S&eWATCHTOWER. and won. crazed. Hers is a long career of harlotry or fornication. By sell­ ing herself to kings and rulers. The peace conference signed the peace treaty into which the covenant for a League of Nations had been incorporated. 15 re­ veals that the two-horned wild beast that ascended out of the earth was the one that proposed the making of the image of the beast. No.C. Its color is different. although in general shape it is like this wild beast that ascended out of the sea. When did the scarlet-colored wild beast appear and when did the harlot get upon its back? The two-horned wild beast was most prominent at the peace conference in France in 1919 when the leading repre­ sentatives of Britain and America. where wild beasts belong. she sits on a wild beast. it is Babylon the Great. And I caught sight of a woman sitting upon a scarlet-colored wild beast that was full of blasphemous names and that had seven heads and ten horns. In 1919 religious organizations of Chris­ tendom came out in favor of the League. The scarletcolored beast also has ten horns though not with ten diadems. falling down and dying as a con­ sequence. 2. and finally after centuries of decline went down to everlasting destruc­ tion. This was because of the . argued for an international peace­ keeping organization. And upon her forehead was written a name. the worldwide empire of false religion. and Greece. advocating its adoption. Revelation 17:3 shows what the image looked like. 1920. which had upon its heads blasphemous names. She is pictured as being in a wilderness.E. which the horns of the first wild beast had. The Pontifex Maximus of the Roman Catholic Church had no official say at the peace conference. 1919. tlefield of Har-Magedon. 1920. the League of Na­ tions. the moth­ er of the harlots and of the disgusting things of the earth. Revelation 13:14. and was adorned with gold and precious stone and pearls and had in her hand a golden cup that was full of disgusting things and the unclean things of her fornication. which was spotted like a leopard. This scarlet beast is not said to have ascended out of the sea 89 but it has seven heads and ten horns and is full of blasphemous names to resemble the original wild beast. the wine of her fornication has affected all the earth’s inhabitants.F ebruary 1. and by October the re­ quired number of governments had rati­ fied the treaty with its covenant. the signatory powers ratified the treaty in Paris and the League of Nations went into effect. THE HARLOT RIDES A BEAST What is the scarlet-colored beast upon which Babylon the Great rides? It is dif­ ferent from the wild beast of Revelation 13:1. And the wom­ an was arrayed in purple and scarlet. com­ posing this beast as the Seventh World Power. and the treaty went into effect in France. en­ tered the League on March 30. of which the Eastern Orthodox Church is the state church. It copies the outline of the wild beast of the sea. True to the picture. making them drunk. This took place on June 28. John makes it clear that this harlot is not the ancient Babylon on the Euphra­ tes River that fell from world power in 539 B.”— Rev. a mystery: ‘Babylon the Great. On January 10.

economic backwardness. In other words. V o l­ u m e 17. our own tribute sianic kingdom. lost no time in getting a seat on the beast. 2 Sam. The cup in her hand. it must be perfected. To her the beast was attractive. harlot has enriched herself. During his visit he labeled tion. 1:24. it with further blasphemous names. say­ As a result of drinking the wine of her ing “ this organization represents the ob­ cup and because of her fornication with ligatory path of modern civilization and the rulers.—Compare Matthew 23:25. page B .” ! * T h e Encyclopedia Am ericana.Brooklyn. as sion of the Kingdom of God on earth.” The United Nations. with their trib­ ute of honor and of hope. 26. wild beast and induced others to do so. RELIGIOUS SYSTEMS WORSHIP THE BEAST She can control the people by means of Babylon the Great thereby committed her religion and thus can turn over for further fornication with the kings of the gain all their support to the kings of the earth. which to her repre­ means of her fornication this international sented royalty. The woman is shown as being arrayed She had already made steps toward it in in purple and scarlet and adorned with 1919. She worshiped this “ image” of the earth and the rulers. t N e w Y o r k H erald-Tribune. 1965. While it has been a mystery. SEeWATCHTOWER These names attached to it are blasphe­ apparent connections of the Papal Vati­ can with the Teutonic Allies during World mous in that they attributed to the League War I. 633. is full of disgusting things tion. These names re­ regard to peace or to questions arising proach God.— Matt. “We with consequent opposition to God’s Mes­ presume to present here. just what she symbolized. By was a scarlet color. inside. It was a mark of luxury—she herself is misleading doctrines she has deceived peo­ arrayed in purple and scarlet. So the pope of Rome was not per­ and the United Nations that which only mitted to intervene by diplomatic acts in God’s kingdom can do. name of the international peace organiza­ the cup.” He encour­ low morals. but. which means that it is something she The blasphemous names it has are such holds out for her religious adherents to as “ the only light there is. Jehovah God has unveiled . and lack of faith in the Bible. illiteracy. which she so much loves. pages 632. they turn the hopes and con­ from the war.” “ the hope of drink. on the the world. the people have been made to of world peace. N. is of gold. So it is seen that Babylon the Great stead of Jehovah’s Messianic kingdom.” and Babylon the Great her­ outside it appears beautiful and fit only self gave it the name “the political expres­ for containing the best of drinks.* But Roman Catholic ex­ fidence of the people to a man-made thing pressions of support of the League came and make an image to be worshiped in place of Jehovah God and to trust in in­ later on. aged worship of the beast by saying. s p e c ia l e d itio n . and the unclean things of her fornica­ October 4. 90 also” and “ the edifice that you have con­ structed [the UN] must never fail. a religious secret. e d itio n of 1929. By her false. ILLEGITIMATE CHILDREN OF THE HARLOT The harlot has her name written on her forehead for all to see. hope of concord and peace. litical rulers and in turn has received from the politicians riches and special favors. was visited by the pope on Monday.1965. O cto b e r 5. 27: ple and made them easy prey of the po­ 28-31. It gold and precious stone and pearls.Y. which is the present Jesus told the religious leaders of his day.” and “peoples of the earth suffer untold hardships through religious turn to the United Nations as the last wars.

that is. his kingdom? (Rev. She Luke 4:34) But even to this day she has is actually a slave of the Devil. 4. hunter in opposition to Jehovah God. such as idola­ of blasphemy against God and of wor­ try. 17:6. Urged on by Satan she are the various religious sects. So. 2 Ki.— Rev. 11) Re­ 1 Ki. 10:22. before the apostle John’s day she had be­ as shown at Revelation 14:1. she has member that the vision given to John in brought forth illegal persons. 23:24. 4:27. John will be discussed and also the exe­ loose conduct. the mother of “ the drunk on blood because of supporting and disgusting things of the earth. particularly another sense. astrologers. but that she is the world empire of false re­ her drink is a more disgusting one than ligion. 6:10.” gion that stems from Nimrod the mighty (Acts 3:14. “ the Holy One. (Rom. 30. such as obscene practices. murder­ claimed to represent God but has brought ous organization? Who wants to be guilty forth illegitimate children. but especially to those who come a harlot. mous harlot. (2 Ki.” She has being allied with the bloodguilty. Ezek. 1967 91 ffHeWATCHTOWER. especially blood that has tified as the slaves of God and Christ by been shed in religious persecutions. 8. fortune-tellers. 66:3. and she harlot. Babylon the Great is a mother also in with Babylon the Great. DO NOT BECOME DRUNK WITH THE HARLOT her and exposed her so that all can see Babylon herself is an old drunkard.1. she has practiced and more details about the scarlet-colored wild promoted among her supporters the works beast according to the Revelation given to of the flesh. also drunkenness is cution of God’s judgment upon the infa­ indulged in to the honor of a false god. Surely we do not want to come into has even instituted and carried on the of­ judgment with the Almighty God by in­ fering of human sacrifices. Matt. 24:15. but she has failed in her are members of religious organizations. then. 2:22. “Is it religion’s fornication with the kings of the earth. 20:7. contrary shiping an image that opposes God and to God’s law. Mark 1:24. All ing Jehovah’s Messianic kingdom and has these daughters or harlot organizations therefore caused the death of many of are copying their mother in committing them. spirit and encouraging her religious ad­ In succeeding issues of this magazine herents to do so. 7. spirit me­ Revelation was of the judgment of the diums. 6:9-11. F ebruary . even temple prostitution with its immorality. Hos. 18:3. she is nesses of Jesus. because who wants to become a drunkard efforts. for she loves to get drunk as Jehovah’s Christian witnesses are iden­ on human blood. the world empire of false religion.” and was responsible for shedding ancient Babylon. These earthly enemy. that com­ voices of these witnesses who are preach­ pose her as an international organization. citing him to anger. 30. She has tried to induce the true Christian duty to enter the political field?” is im­ congregation under Jesus Christ to be­ portant to all. “We are not stronger than he is. both literal and figurative. She has many daughters. 11:5. dominated by false reli­ the blood of Jesus Christ. 9:10) says. She identi­ come “ drunk with the blood of the holy fies herself by her activities as being like ones. just alcoholic drinks. both in has made a fanatical effort to deaden the Christendom and in pagandom. 15. 23:13) Also. the question. Babylon the Great.” as God’s most bitter a mother. Even the stand they take and by their activity. As the apostle Paul Isa. drunk her fill “with the blood of the wit­ Although the woman is a harlot. She is identified clearly now. are Instead of cultivating the fruitage of the we?”— 1 Cor.

” Of so beautiful in the spring. and how grateful I am in my life brighter and brighter. My happiness f o r th e B ib le . that I came in contact with the Bi­ When I knew the day of his coming.b l e ’ s truth. he first volume of the Studi a Lancaster County farm. “ If you don’t I would stroll through the apple orchard. and were going crazy on religion. The Amish minister called different longed for a better understanding of God’s Word. These Amish folks Jehovah for letting me see his truth! are very plain in their way of living and LEAVING THE AMISH CHURCH dress. where one could of the enjoy the beauties of God’s creation. . but I am uttering these things God created would be burned sayings of truth and of soundness of up. But some said we four years old. as he was trunks whitewashed and the branches just eagerly reading it himself. with the tree course. don’t read it. Paul! Great learning would say to myself. my was willing and eager to learn more of parents being of the old-order Amish faith God’s Word. 25) I. . This all seemed so unreasonable. Often in the Scriptures. for true Christians. This was just the be­ psalmist: “Your people will offer them­ ginning of the light that would shine selves willingly” . but it was not until the year 1906 times to get me to come back to church. he knew I would read it. too. How that I offered myself willingly as a pio­ happy I was to learn that the earth and its beauty would never be destroyed! I neer!— Ps. our farm was sold. 110:3. Russell’s print­ that over f i f t y ed sermons en­ years ago I o f ­ As told by Malinda Z. When my in time I went to live with my sister on brother-in-law handed me The Divine Plan A g e s t. but in the Amish is driving you into madness!” Paul said: Church I was taught that someday all “I am not going mad . and how grateful I was to of Lancaster County. From that time till now dead are asleep and not conscious some­ I have liked to think of the words of the where in torment. and some of them still travel about Others in the same Amish church be­ with horse and buggy. gave me a copy arises l a r g e l y of one of Charles f r o m the f a c t T. “What of what Festus said to the apostle Paul: a wonderful Creator and Provider!” I “You are going mad. I was also bothered by the teaching mind. he said. My AM eightybrother-in-law. I I 92 . Keefer fered myself as a titled “ W here willing volunteer in Are the Dead?” Great was my joy in knowing the full-time service of Jehovah now called the pio­ that the Bible taught that the neer ministry. want to be called crazy. three years knowing my love old but very hap­ py. Due to my father’s death when I was gan to see God’s truth. I was reminded filled with fragrant pink blossoms. I was born in Eden.” (Acts 26:24. and at that time I and was this really what the Bible taught? discarded the Amish garb I was then wear­ I was always interested in the Bible and ing. had to that the wicked would suffer forever in make my mind over to God’s will and way torment. Pennsylvania.

arrangements were made for me to for their hope. “If you want to wait until amphitheatre. bank where the hillside formed a natural His reply was.— 1 Cor. the Watch Tower “It was decided to use a lagoon or byeSociety’s president. I was shunned by them receive many times more and will inherit in many ways. that led to activity had been opened to I began meeting with a little group of me. The ac­ with. Revelation 18:4 (AV) kept going through My prayers were answered.500 . (1 Pet. described that baptism: hear Brother Russell. ing to study my Bible so I could defend the but you will learn as you go along. and I could my mind: “ Come out of her. August 29-September 5. a by water baptism. 16:9. my people. 1967 ffieWATCHTOWER 93 would get up at three o’clock in the morn­ you know it all you will never get started. as the apostle Peter said Christians he told me of a sister in Ohio who wanted should be always ready to make a defense a companion. a privilege from Jehovah! OFFERING MYSELF AS A PIONEER I was now looking forward to my first However. she showed me much tivity we engaged in then was the leaving kindness and help. but how What a thrill it was to be there with so could I get started in the colporteur work.” say with the apostle Paul that a large door “Come out of her. but twenty-four other those who offered themselves willingly: persons also left the Amish Church.” That I did. Jehovah had now shown Tower Society’s headquarters family. but no intimidation or fear everlasting life. I talked to him of my water off the Niagara River for the water desire to enter the full-time service but immersion. and first assignment in the pioneer ministry. and hold the service on the said that I felt in need of more knowledge. to be held in Niagara Falls. as I wanted to share full time New York. this limited activity did not convention. 19:29) I will of man could turn me back from offering never forget the encouragement I received myself to Jehovah as a willing volunteer and the kindness shown me by the Watch for God’s work. my ber the last time I went to church. but when I did. The Watch Tower of few others and I went to Pittsburgh to October 1. copies of Bible Students strength of Jehovah. many others of like faith! It was my first as the pioneer work was then called? A opportunity to symbolize my dedication way was opened up. On June 1. I was knocking on Monthly. Little did I realize that this would be my privilege for fifty-nine years! What Word. 1907. were then called. through the of tracts. and there I learned more I had never met the sister I was to work of Jehovah’s wonderful purposes. not just I.” (Matt. 3:15) For me the stay in Pittsburgh. and me a new way of life. my people. little country girl in a big city! Yet I was There was quite a stir in the church mindful of the blessings Jesus foretold for when. While waiting to hear from before everyone that demands a reason her. and through this door I willingly en­ Bible Students. Ohio.F ebruary 1.” Then truth. as Jehovah’s witnesses tered. All arrangements were now made. in the service. How well I remem­ I was on my way to Zanesville. Now. An audience of about 1. Here I was— just a Bible was now a meaningful book. 1907. at the doors on Sunday morning in the hope that some would read them my first door to explain Bible truth to and seek further knowledge of God’s others. 1907. The “ Everyone that has left houses or broth­ rules of the Amish Church are that if ers or sisters or father or mother or chil­ one leaves the church the members must dren or lands for the sake of my name will not eat with him. I was willing. satisfy me.

In 1929 came the financial collapse and depression. We also traded our Bible literature for soap coupons. In 1928 Nathan and I were mar­ ried. in 1914. who was reared in a Christian Brooklyn. chickens. There was very little money to be had. we became special pioneers. We were thankful to Jehovah to continue in the service dur­ ing those trying times. during World War I. and it was. We pioneered in iso­ lated territory most of the time. F. Pennsylvania. They de­ cided to let us go. When I met him he was congrega­ tion servant of the Williamsport congre­ gation. It was a joy to bring the good news of the Kingdom to the de­ pressed people in the southern state where we were working.Y. home. During a depression could we make ends meet? We never doubted. This in­ volved visiting about twenty small con­ gregations in the area. We showed them the purpose of our work. and it was especially helpful to me to know that Jehovah always provides the help we need. I met Nathan J. where we found the people very friendly and much literature was placed. One day a chicken got away from us and it struck out for home across a plowed field. While working around Wil­ liamsport. Later. The Watch Tower Society asked Brother Keefer to serve as a zone servant in Virginia and West Virginia. as Watch Tower described that convention: “As for spiri­ tual profit and manifestation of the Mas­ ter’s love we cannot imagine how it could have been improved upon— but this was true also of the Indianapolis convention and others. banks were closed. and after an address explanatory of the true bap­ tism and its water symbol. Keefer. It seems true of our conven­ tions . Eventually the Justice of the Peace pulled out the fourth volume of the Stud­ ies in the Scriptures. . My next pioneer assignment was in the State of Delaware and along the eastern shore of Maryland. Our first assignment as special pioneers was in Harrisonburg. vegetables. When the zone work ended. He gave a convention talk on the importance of prayer. SPECIAL PIONEER PRIVILEGES In 1939 the door of activity opened still wider. and so forth. and we celebrated the Memorial of the Lord’s death with this little group in the spring of 1942.94 SKeWATCHTOWER. a mining town of many lan- . entitled “The Battle of Armageddon. We could often trade a five-cent booklet for a spool of thread. . gathered at the appointed hour. The office door was locked and the secret service man asked many ques­ tions.’ ” And that has been true with the many other assemblies I have attended. knowing that Jehovah was our Provider. Rutherford.” What a joyful time that was! I will always remember that Niagara Falls assembly also for the talk given by Brother J. A Watchtower study was started with the interest­ ed ones. 241 were im­ mersed. It certainly was true. as it was needed for a trade-in on gasoline for our car.” and said he had read it and found nothing wrong with it. It was a real privi­ lege to work with these friends and we were like a big family. In a small town in Delaware my companion and I were taken to the office of the Justice of the Peace by a secret ser­ vice man. He was also a member of the Brooklyn Bethel or headquarters family of the Watch Tower Society for several years. later to become the Watch Tower Society’s president. we went back to work the same territory. eggs. Our next assignment was Mahanoy City. that ‘The last always seems the best. if we look to him. N. The pioneer work has taken me into fifteen states. and then we enjoyed our willing ser­ vice together. Pennsylvania. but it had to be captured. Virginia.

vigorous life. Later Adonijah cunningly persuaded Solomon’s mother. How thankful I am that I offered my­ self willingly as a pioneer when a young woman and always put Kingdom interests first! ancient Oriental custom. first consider the background.. I have enjoyed fifty-nine years of pioneer­ ing. Jehovah’s provisions have been so won­ derful all down through the years. he would say. I have never lacked any of the necessities of life. as he passed away before we finished this assignment. Now. his servants chose the beautiful virgin Abishag to serve as his nurse and companion. A fter ascending the throne. My years of pioneer­ ing have been full of joy and blessings. but in such a w ay as to protect his rightful position as the anointed king on “Jehovah’s throne. U. with ten other spe­ cial pioneers. I was glad to have a little share in this expansion. New Jersey. I am still offering myself willingly as long as this door of activity remains open to me. so in 1963 the Society gave me an as­ signment in my home territory. did King Solomon have him put to death when he re­ quested Abishag as his w ife?— R. And. according to 95 and the operation was successful. Bathsheba. Lancaster County. . The king reacted by revoking Adonijah’s pardon and ordering his death. now there are four congregations. Solomon extended to would-be King Adonijah a conditional pardon. Hence. Adonijah. after pardoning Adonijah. at eighty-three years of age. This was the last assignment for Nathan and me together. not simply a desire for a beautiful wife.A. There were about twenty publishers in Trenton at that time. she would become the property of his heir when David died. It would seem to be so placed to shed light on Adonijah’s actions during the early part o f Solomon’s reign. W hen David was in his old age and apparently greatly weakened by his long. and this I was willing to do with the help of Jehovah. and the encouraging letters I have received from the Society from time to time have been a great blessing too. F. (1 Ki. Solomon did not act out of wild or irresponsible jealousy. In 1943 the Society assigned me to Trenton. as we would be leaving friends. while putting Kingdom interests first. Solomon concluded that Adonijah’s request indicated a subtle effort by this usurper to strengthen his false claim to the throne of Israel.F ebruary 1. 1967 SfieWATCHTOWER. with blessings too nu­ merous to recount. Pennsylvania. 2:13-25. “ Keep up the good work!” I felt he would say the same to me. 29:23. Many times. my eyesight began to fail due to the development of cataracts.”— 1 Chron.” she was evidently viewed as being his wife or concubine. My one cataract has been removed ® W hy. In order to understand Solomon’s actions. I am pres­ ently blessed with some good studies and find great joy in teaching these sheeplike ones God’s truth. to ask her son to give him Abishag as a wife. A s such. 1:1-4) Even though David “had no intercourse with her. After serving there as a special pioneer for twenty years. The account concerning Abishag directly precedes the details o f the abortive attempt to gain the crown by David’s oldest surviving son.S. There have been a few problems over the years. but by my sticking close to Je­ hovah’s organization they soon melted away. guages. In recent months I have had to conserve strength and so now devote most of my ministerial time to making back-calls and conducting home Bible studies.— 1 Ki.

pleasing God. Page 73. the book Life N ow available is Everlasting— in Freedom of the Sons of God.— Isa. the new Watch Tower Publications Index 1966 containing subject and scripture indexes to all issues of The Watchtower and Awake! for 1966. at what it all accomplishes in fulfilling God’s purposes. by talking about it whenever opportunity affords. especially if done from humanitarian motives. W e cannot expect to have this joy if we dwell on unpleasant things or experiences. we must look at our minis­ try positively. Watch Tower Publications Index 1961-1965 (50c). the keeping of late hours. we show we make God’s worship our chief joy by freely contributing of our means according to what we have. ANNOUNCEMENTS 1966 WATCH TOWER PUBLICATIONS INDEX others in the lives of Jehovah’s witnesses. furthers God’s interests and magnifies his name.— Luke 21:1-4. — Phil. by seeking first God’s kingdom.* A Christian’s joy is a pleasurable feeling o f satisfaction in knowing that he is doing the right thing. 35. (Matt. but there is abiding satisfaction in knowing that one is doing the will of God and is aiding his fellowmen to lay hold of eternal life. remembering that the more we give pro­ portionately. 2 Cor. let us never forget how important a good condition of heart is toward making God’s worship our chief joy. It is this joy that Jehovah’s witnesses will have during February as they call at the homes of people to discuss the Bible and to offer. * For details see The Watchtower.”— Isa. 5:15. in separating people. “m y own servants will cry out joyfully. and Kingdom Ministry for 1966. 65:14. The realization of such things brings us a joyful sense of contentment and inner tranquillity that can always be ours. What Has God's Kingdom Been Doing Since 1914?. can compare with God’s service or worship when it comes to giving one rich and enduring joy. ' r “ WATCHTOWER” STUDIES FOR THE WEEKS March 5: Fruitful Christians M anifest Godly Contentment. and Watch Tower Publi­ cations Index 1930-1960 * ($1). But none of these. of course. as an aid to interested persons.taking God’s Service Gur Chief Joy How do we show that we are m aking God’s service our chief joy? By thinking about it. but there is one source of joy that stands out above all March 12: Servants of God Full Time. FIELD MINISTRY There are many things in life that may bring a person a measure of joy. D And. 16) W e show it by taking good care of our physical powers. Acts 20:35. Rather. Not that the preaching work is always easy. Yes. To be able to make God’s worship or service our chief joy we must dwell on the things that will give us joy. Songs to Be Used: 52. the greater our joy. 9:7. Also available. H E R E are many activities that result in a measure of joy to those who engage in them. 65:14. a year’s subscription for The Watchtower for just $1. — 1 Cor. 1966. 1967 Yearbook of Jehovah's Witnesses. June 1. 8 :12. nor all of them put together. 9:25. cheer­ fully. 4 :4 . all o f which are so likely to rob us of our vital powers that we could otherwise use in God’s service and to the upbuilding of our brothers and ourselves. W hat is that? Sharing in Jehovah’s service. Page 79. as foretold. Available for 10c. It comes from knowing that we are doing good work that benefits others. Finally. 4:23. 96 . Prov. 6:33) W e also show it by buying out time from world­ ly pursuits and pleasures for it— for meetings. 63. in witnessing to his name and kingdom and in proving our integrity. Songs to Be Used: 30. avoiding overindulgence in food and drink. undue excitement. for personal study and for the field ministry. Send today. (Eph.


$1 Canada. Kingston 10 7 /New Zealand. .. It m ay be read with confidence. but it follows and explains a Book o f prophecy the predictions in which have proved to be unerring and unfailing till now. 41 Trafalgar Rd. Isaiah 54:13 CONTENTS Meeting the Problems of Your Children 99 Fulfilled Prophecy Testifies that God Lives 101 Jehovah Makes Full Might Abound 105 "F ro m a W eak State . U.I. "T h e W a tch to w er” is therefore under safe guidance.S. N. Write Watchtower.. This is an international magazine and makes no racial distinctions. Private Bag 2. Because o f having the name "T h e W a tch tow er” this magazine justly has to render a similar useful service to the people o f all nations. .Y. New Yorlc 1 1 2 0 1 . Second-class postage paid at Brooklyn. 1 9 6 1 edition.. 621 New North Rd. Made Powerful” 112 An Abortive Attempt to Establish a New Order 120 Avoid the Snare of "Saving Face” 125 Questions from Readers 128 Th» Bible translation used in “ The Watchtower” is the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures. President G rant S uiter. Brooklyn. The Ridgeway.”— John 6 :4 5 . It enables him to see far ahead into the distance and tell those below for w hom he is a watchman w hat is drawing near.W. your old address lab el). the only living and true God. Ever since "T h e W a tch tow er” began to be published in July o f 1 8 7 9 it has looked ahead into the future. 7 7/6 Jamaica. 11201 $1 Australia.A. Watch Tower House.I. Le M oRo RSYg - Isaac Leeser's version James Moffatt's version J. for w e are all facing a common w orld danger.Swahili Pidgin Tamil Motu Tswana Turkish Pampango Pangasinan Ukrainian Papiamento Urdu Polish Yoruba Yearly subscription rates Watch Tower Society offices for semimonthly editions America. W h ic h one does this magazine present? N o t the confused religions o f Christendom. Auckland S. N. The sacred. N o . ____________________ CHANGES OF AD D RESS should reach us thirty days before your moving date. Rotherham’s version Revised Standard Version Robert Young's version A v e r a g e p r i n t i n g e a c h i s s u e : 4 . Printed in U. nonpolitical purpose o f "T h e W a tch tow er” is accordingly to encourage and promote study o f the H oly Bible and to give our m any readers the needed unsectarian help to understand that Book o f true religion and infallible prophecy.. Thus this magazine w ill be helping them to prove w orthy o f perfect life and happiness in G od’s promised new order under H is everlasting kingdom o f righteousness. N... W . 21 Taylor St. B. When other translations are used the following symbols w ill appear behind the citations: ASATAVDy JP - American Standard Version An American Translation Authorized Version (1611) Catholic Douay version Jewish Publication Soc. . for its statements may be checked against that prophetic Book. U.. always striving to aid its readers to ad­ vance in knowledge and to gain a clearer picture o f the glorious new order o f things that is in store for righteous mankind.0 0 0 F i v e c e n t s a c o p y “ The Watchtower” Is Published In the Following 7 1 Languages S e m im o n th ly M o n th ly Afrikaans Arabic Cebuano Chinese Chishona Cibemba Cinyanja Danish Dutch English Finnish French German Greek Hiligaynon Iloko Italian Japanese Korean Malagasy Russian Ibo Icelandic Samar-Leyte Samoan Kanarese Kikongo Serbian Lingala Siamese Malayalam Silozi Marathi Sinhalese Melanesian. H. N.. 150 Bridgeland Ave. 11201. Notice of expiration is sent at least two issues before subscription expires. * 8 ? PUBLISHED BY THE WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY OF PENNSYLVANIA 117 Adams Street Brooklyn.S.Y.Y..S.W. written by inspiration in the name o f the Creator o f heaven and earth. Brooklyn. but the religion o f the oldest sacred Book on earth. P. Strathfleld. "T h e W a tch to w e r” is no inspired prophet.A. K norr.T H E PURPOSE O F "T H E W A T C H T O W E R ” Every watchtow er has its purpose. Port of Spain $1. Otherwise send your remittance to Brooklyn. Give us your old and new address ( if possible. Ontario $1 England. It serves as an elevated place for a wide-awake person with sharp vision. Secretary “ They will all be taught by Jehovah. U.S. 117 Adams St. w e are all hoping for a common good. London N.75 Norwegian Portuguese Sesotho Slovenian Spanish Swedish Tagalog Twi Xhosa Zulu Armenian Bengali Bicol Burmese Croatian Efik Ewe Fijian Ga Gun Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Ibanag Monthly editions cost half the above rates.. 1 7 /South Africa. W h ic h Book? The Sacred Bible o f the H o ly Scriptures.S. Woodbrook. Elandsfontein. Toronto 19. W . A m o n g the many nations o f today there are hundreds o f differing religions.0. Transvaal 70c Trinidad.W. whether it is a danger against which to prepare or it is something good over which to be glad with strong faith and hope. 117 Adams St.8 5 0 . Remittances for subscriptions should be sent to the office in your country. N. 11 Beresford Rd.A.

and three older lawbreakers under twenty years of age boys shared some beer with them. of the know they can exist in the most careful 29 million children in the ten to seventeen families and schools. “four and a half “We have received so many letters and million [one in every ten] American chil­ telephone calls from parents who want to dren need psychiatric treatment” to cope know how to help children who have be­ with seriously undesirable behavior pat­ come involved in these problems that we terns.” his mother ex­ every eleven.” notes a prominent po­ had a similar experience with their young­ lice official. for instance. 1966. 1967 N um ber 4 T H E 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAflAA/l/. been down at the d riv e-in w ith his In Japan. too. successfully also resulted in skyrocketing cases of ve­ meet the problems of your children? First. With his hands holding his throb­ York Times. The adult world has attention and help.m. nereal diseases.O ctober 19. front page. They can. Last fall a United States Senate study Parents League of New York. The modern-day emphasis on sex has How can you. This unquestion­ ing. observed: said that. “And the Not just a few mothers and fathers have frightening thing. Arnold Washton. “is that the crimes are tend­ sters.'?/7^ of YOUR CHILDREN 'fr\K UII II l/ IIUIIIIIIU UIIIIIIIIUIIIIU Him HIIIIU HIIH V ll HIIIIH mi li ti ii immi imm/immi in/ win n n n n n n n n n n n i ii imi innnniiMi immmmi i/\i\V^> E WAS sick when he came age-group. or about one in at 2 a. .— New pened. excessive drinking is only ing more and more toward violence . “I just put him to bed and waited the troubles in which modern youth are until this morning to ask him what hap­ involved stagger the imagination. .” tripled between 1953 and 1963. the number of thirteen-year-old friends. Do not assume that the adopted a “new morality” of sexual free­ wild parties. plained..” face today. the drinking. reckless driv­ dom. has a police record! Indeed. and other escapades of youth cannot ably has resulted in a great increase of possibly involve your children. as Mrs.” (J JLhome 99 . The study also revealed that. are ex­ morning-after drunk— he told me that he’d periencing problems with their children.'T ^ rtn o iiT zc iriq / J E H O V A H ’S KINGDOM F e b ru ary 15. However. and youth copy it. unwanted pregnancies and you must be convinced that they need your forced marriages. president of the problems among young people. bing head—like any other repentant Parents in other countries. 2 } million. in its opinion. one of the problems that parents often and the average age of the offenders is getting younger. as parents.

Y. the bond of love between you and your children is certain to grow. high heels. 6:4-9. really.” . And the Bi­ ble emphasizes the importance of parents’ regularly giving this instruction. Parents fre- Brooklyn. two physicians recently wrote: “ The sto­ ry is told of the mother with an unin­ formed thirteen-year-old pregnant daugh­ ter. I thought she was too young for that. making con­ versation on vital matters almost impos­ sible? According to the above writer: “ Their efforts to communicate with us are invariably and completely squelched. such parents send their ten. However. . Youngsters need someone to talk with. hopes and plans can be shared. When asked if she had explained the ‘facts of life’ to her daughter. when really twelve-year-olds to unchaperoned parties with ‘dates’ wearing silk stockings. children vitally need understanding. . At times they may resent what they consider un­ due restrictions.” Un­ fortunately. can’t you see I’m busy?’ How much better if the parent. for instance. It is your responsibility to do so! And. with little knowledge other than how to suck and to cry. as parents you must stand firm and enforce necessary rules. This time together should be planned. and yet instructive.—Deut. ‘Oh. and if you anticipate the problems they will face and prepare them to meet them. In this way the child will sense that his parents are really interested in him and will more readily confide in them. ideas. adult-style clothes and lipstick. so that the child could receive necessary guidance and instruction from ones who would truly love it. ask the child what was on his mind. 6:4. N. this is often true. no. is “ that they cannot talk with grown people. when free. a person who appreciates their problems and who will help them to meet them by providing needed counsel. ‘Go away. and share them at the meal table. of belonging. . Parents should never underestimate the importance of communication with their youngsters.” It is true that young­ sters may at times pressure for freedom to do such things. so that it real­ ly does build up and strengthen family ties. she replied. activities. If you maintain healthy family ties so that your children feel free to talk with you. But how is it that parents and their children drift so far apart. Eph. quently push off their inquiring child. Illustrating how parents often fail to satisfy this need. loving parents.” Little wonder that newspapers and magazines every year receive thou­ sands of letters from children who say they want someone with whom to talk over their personal problems. However. But eventually they will undoubtedly voice the sentiments of one teen-ager: “ Now I finally know what I can and can’t do— and it’s taken a terrific load off my mind. your children will be grateful if you do. Therefore Al­ mighty God provided the marriage ar­ rangement. “ The fundamental complaint of young Americans. the very great ma­ jority of our kids have never enjoyed an intimate friendship with even one grown person. Make it fun. At mealtimes. Keep in mind things heard during the day that are humorous or of common interest. would promise to discuss the matter later and. and then wonder how they get into trouble at fifteen years of age. This communication and interest can draw the family together.” notes one wellknown writer. experiences.100 SHeWATCHTOWER There is no question about it. giving the children a sense of security.’ ” The doctors then observed: “Too fre­ quently. to do so requires setting aside time to be with your children. A baby comes into the world helpless and ignorant.

22:18) Did this occur? Since the day following the execution was a holy one to the Jews and bodies were not to be left on the torture stake overnight. the prophecies that were fulfilled at Jesus’ death. but God has done so centuries in advance. or the grave. How miraculously these prophecies were fulfilled!—John 19:23.” many wonder where they can find the truth about the matter. (Mic. 34:20. (Ps. in fact. God foretold in detail many things in connection with him. rather than to tear it up and divide it. 24.t ^ T e s f if ie s * h ^ £0l ' G O r \ j f ANY persons C/VJL f e e l th a t a living God would have interfered long ago in human affairs to cut short this era of wick­ edness and woe. Prophecies regarding Jesus’ time in the tomb and his resurrection likewise were astonishingly fulfilled. it is evidence that God lives. How­ 101 V ever. also. the Ro­ man soldiers proceeded to break the legs of the men to hasten their death. But since Jesus had just died. About seven hun­ dred years in advance God inspired his prophet to foretell that it would take place in Bethlehem. in Nazareth. In the inspired Psalms it was foretold that not one of his bones would be broken. of which fact we are all . When prophecies of the Bible are seen being fulfilled. WHAT PROPHECIES CONCERNING JESUS TESTIFY Consider Jesus’ birth. Augustus Cae­ sar’s registration de­ cree req u ired them to tra v el to B ethle­ hem to r e g is te r—at ju st the rig h t tim e for Jesus to be born th ere!—Luke 2 :1 -7 . And now that some clergymen have put forth the idea that “ God is dead. and on the third day be raised up. Humans cannot accurately foretell events and give precise details concerning them even a few years in advance. 16:10. In the Psalms it was foretold that God would not leave his holy one in hell.” (Matt. and especially pertinent to this con­ troversy of whether God lives is the testi­ mony of fulfilled prophecy. For example. AV) And Jesus himself explained that he would “be killed. and that those present would cast lots for his clothing. 16:21) Was he? Yes. Consider. 5:2) And how re­ markably this was fulfilled! It was. as a result of a royal decree of the Ro­ man Caesar himself! The Jewish virgin Mary and her husband Joseph were living in Galilee. a long journey over rugged terrain in those days. centuries before the arrival of Jesus Christ on earth. his were left unbro­ ken. some sixty or more miles north of Bethlehem. (Ps. he was! Testified the apostle Peter: “This Jesus God resurrected. (John 19:31-36) As for Jesus’ inner garment. it was woven with no seam. The truth can be found in the Holy Bible. so the soldiers decided to determine by lot whose it would be.

since the year 1914 God’s prophecies regarding the “ conclusion of the system of things” have been in the course of fulfillment! So of what is the present increase of woe really an evidence? That God is pow­ erless to alleviate the troubles? That he is not concerned enough with mankind to do anything in their behalf? Do present woes indeed indicate that “ God is dead” ? Or. the one called Devil . Luke chapter twenty-one and Second Timothy chapter three.” They feel that God has absented himself from earth’s affairs and. but to cast lots over it? And how was it that Jesus’ body was removed from the tomb on the third day without human intervention? It was accomplished by a living God! He intervened actively in human affairs to see that His prophecies were fulfilled!— Luke 24:1-7. as they had done his outer garments. but in heaven. and the holy angels fight against the Devil and his demon angels. Think now. chapter twelve. he is not doing anything in behalf of mankind upon earth. What do you read there? Why. Jesus Christ.” As the New York Times Magazine of May 2. witnesses. But in what direction are these wicked spirits hurled? In our direction— toward the earth! The Divine Record says: “So down the great dragon was hurled. Mark chapter thirteen. at the time of their fulfillment. is it not that these exact woeful conditions presently being experienced were fore­ casted to occur as a sign of the “ last days” ? Yes.1965. not on earth. rather. a concentrated number of dev­ astating earthquakes.102 SBeWATCHTOWER. of Violence. it was not the organized festivities of 1900 but rather the organized hostilities of 1914 that de­ cisively concluded a chapter in human history. do they prove that he is very much alive? For an answer. please. by the glorified Jesus Christ.” The prophecies were fulfilled! — Acts 2:30-32. Two destructive global wars. . Did all these many details just happen automatically simply because they were prophesied to occur? Was it merely by chance that Augustus Caesar made his registration decree at the exact time to maneuver Mary to Bethlehem when she was nearly ready to give birth? Was it just by accident that the soldiers proceeded to break the legs of the men after Jesus had died? Was it only by chance that Jesus’ inner garment was of such a kind that the soldiers decided not to divide it into separate parts among themselves. the original serpent. WHAT DO WORLD WOES TESTIFY? But what about today? A number of persons argue that the terrible increase of wickedness and woes upon the earth in our day is evidence that “ God is dead. . Is this true? Such persons certainly are correct in saying that this generation has experi­ enced a tremendous increase in woe and distress. This war is prompted by the birth of God’s kingdom. God’s enthroned Son. in your Bible to Matthew chapter twenty-four. dis­ astrous famines. unprecedented disease epidemics. The fulfillment of those prophecies tes­ tified.Y . all of such things have turned this generation into an “ Age B r o o k l y n . but that he was alive then. not merely that God had lived in the past. hurling them out of heaven. a vision of things to come. a terrible increase of lawlessness— yes. unlike in times past. John sees in vision a great war.” But should this terrible change for the worse in human affairs be unexpected by us? Did Almighty God leave mankind without warning of the coming of these distressing times? Turn. observed: “ Most historians now agree that . Here the apostle John is given. we can turn in the Holy Bible to the book of Revelation. N .

God is doing something else on and night before our God! . Believe: “Jehovah’s Witnesses have literal­ God has made the necessary provisions for ly covered the earth with their witnessing. seen in the light of fulfilled be objects of hatred by all the nations. Woe for behalf of mankind. not that God is dead. ” t h a t is. because the accuser of our brothers has Now that God’s kingdom is in operation been hurled down. And what does this ful­ the end will come. It may be truly said that no single re­ kind eternally by establishing His king­ ligious group in the world displayed more dom in the heavens. and you will Therefore. knowing he is this? He is having an End to Wickedness. or being uninterested in man.” prophecy. Soon that established zeal and persistence in the attempt to kingdom in the hands of Christ will put spread the good news of the Kingdom the Devil and his forces of wickedness out than the Jehovah’s Witnesses. and world wide despite opposition and hatred his violent ouster from heaven shows that “ by all the nations” ? God is very much alive and taking steps Consider the facts of history. 10. Jesus Christ said: “ People will deliver you [Kingdom witnesses] up to them to the earth. as foretold at Matthew 24:14: “This good news of the kingdom —Rev. who is misleading the entire of operation. who accuses them day in heaven. hurling contrary. lished kingdom.” Under what circumstances would God’s filled prophecy testify to? That God is dead? By no means.F ebruary 15. 103 and Satan. to the fact that the Devil has been hurled Has a Kingdom witness been given out of heaven and down to the earth. witnessing campaign t i m e . but just the opposite. Charles Samuel being helpless to do anything about the Braden. you. wrote in his book These Also situation. established kingdom be preached through­ that God lives! For it is evidence that God out “ all the inhabited earth for a witness has asserted his kingly power in heaven to all the nations” ? Would the nations re­ and that his kingdom has taken action joice in hearing this “ good news” ? On the against the Devil and his demons.” . but that God’s earth. . • W ere You Once a Kingdom Publisher? has a short period of carried out a global • E arth 's Final H um an Governm ent. because the Dev­ interested in the welCOMING IN THE NEXT ISSUE il has come down to f are of lovers of • A God of Loving-K indness. this is ex­ will be preached in all the inhabited earth actly what we have experienced during the for a witness to all the nations. 12. . a regarding his estab­ short time before he and his demons are put out of operation. For exam­ to put an end to wickedness. “Woe for the earth!” Yes. he was hurled down to the tify. 12:9. tribulation and will kill you. 24:9. world conditions today testify —Matt. a professor of history. wiping out wickedness and blessing man­ . What • H ow W e Know th a t God W ill P ut anger. . having grea t righteousness. . 1967 SKeWATCHTOWER. • Showing Kindness to Others. Truly world conditions tes­ inhabited earth. and his angels were hurled down kingdom now rules in the heavens and with him. and then past five decades. And I heard a loud voice in that God lives! heaven say: ‘Now have come to pass the salvation and the power and the kingdom KINGDOM PREACHING TESTIFIES THAT GOD LIVES of our God and the authority of his Christ. Instead of ple. testifying that He the earth and for the indeed lives and is sea.

” (Acts 5:34-39) The fact that the earth-wide Kingdom preaching continues is proof that it is of God. . The American Civil Liberties Union reported that. Because the living God is behind this work. 4:10. . surveyed the scene and wrote about Jehovah’s wit­ nesses in his volume Church. Pravda reports that the Wit­ nesses are becoming increasingly active. State and Freedom: “ Their aggressive missionary tactics are reminiscent of those employed by the early Christians. The Nazis tried to wipe out these King­ dom preachers. said: “All reli­ gion is anathema to the Soviets. these Christian witnesses were banned in thirty-four lands. women and children were vic­ tims of mob violence in 335 communities in 44 states. If it were. is it sensible to believe those who claim that God is dead? For all who approach the Bible with reverent mind there is am­ ple evidence that God lives. The Toronto Daily Star of July 2. that God is backing it up—yes. but if it is from God. religious leaders and mobs have tried to stop the Kingdom preaching. Nothing parallel to this extensive mob violence has taken place in the United States since the days of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920’s. you will not be able to overthrow them. and all the mighty resources of the state seem unable to de­ stroy it. .” In country after country political au­ thorities. In Communist lands throughout the world great efforts have been put forth to stop the Kingdom witnessing. Our confidence can indeed be the same as that of the apostle Paul. as Jesus foretold. . it will be overthrown. Great Britain and other lands the work has not stopped.” During World War II. . Hitler even screaming with clenched fists: “This brood will be exterminated in Germany!” And wrote Professor Ebenstein of Princeton Univer­ sity in his book The Nazi State: “A cam­ paign of terror was launched against [Jehovah’s witnesses] which surpassed anything perpetrated against any other victims of Nazism in Germany.” Why have powerful governments been unable to stop the work of this small group of Kingdom witnesses? This Kingdom preaching in the face of worldwide oppo­ sition clearly testifies to the fact that this preaching work is not of man. Canada. 1960. But despite mob violence in the United States. Why? B r o o k l y n . who long ago said: “ We have rested our hope on a living God.Y . . and the reception accorded them by the nonbelievers is like­ wise reminiscent of that visited on the early Christians. “ 1488 men.”— 1 Tim. . nothing infuriates them quite as much as do Jehovah’s Wit­ nesses. . Faith is spreading. As an esteemed doctor of Law in the first century said: “If this scheme and this work is from men. it would have collapsed long ago because of the opposition to it. Unac­ countably. N . Leo Pfeifer. that God lives! Faced with such telling testimony of ful­ filled prophecies of the past and even those presently undergoing fulfillment.104 SfceWATCHTOWER And what has been the reception given to these Kingdom witnesses? A noted con­ stitutional lawyer. . . however.” Yet the preaching work spread and Hitler and the Nazis could not stop the good news of the Kingdom from going to the people. But the opposers have failed. in six months alone in 1940.

do we benefit by this life story today? 4 This pattern of an irenic and a polemic 2 Speaking of historic events in ancientwork is to be seen also in the devoted min­ Israel.” And that he did! comfort from the Scriptures we might But to the wicked religious oppressors of have hope. In that way you 1. 40:31. Jesus declared: “Come to me. How are the meanings of Samson’s name appro­ priate? 4. They will run and not grow weary. the thrilling events of Samson’s but others give it the meaning “Desolator. Down through the ed to mean “ Sunny. Romans 15:4 assures us: “ For all istry of Jesus Christ while on earth. story of the strongest man of human his­ 16:30) His was an irenic work. What drama is here discussed. were written for our instruction. 40:29. (Judg.” Both meanings are most ap­ tion of young and old. in that it tory. 13:5. Why was the drama written down. Sun-man. And as we read this stirring record. in its execution of source of Samson’s great strength? How God’s judgments on his enemies. What pattern is seen in Jesus’ earthly ministry? 105 .” And having hope in God. it is in the Jehovah. through our endurance and through the and I will refresh you. they will walk and not tire out. chapters 13 to 16. Sun-like. we will come to realize. both as a “ sun-like” savior in Bible book of Judges. action-packed life have gripped the atten­ Destroyer. “He is giving to you resemble whitewashed graves. and has fore the beginning of Saul’s reign in 1117 been told and retold in song and play. During Samson’s twenty-year son and Delilah has become one of the judgeship in Israel. and what lesson does it convey? 3. hypocrites! because found in Jehovah alone. every sort of uncleanness.gD IIISIIIIQPEICd Makes Full Might Abound “ Those who are hoping in Jehovah will regain power. brought refreshing deliverance to Israel..”— Isa.E.” ages. To the things that were written aforetime the meek. probably shortly be­ great “love stories” of history. Israel and as a devastating desolator of that we read in faithful detail the real-life the oppressing Philistines. and where is it ac­ curately recorded? 2. he showed exclusive devotion to varying accuracy. EXCLUSIVE DEVOTION MONG many powerful dramas re­ 3The name Samson is generally translat­ corded in Jehovah’s Word is that concerning Samson. with B. we may ask ourselves: What was the and a polemic work. that all you who are toiling and loaded down. the people he cried out: “Woe to you. However. The affair of Sam­ propriate. which the tired one power.C. as did Samson. and to the one with­ outwardly indeed appear beautiful but in­ out dynamic energy he makes full might side are full of dead men’s bones and of abound. They will mount up with wings like eagles. that the secret of real strength is to be scribes and Pharisees."— Isa.

and for what purpose? 6. the “ Samson” class had a work to do! tate Christians— “weeds”—sown by the Devil. and what lay ahead for the “ Samson” class? 10.” made up of devoted. at “ the conclusion of the system of things” for their destruction.” (Matt. These giving "his domestics . Jesus Christ. universal organization—at Christians. was well typified by (Judg. off­ of Christendom. How so? * Jehovah instructed Samson’s mother. Serpents. that the Philistines invaded the realm of For this very purpose he organized the God’s people in Samson’s day. of whom the at the proper time. Christians.” (Judg. 13:2-7) he tested these Christians as to their loy­ This required that Samson practice absti­ alty to fundamental Bible truth. exclusive 9 The time was fast approaching when devotion was required of this “ slave” class. (Matt. 5 The Lord Jesus Christ set in motionof God’s pure worship in the same way a powerful work of Kingdom witnessing. which have substituted spring of vipers.” After til the day of his death. stated thatgather all lawless ones out of his kingdom. Jehovah began to regather and or­ Samson of old. as the “faithful and nancy.” (Matt. but inside you are full of hypoc­ Catholic and Protestant religious systems risy and lawlessness. the “ Son of man. outwardly indeed. and said that it would try to choke out true. (a) Why did Samson show interest in the Timnite woman? (b) How did this have modern-day ful­ fillment ? . What group did Jesus organize on earth. “Jehovah continued to bless “ slave” organization of true. that he wear his hair long and that spirit upon them. (Num. . in modern times. and what did this involve? (b) What similar requirement has Jehovah laid upon true Chris­ tians. 8But “ wheat” Christians of the “faith­ "faithful and discreet slave. What time was approaching.” of in modern times. and it serves ful and discreet slave” class were also to this day as the Master’s appointee in growing up through the centuries.Y . Greece and Rome for Christ’s Bible teach­ ings. anointed witnesses. as Samson reached adulthood. (a) What instruction did Jehovah give to Sam­ son’s mother. 11:28. devoted him. .” Then. . appear righteous growth is seen in the development of the to men.” Jesus Christ. Christ Jesus. This system has invaded the realm 23:27-33. would 7 The Master. and “un­ on earth at the “time of the end. that the child to be born must be discreet slave” for getting his will done devoted as a Nazirite from birth.—Matt. . ganize “wheat” Christians under their even before this divinely arranged preg­ Master. last brought forth spiritual sons. 25) Likewise. 24:47) But he spoke ther. 24:45) This record says. 7. 13:24. the judgment of Gehenna?”—Matt.” his Kingdom inter­ ly as the sun in the kingdom of their Fa­ ests on earth. . SffieWATCHTOWER also. he set his nence. and in what environment have these grown up? “AGAINST THE PHILISTINES” 10 Samson’s first exploits were per- 8. 13:36-43) In preparation for also of a counterfeit organization of apos­ this. [spiritual] food were like the young Samson. 6:1-21) Similarly.106 B r o o k l y n . Just such a 5. and when the righ­ he would appoint this devoted “ slave” over teous ones would come to “ shine as bright­ “all his belongings. particularly the remnant there­ “Jehovah’s spirit started to impel him. impelling them to do a he refrain from defiling himself by touch­ work of witnessing that has involved ing a dead body. Samson-like spiritual warfare against the when Jehovah’s long-barren “woman”— wicked Philistine-like organization of false his heavenly. how are you to flee from the pagan philosophies of ancient Babylon. What is pictured in Jehovah’s spirit being with Samson ? 9. wheatlike Christians. N . 13: Christian congregation on earth as a 24-30.

14:1-4. that Luther nailed to the church door of “ that was from Jehovah. ad­ in 1879. so Jeho­ showed itself forthright in its support vah and his holy angels appear to have of Bible truth.. even look! a maned young lion roaring upon to advocating the burning of their Bible meeting him. 4) And sledge-hammer blows directed against the it appears to have been “from Jehovah” most flagrant ecclesiastical abuse of the that.E. .” 12. * Volume 17. 7. 18:17th a t the W a t c h 40) T h eW a t c h Tower magazine be­ T o w e r o f 1894.F ebruary 15. What modern-day parallel is there to Samson’s contest with the lion? Give an example. the lion is used to represent jus­ “lion” fare? “Jehovah’s spirit became optice. Deut. This proved too much given support to the modern-day “faithful for the clergy of Protestantism.13. (1 Ki.” 11. age . It kept was like Elijah go­ lurking in vine­ ing among the Baal yards of its own lik­ worshipers of his ing. But how did this Protestant bolism. described by The ing for an opportunity against the Philis­ Encyclopaedia Britannica*as “ninety-fi tines. lustily against Jehovah’s witnesses.” (Judg. What is pictured by the and how? “maned young lion. under “Luther. What! Marry some of the abuses perpetrated by Catholi­ a Canaanite— a woman under God’s curse cism in the name of Christianity. (Ezek. there were the ninety-five theses riage that Samson had in mind. P rotestan tism “wheat” Christians f a i l e d to clea n mingled free ly in house doctrinally.” However. 5:5) Here the “ young lion” ap­ Timnah of the daughters of the Philis­ pears to picture Protestantism. impelled “ faithful And just as Sam­ and discreet slave” son’s parents finally went along with him to Timnah. in order to find “Philistine” terri­ an occasion for vin­ tory. moned enough courage to pounce out from 11 What followed? “When [Samson] gottheir “hideouts” of false doctrine and roar as far as the vineyards of Timnah. 107 formed in connection with “ a woman in 4:6. the p a g a n i s t i c continuing to hold church systems of fast to many false Christendom. gan to be published pages 140-141. f a r d o w n in day.” (Judg. Rather.” When he asked for her as wife. which in tines. It Catholicism. that he was look­ Wittenberg in 1517 C. the spiritvocated doing this. 7:3. 1:10. as well as courage. the sale of indulgences. . in the years from 1879 to 1919. dicating Jehovah’s 12 F name. 1967 SHeWATCHTOVVER. For ex­ of destruction? But it was not really mar­ ample. why. who sum­ and discreet slave” in such witness work. with Babylonish teach­ a view to finding ings that had been and releasing sin­ adopted into apos­ cere p ersons en ­ tate Christianity by trapped therein. . 14:5) In Bible sym­ literature. Rev. its beginnings came out boldly against his parents rightly protested.

Samson paid his debt over this riddle in E. 6:17. rectness of TheWatch Tower’s stand on the years 1879-1919. and out of the strong something I. yards and the olive groves of the Philis­ “ This very ‘sweetness’ became the fo­ tines. What do Samson’s further feats picture? . N . 12. the triumph of Jehovah’s “slave” over sweet came forth. L. and there was nothing at all in his “ Out of the eater something to eat came hand. so that he tore it with the Philistines. the Philistines surreptitiously wheedled it out through by God’s spirit. (a) What happened in connection with Samson’s riddle? (b) What did this foreshadow? 17. tural. Eaton’s congregation leave him to slaying thirty of their number and hand­ become Jehovah’s witnesses.” reaching a climax in the lion’s corpse. ey. It was swer in the prescribed time. 16. on return­ tional “Philistine” garments. It came about in two. hell and put out the fire. and how was this “spiritual” provender of Christendom’s refulfilled today? 15.” (Judg.” (Judg. in the pre-World War I cal point of Samson’s first test of strength activity of Jehovah’s “slave. erative upon [Samson]. even to and dispatching them with torches be­ exposing and slaying the Protestant “lion” tween their tails—to burn up the standing with his Word of truth. And those of the clergy son class. they answered series of debates held in 1903 between the him correctly: “What is sweeter than hon­ Watch Tower president of that time. 14:6) Prior to World War forth. 14:10-20. C. 14:8.” nor could they understand how God makes “ Spiritual warfare on behalf of God’s full might abound by his spirit. Doing God’s will is food to them. the Samson class find sweet sus­ There was his superhuman accomplish­ tenance as they reflect on Jehovah’s use ment of catching three hundred jackals.108 SflkWATCHTOWER.—Eph. religion­ “ During fundamental issues. As a result. So he scraped it publication. So.little band of Jehovah’s devoted witnesses. the harvested sheaves. T. The spiri­ truth and righteousness has always tual slaying and exposing of false religion­ brought great joy to the modern-day Sam­ ists continued. grain. 13 A forceful example of this was theSamson’s betrothed. and false religion. but a num­ ing over their garments to “the tellers of ber of clergymen acknowledged the cor­ the riddle. of them in theocratic warfare. just as someone tears a male kid through Samson’s propounding the riddle: in two. Eaton. “ turned aside them as “ dyed-in-the-wool” adherents of to look at the carcass of the lion. one of these clergymen told him: They could not appreciate the ‘sweetness’ “ I am glad to see you turn the hose on that God’s “ slave” finds in doing his will. by of Dr.” Unable to find the an­ Protestantism was just as decisive.”— Judg. and a Pittsburgh clergyman. eating The Finished Mystery. 9) Down to 17 What of Samson’s further feats? this day. B r o o k l y n . addi­ dication of Jehovah’s name against his enemies. Ps. as it were. as he walked.” the claimed 14. who persisted in their opposition to the and especially their sharing in the vin­ Samson class received. “ Samson’s” righteous anger there there was a swarm of bees in the “continued hot. identifying ing past the lair of the lion. ists of Christendom were unable to fath­ during which Brother Russell clearly om the secret of the strength of the showed that “ eternal torment” is unscrip. and what is stronger than a lion?” Russell. in 1917.Y . (John 4:34) Samson. Dr. How was Samson refreshed. of the polemic book. After the last debate. and honey. Likewise. out into his palms and walked on. the vine­ 77:11. not only did many the kind that the Philistines deserved.

cowardly fellow Israelites. Like­ Jehovah has made abundant and neverwise. 144: as well as through congregational meet­ 1. Samson class went “ smiting” and exposing 19 In need of refreshment.” he struck FROM GAZA TO HEBRON down a thousand Philistines. 2. that frail jawbone stood up to tine city.” These now surrounded him and lay in wait at the city gate.” In like manner. ever “conscious Judeans.” may be constantly him over to the enemy. 15:1-8. and by whose power? . 18. and of Jehovah. and God caused a mi­ thighs with a great slaughter.— Judg. But when they stimulated for further theocratic warfare. and. “piling legs upon called on Jehovah. 50:4. 20. even such as Alexan­ d e r th e Great. a challenge in later years to conquerors. Was this for an im­ moral purpose? No.” so that provision. 15:9-19. a “famine . a Philis­ of Jehovah. through The their refuge and consolation in Jehovah. [‘The Fountain of the Crier’]. thought they had him bound. Watchtower and other Bible-study helps. tried to trap Samson and to turn of their spiritual need. Samson now the false religionists. 2) At Etam. being “set on fire” and skulls! In modern times. and lodged for the night in the house of a prostitute woman. moist jawbone of a male ass. So. Days of fam­ nesses. the place came to be called “En-hakkore —Judg. Sam­in Lehi down to this day. (Amos 8:11) In Jehovah’s strength. “Jehovah’s We do well always to drink deeply of this spirit became operative upon him. the — Isa.F ebruary 15. 6. Gaza w as r e n o w n e d f o r its massive walls. 41:17. . Jehovah has simi­ burned up—gutted by millions of fiery larly sustained and empowered his wit­ tracts. which is 18 Coming under enemy pressure. for hearing the words speaking out against false religionists. ings. he tore his bonds asunder. What feat did Samson perform at Gaza. By a miracle 20 Once Samson went to Gaza. the Samson class today have found failing provision today. taking “a Isa. Matt.” came upon Christendom. so that his witnesses. booklets and books. 5:3. in bringing comfort to other meek ones. as they meekly use their jaws in ine. . 1967 5EeW A TC H TO W E R 109 ligions was badly scorched. ‘the rock of salvation.” It was a raculous spring of water to flow forth. 89:26. time for aggressive spiritual warfare. son took refuge in the crag Etam. f o r he w as a g a i n “looking for an op­ portunity against the Philistines. It was shown the crushing of a thousand thick Philistine to be valueless.’ (Ps. 61:1.

” . 11:18) It was just as Jehovah’s spirit had moved his devoted “ slave” to warn in advance. 12:10. As visible evidence thereof. the “International Bible Students” [Jehovah’s witnesses] . have been proclaiming to the world that the Day of Wrath prophesied in the Bible would dawn in 1914. we will have them trapped!’ But they reckoned without Jeho­ vah’s determination to fulfill the prophe­ cies he had long previously recorded in his Word. and carried it high up into the land of Jehovah’s praise. as the evidence continues to mount that his kingdom by Christ was indeed es­ tablished in 1914. in 1879. and how did a New York newspaper comment on this? B r o o k l y n . 23 In Jehovah’s power. 46:9-11.” consistently proclaimed the year 1914 as the date for the end of “ the Gentile times” and the establishment of God’s kingdom by Christ.” but what did they fail to reckon with? 22. and of this his long hair was a symbol. .’ declared the Philistine religionists. SAMSON AND DELILAH 24 Remember that Samson was a Nazirite. What happened in 1914. Zion’s Watch Tower. is a dishonor” to a man. 22 Right on time. the land of Jehovah’s praise! Only Jehovah’s sustaining power could strengthen Samson for so colossal a feat! 21 This humiliating blow to Philistine pride has a modern-day parallel. The World. Jehovah is being praised more and more. . And in 1914 comes war. “ the nations be­ came wrathful” in their first world war. 1914. representing this strange creed. fearlessly and without com­ promise. 16:1-3) That was all of forty miles — out of enemy territory clear up to a peak in Judah. through preachers and through press.Y . the “faithful and discreet slave” thus tore the enemy’s trap­ like gate from its foundations. “ the kingdom of our God” in the hands of his Christ began ruling in the heavens.110 SEeWATCHTOWER How ponderous its gateposts must have been! But miracle of miracles! Samson “rose at midnight and grabbed hold of the doors of the city gate and the two side posts and pulled them out along with the bar and put them upon his shoulders and went carrying them up to the top of the mountain that is in front of Hebron. “Look out for 1914!” has been the cry of hundreds of traveling evangelists who. ‘and when the forecasts of these “Bible students” prove wrong. His divinely provided strength was dependent on his continuing in unswerv­ ing devotion to Jehovah.— Isa. 11:14. to this day. and. 23. . and other sorrows marking “ the conclu­ sion of the system of things” began to afflict mankind. His strength lay in what that unshorn hair represented. From its first year of publication. the strength of Jehovah’s “slave” today rests in its unwavering de­ votion to Jehovah. What was represented in Samson's long hair? . For a quarter of a century past. and is here to stay! —Rev. . in maintaining integrity to God.” (Judg. A leading New York newspaper. so the Samson class must continue to suffer the world’s reproaches. posts and all. N . the Samson class was vindicated in its support of Je­ hovah’s Word of prophecy. (Rev. How did the clergy expect to trap God’s “slave. the war which everybody dreaded but which everybody thought could not really happen. 21. (Luke 21:24. and with what praise to Jehovah? 24. In the same way. acknowl* Now The Watchtower. Just as “ long hair . Truly. which included the following: The terrific war outbreak in Europe has fulfilled an extraordinary prophecy. —1 Cor. . edged this in a long feature article in its issue of August 30. How was the Samson class vindicated. have gone up and down the country enunciating the doctrine that “the Kingdom of God is at hand. . in the fall of 1914. 12.* official journal of the “faithful and discreet slave. AV) ‘Let’s lie in wait until 1914.

Taking ad­ came out in support of the “ day of prayer vantage of this. and into what did they wanted the God-fearing “Bible Students” finallytrap fall? to jump on the bandwagon of patriotic sentiment over World War I. “ Samson” did n ot im m e­ d i a t e l y fa ll victim to “De­ lilah’ s” blan­ dishments. . outcome of the war . 25. (a) Who was Delilah. which was now supported fiercely by Christendom’s religionists on both sides of the fighting. .1918. Though they had no tates finally brought weakening. They dangered. the Samson class bound with ropes of stating: “ Let there be praising and thanks­ compromise.1917. name means “Languishing. During the thread.” pears she was an Israelitess. Integrity was endangered! And years 1917-1918. and a be­ real love for the devoted Samson class. These be­ pared to Samson’s permitting Delilah to came offended at not being caught away weave the braids of his hair— so precious immediately into the heavenly kingdom in in symbol of his devotion—with a warp 1914. This were trying to recover them. However. the Delilah class used a and supplication” proclaimed by the presi­ series of approaches in an attempt to have dent of the United States for May 30. He can be true to lah. a refusal to engage in the war. but with what result? . . That the dedicated Samson class did indeed express genuine witnesses fell into just such a trap in 1918 love toward these associates whose ‘lamps is shown by an article appearing in The were about to go out. The Watch Tower unequiv­ he fell in love with a woman in the torrent ocally declared: “There is no middle valley of Sorek. only by taking one course. 16:4) Who was Delilah? Her the Lord .’ (Matt. The modern 27The efforts of God’s “ slave” to accom­ history of Jehovah’s witnesses reveals a modate these “lover” rebels may be com­ spirit-begotten class like Delilah. 1967 SKeWATCHTOWER.” and it ap­ namely. they tried to grab con­ just as Samson slept on the treacherous trol of the Watch Tower Society and to Delilah’s knees. and whom did she foreshadow ? (b) How did this class try to influ­ ence Samson. Ill 25 “And it came about after that that April 15. and grew slack in zeal.” (Judg. so the Samson class’ con­ force a “ soft pedal” compromise with the ciliatory attitude toward languishing apos­ modern Philistines. 25:8) They Watch Tower of June 1 of that year. . the ginning of compromise. How was the voted “Samson” to soften down the polem­ in te g r ity of the Samson class en­ ic utterances against false religion. so that they could be handed giving to God for the promised glorious over to the religionists of Christendom.F ebruary 15. and her name was Deli­ ground for a Christian. In it s i s s u e o f 25. and the mak26 These erstwhile lovers wanted the de­ 27.

God’s “ slave. There was no delay in this. and spirit to those walk­ soon as he had been shaved. No soonerway.” 28 worldly compromise resulted in loss of Jehovah’s spirit. 29. pentant and resolved to serve Jehovah to than he awoke to his senses. his head started to grow luxuriantly. 16:22.Y . however. 15. “ the hair of ing in it. The “ spirit of life from God en­ tered into them. un­ der false charges. 2 It was even so with Samson. As the people on it. from 1919. The enemy caused a closing down of the Society’s headquarters at Brooklyn. The Philistine religionists succeeded in grabbing God’s “ slave. Pennsylva­ nia. Of what is Jehovah the Source? 2. experienced a return of error. (a) What was the result of the “slave’s " com­ promise? (b) What questions are therefore asked? B r o o k l y n . he was again “look­ servants on earth as they cry to him for ing for an opportunity against the Philis­ direction and help in time of need.” ready for vigorous activity in the senses? J . Tower president and seven other respon­ sible brothers.112 SEeWATCHTOW ER ing of the world safe for the common people.” They bored out his eyes of discernment of God’s will.—Ps. Religious pressure also brought about the imprisonment. 16:5-21. “ the Creator of the heavens and the grand One stretching them out.” As or active force.— Judg. spreading.” (Isa. The hair of the Sam­ son class was shorn off in a symbolic way. a ray of com­ fort and hope. and strength. and made him “a grinder in the prison house” down in Philistine territory. the One laying out the earth prepared to serve him again in Nazirite and its produce. Realizing his the death. for terms of up to eighty years each. The Watch Tower continued to be published from Pittsburgh. the One giving breath to devotion. During these dark­ est days of “ Samson’s” imprisonment. 14:4) In the same 34:8. he repented before his God. 29Would Jehovah leave his “ slave” in this imprisoned condition? Would the Samson class awaken to the reason for its plight? Would Jehovah again empower his servant for theocratic action? The fol­ lowing article will tell.” fully re­ had his enemies shorn him of his power. ?torc\ aweak siaie EHOVAH is the true Source of life and strength. Jehovah strengthens his his strength returned. and they stood upon their 1. if faintly. tines. the “slave’s” bold witnessing for God’s kingdom ceased. of the second Watch 28. N . and their “power kept departing” from them. What is pictured by Samson’s awakening to his feet. For a short season.” (Judg. New York. 42:5) And by his spirit.

’ —Phil. had no further power over Jehovah’s witnesses. Dagon. and that you may understand that I am the same One. it was that they were now blind to doing anything other than the will of Almighty God. ‘even my servant whom I have chosen. “And they kept saying: ‘Our god has given into our hand Samson our enemy!’ When the people got to see him. Before me there was no God formed. Dan. 30) But in the Philistines’ feasting. 16:23. .’ is the utterance of Jehovah. (a) Why was Samson called out of the prison house? (b) What did Jehovah arrange with regard to his modern-day “ slave” ? . time of the end. ‘our god has given into our hand our enemy and the devastator of our land and the one who multiplied our slain. 3The time had come for the fulfillment of Isaiah 43:8. 10. (Dan.’ they have continued to bear the reproaches and shame heaped upon them by ecclesiastical leaders. 5O the clergy of Christendom delighted 3. when he made sport of the holy vessels from Jehovah’s temple. 6As the Philistines reveled in their idol­ atry before Dagon. 11:8-12. 7Jehovah was directing the course of the drama back in Samson’s day. the clergy of Christendom. Samson. And like­ wise it was by Jehovah’s arranging that his devoted “slave” was brought forth from religious bondage in 1919. The mod­ ern Philistines. and identifying them­ selves as anti-God and against Jehovah’s established kingdom by Christ Jesus. have gathered in their house of false worship.”— Rev. has served loyally in Jehovah’s strength. For what did the feasting Philistines praise their god? 5. 7. the “faithful and discreet slave.’ said they. 4The lords of the Philistines gathered to offer a great sacrifice to their fish god. 5:1-4. These came forth to serve and to work. while con­ tinuing to heap mockery on Jehovah’s wit­ nesses. and for what purpose? 4. 16:25. “ it came about that be­ cause their heart was merry. and sent gifts to one another. while at the same time “ being exposed as in a 6. 3:13.”— Judg. 14.’ They proceeded to make sport of Jehovah’s downtrodden “ slave. like that sponsored by Belshazzar at Babylon some 600 years later. it was Jehovah’s devoted servant. If any blindness remained. in order that you may know and have faith in me. They were resolved to ‘forget the things behind. though they may not have immediately realized it. Jehovah’s peo­ ple must now be brought out of captivity to serve unequivocally as His witnesses. In what did the Philistine-like clergy of today unite? 113 in the captivity of Jehovah’s witnesses during the closing days of World War I! Thinking that they had silenced the Wit­ nesses for all time. I—I am Jehovah. 12:1-4.’ ”—Judg. they at once gave way to praising their god. Al­ ways they are united in their combined opposition to Jehovah’s witnesses. With symbolic hair ‘growing luxuriantly.F ebruary 15. who became the center of mock­ ing and reviling. and besides me there is no savior.’ So they called Sam­ son out of the prison house that he might make sport before them.” the anointed remnant of Jehovah’s witnesses. 11: “ ‘Bring forth a people blind though eyes themselves ex­ ist’ . they began to say: ‘Call Samson that he may offer us some amusement.’ ” Though temporarily blinded due to the influence of false religionists during World War I years. ‘You are my witnesses. It was to be a religious feast. drawing closer in their in­ terfaith movements. the clergy did just as Revelation 11:10 foretold: ‘They rejoiced over them and enjoyed themselves. How were “a people blind” now brought forth. 1967 SfreWATCHTOWER. ‘because. and in­ deed of the entire world empire of false religion. 24. . Down to this year 1967. and has testified to his sovereignty.” And since those days. and after me there continued to be none.

” * The Protestant churches. and indeed archaeological diggings at Gaza in recent years have un­ covered huge stone bases. But what are the pillars upon which the religious leaders rely for support of their house of false religion? 10Particularly from the year 1914. a fanatical loyalty to the country in which one happened to be born. they have relied on the political rulers to prop up their re­ ligious house in its position of dominance over the people. have gone right along with the Catholic in supporting the two world wars. They try to corner them between the main props upon which the world empire of false re­ ligion. in August 1940. dictator Mussolini. in connection with their keeping integrity before their God. too. 9. August 28. na­ tionalism has become a major factor in human relations. and Christendom in particular. as when prelates at the German Bishops’ Conference in Fulda. it was re­ ported by the Associated Press of June 27. and in providing chap­ lains to build up the morale of the fighting men on both sides. have built their hopes.”— Heb. The major religions have willingly fanned the flames of nationalism. “BETWEEN THE PILLARS” 8 “ And they proceeded to stand him be­ tween the pillars”— the main supporting pillars of the house of Dagon. Unreasoning patriotism. December 12. (a) What major issue has arisen in the earth since 1914? (b) What are some examples showing this to be so? B r o o k l y n .Y . goes into eclipse during World War II. and in direct opposition to God’s kingdom by Christ— His instrumentality for bringing real peace and prosperity to mankind—Satan has brought forth a supranational body. resulting in the resto­ ration of much power and authority to the Vatican. It is the now-defunct League of Nations and its successor. 1918. N . from San Francisco: * Philadelphia Record. 13. 16:25. 9 Since 1919. What is pictured by their standing Samson be­ tween the pillars? 10. 1940. expressed gratitude to Hitler for the German troops’ “ victorious advance and defense of the German homeland. They have even blessed the guns that have been used for the wanton slaughter of their fellow religionists in other nations. when Christendom launched World War I. These pillars must have been immense. 13At the League’s inception. the United Nations. In return. 11 as the ‘peace beast’ that appears first be­ tween the two world wars. t Declaration by Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America. (a) On what other pillar does religion’s “house” seek to support itself? (b) What evidence shows that the world empire of false religion looks to this support? . on which the center pillars of just such a Dagon-house may have rested.” f And have modern-day religionists looked upon the successor United Nations as a pillar of their hopes for bringing peace and prosperity to this earth? On the occasion of the twentieth birthday cele­ bration of the United Nations. 1965. placing loyalty to the na­ tion above loyalty to the God and Creator of all mankind. set side by side. false religionists have con­ tinued their efforts to make sport of Je­ hovah’s witnesses. It is described in Revelation 17:8. and is there­ after reactivated for a season. has been spawned throughout the earth. 12. there was Catholicism’s making of a concordat with Hitler and supporting his crusade for world domina­ tion. 10:33. theater both to reproaches and tribula­ tions. 12But is nationalism the only prop in which false religionists have placed their trust? In addition thereto. 11 An example of this is to be seen in the Catholic church’s partnership with 8.11. to support so large a house.— Judg.114 SfteWATCHTOWER. Also. Christen­ dom’s Protestant branch of the world em­ pire of false religion described it as “the political expression of God’s Kingdom on earth.

.” He went on to declare: The peoples of the earth turn to the United Nations as the last hope of concord and peace. And the kingdom itself will not be passed on to any other people. Rabbi Louis Jacobs . It will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms. and upon the inept League and United Nations. Christ Jesus. What does God’s Word say as to the future of nationalism and of the U.? 15. Pope Paul VI sent his blessings from Rome. How does the pope of Rome view the U.’ Reve­ lation 17:5.” In vain does world religion put its trust in the United Nations as a prop for its survival.000 million world­ wide members joined prayerful hands under one roof today in support of the UN quest for world peace. 14-17 describes how it will be conquered by the Lamb. therefore.” will actually turn on the world em­ pire of false religion. the harlotrous “Bab­ ylon the Great. in 1922. ‘peace beast. Hindus. 1967 SEeWATCHTOWER.F ebruary 15. and that Satan’s empire 17. Je­ hovah’s “ slave” proclaimed: That all of the world’s present organization constitutes the visible part of Satan’s empire or organization. “STRENGTHEN ME . . Jehovah’s witnesses of modern times have taken their stand fair­ ly at the center of the controversy and in forthright support of God’s kingdom and His sovereignty. and indeed for sur­ vival itself. 2: 44) Thus the nationalistic governments on which the various religious systems de­ pend so heavily for support are destined to be crushed by God’s heavenly kingdom. . What is foreshadowed by Samson’s taking his stand ? 18. its “ ten horns. How did the modern “ Samson” start to put pressure against the “ pillars” ? . . Muslims and Eastern (Greek) Orthodox Christians.N. . Likewise. . 15But how does Jehovah God view the rise of nationalism and of the supranation­ al United Nations. which has gained such ardent praise from the religious leaders of this twentieth century? Speaking of the political “ kings” that rule earth in this “time of the end. They have exposed the worldly religionists’ reliance upon nation­ alistic policies and wars. The edifice that you have con­ structed must never fail. Jews. and will eat up her fleshy parts and will completely burn her with fire.” “ These will hate the har­ lot and will make her devastated and naked. ‘peace beast’ ? 115 18 As for the U.N.16. Ohio. They were conveyed by a Syrian archbishop to the convocation for Catholics.” Jehovah’s prophet de­ clares: “And in the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be brought to ruin. Seven international leaders of religious faiths with more than 2. described “the UN as the sole hope for lasting peace in a world whose survival depends on it. the prophecy indicates that radical powers from within that world body. 18As early as their international con­ vention at Cedar Point. . and it itself will stand to times indefinite. THIS ONCE” 17 Where do Jehovah’s witnesses stand with regard to these world issues? Let us return to the prophetic drama: “Then Samson said to the boy that was holding him by his hand: ‘Do permit me to feel the pillars upon which the house is firm­ ly established and let me lean against them. 14. Protestants. .” (Dan. 14 This was underlined by the remarks of Pope Paul VI during his United States visit of October 4.’ ” (Judg. that the world’s religious organizations regard the United Nations as a pillar of their hopes for human progress.N. when he de­ scribed the United Nations as “ that great­ est of all international organizations. For God put it into their hearts to carry out his thought. after it has thrown off the system of world religion that is at present making such ardent overtures of love to it. 16:26) Samson was again seeking an occasion against the Philis­ tines. Yes. .” It is clearly apparent. . 1965. it must be per­ fected. Buddhists.

.” the remnant of his anointed witnesses. to save and reestablish the order of things in the earth and to bring peace and prosperity must of necessity fail. So. and upon the roof there were about three thousand men and women who were looking on while Sam­ son offered some amusement. But how do these act in the face of mounting reproaches? 20 “ Samson now called to Jehovah and said: ‘Lord J vah. What prayer did Samson make.Y . because they do not constitute any part of the kingdom of Messiah. What did the assembly of the Philistines picture? 20.116 SHeWATCHTOWER must now fall before the forward march of the King of glory. That all efforts of the denomi­ national church organiza­ tions. please. . . .)” (Judg. including the League of Nations com­ pact and all like compacts. . . . And so. just this 19. 16:27) It was a complete roll call. in modern times. the house was full of men and women and all the Philistine axis were there. putting strong pressure against the “pillars” supporting Satan’s idola­ trous house of religion. . N . . . the full complement of worldly religious leaders. 19The Bible record continues: “ (Inci­ dentally. remember me. please. That all international conferences and all agreements or treaties resulting therefrom. assemble in their “house” of reli­ gion to make sport of Jehovah’s faithful “ slave. their leaders and their allies. with Christendom’s clergy out in front. the modern “ Samson” was in fact beginning to proclaim a polemic mes­ sage. with none missing. must fail. and what did this portray? B r o o k l y n . because God has decreed it thus. their clergy. and strengthen me.

that he is having done in the earth today! While Satan’s demonic propaganda continues to go forth. And like Samson. so that the dead that he put to death in his own death came to be more than those he had put to death during his lifetime. O you the true God.” — Judg. and got a grasp on them.F ebruary 15. The loss of his other eye he charged to the Philistines. 30. and the consequent reproach this brought upon Jehovah’s holy name. and the house went falling upon the axis lords and upon all the people that were in it.’ Then he bent himself with power. How did Samson meet his death? 22.N. ‘peace beast. 22 What grand assurance this gives that Jehovah will strengthen his devoted “slave” down to the end of the work.’ ” (Judg. and let me avenge myself upon the Philistines with vengeance for one of my two eyes.” in order to empower him in proclaiming “ the year of good will on the part of Jehovah and the day of vengeance on the part of 21. But sincere repentance had now brought Jehovah’s forgiveness. And Samson proceeded to say: ‘Let my soul die with the Philistines. the anointed remnant of Jehovah’s witnesses uttered fervent prayer to Jehovah on their release from prison bonds in 1919. 16:29. (a) What assurance did Jehovah thus give his devoted “ slave” ? (b) What message does he now empower them to declare? . 1967 SReWATCH TO W ER 117 once. They asked to be used mightily by Jehovah in connection with the vengeance he would bring upon the modern “ Philistines” for their part in hatefully blinding the discernment of God’s slave.’ Jehovah’s spirit is upon his “ slave. one with his right and the other with his left hand. 16:28) Samson thus charged the loss of one of his eyes to his own lack of wakefulness in the affair with Delilah. rallying all peo­ ples to support fanatical nationalism and the U. Did Jehovah answer that prayer? How wonderfully He has made full might abound! 81 “ With that Samson braced himself against the two middle pillars upon which the house was firmly established. irenic and polemic.

118 3HeW ATCHTOW ER. are fighters for God’s righteousness to the he makes new energy abound? The truth end. 61:2) Just such a procla­ mation was made during the “Around-theWorld” Assemblies of Jehovah’s witnesses in 1963. ing total relief and everlasting blessings to obedient mankind. 1935. How will the “Samson” work come to its end. 2:10.” earth his destructive judgments as now be­ like Samson. so that he could 24However. 14:13. and nant are now finishing their earthly course he was blinded. for the things they did seven years of age. 6:10. he encourages surely as Samson’s judgeship brought sal­ young people to have the same viewpoint vation to Israel.” (Isa. He sold his business in 1914. And at last reports. They do not look can never let it go! And so. still serv­ ise is sure to them: “Happy are the dead who die in union with the Lord from this ing in the south of New Zealand at eightytime onward . they that. but with what blessing? in the issues of The Watchtower from November 1.” For though he had expected crash in ruins.977 persons in twenty-four widely scattered cities declared forthrightly that Satan’s organization “ faces an earthquake of world trouble the like of which it has never known.* TRUST IN JEHOVAH’S SPIRIT 25 Splendid as Samson’s physique must have been. N . it has stretched out meaning of his name— “ Destroyer”—just through more than fifty rewarding years.” And as different? No! Moreover. Would he have had it any ing proclaimed by his “ slave. so that parts of Satan’s organization “ actually I was fooled. But has it not been true in faithfulness.” and so the prom­ strength. Like Samson of old. when a Resolution adopted by 454.”— Rev. 26 There is a pioneer brother.” as a class. so the rule of God’s king­ * For further appropriate details on the drama of dom by Christ will be “ Sun-like” in bring. when we go to Jehovah in prayer. or even quit? Remember that even the most zealous of Jehovah’s servants meet 23Many individuals of the anointed rem­ up with discouragements. but in the allconquering spirit of Jehovah God. . How have many individuals of the remnant re­ sembled Samson? 24. through January 1. 1936. and his faithful pio­ go right with them. ex­ enjoy at least a few months of “colpor­ pects to survive the end of Satan’s system. teur” pioneer service before the expected But there will be finis to their work of big crash came in the autumn of that year. and that you might take it easy for a time. Have you ever felt that the road is long. What fine encouragement do we find in the account of Samson? 26.Samson. our God. Rather. proclaiming Jehovah’s judgments when He is fond of quoting Jeremiah 20:7: the house of false religion and all other “You have fooled me. sharing to the full in the vindication has become so much a part of us that we of Jehovah’s great name. as Samson did when he found his hair was shorn off. year after to be pensioned off. see the series of five leading articles thereon 23. neer wife is even a few years older. God’s “slave. not in human might. we “go on acquiring power in the clergy. and all its political institu­ tions and its modern religious Babylon will be shaken to bits. they prove themselves Lord and in the mightiness of his “faithful even to death.”— Eph. so surely will Jehovah bring upon this together with trials and reproaches.” B r o o k l y n . like Christendom’s year. the real source of his strength lay. 6:11) As surely as his pioneer service on earth to be for a Samson was vindicated in the suggested brief season only. . 25.” (Isa.Y . O Jehovah. What blessings result from devotion like Samson’s? . he is still going “ strong.

Jehovah’s people “ have become a theatrical spectacle to the world. the United Nations. 12) With a con27. 12:1. and for everlasting life.” (Vss.” that they may find occasion against Jehovah’s “ slave. but then it was that the “word of Jehovah” exerted ir­ resistible power in moving him to further bold activity.” Do you. Samson and other faithful men of ancient times. just as Jehovah has caused his “slave” to declare down through the years. obtained promises. What confidence and determination will we have to the end? . confident that his spirit will continue to sustain the “faithful and discreet slave. . Will there be any further weakening of the Samson class? Why? 119 fidence like that of Jeremiah. . That is why the very ones persecuting me will stumble and not prevail. May I see your vengeance upon them. and I got tired of holding in. too. (a) Why should we continue to endure? (b) To what work will we show devotion? 31. and I was unable to endure it. are watching continually for any weakening. the “ slave” can make the same fervent dec­ laration as did Jeremiah: “But Jehovah was with me like a terrible mighty one. or “limping. escaped the edge of the sword. stayed the force of fire. What irresistible power does Jehovah’s Word exert? 28. for to you I have revealed my case at law.”—Heb. and what encouragement do we find in this? 30. are examining the righteous one. But you. in proclaiming God’s kingdom by Christ as man’s sure hope for peace. 4:9) Eyes. then. Satan’s great organi­ zation on earth.” But will they ever again succeed against God’s witnesses? From 1919 on. sometimes find your territory unresponsive over the years? Jeremiah tried even to desist from speak­ ing in Jehovah’s name. we will bend might and main to make known Jehovah’s polemic judgments and to perform the irenic work that will result in saving ‘both ourselves and those who listen to us. Jehovah’s sustaining spirit will assuredly bring untold blessings.F ebruary 15. 20:11. stopped the mouths of lions. you are seeing the kidneys and the heart.’— 1 Tim. will be found at odds with “ Philistine” religion. 20: 7-9) For Jehovah’s name and its vindica­ tion. 1967 SEeWATCHTOWER that he had back there in 1914. will go crashing to destruction.” along with the hundreds of thousands of 29. Though we con­ tinue to be set as a reproach in the midst of this mounting crisis that involves all peoples of earth. O Jehovah of armies. In what record is Samson included. The day is fast approaching when nation­ alistic political powers and that supra­ national body. 32-34) He is there­ fore included as one of that “ so great a crowd of witnesses” whose deeds of valor are recorded as encouragement for us to “run with endurance the race that is set before us. 31 So. 30 Let us endure. even to be­ coming “ an object of laughter all day long. Jeho­ vah’s witnesses today rest their case with Him. the prophet Jeremiah also had hard testings as the years stretched out. . “And in my heart it proved to be like a burning fire shut up in my bones.” (Jer. 4:16. first its religious struc­ ture and then its political powers. 28 Likewise today. ready to re­ proach.” (1 Cor. he continued to serve zealously in integrity. Make the most of the golden opportunity of pio­ neering the good news NOW! And wheth­ er the remaining time be long or short. from a weak state were made powerful. 29 Samson is listed at Hebrews chapter eleven among those ancient men of faith who “effected righteousness.” (Jer. The supporting pillars of the “ house” of false religion will fail it. the “faithful and discreet slave” has answered an emphatic Never! Joined now by more than a million companion worshipers. may we press on toward the prize of everlasting life in Jehovah’s new order. 27 Like many of God’s people today.

grow mighty. between life and death. depending upon what the rulers of the earth. Hab. maybe they can make something that would reflect the beast. They need not give up their individual sovereignty but at the same time they could cooperate on the matter of world peace with a view to arriving at ILL a peaceful new order of things ever come about? If so. perhaps an image of the beast. N . 2:13.120 SKeWATCHTOWER B r o o k l y n .”— 1 Cor. 16:13. something that the nations could work through. But what does the Bible say about it? First of all. we surely should be able to find the answers to these questions in the Bible because it is from the Bible and not from any other source that we get the information that there is * For a further discussion of the beasts mentioned here. see the book “ Babylon the Great Has Fallen!” God’s Kingdom Rules! by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society. Well. W to be a permanent new order in which men can live on earth forever. Should we not look to world rulers and leading clergymen? Can they not alter and reform the governments so that the prin­ ciples of the kingdom of God will be ex­ pressed through them? Well. the “ great crowd” who are coming for­ ward in ever-growing numbers to share in this grand work! And as we all heed the timely message of the prophetic dra- ma of Samson. stand firm in the faith. sweat and tears. for it means the differ­ ence between “blood. carry on as men. who do you think is going to establish it? Will it be God himself or will it be men having God as a helper? Also.Y . 127:1. Hag. It rep­ resents the worldwide human political or­ ganization under control of the Devil. the Bible says that those trying by governmental and social reform to bring about such a new order incor­ porating the things that the kingdom of God will accomplish have taken hold of a wild beast. either. . 1:6. It is no ordinary wild beast. a flexible schedule. can accomplish and when they can accomplish it? The answer to these questions is no in­ consequential one.— Ps. upbuilding activity. and refresh­ ing. It would be something that the people could look to as authoritative as far as bringing peace and unity among the nations is con­ cerned.* The beast is ferocious and has proved over the past several thousand years to be un­ tamable. then. political and reli­ gious. is there a timetable for it? Is the time for its establishment unalterably set or is there a sliding scale. between wearing oneself out with frustration.” and pleasurable work. may we also be determined to follow closely Paul’s admonition: “ Stay awake. in fact. for it is a monstrosity having seven heads and ten horns on its heads.

it is a secret. but is not. on catching sight of her [the woman Babylon the Great] I wondered with great wonderment. . but is not. Rev. which has already been explained in previous is­ sues of this magazine as symbolically rep­ resenting the world empire of false reli- 121 gion. pro­ claiming the fact that the League was standing as a counterfeit substitute for God’s kingdom. And so the angel said to me: ‘Why is it you wondered? I will tell you the mystery of the woman and of the wild beast that is carrying her and that has the seven heads and the ten horns: The wild beast that you saw was. but is not. like John. 19:10) In this case the people are turned toward the image to look for the things that God’s kingdom will bring and therefore are led to support it whether it is truly representative of God’s kingdom. The woman riding the beast is a harlot and is named Babylon the Great. When did it come into being and when was this royalty attributed to it? At first in 1920. when the League of Nations was ratified. PEACE EFFORT AND RESULTS FOREKNOWN Amazingly. showing that they would make an image to the wild beast and set it up for the people to look to for the good things that the kingdom of God would bring. It was like a funeral service for the League. in undeclared war. She has a very prominent role in setting up the peace organization.” When does it become “not” ? This was when the Catholic-Nazi dictator Hitler touched off the explosion of World War II in September of 1939. This scarlet-colored wild beast is the same as the image of the beast told of in Revelation 13:14. observing matters at the time. This is contrary to God’s law. When the League's Assembly met again on April 8-18. In the vision to John the angel says the wild beast “was. those who dwell on the earth will won­ der admiringly. Idolaters often say that the images they use are not worshiped by them but are merely aids in the worship of the gods pictured by the images or idols. This action of more or less playing the horns of the beast against one another and inducing them.8 . foreknew the very line of think­ ing these world leaders would pursue and foretold that they would do just this very thing. instead of fighting out their differences. 1967 SHeWATCHTOWEFL last at a condition of peaceful coexistence. something not understandable until God’s due time to ex­ pose it. 15.” Jehovah’s witnesses were. In his Word he describes exactly what they would do.* The League here * The General Assembly of the League of Nations ceased to meet after December 14. for she is very fa­ miliar with images and the use of them. a mystery. Being an image. but not fully de­ scribed there. The beast on which she rides is also like her. 1939. Ah. the Author of the Bible. to arbitrate them and give the organization enough power to en­ force the decisions made. but their names have not been written upon the scroll of life from the founding of the world. it is pleasing to Babylon the Great. DEATH AND REVIVAL OF “NEW ORDER” BEAST The scarlet color of the beast represents royalty. on November 30. And when they see how the wild beast was. which condemns idols in any form and forbids relative wor­ ship even through men. Up until World War II it “was. and yet is about to ascend out of the abyss.’ ”— Rev. which idols receive only a relative worship. and it is to go off into de­ struction. (1 John 5:21. and yet will be pres­ ent. 1946. but in doing so they would create something just as formidable as the first wild beast and as hard to make peaceful and righteous! John describes the vision God gave to him on this matter: “Well. 17: 6. looked like the only logical course for them to follow. it was to close out the League of Nations and to declare it nonexistent. when it ex­ pelled the Soviet Union from membership because of its attack on Finland.F ebruary 15. Jehovah God. 1939.

Y . world power of Great Britain and Ameri­ ca.— Rev. Jehovah’s witnesses were watching for this to take place. . It 'is n ot/ aW ill the League remain in the pit? . . The repeated cries and demands of politicians and religionists for 'More reli­ gion !’ make certain that religion will ride the peace beast. .” So Jehovah’s witnesses today are pro­ claiming to the people that the United Na­ tions is the same old image as the League. It was ratified on October 24. . CHRISTIAN DECLARATION AGAINST IT Jehovah’s witnesses were looking for further fulfillment of this prophecy and they recognized that now the scarletcolored wild beast had ascended out of the abyss. . B r o o k l y n . when it “ is not. the “ image” of the wild beast. Though forty members still profess to adhere to the League. not into the ‘bottomless pit. . 1942. . not peacefully. 20: 10. whatever its form. Then the United Nations became existent. The necessities of meeting the totalitarian aggressions and stopping them are forcing the nations to that final con­ federation of nations for the new order. roaring humanity in the world’s greatest war until then. In 1942.122 SReWATCHTOWER failed of its chartered purpose and ceased to function with proper effect. September 20. 1945. Jehovah’s witnesses observed it when it went into the abyss of inactivity. and she will pronounce the peace arrangement a 'peace of Christianity/ anoth­ er one of those 'names of blasphemy’ tacked on the 'beast. had worked to bring the League of Nations into existence. suspended animation. It has gone into the abyss of inaction and ineffectiveness. tied in by wire to the key city. . California.’ ” * The Seventh World Power. the number of nations being twenty-nine. Suddenly those ten horns and the beast will go into perdition. But Jehovah’s witnesses did not wonder admiringly or worship the scarletcolored beast. including the Big Five. Now this same dual world power worked to get this in­ ternational peace-and-security organiza­ tion out of the abyss of apparent death.’ but into the ‘lake of fire and brimstone. . 1945. and needs to be revived if it is ever to live again. dressed up in a new name and that it will not continue and that it will not bring peace to the people. it became part of international law. into a state of inactivity. the League is in effect in a state of suspended animation. The personal envoy sent by the president of the nation to the Vatican to work together with the religious chief for peace is another forerunner of the cour­ tesy and deference that will be paid to the ‘woman’ named Babylon when the total war ends. Ohio. On June 26. this was forcefully pointed out by the president of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society in the public talk “ Peace— Can It Last?” at a national convention meeting in fiftythree cities. but violently. In the above-quoted lecture given in 1942 the speaker said: “ . This time the beast and its heads and horns will go. '* . . Cleveland. coming up out of the abyss.” Just as John was told that the beast would again be present. fifty nations (not in­ cluding Vatican City and the Axis Pow­ ers) signed the Charter of the United Na­ tions in San Francisco.’ to be utterly consumed and destroyed. going down into the abyss of raging. at the middle of World War II. . . . Her intercourse then with the rulers of the world will satisfy her worldly desires. at the battle of Armageddon. But many people feel that. 19: 20. N . as its charter states. He said: “ . . since the United Nations has been established to maintain international peace and security. The association of worldly nations will rise again. this new international organization will pre­ serve peace and security for the wild beast out of the sea and keep it existing. . the dual * See pages 20-26 of Peace—Can It Last? published by the Watch Tower Society.

inviolable. . In the preamble of that declaration. 1945. and that the day m ay come when every human being will find therein an effective safeguard for the rights which derive direct­ ly from his dignity as a person. under the heading “U. The United Nations Organization had as its essential purpose the maintenance and consolidation of peace between peoples.” During the following Holy Week Pope John XXIII signed his encyclical entitled “ Pacem in Terris” ("Peace on Earth” ). and are becoming more consciously aware that they are living m em ­ bers of a world community. The apostle was never a pope. 1963. . datelined "R ome. 88-97 C. .. under the heading “ The Roman Pontiffs. Pope John XXIII. social.N. pages 162.E. and varied form s of cooperation in every sector of human society.O. be* Let no reader make the mistake of thinking that Pope John XXIII reckoned that he was the twentythird in the Pontificate bearing the name John by counting from the apostle John. It went on to say: . he being succeeded by Evaristus as Pope.E —See the 1963 National Catholic Almanac. No. educational and health fields. 1967 SHeWATCHTOWER PAPAL SUPPORT OF IT What does the woman riding the beast have to say about it? The head of the leading sect of Christendom. 163. approved in the General Assembly of December 10. A s is known. but Pope John XXIII counted his number from John 1. of course.N. cultural.” not meaning. and which are therefore universal. An act of the highest importance per­ formed by the United Nations Organization was the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. mutual respect. fos­ tering between them friendly relations. This is all the more to be hoped for since all human beings. pope 523-526 C . for Vatican City is not a mem­ ber of the U. writing in the Corriere della Sera of Milan said that international law “has been made even more complicated in our times by the presence of international organs such as the United Nations. page 2.) was established on June 26. the recognition and respect of those rights and respective liberties is proclaimed as an ideal to be pursued by all peoples and all countries. a bishop named Clement was supposed to be pope at Rome. Martyr. The public authority of the world com­ munity is not intended to limit the sphere of action of the public authority of the individual political community.” 123 cause of the vastness. while he was on the prison isle of Patmos receiving the apocalypse or revelation. called upon to undertake with autonomous military forces the duty of ‘international police/ ” He said that the encyclical would deal with “the duty of all peoples to accept the autono­ mous force of the United Nations as an international police” as well as with the Cold W a r and “internal and civil war supported from abroad. social.N. are showing an increasing interest in the affairs of all peoples.” said: Monsignor Pisoni. as they take an ever more active part in the public life of their own political communities. This means that the public authority of the world community must tackle and solve problems of an economic. On the contrary. 1948. the United Nations. Pope John XXIII then tied in God's kingdom with all the foregoing by saying . which is the dominant part of Babylon the Great. Some objections and reservations were raised regarding certain points in the decla­ ration. and in­ alienable rights. . but. . and to it there were subsequently added intergovernmental agencies with ex­ tensive international tasks in the economic. . Police Role Supported. complexity and ur­ gency of those problems. the United Nations Organi­ zation (U.” published by the New York Times as of April 6. In advance of pub­ lic issuance of his encyclical an Associated Press dispatch. based on the principles of equality. . politi­ cal and cultural character which are posed by the universal common good.* spoke with considerable defi­ niteness on the matter. It is our earnest wish that the United Nations Organization— in its structure and in its means— m ay become ever more equal to the magnitude and nobility of its tasks.F ebruary 15. much less to take its place. . the public author­ ities of the individual states are not in a position to tackle them with any hope of a positive solution. The encyclical was addressed not only to the Roman Catholic "clergy and faithful of the whole world” but also "to all men of good will.” Part IV thereof spoke of the "public authority of the world communi­ ty. April 5. 97-105 C.E. For.

Matt. (Dan. His king­ dom is already established in heaven in the hands of his Messiah. . the anniversary of Pope Paul’s visit to the U. the “ image” of the wild beast. political organization. 4:6. 5.' he said. N .N. headquarters in New York city. Cardinal Spellman un­ veiled two plaques commemorating Pope Paul’s visit and quoting his advocacy of the U. Political and religious leaders are mis­ taken also as to God’s timetable. So they lack faith in God.000 Roman Catholics met in prayer in St. Satan’s visible. . As Jehovah says: “ Not by a military force. ‘As a Catholic.N. therefore. Christ. Jesus Christ said his kingdom was not of this world.’ ” For the first time in history the Department of State of the American Government at Washington. including the United Nations. commented on an encyclical of a pope of the Vatican. joined in the special prayer services at the Washington Peace Mass at St. October 5. Gen.” and that said: “ President Kennedy today hailed Pope John’s encyclical on peace as a ‘penetrating analysis’ of current problems which demonstrated how ‘one great faith and its traditions’ could offer sound counsel to all men and women of good will. In order that human society may reflect as faithfully as possible the kingdom of God. Not by trusting in the military might of nations or a combina­ tion of nations that are against God can peace be brought.” the New York Sunday News as of April 21. t New York Times. 11: 4. . Peter’s square in Rome and millions in a televi­ sion and radio audience heard Pope Paul as he led in prayers for peace in Vietnam. the world of mankind. 1963. for as a matter of fact it reflects the wild beast that came out of the sea.. A DECISION TO MAKE What about us as individuals? Should we give support to the international peace arrangement? God says that he does not write in his scroll of life the names of those who give their worship to the wild beast’s image or who pin their hopes on it. while a peace bell cere­ mony took place at U. help from on high is necessary.f Since the popes of the Roman Catholic Church express such admiration for the United Nations. but by my spirit. Mat­ thew’s Cathedral. 1966. nor by power. along with other high government offi­ cials. Abel the martyred son of Adam and Eve appears to be the first one “written upon the scroll of life. and their attempt to . President Johnson of the United States. not a literal scroll. from when he founded the human race. 1966.* On October 4. as a counterfeit and an abortive attempt to establish God’s new order in the earth. and as an American I have learned from it. 25. are destroyed. April 20. is. that is. and in it Jehovah has been writing the names of those worthy of life since the founding of the world. According to God’s written Word.Y .C. 23:35) The names of those idolaters are not writ­ ten with that of Abel. As to the means for bringing peace on earth. will take place soon — in this generation—but it will not do so before all images and idols. ‘I am proud of it. or the scarlet-colored beast. in the sixth last paragraph of the en­ cyclical: . . and his allout endorsement of it. .”— Zech. published a dispatch datelined “ Boston. Late City Edition. 4:2-10. 12:24.N. * Under a bold-type heading that read “ Kennedy Hails Encyclical as a Guide to All. 150. neither does it mean that the United Na­ tions in any way reflects the Kingdom or promotes the Kingdom. True Christians. bringing fully to mankind the blessings of his heavenly kingdom. 2:44) God’s new order. This. will recog­ nize the United Nations.” (Heb. of course. B r o o k l y n . pages 1. which has always opposed God and now today opposes his kingdom under his Messiah.124 SEeWATCHTOWER. D. but a symbolic one. does this mean that this “public authority of the individual politi­ cal community” will survive the war of the great day of God the Almighty? No. Through the prophet Daniel God foretold that the kingdom of God would break in pieces all the existing kingdoms and it would stand forever.

but on real righteous­ ness. According to Webster’s New Interna­ However. It is ungodly and unscriptural. Let them forsake all image worship and dedicate themselves to Jehovah God through Jesus Christ and have their names written in Jehovah’s scroll of life.” which con­ basis is pride. to the dis­ appointment of all those who put their hope in it. How may we avoid th i s s n ar e o f “ s a v i n g face” ? F YOU were told to redeem your honor NOT CONTINUE RUNNING WITH THEM” by committing hahow“ DOwould To Christians who had turned from the you respond? Of course. ward appearance of respectability in the it brings disturbance. Let all who truly love righ­ teousness hear what God says in his Word. costs. ‘Face sav­ ing’ is rooted in emotion. and many will go to any dis­ tries. no matter what the circumstances. not on an uncertain. and learn of his kingdom and the stability and permanence of his new order based. uncom­ fortable coexistence. and it often causes its victim to with­ draw into himself or to shun association with the ver y friends who could really help in the hour of need. honest ends in order to maintain an out­ if practiced in the Christian congregation. not principle. It denies the need for correc­ tion or discipline. AvoidtheSnare O F 125 to face up to an issue. ‘Running with the crowd’ is the custom both in the Orient and in Western coun­ today. in the community.” (1 Pet. 4:4) be practiced extensively in many ways. they are puzzled and go on nowadays. disunity and. what of the Christian who tional Dictionary. They must “ save face” and case of the individual. think and act I . by some pre­ tense. also. This them in this course to the same low sink kind of suicide may be out of fashion of debauchery. and. it is not so neighbors. the apostle Peter wrote: “Be­ long since this ‘face-saving’ practice was cause you do not continue running with an everyday occurrence in the Orient. “ to save one’s face” has been delivered “from the present means “to conceal one’s defeat. a fear of having one’s ego forms to his former course of conduct. Self is right. but “saving face” continues to speaking abusively of you. even spiritual “keep face” with their neighbors at all suicide. or loss of prestige. Its put away “the old personality. 1967 3fceWATCHT0WEFL take it upon themselves to set up God’s kingdom and bring in a new order is abor­ tive and ends in miscarriage. discom­ wicked system of things” ? He should have fiture. It refuses to acknowledge a fault or And now he is to live. you would not go thoughts and way of life of their pagan along with the idea. And yet.F ebruary 15. the Bible.” It therefore amounts to a lie. hurt.

What does he do. 2. now. “If we make the statement: ‘We have no sin. the mature Christian will show himself to be an integrity keeper in the same way that Jesus Christ. Or at a funeral all in attendance may fall in line to offer incense or bow toward the picture of the dead person—pagan prac­ tices tied in with the false belief that the soul is immortal. if we commit some sin? Should we seek the course of self­ justification. or try to throw blame on others.” Je­ hovah’s righteousness— not self-righteous­ ness— and loyally doing God’s will are what count with him now. that you may get healed. then. If anyone does not stum­ ble in word. They square themselves off in their own minds.” Many today refuse to acknowledge “ sin” as such. does he have to maintain “ respectability” by run­ ning into debt? Does he have to conform to the community in its showy celebration of weddings. 4:22-24) Note those words. Let us face up to the fact that. . children’s days and religious holidays? Does he have to “ save face” with relatives by partici­ pating in pagan wedding ceremonies. with our brothers and with ourselves. N . Never should we “ save face” by pretending that we do not sin. he is faithful and righ­ teous so as to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. or even quitting altogether. 4:2.126 ffteW ATCHTOW ER according to “ the new personality which was created according to God’s will in true righteousness and loyalty. As they keep justifying them­ selves.” (Jas. 6:6-11. 3:13. we will commit sin. able to bridle also his whole body. UNEXPECTED SITUATIONS A Christian may be suddenly caught in some circumstances that test his integrity.—Matt. 3:2) What.” (Jas. However. It is best to avoid situations that could lead to com­ promise. 4:1-11.Y . special feast days. Or there may be the situ­ ation in a crowd where all rise to the play­ ing of the national anthem— whereas the Christian has declared undivided alle­ giance to God’s kingdom. Eph. 3:14-18. their minds become seared as by a branding iron. 5:16) And having been healed. Daniel and others kept in­ tegrity under trial.” (1 John 1:8-2:2) If we are to be honest with our God.’ we are misleading our­ selves and the truth is not in us. when it is the local practice to “ save face” and go along with the crowd? For example. or even consenting to taking an unbelieving mate? Certainly not! And likewise. he may be at a gathering where someone calls for a “toast”— a prac­ tice that he knows to be of pagan origin.” as it were. when faced with problems that could ac­ tually be solved through the understand­ ing help of his Christian brothers. the three He­ brew youths. “true righteousness and loyalty” will preclude his absenting himself from the Christian congregation. if “ caught on the spot. to the things ahead. this one is a perfect man. ACKNOWLEDGING AND COMBATING “ SIN” Prideful ‘face-saving’ often arises from a failure to recognize and cope with the problem of “ sin. For example.” we do better to follow James’ further ad­ vice: “ Therefore openly confess your sins to one another and pray for one another. what need is there for further torments of conscience? That sin is in the past. so that they are no longer able to discern between right and wrong.” (Gal. Dan. All of us are prone to sin. “We all stum­ ble many times. Stretch forward. then. glossing it over or trying to B r o o k l y n .— Rom.—Phil. They cloud over issues. — 1 Tim. If we confess our sins. cover up? Rather than try to “ save face. as long as we live in this imperfect flesh. 12:1. 1:4. “ true righteousness and loyalty. we will acknowledge our sins and shortcomings.

” a penalty to be bucked against. disfellowshiped from God’s organization.” (Eph. it is a loving provision affording him oppor­ tunity to prove the sincerity of his re­ pentance and at the same time to help the repentant sinner recover his spirituality and to make him strong again. even where serious sins have been committed. “ in order that we should no longer be babes. 1 Cor. IN A SPIRIT OF MILDNESS’ The overseers and ministerial servants in the Christian congregation should be. rather than “ save face” by absenting themselves from the Christian congregation. even though a man takes some false step before he is aware of it. 127 self-control. .” to help all to grow to oneness of faith. ‘RESTORING .” (1 Sam. . but to “ restore” them. Kindly counsel given during the probationary pe­ riod will build the person up so that he will not make a ‘practice’ of sin. 32:2) The true over­ seer is ever watchful to help. (Isa. in line with Paul’s advice: “Brothers. something destructive of one’s “ honor. 2. due to the seriousness of the sin. (1 John 3:4. one who has committed a sin should welcome this loving arrangement leading to his recovery. the healthful course is to confess one’s wrong­ doing to responsible brothers in the con­ gregation. In the case of a serious sin. 15:1.” If someone in the congre­ gation has a problem he should go imme­ diately to the overseer or other mature brothers. when the congregation committee finds it necessary to place a person on a probation of surveillance. . mildness. So. The responsible brothers are the ones assigned as “ gifts in men. . approachable. Rather than try to “ save face” by protesting a probation. 6:1. and those de­ spising me will be of little account. (Jas. to build up and to encourage. im­ mature person who will pamper him. 5:11) ‘A man who takes some false step before he is aware of it’ does not fall into the class of such incorrigible sinners. overseers and ministerial servants are charged. 13. .— Rom. When counseling.”— Gal. 5:22. 1967 SEeWATCHTOWER. to build them up. and not to some emotional. Rather. as a helpful. Such probation is not to be viewed as some adverse judgment.F ebruary 15. cor­ rective measure. In most cases it is the unrepentant who insist on ‘practicing sin’ that are expelled. 2:30) Those who honor Jehovah will not seek self-honor among mortal men. 14) They are our “ hiding place from the wind” in time of stormy trouble. 23) Those of the flock who realize this should be eager to go to these servants for help. you who have spiritual qualifications try to restore such a man in a spirit of mildness. However. 4:8. one that brings deep reproach on Jehovah’s name and on the Christian congregation. . tossed about as by waves. 5:14-16) But how should one view these servants in God’s organiza­ tion? As fearsome judges? Far from it! The congregation committee is there to bear the weaknesses of others. there may be occasions. these servants are never to scold or grow angry. they will be an example in displaying “ the fruitage of the spirit. not to browbeat weak mem­ bers of the flock. In place of holding to lofty. All dedicated Christians should place their complete confidence and trust in Je­ hovah.” (Gal. and getting others involved emotionally. Rather. It is Jehovah who says: “Those honoring me I shall honor. This approachability itself should discourage weaker members of the flock from trying to “save face.” which includes “kindness. ‘face­ saving’ thoughts of men. and usually are. and to build up. true Christians will seek out Jehovah’s thoughts and be guided by the principles he so clearly states in his Word.

if available and capable. 6. Mark 2:26. Each' congregation* of Jehovahjs witnesses should start now to make arrangements so that all who are regularly associated with the congregation and other interested persons can gather together for this occasion.. LORD’S EVENING MEAL The date for observing the Lord’s evening meal in 1967 is Saturday. though. we urge all readers of The Watchtower to be present for this meeting:— Luke 22:1 9 . U. since it says that “Zadok the son of Ahitub and Ahimelech the son of Abiathar were priests” at the time. 1 Chron.— 1 Ki. 1 Ki. Made Powerful. after 6 p.and death. (2 Sam. how mankind came into enslavement to transgression. (1 Sam. but. . slaughtered. N ot that the preaching work is always easy. It will strengthen your faith and hope in a truly “free world. They hold that. one of the remnant of Christ’s anointed followers.” Page 112. 20:25. the inspired record nowhere men­ tions any appointment of Zadok as high priest under King Saul. So it appears that Abiathar had a son also named Ahimelech.A. B. Some have suggested.S. what your relationship is to God. W hen King Saul had Abiathar’s father. who was under David’s protection. 26.. . It is this joy that Jehovah’s witnesses will have during February as they call at the homes of people. a year’s subscription for The Watchtower for just $1. 25. how and when liberation is to come. Zadok or Abiathar?— S. Songs to Be Used: 51.. 116. The text at 2 Samuel 8:17 has caused some question in this regard. the record at 1 Chronicles 18: 16. 4 :4 . 24:3. Such a view is taken due to the fact that Zadok and Abiathar are regu­ larly mentioned together as having high positions in the priesthood. 1:7. 19:11.March 25.2 0 . along with Zadok. 35. ••7'** V TO STRENGTHEN YOUR FAITH The new book Life Everlasting— in Freedom of the Sons of God will help you to know. Songs to Be Used: 87. 128 . It is possible that Zadok’s prominence is due to his being a seer or proph­ et. 81. just as the priestly prophet Samuel received greater mention in the record than did the high priest of his time. 15:27) The evidence indicates that Abiathar was the sole high priest during David’s reign and that Zadok then occupied a position secondary to him. as an aid to interested persons. that after Ahimelech’s death King Saul had Zadok installed as high priest. what this world will be like when that day of liber­ ation is here. 15:29. there is abiding satisfaction in knowing that one is doing the will of God and is aiding his fellowmen to lay hold of eternal life. not recognizing Abia­ thar. 22:9-23) David finally gained the throne and made him the high priest. “ WATCHTOWER” STUDIES FOR THE WEEKS March 19: Jehovah Makes Full M ight Abound. 8. . 2:27.” Sent post­ paid for only 50c. March 26: “From a W eak State .m. 15:11. However. Page 105. following his ascension to the throne. Abiathar fled to David. Standard Time. served as secondary priest under High Priest Abiathar. discuss the Bible and to offer. 35. High Priest Ahimelech. 31 confirms the order of the names. W h a t is that? Sharing in Jehovah’s service. In harmony with Jesus’ instructions to his disciples while he was still on earth. 17:15.— 2 Sam. David made Abiathar an associate high priest along with Zadok. ANNOUNCEMENTS FIELD MINISTRY There are many things in life that may bring a person a measure of joy. but there is one source of joy that stands out above all others in the lives of Jehovah’s witnesses. and that this Ahimelech. should be assigned to deliver the discourse. A qualified speaker. It has been suggested that the names of Ahim e­ lech and Abiathar were transposed by a scribal error.• W h o was the high priest during David’s reign. Order today.


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T h e p o l i c e sa id t/ L/ / v. of the United Nations the talk was of The grandmother who helps her daughterloneliness. active. man companionship. such as feelings of melancholia. more love for other people. absorbing hob­ tact. oil painting. the aged father and mother left One of the most effective ways of over­ alone by children. writing and other into confinement. the sick whom the healthy have forgotten. growing bachelors whose independence has turned flowers. such as photography.™ house for an appreciative there was “ no apparent reason fam ily usually keeps herself for the tragedy. bewilderment and insecurity. These emo­ It keeps people from feeling sorry for tions often arise from a loss of loving hu­ themselves. married people coming loneliness is to take an interest in who have permitted busy schedules to others. introverted bies. leaped from the window of her luxu­ rious apartm ent in Number 5 th e w a r m t h o f hu m an kindness. in-law with the children. There must These are lonely people who need to feel be not only a love for others but also an wwi 131 . for affection. The thought of in the world.J E H O V A H ’S K IN G D O M Vol. the widows who long activity. on Octo­ ber 15. the spinster wanting mar­ TAKING AN INTEREST IN OTHERS riage. They are often shy. vent the mind from becoming depressed. the grandfather who does repair work around the house Loneliness is a common ailment today feel useful. 1966. A woman Y e7 J eighteen orL city stories 1 ° her death \ s f 7j / who cooks and keeps b elow . if they who need the companionship of others would keep themselves from feeling lonely. needed. Single people especially need to fill their Who are the lonely? They are persons free time with meaningful work. 1967 7| N I N E T E E N c / i YEAR-OLD wife of a young A frican United Nations diplomat. It produces definite physical working for others or oneself helps pre­ symptoms. and for some reason cannot make con­ Some have taken up useful. What can be done to help them? What can they do to help themselves? P u rp osefu l w ork is a \ / sa feg u a rd a g a i n s t loneliness. Lonely persons need to express keep them from seeing the one they love. which later turned into paying propo­ teen-agers away from home. the balding sitions.” But in the corridors creatively busy and mentally healthy. L X X X V I I I March 1.

a lady confined to a wheelchair wrote letters about God’s kingdom to resi­ dents of restricted apartment buildings. Bible reading is always enriching to the mind. 4:7. 5:7) Regardless of our situation. As Jesus Christ said: “There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving. Stressing this point. Single girls have found making candy for children an ab­ sorbing outlet. which. indeed. Even greater happiness is achieved when we help people in a spiritual way. For example. He typed letters to relatives and friends.132 3£eWATCHTOWER interest in others. and yet I amnot alone. She conducted Bible studies and made oth­ ers happy. One observer stated that almost everyone he knew was “either lonely or afraid.” (John 16:32) Remember this during your lonely hours and “ the peace of God that excels all thought will guard your hearts and your mental powers by means of Christ Jesus.” Why not make a list of the aged. married or single. There is a great need today for cheering people up. It is enjoyable and uplifting.” (Acts 20:35) Giving in a spiritual way is a safeguard against loneliness. the widows and widowers whom you know that might need cheering up? Then pay them a visit and scatter among them the sunshine of hope. there is always God. when we read with the thought of telling others what we read. lonely. She also used the telephone effectively. When we lift the hopes of others. when you will be scattered each one to his own house and you will leave me alone. because the Father is with me. ac­ cording to The Children’s Version of the Holy Bible. When alone. Such reading causes time to pass quickly. can help them­ selves by helping others spiritually. Is he lonely? He could very easily be if he sat there and did nothing. because the very nature of their ministry brings them in touch with people who need com­ fort and hope. allowing no room for loneliness. such as inviting neighbors and friends over for dinner. says: “A man who has friends must show himself friendly. it has come. How­ ever. A twenty-year-old cerebral palsy victim not only was confined to a wheelchair but his speech was not very intelligible.— Prov. B r o o k l y n .” Having many friends keeps one from becoming self-centered and helps assure one happy moments and happy thoughts. One way to show interest in others is to do something for them. if ever. and his typewriter soon began to speak for him. who very easily are sub­ ject to spells of loneliness. For happy people are seldom. activity and pleasure. . Sewing and knitting for others is also enjoyable. when we read God’s Word with the purpose of aiding others. Planning for these occasions creates inter­ est. Fellowship with God through prayer knows no walls or boundaries.Y .”— Phil. The aware­ ness that ‘God cares for us’ is comforting indeed! (1 Pet. when we strengthen their faith in a brighter future and chart their course in the direction of life everlasting. Call them up on the telephone or send them a card or a letter. What could he do to keep himself from becom­ ing lonely? He learned to type. Proverbs 18:24. But now he is much too busy to be lonely. then we are making happy not only them but our­ selves as well. Cheer up depressed souls and you will be cheered. N . 11:25. there is always prayer to God. as Jesus Christ lovingly let us know: “ Look! The hour is coming. then the experience becomes doubly rewarding. the sick. Even the sick. And this is true whether one is male or female. as well as drawing upon the local press and the telephone books for names. are a protection against loneliness. This is where Jehovah’s witnesses are in an especially favorable position. in turn.

and he exposes their erroneous thinking: “Because sentence against a bad work has not been executed speedily. But God knows their inmost thoughts. He will not per­ mit the wicked forever to get away with giving the impression that God approves of what they are doing. that is why the heart of the sons of men has become fully set in them to do bad. and you will certainly give attention to his place. And just a little while longer. You imagined that I would positively become like you. GOD’S PROMISES POINT TO END OF WICKEDNESS True. and I kept silent.” (Ps. so they imagine that nothing will ever happen to them. am loving jus­ tice. and that time is close at hand. 61:8) Would this God of righteousness forever endure what he hates? In vindication of his own name the righ­ teous God. Jehovah. in private as well as in public life. To the lawless. As the current trend in human behavior casts its ominous shadow toward the fu­ ture. for example. im­ moral ones Jehovah gives this warning notice: “ These things you have done. we are living in days when wick­ edness is rampant and evildoers multiply. He knows what it is that keeps them going on in the evil way. too. 11:5) And in another place he informs us: “I. what basis is there for believing that God will interfere to enforce righteousness and peace? The expectation that God will act to put an end to all wickedness may be grounded upon a knowledge of God’s own qualities. they betray a failure to consider the many positive warnings of God’s purpose to act. He is the God of love and truth.” (Eccl. 50: 21) The long-suffering of God. One of his own inspired servants writes of him: “Anyone loving violence His soul certainly hates.How We Know that Will Put W ILL God ever take deci­ sive action to stamp out wickedness from the universe for­ ever? The urgent need for a con­ clusive answer is pointed up by the steadily deteriorating conditions of our era. To the meek ones. Jehovah. But the . A great upsurge of violence and vicious crime baffles the sociologists. intended to give full opportunity to evildoers to repent. but Jehovah’s promises point to a com­ plete end of wickedness. hating robbery along with unrigh­ teousness. and the wicked one will be no more. is sure to act in his own due time against every evildoer. For evil­ doers themselves will be cut off.” (Isa. Disregard for the rule of law is every­ where evident. I am going to reprove you. and he will not be. There has been no swift retribution for their crimes. Do not be envious of those doing unrighteousness.” (Ps. he gives this strong assur­ ance: “Do not show yourself heated up be­ cause of the evildoers. 8:11) By their attitude. and I will set things in order 133 before your eyes. has been misconstrued by some and they have lulled themselves into a dangerous complacency. but those hoping in Jehovah are the ones that will possess the earth.

to those on his left. we can imagine the shouts of ridicule and derision of the mul- . Gone will be the wicked. 9-11. Angel sons of God forsook their proper places in heaven. THE PATTERN OF ACTION GOD FOLLOWS In addition to these and many other promises to rid the universe of wicked ones. B r o o k l y n . and to convict all the ungodly concerning all their ungodly deeds that they did in an ungodly way. for me to collect together king­ doms. into the everlasting fire prepared for the Devil and his an­ gels. you who have been cursed.Y . for exam­ ple. 25:41) Annihilation. he was moved to exclaim about its future fulfillment: “Look! Jehovah came with his holy myri­ ads. will also strike direct­ ly at the root of all wickedness is made certain by the words of Jesus in his illus­ tration about the symbolic sheep and goats: “ Then he will say. in turn.—Zeph. 6:1-7. 20:10. to execute judgment against all. 2:5. Even though the meek make diligent search they will not be able to find even one wicked person to mar the happy and tran­ quil scene. Still another promise that points unmis­ takably to the end of the wicked on an international scale was voiced by God’s prophet Zephaniah: “ ‘Keep yourselves in expectation of me. N .” (Jude 14. 2:1-3. Another promise of God that he will ease righteously disposed persons of the terrible burden of living indefinitely among the wicked was expressed by the patriarch Enoch. An era of violence and immorality resulted. the conditions that developed in the days of Noah. That Jehovah and his appointed Execu­ tioner. and concerning all the shock­ ing things that ungodly sinners spoke against him. for my judicial decision is to gather nations. for by the fire of my zeal all the earth will be devoured.” And what was God’s determination? “I am go­ ing to wipe men whom I have created off the surface of the ground. As Noah resolutely built the ark for the saving of his family. materialized as men and mated with the beautiful daughters of men to produce a hybrid race of giants or bullies. So realistic was the vi­ sion that God granted him. Consider. 2 Pet. and the putting out of action of the very leader in evildoing.’ is the utterance of Je­ hovah. the pattern of action God has fol­ lowed in his past dealings with evildoers offers some guide to us on how he will deal with them now.’ ” (Zeph. for the apostle John so describes the action in the prophetic vision given him by God: “ The Devil who was misleading [men] was hurled into the lake of fire and sulphur.134 SffieWATCHTOWER meek ones themselves will possess the earth.” — Ps. and they will indeed find their ex­ quisite delight in the abundance of peace. ‘Be on your way from me.” is the destiny of the beginner and leader in all wicked­ ness. 15) The magni­ tude of that final execution work is indi­ cated by the fact that myriads of angels are involved and by the fact that the ungodly” are to have execution visited upon them.”— Rev. in order to pour out upon them my denunciation. repre­ sented by “ everlasting fire.”— Gen. all my burning anger.’ ” (Matt. Notice how thorough the cleanup that Jehovah will conduct on this earth. The sacred Record tells that “Jehovah saw that the badness of man was abundant in the earth and every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only bad all the time. Thus the promises of God furnish ample basis for anticipating an end of all wicked­ ness. Christ Jesus. but the meek will survive. ‘till the day of my rising up to the booty. 37:1. 3:8) At the same time God offers protection and survival for those meek ones of all nations who seek him and his ways of righteousness.

7: daughters. The shock­ tive of a greater one to come in the future. The crazed — Gen. joke. The water level mounted been lulled into a false sense of safety from steadily hour after hour. People rushed to getting away with wrongdoing. edness. The population. had for shelter.” The angels sent to rescue Lot and and nations to this day. 2:7. But nineteen hun­ his family delivered the urgent message: dred years ago it assumed new importance “Get up! Get out of this place. You are wasting your time. now long accustomed Then came the downpour. They tern of dealing with wicked ones is to be tell of Jehovah’s abhorrence of evildoing. People on the highest mountains considerable distance Abraham could ob­ could hear the cries and shrieks of trapped serve how “ thick smoke ascended from multitudes as the lower heights became the land like the thick smoke of a kiln!” engulfed by swirling waters. and face of the boundless waters. day after day. are always carried out. 19:4-14. perience. lived to report the terrible ex­ 17-24. daughters were clear of the doomed dis­ disorganized. 1967 SEeWATCHTOWER. scramble of crowds to occupy the topmost All the inhabitants of the district. Mountains were transformed trict. had time to ponder stroying the wicked but delivering the the fact that God’s announced purposes righteous. Lot’s warning of the impending catas­ Noah. And it is not left to us humans to prepared to resort to violence against ap­ guess that those events were representa­ parently defenseless strangers. God-fearing Lot and his shouts for help were silenced. Gen. so the presence of the Son of man — 2 Pet. Again God had declared his pur­ As the ark tossed to and fro on the sur­ pose to bring ruin to the wicked.’ But the trophe upon the city and district was treat­ ark came to its completion. not one peak was left. Righteous Lot dwelt in Sodom. and the and all the well-watered fertile country. the Supreme Ruler had tion in dealing with wickedness surely con­ swept the earth clean of wicked men. with peaks was attended by great loss of life.— Gen. That drowning of a wicked race has ing depths of their depravity reached Jehovah’s ears like a loud “cry of com­ lived in the traditions of almost all tribes plaint. above the tallest mountains. their homes. punishment. its precious ed by his prospective sons-in-law as a big cargo was loaded and the door was shut. as soon as Lot and his The people fled to higher ground. Even though PROPHETIC PATTERNS FOR TODAY wickedness had spread abroad and domi­ These examples of God’s pattern of ac­ nated the earth. They were and he was “ greatly distressed by the in­ actually recorded as prophetic patterns of dulgence of the law-defying people in loose things to take place on a vastly larger conduct. again he displayed the pattern of de­ Noah and his family. “Jehovah made it rain sulphur and into islands as the rising waters separated fire” upon the whole area. But they go farther. stitute object lessons to be read and un­ Another striking example of God’s pat­ derstood by all who have lived since. 19:24-28. their gardens Eventually. because as a pattern of things to come when Jesus Jehovah is bringing the city to ruin!” Christ declared: “ Just as the days of Noah were. its occupants.March 1. found in the Bible account of Sodom and and of his zeal for the eradication of wick­ Gomorrah. frantic. Even from a families. 18:20. 135 titude: ‘It will never come in our day. The last vain Three persons.” In order to satisfy their animal­ istic passions. . only sound—the swish of waters piled high were overthrown in the fiery disaster. their cities. Yet. those men of Sodom were scale.

setting a pattern for ungodly per­ sons of things to come. as were Noah and his family.” (Jude 7) God will not tolerate the wicked indefinitely.” (2 Pet. 2:9.” (2 Pet. His promises.136 SEeWATCHTOWER. point to such de­ cisive action. 4) The destructive events in Noah’s day and in Lot’s day point to the error of such ridiculers and to the fact that Jehovah will deliver the righteous.” (Matt. and caused the apostle Peter to prophesy: “ In the last days there will come ridiculers with their ridicule. And perhaps most ex­ plicit is the fact that in his Word the de­ structive Flood of Noah’s day and the fiery overthrow of Sodom and Gomorrah are specifically named as patterns of “things to come. 6:18) His dealings with wick­ ed men of the past and his deliverance of the righteous point to the pattern he will follow in our day. proceeding according to their own desires and saying: ‘Where is this prom­ ised presence of his? Why. from the day our forefathers fell asleep in death. will be. after they in the same manner as the foregoing ones [materialized angels] had committed for­ nication excessively and gone out after flesh for unnatural use. and they took no note until the flood came and swept them all away. all things are continuing exactly as from creation’s beginning. and the cities about them. until the day that Noah entered into the ark. 24:37-39) Just as they were cater­ ing to the selfish desires of the flesh and ignoring God’s warning back there. adds his in­ spired testimony as to the real purpose of the record of the overthrow of Sodom and Gomorrah: “ So too Sodom and Gomorrah B r o o k l y n . Another Bible writer. Likewise the experience of Sodom and her sister cities is no mere historical inci­ dent unrelated to people living on earth today. eating and drinking. referring to this same prophetic pattern of the Flood.Y . .— 2 Pet. For as they were in those days before the flood. But by the same word the heavens and the earth that are now are stored up for fire and are being reserved to the day of judgment and of destruction of the ungodly men. so it is today. Thus Jesus authoritatively warned that the prophetic pattern is certain to be car­ ried through to a destructive conclusion for the wicked. The qualities displayed by the just and loving God offer a strong guarantee that he will rise up and bring an end to a gen­ eration of evildoers who today misrepre­ sent him and ruin his handiwork here on earth. 7) Again an entire world of wicked creatures will be wiped out. Are there those today who ridicule the idea that God will bring a complete end to wickedness and deliver the righteous. the apostle Peter gives further detail on how the end of international wickedness will come: “By those means [God’s word di­ recting the unprecedented downpour] the world of that time suffered destruction when it was deluged with water. are placed before us as a warning example by undergoing the judicial punishment of everlasting fire. And. (Heb. Under the direction of God’s holy spirit the apostle Peter was moved to write: “By reducing the cities Sodom and Gomorrah to ashes [God] condemned them. N . who treat any thought of an impending destructive judgment as a great joke? God foreknew there would be. and it is impossible for him to lie. 3:3. 3:6. 2:6) Thus God is certain to follow that pattern of action in connection with the wicked gen­ eration that encumbers the earth today. men marrying and women being given in mar­ riage.’ ” (2 Pet. but the righ­ teous spared.” There can be no doubt that God will put an end to all wickedness. so the presence of the Son of man will be. Jude. too.

for they are from promised to Israel’s forefather Abraham. O Jehovah. and David refused to take matters his way. whom Jehovah had upright is Jehovah. But David did not become bitter the meek ones to walk in his judicial de­ toward Jehovah over Saul’s jealous ac­ cision. but what should we not conclude? (b) How did Jehovah deal rewardingly with David? 1. but he bear sin along with him. have asserted? 2 This does not sound like the God of 5David was falsely accused and ha­ whom the psalmist David said: “ Good and rassed by King Saul. but one who perhaps is They cannot understand why he does not aloof from the affairs and problems of personally intervene in their cases.” He recalled the law serving his covenant and his reminders. stances have found fault with the Creator. perhaps even as a God who arbi­ love. and teach me.”—PS. 4. HAT is your conception of God? 4 Many persons in less severe circum­ Do you view him as a kindly. benevolent deity. All the paths of Jehovah are into his own hands to strike down “ the loving-kindness and trueness for those ob­ anointed of Jehovah. 19:17. In you I have hoped all day long. He will cause ple. What counsel from Jehovah’s Word did David wisely follow? 6.“O GIVE THANKS TO JEHOVAH. (a) What did the wars of Israel foreshadow. 25:4-6. time indefinite. one of the source. and drive them out of the land that had been your loving-kindnesses. FOR HE IS GOOD? FOR HIS LOVING-KINDNESS IS TO TIME INDEFINITE. on God. for you are my God of sal­ 6 Later David took the lead in the fight vation. as even some clergymen for his own inscrutable purposes. er in your heart. 25:8-10. t07:t. Is he a God of kindness and cause. teach me your your fellow as yourself. You should by all means 3 David had been a fugitive. 18. and why? 137 . But we do well to who blesses the wars and bloodshed of consider what Jehovah’s Word has to say the nations if they are in a “ righteous” about this. Instead he prayed: “Make me know the sons of your people. and he will teach the meek ones tion.” of Israel: “You must not hate your broth­ — Ps. trarily snuffs out the life of a loved one bloodthirsty God. 2. that you may not his life from his own countrymen. or an unloving. Make me walk in your truth — Lev. Israel waged against the Canaanites to Remember your mercies. as compared with what David wrote? 3. O Jehovah.”— Ps. What should be our attitude toward the Creator. regardless as a partisan fighter in world affairs. as David declared. YOU PEOPLE. fleeing forreprove your associate. You must not did not find fault with God for his trou­ take vengeance nor have a grudge against bles. and you must love your own ways. That is why he in­ entrusted with the leadership of his peo­ structs sinners in the way. W 5. and mankind? Or perhaps you think of him tend to blame all their troubles. I am Jehovah. How do some view God.” own paths.

Jehovah in prophecy showed his un­ the loving-kindnesses to David that are deserved kindness as he foretold the fu­ faithful. and your soul will keep alive.”— Isa. seed all nations of the earth will certainly 7 The apostle Paul tied in the covenantbless themselves. When Jehovah formed the earth shares and learn war no more. Ps. And that fact that he resurrected him you must even forgive my error. To purpose that righteous men live on earth the contrary.” (Gen. ‘I will give you people the loving­ mal sacrifices was needed to provide a kindnesses to David that are faithful. trusted. 25:7. Ps. 13:5. that God has en­ “The sins of my youth and my revolts O tirely fulfilled it to us their children in do not remember. I will sing to Jehovah. he has stated in this David saw that something more them ani­ way.Y. ‘You are my me. for he disaic conditions come about? Jehovah had has dealt rewardingly with me. Even after their rebel­ I shall readily conclude with you people lion and the execution of sentence against an indefinitely lasting covenant respecting them. looking forward leave his line of descent. Isaiah prophetically de­ prove their faithfulness and expand the clared: “Incline your ear and come to me.” This seed of Abraham with David with the events in Jesus’ day.” No wonder David declared: “As ture redemption of those putting their for me. in your loving-kindness I have faith in him. 6. David was as a beautiful home for men.’ ” satisfactory atonement. What need did David recognize. I have become your Father this day. (Acts 13:36) to the time when the first couple would Concerning this. there is no chain of events showed Jehovah’s kindness Scriptural indication that Jehovah in these and loving concern for mankind. boundaries of the paradise garden to the Listen. For your name’s sake. In the midst of the garden he promised that the kingship would not planted the tree of life.— Acts 13:32-34.’ hovah. This action was a prophetic pattern of Jesus as the heir of David and Jehovah’s how Jehovah in our time will cleanse the only-begotten Son was raised up to become earth of rebels against his sovereignty and King of Jehovah’s new order of things at give the inheritance to those loving and the appointed time. for it is from the dead destined no more to re­ considerable. “those observing his covenant 8From the very beginning a growing and his reminders. 22:18. 11) turn to corruption. David had ex­ you the good news about the promise pressed the need for this when he prayed: made to the forefathers. Isaiah foretold that his peo­ in paradisaic conditions would not be ple would beat their swords into plow­ thwarted. Jehovah’s days fights for one nation or another. What are some evidences that Jehovah is a God of loving-kindness ? 9. Yet David had carried out and flowering shrubs for their pleasure Jehovah’s will for his time and so Jehovah and delight. but cov­ to Jehovah’s worship because he had been ered the terrain with fruit-bearing trees a man of war.” However. N. he did not denied the honor of erecting the temple provide just the stark necessities. would prove to be a blessing by providing explaining: “ And so we are declaring to the means for redemption. According to your that he resurrected Jesus. let my heart be joyful in your 9 How would this restoration to para­ salvation. B r o o k l y n . even as it is loving-kindness do you yourself remember written in the second psalm. serving him. for the sake of your goodness. How did Paul connect God’s loving-kindness to David with Jesus’ time? 8. and he trusted in So the promise to David was fulfilled and 7. 55: promised Abraham: “By means of your 3. and how was this prospect provided? . O Je­ son. and ends of the earth. O Jehovah.138 SflieWATCHTOWER.

abuse and unkind­ telling of a man on the road from Jeru­ ness due to race. Ignored by a as far as the viewpoint of their Creator priest and Levite who passed by.” What a prospect for blessing distinctions due to blood ties or race.” (Luke 8:21) So he did not make this One. (a) What illustration of kindness did Jesus give? (b) How did he show the same impartiality as his tanic course of unkindness. (1 John 2:9-11) Following the maritan. and darkness has blinded finally given kindly attention by a Sa­ their eyes. Law. everyone who be­ are these who hear the word of God and lieves is declared guiltless by means of do it. even the for­ served kindness to all kinds of men and giveness of sins and errors such as David that He is impartial toward all. In what way have mankind generally responded to Jehovah’s provisions. As could not be declared guiltless by means Jesus said: “My mother and my brothers of the law of Moses. prejudice due to really is my neighbor?” Jesus replied by religious differences. Those pursuing such a salem to Jericho who was robbed and course show they are walking in darkness.”— 1 John 3:10-12. Jehovah’s purpose. all men of one blood. walking in the light.M arch 1. 1967 3EeWATCHT0WER 139 Jehovah’s loving-kindness to provide it. A scholar of the kindness taught by Jehovah and his Son. (2 Sam. who originated Jehovah’s covenant with David was an­ with the wicked one and slaughtered his other step forward in the outworking of brother. not like Cain. 39. “ The children of God and the children of the Devil are evident by this fact: Everyone who does not carry on righteousness does not or iginate with God. and what does this indicate? . he was is concerned. asked: “Who hatred due to nationality. He all nations this opened up. Jesus asked: “Who of these three course of kindness is to walk in union with seems to you to have made himself neigh­ Jehovah. division and Father? hatred. F or this is the m essage which you have heard from the beginning. He made mentioned!—Acts 13:38. regarding Jesus: be understood to mean just those of one’s “From all the things from which you own family or even one’s own race. throughout the world there is our neighbor as ourselves. thanks to Jeho­ knew that his Father had shown unde­ vah’s undeserved kindness. that we should have love fo r one 10. beaten and left half-dead. 7:16) How 11 Nor is this love for one’s brother to was that? As Paul said. This light bor to the man that fell among the rob­ from his Word further reveals the con­ bers?” Certainly it was the man who acted trast between those who are children of God and those who are following the Sa­ 11. knowing Jehovah’s command to love Instead. neither does he who does not love his brother. and has given all 10 Still down to this day mankind havethe same hope of life through his Son un­ not accepted and applied the lesson of der his Kingdom rule. another.

107:11-13) He is not to be blamed because sudden death through accident.” But Jehovah did not reject his people. AT) If the people would repent. He knew there were seven thou­ sand men of faith remaining besides Eli­ jah. they have dug up your altars. for he himself has torn in pieces but he will heal us. Jesus commended this ac­ tion. tracked with bloody footprints. a remnant of Israel during Jesus’ ministry proved faithful. Jehovah has continued to deal with long-suffering. (Hos. on the way to Shechem they committed murder. but by no means giving exemption from punishment. pa­ tience and kindness toward mankind. (a) What condition had Israel fallen into according to Hosea? (b) What kind of God would Jehovah show himself to be if the people were repentant? B r o o k l y n . Jehovah. they did not fall completely from Jeho­ vah’s favor. and I alone am left. but even act rebelliously toward their Creator. but by no means will he give exemption from punishment. Jehovah’s loving expres­ sions of kindness toward men through the centuries do not mean that he overlooks or will sentimentally forgive all wrong­ doing. 2:14.”—Luke 10:29-37. preserving loving-kindness for thousands. To Israel he described himself with the words: “ Jehovah. doers. He kept strik­ ing. upon the third generation and upon the fourth generation.” Israel was defiled. therefore. Surely with con­ ditions like this in the land it was true that what little loving-kindness there was had vanished away in the early morning like dew.” (Ex. Paul wrote: “ In this way. they practiced vice. and what provision did Jehovah make for the Gentiles? . 13 However. saying to his inquirer: “ Go your way and be doing the same yourself. N . a God merciful and gracious. Instead of practicing the loving-kindness of their God. With good reason Hosea pleaded: “Come.140 SikW ATCHTOW ER mercifully who showed himself to be the real neighbor. To the contrary. 12 Despite the fact that many people not only pass by and ignore their neighbors when help is needed. saying: “ Jehovah. (Ps. war or dis­ ease strikes thousands of young and old just when least expected. Like troops of men lying in wait.” Jehovah wanted their loyal love rather than sacri­ fice. like the seven thousand who refused to worship Baal in Elijah’s time. Gilead became “ a city of wrong12. and do let us return to Jehovah. at the present season also a remnant has turned up according 14. and that they recognize the impor­ tance of knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings.Y .’ 14 The apostle Paul centuries later com­ mented on Jehovah’s balance as a God of kindness. pardoning error and transgression and sin. they have killed your prophets. 9:11. but he will bind us up. you people. and. 7) Israel in time became deserving of chastisement. (a) For what is God not to be blamed? (b) How do the Scriptures show this? 13.— Eccl. he is the one opening the way to life for those desiring it. 6:1-10. Heb.” Judah had treacherously vio­ lated their covenant with Jehovah. What was the condition of Israel by the days of the apostles. yet one showing severity when deserved. slow to anger and abundant in loving-kindness and truth. So though the nation stumbled often. bringing punishment for the error of fathers upon sons and upon grandsons. NW . so the priests hid themselves. Both he and his Son advocate and practice undeserved kind­ ness. He quoted Jehovah’s words to Isaiah: “All day long I have spread out my hands toward a people that is disobe­ dient and talks back. Hosea described the people as having loving-kindness “like the morn­ ing clouds and like the dew that early goes away.” Elijah had even pleaded with God against Israel. 34:6. then Jehovah would show himself to be a God ‘slow to anger and abundant in loving-kindness.

Their ed from Adam. It is not a question of na­ vidual that he has the hope of everlasting tionality or race.” In this is God’s kindness. that they might receive the riches of because of Jehovah’s showing undeserved Jehovah and the blessings he would pro­ kindness in providing a ransom.— John 1:14. (Rom. which Je­ vide. a glory such as be­ extended. and he was full of undeserved kind­ will he spare you. God’s ness and truth. otherwise. but in. provided you remain in Jesus mirrored the kindly qualities of his his kindness. In what way did undeserved kindness come to rule as king? . “ there is life.M arch 1. 10:12. As Paul put it. you also will be Father. representing men It is not because of our own righteous of faith of Gentile nations. even undeserved kind­ fell there is severity. because all have sinned. 2: his undeserved kindness. saying: “When the kindness people of the nations. we might become heirs proved unfruitful. that. by holy spirit. the majority of Israel acted as through his undeserved kindness. How was the hope of everlasting life made possible? 15. How did Paul illustrate what warning was given? Jehovah's action. who is grants this prospect of being declared rich to all those calling upon him. 1 Pet. God. This spirit he poured out —Rom.’ ”— Rom. Paul warns that this was not due to sus made available by giving his human any special works on the part of those life as a sacrifice. richly upon us through Jesus Christ our 15 Paul described this by likening Jeho­Savior. yet God no distinction between Jew and Greek. but according to his mercy he partition had been broken down and now saved us through the bath that brought us the way was open for others to come into to life and through the making of us new Jehovah’s favor as his covenant people. 16. 2:10. the Titus 3:4-7. was manifested. for there is the same Lord over all.” branches were broken off and new branch­ Jehovah truly is a God of loving-kindness. 13. after being declared righ­ vah’s covenant people to the branches in teous by virtue of the undeserved kind­ an olive tree. 24) 7-11. 10:21 to 11:11. neither ther. Paul highlighted this at failure opened the way for Gentiles. the spiritually dead according to a hope of everlasting life. were grafted works that we become entitled to life. No long­ Savior. es from a wild olive tree. therefore. “ So the Word became grafted in. For righteous through faith in the ransom ‘everyone who calls on the name of Jeho­ sacrifice of Christ Jesus as a free gift by vah will be saved. and 17. For we all received from kindness and severity. owing to no er were the Jews set off as a select people works in righteousness that we had per­ from all the other nations. He reminds them: “If God did longs to an only-begotten son from a fa­ not spare the natural branches. Toward those who out of his fullness. and we had those to whom the opportunity was first a view of his glory.” 16 Jehovah has opened the door to life However. See. 3:23. lopped off. balanc­ though they were sound asleep. 11:21. Since Israel as a nation ness of that one. 16. but due to the lack of faith of flesh and resided among us. 1967 SReWATCHTOWER 141 to a choosing due to undeserved kindness. but the wall of formed. their eyes ing the scales of justice by providing his closed and their ears deaf to the wonder­ Son as a ransom so that we can escape ful opportunity Jehovah in his undeserved from the condemnation and death inherit­ kindness was opening up to them.” (Rom. 22) Faith and 17 Thus it can be clearly seen that it is obedience are required to remain in Jeho­ due to no action on the part of the indi­ vah’s kindness. to come into the new and the love for man on the part of our covenant that Jesus inaugurated. but toward you there ness upon undeserved kindness.



B r o o k l y n , N .Y .

Up to the time of Christ the law that good news Christians today can share in
God gave stood as a reminder to Israel of the ministry and show they appreciate
their imperfection and sinfulness, but Je­ the undeserved kindness of Jehovah. As
sus’ ransom opened up the way to receive sons of God, we should reflect his quality
the benefits of God’s undeserved kindness. of kindness to others, and what better way
Until that time it was true that sin ruled can there be to do this than by bringing
as king with death, but then Jehovah them the truth that leads to life! Jesus did
opened up the way that “ undeserved kind­ this, sharing both undeserved kindness
ness might rule as king through righteous­ and truth through his ministry.— John 1:
ness with everlasting life in view.” (Rom. 17, 18.
5:21) Jesus had come as a leader and com­
20 Jehovah himself is the original source
mander to bless all national groups, in ful­ of kindness. As the aged apostle John
fillment of God’s “ covenant respecting the wrote: “Who will not really fear you, Je­
loving-kindnesses to David.”— Isa. 55:3, 4. hovah, and glorify your name, because you
“ Today Christians are not in the Mo­ alone are one of loving-kindness?” (Rev.
saic law covenant with God, but, being 15:4, edition of 1950) Even for those who
associated with the new covenant, are led have gone contrary to the direction of
by God’s spirit. (Rom. 6:14) Even so, our God, if they change their course of action,
prospects of righteous standing in God’s the opportunity of being reconciled and
sight do not come as a result of our works. obtaining the gift of life may still be open,
The apostle Paul spoke strongly about just as the prophet Joel invited the way­
this, showing that no one could obtain life ward Israelites: “ Come back to Jehovah
through his own efforts: “ I do not shove your God, for he is gracious and merciful,
aside the undeserved kindness of God; for slow to anger and abundant in loving­
if righteousness is through law, Christ ac­ kindness.”— Joel 2:13.
tually died for nothing.” (Gal. 2:21) In
21 On the other hand, Satan is doing all
fact, Paul went on to say: “You are parted he can to counteract the kindness of Je­
from Christ, whoever you are that try to hovah, knowing that he has only a short
be declared righteous by means of law; time remaining to blind the minds of the
you have fallen away from his undeserved people to the good news. (2 Cor. 4:4) His
kindness.”— Gal. 5:4; Rom. 11:5, 6.
every effort is to defame the Creator as
However, although it is not by oura God who does not care and is not con­
own efforts but rather by the merit of cerned with the problems and trials of
Christ’s sacrifice that we have the won­ mankind, a God taking sides in human
derful hope of everlasting life, whether in wars and thus being responsible for the
heaven or upon earth, that fact does not suffering and grief of the people. (John
mean that Jehovah has not given us an 8:44) But Jesus foreknew that before Je­
assignment of service. So Paul reminded hovah finally brings an end to Satan’s de­
the Galatians: “ God, who . . . called me ceit and troublemaking, a warning would
through his undeserved kindness, thought be given and the real position of Jehovah
good to reveal his Son in connection with as a God of loving-kindness would be made
me, that I might declare the good news clear, One who will bring blessings to his
about him to the nations.” (Gal. 1:15, 16) people through his Kingdom under the
By also accepting this call to declare the
18. How do some shove aside the undeserved kindness
of God?
19. What privilege has Jehovah given Christians today?

20. Who is the true source of kindness, and what
invitation does he extend?
21. What effort is Satan making, but what can lead
to salvation?

M a r c h 1, 1 9 6 7



rule of Christ Jesus. To this end he has they will be cut down as in a harvest when
gathered together men of faith as his wit­ Jehovah cleanses the earth of all wicked­
nesses in a worldwide organization to ness at the battle of Armageddon. As Isa­
preach “this good news of the kingdom.” iah prophesied, men of faith will then “ac­
Sharing in this God-assigned work now tually go forth and look upon the carcasses
leads to salvation.— Rom. 10:9-11.
of the men that were transgressing against
Isa. 66:24.
During this interim period before the
final crushing tribulation comes against
Thus Jehovah in his righteous judg­
Satan’s organization many are having the ments shows both kindness and severity—
opportunity to hear the Kingdom message deserved severity toward those who op­
and are in effect taking up the prayer of pose his Kingdom ambassadors and their
David: “Make me know your own ways, message and who turn their backs on his
O Jehovah; teach me your own paths.” righteous purpose, but kindness to men of
(Ps. 25:4) They come to know Jehovah faith with the prospect of everlasting life.
as a God extending undeserved kindness (Luke 20:9-18) Even during this “ time
to those “ observing his covenant and his of the end” Jehovah continues to show
reminders.” They no longer fall into the his patience, not desiring any to perish.
snare of lack of faith that Satan has laid, (2 Pet. 3:9) Each one by his course of
brooding over the barbaric acts of warfare action will determine whether he will re­
of recent years and attributing such things ceive of God’s kindness or severity. Jeho­
vah will actually be showing kindness to
to God. (Jas. 4:1, 2) However, Christen­
all putting faith in him when he complete­
dom generally, like Israel of old, displays
ly cleanses the earth of all wickedness.
loving-kindness that vanishes in time of (Heb. 10:26-29) Then as never before
trouble like a morning dew in a hot sun, ‘undeserved kindness will rule as king
quickly dissipated because of not having through righteousness with everlasting life
real faith in Jehovah, his Word and King­ in view through Jesus Christ our lord.’
dom. Unless such ones come back to Je­ — Rom. 5:21; Ps. 107:15.
hovah and turn to the knowledge of God, 23. (a) How do the Scriptures show Jehovah’s justice?
22. What fate awaits those who fall into Satan’s snare?

F YOU like to have kindness shown to
you, try making a practice of showing
kindness to others. The little thought and
effort it takes bring much happiness. Try
to put yourself in the other person’s place.


1, 2. (a) Give some suggestions that will help in
showing kindness to others, (b) Why is kindness an
important quality to have?

(b) How does even Jehovah’s severity prove to be a
kindness ?

If you are driving home at night and are
delayed by a stalled car, why honk and
get impatient? How much kinder to offer
help. Or at the breakfast table if your
child accidentally knocks over the milk, do
you think he likes to be told crossly that
he is clumsy? Try kindness. Treat others



as you like to be treated, as this is the
real essence of kindness.
2 Kindness is refreshing. We appreciate
it especially because so many people we
meet are without kindness. We read of
parents’ beating children and violence of
all kinds, but rarely do we read any head­
lines telling of an outstanding act of kind­
ness. Since our natural inclination may be
to treat others as they treat us, we do well
to remember Jehovah’s counsel: “I desire
kindness, and not sacrifice.” (Hos. 6:6,
AS, ftn.) It is much better to show kind­
ness in the first place rather than to have
to atone for speaking harshly and offend­
ing someone, for the unkindness is still
3Just as Jehovah has shown wonderful
kindness to us, we want to show similar
kindness to others, even though they may
be unresponsive. This is possible by the
help of his spirit. Among those who have
no faith in God and consequently do not
have the fruitage of his spirit, we often
see an outward kindness, but it is some­
times hypocritical. As soon as one’s back
is turned, the flattery also turns to un­
kindness. But Christian kindness must be
more than a thin veneer of politeness and
courtesy. True Christians want to show
real warmth, love and consideration, the
genuine kindness of Jehovah’s spirit. Even
if this is difficult at times, there is no
need to get discouraged, for we have a
high priest, Christ Jesus, who can sym­
pathize with our weaknesses. We are told
to “ approach with freeness of speech to
the throne of undeserved kindness, that
we may obtain mercy and find undeserved
kindness for help at the right time.”—Heb.
4:15, 16.

4Since kindness is described Scriptural3. Why should we show genuine kindness, and how is
this possible?
4. (a) How can kindness be cultivated? (b) In what
way is it linked with love?

B r o o k l y n , N .Y .

ly as the fruitage of God’s spirit, this
means it can be cultivated like any other
fruit. (2 Pet. 3:18) It can be encouraged
to grow if given the proper care and at­
tention. Now particularly is the time to
have kindness grow in us by studying
God’s Word and the fine example that men
of faith in times past have set in showing
kindness, by associating with people who
manifest this fruitage of the spirit, and by
following the Scriptural example and in­
structions of Christ Jesus, now on the
throne of undeserved kindness. Jehovah
requires kindness of us. Micah 6:8 says:
“And what is Jehovah asking back from
you but to exercise justice and to love
kindness and to be modest in walking with
your God?” Thus if we are real children
of God, we will not only show kindness,
but love to show kindness. The Hebrew
word here rendered kindness is the
same elsewhere translated loving-kindness.
Kindness is linked with love in the Scrip­
tures because kindness stems from love. If
we have love for God and love for our
neighbor, then we will show kindness.
5 Kindness is mentioned fifth among the
fruits of God’s spirit. It indicates that one
has a desire to do good, a benevolent dis­
position, inclined to be considerate and
helpful. The fruits of God’s spirit include
love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness,
goodness, faith, mildness, self-control.
There is no law against such things, for
they are all upbuilding and beneficial. We
find that kindness helps to solve problems.
It is the force behind tactfulness. It is the
basic essence of good manners and true
attractiveness. It makes it easier to for­
give, but it also helps one to be firm for
what is right, and it will attract inter­
ested ones to Jehovah and to the truth.
— Gal. 5:22, 23.
6 Christian kindness includes being con5, 6. (a) What does kindness include, and how is it
shown? (b) What did Jesus say about kindness?

M arch

1, 1967


siderate of all, being sympathetic and con­
cerned about others. Kindness is not just
a matter of giving to get or showing
thoughtfulness to family or friends or
those with whom one works. Try showing
kindness to strangers also. Jesus said that
if someone in governmental service asks
you to go a mile, you should go two miles
with him. Kindness and consideration
should be shown, not only to friends, but
even to enemies. “ Continue to love your
enemies and to do good and to lend with­
out interest, not hoping for anything back;
and your reward will be great, and you
will be sons of the Most High, because he
is kind toward the unthankful and wick­
ed.”— Luke 6:35, 36.
7Kindness is a good way to overcome
indifference or opposition to the Kingdom
message. When a Christian shows a pa­
tient, friendly and obliging spirit, after a
time it may have an effect on the other
person. God’s spirit will help one to re­
spond in this way. We are instructed at
Colossians 3:12, 13: “ As God’s chosen
ones, holy and loved, clothe yourselves
with the tender affections of compassion,
kindness, lowliness of mind, mildness, and
long-suffering. Continue putting up with
one another and forgiving one another
freely if anyone has a cause for com­
plaint against another. Even as Jehovah
freely forgave you, so do you also.” Kind­
ness is not something to put on one day
and leave home the next. It is a Christian
8So ask yourself, Do you make an ef­
fort to show kindness? Or if someone is
unkind to you, are you unkind to the next
person you meet? Or do you take your
feelings out on your family? Do not be
surprised, then, to see your children treat
the household pet with meanness. Why
7. How can we clothe ourselves with kindness, and
with what results?
8. What is desirable for us to show, and how can we
do it?


not act instead as a solid reef to stop the
spreading waves of unkindness? The place
to start is at home, and the one to start
with is oneself. Remember, “ the desirable
thing in earthling man is his loving­
kindness.”— Prov. 19:22.

9 In a family where kindness is shown,
each one, father, mother and children,
must have a part. Husbands should not
take their wives for granted, but look for
opportunities to give encouragement. Is
the spirit in your home such that, when
someone says something nice, the other
person says, ‘All right, now what do you
want?’ How much better it is when the
wife shows appreciation for the hard
work of her husband and the husband lets
his wife know how much he enjoys the
meal and the neat home she keeps. Do you
do that? It is important not to have two
standards, speaking with consideration
and politeness outside the home, but un­
kindly, bluntly and without feeling to
those who are close to you.
10 It is often true that actions speak
louder than words, so kindness can be
shown not only in speech but also by our
actions in the home. It may be something
little, something unexpected, but bringing
happiness or expressing sympathy. It is
not necessary but certainly kind if a hus­
band brings flowers for his wife. Or per­
haps the wife is not feeling well. It does
not take long to help with the dishes or
with the children, and she may appreciate
it more than a gift. Try letting kindness
be your gift.
11 The wife has an important part in es­
tablishing a spirit of kindness in the fami­
ly. If her husband does not yet have an
9. How can kindness be shown within a family?
10. Mention some everyday ways to show kindness to
your family.
11. What do the Scriptures tell us about kindness in

B r o o k l y n , N .Y .
appreciation for the hope expressed in may well think the parents do not care
the Scriptures, she may draw him to the if this happens. While children, because of
truth by her kindly example. Proverbs 31: immaturity, may not appreciate the close
26 says of a good wife: “The law of loving­ supervision, reproof given to a wise per­
kindness is upon her tongue.” Instead of son will cause him to love you for it, and,
being an exception, this should be a law in time, the same will be true of the child.
or rule of action for the wife. It means Some parents pamper their children by
thinking before speaking. And the hus­ giving them everything they can. But a
band wants to keep that law also. With survey at an Idaho school revealed that
this rule for the home, we will find that not a single straight A student owned a
kindness solves problems. As Ephesians 4: car, while 83 percent of those who failed
32 says simply, “ Become kind to one an­ did. Surely the parents providing the cars
other.” Showing kindness in speech is im­ thought it was a kindness to the child,
portant. We should not think that when but it was not so from an educational
Abraham, Lot and even Jehovah said, standpoint.
“ please,” it was a mere formality, but
13 Finally, be kind to yourself. Keep a
they took account of the importance of good schedule for study and service. This
kindness.— Gen. 18:3, 4; 19:2; 22:2.
may mean turning off the television and
Kindness to children is important forgoing to bed to get some sleep to be fresh
a happy family. Cultivate this quality in to enjoy the next day. It may mean less
them as well, and remember that they do anxiety over material things and spending
as they see you do. So commend them more time on spiritual treasures. One who
when they do well in school or in their is kind to himself in this way will have
field ministry, or if they give a good com­ contentment and peace of mind and be
ment in your discussion of the day’s Bible happy with the blessings of the day. These
text. Parents should not be irritating their things will contribute to a happy individ­
children, and it is a good thing for par­ ual and a happy family.—Luke 12:19-21.
ents to organize their family in kindness,
so that the children know what is expected
who deserve our kindness are
of them and so they will be built up spiri­
brothers and sisters. Even
tually by a good theocratic schedule. Chil­
family may be alienated
dren, of course, need encouragement and
even discipline to follow out a schedule to because of the message from God’s Word,
be prepared for their studies and to ful­ there are brothers and sisters a hundred­
fill home chores that may be assigned. But fold in the Christian congregation. (Mark
kindness is not to be confused with senti­ 10:29, 30) We can show them kindness in
mentality or letting things slide. Mistaken many ways: perhaps stopping by to cheer
kindness can result in juvenile delinquen­ up someone who is sick, taking a tasty
cy. It is no kindness to children when par­ dish to an elderly pioneer in the congre­
ents do not care about the company they gation, or doing a few chores for a sick
keep, about their attendance or deport­ sister. Others kindly help new ones pre­
ment at meetings, about their study of pare talks for the ministry school. One
God’s Word, but just let the children drift brother goes out of his way to bring an
and do things their own way. The children 13. How can one be kind to oneself and receive a


12. What are some ways in which kindness can be
shown to children?

14. What are some ways kindness can be shown within
the congregation?



1, 1967



invalid sister by wheelchair to the meet­ ness, knowing that kindness attracts but
ings. Many persons drive long distances to unkindness repels.
bring interested persons and friends by car
Each one in the Christian congrega­
to the congregational meetings. Those re­ tion has the opportunity to manifest kind­
ceiving such kindness may, in turn, show ness to others. Instead of being disturbed
their appreciation by offering to help with because a sister with several children can­
the expenses. In the early Christian con­ not control them as she might like, per­
gregation Dorcas was remembered and haps you can offer to sit with them to
richly blessed because she made a prac­ help. It is a kindness to ourselves as well
tice of showing kindness by “good deeds as to others not to make a practice of com­
and gifts of mercy.”— Acts 9:36-42.
ing late to meetings, thereby disturbing
In each congregation it is importantothers and missing important material; or,
for the servants to cultivate the quality of if late unavoidably, sit at the rear where
kindness. Paul, in writing to the Thessaas few as possible
lonians, showed that as a servant he had
will be disturbed.
A brother showing
been ‘gentle in the midst of them as when
kindness would
a nursing mother cherishes her own chil­
not severely criti­
dren, or like a father, exhorting his chil­
cize an older man
dren, so they would
but entreat him as
walk worthily of God.’
a father. Younger
(1 Thess. 2:7, 11, 12)
ones can also show
This well reflects the
k in d n ess by a
attitude of a servant
fri en dl y word to
toward the congrega­
the older ones, or
tion. At Ephesians 3:2
o f f e r i n g t o be
the apostle speaks
helpful.— 1 Tim.
about “the stew­
ardship of the un­
deserved kindness
of God that was
given me with you
in v i e w . ” P a u l
17 From time to
recognized that
time some have the
just as he had re­
ceived the undeserved kindness of God, he opportunity to entertain visiting speakers
had the responsibility or stewardship to or a circuit servant and his wife. At 3 John
use it in behalf of others, particularly Gen­ 5-8, the aged apostle showed that we have
tiles. Peter also declared: “ In proportion an obligation to receive such persons hos­
as each one has received a gift, use it in pitably, since doing what is good origi­
ministering to one another as fine stew­ nates with God. If we sow kindness we will
ards of God’s undeserved kindness ex­ also reap kindness. Even the act of giving
pressed in various ways.” (1 Pet. 4:10) one of Jesus’ disciples a cup of cold water
The overseer may have to exhort, repri­ would be favorably remembered by Jeho­
mand and counsel, but he will do it in kind­ vah. (Matt. 10:41, 42) The Scriptures give
15. What counsel did Paul and Peter give Christian
servants ?

16. In what ways might kindness be shown at meetings?
17, 18. Why show kindness to strangers?



many fine examples of showing kindness
to strangers, as when Elijah was kindly
received by the widow of Zarephath.
(1 Ki. 17:8-24) This poor widow offered
her last bit of food to the prophet during
a famine and was richly blessed as a re­
sult. Jehovah kept her supplied with flour
and oil thereafter, and later restored her
son to life.
18 At Acts 28:2 Paul relates how he and
others were shipwrecked on the island of
Malta, where “ the foreign-speaking people
showed us extraordinary human kind­
ness.” They came out despite the cold and
rain and built a fire, receiving the ship­
wrecked strangers with great helpfulness,
so that they were favorably remembered
in God’s Word. No doubt Paul returned
this kindness by leaving them a spiritual
blessing by the things he told them. (Acts
28:30, 31) We, in turn, do well to show
kindness to strangers. As Hebrews 13:2
(1950 edition) says, “ do not forget kind­
ness to strangers, for through it some, un­
known to themselves, entertained angels.”
19 Today Jehovah’s people outstandingly
show kindness by sharing the truth with
others. The apostle reminds us: “We also
entreat you not to accept the undeserved
kindness of God and miss its purpose.”
Now is the time when the Kingdom mes­
sage is being preached, now in the “ day
of salvation.” So we do not want to give
“ any cause for stumbling, that our min­
istry might not be found fault with; but
in every way we recommend ourselves as
God’s ministers, . . . by kindness, by holy
spirit, by love free from hypocrisy, by
truthful speech, by God’s power.” (2 Cor.
6:1-7) Regardless of the situation in
which we may find ourselves, we can still
recommend ourselves, not only by our
knowledge of his Word and the way we
react under difficulties, but also by show19. How can we show we are not missing the purpose
of God’s undeserved kindness?

B r o o k l y n , N .Y .

ing the fruitage of the spirit, including
20 Our showing kindness means we are
imitating God. Jesus outstandingly set the
lead for us in this as he preached the
truth. After John the Baptist had pointed
him out as the Lamb of God, two of John’s
disciples followed Jesus and asked where
he was staying. Jesus invited them to
come and see. After spending the rest of
the day with Jesus, Andrew told his
brother Simeon: “We have found the Mes­
siah.” Yes, Jesus showed hospitality and
kindness by talking about God’s Word.
—John 1:41; 2 Cor. 8:9.
21 Jehovah’s witnesses today regularly
show kindness by taking the message of
life to others, making return visits, con­
ducting studies, asking nothing in return.
As we do this we show kindness in our
speech by being tactful and courteous, tak­
ing time to listen to what the householder
wants to say. It would be easy to be sharp
or sarcastic in replying to a householder
who is rude, but remember that Jehovah
requires kindness. On more than one oc­
casion a soft answer has opened the mind
of the householder to consider the truth.
While an immature person might give a
sour answer, one who is mature knows
that this would not properly represent the
God of kindness.
22 Of course, speaking with kindness
does not mean being wishy-washy or wa­
tering down the truth, because speech can
be kind and yet to the point. Jesus spoke
strongly to the clergy class but kindly and
patiently to sheeplike ones. It is no kind­
ness to withhold the truth, even though
it may hurt at first. Just as an operation
may cause pain for a blind person, when
his sight is restored, the joy that he gains
on seeing again makes up for all of it. So,
20. How did Jesus show kindness in his ministry ?
21. How can kindness be shown in the ministry today?
22. Why is it no kindness to withhold the truth?

M arch

1, 1967



whether one is sick physically or spiritual­
ly, kindness is appreciated and can open
closed ears to the truth. An experience
showing this was enjoyed by a Witness
who started a study with a woman living
with her aged Irish mother. The mother
was very hostile and told the Witness not
to come, but her daughter went to the
publisher’s home to continue the study.
The mother liked this even less, so she
finally agreed that the Witness could come
to their home again for the study. When
she returned, the sister took a few flowers
along, as she felt old people are often ne­
glected and feel unwanted. After that the
lady gradually took an interest in the truth
and finally admitted: “I was an old cat
to you, but you just gave me kindness in
return. I used to think that all that was
left for me was to grow old and die, but
there is a new life opening up for me
now.” So kindness helped change this per­
son’s viewpoint toward the truth.
23Just as Jehovah shows kindness, giv­
ing the rain and the sun, food and shelter,
even to those unthankful and wicked, we
can show kindness even to those now re­
jecting the truth. By so doing we show
that we are not children of this system
but, rather, have the fruits of Jehovah’s
spirit as his children. (Matt. 5:43-46) The
kindly conduct of Jehovah’s witnesses at
assemblies has been a wonderful testimony
to Jehovah’s honor. As a New Zealand
cafeteria manager said: “ I never before
met such courteous, kind and thoughtful
24 Finally, kindness in the family and the
congregation can be shown by firmness for
what is right. Kindness is not weakness.
It does not mean condoning what is wrong.
Such mistaken kindness can result in ju­
venile or adult delinquency, and spiritual

delinquency may result in the congrega­
tion if the overseer views kindness as a
lack of firmness for right principle. It is
never kind to encourage others to do what
is out of harmony with God’s will; so, if
a Christian begins to drift away from Je­
hovah’s way, kindness would not be shown
by withholding counsel or even deserved
discipline. Peter at one time gave poor
counsel to Jesus when Jesus told him that
he was about to suffer and die. Peter said:
“Be kind to yourself, Lord.” But Jesus
turned his back, saying: “ Get behind me,
Satan!” (Matt. 16:22, 23) Peter was re­
buked and rightly so. His words that he
felt were spoken in kindness were not in
accord with Jehovah’s purpose. So kind­
ness must be linked with truth and with
love for Jehovah.
25 Satan wants to cause division and stop
the working of God’s spirit through fric­
tion in Christian homes and congregations.
Divisions in Jehovah’s congregation be­
cause of personal differences or petty ar­
guments would hinder the flow of Jeho­
vah’s spirit and hold back the fruitage of
the ministry, but Jesus’ disciples are
known by the love they show, and love
covers weaknesses and imperfection, even
a multitude of sins. However, all who
have the hope of living in Jehovah’s new
system of things must also be on guard
to protect the congregation from those
who would let some turn the undeserved
kindness of God into an excuse for loose
conduct.— Jude 4.
26 Kindness will help us to improve our
relations with others. Instead of getting
worked up and tense, we should let Jeho­
vah’s spirit operate. A gentle, friendly and
merciful attitude is associated with kind­
ness, and it is certainly much better to
show kindness in the first place than to

23. How can we show ourselves to be children of
24. What does kindness not include? Why?

25. What effort does Satan make to counteract kindness ?
26. In what way can kindness help us to get along
with others?



Brooklyn, N . Y .

try to patch up unhappiness. So if you we are obeying God’s law of kindness. It
find in your family a tendency toward will be not only upon our tongue but on
friction or lack of love, even harsh, rude our mind and heart, and we will make it
talk, try cultivating this fruit of the spirit. a part of our new personality. We will find
Even though others in the household may that it helps to solve our problems and
be opposed to the truth, a kind attitude makes it easy to forgive. Kindness has an
on the part of a Christian will help, just upbuilding quality that prompts others to
respond in kind. It helps us to draw others
like oil on stormy waters.
It is by Jehovah’s undeserved kind­to Jehovah by our words and acts. As we
ness that we have the prospect of life; so display this fruit of the spirit, our hope
we should reflect like kindness to others. and trust in Jehovah will not lead to dis­
(Eph. 2:5-8) Just as we endeavor to cul­ appointment. So, to walk with Jehovah,
tivate Kingdom fruitage in our field min­ we must love kindness, for Jehovah re­
istry, so we want to cultivate the fruitage quires kindness, even in the midst of an
of God’s spirit. If we do this we will show unkind world. Kindness leads to life.
—Rom. 2:4; 5:2.
27. Why is kindness so important to a Christian?

N THESE momentous “last days” it is
a privilege to assemble together in
Christian meetings and to share in preach­
ing about God’s kingdom. (2 Tim. 3:1)
Yet, not all who start out in this Chris­
tian activity continue in it. As happened
with certain disciples in Jesus’ day who
“went off to things behind and would no
longer walk with him,” so today circum­
stances arise in the lives of some persons
that cause them to stop associating with
the Christian congregation and to quit
preaching.— John 6:66.
In the last five years 323,986 new King­
dom publishers symbolized their dedica­
tion to Jehovah God by water baptism.
Yet, during that period, there was an
increase, on an average, of only 174,088
ministers. What happened to the other
149,898? When one subtracts the approxi­
mately 1 percent who normally die each


year, it still leaves about 100,000 persons
who have ceased to preach in just the past
five years.* Are you one of these who
used to be a Kingdom publisher? If so,
what is the reason for it?
We are very much concerned about you
who have left the congregation and slipped
into inactivity. Jesus compared the situa­
tion to a man with one hundred sheep.
When one sheep leaves the fold, how does
the shepherd feel? Does he feel there is
no great loss because he still has ninetynine sheep? Not at all! Jesus said that he
leaves the ninety-nine and travels into the
wilderness to recover the lost one. That
is how much the shepherd cares for it! We
have a similar loving concern for you who
have left the congregation fold.— Luke 15:
* One percent, each year, of the average number
of publishers, which increased from 884,587 to 1,058,675
in the past five years, amounts to about 50,000 Kingdom
publishers who have died in that period.

M arch

1, 1967


You may have already had personal vis­
its from ones in the local congregation.
The brothers call because they love you,
and want to see you back in the congre­
gation again. All of us desire that you
enjoy Jehovah’s blessing and gain life in
his new system of things. We understand
that problems can arise and that these can
make it difficult to serve God. But should
we not expect Satan the Devil to do every­
thing he can to prevent us from serving
Jehovah? Yes, indeed! For he is like a
roaring lion, seeking to devour someone.
(1 Pet. 5:8) He repeatedly tried to turn
Jesus from the worship of God, so is it
any wonder that he makes similar efforts
to turn us away?

Perhaps it is difficult to pinpoint just
what caused you to stop regularly asso­
ciating with the congregation and to quit
preaching the good news. It may simply
be the increasing burden of what Jesus
called the “ anxieties of life,” including the
problems, the tensions and the frustrations
resulting from daily having to contend
with this worldly system of things.— Luke
In today’s highly competitive society
you may have experienced increased re­
sponsibilities and more and more demands
on your time. Perhaps added pressure has
been exerted on you by your employer.
Also, to meet rising expenses you may
have felt it necessary to spend more time
at secular employment. In addition, there
may be maintenance of the home and gar­
den, and greater responsibilities in connec­
tion with your family. Perhaps reduced
health and energy accentuate the pres­
sures, causing discouragement and depres­
sion. Has a similar set of circumstances
resulted in your forsaking Christian re­
sponsibilities and slipping into spiritual


Increasing pressures may have made you
feel the need of relief from the weight
of responsibilities, but was cutting your­
self off from the Christian congregation
the answer? Has it improved the situa­
tion? Ask yourself: ‘Am I really happier
and more content now that I have ceased
attending meetings and sharing in the
ministry? Are I and my family better
Christians? Is there more regular prayer
to God, study of His Word and manifes­
tation of the fruits of the spirit in our
lives? Is the desire for “ God’s kingdom to
come and his will to be done on earth” as
strong as before? Is my hope for life on
a paradise earth under Christ’s rule as
real and meaningful as it once was?’
An honest consideration of such ques­
tions will no doubt reveal that genuine
happiness and spirituality have dimin­
ished. But, really, how could it be other­
wise? Did not Jesus say, “Happy are those
hearing the word of God and keeping it” ?
(Luke 11:28) And would not failing to
comply with God’s injunction to assemble
with his people and to preach his Word
cause you to lose the happiness of which
Jesus spoke? (Heb. 10:25; 2 Tim. 4:2)
What, then, would be the wise and proper
course to take?

It is clear: You need association with
Christians of like precious faith. So go to
the congregation meetings! Your brothers
will be so glad to see you. Do not hesitate.
Do not wait until next week, but go to
a meeting this very week. It is Satan the
Devil who weighs Christians down with
anxieties and endeavors to extinguish their
worship of God. He is the one who tries
to make persons think that relief from
burdens can come by forsaking Christian
meetings and responsibilities. But do not
listen to him; listen to Jesus.
Jesus says: “ Come to me, all you who



are toiling and loaded down, and I will
refresh you. Take my yoke upon you and
become my disciples.” (Matt. 11:28, 29)
Being a disciple of Jesus should be re­
freshing, not burdensome. Yes, it is pleas­
ant, really delightful to assemble with
fellow Christians. (Ps. 133:1) The require­
ments of Christianity do not weigh one
down as would a heavy yoke. Each one
does as he is able. Jehovah God and Jesus
Christ know what you can do, and they
are pleased with whatever willing service
you are capable of giving.— Ps. 110:3.
Remember Mary, Lazarus’ sister. Short­
ly prior to Jesus’ death she was criticized
because she anointed Jesus with some per­
fumed oil. However, Jesus did not criticize
her for her simple, heartfelt service, but
said: “Let her alone. Why do you try to
make trouble for her? . . . She did what
she could.” (Mark 14:6-8) The day before,
Jesus had stationed himself in the temple
and observed those making contributions.
Instead of censuring a woman who of­
fered very little, he praised her for her
contribution. (Luke 21:1-4) She, too, did
what she could. That is what Christianity
ceills for: Doing what you can.
Such Christian activity is not a burden
from which to seek relief. Rather, it is a
refreshment, for it brings contentment and
satisfaction; we can have confidence that
Jehovah is pleased with our efforts. So
have joy and gain refreshment for your
soul by doing what you can as a worshiper
of Jehovah God! It is vitally urgent that
you become an active Christian now!
Why? Because the time is short. The end
is near!
Note what Jesus said about it: “But pay
attention to yourselves that your hearts
never become weighed down with over­
eating and heavy drinking and anxieties of
life, and suddenly that day be instantly up­
on you as a snare. For it will come in
upon all those dwelling upon the face of

B r o o k l y n , N .Y .

the earth. Keep awake, then, all the time
making supplication that you may suc­
ceed in escaping all these things that are
destined to occur, and in standing before
the Son of man.”— Luke 21:34-36.
This day of God’s judgment is at hand!
Time is quickly running out! Prompt ac­
tion is necessary if that day is not to come
suddenly upon you “ as a snare.” So bestir
yourself! Wake up spiritually! Regularly
make supplication to Jehovah to help you
escape adverse judgment. Then act in har­
mony with your prayers. The first step is
to go to congregation meetings. Do not put
it off; go this very week! A warm welcome
awaits you.

There are reasons why people leave the
Christian congregation and discontinue of­
fering God praise. In the first century Je­
sus presented some difficult-to-understand
teachings to an audience assembled in Ca­
pernaum. What was the result? Why, the
Bible record says: “Many of his disciples,
when they heard this, said: ‘This speech
is shocking; who can listen to i t ? ' . . . Ow­
ing to this many of his disciples went off
to the things behind and would no longer
walk with him.”— John 6:60-66.
Did these disciples benefit in any way
by leaving Jesus and quitting their Chris­
tian activity? Of course not! For, as Peter
said when Jesus asked him if he, too,
wanted to go: “ Lord, whom shall we go
away to? You have sayings of everlasting
life.” (John 6:67, 68) By cutting them­
selves off from association with their
Christian brothers, those disciples cer­
tainly lost true happiness and spirituality.
The same is true today.
Think about it. If you have ceased to
associate with the Christian congregation
because of stumbling over some teaching,
has it benefited you in any way? Have
you found another place where there is

M a r c h 1, 1 9 6 7


such a rich table of spiritual food? Really,
there is none! You need the Christian con­
gregation and the association of those who
love God and want to do His will. Be as­
sured that Jehovah will see that his or­
ganization is properly directed, and that
anything that is amiss will be corrected
in his due time. So accept the invitation
back to the congregation meetings.

Another reason why some persons stop
attending Christian meetings and sharing
in the preaching work is that they have
committed some wrong, or have slipped
into a bad practice that is disapproved by
God’s Word. They may feel that if they
confess their improper conduct they will
be disfellowshiped, so what is the use in
returning to the congregation? However,
in this they are mistaken, for if they are
truly repentant and have demonstrated it
by having discontinued their unscriptural
practice, they will be warmly welcomed
back by the brothers, just as was the
prodigal son in Jesus’ illustration.
You will recall that that young man left
his father’s house, squandered his inheri­
tance and lived with harlots. But when he
came to his senses, sincerely repented of
his wrongdoing and returned home, his fa­
ther “ ran and fell upon his neck and ten­
derly kissed him.” There was much re­
joicing, for, as the father said to his
older son, “ your brother was dead but has
become alive, and he was lost but has been
found.” (Luke 15:11-32) We expect simi­
lar experiences today.
Are you one of those who has engaged
in improper conduct? And have you, like
the prodigal son, come to your senses,
realized the error of your way and given
up such practices or are sincerely endeav­
oring to do so? Then, humbly return to
your heavenly Father, Jehovah God. Have
confidence in his mercy, “for he will for-


give in a large way.” (Isa. 55:7) Come to
the congregation meetings. There you will
receive a warm welcome and needed as­
sistance to live properly.

However, you may still dread returning
to the Kingdom Hall because you fear fac­
ing the brothers again. You may feel that
they will act coolly toward you. But was
that the attitude of the shepherd when the
one lost sheep was recovered, or of the
father when his prodigal son returned?
Not at all! Rather, there was rejoicing.
Similarly today, persons who have re­
turned to the congregation have been the
cause of much rejoicing. Recently a sister,
who had fallen away and seen very few
of the brothers for five years, wrote:
“I became sick of the world and its lack
of anything spiritual. My children seemed
to grow more selfish every day and I was
concerned about the lack of spirituality in
the home. . . . [It was] arranged for me
to go along to the next public talk, but
at the last minute I could not face up to
meeting the brothers. . . .
“ Finally, I prayed for the first time in
years to Jehovah to give me a little cour­
age to go down to the Kingdom Hall, and
on July 26 my sons and I eventually made
it. The brothers were wonderful. They
went out of their way to welcome us back,
and that day became the highlight of our
year. It was almost too much to take in
one day, and I was very moved by it.”
You can be confident that a similar wel­
come is awaiting when you return to the
congregation meetings. You will enjoy the
warm Christian fellowship of your broth­
ers and experience their loving interest.
By gradually being built up spiritually
through regular Bible study and meeting
attendance, you will again find exquisite
delight in praising Jehovah God with his
people.—Rev. 7:9, 10.

HE Bible uses the number seven
throughout to represent complete­
ness. There are seven days to a week. The
time allowed for the Gentiles to dominate
the earth was to be a period of “seven
times.” There are seven plagues poured
out in Revelation to complete God’s anger
against the world. In Pharaoh’s dream he
saw seven fat cattle and seven lean ones.
These are just a few of the examples of
the use of the figure seven, of which there
are scores, showing it to signify complete­
The Bible lists seven world powers as
successively dominating the earth. One
would think, then, that seven world pow­
ers would be all that would exist, but
strangely there is to be an eighth one, as
the last and final one. How can this har­
monize with the normal use of the num­
ber seven, and how is there an eighth
world power? It is interesting to see. It
helps us to understand where we stand in
the stream of time and it aids us to know
the course of action to take in this par­
ticular period.



We find the Eighth World Power men­
tioned in the Bible book of Revelation, in
the apostle John’s description of the vi­
sion that was given to him by Jesus
Christ. He saw a scarlet-colored wild
beast having seven heads and ten horns,
and it had a woman as rider. John writes:
“ Here is where the intelligence that has

wisdom comes in: The seven heads mean
seven mountains, where the woman sits on
top. And there are seven kings: five have
fallen, one is, the other has not yet ar­
rived, but when he does arrive he must
remain a short while. And the wild beast
that was but is not, it is also itself an
eighth king, but springs from the seven,
and it goes off into destruction.”— Rev.
The intelligence that has wisdom would
not be mere human intelligence but would
be wisdom that is given from above. (Jas.
3:17) The scarlet-colored beast is called
a mystery, a secret, something not readily
understood but to be revealed at God’s
time for it. God gives his people who put
faith in him and who study his Word the
wisdom and good sense to understand the
things written in his Word and the things
necessary to maintain their integrity to
him as his servants. (Eph. 1:8; Matt. 16:
17) The things of the Bible are not under­
stood by one who doubts their authenticity
and who tries to figure them out by hu­
man reasoning.
The “seven heads” are those on the
scarlet-colored wild beast. But these heads
only image the seven heads of the wild
beast that ascended out of the ungodly
sea of mankind. (Rev. 13:1, 2,11-15) They
are “mountains” or kingdoms, seven po­
litical heads that came one after the other.
The usage of this symbol can be under­
stood clearly from Daniel 2:34, 35, 44, 45,
where the prophet likens the everlasting
world power of the future, God’s Messianic

1, 1967

kingdom, to a “large mountain” that religion, so that as a religious empire Bab­
“ filled the whole earth.”
ylon the Great of the Bible ruled all along.
did not pass away when the ancient
The Bible lists the seven world powers,
of Babylon fell in 539 B.C.E. to the
figuratively, “ seven kings,” as such in the
World Power of Medo-Persia, nor
sense that each is a “king of kings,” a
city finally perished during the
king dominating all other kings at a spe­
Roman World Power. Babylon
cific time. For example, the prophet Dan­
to this day as a reli­
iel said to the Babylonian world ruler
Nebuchadnezzar: “You, O king, the king
When the apostle John had the vision
of kings, you to whom the God of heaven
he recorded in the book of Revelation,
has given the kingdom, . . . you yourself
told that five of the seven kings
are the head of gold.” (Dan. 2:37, 38) The
fallen. In John’s day Rome
ruler of the Medo-Persian World Power
world power. The first
assumed the same title in the letter that
he gave to the Bible copyist Ezra to carry
up to Jerusalem, saying: “Artaxerxes, the E g y p t t<
king of kings, to Ezra the priest, the copy­
ist of the law of the God of the heavens:
Peace be perfected.”— Ezra 7:7-12.
M arch


What was the First World Power? Was
it Babylon? No, although Nimrod did set
up Babylon and there gave a start to
what became the world empire of false re­
ligion. God’s action prevented it
from becoming the first politi­
cal world power. (Gen. 10:8-10;
11:8, 9) The Babylonish reli­
gious empire reigned over or
sat on top of the first symbolic
mountain, the Egyptian World
Power, the first political world
power of Bible history. The sec­
ond was Assyria; the third, Bab­
ylon, which, while being reli­
gious, also became at this time
the dominant political world
power; the fourth, Medo-Persia;
the fifth, ancient Greece or Mac­
edonia; the sixth, Rome; the
seventh, Britain and America, a
combination or dual world pow­
er. All these world powers were
very strongly influenced by reli­
gion, which was Babylonish



Greece, had existed and passed off the
scene as world powers. When the angel
said, “ one is,” he meant the world power
that had exiled John to the penal island
of Patmos, namely, the sixth or Roman
World Power, of which the pagan Roman
emperor was then the religious Pontifex
Now, we are particularly interested in
the seventh king, also the eighth. First of
all, when does the Seventh World Power
come upon the scene? Not at the capture
of Rome by the Teutonic king Odoacer,
of Arian faith, who became king of Italy.
At that time there was m ore to the Ro­
man Empire than Rome and Italy. The
capital of the whole Roman Empire was
not Old Rome in Italy, but New Rome,
Constantinople, on the Bosporus, at the
crossroads of Europe and Asia and of the
Mediterranean and Black Seas. In that
commercial center of the Roman World
Power Emperor Zeno the Isaurian ruled.
He finally brought about the expulsion of
Odoacer from Rome in 489. That part of
the Roman Empire in the East came to
an end first in 1453, when Constantinople
fell to the Ottoman Turks.
In the West, by strategy of the pope,
what became the “Holy Roman Empire”
was established in the year 800; but Em­
peror Napoleon I of France put an end to
it in 1806. Actually the Roman Empire
went through many changes but existed
as the Sixth World Power for many cen­
turies. However, in 1763, the British Em­
pire, with colonies then in North America,
gained the position of the “foremost com­
mercial and colonial power of the world,”
as one historian remarks. It maintained
this position and brought about the down­
fall of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1814. By
then the United States of America had
become established on the basis of former
colonies of Great Britain. In many respects
and ways it became an ally of Great Brit-

B r o o k l y n , N .Y .

ain, to form a dual world power, the
mightiest in human history, stronger and
more world wide than any of the preced­
ing six world powers.
So, according to history and the Bible,
the dual feature of this world power ar­
rived by the nineteenth century. John was
told by the angel: “When he does arrive
he must remain a short while.” (Rev. 17:
10) In view of the long duration of the
sixth or Roman World Power, the seventh
or British-American Dual World Power
can remain only “ a short while,” now that
the “kings of the entire inhabited earth”
are being gathered to a place or situation
Biblically called Har-Magedon for their
destruction. Even if we measure from the
above-mentioned date of 1763, 204 years
ago, the time till the “war of the great
day of God the Almighty” is comparative­
ly a “ short while.” (Rev. 16:14, 16) By
far most of this “short while” is in the
past. Its marked end is near.

All the seven Biblical powers existed one
after another, that is, each one was domi­
nant for a time and relinquished its domi­
nation to the succeeding world power. But
what about the eighth? Here lies a dif­
ference that helps us understand why
world powers did not conclude with the
seventh one as the complete number of
world powers, for the Bible indicates that
the seventh and eighth world powers ex­
ercise authority contemporaneously dur­
ing the latter years of the term of the
Seventh World Power. But how is it pos­
sible for these two world powers to exist
at the same time?
The Bible shows that the Seventh World
Power is the main promoter of the eighth,
which is existing today in the form of the
United Nations. Revelation 13:11-15 pic­
tures the dual world power, represented
by a wild beast having two lamb horns,

does this mean that it will defeat inces of his empire to worship and that the Communist world power to maintain he tried to get God’s servants. World Power or the include the eighth other strong nations king.1. police force into the field of action.” is said worldwide political organization. Satan’s wild beast. The eighth “king” contains all the world powers. making the Seventh would o f necessity • A P olitical Union Doomed from Its S ta rt. This scarlet-colored that came up out of the sea. called an “ eighth king. which has the “The wild beast that was but is not. keep peace among earth by his Messian• The H au g h ty versus Th e Hum ble. and it Meshach and Abednego. (Dan. For The international peace-and-security or­ these reasons it can be called an “ eighth” ganization. This wild beast out of the sea had gether for a genuine peace that will be seven heads. for he is mere­ give up their sovereignty or domination ly a reflection or image of the wild beast over their own areas. It has put its own military tempts to replace it. its position of domination? No. the religious clergy of * See the book “ Your Will Be Done on Earth ” pages 264-307. representing Satan’s complete lasting. shows that neither will the Communist 3:1-15) Just as these faithful men refused world power defeat militarily the dual to bow to the image of Nebuchadnezzar. like a ventriloquist. just as the Communist bloc will be existing as an idol is. M arch . published by Watch Tower Bible Christendom imitate those who rejected and Tract Society. is an abomination. 11:40-45. Shadrach. • Th e “ L ast D ays”— W h a t T h ey Mean the nations without ic k in g d o m . which A “DISGUSTING THING” has been dominated by seven successive world powers. 17:11) or less constitutes a dummy that the other The United Nations of today contains as nations. So it owes its existence to elements of the other world powers and those seven world powers and it springs with them opposes God’s kingdom and at­ from them. He more to spring from the seven. and it goes off into destruc­ scarlet-colored wild beast intended it to be tion. The designers of this the seven. world power of Britain and America. to worship. political organization on the earth.” the United Nations. use as a members the Seventh World Power and sounding board for their ideas and ideolo­ the national remnants of all previous gies.— Dan. 1967 157 fReWATCHTOWEFL taking the lead in setting up the image of eighth “ king.” (Rev. therefore. mak­ the earlier wild beast that came up out of ing a futile effort to bring these kings to­ the sea. The “ image” of the beast The prophecy in Revelation tells us: is the scarlet-colored beast. and realize that God’s anger will strong rivals until the end.* with the blaze against them if they worship it. but so Jehovah’s witnesses recognize the Unit­ that both the Seventh World Power and ed Nations as disgusting to God. (Rev. just as Since the Bible pictures the Seventh much so as the golden image sixty cubits World Power as existing right along with high and six cubits broad that Nebuchad­ the eighth up to the battle of Har. but springs from other similarities. On the other hand. it is same number of heads and horns and also itself an eighth king.nezzar king of Babylon set up for all prov­ Magedon. a disgusting thing to Jehovah God. 17:11) Since God has foretold a sort of suprana­ the destruction of tional government Satan’s entire politi­ COMING IN THE NEXT ISSUE that would operate to cal organization on • Learn by C ontrast to A ppreciate T ru e Riches. king. t hi s to You.

nor is it sheltering them from the worst disaster ever to come. even as he is of C hrist/— 1 Cor. in turn.”— Zeph. will give what is good. the destruction by Jehovah God at the battle of Har-Magedon. Because someone else preached. will they put faith in him of whom they have not heard? How. Jeho­ vah. which will rule ^ the entire earth in righteousness after the end of the last human government. Rev.” Satan the Devil. after the terrible holocaust that will mean the wiping out of the last hu­ man government. will they hear without someone to preach?”— Rom. here is stated your commission as * For details see The Watchtower.” —Ps. N . backed by the clergy. Seek righteousness. for his part. Jesus Christ loves such ones as his “ other sheep” and they come under his protective hand. while God will have princes in the earth. 7:1317) To such ones the Bible says: “ Seek Jehovah. He made three extensive mis­ sionary tours. February 1. Are you now doing all you can so that others m ay do the sam e? The apostle Paul certainly did. for these men will merely carry out the decrees of the heavenly government of Christ Jesus. 10:13. 2:3. who have practiced His own judicial de­ cision. Soon. Jesus Christ in 33 C. all you meek ones of the earth. Many honesthearted people see that man-rule has brought increasing grief to the people. . as foretold symbolically in Revelation 13:14. 85:11.E. and who accepted the abominable pagan thing instead of their king. HUMAN RULE DISPLACED Millions of people have suffered under the domination of the wild beast “with ten horns and seven heads” for centuries. 49:10. seek meekness. and righteousness itself will look down from the very heavens. men of tested faith and dependability. dedicated Christians to preach so as to save lives.158 SfieWATCHTOWER. 14. more than ever before it is true that only those who 'call on the name of Jehovah will be saved/ But. Also. 1966. it will not be human government. you have been able to get on the road to salvation by calling on the name of Jehovah. 12. Paul was an outstanding exam ple of zeal in preaching. in turn. we will see the establish­ ment of righteousness in the earth and. these are “ sighing and groaning over all the detestable things” that are being done. became the instrument for the “ god of this system of things. Probably you may be concealed in the day of Jehovah’s anger.* H Clearly. as the apostle Paul so rightly observes. namely. Then it will indeed take place that “true­ ness itself will sprout out of the very earth. Jesus Christ. 11: 1. 13:1) Now the image of the beast is not helping the people or relieving them from the terrible things taking place in the earth.” (John 19: 15) The Seventh World Power. (John 10:16. and he him self urges us to 'become imi­ tators of him. telling of the relief God brings by his kingdom. and our own land will give its yield.Y . traveled literally thousands of miles in a day when travel on land was chiefly by foot and travel on sea w as by sail. 45:16. of the Kingdom. As God foretells in the prophecy of Ezekiel. when they cried out to the Roman governor Pontius Pilate: “We have no king but Caesar. Isa. "H ow will they call on him in whom they have not put faith? How. Men of this kind listen with faith to the proclamation of the good news B r o o k l y n . LET THE PEOPLE HEAR THROUGH PREACHING O W important it is to let the people hear through our preaching! W ith Arm a­ geddon drawing on apace. 15. (Rev. in setting up the “ image” of the wild beast. chapter 9.

20:4. He learned in whatever circum­ stances he might find him self to be selfsufficient. he did not neglect preaching from “house to house" and wherever he could find people willing to listen. More than that. 20:21) Are we ever alert to preach with boldness. if they faithfully served God. have the expectation of reigning with Christ in heaven. repeatedly was imprisoned and doubtless finally suffered martyrdom for his faithful preaching. Phil. wit­ nessing in a Brooklyn apartment building one Sunday morning last October. meeting people on their own level. and so win them by the good news and not by our personality or learning. 1 Thess.” The import of these words is similar to his earlier state­ ment: “Most truly I say to you. Though Paul was able to preach effectively to learned philosophers and even kings.S. For example. Once a ruthless persecutor of Christians to the death. 2 0 :20. H e that exercises faith in me. will come to life. He worked night and day so as not to become an expensive burden to others. Rev. Are we zealously doing the same?— Acts 17:17-34. there are ever so many ways in which we can. in effect.A. since Christians do die? — M. m aking faithful use of the house-to-house record? One brother. 12:18. in spite of all the hardships he had to endure. A s reported at John 11:25. complained or rebelled. content?— Acts 18:1-4. 4 :1 8 . even though he dies.M arch 1. Rom. and to do so in imitation of the apostle Paul! Martha. (2 Tim. 6:6.” and that he preached “thor­ oughly. established a number of congregations. 3:8. but. More than that. promising everlasting life. — 1 Cor.”— John 8:51. he found five of the six at home and one of these subscribed for the Awake! magazine. Let us ever bear in mind as we let the people hear through our preaching that if the people believe the good news. 2:2-5. he became as gentle as a nursing mother in teaching others. F. we read that Paul preached “with boldness. by accepting the truth they will gain many blessings. and everyone that is living and exercises faith in me will never die at all. 1 Tim. 2 :7 .— Prov. or do we at times shrink back from an opportunity for incidental witnessing because of the fear of m an? And are we thorough in our preaching. 26:28. will know greater happiness and contentment. even now. 2 Thess. U. The individuals hearing Jesus could. he never grumbled. on the top floor found only one out of seven families home. and will find that their relations with others are improving. as recorded at John 11:26. Returning on Wednesday evening to • How could Jesus promise. 10:22. to be content. 6) A fter Jesus' death and resurrection the call for members of the king- . 6 :1 1 .” (Acts 1 4 :3 . How do we respond to the usual run of objections met at the doors? Do we let them turn us aside or do we give a thorough wit­ ness by offering some tactful reply? There are still other ways in which the apostle Paul set a fine example for us to imitate as we let people hear through our preaching. wrote fourteen letters under inspiration. 11:23-33. Do we avoid need­ lessly burdening others in one way or another? Have we learned to be self-sufficient. If anyone observes m y word. that those exercising faith in him would never die. 1 Cor. Paul became all things to people of all sorts. 1967 f&eWATCHTOWER. he will never see death at all. 4:11-13. not only will it be a means of their eventually gaining everlasting life. So let us be diligent to let as m any people as possible hear through our preaching in the few short remaining years before A rm a­ geddon. among other things. W e today likewise want to be gentle and become all things to people of all sorts. that he might win some. participated in the work of the early Christians' governing body. W hile in most of these respects we could not think of imitating Paul. H e said to 159 (4 call on the not-at-homes. 9:16-22. the sister of dead Lazarus: “I am the resurrection and the life.. 26 Jesus was.— 2 Cor. making tents to pay his expenses. they will find themselves living in a better moral climate.

Yet.” But it really does not hurt nearly so much as ignoring it or misrepresenting it does.— Rev. The Watclitower. for a year.A. 20:5. by his concise statement he offered a sure promise of everlasting life to those who exercised faith in him. Jesus could not tell such ones that they would never see a physical death. to encounter truth in a form that can affect your future fo r /g o o d . A s a further aid. 15:42-50) Only if they were faithful until death would they receive immortality. that gave Christians the courage to face a temporary death. A variation of this is I. 21:8) As stated in Revelation 2 0:6 regarding those who would be with Christ in heaven: “Over these the second death has no authority. then. Rex Iudoeorum. W hat do these letters m ean?— A . W hile Jesus did not specifically have in mind persons living at the end of this system of B r o o k l y n . U. Rev. Are you availing yourself regularly of the .benefits to be had from their dedication to this outstanding virtue? You can be! Receive both magazines fo r one year for only $2. “ the resur­ rection and the life. 4:6-8. The most common letters appearing on such pictures are I. N . meaning Jesus of Nazareth.” was at least assuring them that they would “come to life. 3:8-11) They knew they were not dying forever. at that time of mourning over Lazarus. • Religious pictures of Jesus* death often show a sign over his head with various letters on it. 1 Cor.S. at all” ? They would never “see” or experience “ second death. “Jesus the Nazarene the King of the Jews. those hearers may not have fully appreciated this. their fleshly bodies would have to die. This abbreviation is based on what the apostle John says was on the sign placed on the torture stake.N. ANNOUNCEMENTS FIELD MINISTRY In order for people to put faith in Jehovah God and his provision for salvation through Christ they need to hear the Bible’s message and have opportunity to get their questions answered. such as in Jesus’ words at John 8 :51 and 11:25. But Jesus. Iesus Nazarenus. (Rev. 26. P age 137. he will encourage you to subscribe for this fine Bible journal.Y .” They would not die forever as would some. (M att. 15. (2 Tim. Proof April 2: A God of Loving-Kindness. “ WATCHTOWER” STUDIES FOR THE WEEKS DOES THE TRUTH REALLY “HURT” ? There is an old saying: “The truth hurts. it will be with the desire to help you personally to get satis­ fying Bible answers to your questions.N. it is true that some alive now will never experience a fleshly death. It was the firm promise of eternal life. .J. During March. if one of Jehovah’s witnesses calls at your home. Send now and receive free six timely booklets on Bible subjects. Rom. Songs to Be Used: 50. If they were to reign with him in heaven. but just taking one more step on the way to ever­ lasting life. .I. Then what death is it that they would “never see . 16:21. things who might survive Armageddon. He will gladly take time to show you the answers in your own Bible.R. That is what you find in the Watchtower and Awake! magazines. D.”— John 19:19.fHeWATCHTOWEFL 160 dom o f heaven class commenced. King of the Jews. 6 :5 . 5. 98. . April 9: Showing Kindness to Others. (Luke 12:4. But even those with earthly hopes who live through Armageddon w ill have to prove faithful throughout the millennium and the final test before they actually “ come to life” or receive the grant of everlasting life.” or be resurrected to everlasting life. Page 143. Phil. just as he himself was going to die. misleading political promises and deceptive international relationships.R. Rex Judceorum (Jesus of Nazareth. Of course...” Christ did not. 2 :10) A t the time. for just can be found in the bad results of exaggerated advertising. King of the Jews). discuss all the details about the differ­ ence between the Adamic death that his anointed followers would suffer and the eternal or second death. This is an abbreviation of the Latin Iesus Nazarenus. Songs to Be Used: 37. H ow re­ freshing it is.


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took bread and. "N e w English Bible. faithful Christians have endeavored to keep it on that specific day of the year and in the very w ay Jesus instructed. who wrote: “ The Lord Jesus. 1967 N um ber 6 YOU ARE INVITED <^ e « r ^Qeacler. L X X X V I I I M arch 15. according to the Bible. 1 1 :23-25. after sundown. was Nisan 14 on the ancient Jewish calendar. which is for you. This year Nisan 14 corresponds to our March 2 5.” Since the day that took place. You will be privileged to associate with these 163 . on the night before Jesus Christ died to open up the w ay to eternal life for believing mankind. W henever you drink it. after giving thanks to God. and no collections of any kind will be taken. This night will be a memorable one for you. if you are a visitor. after 6 p. on the night of his arrest.• y 4 r t n o u 7 z c ir ia J E H O V A H ’S KINGDOM Vol. and we urge you to make every effort to be present. W hat makes this occasion important to you as an observer or as a partaker is the fact that it is the only celebration that Jesus commanded his disciples to keep each year. To miss it would be a serious over­ sight indeed! The manner in which this celebration is to be kept is plainly seen in the words of the Christian apostle Paul. do this as a memorial of me.” (Luke 22:19) This very special occasion will be kept this year on March 25. You will get to meet many happy people— people who have a deep appreciation for the provision made by Jehovah God for their salvation through Christ..' ”— 1 Cor.m. You will not be called on to say or do anything. and said: ‘This cup is the new covenant sealed by my blood. Last year nearly two million persons were in attendance in about 195 lands to observe this commemoration of the Lord’s death. he took the cup after supper.’ In the same way. do this as a memorial of me. W e warmly invite you to attend the “ Lord’s supper. on your arrival at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses you will no doubt be greeted warm ly and made to feel welcome.” You no doubt recall that. How­ ever. broke it and said: ‘This is my body. he instituted a memorial meal and instructed his faithful followers: “ Keep doing this in remembrance of me.

it is not only to a very happy occasion that you are being invited. Although those who look forward to sharing in fulfillment of the Bible’s promise of eternal life on a paradise earth do not partake of the Memorial emblems. Their respectful attendance at the annual Memorial celebration shows their deep regard for this divine provision. 2 :2 1 . . too. who is seated on the throne. is rewarding to each and every one who is present. This occasion affords you an opportunity to mani­ fest the depth of your appreciation to God and Christ for the unspeakable prospect of life eternal made possible by the ransom provision. W e encourage you to be present with them. Eph. Unleavened bread and unsweetened wine. but also to a very meaningful one. John. There will also be many present who do not partake of those emblems. and we will be happy to supply you with the address of the Kingdom Hall nearest to you. As you can see. They are not of the “ little flock’’ called by God to share the heavenly kingdom. you might consult a telephone book or w rite an airmail letter to us immediately. and to the Lamb. As related in Revelation chapter 7 . they show that they fit the description there in Revelation of those who enjoy heaven's blessing and who will receive salvation from God and the Lamb Jesus Christ.164 fEeWATCHTOWEFL Brooklyn.Y. 7:9-17. they. and heartfelt prayers will be addressed to the Most High God. So please accept our invitation to be present for this Memorial of the Lord's evening meal at any Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses on March 25. by their close association with those who do. This occasion. whom the Bible describes as making up “ a holy temple .” This portion of the Bible goes on to describe them as serving God zealously “ in his tem ple. It offers you a fine opportunity to renew your appreciation of spiritual things. earnestly declare: “ Salvation we owe to our God. in close association with those heirs of the heavenly kingdom. a liberation that will come to them through the thousand-year reign of Jesus Christ.2 2 . A spiritual blessing awaits you. It presents a choice occasion to reflect on one’s own life course in the light of G od’s requirements and a stimulus to do God's w ill. after 6 p. N . (Luke 12:32) But many of them are devoted Christians. They appreciate that the Lord’s evening meal calls attention to a marvelous liberation from sin and its penalty death. people of faith and experience a rewarding hour of spiritual upbuilding and warm companionship. . for God to inhabit by spirit. An informative and faith-strengthening talk from the Bible will be given. just as the apostles Matthew.m. Peter and others did on the night that Jesus instituted this memorial meal. the same kind of emblems that were used by Jesus.”— Rev. and those who have the witness of G o d’s spirit identifying them as heirs with Christ of the heavenly kingdom w ill partake of those emblems.” that is. therefore. Yours in the remembrance of the love of Jehovah God and of Jesus Christ. will be on hand. If you know of no Kingdom Hall near you. Songs will be sung to G od’s praise. .

” “The Last Days of General Grant.” “The Last Days of Marie Antoinette. “In Au­ gust 1788. you would find books on such subjects as “The Last Days of Charles II.” the author writes. in time. be replaced by new ones.E. The Last Days of the British Raj. it is a fact that many things do come to their end.” “The Last Days of Pom­ peii” and “The Last Days of Herculane­ um.” “The Last Days of Hitler. and. For example. If you were to visit a large library and look in its card catalog. Utley. as happened to the city of Sevastopol on the Black Sea during the second world war. Or a volcanic disaster can bury a city and its population out of existence. Certainly no one doubts that people experience the “last days” of human life! Other things. as the eruption of Mount Vesuvius did to the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum in 79 C.” Many per­ sons are fam iliar with it because of its use in G od ’ s W ord the Bible.U n d o u b t­ e d l y you THE have heard the exp ression “ la st days. Some persons even scoff at that there could be such a thing and close their minds when the Bible subject of the “last days” arises. experience their final days. So to scoff because mention is made in the Bible of the “last days” is certainly un­ warranted. living a simple nomadic life. But since the ex­ pression has a foreboding tone and por­ tends doom. Yet. stamped out of exis­ tence by the westward-moving white men. since the expression can have various meanings. But now they are gone. experience their last days. it is often an unwelcomed subject. . And a widely pub­ licized volume published just last year. Only a few generations ago mighty Indian nations 165 —What They Mean 1 to YOU roamed the plains of the western United States. or of some aspect of their life. in his recent book Last Days of the Sioux Nation. Robert M. and. It is not uncommon for old governments or systems of rule to experience their last days.” and so forth. describes the final conflicts and events that brought this once-powerful Indian nation to its end. “ the days of the old [French] regime ended. people enter the last days of their life. not only persons and cities. but en­ tire nations and empires have experienced tfitfo final days of existence. However. and a new order began. it is easy for uninformed or misinformed persons to draw wrong conclusions and have misun­ derstandings. SUBJECT TO MISUNDERSTANDING “Last days” is clearly a common topic.” Devastating warfare at times brings an end to the ordinary functions of a city. describes the last days of Nazi Germany. too. Yet.” “ The Last Days of Abraham Lin­ coln. dis­ cusses the concluding days of British rule in the country of India. This is noted in the book The Last Days of the French Monarchy.” A more recent book. Thus at certain libraries you will also find books entitled “The Last Days of Sevastopol. hence. The Last 100 Days.

Somehow.” However. and these will all be burned into Bible says: “For you know this first.” When he was on obliterated.” (2 Pet. a tremen­ with will be here. many W HAT ARE THE “LAST DAYS” ? At Second Timothy chapter three.900 years. history that would be marked by unusual But this is not true. Many persons have an (New World Translation) By his answer entirely wrong impression as to what the Jesus showed that his second “ presence” Bible means when it speaks of the “last and “the conclusion of the system of days. yes. King James Version) So people unfamiliar with the facts of Or. “ critical times hard to deal the expression “last days” does not re­ with. as a modern translation more accu­ a matter can easily misunderstand the rately renders the latter question: “What significance of the expression “last days.” it says: “The heav­ to their own desires and saying: ‘Where ens and the earth that are now are stored is this promised presence of his? Why. verse persons believe that the “last days” will one. that mean the end of the literal heavens and in the last days critical times hard to deal earth.000 inhabitants. and Pompeii still lies in ruins earth his disciples approached him pri­ after nearly 1.” Yet.” Also. the Bible shows that. the Bible explains: “Know this.” or “ end of the world. B r o o k l y n . all things are continuing exactly as ungodly men. In­ or phase of his life. and of the end of the ing city of well over 100. the bodies. On the other vately and asked: “Tell us. This time period are the “last days” ? The “last days” of corresponds with what the Bible also calls what? Can they be avoided? Are they to the “last days.’ ” der that persons with such a belief con- . for in this instance distress.Y . was rebuilt and is now a thriv­ sign of thy coming. of the evidence that the “last days” were as is the general case. verses three and four. What volve a period of time. that desolate cinders. people would not believe it. while suffering great de­ these things be? and what shall be the struction. when shall hand. The cities of Se­ stead. at Second Peter dous fire will ignite the earth and heavenly chapter three. Pompeii and every single Jesus Christ also spoke unmistakably person that remained within the city were about the “last days. they believe.” will be the sign of your presence and of This is also true relative to the use of the the conclusion of the system of things?” term in the Bible.” would in­ we know the truth on the subject.’ quite different. 24:3. up for fire and are being reserved to the from the day our forefathers fell asleep in day of judgment and of destruction of the death. they would ridicule: ‘Where is this vastopol and Pompeii might be taken as promised presence of God? It will not other examples. it is very important that things. but to an episode at hand. All things are continuing perienced “ last days. a person might assume from the title of the book Days Bible are obviously an important period in of Richard Nixon that the man is dead. 3:3-7) It is no won­ from creation’s beginning. It is claimed that the in the last days there will come ridiculers Bible supports this view when. in speak­ with their ridicule.” the results were as they always have been. Sevastopol.166 afieWATCHTOWER. proceeding according ing of the “last days. The “ last days” here spoken of in the For example. While both of them ex­ come in our day. in spite fer to the final days of the man’s life.” be viewed with horror? What do they LAST DAYS OF W H AT? mean to you? Since “last days” and “ the end of the world” are thus linked in the Bible. world?” (Matt. N .

— Ps. then. or for­ ever. Just as cities. as well as the beautiful starry heav­ ens.March 15. should be completely destroyed. HEED THE W ARNING! But when will this occur? Are we now living in the “last days” of this worldly system of things? Yes. all earth­ ly governments of mankind in opposition to God’s kingdom will be destroyed. will last forever. not of the physical world. God’s day of judgment. He the One who firmly es­ tablished it.” will re­ sult in the wiping out of wicked people. That this purpose of God will be carried out is clearly shown in the Bible. the Former of the earth and the Maker of it. and so neither will the conclusion of the present system of things include the destruction of the literal earth. who formed it even to be in­ habited. “ the heavens and the earth. the “ destruction of the ungodly men. eternal habitation of the earth by righteous per­ sons will be possible. because of the waywardness of some wicked men. 1:31) Not only is this unreasonable. He the true God. at the same time. . we are! All the physical evidence in fulfillment of Bible prophecies points to that conclusion. (Gen. 1967 167 SEeWATCHTOWER.” spoken of at Second Peter chapter three. 45:18) God created the earth. the “last days” do not mean the end of the planet earth. in vain. So. and they will reside for­ ever upon it. 1:4. then. even as the Bible promises. Although many per­ sons scoff. .” This helps us to understand what the expression “last days” refers to— what it is the last days of. do the “last days” mean the last days of the planet earth? Does the “end of the world” signify the end of the literal heavens and earth? Certainly it is unreasonable that this beautiful planet. that “are stored up for fire” at the climax of the “last days” are obvious­ ly not the physical heavens and earth. 3:7) This is shown in the pre­ vious verses of that chapter. it will not be made to totter to time indefinite. This earth. (2 Pet. for as the Bible fur­ ther says: God “has founded the earth upon its established places.” (Isa. remember: The Bible foretold . the Creator of the heavens. 104:5. but of the present wicked system of things. .” Certainly it was not the literal planet earth that perished in the floodwaters in Noah’s day. as the Bible explains: “The God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be brought to ruin. Note what God’s Word says on the mat­ ter: “ For this is what Jehovah has said. 37:29) Yes. nations and even empires have in the past experienced their last days. 2:44. so we have now reached the time when nations and kingdoms are. which is made up of all organizations of men that refuse to submit to God’s direction.” Therefore.”— Dan. burned to a cin­ der. Yes. it is also unscriptural. It will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms.” (Ps. In recent years Christian witnesses of Jehovah God have been sounding the warning that time is running out. not simply for nothing. that these “last days” will soon conclude with a destruction comparable to the global flood of Noah’s day. which God pronounced “ very good” after preparing it for human habitation. It is the last days. and it itself will stand to times indefinite. Rather. at the conclusion of the “last days. but it is a fact! The evidence is conclusive. sider the “last days” a foreboding and un­ welcome subject! Well. who did not create it simply for nothing. but to be lived upon and enjoyed by righteous inhabitants. in their last days! True. Eccl. it may seem unbelievable. which ex- plain that the destruction of an ancient world occurred “when it was deluged with water. where it says: “The righteous themselves will pos­ sess the earth.

and on everlast­ ingly in God’s righteous new order. and. when Mount Vesuvius was sending forth warnings in 79 C. positive action is indeed urgent. Sheeplike persons will listen to the instruc­ tion that God gives in his Word and heed it. and the Bible explains that he is separating people either as “ sheep” to his right hand of favor or as “ goats” to his left hand of disfavor.E. not only themselves. yet they did not flee.Y . True Christians can rejoice because God’s kingdom is near and deliverance B r o o k l y n . (Matt. hence. patterning their lives in harmony with God’s righteous principles. posi­ tive action is urgent. you must prove that. but of only a particular phase of your life. The decision cost them their lives. This action will benefit. one histo­ rian explained: “Many Pompeians— chief­ ly the wealthy—refused to abandon pre­ cious homes and possessions and took shelter. Yes. . 3:7) But should it be viewed with horror and dread? Should we consider the “last days” an unwelcome subject. a “ sheep” or a “ goat” ? You determine this by how you treat God’s message carried by his ministers. for those who love righteous­ ness and long for God’s kingdom to re­ move wickedness from the earth. So with the “last days” speedily run­ ning out. you are walking with God and love his ways. On the other hand. 25:31-46) What will you prove to be. for they are now here. For instance. Jesus Christ has been appoint­ ed as judge. distress and moral decadence that were foretold to mark them. and refuse to consider what they mean to us? Not at all! Please note that God’s judgment will ad­ versely affect only “ungodly men. similarly at the end of this system of things your conduct will directly affect whether your children take up the service of God. For just as the heeding of the warning by par­ ents before the destruction of Pompeii meant preservation for their minor chil­ dren. and he is doing the same today.” They real­ ized that things were not right. the majority of people in the city of Pompeii did not heed. the “last days” are indeed a time in which to re­ joice. like Noah and his family. For these need not be the last days of your life. But what action should be taken? ACTION THAT IS URGENT NOW Obviously the “last days” cannot be avoided.. hoping the horror would pass. from this wicked system of things is at hand. N .” It is charac­ teristic of people to ignore lifesaving warnings. It is a time in which you can rejoice. but other members of their households as well. (Luke 21:28-32) But to be among those blessed with survival when this en­ tire system goes down in destruction. accom­ panied by all the calamities. God’s “ day of judgment and of destruction of the ungodly men” is fast approaching! (2 Pet. In that pre-Flood era God separated persons either for sur­ vival or destruction. you may have the grand prospect of living through the end of this system of things with your family. we today should heed the warning of the end’s approach. First of all. whether they receive his favor and blessing or not. While a few left the city at the mountain’s first outburst. How foolish! Rather than make a similar mistake.” It is only those who refuse to submit to God’s laws that will suffer destruction.168 SfceWATCHTOWER that “ in the last days there will come ridiculers with their ridicule.

a d iscordant try season! G ood note is heard. For example. leading to the true riches of book of Genesis quickly builds up in our endless life.” in a war in heaven. they plunge themselves and mind’s eye an inviting picture of the great their posterity into beggarly conditions. making it a most interesting “ knowledge of good and bad” in his own and lively book. himself as a masterpiece made in God’s 4 In the closing part of God’s Word we own image. By forsaking the Source of true the opening account of creation in the knowledge. leading what result? In the reverse order. First the results in no satisfaction? Listen intently tance of things that oth­ to me. 55:2. be­ question: “ Is it real­ comes greatly prized after ly so that God said . these way and time.— Gen. including the creation of man mation. giving what prospect? Th . 2:17.” if you eat the for what is not bread. abounds withGod be their Instructor concerning the contrasts. what benefits can be gained? 2. instead of letting 2 God’s Word.— Gen. in 1. 16-19. God’s health. and why is your toil for to the value and impor­ what forbidden fruit. The picture is made complete. — Isa. little consideration. By painful experience vital importance and help us to appreciate they taste the bitter contrast between life them at their true worth. what fine contrasts are found Revelation. often taken word is brought into fo r gra n ted . the one called Devil and Sa­ complement of him." erwise would be given but soul find its exquisite decide to eat of that fruit. find more contrasts. . A appreciation. and eat what is good. warm sunshine after T h rou gh the ser­ a cold and wet win­ pent. Often they 3 help to deepen our sharp con trast. preparations made for a beautiful home subject to bad leadership and false infor­ for man. and let your woman and then the man delight in fatness itself. Thus. they take matters into contrasts draw our attention to things of their own hands. We read of the defeat of “the origi­ given to the man as an ideal helper.ONTR contrast. con­ nied: “ You positively will trasts draw our attention "W h y do you people keep paying out money not die. 'Wfc&t part do contrasts play in God’s Word? (b) What inviting picture is portrayed in the account of creation? 169 How was this followed by a sharp contrast. 2:18. More than that.” making a pleasing tan. By making contrasts. order. . “ as a nal serpent. 3:1-6. teresting. to 4. but in the reverse also man’s happiness. male and make life in­ female. by describing the creation of that perfectly lovely woman. and death. Yes. the Bible. and then later C 3. ?” recovery from a severe G o d ’ s w ord is then de­ spell of sickness. How sin iste r sh a d ow we w e lc o m e the crosses the picture.

. to find of water of life.” (Rev. but of the invitation to “let anyone He did not limit this to the Jews. This means might not mislead the nations any more” sharing with them in extending the invi­ with false knowledge and bad leadership. tation to yet others. 2:16. New Jerusalem.” but of a “ river struction.” In of the first man and his wife and human anticipation of life in reality.” and. 2 1 : 1 .” He then but the way thereto has been clearly in­ invitingly said: “The water that I will give dicated. N .” It is the “word of life. the Bridegroom.— Gen. giving out this invitation. to “ walk in his paths.” the Scriptures that those who wish to en­ Later in his ministry he cried out aloud: joy God’s favor.” On either bank are trees.” and. obedient mankind in a restored Phil.” symbolizing God’s provisions for true Christians. this mag­ him will become in him a fountain of wa­ azine. Jesus Christ. On what occasions did Jesus speak of “ living water/* leading to what conclusions? . not of * How is such invitation extended to oth­ the creation of a literal earth. but of God’s new system of things. “ death will be no more. but to that wishes take life’s water free.4 . not of losing God’s favor and of expulsion from the garden illustration as found at Revelation 22:17. but “ trees then invite and help others to be instruct­ of life . 12:7-9. pages 249. see The W atchtower as of Great” and then of all the other parts and August 15. The W atchtower.” Life a Samaritan woman he spoke of “living itself in perfection cannot yet be gained. using the same 5 Finally.” We can not laden with forbidden fruit.” Then we read. water” as “the free gift of God. the “holy same prayer: “Your [God’s] word is city. 7 Early in his ministry Jesus commenced Paradise. and how can we aid others in this 5.has shown from ter bubbling up to impart everlasting life. What invitation is given respecting “life’s water/* and what obligations are thereby involved? respect ? 7.Y . we come to a vivid INVITATION TO TRUE RICHES and wonderful contrast.” and by “prepared as a bride adorned for her hus­ conforming to it closely we learn how to band. symbolized by their baptism 6. for a with God’s other dedicated servants. Bible truth. 14. 20:1-3) After describing the to come and start quenching their thirst.— John 17:3. believing.” the true church. downfall and destruction of “Babylon the —Rev. 1934. with month.” of you. 250. let him come to me Har-Magedon. with the hope of surviving “If anyone is thirsty. 2:10. war of Har-Magedon. They must identify themselves of action “ the original serpent'. the “road leading off into life. . . of the binding and putting completely out in water. Rev.” Instead of death’s coming everlasting life.170 3!k WATCHTOWER B r o o k l y n . com­ knowledge by gaining an understanding of posed of Jesus Christ. their taking in knowledge into the picture. in happy contrast. but a description of the heavenly must start now to take in that life-giving government providing true headship. we can and headship. para­ supporters of Satan’s organization in the graphs 31-34. “ a new heaven and ers? Jesus said in his prayer: “This means a new earth. We read. Particularly since 1934. and of the one Built up in our mind’s eye is a picture. yielding their fruits each ed by God “ about his ways. to “ anyone thirsting. 2:3. 7:13. not whom you sent forth.” This is done “ that he known as Jehovah’s witnesses. the only true God. 22:17. 2 .” giving eternal life with all its riches to leading to true riches. home. As Jesus later said in that with his Christian congregation. .forHow ourselves. Matt. not of a literal “riv­ turn from the “ road leading off into de­ er issuing out of Eden. 17. must dedicate themselves can we find the “road leading off into life’* fully to him. thousand years. truth. 2 2 : 1 . we read. Isa.

making what contrast. Jehovah invited and called on the people to “listen intently to me” and drink in. and their fear toward me becomes men’s commandment that is being taught. 8-13.’ ” This surely implies that the one blessed with this life-giving provision does not keep it to himself.” —John 4:7-15. 16:7. leading with certainty to true riches. what similar invitation was given. under bad leadership by their kings and princes.” He invited them to enter into his “ covenant respecting the loving-kindnesses to David. not just water. Why was the message at Isaiah 55:6. 8John adds the comment that Jesus “said this concerning the spirit which those who put faith in him were about to receive.M arch 15. such as Assyria and Egypt.” He guar­ antees that his word will have “ certain success. “for with rejoicing you people will go forth. under bad priestly influence. [and] stinging nettle. and let your soul find its exquisite delight in fat­ ness itself.” “ anyone that wishes. but invites others. but “wine and milk. . 7:37. and why was this appropriate? 10. 15:6. Rev. Through Isaiah. For one thing. and they have removed their heart itself far away from me. for “ instead of the thicket of thorns .”— Matt. 29:13. 55:1-4. is actually an operation of God’s spirit. holding out what prospect ? 11. through his prophet. It cannot be done without the aid of the holy spirit.”—Isa. and all creation would rejoice. 55:1. Christ Jesus. Je­ hovah. and with peace you will be brought in. “anyone thirsting. they were looking to Gentile na­ tions. and eat what is good. come. and what a contrast! In Isaiah’s day. instead. just as the Scripture has said.” to come and “take life’s water free.” (Isa. .” He invited them to turn from their own thoughts and ways and. Why do you people keep paying out money for what is not bread.” and that it “ will certainly do that in which I have delighted. many turned to outright idolatry. also helping others to drink of it. He that puts faith in me.” that is. the right and true “leader and commander to the national groups.” — Isa. 22:17.” there would be the juniper tree and myrtle tree. for pro- tection. 8. This definitely rules out all human philosophy and religious tradition that make the “word of God invalid. As Jehovah told them: “ This people have come near with their mouth. 2) What an invi­ tation. 38. Yes. extended this arresting invitation: “ Hey there. And the ones that have no money! Come. buy and eat. all you thirsty ones! Come to the water. buy wine and milk even without money and without price. to pay heed to “ my word that goes forth from my mouth. 18:21) Besides that. and they have glorified me merely with their lips. This would result in a delightful contrast. for the lasting kingdom and government un­ der the Greater David. 10 So. .” and that “ without money and without price. (2 Ki.” To respond to this invitation meant taking in true knowledge. in contrast. What part does God’s spirit play in gaining and dispensing life-giving knowledge? 9. while others were content with a formal and hypocritical way of worshiping Jehovah. 1967 SEeWATCHTOWER 171 and drink. Jehovah’s people were toiling and paying a high price for false riches that gave no sustenance or security. What further appeal did Jehovah make to his people. 7 appropriate in Isaiah’s day. ‘Out from his inmost part streams of living water will flow. Jesus was not the first one to voice such an invitation in such terms. 9 However.” (John 7:39) This makes it clear that the taking in of this life-giving knowl­ edge. finding what parallel in our own day? A MESSAGE FOR OUR DAY 11 In Isaiah’s day Jehovah’s people were wayward and rebellious for the most part. Over seven hundred years previously. and why is your toil for what results in no satisfaction? Listen in­ tently to me.

” ignoring and perhaps der which they live? On these vital ques­ even resisting any appeal to “ search for tions are the people given true knowledge Jehovah . B r o o k l y n . 12.14. 12As many prophecies show. 2 Cor.Y .”— Matt. For men will be a large way.’ resulting in those who claim to be Christian? Is not God’s final judgment coming upon them the spirit of nationalism stronger today “as a snare. 7. as foretold in the last book of him. what striking 12. then.” (Isa. the message found at Isaiah 55: and religious leadership. or. 7. . port of religion? Under present political 13Yes. contrasts can be a big help to this the combined opposition of the nations and 13.” (2 Tim. gathers the nations and the “ kings ful man his thoughts.” It is 4:4. . 2:1-6. On the contrary.”—Isa. and the harm­ ership. after being in­ pealing invitation: “ Search for Jehovah. Call Mount Zion.” Never­ with false information?— Rev.” “the god of and cramped the road leading off into life. 16:13-16) Jesus too was in a large way. headstrong . self-assuming . stalled as King in 1914 on the heavenly you people. . while he may be found” ? Je­ leading to true riches. Matt. Heb. this system of things. instead. 11. (Rev. As already men­ as David. 24:3. and to our God. . . 55:6. Besides contrasts. 7:13. and that with the sup­ Luke 21:35. In harmony with Isaiah 55:6. 7. But that did not stop Jehovah from send­ rulers “against Jehovah and against his ing out through his prophet this very ap­ anointed one. he invites us would make the foregoing message appro­ to forsake the wicked way and the harm­ priate for our day.” bellious from God’s viewpoint.” blinded their minds and few are the ones finding it. what interesting parallels are found in Bible prophecy? . How are we responding to it? Are we Jesus. for he will forgive the Bible. . 12:22) This to him while he proves to be near. is certainly taught to listen intently to the message of appropriate for our time. . He is write: “In the last days critical times hard ready to show mercy and to “forgive in to deal with will be here. under demonic lead­ wicked man leave his way. than ever before. (Ps. theless. In what way do the prophecies show that Isaiah’s message is fitting for our time? contrast did Jesus make at Matthew 7:13. are the people 6. “ the original serpent. . with its strong appeal. It is not God who has made ly foresaw and foretold the conditions that it difficult. having a form of incentive to pursue that ‘cramped road’ godly devotion but proving false to its requires not only accurate knowledge but power. 39. who will have mercy upon Magedon. are they told that it is going along with the majority down that their Christian duty to serve and support “ broad and spacious . Let the combined opposition. God spoke prophetically about tioned. especially and people ‘taking no note. God clear­not impossible. he made the invitation quite plain: “ Go in through the narrow gate. 14To find that “narrow gate” and the lovers of themselves . 7) We can inspired to give a detailed prophecy telling see how that message was appropriate of the ‘sign of his presence’ in our day. while he may be found. . or has the arch de­ sus plainly said that “narrow is the gate ceiver.” Christ Jesus. 14? 14. road leading off the national kingdom and government un­ into destruction. As Paul was inspired to ful thoughts and to turn to him.172 STfeWATCHTOWER. 12:9. but what about our day? Are the when there would be “ many false proph­ majority of people today wayward and re­ ets” and the “ increasing of lawlessness. and let him return of the entire inhabited earth” to H arto Jehovah. N . 3:1-5) Even as far back also a keen appreciation. 55:6. . but the question God’s established kingdom under Christ is.

namely. and on what basis? 17.March 15. 2) of his [God’s] people and its princes. Jesus says: “Happy are you when­ time. 15:7-9. 18. Jesus gaveused to do to the prophets” (the true the well-known Sermon on the Mount. Jesus knew that the conditions in Is­ with the inheritance of the kingdom of rael in his day were. Jesus speaks to they have reeled as to decision. a double series. both with offering sympathy.” (Luke 6:20. rather. yet their heart is far re­ Son of man. as a series. in many respects. he says each time: his disciples and when talking to the “ Hap'py are you. Jesus realized this to be a good teach­ statement is a contrast. see Isa­ for. and whenever they ex­ Pharisees: “ Isaiah aptly prophesied about clude you and reproach you and cast out you when he said. He says: “Happy 17 Jesus now speaks directly to this evil are you poor. 21. instead of ing method and often used it. because you will be filled. this evil class of persecutors when he says TWO CLASSES SET IN CONTRAST that “ the same things their forefathers 15 After Passover of 31 C. and promised to be filled and made close parallel with those of Isaiah’s day. First. For example. giving laugh. At Luke 6:20. helping us to appreci­ ing bad treatment meted out to his dis­ ciples. 23) Jesus here not only tells his dis­ those of his own time. “ the elderly ones ciples gathered near to him. but a paral­ weeping. . Hitherto poor and hungry and worth noting. He points to the identification of ate true riches. not a contrast. We can imagine. iah 29:13) Jesus also knew that the for those are the same things their fore­ conditions in our time. Rejoice in that day and leap. but. . he once said to the ever men hate you. of course.” es­ Matthew gives a full account of this ser­ pecially the religious leaders. and he often quoted from Isaiah’s proph­ 16 Next comes a most interesting con­ ecy as having a fulfillment in his own trast. surprising contrasts. 5:1. (Matt. including Isaiah. 28:7.’ ” (Matt. in his prophet” (false prophet). records the opening part astray because of intoxicating liquor .” (Luke tendom. too. to laugh. especially in Chris­ fathers used to do to the prophets.”— Isa. “priest and mon in chapters 5 to 7.” Why? Because the time crowds. what contrasts did Jesus make respecting his disciples. who “ have gone shorter account. Who were was given in the hearing of a large crowd. Happy are one. (a) Who are addressed in the series of contrasts at Luke 6:24-26? (b) What points did Jesus then emphasize ? . moved from me. ‘This people honors me your name as wicked for the sake of the with their lips. with ciples of a further cause for happiness.E. these forefathers? Isaiah says they re­ but was addressed primarily to his dis­ ferred to Israel’s rulers. or. but Luke. mind as we listen to Jesus making some those who were responsible for the shock­ pointed contrasts. instead of you who weep now. because yours is the king­ class with a further series of contrasts. of they have gone astray in their seeing. 3: his disciples as having suffered hard con­ 14. there is something else change. It prophets). but those of Isaiah’s day. a God. Happy are you who hunger but in the reverse order to the previous now. look! your reward is great in heaven. also. because you will 16. dom of God. 1967 SKeWATCHTOW ER. ditions up till that time. Let us keep this in mentions another class of people. that. 173 end. 21) Note that each what identification? 15. would be a close parallel with 6:22. What other class did Jesus then refer to. But before looking at some of had come for them to experience a great these contrasts. they were now to be enriched lel.

leading to what questions? 20. when Jesus says: “ But woe consideration we will examine in a suc­ ceeding study some­ to you rich persons. N . especially when fathers did to the false prophets. These two classes vitation to come and drink (see para­ referred to by Jesus early in his ministry graphs 7 to 9). looking directly at his disciples. 21 One thing is clear.’ ” tening.Y .” Matthew records. but Woe. because you will mourn and weep. he also taught extensively by the use of for things like these are what their fore­ illustrations. “ Indeed. not only in the in­ of our close attention. and he knew from but you yourselves will go thirsty. • H ave You Forgotten Y our Decision w ho are filled up same subject. He not to Serve God? now. start of his ministry. an illustration he would not speak to — Luke 6:24-26. to any who might pay an individual to flee from one class to the heed and profit from his teaching. Why would the two classes at Luke 6:20-26 be prominent in Jesus’ thoughts and utterances? . them. but you to do so. thing of special in­ because you are hav­ COMING IN THE NEXT ISSUE ing your consolation terest that Jesus had • The P attern of Judgment.” that is. and (3) he knew that these same yourselves will suffer shame. he now (Isa. What similar contrasts are found at Isaiah 65:13. 20In order to give these questions proper 18 Notice now the terse contrasts in this second series. as classes. 10:11. whenever all men speak well of you. (2) they will eat." will go hungry. Look! the Scriptures that they would continue My own servants will rejoice.— Luke other. 7:1. even though. What different teaching methods did Jesus adopt? 21.” that is.” May we of the pain of heart and you will howl prove to be among those “ who are lis­ because of sheer breakdown of spirit. (Matt. 65:13. Luke 6:27. speech and direct ex­ you who are laugh­ planation. 14) Do these contrasts ex­ lifts his gaze and takes in the whole crowd. Woe to you to say later on this the T ru ly Rich. because (1) they were clearly delin­ Jehovah has said: ‘Look! My own servants eated in the Hebrew Scriptures. as he did ing now. SfieWATCHTOWER. would own servants will cry out joyfully because be a source of enlightenment and a “warn­ of the good condition of the heart. without in flattery and for selfish advantage. 19 Here we can observe another close see also verses 10-15) One of these illus­ link between the prophet Isaiah and the trations centers around the two classes greater prophet. or parables. • God's Judgm ent Makes M anifest in full. but ing to us upon whom the ends of the sys­ you yourselves will make outcries because tems of things have arrived.”— 1 Cor. Woe. addressing the crowds. Look! My own servants will drink. in much of the Sermon on the Mount. plus his own teaching. 19. pressed by both these prophets have a par­ seeing among them a number of those to allel fulfillment in our day? Do they help whom this second series applied. because you only taught by plain • H ow W e Know W e Live in the “ Last D ays. 13:34. but also in the contrasts just mentioned. 14. This wid­ us to identify more sharply the two classes er sweep is indicated by his subsequent ex­ involved? Do they quicken our apprecia­ pression: “But I say to you who are lis­ tion of true riches? And is it possible for tening. Christ Jesus. they are separated by a great chasm? 6:27. Similarity mentioned at Luke 6:20-26 and is worthy of expression is seen.174 B r o o k l y n . but you yourselves will go hun­ had already shown up even before the gry. Listen to what Isaiah was were very much on his mind and on his inspired to record: “This is what the Lord lips. Look! My Scriptures.

formed the nucleus of the one class. 5. This results in a complete rever­ were John’s disciples. It concerns John the Baptist. For a 76. He came as a certainty. Did the ministry of Jesus as Je­ hovah’s “ messenger of the covenant” re­ there was a foregleam of the change com­ sult in a change of conditions for the two ing to these two classes. 27. 22: fore me. after visiting Elizabeth. classes. speedy witness” against the evildoers men­ Matt. 4 However. mark duced to Jesus and who. and he ones. the humble and the haughty? Yes. in whom there is no deceit. but during that time two classes be­ or a time of inspection and judgment from gan to show up. and about six months before that of Jesus. thirty years before that tioned. How did Malachi 3:1. Luke 1: in contrast. us­ |H nant. What previous foregleams were given respecting these two classes? . tw o c l a s s e s or —Mai. the 3 John the B humble ones are treated m in is try com m en ced as outcasts by those who are haughty. often go hungry. whom John intro­ sal to these two classes.” (2 Sam. as with David. 10. of the covenant. Then comes a visitation. you. mesides W B speaking of the he com posed a grand “ messenger of the covesong of thanksgiving. 3:1. How did two classes become manifest through John the Baptist’s ministry? 4. though not. the “messenger as Jesus testified. and I will become a from the coming wrath?’ ”—John 1:47. with others. who has shown you how to flee ple for the judgment.HEN David had But there was a fo r e ­ been delivered taste of that change even by Jehovah from all his »| prior thereto. “ an Israelite for ministry at the age of thirty. What important principle is stated at 2 Samuel 22:28. 7:24. save. that you may bring must clear up a way be­ them low. On the one hand there Jehovah.” Jehovah’s representative. 3:7. but your eyes are J H J B I saying: “I am sending a g a in s t th e h a u g h t y my messenger. 5 find a fulfillment at the first 175 3. time. They 2 Such a day of inspection and judgmentwere humble men and truly God-fearing was initiated when Jesus commenced his men.” Jehovah spoke of ing these words: “ The another m essenger in humble people you will the same connection. including Saul. On the other hand. The virgin Mary. such as Nathanael. he said to them: ‘You offspring as he said: “I will come near to you peo­ of vipers. by stepping into each other’s shoes. the mother-to-be W n VERSUS 1.” Jesus plainly 28) T h is e x p r e s s e s a said that this messenger p r i n c i p l e th a t is who prepared the e m ph a si z ed way and was a fore­ through out God’s runner to him was Word. baptism. How so? enemies. and how does it apply? 2.” foretold in Malachi’s when John “caught sight of many of the prophecy. Matt. This prophecy foretold Jeho­ Pharisees and Sadducees coming to the vah’s coming to his temple for judgment. groups of people set 11:7.

. their great pride and self-righteousness. . 7-12) Why? Not only because he was filled with God’s spirit. . What a happy con­ trast f o r them ! But w hat a bit- 7. 1 Sam. We can imag­ ine how tormenting that was to those who au­ thorized and profited from that commercial trafficking in Jehovah’s house of prayer. not for a moment. From their new vantage ground they had d irect p r o o f o f G o d ’ s loving favor and protec­ tion. 2:1. they now had an assign­ ment of service that brought great joy and satis­ faction. Hannah.176 ffteW ATCHTOW ER. voiced her praise in these words: “ My soul magnifies Jehovah . John had his disciples who openly helped in his ministry. they now felt that life had a real purpose. like food to a hungry soul. who also un­ expectedly became mother to a son. when he drove out the traders and money changers from the temple. another woman. as already mentioned. wealthy and well-filled religious leaders was possibly at the first Passover after his min­ istry began. with his perfect mind and quick understanding. No lon g er at a disadvantage.—John 2:13-17. (Matt. 6Not only were the two classes in evidence.Y . . F rom the beginning of his ministry he began to teach and train his dis­ ciples. 3: 5.” With remarkable similarity. How were these changes intensified through Jesus’ ministry? . the moment that John caught sight of those Pharisees and Sadducees he gave them a withering blast. N . 5. and when he be­ gan his ministry both classes were already in evi­ dence. In sharp con­ trast. The satisfied must hire themselves out for bread. Perhaps even at the age of twelve. as Jesus well knew. . perceived the charac­ teristics of those men forming the one class. of John the Baptist. he has scattered abroad those who are haughty in the intention of their hearts . over a thousand years be­ fore that. From the start. and after her own concep­ tion by holy spirit. 5The two contrasting classes and the changes that were due to come to them in a day of judg­ ment were indeed clearly outlined in the Hebrew Scriptures. . (Luke 2:42-47) His first brush with those haughty. Samuel. he has fully satis­ fied hungry ones with good things and he has sent away empty those who had wealth. what due changes began to be apparent ? B r o o k l y n . but be­ cause their lordly attitude to the common people.”— Luke 1:46-53. but the due changes were not delayed. were com­ mon knowledge. When and how did Jesus first come in contact with those who were haughty? 6. but the hungry actually cease to hunger. 7 S im ilarly with Jesus. Instead of being at the mercy of the religious rulers and ignored and despised. he. Through John’s ministry. after three days of close contact with the religious teachers at the temple. said: “My heart does exult in Jehovah .

Some­ es and friendships in contrast with the fleeting and times he referred to the two unrighteous riches of Mammon.” is being declared as good news. What circumstances led up to Jesus’ interested in. they took note that were until John. self-righteous. as in the Luke then makes this interesting comment: “Now Sermon on the Mount. 1967 SKeWATCHTOWER 177 ter contrast for those rulers we wish to examine in detail. were listen­ ing to all these things. How can the illustration at Luke 16:19-31 be summarized? . With this theme in mind Jesus went on to relate the illustration we are 8. we will first summarize what Jesus said. Before Jesus went up whose position and prestige had to Jerusalem near the close of his earthly ministry. Even are those who declare yourselves righteous before so. Then throughout his ministry to show came the illustration of the unrighteous steward. ing about them. craving anything dropped from his table. Tormented in Hades by a blaz­ ing fire. He used the familiar pattern of contrast. 21:45. known as the rich man (Di'ves) and denunciation of the Pharisees at Luke 16:15? Lazarus. followed by a complete reversal of situations. and every sort of person is pressing forward toward it. hitherto been unchallenged! Luke records that the Pharisees and scribes kept How often they must have muttering because the tax collectors and sinners writhed at the fearless and pub­ kept drawing near to Jesus to hear him. the listen to from the lips of Jesus. (Luke 15:1-16:13) classes by plain speech.” (Luke 16:16) —Matt. but more the Pharisees. From then on the kingdom of God he was speaking about them. Lazarus. leading up to what illustration? 10. So as to have the picture in mind. a beggar in a pitiable state. The beggar died. was put at the rich man’s gate. 15.’ ”— Luke 16:14. the time had come for the tables to be turned on this haughty. as compared with sus continued w ith ou t letup those who think they have no need to repent. TIME FOR TABLES TO BE TURNED 8Now note the circumstances and in favor of that other class who hitherto had leading up to an illustration that had a raw deal at their hands. Hence Jesus lic exposures that they had to gave illustrations contrasting the two classes. He next refers to the important and the Pharisees had heard his time factor. 10 A certain rich man daily enjoyed every luxury. money-loving class. Yes. but God knows your hearts. The rich man died and was buried. the religious rulers knew lofty among men is a disgusting thing in God’s well enough when he was speak­ sight. rejoicing over the repentant sinner and over the As representing his Father. he implored Abraham to send Lazarus to dip 9.M arch 15. saying: “ The Law and the Prophets illustrations. What important time factor did Jesus then state. because what is detail. and they began to sneer at often in his public teaching he him. and the angels carried him to the bosom position of Abraham. who were money lovers. though not grasping all the men. Consequently he [Jesus] said to them: ‘You made use of illustrations. Je­ prodigal son welcomed back home. As Matthew re­ 9Those plainly spoken words showed how Jesus cords: “ When the chief priests viewed those men. favor to the humble and dis­ helping his disciples to appreciate true spiritual rich­ favor to the haughty.

”— Luke 16:19-31..” Likewise the rich man “used to deck himself with purple and linen. . that is used as a symbol of righteousness.” Abraham’s final word was: “ If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets. Far otherwise! But those of that class were never slow in parading their own righteousness. and enlarge the fringes of their garments. They like the most prominent place at evening meals and the front seats in the synagogues . N . . 23:5. John 8:33. As to the first. 19:2. Jesus had just been speaking to them. 27. from ancient times it has been used as a symbol of imperial or regal power. you king of the Jews!” ’ (John 18:33. symbolized by the purple and linen. . 3) The religious rulers did not actually aspire to kingship on a throne. Jesus said “ a certain man was rich. for the fine linen stands for the righteous acts of the holy ones. the money-loving Pharisees. But Abraham replied: “They have Moses and the Prophets. clean. Whom did the rich man represent in Jesus’ day. also a great chasm had been fixed between the two that could not be crossed. enjoying himself from day to day with magnificence. strengthened by the details given. [and] outwardly indeed appear beautiful . they showed it in their dress and general demeanor.” (Luke 16: 19) Who was this rich man who gloried in his riches? Whom did he represent? Why. When Jesus had been ar­ rested and was questioned by Pilate: “Are ofyou the king of the Jews?” . Notice the similarity of expression. his finger in water to cool his tongue. let them lis­ ten to these. But Abraham explained that a complete re­ versal had occurred for both men.Y . . the “ soldiers braided a crown of thorns and put it on his head and arrayed him with a purple outer gar­ ment . Jesus said: “You . marked by what similarities? B r o o k l y n . 28. but if someone from the dead goes to them they will repent. such as 11. and he used to deck himself with purple and linen. CHARACTERS IDENTIFIED 11 Let us look first at the application the illustration in Jesus’ own day. we remember that. Note the descrip­ tion of the Christian congregation as the Bride of the Lamb Jesus Christ at the time of her marriage to him in heaven. neither will they be persuad­ ed if someone rises from the dead. In view of the scriptures already discussed it is not difficult to identify the two main char­ acters. 12 As for the purple. She is “arrayed in bright.”— Matt. Just like that rich man. Were they not the leaders of the nation to whom God promised: “ You yourselves will become to me a kingdom of priests and a holy na­ tion” ? Did they not remind Jesus on one occasion: “We are Abraham’s offspring and never have we been slaves to any­ body” ?—Ex.” But note that it does not say that she decks herself with 12. Then the rich man asked that Lazarus be sent to warn his five brothers about this place of torment. ever declared the religious rulers of Israel a righteous class. as Of what is purple a symbol. to 13. making what contrast between the Pharisees and the Lamb’s wife? . 13 As for the linen. Neither God nor his servant Christ Jesus. 6. 19) The Pharisees did not wait or depend on someone else to declare them righteous. but they did assert and exercise real rulership. fine linen. 6:1. . . . Likewise the rich man did not wait or depend on someone else to invest him with the robes and insignia of royalty and outstanding virtue and righteousness. .178 SfieWATCHTOWER. 2. 19:6. . . in mockery. and how did this apply the religious rulers in Jesus’ time? What does linen symbolize. saying: ‘Good day. Isaiah. as Jesus said: “They broaden the scripture-containing cases that they wear as safeguards. [and] righteous to men.” The rich man said: “N o . declare yourselves righteous be­ fore men.” (Luke 16:15. nor the prophets.

” —Phil. the dogs would come and lick his ulcers. Jesus said to one of the rulers of the Pharisees: “When you spread a feast. no! She does not declare herself righteous.” He “ used to be put at his [the rich man’s] gate. Matt. as he wrote: “ That I may gain Christ and be found in union with him. as appropriately ex­ pressed. 3:8. iurther aspects help to identify the “rich man" class in Jesus’ day? 15.” He also wrote that to the Israelites belonged “ the glory and the covenants and the giving of the Law and the sacred service and the prom­ ises.” Yes. which results from law. First of all. Yes. . In fact. 15 Now what about the beggar? Jesus 14. meaning “ God is helper. then. 9. John 17:3) Well. like the Pharisees. 21) As with the rich man.” So there would be precious little nutriment in those scraps. as Jesus said. Jesus had just been speaking about them. like Lazarus. is the su­ periority of the Jew?” He replied: “A great deal in every way. just prior to that. 2) Also. invite poor people. who “ trusted in themselves that they were righteous and who considered the rest as nothing.M arch 15. (Luke 15:1. knowledge. too. —Rom. the Jews and particularly their lead­ ers were well stocked with such provisions on which they could feast continually. made no provision for any spiri­ tual sustenance for the poor people. Even worse. is likened to food and drink. Moreover. How were the religious rulers responsible for the sick condition of the “ Lazarus” class? .” So as we examine the opening words of Jesus’ illustration. the righteousness that issues from God on the basis of faith. 18:9. it was the Pharisees who caused Jesus to talk about this other class when they complained about his welcoming the tax collectors and sinners. fine linen. but. 16 Additionally. came to appreciate the contrast between the true righteousness and the false.” (Luke 16:20. they “made the word of God invalid” and taught “commands of men as doctrines.” Ah. Paul once asked: “What. and whom did he represent? 179 left the rich man without a name. not my own righteousness. 16) The apostle Paul. 2. 5:3. 3:1. John 7:49.” including a lavish spread. those rulers 16. note that.” Hence. Jesus said they were “versed in the Law” and had the “key of knowledge. (Isa. 1967 SKeWATCHTOWER purple and linen. those rulers substituted the traditions built up over the years by their own class in place of God’s “sacred pronouncements. blind. (Luke 16:19) As we have seen. said: “ This crowd that does not know the Law are accursed people. even though the mar­ riage is with the “King of kings. Vf’raA. we do not have to look far to find the class represented by Lazarus. lame. How did Jesus describe the beggar. like the rich man. crippled.— Luke 14:13. fit com­ pany only for dogs.” as. like the rich man “ enjoying himself from day to day with magnifi­ cence. . “ In the eyes of men generally and in their own eyes those religious rulers had everything. full of ulcers and desiring to be filled with the things dropping from the table of the rich man. the chief priests and Pharisees.” As for the leaders. but that which is through faith in Christ. who were “ conscious of their spiritual need” and eagerly looked for any scraps dropped from the rich man’s lavish table. speaking angrily about the people who accepted Jesus. it is evident that the rich man represented the religious leaders and rulers as a class. They were greatly despised by the ruling class. 2. Luke 11:52.” The rulers. 8. 9:4.” (Rev. formerly a zealous Pharisee. 55:1. see also Romans 10:2-4. be­ cause they were entrusted with the sacred pronouncements of God. 19:7. “it has been granted to her to be arrayed in . es­ pecially spiritual knowledge. having. the beggar represented primarily the poor and spiritually impoverished among the Jews. but he gave the beggar the Jewish name Lazarus.

Was Jesus author­ ized. in order to illustrate something unusually 17. the place to which you are going. Luke 11:52. . . the rich man died. pages 75.’ For I came to call. or did he have any precedent in pic­ turing the dead as alive and talking. 18 Of all the experiences that contribute to change and reversal in human life. and those going in you hindered!” Yes. and could not be tolerated in­ definitely. you yourselves did not go in. ‘I want mercy. 23:4) No wonder Jesus pictured Lazarus as “ full of ulcers. for a reversal. leading to what changes and reversal? 19. in fact.— Luke 16:22. not righteous people. . take it that way? Did they think that Jesus was drawing aside the veil for a moment. as is often said. How did Jesus show that a change was due respecting these two classes? 18. 13. for there is no work nor devising nor knowledge nor wisdom in Sheol. THE CLIMACTIC CHANGE . 9:12. the time had come for a change. N . 19As many of our readers are aware. . As Jesus said to the complain­ ing Pharisees: “Persons in health do not need a physician.” Ah. to take it literally makes the situation absurd and impossible. 17 This state of affairs was bad. yes! The impor­ tant time factor made all the difference. but the ailing do. who are conscious of nothing at all . As pointed out in a previous issue of The Watchtower. besides contrast. be­ cause you took away the key of knowl­ edge. How did Jesus portray this in his illus­ tration?— Matt. Also. of all those who do not gain heavenly bliss? Hardly. 23. either the Phari­ sees or his disciples. as just discussed.” And as he warned that same class: “Woe to you who are versed in the Law. In the illustration. is a power­ ful aid to appreciation! Were those two men left to sleep peacefully in their graves? Not they! The beggar was imme­ diately “ carried off by the angels to the bosom position of Abraham. besides doing violence to those plain Scriptural statements proving that Hades ( Sheol) is the common grave wherein are the ‘dead.180 W ATCH TO W ER B r o o k l y n . and learn what this means. wholly unjustified. and hence not to be taken literally.1965. many commentators and authorities in Christendom interpret this as a literal statement of fact in support of their tra­ ditional doctrine of eternal torment suf­ fered by immortal souls in hellfire. what climactic event occurred. How did Isaiah use a similar method in portraying a dramatic reversal? bound heavy loads on the shoulders of the people and were “ not willing to budge them with their finger. para­ graphs 11 to 16. but sinners. All who listened to Jesus realized that this was a parable. or illustration. . But did any of Jesus’ listeners.’ (Eccl. 9: 5. knowing that imagination. portraying certain things. 10) Is it reasonable to think that those in the fires of hell are within comfortable speaking distance of those in heaven? Are they so close as to be able to see those in heaven and what they are doing? Are they able to carry on a conversation. [was] existing in torments” in a blazing fire. death is the most climactic. After the ini­ tial description of the two characters. (a) In support of what doctrine is Luke 16:23 often quoted? (b) Why is such a conclusion both un­ reasonable and unscriptural ? 20. even to arguing the point. Jesus used just that in his illustration.Y . then. with those in au­ thority in heaven?—See The W atchtower as of February 1. to give a glimpse of the fate await­ ing the wicked. and not sacrifice. 20But you may ask.” The rich man “ was buried.” (Matt. Jesus continued: “Now in course of time the beggar died . How vividly Jesus now appealed to the imagination of his listeners. Go. And in Hades he . . 76. without the slightest prospect of any help or relief from the rich man. 15:6-9.” In such emaciated con­ dition he was surely carrying a heavy load.

21 No. both in Jesus’ time and in our own day. Consis­ tent with his other illustrations. 14:4. An illustration. is re­ jected and debased even in his own do­ main. maggots are spread out as a couch. . To ascertain the true meaning of what was thus portrayed in this particu­ lar illustration. this one does not join the other kings in a niche of his own. for concluding that Jesus was now suddenly giving a literal account of what takes place. there is no warrant. dramatic? Yes! Here we find another in­ teresting parallel between the expressions used by Jesus and the prophet Isaiah. either from the viewpoint of Scripture or reason. is an allegorical narrative. the kings of the other nations. 19) In the Authorized Version and many other versions. each lying in state in his niche in the great pit of Sheol. Taking such a view. . . Are Jesus’ parables intended to be taken literally? If not. 10. . instead of ruling over hell and keeping its fires burning..” It is true— there is much ri­ valry in politics and gen­ erally very little unity. Be­ neath you.” (Isa. . we must leave to a subse­ quent issue of The Watchtower.” saying: “Have you yourself also been made weak like us? . 21. but is “ thrown away without a burial place . B ut when s o m e t h in g threatens their way of operation or exposes the general corruption ex­ isting in politics. this N OLD saying is: C / L “ Politics makes strange bedfellows. or if it in some way seems to stand in the way of their plans. or parable. .” Furthermore. It was such a terrific rever­ sal that.M arch 15. they join forces with erstwhile rivals or even enemies and distastefully work together to overcome what they consider a common threat. and worms are your covering. 11. like a carcass trodden down. 1967 SEeWATCHTOWER. so to speak. Down to Sheol your pride has been brought. Jesus was here using a vivid word picture or story to portray something. Isa­ iah was inspired to foretell the dramatic fall and destruction of the Babylonian dy­ nasty of kings. then they split up again and resume their bickering and fighting. but the Bible . what is their purpose? operation succeeds. No wonder that Christendom’s com­ mentators do not heavily rely on this prophecy for support for their eternal tor­ ment doctrine. are pictured as wak­ ing up and craning their necks in astonish­ ment at the arrival of the “ king of Bab­ ylon. a pictorial represen­ tation of certain truths or events. the “ king of Bab­ ylon” is named “Lucifer” at Isaiah 14:12 and is generally understood to refer to Satan the Devil. The Bible is not subjectively concerned with politics and Christians have never had anything to do with it. in this case some­ thing already happening to two classes of people. If their temporary co­ 181 means that Satan.

These have one thought. Of course. The preceding two issues of this maga­ zine have discussed the scarlet-colored beast of the vision of Revelation and have pointed out that it is a prophetic picture of the international alliance first called the League of Nations. The scarlet-colored beast has sev­ en heads and ten horns. B r o o k l y n . These are. 17:12-14. the existence of . He was told that the seventh sym­ bolic head had not yet arrived. the scarletcolored beast is shown to be an “ eighth king” or world power. The vision to John continues: “ And the ten horns that you saw mean ten kings. symbolic. In Daniel’s prophecy we can get the understanding of what horns on a symbolic beast represent. we would count from 1763.”— Rev. 13:1. Horns on an animal can be used aggressively and violently. Ten kings would sym­ bolize all the national governments that are members of the international peaceand-security organization. Of course. 17:10) Therefore. 8:20-22) Cor­ respondingly. Besides. the horns on the scarletcolored beast represent kings. the Lamb will conquer them. be­ cause he is Lord of lords and King of kings. 1964. The Medo-Persians were a dual power pictured by two horns on the head of the ram. Also. and now the United Nations. Of the ten horns on the wild beast. that is only a short while. the duration of its existence is given to us by John when he says that the ten kings will receive authority as kings one hour with the wild beast. or national rulers. but they do receive authority as kings one hour with the wild beast. * See The Watchtower of May 15. in John’s day the scarlet-colored beast itself was not present. (Rev. 11:1-9. but the Bible reveals that it rules concurrently with the seventh for a brief time. one and possibly two belong to the Seventh World Power.* — Gen. pages 311-315. as stated by the angel in Revelation. In John’s day Rome. and this is how the scarlet-colored beast uses its horns. It is the very same kind of rebellion that ex­ pressed itself in the building of the Tower of Babel.” could not precede that which it images. John was also told that the ten kings had not yet received a kingdom. but. with the United States coming into prominence. One of these developments is the greatest and most far-reaching coalition of political powers ever undertaken. (Dan. those called and chosen and faithful with him will do so. Britain and America. com­ bining some of the bitterest enemies in a common cause.Y . If we count the time of the beginning of the Seventh World Power from the time that England itself began to have dominance. for it is a united rebellion against the Sovereign God of the universe. N . the sixth head. These will battle with the Lamb. was in power. who have not yet received a kingdom. for the League of Nations did not come into existence until after World War I. it was not until the nineteenth century that the dual feature of the world power ar­ rived. But it is doomed from its start. A “ONE HOUR” UNITY In fact. Even the seventh head of the wild beast out of the sea (Rev. Here the two horns on the ram of Daniel’s vision stood for the kings of Media and Persia and the horn on the he-goat stood for the first king of Greece. does describe some of the developments of politics as they affect the lives of God’s people and as they cross paths with his purposes. 2) had not yet appeared. being an image of the original beast “out of the sea.182 SEeW ATCHTOW ER. of course. and so they give their power and authority to the wild beast. with its resulting confusion. The eighth could not appear on the scene before the sev­ enth. Even so. The scarlet-colored beast.

from 1920 onward. and so forth—all this proves that these ten kings are not one in thought in this direction. 1967 SKeWATCHTOWER..M arch 15. the nations want­ ed to continue with man’s rule and they were not wanting to give up their own sovereignty. indeed. and even the other nations that are not members of the United Nations are also cooperating with the beast in this opposi­ tion to God’s kingdom. So their time for membership in it is still shorter. and the disorders that have featured some of the meetings of the General Assembly and the continual lack of oneness of mind on the crucial proposals on general dis­ armament and stopping nuclear testings. and others even since then. many governments did not get into this international wild beast organization until it appeared in its new guise. saying.N. for it to exercise influence in world affairs. must be still shorter and the Bible states that it is just “one hour. in 1945. the United Nations. HOW THEY FIGHT THE LAMB Now. This is nothing unexpected. the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world. 2:1-3) So all the kings associated with the scarlet-colored wild beast give their power and authority to it. instead of willingly acknowledging the sovereignty of God’s enthroned king. not only in the book of Revelation nineteen hundred years ago. This is the one thing upon which they come to complete unity. 16) But they can­ not fight against the Lamb of God him­ self in a direct way. He is spiritual. page 693c. in the year 1914. the United Nations. the way the veto power has been used in sessions of the Security Coun­ cil of the U. They even declared “that all human schemes of reconstruction must be subsidiary to the second coming of the Lord. “ ONE THOUGHT” The vision tells us that these kings have “ one thought. . for Jehovah God foretold it. the League of Nations and its successor the United Nations. that is. for it is stated: “ Why have the nations been in tumult and the national groups themselves kept muttering an empty thing? The kings of earth take their stand and high officials themselves have massed together as one against Je­ hovah and against his anointed one [Mes­ siah or Christ]. for he is in heaven and they are on earth. 1926. 16:14.” This would be a very short time. today. but in the book of Psalms nearly three thousand years ago.” * Nonetheless.N. so they formed a conspiracy that expresses itself in the League of Na­ tions and. because all nations will be subject to his rule.” Wherein does such unity lie? Is it that they have one desire for all nations to cooperate in brotherly love and bring true peace and unity lastingly to the earth? Well. some of the clergymen of Christendom even acknowl­ edging that the time was at hand for the 183 close of the times of the Gentiles and that the revelation of the Lord could be ex­ pected at any moment. In fact. (Rev. these ten kings are included among the kings that are being gathered under demon influence to the war of the great day of God the Almighty at H arMagedon. The nations were ’put on notice as to this. in* See The Golden Age as of July 28. the scarlet-colored beast with its ten horns. ‘Let us tear their bands apart and cast their cords away from us!” ’ (Ps. published by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society. The Bible and fulfilled prophecy show that the king­ dom of God was born or set up in the heavens in the hands of Jesus Christ. The complete oneness or the “ one thought” on the part of the modern-day ten kings is in opposing God’s Messianic kingdom. and the refusal on the part of some members to pay the required tax­ es for certain military ventures of the U.

But even so. Spain and Greece. namely. although the scarlet-colored beast itself has not yet been steered directly against God’s people. Gen. 24:14. 7) The attack of the nations on these representatives. who is seated on the throne. to make their attack seem to be in the national inter­ ests. fight against those who take a position alongside and who cooperate with these spiritual brothers. Also. and to the Lamb. They should not entertain any hope of destroying these lamblike ones. the symbolic ten horns should not expect to win the battle. eggs them on. 9:6.Y . the image of the beast. 5:5. Their fight is a spiritual one de­ scribed in Ephesians 6:11. teaching persons who want to learn the fine truths of God’s Word. 6:11-18. the “ great crowd” whom John saw standing before the throne of God and shouting: “Salva­ tion we owe to our God. (Rev. 29. Isa. showing them that man's rule will not succeed in bringing peace to the earth. Eph. they frame laws and apply laws in a way that makes it seem that their fight is entirely legal. They become very clearly evident and identifiable to these kings by reason of their neutrality toward all the conflicts of the nations and by reason of the fact that they proclaim the good news of the kingdom of the Lamb. the world empire of false religion. these spiritual brothers of Christ. They stoop to “framing trouble by decree. Jehovah . the harlot Babylon the Great. visible.” (Rev. true and loyal to the Lamb. In what way do these “ten kings” who compose the real power of the United Na­ tions fight against the spiritual brothers of Christ? Well. informing people of God’s kingdom. in harmony with the rule expressed by Jesus himself at Matthew 25: 45 when he sends the “ goats” into ever­ lasting cutting-off. for they should remember that the Lamb is also “the Lion that is of the tribe of Judah” and in battle he will display his lionlike qualities against God’s foes. 12.” as foretold by the psalmist. THE LAMB DISPLAYS LIONLIKE QUALITIES The earthly followers of the Lamb of God are also lamblike in disposition and they have no share in the literal fight against the nations that come up against them. unqualified support of the people for their so-called peace movement. 10. the Anointed One of God. 49:9. is accounted as a direct attack against him. and urge the people to look to that kingdom for world peace. (Matt. Acts 5:28. 13-17) Even now we see the opposi­ tion of many of the national rulers against the preaching of the good news. inaccessible to them. But. against the invisible demons. the members of the Christian congrega­ tion who have been chosen by him and are striving to be faithful. 10) They should look at the second Psalm again and see how the Sovereign God in the heavens views them: “ The very One sit­ ting in the heavens will laugh. Examples of this are Portugal. Actually they are in­ ducing the people to worship the scarletcolored wild beast. they try to make it ap­ pear that the proclamation of the King­ dom message is against the best interests of the people and that it hinders the earth­ ly kings from getting the full. The nations not only fight against the spiritual brothers of Christ but they also B r o o k l y n . 7:9.—Ps.184 SKeWATCHTOWER. 94: 20. Their work is an educational work. his spirit-begotten followers. who are gathering the nations to Har-Magedon. How can they show their viciousness and try to erase from the earth everything representing the Kingdom and any proclamation of it? It is by attacking the King’s earthly rep­ resentatives. N . being in power. the complete Communist bloc of nations bitterly fights against these representatives of the Lamb. In many of the nations opposing God’s kingdom.

14:13.” a new title given him in his superior po­ sition as a Lord and King above all lords and kings of this earth. who will con­ quer them completely. —Matt. ex­ ercise insight. being faithful through the fight. himself will hold them in derision. Along­ side them will be the “ great crowd” of persons who serve with them. and he is resentful toward his enemies. have installed my king upon Zion. He has all nec­ essary authority in heaven and on the earth. for it tends to turn their hopes and even their worship toward something that is set up in the place of God’s king­ dom and thereby leads them with the “ ten kings” into a fight against God. The na­ tions are his inheritance. they will be accredited with a share in the conquest. Ask of me. I have become your father.000 of them. (Rev. . What a futile thing to do against the Creator of the unfathomable universe! Jehovah him­ self warns: “ Jehovah is taking vengeance against his adversaries. Sharing with him in his conquest will be “ those called and chosen and faithful with him. 39) They are known as the remnant of Christ’s spiritual brothers.M arch 15. that a remnant of Christ’s spiritual brothers will survive Armageddon in the flesh and will for a while be in the flesh on earth in the new order after the battle. today.” Even to national rulers Jehovah warns: “And now. the Sovereign of the universe. 2: 4-9. as though a potter’s vessel you will dash them to pieces. (Rev. but. but it will be be­ cause it is doomed from the start. He has said to me: ‘You are my son. a stronghold in the day of distress. Acts 2:32-36. Satan the Devil. Consequently. O kings. who will all finally stand with him on the heavenly Mount Zion. And he is cognizant of those seek­ ing refuge in him. let yourselves be corrected. But the prophet goes on to say: “Jeho­ vah is good.’ ”— Ps. but who will not have any part in the actual fight- ing with material weapons. I. my holy mountain. In the face of his de­ nunciation who can stand? And who can rise up against the heat of his anger?” — Nah. (Ezekiel 38.” This would mean the 144. and of his entire beastly organization. 1967 185 SKeWATCHTOWER. which he received from his Father. 2:26-28) However. They will stand firm against the furious attack of Gog of Magog. 6. the “ ten kings” with their “ one thought” have no chance whatsoever to win in the fight against the powerful Lion of the tribe of Judah. You will break them with an iron scepter. 1:2. So Jehovah has fulfilled the request of his Son at the end of the Gentile Times in 1914 by giving him the Kingdom. “EXERCISE INSIGHT” So the failure of the political union brought about by the “ one thought” that these national rulers have will not be be­ cause of mismanagement or because it takes the wrong turn. It is against the interests of the people. saying: ‘I. assurance. All of these are now gath­ ered with him awaiting the signal for the battle to begin. that I may give nations as your inheri­ tance and the ends of the earth as your own possession. Here we have added proof. 14:1-3) The ones who died faithful prior to the battle and who were rewarded with a resurrection to life with him in the heavens will be with him in the battle.’ Let me refer to the decree of Jehovah. It is a conspiracy against the Almighty God. even I. At that time he will speak to them in his anger and in his hot displeasure he will disturb them. He is the “ Lord of lords and King of kings. he is to break them into pieces as with a rod of iron. 28:18. and his en­ throned King. we know there are yet those on the earth who are standing faithfully also waiting for the battle to begin.

Jehovah. 2:1012. stood at the front in France. Kiss the son. room studies had suddenly ended. across from The book The Divine Plan of the Ages Rheims as a “ one-year volunteer. I was in school in Germany and efforts ist until 1924. Only in this way can we escape the doom of those who are led by this conspiracy to fight against God. all mem­ to what I had learned. a special examination was he told me about the Bible was entirely prepared. Serve Jehovah with fear and be joyful with trembling. when I came in contact with were made there to As told by Robert A.186 SKeWATCHTOWER O judges of the earth. Ps. which is a strong tower for all those who love him. When I was seriously wounded and re­ realize it was indeed God’s truth. and all passed with honors. What volunteered. Happy are all those taking refuge in him. I was prodded to seek new was one of those students for whom class­ arguments to be able to refute his views. I observed that the Because I spent every evening studying chaplain preached exactly theopposite this literature and spoke about it. for his anger flares up easily. that He may not become incensed and you may not perish from the way. Winkler a that urge the students to take on military service.— Nah. 1:7.” Here particularly interested me.Y . as I wanted to at the front. This instruction bers of my family turned against me. N . ligious instruction.” Happy are we if we listen to the warning given to kings. HEN the cru­ cial year of BECOMING ONE OF 1914 came along and JEHOVAH’S PEOPLE W orld W ar I broke I remained an athe­ out. I new to me. IS THE NATION WHOSE GOD IS JEHOVAH’1 acquainted with some­ one who studied phi­ losophy. Prov. in getting an un- W . the result of this association being t h a t I b e c a m e an atheist. Inde­ turned well decorated from the front. and ourselves take refuge in the name of B r o o k l y n . For those who is. I scribable was my joy in learning what Je­ was discharged from the army. All this made me think. This Very soon I realized that there were plus my association with those in the ar­ my finally brought me to the point where no arguments I could find to refute those of the Bibelforscher and was forced to I lost faith. great honor. I accepted all literature he presented to I was just a child of sixteen when Ime and studied it till deep into the night. provision was made for re­ know what that “plan” was. as he was. one of Jehovah’s witnesses. Fi­ taught and encouraged us to kill as many nally my father burned all my books. I then got hovah’s purposes were. All of the enemy as possible and that a heroic new literature I could henceforth obtain death should be viewed as something of had to be kept well hidden. 18:10. Only in this way may we be able to have a hope of everlasting life under His glo­ rious Kingdom rule.

these expectations of blessings midnight or during the early hours of the simply overwhelmed me. we I could hardly wait for the next time used only the Bible. a university city with many in­ After my release I was to report daily tellectuals. you will aid. and they demanded that going to hold out in this territory.” he explained. If you are to the Gestapo. a Catholic territory. After we had gone to­ wegen Concentration Camp. together with the brother from the cate themselves to God made the cruel Watch Tower Society’s branch office in treatment meted out by the Gestapo mean Magdeburg. besides our small group of attenders stand that?” at the study of The we had This same day the Watch Tower Soci­ quite a number of interested people. or at promises. 187 derstanding of God’s kingdom and the had our literature carefully hidden.” heights and they would scream out: “ You Thus Bonn became my first ministerial didn’t learn a thing in camp. but as he did. more than eighty per­ told me. stood in front of a large map nothing. not even the German salute. after agreed to have me accompany him from which I was transported to the Esterhouse to house. We accepted our which visits we had anticipated and so we new assignment and gladly left our home . and never see your wife again. absolutely assignment. These visits were made during the day. the beds and the linen. How heart­ gether for the first few houses he agreed warming it was to make persons broken to have me go alone. I got to under­ morning. not just within the of the Nazi party and she phoned the po­ family circle. since each Gestapo post in the country had a copy of my photo. Do you under­ soon. their ire rose to greater faith and well versed in the Scriptures. Soon more full-time when you return tomorrow morning and preachers of God’s kingdom came to our do not give the German salute. from house lice and gave them my description. number grew from month to month until and I told him the things the Gestapo had the hall was full. But the home of a woman who was a member I wanted to preach. “ is a diffi­ among the people whose God is Jehovah. One day I called at this Christian minister would visit me.” he I perform the “Heil Hitler” salute. to house. here in camp we learned to and he asked me if I wanted to go to appreciate the great privilege of being Bonn. I often think back on in spirit and without any hope happy with the joys and blessings the first day of the Kingdom message! The great joy to witnessing brought me.M arch 15. cases and. Hitler’s Gestapo began to pay us many a visit. be able to help sheeplike persons in the I also like to think of the moment when camp to understand God’s truth and dedi­ I. cult city. My joy was great when he This led quickly to my arrest.” When working from house to house. Jehovah richly blessed our efforts. Very soon my fiancee came nothing. They came to get names and stand what the psalmist said at Psalm 33: addresses of Witnesses and they would 12 and could join with him in saying: carefully search each shelf. the clothes “Happy is the nation whose God is closets. 1967 5ReWATCHTOWER. work in the Netherlands. “ you will have to be strong in day as I refused. and and we were married. He said he had heard of similar sons attending our meetings. These blessings it would bring to mankind. Yes. which ety’s circuit supervisor came to visit us. Jehovah. it would GESTAPO HARASSMENT be wise for me to continue the witness Suddenly a great change came. “Bonn. Each continued.

You go to the dark cell because they think this type of . First it was the Obersturmfiihrer Barbie. 1941. where my wife was and who the leaders in the congregations were. This continued from one o’clock in the afternoon till midnight. When I told them squarely I would not go along with them in their plan. was God-sent.” “How do you know that?” I asked.m. “This Jehovah. “we did not expect you to be so unreasonable. I was handed over to the prison guard.” they scoffed. turned on the radio full volume and beat me unmerciful­ ly. EFFORTS TO GET ME TO BETRAY JEHOVAH’S PEOPLE It was the wish of the Gestapo to squash the organization of Jehovah’s witnesses. The Gestapo rejoiced when they finally got me. if I would support the cause of the Fuhrer and break with something that really did not exist. With teeth knocked out and the lower jaw dis­ located and my body beaten raw. In 1938 I received the assignment to visit all the congregations in the Netherlands. When we got to Holland and began our new assignment we knew nothing of the Dutch language. They assured me that none of those betrayed would ever get to know that I gave the information nor would they arrest all those informed upon. “Because they could not get anything out of you. N . “No. They made this news known to many a Gestapo post in Ger­ many and the Netherlands. If you are smart and go along with us. I was taken to the dark cell. Tell us where your wife is.188 ffKeWATCHTOWER. the second round began. I was betrayed and arrested. Y. At 1 a. and we give you our word of honor she will not be beaten. Jehovah blessed our ef­ forts to serve in that land. according to them.” As I remained silent. When one of them could not go on any further. One who has proved to be a good organizer and intelligent.” they sneered. I would raise my posi­ tion something wonderfully. another brute would take over until I fell unconscious to the floor. better food and better treatment. lat­ er to regain consciousness. money and prestige.” I answered. In 1939 my privileges were expanded and I was called to the branch office of the Watch Tower Society. I was to tell them who belonged to the office staff and where they were. I would be a smart man to cooperate in their schemes. We need people like you. one who was such a good fighter for a bankrupt cause. and. “ is bankrupt in Germany and the same is happening in other lands. mend their ways and to serve the cause of the Fuhrer. Just think how you could improve your lot in life. In 1940 German troops occupied the Neth­ erlands. and now it was clear that the Gestapo would soon carry on its cam­ paign of searching and robbery in this country as well. they pulled the curtains shut. according to them. and all we possessed to the thievish Gestapo. “ So. This went on till I lost consciousness again. “Do you know why I am bringing you to the dark cell?” the guard asked me. should have more sense. As we daily went from house to house we soon got to know the people. On October 21.” The Fuhrer. They would merely inform them to Brooklyn. and I would have to change my mind. The guard replied: “Because when they have mistreated anyone like you have been and he has given in and spilled every­ thing then he gets a better cell. they said. you can exchange your prison for a villa and your condition of shame and revilement for one of honor. and when he was tired Oberschaarfuhrer Engelsman took over.

Camp Vught. I let my Bible slip unnoticed into a wooden shoe and thus was able to keep it while in camp. so that thoughts of any compromise with my demonized persecutors never once entered my mind. Saturday I had been beaten by the Ges­ tapo. he could procure a Bible for me from my wife. by Jehovah’s updeserved kindness. What would happen now and what was I to do? I turned to Jehovah in prayer. The door of my cell flew open and someone threw a pocket Bible into the cell. All our clothes along with our shoes were tak­ en away from us. From Vught I was moved to Germany. A couple of days later this same friendly prison guard came up and asked if he could do something for me. “ write a note. I will never forget. Here in this new camp I turned ill. In time I was brought over to other bar­ racks. While in Vught I was able to get another Bible.” The day of February 10. I was shocked at the way I looked. treatment will break you.” I answered. What a joy it was daily to enjoy the pleasant words of truth from His Word! Although any reading had to be done secretly. to a camp in Oranienburg-Sachsenhausen. where I was treated by a Swedish doctor. They had given the Gestapo assistance with my ar­ rest and when they saw me now they asked: “Are you Winkler?” “Yes. What a joyful occasion! The Gestapo did not per­ mit me to have any reading material at all. 1967 SEcWATCHTOWER. When I told them. they said they never would have arrested me if they had known what the Gestapo would do to me. There we were brought into barracks where we were forced to remove our clothing and get under a shower. . But I will let you have light and something warm to eat. and on the following Monday I was to be interrogated by them again. and before I realized what was going on the door slammed shut again. 189 SPIRITUAL STRENGTH DESPITE PHYSICAL ILLS At this point I felt a very great need for spiritual food. When I looked at myself in the mirror the next day. 1941. I will bring you a pencil and some paper. I am.” he said. but I thanked Jehovah that in his strength I was able to endure this trial and keep my integrity. As soon as I was free from one illness I fell prey to another. A. the witness of Je­ hovah?” “ Yes. Winkler?” “Yes.M arch 15. I was able to retain this Bible until moved to another camp in the Nether­ lands. trusting in his promises. “ Yes. I soon found myself in the camp hospital where there were already about 3.” “Are you the Witness Winkler whom we arrested in the Wittenkade last week?” I told them I was the man.” The thoughts of Jehovah’s promises to help one in all kinds of trouble gave me the comfort and strength to endure all this. They asked me what the Gestapo had done to me. “Are you Winkler. It was a great trial for me to endure and the seventeenth day I was completely worn out. only those who had wooden shoes could retain them. I felt myself getting stronger spiritually.000 per­ sons being treated by doctors who them­ selves were prisoners. I told him he certainly could. I knew this meant the use of theocratic war strategy for the sake of the Kingdom work and the protection of my Christian brothers. The two Dutch plainclothes po­ licemen who had transported me from the prison to be interrogated by the Gestapo could not recognize me now. and now.” “Are you that R. I had a Bible to read.

” ‘Happy Those Having Part in the First Resurrection’ Many readers of TheWatchtower were well acquainted with W illiam R. Bratining. This I have done for over twenty years since my release.Y . The loving care of our Christian brothers helped us to avoid such a lot. There he completed his earthly ministry. O f his fifty-seven years as a full-time minister. 1967. in gratitude. and. Thomas E. on January 29. 20:6. . I would never have endured this march were it not for the loving care of my Christian brothers who had risked much to remove me from the barracks for the ill who could not move on their own pow­ er. I finally returned to my place of theo­ cratic assignment in the Netherlands clothed in camp uniform and with nothing but paper sheets as underwear and able to walk only with the aid of a cane. where he saw Jehovah’s witnesses grow in numbers from one to more than ten thousand ministers. Later he served as branch servant in Jamaica. but the Swedish doctor did not do what the Nazis expected of him. The ex­ haust gases killed the victims en route to the crematories. They pulled this wagon with their Christian brothers on it who could not walk. on January 25. would not be able to report to work during the coming six months. wisdom. in ad­ dition to this. 1967. For no price on earth would I want to miss the trials I have endured in His power. N . Anyone who collapsed during this march was dis­ patched by the SS with a bullet in the neck. Trinidad. The brothers got hold of a sort of wagon on which they placed me and other Witnesses who could not walk. I also often think back on the so-called “ March of Death” from the Sachsenhausen Camp to Schwerin in April of 1945. Konrad Franke and R. Yes. When I said I knew them. W illiam R. We still have the great privilege of working in the Society’s branch office in the Netherlands. which enables me to do as much as possible in the ministry. The SS wanted to burn the barracks with the seriously ill so as not to let such evidence fall into the hands of the Rus­ sians. I quickly recovered and was soon able to take on work in God’s Kingdom service. Doubtless these devoted servants.— Rev. may now enjoy the happiness o f the first resurrection. twenty-seven were spent in W est Africa. long known in W est Africa as "Bible Brown. because of the kindnesses of my Christian brothers.” was approaching the age of 90. he told me they had saved his life on the is­ land Wight. I am thus able to maintain a car. by their faithful course unto death. this nightmarish march of death. Banks represented the Society fo r many years in the southern States and the Caribbean islands. to my appreciation of his love. he was going to try to save my life. By actual experience I learned the great truth we read in the Bible: “Happy is the nation whose God is Jehovah. Brown. These trials have added to my faith in Jehovah. I also get an old-age pension. provides the strength to en­ dure. From the German government we re­ ceived a compensation and thus we were able to buy things we had lost. righteousness and might. He finished his earthly course in Port of Spain. Now that I have passed my sixty-fifth year. Such patients were brought over to other barracks and were loaded into buses that proved to be nothing else than gas chambers on wheels. Jehovah does not allow any test greater them that we can bear. The doctors were required to report to the SS guards every prisoner who. Banks. which began with his dedication in 1901. How­ ever. Br and Thomas E. This would have been my lot. due to illness. till the end of B r o o k l y n . both of whom died late in January.190 SKeWATCHTOWER This doctor asked me if I knew Wit­ nesses Erich Frost. triumphing over death. and now.

the Bible does not say. U. as the later account written by John points out. (Prov.” (Gen. 29-35. though. (Gen. There is nothing in the Bible to indicate that he habitually drank wine to the point of intoxication. he provides details about Jesus’ outer gar­ ments. Genesis 9:20. which garment or gar­ ments did the soldiers distribute by casting lots?— D. and so he uncovered him self in the midst of his tent. perhaps under the changed atmospheric con­ ditions that followed the Flood. but let us deter­ mine by lots over it whose it will be. 9: 24) Hence. John does not tell us how they decided who would get what piece. The record of this matter in the book of Genesis is brief and the incident is not dealt with else­ where in the Scriptures. they made no unfavorable remarks about him because of . each taking a piece. And he began drinking of the wine and became intoxicated. 10) Yet. . When Bible writers condemned drunkenness or urged persons to avoid it.A. this does not mean that God winks at drunkenness. and the inner garment. M. W e can draw this correct con­ clusion from reading either o f the inspired books. for the account says: "Finally Noah awoke from his wine. we have two accounts written by different persons. John wrote: "N o w when the soldiers had impaled Jesus. John 19:24 reveals that the soldiers cast lots over Jesus’ one-piece inner garment. (15:24) However. Evidently. Noah was not a confirmed drunkard. Therefore they said to one another: 'Let us not tear it. Finally. 1 Cor. Rather. the wine Noah drank had fermented to greater strength than he realized. New Zealand. However.” Noah. whether out of weariness or because of a heavy heart or for some other reason. . T. nor does it contradict the fact that lots were cast over it. there is no question about his being quite intoxicated. Noah planted a vineyard. for the Bible shows that this is not true.’ This was that the scripture might be fulfilled: T h ey apportioned my outer garments among them­ selves. 6:9. This question is based on an apparent dis­ crepancy between Matthew’s account and what John says occurred on this occasion. 23:20. • A t Jesus' impalement. and upon m y apparel they cast lots. each providing details that the other does not include. And. was evidently completely overtaken by the wine. how should we view Noah’s intoxication?— B. John 19:23 informs us that the soldiers made four parts out of his outer gar­ ments. Matthew simply does not mention this particular garment. 9:20. In fact. Certainly. Matthew adding that they were also distributed by the casting of lots. who was over six hundred years old at the time. Noah was unwittingly overtaken as a result of drinking the wine.S. Concerning Noah’s drinking wine to the point of intoxication. By taking into consideration the two Gos­ pels. Matthew wrote: "W h en they had impaled him they distributed his outer garments by casting lots. we can see that the soldiers cast lots over both the outer garments and the inner one. But the inner garment was without a seam . Also.” (27:35) Mark presented essentially the same information. 24. Of course. one does well to realize that nowhere in His W ord did Jehovah God register condemnation of Noah because of this incident. The account in Matthew 27:35 does not dis­ claim the fact that Jesus had an inner gar­ ment. the casting of lots for the Messiah’s apparel served to fulfill Psalm 22:18.. and yet neither one contra­ 191 © A fter the Flood. in Noah’s case Jehovah m ay have taken extenuating factors into consideration. From John’s eyewitness account we learn that Jesus had outer garments and an inner garment.dicting the other. however.” — John 19:23. 21. 21) Since the Bible condemns drunkenness. which John says were made into four parts. the Scriptures do not say that he ever became intoxicated again. Matthew and John. they never used Noah as a bad example. 21 states: "N o w Noah started off as a farm er and pro­ ceeded to plant a vineyard. began drinking of the wine and became intoxi­ cated.. even saying that drunkards will not inherit God’s kingdom.’ And so the soldiers really did these things. when considering the account at Genesis 9:20-27. they took his outer garments and made four parts. however. First. for each soldier a part. Instead of contradiction. For that matter.

heartwarming view of the Bible is not an interpretative study. The Watchtower. for $1. it will be with the desire to help you personally to get satis­ fying Bible answers to your questions. And it is not reasonable to think that because of this one incident he is con­ demned by God for all time to come. N.” (Gal. During March. like Noah. of its inspiration? Regardless o f your past study. he made no condem­ natory statement regarding Noah. if one of Jehovah’s witnesses calls at your home. the apostle Peter called Noah “a preacher of righteous­ ness. he is not a confirmed drunkard. The apostle Paul had such individuals in mind when he told the Christians in Corinth: B rooklyn. such drunkards will never realize the blessings of God’s kingdom. Page 169. He will gladly take time to show you the answers in your own Bible.— Luke 17: 26. so that he could not possibly gain everlasting life as a gift from Jehovah. 82. revel­ ries. 5:1 1 ) If they do not repent. This intensive. Psalm 51) Then he should be determined to avoid any repetition of this wrong. 11:7) Paul viewed Noah as one of those making up the great cloud of faithful pre-Christian witnesses of Jehovah. (Deut. A s a further aid. not even eating with such a man. 12:1) Furthermore. Send for your copy today. for a year. Noah is not to be likened to those who engage in works of the fallen flesh and who m ay get involved in “drunken bouts.Y. J> H ow much do you know about the Bible as a book? its origin? its writers? the evidences April 23: The Haughty versus The Humble. Only $1. 2 :5 ) In writing to Hebrew Chris­ tians. In fact.27. such a Christian should avail himself of the spiritual assistance available to him by heed­ ing the words of James 5:13-16. 5:19-21) Nor should faithful Noah be compared with per­ sons who were once baptized as Christians but who m ay later make it a practice to become intoxicated. W hat should he do? W ell.3KeWATCHT0WEFL 192 this unfortunate incident. Therefore. . Songs to Be Used: 97. the book “All Scripture Is Inspired of God and Beneficial” will open new fields of understanding and appreciation of -the. 4: 31.” (1 Cor. if he is still deeply troubled over the matter. and he became an heir o f the righteousness that is according to faith. Songs to Be Used: 40. (Rom.Book of Books.” (Heb. 6:23) However. Suppose that. “But now I am writing you to quit m ixing in company with anyone called a brother that is a fornicator or a greedy person or an idolater or a reviler or a drunkard or an extortioner. the apostle Paul said that by his faith N oah “condemned the world. |§ ANNOUNCEMENTS §$ FIELD MINISTRY In order fo r people to put faith in Jehovah God and his provision for salvation through Christ they. a dedicated Chris­ tian today is inadvertently overcome when drinking an alcoholic beverage in the privacy of his own home on one occasion.” or his second presence. when Jesus Christ compared Noah’s day with “the days of the Son of man. “WATCHTOWER” STUDIES FOR THE WEEKS TO OPEN N EW FIELDS OF UNDERSTANDING April 16: Learn by Contrast to Appreciate True Riches. 31. Page 175. seeking God’s merciful forgiveness. and things like these.” (2 Pet. (Heb. but it will acquaint you with the background and contents of every one of the Bible’s sixty-six books. such a Christian should express true sorrow concerning this in prayer to Alm ighty God. This never happened to him before and he is determined to exercise care so that it never occurs again. he will encourage you to subscribe for this fine Bible journal. He should plead with Jehovah through Christ. Yet. need to hear the Bible’s message and have opportunity to get their questions answered. They are really drunkards and must be disfellowshiped from the clean and upright Christian congre­ gation. Such confirmed drunkards who are unrepentant have not just been unwittingly overtaken by drinking too much of an intoxi­ cating beverage on one occasion.


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What about you? Norman Bell. said: “In our investigations we’ve found. L X X X V I I I tt TOBODY is honest. The firm lost $300. The two guards turned the place into a Sunday-afternoon bargain center.” he said. Do you agree with Zonn? The distressing fact is that there is more and more evidence to support the conclusion that people in general are becoming in­ creasingly dishonest. that one out of every three employees will be dishonest if given the opportunity and the third employee is the only one who deserves the full trust of his employ­ er.” What about you? Where do you fit among these statistics? Are you basically honest? It has been found that dishonesty is quite contagious.-p ^ -riT zo ztn ciriq r J E H O V A H ’S KING DO M ' V V ol. w as th e h a r s h judgment of Lincoln M. Still some “ customers” did not regard what they were doing as dis­ honest.” C / x . The immoralities of a single individual can weaken the inner re­ straints of many.” Here the Bible principle holds true: “A little leaven ferments the whole lump. What about you? Do you think it is right to purchase stolen property? . in companies where higher-ups were discovered stealing. with the prop­ er password. flocked to the warehouse and were given free run of the place to select the models of their choice at a flat rate of one for $25 or two for $35. Zonn. 5:6) For example. through the deadly ra­ tionalization that “everybody is doing it. Private investigator John Jurens J \» f A p ril 1. that one out of every three employees is basically dishonest— which means he will seek ways of steal­ ing. Toronto (Canada) man­ ager of Pinkerton’s national detective agency. (Eccl. as an average. researchers found that other employees copied their nefarious behavior right down the line.000 in nine months before the watchmen were apprehended. would you remain honest not­ withstanding? Dishonesty becomes an overwhelming temptation to many persons when others seem to be getting away with it. “Diogenes never found an honest man and neither have I. The guards were corrupt themselves and they cor­ rupted others. New York lie-detector specialist. Customers.” Would you permit this to influence your morality? If the president and other officials where you work were dishonest. 1967 N um ber 7 W H E N OTHERS ARE 195 n§m<am@ WHAIABOUT YOU? stated that in companies where he found company presidents stealing. “ everybody was stealing. which was stocked with radios and recorders.” (1 Cor. 8:11) A Chicago electronics firm hired two watchmen on nights and weekends to protect a warehouse.

000.000.” Do you feel that pay for a steak. pay­ Where dishonesty and wrongdoing load offs and bribes. but no­ ing from the supermarket may mean a body steals from the deli [delicatessen] because you know the guy depends on you steak on the table. self-respect.Y . Do you think dishonesty American business is hurt to a total of is worth that price? $5.000.000 a year from kickbacks. “The company owes it to appreciation of what belongs to others.” The conscience becomes seared and its Or thej? would neutralize their dishonesty real value is lost. what dishonesty can do to Little do dishonest persons realize that one’s relationship with God. food. too.” The impersonality of big­ relationship and damage it beyond repair.000. typewriters. by saying. “ Everybody does it.B r o o k l y n . chief of all. Said one undergraduate: “A lot have on the morals of others.000. with moral strength to do the theft alone. hurt anyone? Supermarkets suffer an es­ if you are wise.000. me.000 every working day. It can wreck they are hurting a lot of people with their it permanently.000 to $3. So when others are dishonest. life everlasting. N . liquor. the supermarket. It fills one with selfforced out of business due to fraud and respect. which is a terrible price to anybody in particular. so why not me?” own moral fiber? A measure of self-worth.” A supermarket operator from $330. ness also loomed as a contributing factor Are you willing to pay that price for dis­ to dishonesty. “After all. was the reaction of some employees.000. White-collar employees a person with invisible chains of guilt. One person said: “ It be­ opened packages no longer salable range came a habit. “ It’s the right of every good not to have the confidence of others hurts. furniture Food industry sources estimate that dol­ and other hotel property. causing one to lose out on dishonesty and. the dishonest person causing them to cheat in school and steal may reason. sult from $5.” They also There is also a loss of confidence and played down their guilt as embezzlers with trust once others find you dishonest. Some distinguished between honesty? a supermarket and a neighborhood deli­ There is also the effect dishonesty may catessen. employee to take home so many power Dishonesty can cut deep into the family tools a year.000 worth of sales. way? Think. with a total val­ lars lost annually either through theft or ue of $36. This loss can­ covered that fourteen of his employees cels every penny of profit that would re­ had banded together and stolen money. SFHeWATCHTOWER In Toronto a hotel owner recently dis­ to employee malpractices.000. because they didn’t give me a raise. I’m not hurting from others. themselves. 196 . you will do the right and timated annual loss of $100.000 due honest thing. but it also may mean not to. the steal about $4. There is a loss of goodness and to themselves.” Because of the impersonality of destroying the morals of one’s children. consciousness of right-doing exhilarates Some 250 firms yearly in America are and strengthens one. is lost every time one is dis­ People justified their actions by saying honest.000. Who says dishonesty does not right thing. and attitudes like.” What about the damage done to one’s “ Everybody was doing it. One’s steal­ of people steal from supermarkets. linen. Shop­ in America discovered that “ 90 percent pers pay for dishonesty in higher costs.000. of his employees were taking home $1 or And higher prices hurt! $2 a week either in cash or merchandise.000.

” (Matt. the end. The “last days” contain their own unique grouping of marks. It means that all elements of this system of things. the last part of that last day.” Jesus cautioned: “You are going to hear of wars and reports of wars. see that you are not terrified. They would be like the different lines that make up a person’s fingerprint. the economic. the political. is there any way to de­ termine for a certainty which period of time will see the end of this present sys­ tem of things? In the first century the disciples of Je- Before describing the “last days. HOW WOULD W E KN OW ? 1914 BEGINS THE “LAST DAYS” But how can we know when the world has reached its “ last days” ? Apart from Bible chronology. but the end is not yet. For example. Jesus enumerated many of the momentous events that would take place. forming a positive “ fingerprint” that cannot belong to any other time period. For these things must take place. As the last day of a week has a definite beginning and a definite end. but. our is the one that is identified in the Bible as the “last days.” In fact. These events would come together within one genera­ tion to identify the “last days” clearly.” (Matt. would be nearing their cataclysmic finish. the last day o f the w eek means the final twenty-four hours that bring the week to a conclusion. During that limited span of time world events are to build rapidly toward a cli­ max. How can we be cer­ tain it is in our day? sus wanted to know that too. the finish. the social and the religious.” it refers to a period of time marked by catastrophic events world wide. we find that ourgeneration. When 2 Timothy 3:1 states that “ in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. not just the last day of a week. When the Bible speaks of the “last days.”— 2 Pet. but to something far greater. and in these righteousness is to dwell. 24:3) In answer. so they pointedly asked him what would be the sign “of the conclusion of the system of things. rather.” it has reference. in this year 1967 we are actually living in the final part of that time! This can be compared to. not just to days of a week. or events. so the “last days” of this entire sytem of things have a definite beginning and a definite end. 24:6) True to his words. 3:8-13. When the many factors are put togeth­ er.HOW WE KNOW w e live 'HE “last” of anything means the final part. there were many distur­ bances among nations during the centuries 197 . a print that cannot belong to any other person. An entire system of things is to pass away. The Bible promises: “There are new heav­ ens and a new earth that we are awaiting according to his promise. That climax will come when God himself brings to an end this wicked sys­ tem and replaces it with one that is good. the military.

Just since 1960 there have been devastat­ ing earthquakes in Morocco. . disease. but entire kingdoms. and the simple fact is that the “last days” did not come during that time. the entire world. Y.” 3 Former chancellor of West Germany Konrad Adenauer spoke of the time “be­ fore 1914 when there was real peace. and added: “The number of civilian deaths in areas of actual war totaled about 5. Clearly it makes up another mark of the “ fingerprint” of these “ last days. Turkey and other areas. .” It noted that total military casu­ alties were over 37. Of it. Life magazine stated: “It more men than any previous war. the events that took place in connection with World War I were. in­ deed. including civilians. Which war was Jesus speaking about? World War I! It was the first war to fill the description he gave.” He stat­ ed: “ Nation will rise against nation. the start of the “last days.000 were killed. On the anniversary of World War I the London Evening Star commented that the conflict “ tore the whole world’s political setup apart.000.” (Luke 21:10. as Je­ sus said. China. only the “ beginning” of the “last days. and exposure account­ ed for about 80 of every 100 of these ci­ vilian deaths. which some persons blamed on the war. caused tens of millions of other deaths. some historian in the next century may well conclude that the day the world went mad was August 4.180.” 4 Similarly. Then Jesus related some of the events that would mark the “last days. Italy. Starvation. 24:8) It was the dividing line. Security and quiet have disappeared from the lives of men since 1914. for it included. and kingdom against kingdom. taking a toll of lives greater than in any other period of human history. 1914. one that would be accompanied quickly by oth­ er disasters. In 1923.000 died in Kansu.” 2 World War! Pestilences! Food shortages! Just as Jesus foretold! Yes. And peace? Since 1914.000. In 1920. It was so different that historians of that time called it The Great War. 30. 143. and in one place after another pestilences and food shortages.” as can be noted Brooklyn. such as disease. . as Jesus foretold.” Much more was to come. at Avezzano. Alaska. an encyclopedia states: “ World War I took the lives of twice as many men as all major wars from 1790 to 1913 put to­ gether. caus­ ing more damage and casualties than ever before. Iran.000.” Following this “ there will be great earthquakes. from the statements of many authorities. (Matt. Spanish influenza. Chile. quiet and security on this earth—a time when we didn’t know fear.” MORE TO COME However.000. food short­ ages and earthquakes. after 1914 a se­ ries of earthquakes rocked the globe. Eisenhower said: “A deteriora­ tion has been going on since the first World War.198 SFEeWATCHTOWER that followed. Now almost every year sees a major tragedy due to earthquakes.” as Jesus declared. Nothing could ever be the same again. 1914 marked the “ beginning of pangs of distress. the Germans have not known real peace nor has much of mankind. .000 perished in Japan.” 1 No previous war in history compared with it. And it did. not just nations. In 1915. 11) What was Jesus telling his future followers? To look for a disastrous war the dimensions of which were unheard of in history. Yugoslavia. N. And earthquakes have continued to occur with frightening intensity.” 6 Also. former president of the United States Dwight killed D. and it was the first war to suck in whole nations. If we all get the nuclear madness out of our systems and the hu­ man race survives. Speaking of World War I.

The number of wounded has been estimat­ ed as more than 34. .” 13 What is happening all over the world is just as the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States said of his land: “ Citizens of this country ought to be able to walk all the streets of our cities without being mugged. violence. civilian and military. including Soviet Russia. as­ saults. This is also true of other catastrophes. 3: 1-5. or clothing. . Rapes. . Crimes often seem to be committed out of sheer savagery . wicked men and impostors will advance from bad to worse. women are afraid to go out after dark. Infant mortality and disease were high. They lacked fuel. . and general mayhem is steadily increasing. . . . is expected as the inevitable con­ sequence unless outside aid can come. raped.” VIOLENCE. says U. in juvenile crime. . says the same source. “ a natural calamity almost unprecedented in modern times is facing this nation.A p r il 1. . 1965. . the “pangs of distress” were becoming more acute as the “last days” moved toward their end.”—2 Tim. During and after World War II “more died of starvation” than in World War I.” 11 England: “ General lawlessness is greater — a breakdown of the sense of duty and of obligation and truthfulness.” 9 South Korea: “We can’t have even one day of peaceful life in Seoul because in the evenings the streets become streets of terror. raw materials. From the Philippines: “ No Filipino is safe in the streets today. .000. totaled more than 22. . .” 8 This is not confined to one country. . It adds: “ The war left millions in Europe and Asia without adequate food. It has been estimated that the number of war dead. and probably caused more far-reaching changes than any other war in history. . Widespread famine. Re­ ports from all over the world are the same. machinery. corruption and selfish- 199 ness gone to seed: “ In the last days . 1967 SEeWATCHTOWER.000 casualties. A wave of crime and rioting is sweeping across the United States . thrill killing. of a kind not seen in the world in this gen­ eration. Respect for law and order is declining. without love of goodness. dis­ obedient to parents.000. And they have good reason. vandalism.” 10 Sweden: “ These criti­ cal situations that are a worry to all are expected to become even more severe. . The record of our time. . sadistic outbursts of senseless vio­ lence are on the rise.” 7 Nor have such conditions eased. men will be lovers of themselves.” (Matt. . .8. . af­ fected more people. and par­ ticularly.” 12 And the Communist countries? “Almost every­ where.” All of this led directly to World War II. shelter. . .000. cost more money. there ap­ pears to be an increase in crime. Note what one history source says: “World War I and its aftermath led to the greatest economic depression in his­ tory during the early 1930’s.” 6 That is a total of 56. Their farms lay devastated.000. fierce. The conse­ quences of the war and the problems of adjustment to peace led to unrest in al­ most every nation. .000.000 more than in World War I! Truly. In India today. . How costly was it? “World War II killed more persons. News & World Report of December 27. verified in the daily news headlines. almost 20. without selfcontrol. lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God. damaged more property. . . DEGENERACY Jesus also said there would be an “ in­ creasing of lawlessness.000. and money. 24:12) The apostle Paul foretold juvenile delin­ quency. such as food shortages. 13. shouts out that these things are happening right now! Note this report: “ Fighting that some­ times resembled guerrilla warfare raged in the streets of American cities . In many cit­ ies. . IMMORALITY. alas.

1964. . Vol. over fifty-two years now! And calling attention to this is not calamity howling. 410. 2 1 The New York Times. September 1966. 1960.”16 In Great Britain editor and author Mal­ colm Muggeridge said: “ The position of this country . April 14. The near end of this system of things and the establishment of God’s kingdom are facts that God himself is having proclaimed throughout the world today. hunger.200 SfceWATCHTOWER or robbed. 4 Cleveland West Parker. . p. 739 in Panama and 240 in Ar­ gentina. 716 are illegitimate in Guatemala. 1965. July 25. 5. p. 410. crime. Paul Dispatch. 47. September 24. 1965. 17 U. quoted in the New Orleans Times-Picayune. 1966. he replied: “ I think it’s sheer de­ generacy. If it were to include urban centers. p. p.S. Hence.” 19 Hence. . 1964.”20 And little wonder. Whom are you going to believe? For your everlasting happiness listen. 1964. 1. 45.Y.. God promises its end. The World Booh Encyclopedia. men become faint out of fear and expectation of the things coming upon the inhabited earth. February 19. 10 South Korea Chosun Daily. pp. In Lat­ in America the rates are many times higher. 5 U. May 13. September 19. the death toll would be 149 million.S. 1966. 1 6 Look. and then the end will come. p. 377. 46. is Science News Letter.” He added: “All the things that happened since 1914 are things that ‘just couldn’t happen’ and we will see a lot more of them. p. . All through the country.000 live births. “For every 1. . 613 in El Salvador. p. But we can’t do that today. do not be deceived by this world’s propaganda that promises a bright tomorrow for this system. 380. News & World Report.” 18 ANGUISH OF NATIONS A dean of American education told a meeting of teachers that the human race today is “ just about lost. 20. thus fulfilling another mark of the “last days. 24:14. pp. 379. Vol. They’re just degenerate .” When asked about the rebellion of British youth against the old values. 2. p. 1965. 20. 69. but he that does the will of God remains forever. May 14. 14 Ibid. for “ the world is passing away and so is its desire. pp. 8 U. News <& World Report. 11 Stockholm Becko-Journalen. disease and immorality. March 13. REFERENCES 1 Life. 43. learn and then do what God requires of you. News & World Report.S. 309. 9 Philippine Islands Weekly Graphic. August 5. News & World Report. 144. . 411. All the lines of the “ fingerprint” are there to show con­ clusively that we have been in the “last days” since 1914. January 20. . col­ umnist David Lawrence states: “The fact is that today the biggest single emotion which dominates our lives is fear. The New York Times reported the Brooklyn.” 15 “Uruguay produced a figure of three abortions for every live birth. 20.S.” 21 There is no escaping it. United States Secretary of Defense as say­ ing that “more than 120 million Amer­ icans would die in the event of a Soviet missile attack . . 19 St.” for Jesus said that this mes­ sage “will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations. in my opinion. 13 U. . pp. . September 13. is ab­ solutely ghastly. the antics of an exhausted stock. p. this condition prevails. 67. August 1. .” 17 An­ other source reported: “The collapse of private morality in Britain is becoming the talk of a wondering world. mankind has another dread. May 18. 6 The World Book Encyclopedia.. 1966.S. In the United States the number of children born out of wedlock has more than doubled since 1945. 2 0 U. 1965. 1963. p. 7 Ibid. almost without ex­ ception. N. 1. 80. News & World Report. January 19. .” (Luke 21:25. not knowing the way out . 1966.”—Matt. 1963. 2 . what has happened since the “last days” began in 1914 is just as Jesus fore­ told: “ On the earth anguish of nations. 1 2 Look. .”— 1 John 2:17. 1964. 1964. 1966. October 11. November 1. p. 4. 1966. is Intelligence Digest. 1963. 3 London Evening Star. for aside from sky­ rocketing violence.” 14 And immorality is sweeping the world like a forest fire. . July 14. 26) Of this very fear.

Have you made such a decision. 1:15) For one reason or an­ other these Asian Christians left Paul and ceased their Christian activity. Why? Paul told Timothy: “Because he loved the present sys­ tem of things. So bestir yourself before it is too late! Satan knows his end is near. We are deep­ ly concerned about them. recall to mind the initial joy and happiness that you realized when learning the truth.” (Gal. and added: “You were running well. Philem. 4:15) No. 5:7. Has a similar love developed in you? Is this what has taken you away from Christian meetings and association with the brothers? It can so easily happen. 12:7-12. During Paul’s first imprisonment in Rome one of his close associates and fellow ministers was Demas. As a first step. Phygelus and Hermogenes are of that number. It has happened many times before. Circumstances arose that caused them to forget their decision to serve God. and for this reason 201 . The apostle Paul wrote about some of such persons during his second im­ prisonment in Rome. so love for something else can cause you to forget that decision. Today there are even greater pres­ sures to turn a Christian from his dedication to God. is that happiness you had? The apostle Paul asked this very question of certain Christians in his day. Within this very generation Satan the Devil has been W cast out of heaven. do not let him cause your end too. Where. 8.” (Rev. it is vital that you quickly avail yourself of God’s help to free yourself from Satan’s grip. during Paul’s second imprisonment Demas turned away from Paul. resulting in a per­ sonal decision or dedication to serve God. 4:10. unfortunately many of these have failed to remember their solemn dedication. (Col.”— 2 Tim. whose greetings Paul passed along in his Christian letters. 4:14. and symbolized it by water baptism? W hile hundreds o f thousands o f Christians have. and he is now waging war against those “who observe the commandments of God and have the work of bearing witness to Jesus. saying: “All the men in the district of Asia have turned away from me. now. Who hindered you from keeping on obeying the truth? This sort of persuasion is not from the One calling you. it is from the Devil and his agents! And that persuasion is designed to cause you to forget God and to lead you into destruction.” (2 Tim. MISPLACED LOVE Just as love for God and his provisions prompted your decision to serve Him. 24) However.■Wave ( fo a F otyottm ERE you not thrilled when you investigated and first be­ gan to understand the truth of God’s Word? Did your heart not rejoice at God’s provision for everlasting life in a new system of things? An under­ standing of God’s purposes can truly move the heart.17) Has his war strategy succeeded against you? Has he gotten a hold on you and stifled your public praise? Have you forgotten your decision to serve God? If so.

much materialism. new TV’s. Then further debts are assumed. serving God is completely thrown Bible study in your home and through as­ out to make room for other interests. Do you.Y. “ the deceptive power Accept the invitation for such a study. At­ of riches and the desires for the rest of tend the congregation meetings. so houses. Has satisfying these between the new and the old systems of desires so absorbed your time and ener­ things. and kindle your joy in the same way that it leaving less time for study and meetings. and it becomes unfruitful. are relations pleas­ flesh and the desire of the eyes and the anter and is everyone happier? Or could showy display of one’s means of life—does the apostle Paul’s question appropriately not originate with the Father. 13:22. mitted.202 SEeWATCHTOWER Brooklyn. Furthermore. you can re­ requiring more time to pay for them. truly rejoice at the fulfillment of the Bible What is the evidence that one is suc­ prophecies. as they ad­ pleasure of being wealthy” (Matt.”— 1 John 2:15-17. It is the course that initial­ only occasionally missing congregation ly acquainted you with God’s purposes meetings. It is what the things make inroads and choke the word. or enjoying “the twenty-two years but then. Perhaps you feel somewhat like the Did you notice what Jesus said can make you unfruitful as a Christian? Not family who had been in the truth for only possessing riches. new didn’t really fit into Satan’s system. begins almost imperceptibly. Desires just seemed as if we couldn’t make it. new cars. is the wise course to take? haps. ment. “were drawn into the world by NW footnote. the happiness you had?” ’ (Gal. “ the DESIRES for the rest of we wanted to attend the meetings but it the things”cause unfruitfulness. N. and this left us frustrated and de­ a serious matter to make a vow to do pressed. . we always felt we had to dodge in several months or more? It is indeed them. at times.”— Mark you need to regain the happiness and con­ tentment you once realized.” 5:4-6. and this results in It is evident. 4:15) Do we world is passing away. 4:18. and then forget it. At first. too. because and slipping into inactivity? Is my family everything in the world—the desire of the life more wholesome. We for new clothes. Yes.ble enough to accept them when they are . then. isolated ber of such things. will you be hum­ it would be wise to examine yourself.19. then. We needed words of encourage­ Jehovah’s will. ask. encouraging words? If so. per­ What. was first realized: By means of a regular Finally. Although wanting and needing our gies that you have not attended a meeting brothers. the apostle John recorded the divine warn­ ing: ‘Am I more contented and satisfied ing: “ Do not be loving either the world since leaving the Christian congregation or the things in the world.— Eccl. feel the need of If the “thorns” of materialistic desires have hindered you from obeying the truth. new appliances—an endless num­ we were completely disconnected. .” They wrote: “ We often felt more often. which show the closeness of cumbing to “ the desire of the eyes” and the end of this wicked system of things? is attaching importance to “the showy dis­ (Luke 21:28) Very likely genuine happi­ play of one’s means of life” ? It usually ness and contentment have diminished. thorns. Jesus said. “Where. and thrilled your heart. but origi­ be directed at me. is that nates with the world. only a few extra expenses are un­ OVERCOMING MATERIALISTIC DESIRES necessarily incurred. but. Like sociation with your Christian brothers. . 1950 Edition).

I came to put. Now we are all back in Jehovah’s secure organization. solid in the faith. with a man against his father. He that has greater affection for father or mother than for me is not worthy of me.” Next he went to the Kingdom Hall. really. But is aban­ doning God’s service really showing love for the ones closest to you? If you quit when opposition arises. For I came to cause division. and a young wife against her mother-inlaw. indeed! So. The brothers will be genuinely happy to see you again.”—Matt. not peace. You also can realize it again. but a sword. genuine love for them is shown by enduring their opposition and resolutely living up to your decision to serve God. One person.” Do not deprive yourself of the happiness and contentment enjoyed among God’s people. From what Jesus said. this may be difficult. But do not fail to appreciate that it is Satan the Devil who is inspiring the persecution. and reported: “My mind went back to the time when I stud­ ied. I had not known true con­ tentment or inward joy since then. how will friends and loved ones be helped to appreciate that accurate knowledge of the Bible is of lifeor-death importance? Actually. it is evident that true Christians must expect family op­ position. and a daughter against her mother. I will also disown him before my Father 203 who is in the heavens. And whoever does not accept his torture stake and follow after me is not worthy of me. a man’s enemies will be per­ sons of his own household. the sincerity of your decision to walk in Jesus’ footsteps is put to the test. You will thus af­ ford your friends and relatives the best possible opportunity to learn the truths from God’s Word and to come in line for the everlasting blessings that Jehovah holds out to those who serve him. 1 9 6 7 SheW ATCHTOW ER offered? This family was. True. and he that has greater affection for son or daughter than for me is not worthy of me. and they write: “We gladly accepted the provision of a Bible study in our home. now. therefore. who had left off association with the congregation years before. recently attended a Bible study. is it not? Yes.” You. have a fam­ ily Bible study and do our Bible reading daily. I cannot express the happiness I feel. is it opposition from friends or relatives that has caused you to forget your decision to serve God? Think. Do not think I came to put peace upon the earth. Our entire home is governed according to Bi­ ble principles. will receive this same warm welcome at the congregation meetings. jus­ tifies quitting true worship. go to a meeting this very week! Do not allow the thorns of materialistic desire to continue to choke off Christian fruitage from your life. and really. too. So be courageous! As the apostle Peter said: “ Take your stand against him. You may somehow reason that keeping peaceful relations with these persons is a demonstration of love and. OPPOSITION FROM FRIENDS OR RELATIVES On the other hand. Indeed.A p r il 1. if your friends or relatives oppose true worship. Did you agree to serve God only if you had no opposition? Are you going to allow what others say to cause you to cease attending Christian meetings and to stop following Jesus’ example of minis­ tering to others? It would be wise to give careful atten­ tion to what Christ said in this connec­ tion: “Whoever disowns me before men. 10:33-38. We have learned from our experience how necessary it is to apply all instructions from the Society. So do not wait. knowing that the same things in the way of sufferings are being accomplished . and he could not get over “the cordial atmosphere and the love and kindness of the brothers.

You have nothing to gain and everything to lose by staying away from congregation meetings and the association with your brothers.” (1 Pet. true. Do not allow Satan to have the satisfaction of causing you to go down into destruction. Al­ though this may be true. bestir your­ self quickly and continue running the race for life. but his love of God’s truth impelled him to continue serv­ ing. explaining that the reason was that there simply was no response to the Kingdom message. 2:11) For example. for any reason.”— Jer. But think: Is it pleasing to Jehovah God to permit anyone or anything to interfere with your service to him or your relation­ ship with his organization? Most definitely not! So do not allow such attempts of Sa­ tan to cause you to forget God and his service. there is a play on words where the word “almond” ( sliaqed) is followed by the expression “keeping awake” ( shoqed) : “The word of Jehovah continued to occur to me. you have slowed down or abandoned God’s service. and he thought about quitting. and if. A Christian cannot afford to be ignorant of Satan’s designs. (Jer. Satan is using the same tactics on your brothers elsewhere. stiff-necked countrymen. but they will not listen to you. some­ one in the congregation may say or do something that causes one to take per­ sonal offense.” This is quite fitting since the almond is one of the earliest trees to bloom following the winter rest. Jerem iah V So I said: 'An offshoot of an almond tree is what I am seeing/ And Jehovah went on to say to m e: 'You have seen well. and you must call to them. He did not forget his decision to serve God. at Jeremiah 1:11. in the entire association of your brothers in the world. of whom Jehovah said: “ You must speak to them all these words. "Keeping -fiwalce" The Hebrew name for the almond tree ( shaqed) literally means “the waker. 5:9) Yes. 7:27. and even if peo­ ple become increasingly cold toward God. And instead of straightening out the trouble in the Scripturally pre­ scribed way. 20:9) Copy that example. Take your stand against him! Assemble regularly with your brothers at congregation meetings! There you will find warm encouragement and the needed pro­ tection. 12. For example. one min­ ister recently quit the ministry. Although those Israelites were extreme­ ly cold toward God. is this reason to quit? Consider the min­ istry of the prophet Jeremiah to his un­ responsive. and they are standing faith­ fully! You can too. the offended one allows the matter to become such a big issue in his mind that he leaves the Christian con­ gregation. Go to the con­ gregation meetings! Do not put it off! OTHER ATTEMPTS TO CAUSE YOU TO FORGET There are many other ways in which Satan the Devil endeavors to stumble Christians and make them forget their de­ cision to serve God. and one of his most Brooklyn. Prove it by getting back in the Christian race.204 ^eW ATCHTO W ER. Jeremiah faithfully continued preaching to them for some for­ ty years. N. In the Bible.Y. He got discouraged. for I am keeping awake concerning m y word in order to carry it out/ ” . blossoming as early as late January or early February in Palestine. but they will not answer you. successful tactics is to cause discourage­ ment (2 Cor. saying: W h a t are you seeing.

fulfilled it. From then on try by preaching: the kingdom of God “R epent. 5: leading up to the illustration of the rich 17.” and that the vorced from a hus­ band commits adul­ com in g one “ w ill gather his wheat in­ tery. 18) Paul wrote that the Law was a man and Lazarus: “ The Law and the “ shadow [or. 3: until after the Chris­ 1. 2 The coming one. In what way did Jesus fulfill the Law. In fact. and how did Jesus commence such in his ministry? 3.”—Luke ens has drawn near. not The first strand. *Jesus not only kept the Law by per­ weaving the pattern of judgment.” 16:16. that his hearers saw b u t th e c h a f f he any connection be­ w ill burn up w ith tw een th ose state­ fire that cannot be ments. he also set purpose. the all-important time to destroy. What contrasts marked John the Baptist’s ministry? 2.” He then told the u n w orth y added: “ Everyone religious leaders that t h a t d iv o r c e s h is a time of judgment wife and marries an­ was impending. and he that marries a woman di­ ing at the root of the trees. He lost no time in 3 Jesus then pro­ gathering disciples ceeded to take two a ro u n d h im w h o more strands. heaven and earth to preparing them to be pass away than for “counted worthy of one particle of a let­ the kingdom of God. for that is what a pattern is. Jesus. 17) He there began their designed purpose. 7-12. not put out. As Jesus said when all things [must] take place. working out a harmonious design governed by a fect obedience to its requirements. In preaching the same message: “Repent. 2 Thess. for the light of those writings we can today the kingdom of the heavens has drawn examine those two strands and appreciate near. “ typical representation” ] of J ohn 1.” (Luke 16:17.” (Matt. As he once said: “I came.” (Matt. f o r th e is being declared as kingdom of the heav­ good news.”— Matt. tian co n g re g a tio n 1:5. as soon as hehad the inspired writings of the apostle heard that John had been arrested.t h e B a p t is t Prophets were until began his minis­ John.” also saying that element. leading to what realities and final outcome? . What is meant by a pattern. .” ter of the Law to go At the same time he unfulfilled. was marked by the preaching of down to the last “particle of a letter . that other commits adul­ “already the ax is ly­ tery. began Paul did the situation become clear. saying shared in the bless­ first: “ It is easier for ings of his ministry. what two strands did Jesus then take up? 4. but to fulfill. As recorded at Luke 16:17. . 2. the Kingdom message. 18. 18) It is u n lik ely to the storeh ou se. 4:12.

Jesus class. then. however. They were not free from the Law. when Jesus in­ . with Jesus’ remark taking shape. 10:11. says teaching of the then unwritten Talmud on Paul. . the Law did embody a divorce pro­ of the main provisions of the Law was vision whereby a man could have more that of sacrifice for sins. But if her husband dies. she is free stituted the memorial of his death the from his law. Jesus’ words on divorce reversal of conditions to both the classes 5. or under. 24:1-4. . Heb. 2:17.Y . with great benefits to those ex­ alive. How did Jesus anticipate the benefits of his death? 8. cup to his disciples. dressing his brothers of the “Lazarus” 8 No. and how would this affect the Pharisees? 7. beginning with the adultery. One True.” Jesus was made actually occurred. members of the “ rich man” In his life and sacrificial death. those changes did not have to wait. 8:5. Pharisees. who relied on tradition and the Having fulfilled its provisions. but the reality belongs and adultery were addressed primarily to to the Christ. that we you. .” (Col. So.” (Heb. So for a Christian to petually” by laying down his perfect hu­ divorce his or her mate. those to God’s original pattern for all who would animal sacrifices were “ at no time able to have God’s favor in. 10:1) the Pharisees. for a kingdom. 7:1-6.— Deut. N . the one’s behalf . stake on which Jesus was impaled. the new take sins away completely. 15) Paul explains that prior thereto based in strong faith on the certainty of the Jews were bound under their Law Jesus’ carrying out all that was foretold covenant as “ a married woman is bound and foreshadowed in the Law and the by law to her husband while he is alive Prophets.206 SfreWATCHTOWER- B rooklyn . you also were made dead to means the new covenant by virtue of my the Law through the body of the Christ. so that she is not an adul­ night before he was impaled. would only irritate them. In proof of this. he passed the teress if she becomes another man’s. just as my Father has made a cove­ should bear fruit to God. What standard did Jesus set respecting divorce. except on the man life in death. Hence Jesus’ remarks to the Jewish members of the “ Lazarus” class. . and I make a covenant with who was raised up from the dead. What resulted from Jesus’ declaration of the King­ dom message? . 29. (Col. kingdom began to bring about a complete 6 In contrast. However.”— Rom. Keep in mind. it means that such a one commits ercising faith therein. class. especially those than one living wife.” Paul was ad­ nant with me. But this man covenant. caused the big realities to take place. With what illustration does Paul show that some were “ discharged” from the Law? 6. blood.”— Luke 22: 20. It out of the way and nailed to the torture was part of their torment. The message and work “a mediator of a new covenant. 2:14) But what connection did that have 7Thus we see the pattern of judgment with the next strand. the things to come. that about divorce and adultery? the changes guaranteed by Jesus’ death 6 Having acceptably “ offered himselfbegan to go into effect before his death without blemish to God. 9: of both John the Baptist and Jesus were 14. 19:3-9. saying: “This cup my brothers. 12) His ground of sexual unfaithfulness. Matt. that former Law covenant was taken this subject. but Jesus went back on the day of atonement. and then death laid the foundation for tremendous remarry while the divorced partner is still changes. (Heb. which is to be poured out in your that you might become another’s. There was no divorce provision [Jesus] offered one sacrifice for sins per­ for Adam and Eve. and it was only such who were “dis­ The declaration of the good news of the charged from the Law.

but by one’s disposition and works.10. [and] are being blessed together with faithful Abra­ ham. . The spirit itself bears witness with our spirit that we are God’s children. at Pentecost when they received the holy spirit.” and Jesus also said: “You are from your father the Devil. What happened next. not by fleshly descent. Those rulers said to Jesus in an earlier encounter with him: “We are Abraham’s offspring. Paul wrote: “ For all who are led by God’s spirit. these are God’s sons. that is. see also John 13:23. and you wish to do the desires of your father. In God’s eyes this 9. we might wonder why Lazarus. but the hum­ ble. 11:8) They became disciples of Jesus and later.” “ brought just like a sheep to the slaughtering. just as Abraham did when he “went out [of his own country]. . God. THE IMPORTANT FIGURE 9Imagine the scene. In this they were right.” and again: “ Our father is Abraham. 12 Paul also said respecting these: “ Those who adhere to faith are the ones who are sons of Abraham . did exercise such faith. Some. was pic­ tured as carried straight to the bosom po­ sition of Abraham. How were those who adhered to faith further blessed ? . 53:7) It re­ quired real faith to accept him as the Mes­ siah. and what was signified thereby. In torment in Ha­ des the rich man lifts his eyes. although not knowing where he was going. They reckoned that they as the religious rulers were the only ones entitled to the bosom position of Abraham. 41. not as King. Why was faith essential in order to accept Jesus as the Messiah? 12. and at the following Pentecost they were certified by the outpoured holy spirit as being in the Greater Abraham’s bosom. . Isa.” (Heb. 8: 14-16. That one was a manslayer when he began.”— Rom. (Luke 16:22) The em­ phasis is on faith. as described by Je­ sus. They stepped out in faith.) Bring­ ing Abraham into the picture was very significant. the fa­ vored place. Jesus came. As Jesus said to them on that same occasion: “ If you are Abraham’s children. Where they were wrong was in claiming sonship with either Abraham or God. afar off there is that one-time beggar now enjoying the bosom position with Abraham. 8:3. 39. as when one reclines in front of another on the same couch at a meal! (Luke 16:23.” and yet again: “We have one Father. adding the most important strand to the whole pattern of judgment. but in the “likeness of sinful flesh. (a) What important character did Jesus intro­ duce in his illustration? (b) How did the Pharisees view their relationship with Abraham? (c) In what way were they correct. in their conclusions? 207 relationship is determined. and in what way incorrect. after his death. Jesus was speaking directly to the Pharisees. In their eyes the common people did not come into the picture at all. and what does he see? Why.”— John 8:39. do the works of Abraham.” (Rom. 1967 fEeWATCHTOWEFL we are considering.A p r il 1. not the haughty. . Of these. they became Christians. From then on both classes died to their former condition and experience. we will follow with interest. 11 While that explains why Jesus pic­ tured that the once rich man was far re­ moved from Abraham.” How so? To Abraham the grand promise was made that through his seed “all nations of the earth will certainly bless themselves. . 44. shown in Jesus’ illustration by the death of Lazarus and the rich man.”— John 8:33. as expected. At Jesus’ death in fulfillment of the Mosaic Law the “Lazarus” class died to that Law.” That seed is primarily 11. 10From this it is evident that the Phari­ sees considered that Abraham represented God. ABRAHAM. Whom does he picture? Remember.

but and recline at the table with Abraham about three and a half years after Pen­ and Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of tecost the Kingdom good news began to the heavens. . To a certain Gen­ so likewise the Christian congregation re­ tile army officer who showed unusual faith. . they consti­ they would find themselves rejected and in tute Abraham’s seed. all parts and be brought right into the sons of God through your faith in Christ bosom of divine favor. in its complete setup. you are really Abraham’s seed. the real source of all the blessings to or messengers. ceives spiritual life from Jehovah through Jesus said: “I tell you that many from Jesus Christ. with Christ Jesus. nations have come in from all parts. As Paul said: “ Now Jesus. Isaac. was limited to the faithful Jews.B r o o k l y n .” (Matt. he foreshadowed how Jehovah ried off by the angels to the bosom posi­ offered up his only-begotten Son in actual tion of Abraham. in bringing those Jews into the nations. But in the riches of God’s 8:5-12) This indicated that many nonundeserved kindness others are privileged Jews. In turn. Jesus Christ. because. namely: ‘By 3:7-9. God’s instrument for torment. Gen. faith. 26-29. starting with side. . Abra­ exercised faith when they heard God’s ham. John and Jesus acted as angels. N. then. Isaac’s son Jacob pic­ Though the “Lazarus” class. sacrifice. that on Mount Moriah. (a) Who comprised the “ Lazarus” class in the stitute the “Lazarus” class. in fact. Abraham’s son. did not stay that way. vah. if you belong to the Scripture. would declare people of the nations righ­ heirs with reference to a promise. Moreover. we see that themeans of you all the nations will be members of the Christian congregation. 22:18.”— Gal.”—Luke 16:22. They comprise the “ Lazarus” class. whereas the sons of the king­ dom will be thrown into the darkness out­ be preached to the Gentiles. to begin tures the Christian congregation. All of such con­ 13. Jeho­ In fact. They thought that as the natural sons of Abra­ are also spoken of as sons of Abraham be­ ham they were the undisputed heirs to cause of their faith like that of his and all the key positions in God’s kingdom. gether with Abraham in this instance commencing with those Jews who were makes a fine picture of the Kingdom. are God’s sons. would come from As Paul again said: “You are all. 3:8) But as for those who led by God’s spirit. or went to the point of Jesus pictured Lazarus as at once “car­ doing so. the conscious of their spiritual need and who Theocracy.’ ” (Gal. John the Baptist and Jesus. What indication was given that many non-Jews would come into divine favor? 15. 15 The inclusion of Isaac and Jacob to­ fulfilling his purpose centered in his king­ dom. hitherto alienated from God and to share with Christ as part of that seed. No wonder. Thus when God’s promise given under oath to Abra­ Abraham offered his son Isaac in sacrifice ham and his seed. mak­ ing up the full number. 16. pictures the heavenly Father. in a beggarly condition. the father of those who adhere to messengers.Y. pic­ line for those grand blessings tied in with tures God’s Son. declared the good news beforehand to Abraham. first instance? (b) How did John and Jesus act as 208 angels toward such? 14. teous due to faith. 13 In summary. then. This congregation started eastern parts and western parts will come off with a remnant of faithful Jews. 3EeWATCHTOWER Christ Jesus. What fine picture of the Theocracy did Jesus give at Matthew 3:11? . blessed. Since then the people of the gnashing of their teeth will be. it received life from Abraham through Isaac. seeing in advance that God Christ. As Jacob 4 1 with. There is where their weeping and the Cornelius.

7:52) As Abraham’s natural descendants.A p r il 1. that the scribes and Pharisees strained every nerve to “make one proselyte. Note the two pleas made by the rich man. Fail­ ing that.” (Luke 16:25) No words were wasted on the rich man. no. they were trained and sent forth. God’s favorable judgment was equally manifest on the “ Lazarus” class. however. This was the pattern of judgment. taken up with the argument between the rich man and Abraham. never hesi­ tated to declare the responsibility and bloodguilt of those rulers. his “lifetime. and now God’s adverse judgment was manifest upon them. and before the day closed a further 3. 17. it must be Lazarus who must do the running about and act as messenger. How did Abraham’s reply fittingly portray both sides of the pattern of judgment? . seeing how speedily they acted when carrying Lazarus off to Abraham? But. such as Stephen. and not the rulers. they made him a ‘subject for Ge­ henna twice as much so as themselves. the apostle Peter and others. 5:30. 9) Come Pentecost. if only a word! How did Abraham reply? 18 Abraham’s first words merely stated the facts: “ Child. 2. and re­ vealing what disposition? 17. the “ rich man” class figuratively called out: “Father Abraham. were now acting as Abraham’s seed. First. like a 18. How and why did the religious rulers seek to get relief from the “Lazarus” class? 209 stead. (Luke 16:24-28) Anything to get Lazarus away from Abraham’s bosom. remember that you re­ ceived in full your good things in your lifetime. having once got him. if by only a drop of water. Why not? Because Jesus knew that he was acting as God’s servant in a time of inspection. In16. 1967 SKeWATCHTOWER GOD’S “JUDICIAL DECISION” A “ GREAT CHASM” 16Turning our attention now to the lat­ ter part of Jesus’ illustration. (Luke 9:1. How did the requests made by the rich man shm? Y&s. he then asks that Lazarus be sent to warn his five brothers about this place of torment. and about 120 were empowered by the holy spirit to speak with tongues. we find further expressions of God’s judgment. from the “Lazarus” class? Those men would not have been so tor­ mented if the despised followers of Jesus had just followed him and kept quiet. conveying heaven-sent blessings. the rich man would have got a grip on his finger and kept him there! We know for a fact. (Acts 2:23. have mercy on me” and make this “Laza­ rus” class speak instead in our favor. and keep him away! Why did he not ask that the angels be sent on these errands of mercy. but how appropriate to the facts. 4:10. 12:3) As a class. But that class showed that they never had any intention of doing so. but Lazarus correspondingly the injurious things. 10: 1. And their boldness! Both publicly and before the Sanhedrin. From Jesus’ portrayal of the rich man we can only imagine that. 17 How ridiculous to think of this tak­ ing place literally. 23:15. since we know the classes Jesus had in mind! So we ask. as Jesus said. if Lazarus had actually visited him and put his finger in his mouth to cool his tongue with a drop of water. How did the re­ ligious rulers seek to get relief. the “ rich man” had had his day. real intention regarding Lazarus.’ —Matt.” when he had ‘received in full the good things’ that he could so easily have dispensed to those in need. 3: 14. (Gen. first the twelve and then the seventy.” and.000 were added to their num­ ber. curing the sick and preaching the kingdom of God. They. He was in truth Abraham’s seed and any who called down evil on such seed were cursed by God. he is hav­ ing comfort here but you are in anguish. Now. he asks that Lazarus be sent to cool his tongue with a drop of water because of the fire.

Trying to ignore or get around that chasm. in whose house there are five brothers of his. Note Abraham’s next words to the rich man. What was the import of Abraham’s response? . but one that would give the appearance of things being restored to what they were prior to the inspection period. it was only as classes that the judgment was final. The “Lazarus” class spoke likewise. in effect. So. 36:6) Mark you. but also in the eyes of their supporters. The apostle Paul was a notable example who. while ad­ dressing Abraham as father. (Gal. a symbol of the Devil’s orga­ nization) represented all the admirers and supporters of the religious rulers. 19 “ And besides all these things. nor any supporting classes. those rulers wanted the “ Lazarus” class to quit the position of divine favor and give a “thorough wit­ ness. N . when “for­ merly in Judaism. Jesus added to his illus­ tration a further argument prompted by the rich man. If these. ‘They have Moses and the Prophets. let them listen to these. What was the effect and significance of the “great chasm” ? 20. he speaks of 19. could cross over to the other.— Matt. 28) Observe that. Acts 6:7. neither may people cross over from there to us.” bitterly persecuted the “Lazarus” class. For example. but individuals could and did during their lifetime. even of murder. when nei­ ther the rulers nor their supporters were exposed to torment. in order that he may give them a thorough witness.Y .’ ” (Luke 16:29) Nothing else and nothing less than God’s word of truth! It was on that authority alone that Jesus spoke to the people and their rulers. a great chasm has been fixed between us and you people.” Some of them later did so. Jesus knew of the religious house of Judaism. 20 Knowing the mental attitude of the “ rich man” class. and this is where the “great chasm” comes in. A strong straight line is drawn right down the middle for emphasis. Neither class. that they also should not get into this place of torment. 8. built on human tradition.” (Luke 16:26) No fraternizing! The “Laza­ rus” class could not compromise and speak peace to the “ rich man” class. to which the re­ ligious rulers belonged. It was that house that prompted the spirit of bitter persecu­ tion. The rulers sought relief from being exposed. Peter’s strong. including the judgment mes­ sage then due.” (John 8: 44) The five brothers (with the rich man making six. father. not only in their own eyes. 1:13-17) John the Baptist called the Pharisees and Sadducees “ offspring of vipers. to send him [Laza­ rus] to the house of my father. and how did this have an application in Jesus’ day? B r o o k lyn . 21 Could that be done? What was Abra­ ham’s response? “But Abraham said.” (Luke 16:27. were figuratively to die and land in the same place. Jesus ap­ preciated that this was a vital strand in the pattern of judgment. so that those wanting to go over from here to you people cannot. for I have five brothers.” (Ps. 3:7. from Moses (the Law) and the Prophets and the Psalms. that would but add to their torment. he pleaded: “In that event I ask you. who “was a manslayer. stir­ ring message on the day of Pentecost was based entirely on quotations from the He­ brew Scriptures. The fact that three thousand immediately respond­ ed and were baptized proved that the He21. Its father was the Devil. How did the rich man make a further appeal. and manifesting the same spirit. a more closely related father.” and then said: “Pro­ duce fruit that befits repentance.” not of the judgment message. and that God’s “judicial decision is a vast watery deep.210 SHeWATCHTOWER design in drawing where one side balances and offsets the other. their brothers.

as 24 being the one thing tion ended on a note necessary. (a) What was the rich man’s final plea? (b) What prompted this. .” (Luke 16:31) This was eyes? And are we. — Why Literally So rise from the dead. thank God. 16:1-4.” (Matt. has taken place under our very from the dead. Jesus ly in favor of the “Lazarus” class. 47. they will turn to listen. What warning and encouragement can be gained from the final word spoken in this illustration? 25. . neither see how a great change. There said. This would avoid the need ei­ of strong judgment.” — John 4:48. the result was as Jesus said: “Unless you 25 Can we draw parallel lines and extend people see signs and wonders.” heaven. as individuals.” (Matt. More “ judicial decision” both for and against.” (Luke 16:30) ings of that one. look! something more than Jonah is for their leaving or forsaking the place of here. be Jesus or the “Lazarus” class. for that one wrote about from the dead goes me. whether it adherents of Judaism. a reversal of con­ will they be persuaded if someone rises ditions. how NEXT ISSUE In oth er w ords. he said: “ No. than once the Pharisees and others asked It was against the whole household of Jesus to “ display to them a sign from those who only “ heard with annoyance. 211 brew Scriptures in themselves were a suf­ brothers. 46. he will you believe my Read: Mankind's Millennium called for a climactic sayings?”— John 5: Under God's Kingdom sign. features to our own day? Does Jesus’ illus­ 23 In agreement with this. that final word was whol­ ficient sign to the Ninevites who. As Jesus 22But the rich man had not finished.A p r il 1. for someone to 39. he added that. How was Abraham’s final word appropriate and true to the facts? 24. but if someone would believe me. that bear witness about me.” and disagreeing with Abraham. many of whom were formerly a blind eye to God’s messenger. 13:15) But. 12:38-41) Jesus preached with far more authority and sup­ divine favor with all its comforting pro­ visions and opportunity for feasting at Je­ porting evidence than Jonah ever did. father Abraham. But if you do to them they will re­ not believe the writ­ SP E C IA L pent.” He answered: “A wicked and and who “ shut their eyes. “ repented at what Jonah preached.— Acts 2:41. you will by the pattern of judgment in all its salient no means believe.” Jonah was a suf­ their hearts and turn back. would never be any need or justification but. . and how did Jesus respond to the demand for a sign? 23. But hovah’s banquet table. thereby the final word of judgment against the helped to see what we must do to find true class represented by the rich man and his riches under God’s favorable judgment? 22. What questions does this prompt respecting our own day? Jesu .” It showed God’s righteous expose the traditions of Judaism. “ if you believed Moses you indeed. as clear cut as that ther to preach from the Scriptures or to “great chasm. If they turn a deaf ear to God’s ficient warning and guide to those willing message in the Scriptures. but no sign will be given it ex­ cept the sign of Jonah. and get the sense of it with for a sign. 1967 SEeWATCHTOWER. . that they might adulterous generation keeps on seeking never see . Abraham re­ tration have a pointed message for us? plied to the rich man: “ If they do not lis­ Can we trace two classes in contrast and ten to Moses and the Prophets. told them: “ You are searching the Scrip­ Showing now his true colors and bluntly tures .

out on a larger scale. By examining the
context of the illustration and other re­
lated scriptures we were able to identify
the two main characters at the time of
the first advent in its first fulfillment. The
same procedure will help us to get a clear
picture of the present situation. It will also
aid us individually to see where we stand
in relation to that judgment pattern and
its designed purpose.
3We do not have to look far to find the
modern “ rich man” class. The religious
clergy and leaders of Christendom bear a
marked resemblance to the Jewish reli­
gious leaders of Jesus’ day. Today, as then,
'N HIS prophthese men are in a class to themselves,
sacrosanct, reckoned as superior in stand­
in g the tim e o f
ing and education, marked by their dress
the end, Jesus
and their many titles. They are rich in po­
said: “ This good
sitions of influence and prominence, often
news of the kingin good standing with the political rulers,
d om w i l l be
and in some cases exercising a real power
p reach ed in all
behind the throne, or the dictator. These
th e i n h a b i t e d
men are also rich religiously in their
earth for a wit- l ™ ™ ™ . .
ness to all the na­
claims to be exclusively God’s spokesmen
tions.” This com­
in national affairs, also in social and per­
pares with the message at the first advent, sonal problems. In their congregations
namely, that the “ kingdom of the heavens they are usually the only ones ordained
has drawn near.” Today’s message is more to preach and conduct the services. In
forceful. It tells of God’s kingdom actually some churches these men claim the right
established, for in the autumn of 1914 C.E. to hear confession and grant absolution.
Jehovah installed his King, Christ Jesus, Certain ones even claim the right to can­
not on an earthly throne, but at the heav­ onize one as a saint, declaring such a one
enly Mount Zion.—Matt. 24:14; 4:17; Ps. to be holy and righteous. In very truth
2:6; Heb. 12:22.
the modern “rich man” class seeks to
The Kingdom message at the first ad­deck himself with purple and linen, en­
vent marked the beginning of an inspec­ joying himself from day to day with mag­
tion and judgment period. It was the first nificence.— Luke 16:19.
strand in the pattern of judgment. As a
4 We also do not have to look far to lo­
result, changes began to take place involv­ cate the “beggar” class of Jesus’ illustra­
ing two classes, as portrayed in Jesus’ il­ tion. Remember how at the first advent
lustration of the rich man and Lazarus. this class of lowly and humble ones showed
The same is true today. The principles on up as soon as the forerunner, John the
which the inspection and judgment are
Baptist, began preaching. So, too, today,
based remain the same, but it is worked


3. How can we identify the modern “rich man" class?
4. Since when has a modern “ Lazarus" class become
apparent, and how so?

1. Why is the Kingdom message today so forceful?
2. What procedure will help us in applying the illustra­
tion at Luke 16:19-31 to our own day?


A p r il

1, 1967



before the Kingdom’s establishment in
1914, there was a similar preparatory
work done of clearing the way before Je­
hovah’s representative. (Mai. 3:1) Being
on a larger scale, it covered a longer pe­
riod of about forty years. At once it found
those who were aware of their spiritual
need, but who, like John’s disciples, be­
came no longer dependent on the orthodox
religious leaders for spiritual food. Up till
then they, like Lazarus in his ulcerous con­
dition, had been “put at his [the rich
man’s] gate” to catch what morsels of
food might be dropped. (Luke 16:20, 21)
However, Christendom’s clergy, like their
former counterpart, have shown scant con­
cern for the common people. They have
preferred their traditions and creeds to
teachings governed strictly by the Bible.
Their table might have the appearance of
a magnificent spread, but their food is

vali’s W itnesses in the Divine Purpose.)
That early work and message were in an­
ticipation of a larger and more clearly de­
fined pattern to be worked out after 1914.
Like the morning sun, we do not have to
wait for it actually to rise for its penetrat­
ing beams to reveal everything in sharp
outline. Before that, in anticipation, the
welcome light of dawn gives an increasing­
ly clear picture of the landscape before us.
6There is another thing. When Jesus
gave his illustration, the religious rulers
still reckoned to hold on to their high liv­
ing and pretentious claims. There were al­
so many in a beggarly state who only later
experienced the comfort of divine favor.
That did not alter the fact that the in­
spection period had commenced and noth­
ing could change its principles or stop or
even hinder its outworking. Jesus spoke
accordingly. So today, once Christ Jesus
was enthroned on heavenly Mount Zion at
the expiration of the Gentile Times in
1914, nothing could stop or delay the pro­
Then, as told in the illustration, some­ceedings due to take place.
thing happened that changed the entire
7In Paul’s inspired description of the
scene. Both men died. That is where the Theocratic setup at “Mount Zion . . . heav­
important time element comes in, marked enly Jerusalem,” after mentioning the
in the fulfillment by the declaration of the “myriads of angels . . . and the [Christian]
Kingdom good news. Yes, death is a cli­ congregation of the first-born,” he then
mactic event, but do not get the wrong names the most important figure, the
impression. The resultant changes do not Greater Abraham, “ God the Judge of all.”
occur all at once, affecting everyone simul­ (Heb. 12:22, 23) Yes, he judges the “ Laza­
taneously. It did not happen that way at rus” class and the “ rich man” class and
the first advent. In anticipation of Jesus’ all others. His “judicial decision is a vast
ministry, a work was done and a message watery deep,” a “ great chasm,” righteous
declared for six months prior thereto that and inexorable respecting all classes. (Ps.
brought comfort to some and torment to 36:6; Luke 16:26) However, until the
others. Likewise prior to 1914, the mes­ final execution of his judgment it is
sage of truth centering around God’s king­ possible for individuals to experience a
dom brought comfort and hope to some, change of heart and forsake one class and
filling the souls of the hungry, but it an­ flee to another, even during this inspec­
tion period. Do not forget, though, the
gered and tormented the clergy, who were
time is limited. It is in this vein that Paul
not slow to show it. (For details see
6. How are we further guided in this respect?
5. Are we to expect a sudden fulfillment of what was
pictured by the death of the rich man and Lazarus?

7. How did Paul identify the Greater Abraham, leading
to what fine appeal?


B r o o k l y n , N .Y .
continues, saying: “ See that you do not beheld them.” That is exactly what hap­
beg off from him who is speaking.” He pened in 1919 to Jehovah’s witnesses who
goes on to say that the entire present sys­ were restored to his favor and exalted
tem of things, yes, the symbolic heaven service in the interest of his kingdom in
and earth, will be shaken and completely the eyes of all, including their enemies of
removed. He concludes with this fine ap­ the “ rich man” class.— Rev. 11:7-12.
peal: “ Wherefore, seeing that we are to
10 Since then the changed conditions as
receive a kingdom that cannot be shaken, foretold have become more and more ap­
let us continue to have undeserved kind­ parent. Jehovah’s true servants, who had
ness, through which we may acceptably previously wept and were hungry, could
render God sacred service with godly fear now “ cry out joyfully because of the good
and awe.”— Heb. 12:25-28.
condition of the heart,” due to being fed
8 Paul adds a strong, final word: “ For with Kingdom truths and enriched with
our God is also a consuming fire.” Note Kingdom service. In contrast, it is woe to
the distinction. In his illustration, Jesus those professed servants of God who ‘de­
told of the fiery condition that men suffer clare themselves righteous before men,’
while still on earth, that torments but does and like ‘all men to speak well of them.’
not kill. Paul, however, was referring to These now have cause to “make outcries
the final execution of judgment that con­ because of the pain of heart” as they see
sumes and destroys all life in the “lake of the “Lazarus” class enjoying great pros­
fire . . . the second death.”— Heb. 12:29; perity and being made truly rich, “ blessed
. . . with every spiritual blessing in the
Rev. 20:14.
9Looking at the facts, we find further heavenly places in union with Christ,” the
evidence of the need to consider properly reigning King, and with Jehovah, the
the time factor. Though 1914 marked the Greater Abraham. But the modern “rich
birth of the Kingdom, it was not until man” class are as good as dead and buried
1919 that the “ Lazarus” class fully ex­ as far as having any evidence of divine
perienced their changed condition. (Rev. favor. They reject the Kingdom message
12:5) What happened? During World War proclaimed by the “ Lazarus” class. In­
I the clergy of Christendom were per­ stead, they advocate such human political
mitted by God to oppress and drive Jeho­ substitutes as the League of Nations and
vah’s dedicated servants of the “ Lazarus” the United Nations. Notice now the
class into a tight corner of inactivity. As present-day pleas of the “ rich man” class,
a class, it seemed they were finished and, as indicated in Jesus’ illustration.— Isa.
symbolically, their lifeless corpses were 65:14; Luke 6:26; 16:15; Eph. 1:3.
exposed “ on the broad way of the great
city,” Babylon the Great. Their enemies
‘rejoiced over them.’ Then, under God’s
outline, the arguments of the
directive decree, a sudden reversal oc­
leaders are similar to
curred. The “ spirit of life from God” re­
and Pharisees. In both
stored them to activity, and “they heard
a loud voice out of heaven say to them: cases actions speak louder than words.
‘Come on up here’ . . . and their enemies Every effort is made to minimize or offset


What final word did Paul add, and what distinction
is to be noted?
9. How does the prophecy at Revelation 11:7-12 throw
further light on the time factor?

10. Since 1919, how have the changed conditions for
both classes become more evident?
11. How do we see the rich man's plea at Luke 16:24
fulfilled in our time?

A p r il

1, 1967


the vigorous work and message of the
“Lazarus” class, even endeavoring to get
the work banned where possible. ‘O for
Lazarus to be sent to cool my tongue
with a drop of water in this blazing fire!’
0 for a soothing, complimentary word
from Jehovah’s witnesses and, incidental­
ly, get them to quit their position of di­
vine favor! Anything to get them away
from Abraham’s bosom!— Luke 16:24.
In reply to the rich man’s plea you
will recall that Abraham merely reviewed
the facts, implying that nothing could al­
ter them. That is how it is today. The
result of the efforts to get Jehovah’s wit­
nesses to tone down their message or
change their stand are just as fruitless as
with the early Christian congregation. Je­
hovah gives the same instruction to the
“Lazarus” class today as he did to his
servant Jeremiah: “ To all those to whom
1 shall send you, you should go; and every­
thing that I shall command you, you
should speak. . . . They will be certain to
fight against you, but they will not pre­
vail against you, for ‘I am with you,’ is
the utterance of Jehovah, ‘to deliver
you.’ ”— Jer. 1:7, 19.
13 You will further recall in the illus­
tration that Abraham next drew attention
to the “great chasm.” But did you notice
that he did not confine his remark to just
the rich man and Lazarus, saying that nei­
ther of them could cross over to the other
because of the chasm? He speaks of many
people on both sides, saying: “A great
chasm has been fixed between us and
people, so that those wanting to go over
from here to you people cannot, neither
may people cross over from there to us.”
—Luke 16:26.
14By this means Jesus opened the door
12. As indicated by Abraham’s reply, what has been
the result of the plea of the “rich man” class?
13. How did Jesus point to a wider application when
mentioning the great chasm?
14. What further classes are seen in the modern ful­
fillment besides those pictured by the rich man and
Lazarus ?


to a wider application of his illustration.
This is particularly true in the modem
fulfillment. We know that the rich man
had five brothers who, by implication,
were headed for the same place of tor­
ment. The only creatures Jesus mentioned
as being on the side of Lazarus were those
who took the trouble to put him, as a
needy beggar, at the rich man’s gate, also
the dogs who considerately licked his ul­
cers. There we have the clue. They did
something for Lazarus in his need. The
rich man did nothing. In another illustra­
tion, Jesus tells of those who do good to
his spiritual brothers (the “Lazarus”
class), even to the least of them, when
seen to be in need. These who are glad to
render service to Christ’s brothers may be
nobodies, or just dogs, in the eyes of the
“rich man” class, but Jesus says that in
his eyes they are sheep (that is, his “ oth­
er sheep,” in addition to his “little flock”
of joint heirs). (John 10:16; Luke 12:32)
On the other hand, those who refuse or
fail to render any aid, Jesus likens to
goats who suffer the final judgment, the
consuming “everlasting fire prepared for
the Devil and his angels.” As for the
sheeplike ones, they are invited to “ inherit
the kingdom prepared for you.” Even
now, as seen in the vision given to John,
they serve God “ day and night in his tem­
ple,” in close association with the “ tem­
ple” class or “ Lazarus” class, hence en­
joying an earthly position of divine favor.
These associates are also made truly rich,
“ because the Lamb . . . will guide them to
fountains of waters of life.”— Matt. 25:3146; Rev. 7:15-17.

To endure tormenting shame and dis­
grace is bad enough. It is far worse if
those well known to you, your own house15. How is the situation now seen regarding the plea
for Lazarus to visit the house of the rich man’s father?



hold, are involved and all alike share in
the public exposure. As with the Jewish
clergy of Jesus’ day, so now Christendom’s
clergy and leaders find themselves in a
similar position. They would like to ma­
neuver the “ Lazarus” class away from
their position of rendering exclusive de­
votion to the Greater Abraham. Could
they not be sent on a mission and, in the
words of the illustration, call at the house
of the rich man’s five brothers and stay
long enough to give them a “ thorough wit­
ness” ? (Luke 16:27, 28) In other words,
make a friendly contact with the sup­
porters of Christendom and witness to
them, yes, but the kind of witness that
would spare them torment. If that should
happen, we may be sure that they would
be made welcome and would be retained
and made a part of the household of the
rich man’s father, Christendom’s father,
the “god of this system of things,” Satan
the Devil!
16 Could that be done? You remember
Abraham’s answer: “ They have Moses and
the Prophets; let them listen to these.”
(Luke 16:29) Today these Hebrew Scrip­
tures have been supplemented by the
Christian Greek Scriptures. The “Laza­
rus” class and their associates, that is, all
of Jehovah’s witnesses, now use the entire
Bible, telling, among other things, of the
reason for God’s judgment on Babylon the
Great, her bloodguilt, her friendship with
the world, her false doctrines, her shame­
less luxury, her coming destruction.— Rev.
17:5, 6; 18:2, 3, 21.
17 This extended “ thorough witness” is
not the kind that pleases either Christen­
dom’s leaders or her supporters. When the
rich man responded: “ No, indeed, father
Abraham,” he was really saying “No” to
16. In what way does Abraham’s reply now have an
enlarged fulfillment?
17. (a) How is the “rich man” class affected by the
“ thorough witness” ? (b) What sign do they demand,
and why?

B r o o k l y n , N .Y .

Moses and the Prophets. How true that is
today! Jehovah’s witnesses in themselves
are not disliked or feared by the religious
leaders. It is their message from the Bi­
ble that, like a sword, is “powerful by
God for overturning strongly entrenched
things.” (2 Cor. 10:4; Eph. 6:17) Any­
thing but that! So what is the alternative?
A sign! A sign so overwhelming that there
will be no call for either reason or faith.
“If someone from the dead goes to them
they will repent,” pleaded the rich man.
(Luke 16:30) The “rich man” class ac­
knowledge the need for repentance on the
part of their supporters, but they want it
done by a shortcut method. They want a
method that will obviate the need to con­
tinually “ pour out the seven bowls of the
anger of God into the earth,” or to con­
tinually refer to Moses and the Prophets
and the rest of the Scriptures, saying: “It
is written.”— Rev. 16:1; Matt. 4:4, 7, 10.
There is no changing or evading the
pattern of judgment. “If they do not listen
to Moses and the Prophets, neither will
they be persuaded if someone rises from
the dead.” (Luke 16:31) That was Abra­
ham’s last word. It turned out like that
for the Jewish clergy and their supporters.
It turns out the same way today. As in
the early days, so now, neither the reli­
gious leaders nor their supporters can ever
say they did not have the opportunity to
listen to the Scriptures and their message.
They are not forced to listen or be per­
suaded. They can harden their hearts and
shut their eyes. They can oppose and per­
secute, but they cannot silence the wit­
nesses who enjoy the protection of the
Greater Abraham. In the apostles’ days
“persecution arose against the congrega­
tion that was in Jerusalem . . . [but] those
who had been scattered went through the
18. In what way is Abraham’s final word seen to be
appropriate in today’s situation?

A p r il

1, 1967



land declaring the good news of the word.” outcome Jehovah gave, that Jehovah is
8:1,4) Today the Witnesses may bevery tender in affection and merciful.”
driven underground, but they still preach. — Jas. 5:1-3,9-11.
19The responsibility of the religionists
21 This latter part gives the bright side
is, in fact, greatly increased because of the pattern. For quite a time Job, like
“someone from the dead” has been raised Lazarus, was deprived of everything and
up. As Peter said: “ God raised this One obliged to scrape the pus from his boils,
[Christ Jesus] up on the third day . . . Al­ like the dogs who licked Lazarus’ ulcers.
so, he ordered us to preach to the people (Job 2:8) Job, too, was at the mercy of
and to give a thorough witness that this his supposed benefactors, his three reli­
is the One decreed by God to be judge of gious friends, from whom he got about as
the living and the dead.” (Acts 10:40, 42) much relief and help as Lazarus did from
Yes, a thorough witness was then given, the scraps from the rich man’s table. Then
but even more so today since the risen came an inspection and judgment from Je­
One has become King and Judge in God’s hovah that put everyone in his right place.
kingdom. Additionally, the “Lazarus” class It made manifest who was truly rich. Re­
themselves were figuratively raised from stored to health and openly shown as hav­
the dead in 1919, as already noted, like ing God’s favor, Job was blessed with
Jonah’s deliverance from the belly of the twice as much as he had before. Addition­
great fish. But all this makes no difference ally, he had a new family of ten fine chil­
to the household of the rich man and his dren, like the “great crowd” of “ other
sheep” who are gathered to the “ Lazarus”
class to become “ one flock, [under] one
shepherd.”— Job 42:10-17; Rev. 7:9; John
20The Bible writer James very aptly 10:16.
summed up the theme of our discussion.
22As individuals, we can learn how to
Under inspiration he wrote: “ Come, now, become truly rich, even if it means chang­
you rich men, weep, howling over your ing our own pattern of life. We can
miseries [torment] that are coming upon “ search for Jehovah . . . while he may be
you. Your riches have rotted, and your found.” We can avoid the errors of the
outer garments [of linen and purple] have ‘wicked and harmful man.’ The rich man
become moth-eaten. . . . Something like in Jesus’ illustration never learned any­
fire is what you have stored up [not in
thing. He was haughty and self-centered to
future eternal torment after death, but]
the end, persisting in viewing Lazarus as
in the last days.” Then, refening directly
just a beggar to be called on to do his
to the pattern of judgment, he continued:
bidding. But Abraham countered his pleas
“Look! The judge is standing before the
by advocating just one thing, “Moses and
doors. Brothers, take as a pattern of the
the Prophets,” the Holy Scriptures. God’s
suffering of evil and the exercising of pa­
pattern is made very clear therein, show­
tience the prophets, who spoke in the
ing you how to “return to Jehovah, who
name of Jehovah. . . . You have heard of
will have mercy . . . for he will forgive in
the endurance of Job and have seen the
a large way.”— Isa. 55:6, 7.
19. What greater responsibility now rests on all the
20. In James' reference to rich men, what close corre­
spondencies are to be noted as compared with Jesus’

21. How does the drama of Job compare with that of
Lazarus ?
22. In order to become truly rich, what must we do
and what must we avoid ?



B rooklyn,


23 Jesus, too, in his message to the “con­ am standing at the door and knocking. If
gregation in Laodicea,” showed how you anyone hears my voice and opens the door,
can learn by contrast to appreciate true I will come into his house and take the
riches. Though addressed primarily to the evening meal with him and he with me.”
“Lazarus” class, the same principles apply (Rev. 3:20) If willing, you can respond
to all of God’s people. That congregation to that personal appeal and become truly
had become lukewarm due to its failure rich, enjoying the close position of his
to distinguish between true and false rich­ favor and acceptance as part of the ‘one
es, and boasted: “I am rich and have ac­ flock under the one shepherd.’
quired riches and do not need anything
26 If you come to realize that you have
at all.” They were self-sufficient and self- been trapped in Babylon the Great, then
righteous. But judged by true spiritual respond to that appeal quickly and be­
values, as Jesus said, they were ‘miser­ come one of Jehovah’s people by dedicat­
able, pitiable, poor, blind and naked,’ in ing yourself to him. The Babylonians are
danger of being rejected, vomited out of not told to flee, but Jehovah says: “ Get
his mouth. Note Jesus’ remedy: “ I advise out of her, m y people.” (Rev. 18:4) It is
you to buy from me gold refined by fire a matter of faith, a living faith backed up
that you may become [truly] rich, and by a course of action in harmony with
white outer garments that you may be­ God’s Word of truth. There is no excuse
come dressed and that the shame of your for ignorance. The chasmlike line of de­
nakedness may not become manifested, marcation is clearly drawn. Jesus said:
and eyesalve to rub in your eyes that you “This is the basis for judgment, that the
may see.”— Rev. 3:14-18.
light has come into the world.” Jesus him­
self, said
in his
life and teaching, personified
24 Ah, yes! “ Buy
and pay my price. It is not unreasonable. and exemplified that “ true light that gives
He invites you to give yourself in devo­ light.” Generally, men have refused to
tion and dedication to Jehovah, as he him­ come to the light, preferring to practice
self set the pattern. Submitting yourself the vile things that belong to the darkness.
to his training and discipline will pro­ They refuse to exercise faith and, said
duce the ‘tested quality of faith, of much Jesus: “He that does not exercise faith
greater value than gold proved by fire.’ has been judged already.” They prefer to
“ Seek righteousness,” not parading in your stay in a condemned state in Babylon the
own “purple and linen,” but in garments Great. It is their own choice.— John 1:
‘washed white in the blood of the Lamb,’ 9; 3:18-20.
trusting in the merit of his sacrifice. “ Seek
27 In contrast, why not come to the light
meekness,” by being teachable, continual­ and learn how to be obedient to it, so that
ly rubbing in the eyesalve, making a real your “works may be made manifest as
effort to keep your eyes opened to the having been worked in harmony with
truths stored up in God’s Word.— 1 Pet. God” ? (John 3:21) Thus, instead of hav­
1:7; Rev. 7:14; Zeph. 2:3.
ing to taste the bitter contrast between
25 To anyone taking this course, Jesus life and destruction when that great city
made a most inviting promise: “Look! I is destroyed, or at Armageddon, you can
23. How does Jesus’ message to the Laodiceans help
us in this regard?
24. Jesus’ words: “ Buy from me,’’ call for what
25. What fine encouragement did Jesus then give?

26. What action is now urgently required, based on
what quality?
27. By taking what course and gaining what position
can we enjoy refreshing contrasts both now and in the

A p r il

1, 1967

come now into the loving favor and pro­ worth while, with the wonderful prospect
tection of Abraham’s God, Jehovah. From of everlasting life in God’s new system of
that vantage position you can start ex­ things with its further promise of delight­
periencing now the happy contrasts that ful contrasts, for its Creator says: “Look!
make life so endlessly interesting and I am making all things new.”— Rev. 21:5.

execu ted

H H J l^


T IS not uncommon to read in the news­
papers an account about a clandestine
affair in which there is a falling out be­
tween lovers and the woman is murdered
by her paramour. Usually it is a love tri­
angle and jealousy is the motive. Some­
times we read of where a harlot is mur­
dered by her lovers, even stripped naked,
tortured and thrown alongside the road.
Often this is because of their disgust at
her complete filthiness and degradation or
because she was disloyal in some scheme
of theirs.
The harlot we are discussing here, how­
ever, is no ordinary harlot. She is one
that has had kings and rulers as her para­
mours. Nevertheless, she is executed by
them, and not for reasons of jealousy, but
because she has deceived them. She has
made the world situation much more dif­
ficult for the rulers to handle. Actually
she leads them into a postion where they
are found to be fighting against God. They
come to the point of disgust and hatred
toward her that causes them to want to
obliterate her and all thoughts and memo­
ries of her.
This harlot, whose activities have af­
fected the lives of everyone on earth, is
the one that was portrayed in vision to


the apostle John. She is an international
harlot and her activities and her final
destiny and execution at the hand of her
lovers are clearly described in the record
John made of the vision. We read in the
book of Revelation that John saw a wom­
an, a harlot named Babylon the Great,
riding a scarlet-colored beast. He writes:
“And he says to me: ‘The waters that
you saw, where the harlot is sitting, mean
peoples and crowds and nations and
tongues. And the ten horns that you saw,
and the wild beast, these will hate the
harlot and will make her devastated and
naked, and will eat up her fleshy parts
and will completely burn her with fire. For
God put it into their hearts to cai'ry out
his thought, even to carry out their one
thought by giving their kingdom to the
wild beast, until the words of God will
have been accomplished. And the woman
whom you saw means the great city that
has a kingdom over the kings of the
Rev. 17:15-18.

As explained in previous issues of
Watchtower, the scarlet-colored beast is
the international peace organization now
known as the United Nations. The ten



horns represent the complete number of
the earthly rulers that make up this or­
ganization. They are the powers that
hold political control over their respec­
tive nations and peoples. The harlot is
said to be sitting on many waters (Rev.
17:1), which mean peoples and crowds
and nations and tongues. (Vs. 15) These
have included people of all nations of
the earth. Therefore, Babylon the Great
is larger than a kingdom— she is an em­
pire, a religious empire wielding reli­
gious influence and control over lives of
peoples, just as she is shown sitting
upon them. She has wielded so much
power and influence in this way that
the kings and rulers of the earth have
found it advantageous to adopt a form of
religion, in some places even making a
Babylonish religion the state religion. It
is in this way that Babylon the Great has
a “ kingdom over the kings of the earth.”
Babylon the Great, being made up of the
world empire of multitudinous sects, is
therefore greater than Christendom, and
older, but includes Christendom.
What is the “ one thought” that the “ten
kings” have, and how does God put it into
their hearts to carry it out? Well, God
knows how to reserve the ungodly to the
day of judgment to be punished. (2 Pet.
2:9) In letting them go to great limits in
their schemes he has a purpose. He, too,
has a “ thought” of his own regarding the
“ ten kings” that involves the fate of Bab­
ylon the Great the harlot. He maneuvers
them all into the position in which he
wants them and causes them to be exposed
and to show their true colors before they
are destroyed.

The “ one thought” the ten kings have
is opposition to God’s kingdom in the
hands of his Lamb, Jesus Christ. Just as

B r o o k l y n , N .Y .

Jehovah did with Pharaoh of ancient
Egypt, who he told Moses beforehand
would not listen to his voice until He had
struck Egypt with all his wonderful acts
(which finally ended in Pharaoh’s destruc­
tion at Jehovah’s hands in the Red Sea),
so Jehovah knows these kings’ heart atti­
tude. He puts them on judgment before
him and makes them produce the evi­
dence. On the basis of this evidence he can
righteously sentence them to destruction
and execute the sentence.— Ex. 7:3-5.
The critical year for the “ ten kings”
was 1914 C.E., because the Gentile Times
ran out in the fall of that year. The “ ten
kings” as well as Babylon the Great her­
self were warned of this through some of
the clergymen of Christendom as well as
by Jehovah’s witnesses, but all of them
ignored the warning. But what would the
“ ten kings” do when their power ran out?
Jehovah foreknew their “one thought”
and their course of action. In 1914 war
over world domination broke out in Chris­
tendom. The leaders of the world were un­
willing to turn over their sovereignty to
Jehovah God’s king, but, instead, wanted
to continue their rule and entered into this
war. It was accompanied by food short-

A p r il 1, 1 9 6 7



ages, pestilences and earthquakes in one
place after another and by the develop­
ment of more devastating weapons of war­
fare.—Matt. 2 4 : 7 , 8 .

Here began an expose of the harlot, the
world empire of false religion, to her lov­
ers, the politicians of the world, for while
she claimed to be an organization of peace
and unity, especially the part of her
known as Christendom, she was absolutely
helpless in preventing a most devastating
world war, which the rulers themselves
were reluctant to enter. In fact, rather
than preventing the war, she took sides in
it by means of her harlot daughters, her
member religious organizations, even with
prayers and imposing religious rites,
which actually promoted it. God let the
ten kings see how destruction stared them
in the face if they persisted in such war­
Now a real decision faced the rulers.
They were on trial for judgment by God.
Just as Pharaoh of old was forced into a
decision, God at this point forced the rul­
ers to decide. He foreknew their hearts
and knew that they would not give up
their sovereignty and bow to his king. He
knew that they would turn to creating a
man-made organization for ensuring and
preserving world peace and security so
that their selfish interest would be pre­
served and they would be able to maintain
their various human sovereignties over the
distinct nations. As God’s Word foretold,
they put their confidence in man to form
an association of nations in order to pre­
vent the destruction they saw on the hori­
zon and to preserve rule of mankind by
man and not by God. Babylon egged them
on in this “ one thought.”
The result of this “ one thought” was the
bringing forth of the political image of the
wild beast that had ascended out of the

sea. The product was the symbolic scarletcolored wild beast. The “ ten kings” went
ahead with their thought by giving their
kingdom to the scarlet-colored wild beast,
which now stands in the form of the Unit­
ed Nations. They will continue to support
this arrangement “ until the words of God
have been accomplished.”
Just as Jehovah said to Pharaoh: “ For
this cause I have kept you in existence,
for the sake of showing you my power and
in order to have my name declared in all
the earth,” so he has let these nations car­
ry out the one purpose and thought of
theirs. (Ex. 9:16) But they are at the
same time carrying out God’s “ thought,”
just as Pharaoh did. God’s “ thought” was
for these enemies of his kingdom to com­
bine themselves in one worldwide political
organization and, by it, to present to him
and his Messianic kingdom a united front,
that he might face them all at one time
and destroy them all together at one
stroke.— Josh. 11:19, 20.
There is a great deal of mercy on Jeho­
vah God’s part here. In his “ thought” he
spares humankind, and especially his own
people, much suffering. For he lets all the
nations come to the point of trying to
destroy God’s people on earth at one time
and themselves suffer destruction rather
than let it be carried out over a long pe­
riod of time, from one nation to another,
in which there would be much more pro­
longed misery. How it magnifies Jehovah’s
justice to destroy them when they are
brought to the point of exposing them­
selves as all being united on the one thing,
opposition to God’s kingdom, which is at
the same time opposition to the best in­
terests of the people!

Jehovah lets Babylon the Great continue
in her degraded course and come to new
low depths in her willingness to sacrifice



the welfare of the people for political gain.
He allows her to continue to make earth’s
inhabitants drunk still more from her
golden cup and the wine of her fornication.
Then, in his due time and by the force
of circumstances that he will produce, Je­
hovah will bring about the situation where
her present lovers will turn on her with
disgust and violent design. They will see
that she is of no more use to them, in
fact, has misled them into a situation
which is very undesirable for them. This
does not necessarily mean that all the na­
tions will go communistic on either the
Soviet Russian line or the Red Chinese
line; certainly at the present time the ma­
jority of the symbolic “ten kings” in the
United Nations are unwilling to turn
against the world empire of Babylonian
religion. The representatives and officials
serving in the U.N. are from various re­
ligions of the earth, Mohammedan, Bud­
dhist and others besides those of Christen­
dom. Their attitude toward this matter is
indicated by the recent peace-bell-ringing
ceremony that was carried out at the Unit­
ed Nations headquarters on October 4,
1966. This ceremony was promoted by the
chief delegates from Nigeria and Japan,
an observer for the Holy See and the chef
de cabinet to Secretary-General Thant of
the U.N.*
Of course, these “ten kings,” when they
turn on the harlot, are drawing near to
the time for their own destruction, but
before Jehovah God destroys them in the
place Biblically called Har-Magedon, he
will cause their passionate love of the
“great harlot” to turn to hatred. He has
done such a thing before, and in ancient
times he warned religious Jerusalem that
he would bring her former passionate lov­
ers against her to mutilate and destroy
her. He had already caused a like experi* The New York Times, October 5, 1966, Late City
Edition, page 5.



, N .Y .

ence to befall Samaria, her sister capital.
Read the prophecies on this in Ezekiel 16:
33-42 and 23:1-31. Great Babylon is no
better than unfaithful apostate Jerusalem.
She deserves to be destroyed like a harlot,
and Jehovah God will see to it that, ironi­
cally, her former lovers will take a hand
in the violent destruction of her.

The order of events of Babylon the
Great’s destruction is described for us in
Revelation. First, the great river Euphra­
tes will have been completely dried up, in
fulfillment of the sixth plague. The waters
of the Euphrates here represent the peo­
ples supporting her. (Rev. 16:12) In this
manner God will take away the protection
and support that she used to get from the
people. And it will not be just the sym­
bolic “ ten horns” or “ ten kings” of the
“ wild beast” that will be angry at her.
No, the whole beastly organization will
learn to hate her, losing their pleasure in
her. Therefore, the majority of the mem­
ber nations of this “wild beast” organiza­
tion in which she relies for protection will
not rescue her when the time comes for
Jehovah to execute his judgment upon her.
The “ten kings” and the “ wild beast” will
devastate her of the vast wealth she has
gathered in carrying on her religious busi­
ness. They will strip her naked, that is,
they will make her appear shameful as a
naked woman in public, that everybody
may see how false and useless her religion
is and stop superstitiously taking part in
it. You will recall how wild beasts, dogs,
ate up the fleshy parts of Baalistic Queen
Jezebel of Israel, leaving only the palms
of her hands and her feet and skull. Like­
wise, these kings composing the wild
beast will devour her body with which
they once had liked to unite.
Babylon the Great has had many awe­
some and lavish ceremonies and rites,


p r il

1, 1967


which appeared beautiful to the people,
like a beautiful harlot able to give sooth­
ing pleasure to ungodly, worldly men. This
harlot loved to drink blood, especially the
blood of those killed by religious persecu­
tion. Her clergy fed themselves and lived
off the masses of people under her, but
now the tables are turned: the wild beast
feeds on her as long as there is anything
left of her to eat. Then they will burn the
rest of her frame with fire, as if she were
not a Babylonian temple prostitute but an
unchaste daughter of a priest in ancient
Israel. (Lev. 21:9; Gen. 38:24) What this
will mean for the religious buildings of
Babylon the Great and for her priests and
other religious clergy and orders is some­
thing frightful to contemplate. We make
no attempt to describe it.

It was a terrible sight for John to be­
hold the judgment executed on the harlot
in the vision. Truly it will be exceedingly
terrible to see the burning hatred vented
on her, when the things of the world em­
pire of false religion, formerly considered
sacred, will then be held as disgusting. Her
churches, which once provided sanctuary
for even the worst of criminals, will be
looked upon as filthy, abhorrent places.
But it will rid the earth forever of ac­
cursed Babylon the Great. Compare Jehu’s
destruction of Baal worship in Israel.
—2 Ki. 10:25-27.
What about those who are serving Je­
hovah God as his Christian witnesses?
Well, today they declare the judgments
that will come upon Babylon, to give all
those who are in her an opportunity to
escape the horrible destruction that faces
her. Note, however, that they will not join
with the “ten horns” in expressing bitter,


violent hatred against her and they will
have no part whatsoever in destroying her.
They have no appointment from Jehovah
God to act as his executioners against the
empire of Babylonish religion. While the
destruction of Babylon the Great is really
from God, yet he uses the instruments he
chooses to do so. But as to the “ ten horns”
and the “wild beast,” their hatred of false
religion does not mean their conversion to
true worship of God. No, they will not
look with favor upon Jehovah’s Christian
witnesses. The servants of God will be in
danger, liable for attack by the antireli­
gionists. However, unlike the exposed, un­
protected condition of Babylon the Great,
Jehovah’s servants will have an invisible
“ wall” around them. God Almighty will
protect and preserve them through that
awesome period of his executing righteous
judgment on the great harlot.— Ps. 37:
32-34; compare 2 Kings 6:15-17; Zechariah 2:5; Daniel 3:24-27.
So while one might feel at this time
very safe in a religion of Babylon the
Great, we can see from the prophecy that
God will turn the tables on matters very
quickly. Therefore, it is not something
that we should view with unconcern,
adopting a wait-and-see attitude. Instead
of looking upon Babylon the Great as a
sanctuary, flee to the true sanctuary,
God’s Christian organization, by studying
God’s Word the Bible and taking the ac­
tion therein commanded. Only in this way
will one have a realization of God’s prom­
ise: “The salvation of the righteous ones
is from Jehovah; he is their fortress in the
time of distress. And Jehovah will help
them and provide them with escape. He
will provide them with escape from wicked
people and save them, because they have
taken refuge in him.”— Ps. 37:39, 40.

may do a little teaching when we offer Bible
magazines on the streets; we m ay do a little
more as we speak at the doorstep while
preaching from house to house. But we do
much more teaching when we call back on
persons who have evinced a measure of
interest in God’s W ord and, m ost of all, of
course, do we teach when we establish a
regular home Bible study.

H A T m any fine examples of how our
brothers, by teaching, are making dis­
ciples of Christ are found in our 1967
Yearbook! Are you enjoying them? A ll this
teaching, o f course, is being done in obedience
to the command Jesus gave his followers
just before returning to his heavenly Father:
“M ake disciples of people . . . teaching them.”
— M att. 28: 19, 20.*
A disciple, we are told, is “one who receives
instruction from another. One who accepts
the doctrines of another and assists in spread­
ing and implementing them.” The disciples
of Jesus Christ, according to the Bible, are
those who accept Jesus’ teachings, who under­
stand them and who follow him closely in
spreading them.— John 8:31.
W h a t is involved in making disciples?
Jesus Christ set the example for us. He took
the initiative, going to the people, preaching
and teaching wherever he found those willing
to listen.
In carrying on this work of making dis­
ciples by teaching, the emphasis is on a cer­
tain feature of our Christian ministry. W e


And not only must we carry on this teach­
ing on a personal basis, we must help these
prospective disciples to see the need of attend­
ing our five weekly congregational meetings.
They need the help of these also if they
would become Jesus’ disciples.
W hat a privilege to share in this work, to
be “ God’s fellow workers,” preaching and
teaching the everlasting good news under
the direction of Jesus Christ and his holy
angels! W h at a blessing to be permitted to
share in this work of making disciples by
teaching! Appreciating it, m ay we serve to
the full limit of our strength, time and abil­
ity!— 1 Cor. 3 :9 ; Rev. 14:6.

* For details see The Watchtower, April 1, 1966.


Before his ascension to heaven, the Lord
Jesus instructed his followers: “ Go therefore
and make disciples of people . . . teaching
them.” (Matt. 28:19, 20) It is in obedience to
that command that Jehovah’s witnesses call
at your door. Yes, they are teachers of the
things that are recorded in the Bible, and they
offer their personal services free of charge.
A s a further a id . to interested persons, during
April they will be offering a year’s subscription
fo r this fine Bible-study aid, The Watchtower,
with three booklets; for just $1. Avail yourself
o f the opportunity to obtain it.

copies being distributed in 1,200 languages.
Yet it is still a closed book to many. Do you
find it so? Many are discouraged from Bible
reading by archaic, outdated language and
stiff, obscure translation. Now the New World
Translation of the Holy Scriptures brings you
a new modern version in our everyday, speech,
opening up the Bible to you. To add* to your
pleasure and understanding, read also the
valuable Bible-study aid Life Everlasting— in
Freedom of the Sons of God. Both, only
$1.50. Send today.
j - . •/

April 30: The Pattern of Judgment. Page 205.
Songs to Be Used: 95, 69.
May 7: God’s Judgment Makes M anifest the
Truly Rich. Page 212. Songs to Be Used:
100, 104.


The Bible is universally acknowledged as
the best seller of all tim es; over two billion


Every watchtower has its purpose. It serves as an elevated place for a
wide-awake person with sharp vision. It enables him to see far ahead into
the distance and tell those below for w hom he is a watchman w hat is
drawing near, whether it is a danger against which to prepare or it is
something good over which to be glad with strong faith and hope.
Because o f having the name "T h e W a tch tow er” this magazine justly
has to render a similar useful service to the people o f all nations. This is
an international magazine and makes no racial distinctions, for w e are all
facing a common w orld danger; we are all hoping for a common good.
Ever since "T h e W a tch tow er” began to be published in July o f 1 8 7 9 it
has looked ahead into the future, always striving to aid its readers to ad­
vance in knowledge and to gain a clearer picture o f the glorious new order
o f things that is in store for righteous mankind. N o , "T h e W a tc h tow er”
is no inspired prophet, but it follows and explains a Book o f prophecy the
predictions in which have proved to be unerring and unfailing till now .
"T h e W a tch to w er” is therefore under safe guidance. It m ay be read with
confidence, for its statements may be checked against that prophetic Book.
A m o n g the m any nations o f today there are hundreds o f differing
religions. W h ic h one does this magazine present? N o t the confused religions
o f Christendom, but the religion o f the oldest sacred Book on earth. W n ich
Book? The Sacred Bible o f the H o ly Scriptures, written by inspiration in
the name o f the Creator o f heaven and earth, the only living and true G od.
The sacred, nonpolitical purpose o f "T h e W a tch tow er” is accordingly
to encourage and promote study o f the H oly Bible and to give our m any
readers the needed unsectarian help to understand that Book o f true
religion and infallible prophecy. Thus this magazine w ill be helping them
to prove w orthy o f perfect life and happiness in G o d ’s promised new order
under H is everlasting kingdom o f righteousness.

117 Adams Street
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201, U.S.A.
N . H. K norr, President
G rant S uiter, Secretary
“ They w ill a ll be taught by Jehovah.”— John 6 :4 5 ; Isaiah 54 :13


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“h a v e l o v e d the darkness rather than the light. As they hurriedly shut the door. Jeho­ vah’s witnesses love God. and they took no note until the flood came and swept them all away.” (John 3:19) The message of the Bible dis­ turbs them. 39) But while there is yet time. Furthermore. not everyone appreciates it when Jehovah’s witnesses call. they frequently remark that their priest or min­ ister has told them to slam the door on Jehovah’s witnesses and not to listen. (Matt. There are persons who. 11. For that reason they want to share with you something that has brought them peace of mind. 3) It is urgent to act. if your heart is righteously in­ clined. Even some who are deeply religious react harshly when Jehovah’s witnesses call. the answer is simple. they love you as their neigh­ bor. Your life and the lives of your family are involved. people have the opportunity to heed the message of warn227 .” Jesus said that it would be the same in our day. until the day that Noah entered into the ark. an understanding of the significance of world conditions and a reliable hope for a permanently peace­ ful world. They are so concerned with materialistic pursuits that they have no time for spiri­ tual interests. They are like those people in the days of Noah concerning whom Je­ sus Christ said: They were “eating and drinking. and they push it away. for their works were wicked. Perhaps you are one of those persons. 24:38.'y d r ir io u T ic ir ig J E H O V A H ’S KINGDOM ANY persons wonder why Je­ hovah’s witnesses keep calling at their homes. (Luke 21:10. 31) It also outlines the course that we must take as humans during this crucial time in order to have God’s approval and be preserved to live in his new system of things. you will be grateful for their visit. Really. 2:2. Of course. men marrying and women being given in marriage. The Bible long ago foretold the turmoil and trouble that the nations have experi­ enced since the outbreak of World War I as well as the outcome. and in his Word the Bible he has instructed those who serve him to talk to other people about him and his loving purposes. That is one reason why Jeho­ vah’s witnesses call at your home. Is there something in the Bible that their clergymen do not want them to know? Other persons are simply indifferent. But why? Some of them begin to wonder. know­ ing that. (Zeph. as the Lord Jesus said.

there is something else that we believe you will enjoy just as much. Just what could you expect to learn in the course of per­ haps a year of such weekly Bible discus­ sions? Well. What we have in mind is a free home study of the Bible. But when they are back in the territory again. highlighting the principal ideas and showing how it all ties together and how it makes clear the purpose of God. Jesus Christ and his apostles showed that it can open up the way to everlasting life in God’s righteous new system of things.— John 17:3. an hour each week. But the time left in which to act is short. these points are cov­ ered: Evidence that God is indeed alive and that the Bible truly is his Word. focus attention on specific Bible topics and questions that have perplexed people everywhere. ing about the impending destruction of this wicked system of things.Y . It is with a desire to be of service to you in this way that they call. Moses and David affect us today? Is God a per­ son. they go on to the next door. N . Such has been the case in countless thousands of in­ stances. come into existence? What does the Bible show the soul to be? What hap­ pens to that soul at death? Why must man die? Will it always be this way? Does the Bible’s promise of a resurrection mean that you will actually be able to enjoy the companionship of your deceased loved ones again? Where will they be raised— in heaven or on earth? What conditions will prevail then? How do the prophecies of the Hebrew Scriptures and accounts concerning such men as Abraham. This is followed by a condensed coverage of the entire Bible. Jehovah’s witnesses do not force their message on anyone. at a time convenient to you. Apparently you are not a person who shoves away the Bible’s message as pub­ lished by Jehovah’s witnesses. Circumstances in life cause attitudes to change. for example.228 STkWATCHTOWER. They call at their doors again. It is to provide to all persons. Perhaps some of them will be willing to listen. Jehovah’s witnesses continue to call on them. Jehovah’s witnesses in your com­ munity would count it a privilege to con­ duct such a free home Bible study with you. 3:13. . Next time they call at your door. 2 Pet. they B r o o k l y n . because 4. Gaining such Bible knowledge is vital to you and to your family now. they do not show any hard feelings against those who were indifferent or un­ kind to them last time. that is why you are reading this magazine. If a person does not want to listen. As shown on the inside cover of this issue.000 copies are regularly printed in seventy-one languages. How did the universe and living creatures. and it does not cost even as much as the small contribu­ tion that you gave for this copy of The Watchtower. In fact. Jehovah’s witnesses will be glad to help you. Avail yourself of the opportunity now. in a carefully planned pro­ gram currently being used by Jehovah’s witnesses world wide. Having laid this fine foundation. or three persons in one God? Are you obligated to keep the Law given through Moses? What about the Ten Command­ ments? the sabbath day? Why has God permitted wickedness to continue for so long? Will unrighteousness come to an end? When? How can we be sure? This is only a sampling of the stimulating ques­ tions that are given satisfying answers. whether they belong to a church or not. With ear­ nest concern for their welfare. there are millions more like you. it is a service that is absolutely free. If you enjoy this magazine.850. ask them about it. both human and spirit. such fine instruction from their own copies of the Bible that Jehovah’s witnesses call at their homes.

” According to these Bible verses. What does Revelation 20:4-6 say about the mil­ lennium? 3. and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.ILLENNIUM means a time pe­ riod of a thousand years. namely. but they shall be priests of God and of Christ. Adam. mille anni. let us read the pro- phetic verses about Christ’s reign. name­ ly. Jesus Christ must reign for a thousand years over mankind. in Rev­ elation 20:4-6: “And I saw seats: and they sat upon them: and judgment was given unto them: and the souls of them that were beheaded for the testimony of Jesus and for the word of God. (a) Why is the question raised as to whether the period of “a thousand years” is symbolic or not? (b) How long did John think the millennium would be. To what is the word “ millennium” applied. the “ first man Adam” sinned against God and lived less than a thousand years. Because he resembles the first man on earth. The rest of the dead lived not. symbolical. meaning “a thousand years. he is called “ the last Adam. This is the first resurrec­ tion. Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection.”— Ro­ man Catholic Douay Version. and shall reign with him a thousand years. in Reve­ lation 20:2-7. and who had not adored the beast nor his image. nor re­ ceived his character on their foreheads or in their hands. 5:1-5. meaning a longer period than 1. are the “ thousand years” also symbolic. 15:45-49) As the book of Revelation is a prophetic book written largely in symbolic language. So. and what question arises as to it? 2. (Gen. This long word is made up from two Latin words that we find in the Latin version of the last book of the Holy Bible.” However. 2In proceeding to get the answer to this important question. In these the sec­ ond death hath no power. 3 In the verses just quoted the “ beast” and “ his image” are symbols of something else. or 930 years. 1 Cor. 4. till the thousand years were finished. and to which early Christian do we go for reference? 229 . the question has been much dis­ cussed as to whether the thousand years of Christ’s rule as king are literal or figu­ rative.

and was the author salvation that is in union with Christ Jesus of five books of commentaries on the sayings of the Lord (Ldgon KyriakQn Exegesis). 4:8-11) But the question arose. learned from him the belief in rise in the resurrection on the last day. but there was a might live and reign and serve as priests man of the second century. . in the meantime enduring all the persecution and * In confirmation of the above The Encyclopedia Americana. glorious earthly kingdom of God’s appointed time for him to rule as Christ. during his reign of one thousand years.D. When Satan prophetic vision of the millennial reign of the Devil tried to tempt him in the wilder­ Jesus Christ and of his congregation of ness and offered him all the kingdoms of 144.” They looked forward to the writer. to wait until God’s due time for them to “ ‘Presbyteri. ” * 5The apostle John. that is.Martha. who had seen and heard the dis­ Lazarus. . . N . 6. Volume 21 (edition of 1929). III. 39) Papias in his book as­ day. He John. B r o o k l y n . (a) How did Jesus show he was willing to wait till God’s due time for him to reign? (b) What question arose about his followers. and I shall resurrect doctrine from contemporaries of the Apos­ him at the last day.” 5. It is from them that we learn that Saint Matthew’s Gospel was traditionally believed to the saying: Certainly if we died together. and the evangelist Mark to have been the interpreter or amanuensis of Peter we shall also live together. named Pa'pi as. In proof 1-8. if we go on in writing the Third Gospel.” (John 6:53. how did the disciple John. a disciple of St. accepted the the world. we have the testimony of the martyred Would Jesus’ footstep followers be willing Pa'pias and of other Christian elders. 54) And tles. himself resurrection of the 144. page 308. have been written in Hebrew. you have no life in yourselves.Y . in order that they ment from John himself.that feeds on my flesh and drinks my blood narianism. Matt. John be­ tan the Devil in an act of worship in order lieved the millennium to be a time period to gain those earthly kingdoms. He is described by Irenaeus and later writers as a ‘hearer wrote to a fellow Christian: “ I go on en­ of John and a companion of Polycarp. appeared as an advocate of mille. the Christian apostle John. the sen ones. he refused to bow down to Sa­ vision as setting out the truth. Christian writer. who received the king for a thousand years. He was one of the earlier believers in the millennium.” millenarianism as part of the Lord’s doc­ (John 11:24) So the millennial reign of trine. says: suffering? The imprisoned apostle Paul “ PA'PI-AS. a few fragments of along with everlasting glory.” has this to say: flesh of the Son of man and drink his 4 “ Papias of Hierapolis.000 redeemed followers. just a thousand years? Well. He claimed to have received his has everlasting life. said to Jesus: “I know he will ciple John. the sister of Jesus’ beloved friend byteri’. According to Eusebius (Historic Christ would not begin before that “ last clesiastica. blood. and what attitude did Paul show toward this? . bishop of Hierapolis. (Luke 4: literally one thousand years long. and Irenseus narrates that other‘Pres. under the title “Millen­ words to this effect: “Unless you eat the nium. Faithful is which are extant. page 268. that they too may obtain the personal reign of Christ on earth for a thousand years after the resurrection of the dead.230 SEeWATCHTOWER. inasmuch The Catholic Encyclopedia (edition of as the apostle John wrote down Jesus’ own 1911). who knew associates of the apostle John. 6They looked forward to the coming of and about Pa'pi as the eleventh volume of the “last day” for this to occur.000 members of his understand it? We have no straight com­ redeemed congregation.’ He suffered during all things for the sake of the cho­ martyrdom at Pergamos in 163 A.’ who had seen and heard the reign with his Son Jesus Christ. (a) To what did Pa'pi-as and other Christian elders look forward because of the apostle John's vision? (b) Christ’s millennial reign does not begin before what “ day” ? 7.” serted that the resurrection of the dead TIME FOR REIGNING would be followed by one thousand years 7Jesus Christ was willing to wait till of a visible.

says: “ His Holiness but also to all those If we go on enduring. Peter. that we also might archbishops and bishops have been reign­ rule with you as kings. be­ showy display of themselves in regalia fit cause we have become a theatrical spec­ for kings? How is this? tacle to the world. (a) What words of the apostle John show whether he was reigning at death? (b) What question arises. I have ob­ entitled to reign served the faith. are you? You nate with the Father. a v i s i b l e hu m an will give me as a re­ representative. How long have these dom been reigning.” (2 Tim. what did Paul write to certain Emperor Constantine the Great or shortly ambitious Christians in Corinth? m lf 9. reigning for more than a thousand literal years.A p r il 15. of whom the National ward in that day. 2:10-12) Yes. ever since the days of the Roman 8. . . but to certain ambitious in the world— the desire of the flesh and Christians in Corinth he wrote: the desire of the eyes and the showy dis­ 8 “ You men already have your fill. ” — 2 Tim.J wrote: “I have run be g u n and th a t ^ J • f the course to the they are therefore t . 1967 SfEeWATCHTOWEFL 231 enduring. lennial reign of r — ' ^ ' r ^ [ T jp— but from prison he ! ‘ Christ has already . regarding certain religious leaders of Chris­ tendom? 11. and what the pope of Rome? religious officials of Christen­ have they personally fulfilled . Prince of the loved the future manifestation of the Apostles. What words of Paul show whether he was reigning when he died? 10. What have such men question comes up about 12. 9. that God has put us the apostles last on seated on gorgeous thrones and making a exhibition as men appointed to death. and Revelation 20:4-6? evidently imagined. who also the successor of St. C atholic Alm anac yet not only to me. 4 : 7 . ligious officials of * The apostle Paul Christendom imag­ did not die reigning ined that the mil­ as a king on earth. 8.” 11 Have these re­ — 1 Cor. did not die ruling as an of the Roman Province. doplay of one’s means of life— does not origi­ you? You are rich already. For it seems to me ing in Christendom for many centuries. we shall also rule together as If anyone loves the world. the Sovereign of earthly king. because everything willing to wait. with him on earth. we shall also rule*’ th e P o p e is the w h o ha ve l o v e d his manif est ati on. the Vicar of Jesus Christ.! _ * ] finish. 4:8. 10 Likewise the apostle John.” (1 John 2:15-17) How is it. he wrote: “ Do not be loving either the world or the things in the world. then. As regards waiting. the love of the kings. the Archbishop and Primate Lord Jesus Christ. . Bishop of Rome. Toward the end of his long the State of Vatican City” ? 12These religious officials have thus been earthly life. earth by means of the righteous judge. From this time on although he is up in there is reserved heaven? And has for me the crown the invisible Christ o f righteousness. but originates with have begun ruling as kings without us. that religious popes and patriarchs. Paul was Father is not in him. begun ruling as kings. been reigning on which the Lord. the world. have you? And I wish indeed that you had then.

Volume VIII. .* even Pope Leo I (440-461 C.232 f&eW ATCHTOW ER thereafter. whose successor I am.” Brooklyn. by virtue of the promise made to Peter. of which this chapter treats. before which barbarism shall flee away. is waged in the Church on earth. Augustine finally held to the con­ viction that there would be no millennium. page 309.E. . the sabbath of one thousand years after the six thousand years of history.” t See pages 244. so that great Doctor de­ scribes it in his work De Civitate Dei [Concerning the City of God]. the number one thousand is intended to express per­ fection.Y. The first resurrection. not by bring­ ing back the Caesars. 245 of Volume III of Beacon Lights of History. In the same book he gives us an allegorical explanation of Chapter 20 of the Apocalypse. of which the Apocalypse speaks. and how and why? When and why did religious leaders make a symbolical interpretation of the millennium and put it ahead of Christ’s return and make it a rule on earth. but a tiara will I wear. in the flesh. The struggle between Christ and His saints on the one hand and the wicked world and Satan on the other.) saying: “I will revive government once more upon this earth. when did this change in understanding of Revelation 20:4-6 take place. arise as to a change in understanding of Revelation 20:4-6? (b) How does what The Catholic En­ cyclopedia says about Augustine help to clear up these questions? . Volume Ten. then. . by making myself the vice­ gerent of Christ. Not a diadem. RUNNING AHEAD OF THE TIME 13 Well. a symbol of universal sovereignty. New York edition of 1884. LL. entitled “Martin Luther: The Protestant Reformation. each one reigning as long as Jesus Christ himself will. in other words. and on man­ made material thrones? Catholic En­ cyclopedia helps to clear up the question. page 396: “ Before the time of Constantine the clergy were not recognised as holding any distinct rank in the state. (a) What questions. The pope of Rome— already in regal splendor 13-15. or. in Chapter X X X . the kingdom of Christ. at all events. but when Christianity was adopted as the religion of the Roman empire. Thus not one of them has fulfilled what Revelation 20: 4-6 says about reigning with Christ. N. edition of 1911. and the last space of one thousand years must be understood as referring to the end of the world. and happiness be restored once more. has this to say under the heading “Millen­ nium” : 14 “St. by John Lord. therefore. he tells us. ly reigned on his episcopal throne for a thousand years. is the whole of eternal life.D. but by declaring a new theocracy. refers to the spiritual rebirth in bap­ tism..” f And yet not one of these reputed vicars of Christ or archbishops or bishops personal* Says M’Clintock and Strong’s Cyclopaedia. its ministers were considered as occupying the place of those heathen priests whose superstitions had fallen into disrepute.

of which says: 17 “ One great reason of this remarkable change of sentiment is to be found in the altered condition and prospects of the Church. There is no doubt that this turn of events did much towards weaning the Christians from the old millenarianism. it was impossible for them to raise their faith and hopes so high as to expect the conquest of the Roman empire by the moral power of the cross.D. 19. They persuaded their reli­ gious flocks to give way to the same change of sentiment toward Christ’ s thousand-year reign over mankind. . and as the religious organiza­ tion had such good relations. what happened? The religious lead­ ers felt no need for a future literal millen­ nial reign of Jesus Christ with his glori­ fied congregation in heaven. In support of the above. London edition of 1848. the possibility and probability of a peaceful victory of the Christian cause over all its adversaries. which during the time of persecution had been the expression of their hopes that Christ would soon reap­ pear and overthrow the foes of His elect. . and footnote by James Seaton Reid. They were already reigning in prominent religious ca­ pacities with the backing of the Roman Empire. what does the Cyclopaedia by M'Clintock and Strong say? 18. it was now claimed that Christen­ dom’s Church was already in the millen­ nium foretold by the apostle John. XX. . column 2.. Why did religious leaders come to feel no need for a future millennial reign of Christ. It is be­ lieved that Origen (born 180. Concerning the religious controversy over the mil­ lennium during the preceding century. Chapter III. Moreover. the attitude of the Church towards the secular power had undergone a change with closer connexion between her and the Roman empire. 16. But as the Gospel made progress. 5-7: in the edition of Jacques Paul Migne. and millenarianism in its earlier shape no longer received support. 607 and following pages.” 18As the religious organization of Chris­ tendom had the protection of the political government. by the might of truth and of the Spirit. page 265. and how did they justify themselves in not following his example? 233 flesh on earth with the politicians. Volume 6. The Middle Ages were never tainted with millenarianism. where did the Church of Christendom think that it was living? (b) What Latin religious father helped along such thinking. . independently of the personal and supernatural interposi­ tion of Christ. they applied Revelation 20:4-6 as being fulfilled in themselves.” Section 12. Doc­ tor Augustine’s treatment of the subject of the millennium gave to men’s religious 17. ..” XLI. The Prot­ estantism of the sixteenth century ush­ ered in a new epoch of millenarian doc­ trines. . even us­ ing its mailed fist for the forcible con­ version of the pagans to Christendom’s religion. the third century. and how? . Furthermore. D. died 254) is the first of the ancient ecclesiastical writ­ ers to affirm the practicableness of such a triumph of the Gospel through its own in­ herent efficacy. Christians at first yearned for the reappearance of the Lord. see Mosheim's Institutes of Ecclesiastical History. in Latin. (a) Due to its relations with the political state. to justify them­ selves in not following Christ’s example but in accepting rulership before resurrec­ tion from the dead and while still in the * See Doctor Augustine’s De Givitate Dei. entitled “ History of Theology. 15 “This explanation of the illustrious Doctor was adopted by succeeding West­ ern theologians. “ Patrologiae cursus completus. gained a lodgment in the convictions of good men. . . .* . This fact is supported by the religious Cyclopcedia by M’Clintock and Strong.” 16 There we have it! When the religious leaders of the fourth century gained offi­ cial recognition from the Roman Empire and accepted appointments to religious po­ sitions of power and authority and thus their religion became allied to the political state. . Moreover. power and influence with the political state.A p r il 15. it was foreign both to the theology of that period and to the religious ideas of the people. 1967 SkW ATCHTOW ER can only be applied to the Church.

N. The Church of Christendom has filled in the Roman Catholic Church on never been in any “ millennial sera. " T h is Latin religious father. And now color to the mediaeval the destruction speculations on this sub­ of Babylon the ject. 7. (a) A literal millennium upon the Roman Catholic Papacy was thought to be fulfilled during what time? (b) How were the troubles that followed understood. B rooklyn . not a “ little It would seem t i m e ” f o r the that this mod­ D e v i l to be ified interpreloosed.234 SEeWATCHTOWER. That is all its enemies.E. thinking a powerful push in that direction. page Great. page 8.Y. as of August 1889. when Pope Leo III crowned Charle­ 19 “Augustine’s treatment of the subjectmagne in Rome as king of the Holy Ro­ man Empire. to Valence. who spread such an interpreta­ FIGURATIVE MILLENNIUM PROVED WRONG tion of Revelation 20:4-6. threatens that religious empire in the near future. it is on the road to now 168 years a glorious as­ since the year cendancy over 1799. was taken as a prisoner from doctrine objectionable.”— Volume 6. gave ing. of which the Papacy is the most 265. already deposed by Napoleon narian Sabbath. proceeding to discuss the subject. France. provided the joys the Vatican on February 20. (Rev. sus­ th e R o m a n t a i n e d as i t was by the authority of Catholic Papa­ the principal Latin fa­ cy are worsen­ ther [Augustine]. Zion's Watch 20. He says (De Civitate X X . Aurelius Augustine. pages 3. pages 6. nor does he consider the Bonaparte. lived 354-430 21 How wrong the Roman Catholic C.3 . In harmony with his view that the “Saint” Augustine was can now be clearly millennial reign of Christ was being ful­ seen. he gust 29.* The trouble that followed upon the Roman Catholic advocates the Church was viewed as proposition marking the “ little time” that the earth­ during which Satan the ly kingdom of Devil was to be Christ is the loosed at the Church.E. 20: in the millen­ 1 . where he died on Au­ But.E. of 1890 edition. also. 7. 21. when Pope marks an epoch.Pius VI. to 1799 C. page 356. but why could this not be right ? Tower. 4. as of December 1881. D y ) nial sera. in a literal way was from the year 800 Says the above Cyclopaed C. 7) that he had once held to a mille.. and yet t a tio n of the troubles on prophecy. 1799. which m illennium ’s was even then end. it was later thought that the millen­ * See The Time Is at Hand (Volume Two of the nial reign of the Roman Catholic Papacy Studies in the Scriptures). and However. and deported of the righteous are figured as spiritual. How is Augustine today proved to be wrong as to a glorious ascendancy of the Church of Christendom over its enemies? . powerful member. as of May 1882..” earth.

E. (a) How did Augustine once refer to the mil­ lennium? (b) What do modern chronologies indicate as to man’s existence on earth? . what questions are asked regarding that religious objection? (b) How does the history of the Watch Tower Society show no repression of effort or chilling of hope? 25. by ex­ hibiting the world as in a process of de­ terioration. It pub­ lishes the good news of Christ’s coming millennial reign in 164 languages. Today. It has missionaries and publishers in 199 lands. but what about the world since the year 1914? Is it “ in a process of deteriora­ tion” ? Have the efforts of Christendom to convert the whole world before the coming of Christ proved fruitless. the Cy­ clopaedia by M’Clintock and Strong (Vol­ ume 6. This chronol­ ogy reckons that the first man Adam was created in the year 4004 before Christ.A p r il 15.” The pagan world is growing at a faster rate than the Church system of Christendom. and by representing the ef­ forts of Christians to convert mankind as fruitless. 1967 SEeWATCHTOWER smashing to pieces the political kingdoms of her enemies. until the coming of Christ.”— Edition of 1890 C. (a) What about the hopes of those religious leaders about a peaceful victory of the Christian cause over its foes? (b) What objection of theirs to Christ’s pre-millennial return is now exposed as foundationless? 235 stitutes not the least serious objection to such opinions. 24 That last expression was published away back in 1890. Today no one can rightly say that. by the might of truth and of the Spirit. As to that objection. con22.” volumes one to six.” Their idea was that the world could be peacefully converted by the missionaries of Christen­ dom and that there was no need for the glorified Jesus Christ to intervene forcibly from heaven to bring in the millennium. 22 So what about those religious leaders who rejected the need of the reign of Christ’s heavenly kingdom for a literal thousand years? Dashed to pieces lie their hopes of “ a peaceful victory of the Chris­ tian cause over all its adversaries. Yearly the number of Kingdom publishers increases. and 24.23. or seventy-seven years ago.'But have the preaching and missionary activi­ ties of Christians who wait for a literal thousand-year reign of Christ for man­ kind’s blessing been repressed and their hopes been chilled? History for the past eighty-eight years thunders out No! The magazine Zion’s Watch Tower appeared in the year 1879. Under Christen­ dom’s Church system mankind has never enjoyed the promised millennial blessings.” the seventh-day rest period. For centuries now the Bible chronology as worked out by Archbishop James Ussher has been followed by both Catholics and Protestants. Also. atheistic Communism is spreading even in Roman Catholic territories. 25 Fifteen centuries ago the Roman Catholic “ Saint” Augustine spoke of six thousand years of history and referred to the millennium as a “Sabbath.” which were at first called “ Millennial Dawn. the Church of Christendom is “ on the road to a glori­ ous ascendancy over all its enemies. the Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society of Pennsylvania has ninetyfive branches around the globe. and thus repress the missionary activity of Christians. This idea has proved to be a wrong inter­ pretation of the Holy Bible. Au­ gustine’s giving a figurative or allegorical meaning to Revelation 20:4-6 regarding the thousand-year reign of Christ has glar­ ingly proved to be false. The objection that such religious leaders had raised against the need of Christ to return in Kingdom power before his literal millen­ nial reign is now exposed as being without foundation. page 266) says: 23 “The tendency of the millenarian the­ ory to chill the hopes. and in 1886 the Watch Tow­ er Bible & Tract Society began to publish the series of volumes known as “Studies in the Scriptures. (a) In view of events from 1914 on. But he did not hold to this. in spite of being persecuted during two world wars. in vain? The trend of world conditions answers Yes . in Augustine’s words.

when is the time of the millennium. which is well within this cen­ tury. as foretold in Apocalypse (Revela­ tion) 20:3 ( y.) saying: “And he [t D angel from heaven] cast him into the bot­ tomless pit and shut him up. 27. when did Satan begin to be bound? (b) Also. till the new efforts of Gog and Magog against the church.—Rev.” 27 The footnote on the expression “ him. proves whether the Dragon Satan the Devil is yet bound and in the bottomless pit? 30. six thousand years of man’s ex­ istence will end in the latter half of the year 1975. which is that of the soul to the life of glory. or in 1996 C. Devil has yet been bound and cast into the abyss. and a great chain in his hand. (a) What respecting Satan’s earthly political tools argues that he is not yet sealed up in the pit? (b) What will happen to those political tools at Armageddon. at the day of the general judgment. Where does the Revelation locate the battle of Armageddon.” reads: “The power of Satan has been very much limited by the passion of Christ.236 S&eWATCHTOWER so six thousand years of human existence on earth will end before this twentieth century ends. During which time the souls of the mar­ tyrs and saints live and reign with Christ in heaven. as we have so frequently been warned by prominent men. and what. he must be loosed a little time. Satan the Devil has not yet been bound and sealed up in the bottomless pit for a thousand years. The symbolic “ beast” and the “false prophet” are yet on the 29. Dy. say­ ing that out of the mouth of the Dragon Satan the Devil an unclean spirit comes forth and joins the unclean spirits out of the mouths of the beast and the false prophet in going to the kings of the whole earth and gathering them to the battle of the great day of God the Almighty. towards the end of the world. the old serpent.” 29The Apocalypse or book of Revelation unmistakably lines up the battle of Arma­ geddon as taking place before Satan is bound and cast into the bottomless pit or abyss. The Bible account describes Satan the Devil as having a direct part in gath­ ering the nations to that battlefield. in the first resurrection. The Bible millennium is ahead of us. it is now more than a thou­ sand years since “pagan Rome” gave way to papal Rome in the fifth century. How long is it now since the passing away of “pagan Rome. According to a more recent calculation of the Bible timetable. and when will Satan join them there? . 28 However. then. till the thousand years be fin­ ished.” and what do facts of history indicate as to whether Satan is in the bottomless pit? Brooklyn. in that connection.” — Baltimore (Md. N. which is to be fought at Armageddon. and set a seal upon him. Logically. what do the martyred saints do? 28. Now is when those rulers and their armies are on the march to Arma­ geddon. and during it. and bound him for a thousand years. which is the devil and Satan. Today the facts of history belie that Satan the 26. It is not ending. In the Murphy edition of the English Douay Version of the Holy Bible. for the whole time of the New Testa­ ment: but especially from the time of the destruction of Babylon or pagan Rome. as Roman Catholic comments on the Bible would make us be­ lieve.Y. 2 reads: 26 “ And I saw an angel coming down from heaven.) edition. that he should no more seduce the nations. &c.E. 30 No. And he laid hold on the dragon. the Dragon Satan the Devil could not now be bound and be in the bottomless pit un­ able to seduce the nations any more. having the key of the bot­ tomless pit. Now is when those three spirits of devils from those three sources are going to the earth­ ly rulers. Apoca­ lypse 20:1. (a) According to the footnotes of the Murphyedition of the Bible.” Then the footnote on the expres­ sion “ /or a thousand years” reads: “That is. if the unclean spirit out of his mouth is join­ ing in the gathering of the earthly rulers and their armies to Armageddon. And after that. and. according to the count of time and the events of world history. as the second resurrection will be that of the body. it is approach­ ing. 16:13-16.

for our relief. Thus again the anti-millenarian teachings of Augus­ tine and other religious leaders of Chris­ tendom are proved to be false. and the chapter lo­ cates it just before the binding of Satan and the casting of him into the bottomless pit or abyss. We must yet have a real millennial reign of Christ. In that coming battle the “beast” and the “false prophet” are cast to their destruction in the symbolic lake of fire and brimstone. The grand fact is that it is very near. 7-10. In view of that. 31. 19:11 to 20:3. for these acts follow the battle of Arma­ geddon. and what grand fact about it is there today? be left on the earth in vindication of Almighty God’s protective power over them? In answer the Holy Bible strongly indicates that a remnant of these heav­ enly Kingdom heirs will be preserved through the war of Armageddon for earth­ ly service before their earthly demise and their resurrection and glorification in the . must the millennial reign of Christ yet be future. Why. describes the battle of Armageddon on God’s great day.A pril 15. chapter nine­ teen. the thousand-year reign of Christ must yet be future.000 1. then. then. for it follows the casting of Satan into the bot­ tomless pit and continues during the thou­ sand years that Satan is imprisoned in that bottomless pit or abyss. just as the battle of Armaged­ don is yet future. the binding and casting of Satan into the bottomless pit is future. and Satan the Devil joins them there first after the thousand years of Christ’s reign over all mankind. Likewise Satan the Devil is yet in the vicinity of our earth and using the “beast” and the “ false prophet” as his tools to gather the earthly rulers and their armies to their destruction in the war of the great day of God the Almighty. The Apocalypse or Revelation. (a) What does the Bible indicate as to whether the battle of Armageddon will leave all earth without inhabitant? (b) Who will be the first subjects over whom Christ will reign during the millennium? 237 31 So. 1967 SEeWATCHTOWER earth. OES the destruction of Babylon the Great and the battle of Armaged­ don mean wiping out the human race? Will those events leave all earth without inhabitant? Will not even the remnant of Christ’s faithful congregation of 144. —Rev.

a “great crowd” of dedi­ cated.” will be removed from all touch with mankind. inasmuch as both Noah and the seven members of his family survived the flood with which the ungodly world of his days was destroyed. What does Revelation 20:4-6 say about this needed government? . so it would be in the days of his invisible second presence. God told them what to do. by being imprisoned in the abyss.— Rev.” when he said: “Then there will be great tribu­ lation such as has not occurred since the world’s beginning until now. added that. 2 Cor. tells us of this needed government. 22. chapter seven. as the apostle John says: “And I saw thrones. baptized Christian companions will survive Armageddon with them. 24:21. (Gen. who leads them to life-giving waters. and Revelation 7:14 states that “ these are the ones that come out of the great tribulation. strongly indicate that there would be survivors of the battle of Armageddon? B rooklyn .” This means more than that they have come out in favor of God and his Christ during the time of the “ great tribulation” with which this world­ ly system of things ends.000 spiritual Israelites. no. In fact. 4:4) That state of affairs will make it most fitting that Jesus Christ step in and fill the need of those surviving on earth for a new. Satan “ the ruler of this world. There will be no survival for the religious rulers of the Babylonish world empire of false religion or for the political and military rulers who war against the heavenly kingdom of God and his Christ. (John 12:31. and power of judging was given them. 19:19-21) Thereafter. no flesh would be saved. Reve­ lation. 14:28. What state of affairs will make it fitting that Christ step in and begin governing the survivors of Arma­ geddon? 5. (Matt. Who make up this “ great crowd. makes it plain that these survivors are different from the 144. 7:9-17. at Matthew 24:21. I saw the souls of those executed with the ax for the witness they bore to Jesus and for speaking about God. It means that they also survive that tribulation under God’s protection and live on into the new system of things that follows on earth. he strongly suggested that there would be survivors of the great tribulation. (Rev. and there were those who sat down on them.” and what does Revelation 7:14 mean in saying that they come “ out of the great tribulation” ? 3. perfect government. 22. 17:14. 4 Certain prominent persons of today will not survive the destruction of Babylon the Great and the destruction of the earth­ ly kings and their armies and supporters in the war of Armageddon. chapter twenty.” “ the god of this system of things. 9:1-17) No less so will the survivors of the great tribulation need new and suit­ able instructions. These lat­ ter will be the first of the human subjects on earth over whom Christ will reign for mankind’s blessing. 2 The Apocalypse or book of Revelation itself shows that there will be human sur­ vivors of the war of Armageddon and the imprisoning of Satan in the abyss. What is a kingdom without subjects?— Prov. 37-39) After the flood. after de­ scribing the casting of Satan into the bot­ tomless pit for a thousand years. when Noah and his family came out of the ark into the cleansed earth.” And when Jesus 2. They worship and serve God at his spiri­ tual temple and follow the Lamb Jesus Christ like a Shepherd. How did Jesus. as it was in the days of Noah. 14:30. righteous. but on account of the chosen ones those days will be cut short. the associate kings of Jesus Christ. Also. They are an inter­ national “great crowd” who acknowledge themselves as subjects of God and his Christ. N .Y . Yes. 37-39. 3 In his prophecy concerning the end of this system of things the “ Fine Shepherd” Jesus Christ indicated that there would be survivors of the “great tribulation. nor will occur again.238 SfieWATCHTOWER heavens. unless those days were cut short. and those who 4. 5Revelation.

but they will be priests of God and of the Christ. It was certainly not before water baptism that they had passed the test of not worshiping the “wild beast” and his “ image” and of not receiving the characteristic mark of either beast or im­ age in their forehead or in their hands. and why? 7. It is then. (The rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were ended. is the resurrection described by the apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians. 12:22) The earth will be as a footstool to them. 110:1. (John 5: 28. and not on earth. Acts 2:34-36. the spiritual rebirth of Christians in water baptism. It is the resurrection of which Paul there says: “It is sown a physical body. and will rule as kings with him for the thousand years. that these dead holy ones ‘come to life’ and begin ruling with Christ in his heavenly kingdom. 1 Pet. chapter fifteen. deathless­ ness. Happy and holy is anyone having part in the first resurrection. (a) Why is this resurrection called the “first” ? (b) How do those participating prove worthy of such a resurrection? 239 time and in importance.) It is a literal resurrection of those happy and holy ones.” For such a first-ranking resurrection these happy and holy ones must be proved worthy by suffering martyrdom by being executed with the ax and by refusing to worship the “wild beast” and its “ image” and to receive the mark of such things in their foreheads or their hands. 29) Certainly it is not before water baptism that they are executed with the ax for bearing testimony about Jesus and speaking God’s Word. and where will their subjects be found during the thousand years? . 3:22) Where. A HEAVENLY GOVERNMENT 8 Being resurrected with spiritual bod­ ies.” who are said not to come to life “until the thousand years were ended. 2:10. Will they reign in earthly Jerusalem. verses thirty-five through fiftyfour.” at his second coming and presence in an invisible way. (See page 232.A p r il 15. 20:4-6. What is this “first resurrection. and the earth is my footstool. 66:1. over these the second death has no authority. These Chris­ tians have approached “ a Mount Zion and a city of the living God. 7This “first resurrection” is called such to differentiate it from the resurrection of the “ rest of the dead. then.” At their resurrection from the dead they are clothed upon with immortality. unseen to their human subjects on earth. will Jesus Christ reign with his resurrected happy and holy followers for a thousand years? In the thronelike heavens.) This is the first resurrection. Acts 7:48. they will be able to reign with the King Jesus Christ in the heavens. 6In those verses the “ first resurrection” does not mean a symbolical resurrection. Ps.” (Isa. as the Roman Catholic father Augustine says in his book De Civitate Dei. in fact.” —Rev. It takes place. that is. Jesus Christ sits at the right hand of God the heavenly Father in His throne. Till their death in the flesh they must faithfully give their testimony about Jesus Christ and speak the Word of God as set out in the Holy Bible. at the call of his voice. This testing came after baptism. heavenly Jerusa­ lem. not in earthly Jerusalem which today is held by Mohammedan Jordanians. in “the last day. Concern­ ing the location of His throne Jehovah God says: “The heavens are my throne. And they came to life and ruled as kings with the Christ for a thousand years.— Rev. it is raised up a spiritual body. as Jesus said. 49. together with incorruptibility. 1967 SEeW ATCHTOW ER had worshiped neither the wild beast nor its image and who had not received the mark upon their forehead and upon their hand. for “ over these the second death has no authority.” (Heb.” So the resurrection of the happy and holy ones is “ first” in point of 6.” when does it take place. and here on the foot8. This. paragraph 14.

And the cow and the bear themselves will feed. before the end of this mili­ tarized system of things controlled by the diabolical “ ruler of this world. Nation will not lift up sword against nation.” (Isa. They will not do any harm or cause any ruin in all my holy mountain. (a) Amid this militarized system. during these war-torn years of this “conclusion of the system of things. and with what result? . 13. 12) His visible political system through which he has ruled mankind is likened to a wild beast. 2:2-4) Already among themselves.”— Isa. neither will they learn war any more. and a mere little boy will be leader over them. how much 14. 9: 6. 19:16-21. 11: 6-9. Y. (a) With what condition will survivors of Arma­ geddon and Satan’s abyssing start out. and the calf and the maned young lion and the well-fed animal all together. And they will have to beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning shears. And he will certainly render judgment among the nations and set mat­ ters straight respecting many peoples. 6:11. together their young ones will lie down. what kind of kingdom will that be? 10. (a) Who has ruled mankind invisibly for mil­ lenniums. but when will they come? 12. and with the kid the leopard itself will lie down. and the word of Jehovah out of Je­ rusalem. and after World War II in the form of the League’s successor. 11. and that for a thousand years. what prophecy concerning the “final part of the days” are followers of the Prince of Peace fulfilling? (b) Their displaying the peaceful Christian spirit instead of beastliness was prefigured in what Messianic prophecy? B rooklyn . 12 Even now. And even the lion will eat straw just like the bull. Then Jesus Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords will prove worthy of his foretold title. world peace and security do not come to the earth. 10 For thousands of years mankind has suffered from the rule of the invisible Sa­ tan the Devil.” the tru9. So the people’s worship of the political state proves vain.240 SfieWATCHTOWER stool is where their human subjects will be found during the thousand years. and how long will this continue? (b) What work will take the lead in all human activities.” such an ideal condition can obtain among Christ’s true followers. the United Nations. “ Prince of Peace. instead of beastliness. and through what visible agency? (b) Despite what political worship have peace and security failed to come. and upon the light aperture of a poisonous snake will a weaned child actually put his own hand. And the sucking child will cer­ tainly play upon the hole of the cobra. ly dedicated. and not a kingdom of Christendom such as has oppressed the people and stained the earth with wanton bloodshed. 7. these formerly di­ vided peoples cultivate and display the peaceful Christian spirit toward one an­ other. in their God-ruled congrega­ tions around the earth. N.” together with his “wicked spirit forces in the heavenly places.” (John 12:31. Religiously.” namely: “ Out of Zion law will go forth.”— Isa. 14:30. Rev.” the United Nations. The “image” of that symbolic wild beast has been and is another political organization to turn away worship and service from Jehovah God to the political “wild beast. “ the ruler of this world. baptized followers of the “Prince of Peace” are fulfilling the proph­ ecy concerning this “ final part of the days. even in the name of religion. Only after the war of Armageddon de­ stroys the “ wild beast” and its political “ image” will peace and security be ush­ ered in. This was prefigured in the following Messianic prophecy: 13 “The wolf will actually reside for a while with the male lamb.” 11After World War I that “ image” was set up in the form of the political League of Nations. But. 9 That will be truly a Christian king­ dom. even though the peoples of earth now worship the political “wild beast” through its political “ image. Eph. 14If now. because the earth will certainly be filled with the knowledge of Jehovah as the wa­ ters are covering the very sea.

in fact. represented God’s High Priest. This means everlasting without interference among the survivors life.” (John 17:2. he may give them when Babylon the Great is destroyed just 15. of prayer to his heavenly Father: “ You 18 The priests of Christendom have mis­ have given him authority over all flesh. their taking in knowledge of you. What priesthood of Israel till the first coming a time that will be for men to examine the of Christ. That is in all human activities. (a) How did Jesus in prayer emphasize the vital importance of such education? (b) Such education is really a work of whom. and who will be provided for it? 16. and through Jesus Christ—this is really a the heavenly kingdom of Christ and his priestly work. Education of the people in glorified congregation will preserve that God’s law was part of the duties of the peace on earth for a thousand years. 1967 ffEeWATCHTOWER. 241 more will this peaceful condition prevail everlasting life. 20:6) Education by such very sea. His resurrected congregation in and true God Jehovah will take the lead heaven will be his underpriests. Jehovah . God’s High fulfilled! Education concerning the living Priest. The entire earth why it is prophesied that “ they will be will literally “ be filled with the knowledge priests of God and of the Christ.” (Rev. and toward what condition will this help the grateful.” priests will lead the earthly subjects of the 15 The vital importance of such educa­ Kingdom to everlasting life on a paradise tion can be appreciated from Jesus’ words earth. They will disappear from the earth you have given him. 3) after Satan and his demons are sealed up The educating of his subjects on earth in in the abyss! Those who survive the battle the knowledge of the only true God and of Armageddon and the abyssing of Sa­ his provision for everlasting salvation tan will start out with absolute peace. Jesus Christ. as regards the whole number whom Christ. and of the one whom you the earthly rulers and their armies and sent forth. and will of Jehovah as the waters are covering the rule as kings with him for the thousand years. Such work fits the fact that the Holy Bible to ascertain more accurately glorified Jesus Christ will be not only a how its prophecies have been faithfully king but also a priest.A p r il 15. the after the battle of Armageddon removes only true God. a time for education concerning the true God. What priestly work in behalf of sins will be carried on. obedient ones? The Millennium. Jesus that.

6) Their sins that they commit due to weak­ ness traceable to their first human fa­ ther Adam and of which they repent will be forgiven them.—Matt. Their resurrection is a guaran­ tee that the rest of the human dead in Ha'des or Sheol will be raised to life un­ der the Kingdom. was himself resurrected from the dead in order to render priestly service for all those for whom he died. the final Judge of all. (1 Cor. 20:28. During the thousand years they will apply the benefits of his perfect ransom sacrifice to mankind. 1 Tim. perfected subjects of his kingdom to Jehovah God. (a) By the end of the thousand years. 2:5. they are in human perfection then in a paradise earth. (Matt. No condemnation to death for imper­ fection will rest upon them then. 18 By that time both those who survive the battle of Armageddon and who need no resurrection and those who will be res­ urrected to life on earth will. obedient ones back to human perfection such as Adam had when he was created in the paradise gar­ den of Eden. (Heb. They will all have to prove worthy of be­ ing granted that right. just so all their earthly descendants must be put to the test at the hands of the same Tempter at the close of the thousand years. How will this priestly work affect the human dead. Afterward Christ’s resurrected congregation in heaven will do lifesaving priestly work with him.Y. and what does Revelation 20:5 indicate concerning the “ rest of the dead” ? B rooklyn . purified. 8:14-17. Why must all these perfected humans be then put to the test. 9:1-12.242 SfKeWATCHTOWER. 19. what immediately follows is im­ portant for all mankind. Also. 15:24-28) There mankind’s millennial sabbath under God’s kingdom by Christ will end. True. prior to Armageddon. Jehovah God. But the right to everlasting life has not yet been bestowed upon all mankind who now stand in perfection and righteousness before the Supreme Judge. What relief that sabbath has brought! 20Yet. in what condition will the obedient subjects find themselves? (b) What action will Christ take at the end of man­ kind's millennial sabbath under his kingdom? 20. 5:5-10) With that end in view. N. 15: 20-26) This explains why Revelation 20:5 says that “ the rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were ended. (Acts 17:31. The condemnation of sin will be removed from them through Christ’s ransom merit. 7:22-27. Revelation 20:11-14 describes the resur­ rection of the dead from Ha'des and the sea. 1 Cor. the priestly work will bring spiritual and physical healing. His congregation of underpriests are also raised from the dead in the “ first resurrection” to share in Christ’s millennial priestly work for mankind. just as the perfect Adam and Eve in the paradise of Eden had to prove whether they deserved the right to everlasting perfect human life in an earthly paradise. The Kingdom will maintain righteous conditions on earth and direct the people in the way of righteousness. physical and mental benefits will result from the forgiveness of sins. during the course of the thousand years. Just as Adam and Eve were tested out by Satan the Devil. This resurrection marks the begin­ ning of the priestly work in behalf of those who are dead in Ha'des and the sea. 18.” 17. This is the reason for the loosing of Sa­ tan the Devil out of his abysmal prison for a little while after the millennium ends. if obedient. As illustrated by Jesus’ healing work when he was on earth. This will help the grateful. 19 At the end of his priestly work of a thousand years Jesus Christ will turn over the completely healed. Jesus Christ. HA'DES AND DEATH WIPED OUT 17 Such priestly service will reach down and benefit even the billions of dead hu­ manity. God’s High Priest. and why will Satan the Devil be loosed for a little while ? . be lifted to the fullness of perfect human life.

They will make up the un­ predicted number of the hosts of Gog and Magog and will be destroyed in the “ sec21. But will the loosed Sa­ tan and his demons now be able to turn all perfected mankind away from God as Universal Sovereign just as he turned away mankind’s first human parents in the paradise garden of Eden? Prophecy answers No! There will be those who. writing their names in his “book of life. He will judge them worthy of everlasting life and bestow that right to it upon them. What question now arises concerning Adam’s per­ fected descendants. and what will be the result to all heaven and earth? — O MATTER how well you like what you are doing. and how does prophecy answer? 22. has a genuine in­ terest in the people’s welfare. Matt. will be forever destroyed along with his demons. then fully trium­ phant. What will be the outcome for those failing under the test. it is from God.A p r il 15. but it is . who has given reliable warnings in the past. What kind of provision is that for the thousandyear reign of Christ. O how loving and marvelous is God’s provision for the thousand-year reign of his Priest-King Jesus Christ! O spread the good news that all who love righteousness may rejoice and may pre­ pare themselves for it. 21By then all the wicked work of Satan during the past six thousand years will have been undone. you will immediately leave all these and run to a place of safety if you are convinced that the danger of sudden death is staring you in the face. and why should we spread the good news? E ver G iv en stances that would convince you that the warning was a true one. 20:7-10. 46) At last all heaven and earth will be found cleansed of all wickedness and its disastrous consequences. would have to be from a reliable source and attended by other circum­ 243 ond death. the warning of such a thing. it is not confined to a locality or even to a nation. because that mil­ lennium of deliverance and blessing is near! 23. 15. and there are reasons why it can truly be said to be the most urgent warn­ ing ever given. In perfect righ­ teousness. as man’s Creator. That is exactly the case with the warning that we speak of here. will stay loyal to Jehovah God and Jesus Christ.” 22There will be others who will fall un­ der the test. Of course. 25:41. who. First. 1967 JReWATCHTOWER. un­ der this final crucial test. (Rev. having now lost in his long controversy with God. Then Satan the Devil. and also for the Tempter.” from which there is no res­ urrection. These will vindicate God. Jehovah God. to be strong enough to motivate you to flight. Second. will reign over all forever and ever! 23 Viewed from this completed picture of things. no matter how satisfied you are with your situation and no matter what your plans are. He himself considers it the most important warning ever sounded.

18:1) The destruction of Babylon the Great would immeasurably brighten the earthly situation for Jehovah’s people. Now here in the vision to John she is represented by a city.. To identify him personally. defamed and persecuted by the world empire of Babylonish religion. Just as Cyrus conquered Babylon and she later went into decay. with great au­ thority.C.Y .17. worldwide. N . which means “Who Is like God?” This points him out as the vindi­ cator of God’s name. after which the city gradually declined until her complete de­ struction and desolation. The urgency of the warning is empha­ sized by the fact that the angelic announc­ er of Babylon’s fall and destruction has great authority and is used as the chief publicity agent for getting this warning declared. which has prostituted herself by having political aims and ambitions for power and has meddled in politics and governments of the world for centuries. since as long ago as 1919 C. Rev..” In recent articles in this magazine we have shown that this harlot represents an organization claiming to be divine and to represent true reli­ gion. people have been fleeing from Babylonish false religion.E. and. so the Greater Cyrus will see to it that Babylon the Great will be completely destroyed. He occupies a position pictured by King Cyrus the Persian. fourth. his Chris­ tian witnesses. As the archangel of God.’ ”— Rev. John writes: THE ONE IN CHARGE OF THE PROCLAMATION “After these things I saw another angel descending from heaven. for they have been mis­ represented. Now for about forty-eight years. It is to come within the generation that has already seen two world wars and it is only a few short years ahead of us. “ The earth was lighted up from his glory. 4:16. earth became rich due to the power of her shameless luxury. it takes time to extricate yourself from the dangerous situation and to get to the place of safety. 10:21. Third.244 SEeWATCHTOWER. She has been shown to represent the world empire of false religion. 12:1. The apostle John had just been shown a vision of a harlot with the name of “Babylon the Great. for at that time she lost her power to maintain control over those in her who were deceived and held in a slavelike position by her false doc­ trines. his name in heaven is Michael. — Dan. 12:7. the one to remove the reproach that has been brought by this great false religious empire upon God and upon true worship and those practicing true worship. saying: ‘She has fallen! Bab­ ylon the great has fallen. and the earth was lighted up from his glory. the peril of which it warns is so very near! Bible chronology and prophecy with the events piling up that demonstrate its nearness show that the warning must be given with the greatest urgency and acted on with all possible speed. There is no means of escape aside from the one God provides. And he cried out with a strong voice. The warning is found in the last book of the Bible. 1 Thess. who conquered ancient Bab­ ylon in 539 B. and the kings of the earth committed fornication with her. the glorified Lord Jesus Christ.” (Rev.E. even if you heed the warn­ ing immediately. he is actually none other than Jehovah’s arch­ angel. YOU MAY BE IN DANGER If you are affiliated with a religious sys­ tem of Christendom it would be a deliber- . and she has be­ come a dwelling place of demons and a lurking place of every unclean exhalation and a lurking place of every unclean and hated bird! For because of the passionarousing wine of her fornication all the nations have fallen victim. 18:1-3. and the traveling merchants of the B r o o k l y n .

the decoration of king­ doms. and goat­ shaped demons themselves will go skipping about there. He describes her as becoming like a ruined city without human inhabitant or domestic animal. Right Reverend.” —Isa. And there the haunters of waterless re­ gions will certainly lie down. Holy Father and All-Holiness. clergymen. for Babylon the Great herself stands for the world empire of false reli­ gion with its priests. a haunted ruin in whose desolation only wild animals. and her days themselves will not be postponed. would make their dwelling place. Luxuri­ ously she hobnobs with the rulers to pro­ mote political power and monetary gain. and their houses must be filled with eagle owls. As proof that the vision of desolation here does apply to the false religious or­ ganization of the world. that no priests are men­ tioned. Her clergymen have lorded it over their parishioners like owners of the flock. astrologers. the man-made peace-and-security organiza- . reminding one of demons. She will never be inhabited. nor will she reside for generation after generation. and no shep­ herds will let their flocks lie down there. monks.” There is no question but 245 that she has reveled in “shameless lux­ ury. 13:19-22. the beauty of the pride of the Chal­ deans. These are the ones who have advocated the union of religion and state and have encouraged the people to support the scarlet-colored beast. the angel specifies kings of the earth and merchants of the earth with whom Babylon has committed fornication and whom she has made rich. at the same time keeping the people in ignorance. Notice. and the big snake will be in the palaces of exquisite delight. He actually brought the ancient city of Babylon to this debased state. Babylon the Great has been carrying on a religious racket and has confused honest people. thereby bearing a great share of the re­ sponsibility for the wars. while around many of them the people are in abject poverty and illiteracy. however. 1967 ^eW ATCH TO W EFL ate denial of your profession of Chris­ tianity to ignore the warning and fail to contemplate the ruin of worldly reli­ gion described here by Jehovah’s chief angel. How closely Revelation’s language follows what Jehovah said to ancient Babylon and which came literally true in her case: “And Babylon. ceremonies and moral standards in order to get them to become members of their churches. And jackals must howl in her dwelling towers. And the season for her is near to come. nuns.” keeping the people in awe. THE REASON FOR FALSE RELIGION’S CALAMITY Why is it that God so thoroughly ruins the world religious system? He answers: “For because of the passion-arousing wine of her fornication all the nations have fallen victim. It is not something to turn aside lightheartedly.A p r il 15. Look at the rich cathedrals or­ namented with the finest of materials and precious things. Actually. And there the Arab will not pitch his tent. these so-called Christian organizations have been willing to let the people keep many of their pagan customs. Father. And there the ostriches must reside. When Catholic and Protestant sects have gone into places where the people observe Babylonish re­ ligion of the pagan type. These are the ones that have prostituted their organizations to the kings and mer­ chants of the earth. spiritists and sorcerers. They have demanded titles such as Reverend. misery and suf­ fering of the peoples of earth. Jehovah is serious and means to do what he says and kindly gives us an opportunity to escape what the great religious organization of this world is fac­ ing. must become as when God over­ threw Sodom and Gomorrah.

“I sit a queen. Do not be rendered inanimate through her error. Ren­ der to her even as she herself rendered. You can do just as the Israelites did back at ancient Babylon’s fall when they were warned: “Take your flight out of the midst of Babylon [to Mount Zion in Ju­ dah]. in the cup in which she put a mixture put twice as much of the mixture for her. 51:6. In other words. But to stay with Babylon was dangerous.” (Jer.’ ”— Rev.Y . who judged her. Since that time Christ’s anointed followers on earth. and provide escape each one for his own soul. But if you see your religion doing the things Revelation describes. and do to her twice as much. By the enlight­ enment that he has brought through reve­ lation of Bible understanding and by an­ gelic action. Some Jews enjoyed Babylon’s material things so much that they did not want to leave. Of what benefit was ma­ terial gain in view of the prophecy which proved true: “ Flee out of the midst of Bab­ ylon. and God has called her acts of injustice to mind.000 Kingdom heirs. Babylon the Great in 1919. nor should they trust in her appar­ ent strength.” That is why in one day her plagues will come. and become like the leading animals before the flock. Thousands are obeying the warning to flee out of Babylon the Great today. To the extent that she glorified herself and lived in shameless luxury. 17:3-5. what can you do? Does it mean that you must forsake all religion and be godless? Not at all. have vigorously carried out the command to preach everywhere the good news of God’s . Many of Jehovah’s witnesses were formerly members of these organizations. arrows are like those of a mighty mem causing bereavement of children. From there she will be captured. known in the Bible as the remnant (remaining ones on earth) of the 144.246 f& eW ATCH TOW ER tion. Especially since the year 1919 they have seen her doom coming upon her and have been obeying the divine command to get out of her. 9) Yes. if you do not want to share with her in her sins. and she will be completely burned with fire. and they will certainly array themselves against her. 50: 8. and I am no widow. yes. is strong. The reason for this is that Jesus Christ is invisibly present and is reigning from his throne in heaven. and go forth even out of the land of the Chaldeans.” —Jer. who does not come back without results. Her unclean doctrines and wicked practices are exposed so that she cannot continue to hold any honest members. 16. One’s B r o o k l y n . and if you do not want to receive part of her plagues. then act on the warning: “And I heard another voice out of heav­ en say: ‘Get out of her. and I shall never see mourning. There is treatment that he is paying back to her. my people. THE WISE THING TO DO If you are connected with the religious organizations of this world and you see these things. to that extent give her torment and mourning. For in her heart she keeps saying. God’s people in ancient Bab­ ylon were warned not to look longingly at any of the advantages that Babylon of­ fered or let love of her ways hold them back. because Jehovah God. he has forced the gates of Babylon the Great open to release those who want to get out of her.— Rev. the horns of which will turn on her and strip her naked. For it is the time of vengeance belonging to Jehovah. For here I am arousing and bringing up against Babylon a congregation of great nations from the land of the north. For her sins have massed to­ gether clear up to heaven. 18: 4-8. as far as being able to hold on to her captives is concerned. N . death and mourning and famine. twice the number of the things she did.

they are under divine command to declare in advance Jehovah’s coming ven­ geance upon her. 51:9) As the God of justice he cannot let her injustice continue or go on unpunished. For in her heart she keeps saying. objections and opposition to their proclaiming God’s day of vengeance. 18:6) He pays her back in his allotted short period of “ one day” for all her sins against him and his wit­ nesses over a four-thousand-year period. judges her. she would sit for­ ever as a queen on her throne. That explains why he commands his executional forces to give her twice as much as she ren­ dered to his people and make her drink a doubly intoxicating cup full of dazing.A p r il 15. and do to her twice as much. stu­ pefying troubles.” (Rev. they must do their warning work despite all her pro­ tests. But God. and I am no widow. (Jer. 50:14. neither should we be surprised at what God does to her nor feel sympathy for this heartless world em­ pire of Babylonish religion. but they have suf­ fered much at Babylon’s hands. to that extent give her torment and mourning. DOUBLE RETRIBUTION Since Babylon has built up such a tre­ mendous criminal record. She has despised and defied the God of Jehovah’s witnesses. Consequently. Now. miseries. 36. 1967 SfEeWATCHTOWER. twice the number of the things she did. otherwise they would be bloodguilty. sorrows. the angel com­ mands: “Render to her even as she her­ self rendered. (John 8:31. God says that her sins have massed to­ gether clear up to heaven. which makes them immeasurably worse. — Ezek. because Jehovah . victorious kingdom. 32) They have seen that God is now executing on the earth the symbolic seven last plagues described at Revelation 15:1 to 16:21. 247 Therefore. 50: 28. in the cup in which she put a mix­ ture put twice as much of the mixture for her. and she will be com­ pletely burned with fire. death and mourning and famine. for these plagues will culmi­ nate in her complete destruction. 61:1. (Matt. for it is against Jehovah God that she has heaped up this mountain of sin and he cannot ignore it.— Jer. it may seem to some that Jeho­ vah’s witnesses are unduly harsh in mak­ ing this proclamation. 2. helping many escape ruin with her. ‘I sit a queen. before the literal destructive plagues or blows to come. yes. One of the primary injustices that she has committed is her persecution of God’s people who have composed his spiritual temple and his spiritual Zion from the days of the apostles right down to our present day. 51:11.35. Isa. Remember as far as she is concerned. his vengeance against her has to be greatly concentrated. and they do not wish to receive part of these plagues by staying in Babylon the Great and sharing in her sins. So God orders: “To the extent that she glorified her­ self and lived in shameless luxury. so he does in our day. So just as God executed vengeance in an­ cient times against Babylon for his tem­ ple in Jerusalem and vengeance for his city Zion. More than that. thinking especially that such things could not come from him upon her. and I shall never see mourning. who is strong.’ That is why in one day her plagues will come. pains and insults from the effects of which she will never regain consciousness. 33:2-6. continuing to oppress the people. We should not feel that Jehovah’s ven­ geance is unrighteous or too much for Babylon the Great. 24:14) They are free people and have continued to maintain this freedom of speech regard­ less of the opposition that has been brought against them in every land. These sins have been committed in the name of religion.

E. they will inescap­ ably suffer pain when God executes judg­ ment upon them. 18:7. There was a similar situation in the days of Jesus and the apostles. clergy and other religious lead­ ers. but even when Cestus Gallus and his Roman legions with­ drew from a siege of the city in 66 C. Babylon you strong city. being de­ prived of all her means by which she lived in shameless luxury. you great city. they stand off in fear of sharing the fiery torment with her. that is. because in one hour your judgment has arrived!’ ”— Rev. “for our God is also a consuming fire. Finally. she will be completely burned with fire in all-consuming destruc­ tion.Y .248 SReWATCHTOWER God. that nothing of her may remain. Who they are is pointed out by the angel. the mourning kings could hardly be identical in personality with the “ ten kings” (ten B r o o k l y n . 10. For all these she will have reason to mourn. who judged her. It is not through the chan­ nels of the world’s news agencies but by earnest Bible students. the people got to hear and be forewarned if they desired to take advantage of it. she will have her mourners at the time of her fall into destruction. too bad. is in charge of the announce­ ment of warning and he is giving the greatest possible publicity to great Bab­ ylon’s coming destruction. Since the “ten kings” represented by the ten horns on the scarlet-colored beast turn upon the harlot and strip her naked and eat her flesh and burn her with fire. But her prostitution and filthiness have made her completely unfit for such a position. a person bereaved of her millions of religious subjects. though this work was opposed by the entire Jewish organization.8. while they stand at a distance because of their fear of her torment and say. who themselves have taken advantage of the warning to flee from Babylon the Great. horns) of the scarlet-colored wild beast. these are kings or political rulers who fornicated and enjoyed shameless luxury with her during her popularity and who have been taken by surprise at the sudden turn of events.. N . Who? They are some of those with whom she committed pros­ titution and who were able to make great gain out of her.’ What fun they used to have with her. Afraid to interfere. so.”— Rev. their time of mourning for her will be very brief. only the Christians residing there took ad- . He tells us: “And the kings of the earth who committed forni­ cation with her and lived in shameless luxury will weep and beat themselves in grief over her. They too share responsibility for her crimes. because as they themselves mournfully say: ‘Jehovah’s execution of judgment upon her arrived in one hour. hear with belief enough to act on the warning. She has been revered and worshiped and has received the abject servitude of her subjects as a queen or mistress. The archangel Michael. but when judgment comes like a thief they cannot help or preserve her for their fur­ ther unclean pleasure. The majority scoffed at and ridiculed the proclaimers of the warning. is strong. They gave warning of the complete destruction of Jerusalem and. No. Besides death and mourning. She will become a widow.”— Heb. an em­ press over a religious empire. when they look at the smoke from the burning of her. It has been declared in 199 countries and 164 languages. MOURNERS In spite of the fact that great Babylon has been such a sinner against God. However. 18:9. she will at last know famine herself. By the mouth of more than a million earthly proclaimers. only a minority will hear. the announcement is being made. Therefore. ‘Too bad. Jehovah’s witness­ es. 12:29. next in order. especially her priests. the glorified Je­ sus Christ.

66:16) This is t i c a n d m e­ what I want to do chanical H e ­ now. I was fascinated by it. and the Roman armies poured in and slaughtered 1. God by my de­ vout p a r e n t s at an e a r l y age. and let those in the country places not enter into her. 1967 SKeWATCHTOW ER vantage of Jesus’ warning: “When you see Jerusalem surrounded by encamped ar­ mies.100. written I became of school age. nal F r i e n d and to r e m a in f o r e v e r c l o s e to him. shortly thereafter. Like . I was drawn to and illustrated for children. Therefore. son of Emperor Vespasian. Jehovah’s witnesses will freely help you to get Bible understanding so that you can act quickly.000 miserable captives to be sold in the slave markets throughout the Roman Empire. the walls of Jerusalem were breached in the summer of 70 C. Learn what steps to take to flee from Great Babylon and act at once. not by my IOME.A pril 15.” (Luke 21:20-22) Sud­ denly. and let those in the midst of her withdraw.f cal rituals. Listen to it. and I will t e a c h e r s relate what he has t a u g h t me done for my soul. During the siege those who had felt so safe in Jerusalem’s walls endured starvation and fear of de­ struction. I I was born in Austria in 1890 to devot­ heard for the first time the story of the ed Jewish parents of nine children. Finally. my most ar­ In 1897 my dent de si r e has family moved been to have Jeho­ to Zur i c h. There. Then let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains. listen. no matter what you may be doing. do not fail to give attention to this worldwide warning from the Creator of the universe. strict religious all you who teachers. gion and learned to read Hebrew before when a mutilated religious book. then know that the desolating of her has drawn near. that all the things written may be fulfilled. for her destruction is alarmingly immi­ nent. brew prayers My f o r e f a t h e r and nonsensiwas Abraham. vah as m y e t er ­ As told by Maxwell G. was birth of Jesus. closed in on Jerusalem. It is not just a matter of escape. because these are days for met­ ing out justice. Friend Sw itzerlan d.000 and carried away 249 97. no matter how well you may like what you are doing or no matter how se­ cure you may feel in your situation. with wisdom from God. but release from religious bondage to a future of life in perfection in a new order under God’s kingdom.E.” were formalis(Ps. him. during my first school year. All that those fear God. I brought up in the Jewish orthodox reli­ had hardly learned to read German. the armies of General Titus. found its way “C .

nonsensical creeds and disgusting hypocrisy of the religions I saw about me robbed me of the heartfelt faith of my childhood. unless someone guided me?” (Acts 8:31) To whom should I turn? I had no confidence in imitation Christians and much less in their religious teachers. But not for long. From childhood on.SikWATCHTOWEFL 250 into our home. In 1912. gave me a modern translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures. I decided from then on to follow faithfully in the footsteps of my great Master who had bought me at the cost of his precious earthly life. I had an intense love for the beauties of God’s creation. The Master had said: “ By their fruits you will recognize them” as being a rot­ ten tree that produces “worthless fruit. There were still so many more things in the Scriptures that I desired to under­ stand. agnostic and evolutionist. N . That was in 1912. and at the age of fourteen years I abandoned formalistic religion. With intense interest I laboriously read and re­ read them. I became an un­ happy skeptic.” (Matt. It was here that my eyes were opened again to the manifest fact that all the marvelous things of creation were brought forth by an infinitely more won­ derful Creator. They were then called “Bi­ ble Students. Admiration of his creation led me back to him. MY ADULTHOOD The so-called higher education of my college years along with more insight into the repelling formalism.” Their maid had just brought it in from the letter box. 13:24-30) But how would I find it? I cried to God for help. 7:15-20) Their shameful. Switzerland. chief­ ly on biology and cosmology. I believed them with all my little heart. I decided to dedicate my life to God and to his King­ dom service at any cost.” Today the group with which they were affiliated is known as Jehovah’s witnesses. In 1912 there were about a dozen ear­ nest Christians in Zurich who were pro­ claiming the kingdom of God without my knowing of it. It was printed in large let­ ters and told fascinating Bible stories from the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures. promised Messiah and King of his Father’s kingdom. Both the familiar Hebrew Bi­ ble accounts as well as the new ones about the Messiah and his early disciples became alive and absorbing to me. after more than three years of intense dramatic train­ ing at the renowned City Theater in Zu­ rich. Now I believed with maturer understanding that Jesus of Nazareth is my Savior and that he is the B r o o k l y n . While I was reading these Scriptures with mounting delight. my sweet childhood faith in Christ revived. Where should I turn? Whom should I ask for further enlightenment? From the Scriptures I already understood that in the midst of the spiritual weeds in the world there must also be some genuine spiritual wheat. It was published in Germany by the International . MY DEDICATION After counting all foreseeable and un­ foreseeable costs. Later I was at­ tracted to books on popular science. I sat meditating on the shore of the beautiful lake close to the theater. This wid­ ened my horizon. When visiting some friends I saw in their music room a tract entitled “The Three Worlds. I felt like the Ethiopian eunuch who said to Philip: “ Really. bloody history and their heartless massacres of the Jewish people during the entire his­ tory of Christendom testified against them and condemned them.Y . (Matt. how could I ever do so. and he answered me. noticing my faith in God. Soon afterward the mother of one of my close friends.

To my bitter disappointment. It indicted them by saying: “ Woe to you . Then it was announced that the lecture would be repeated a week later by Rus­ sell’s interpreter. the pre­ cious pamphlet was no longer on my desk. and I asked for per­ mission to take it home. Association of Earnest Bible Students. When I finished a careful reading of it late that night. This was the first volume of Russell’s several books.A p r il 15. 1967 SEeWATCHTOWER.” I just could not put my heart into it this time. I immediately plunged into the reading of it and found it to be fascinating. . speak of purgatory and hellfire as being reali­ ties? How could I repeat the lines: “ In that deep sleep of death what dreams may come?” How could I say “ the dread of something after death” or “ the undiscov­ ered country from whose bourn no travel­ er returns” when I knew that such state­ ments were unscriptural? I suddenly realized that similar conflicts of conscience would face me in nearly every drama I might participate in. and when I entered the lobby I immediately obtained the book The Divine Plan of the Ages. When I returned home I continued read­ ing for hours the book I bought. RUSSELL COMES TO ZURICH Soon afterward large placards appeared all over Zurich announcing a public lec­ ture by an American Bible teacher and world traveler. I knew it was the truth. I discovered that the hall was already packed out and the doors had been shut. I was convinced that I had finally found what I had been seek­ ing with all my heart. . I waited until the doors were opened. publicly express belief that my murdered king-father lived on as a haunting ghost? How could I swear bloody vengeance? How could I dialogue with the “ immortal soul” of the dead king. 251 This time I arrived at the Concert Hall ahead of all the others. He was going to speak on the subject “Beyond the Grave. I knew I could never again enact an ungodly lie. Our maid had mistaken it for part of the previous day’s newspaper and had burned it. I felt like a child that had gleefully rushed after a .” (Luke 11:52. I found a large crowd at the entrance waiting for admittance. I could not remember the name or the address of the publishers of the tract. Charles T. I did not close the book until the chairman intro­ duced the speaker. the finest con­ cert hall in Zurich. It attracted my interest. Again I turned to my Friend in heaven. I felt as if I had lost a priceless treasure. A V ) “How very true that is!” I thought. I could hardly wait for evening when the public lecture would be given in the Tonhalle. CHARLES T. I intended to read it again the next day and then to write to the publishers in Germany for more literature. I knew it was pub­ lished by the true followers of Jesus Christ. Then I had to get a little sleep for the day’s work before me.” The placards exhibited a large and striking picture of a Bible in chains out of which came the spirit of Christ pointing an accusing finger at a long and solemn procession of all kinds of clergymen. The rehearsal that morning was of Shakespeare’s famous tragedy “Hamlet. I drank in every word that I heard. Try as I did. and again he answered my prayer. I asked myself how I could. Russell. I am not ashamed to confess that what I read in the book overwhelmed me at times and caused tears of joy to well up in my eyes. I just could not lay the book aside until a new day had begun to dawn. The hour of the talk seemed very short. contrary to God’s Word. But when I came home the next afternoon. When I arrived at the Tonhalle. because it was unlocking to me understanding of the Bible. for ye have taken away the key of knowl­ edge. The waiting crowd then dispersed.

My dear fa­ of being an actor.for any kind of service I could do.—Dan. MY FIRST ASSOCIATION WITH A CONGREGATION Brooklyn.” as promised at Mark 10:29.Y. N. I finally discovered where the Bible Students held their meetings and when. I felt right at home with them. (Matt.252 fEeW ATCHTOW ER.” which is Jehovah’s kingdom. and I felt drawn ir­ resistibly to that loving and lovable group of God’s people. At first I dropped a large Yiddish tract into the letter boxes of numerous Jewish homes. 30. I was baptized in symbol of my As for my four brothers and four sis­ dedication to Jehovah and to his eternal ters. as he ex­ ing for the promised resurrection when pressed it. 13:44) I was ther was quite versed in the Hebrew Scrip­ eager to play instead a humble supporting tures and listened to my message with an role in being what the apostle Paul calls open mind but without saying much. Until he died years our book The Harpof God. 1913. Then I applied against it. The dozen or so persons assembled there received me with genuine and disarming cordiality. acquainted with the features and prophetic significance of my forefathers’ tabernacle in the wilder­ ness.” (1 Cor. As for my intimate friends. they just the City Theater in the chilling water of tolerated my new belief and rarely argued the lovely Lake of Zurich.” field. service. I shared in spreading the good news of God’s kingdom as well as in giv­ ing emphatic warning that the year 1914 would see the beginning of the world­ shaking “ time of the end” of the present evil disorder of things. not her. My a “ theatrical spectacle to the world. I lost their friendship. 12:4. but God has since replaced them “ a hundredfold. beautiful. Their absorbing Bible study made me. early in the with endless life! spring. desires as well as my worldly aspirations I simply had to tell it out. to the Watch Tower Branch in Germany none of them were religious. I still experience this warm feeling FULL-TIME SERVICE when in the meetings of Jehovah’s wit­ Now that I discovered what the Bible nesses wherever I go in the world.” To my deep­ est sorrow. I saw the gates of a new and true life opening to me. none of them adhered to any religion. 20:9) I just could not hold it back. When I disclosed my intentions admit. and by word of mouth. it be­ I felt like Jeremiah when he said: “ In my came clear to me that in order to ‘buy that heart it proved to be like a burning fire. calls a precious “ treasure hidden in the As to the good news of God’s kingdom.’ I had to give up all my materialistic (Jer. It was in a Zurich hotel room. glittering soap bubble. “ time and realities” would my parents will receive full enlightenment awaken me out of my “ idealistic dreams. That baptism took place close to Liberal-minded as they were. field. 4:9) This and was rather pleased with what I told would be to Jehovah’s glory and fame. but they des. but failed. He tried to talk me loved mother devotedly read the Bible and out of it. With regard to Jesus both had to my own. he siah. and . “It may be true that he is the Mes­ and reasons to my atheistic director. How I amhelong­ later continued to hope that. Then I obtained German tracts for Gentiles. and after his catching it the bubble burst. for the first time in my life. perately tried to talk me out of what they called “ idealistic phantasies. both mother was likewise a God-fearing soul to angels and to men.” and I will be able to see them rewarded In the following year. From the Zurich congregation I re­ ceived literature for free distribution.” Years later on her deathbed my be­ was visibly shocked. In this manner.

A f­ ter Poszony. we can see today how that year was a turning point in human history. (Rev. I was invited to come to the branch. It was a time when they were symbolically dressed in sackcloth. Mistaking us for missionaries of Chris­ tendom. More than twenty years later practically the entire Jewish population of Poszony was anni­ hilated by the demon-possessed Nazis. Nonethe­ less. Austria. which is a full-time publisher of the good news. and while we were there World War I erupted. 7-11) In 1919. we were indescribably jubilant be­ cause of the long-awaited fulfillment of Bible prophecy regarding the ending of the appointed times of the nations. He is still faithfully serving at our Swiss branch at Berne. is still alive and has.) I gladly accepted the invitation. Even in their day there were inhuman. My parents felt crushed. Because the first year of my new life was full of ac­ tivity and learning. when Jehovah began to liberate his captive people from their “Babylo- . Nonetheless. When the Watch Tower Society’s presi­ dent. as well as three of my fleshly brothers and a sister-in-law who lived in France. were later massacred by the Nazis. I was still working by myself at the time. in the United States. Rutherford. we covered Jewish territory in Budapest. Phoebe Koetitz. for many years. they unselfishly wanted me to do what would make me happy. and early in 1914 I traveled first to Prague. The younger of them. called Bethel. 4:9-12) The two of us were able to 253 accomplish much more than I was able to do by myself. clergy-led po­ groms or massacres of Jews in Czarist Russia. mentioned in Bible proph­ ecy. because they confused us with mis­ sionaries of Christendom. We were approaching the fall of 1914 with growing expectancy because we were anticipating the end of the appointed times of the nations. We returned to Vienna. There. At that time the Bethel family was still small. Looking back. Our hearts ached because of the human suffer­ ing this brought upon the people. There were only four subscribers for The Watchtower in Vienna. been devotedly serving as a pioneer. Then the Society sent me a helper. I made myself useful by various humble services. (Eccl. but with God’s help we came out alive. where I did the same work. blinded people. Then followed the sad three and a half years of humiliation for the remnant of Christ’s anointed body members on earth. Czechoslovakia. There I distributed Yiddish tracts from house to house in the large Jewish sec­ tions of that ancient city. he asked me if I would like to be sent to AustriaHungary so as to spread the good news of the Messianic kingdom among the many Jews there. fanatical Jews formed against us. Hungary. and I visited them repeatedly. After covering the Jewish sections in Vienna we traveled to Poszony (Pressburg) in Slovakia. Two were cer­ tainly better than only one in this work. they mobbed us out of town. At the fine German Bethel at Barmen I found a warm and happifying atmo­ sphere. They had no love for Christendom due to the many cen­ turies that she had driven them from country to country and mercilessly killed them with fire and sword. I then went to Vienna. Not so those poor. I started a weekly home Bible study with two of them. 3. consisting of about fifteen adults and two lovable little girls of the branch servant. and to work there. J. it passed quickly. 11:2. F. a mob of outraged. while we were distributing tracts in Jewish streets. (Most of these Jews. 1967 SEeW ATCHTOW ER.A p r il 15. An­ other person in Bethel at that time and who has survived until today is Heinrich Dwenger. Jews hardly ever responded to the good news. visited us. increasing their interest in God’s Word.

that I found Irma. a min­ through “ fire and through water. and over fruitful years. It was in the Zurich congregation of exposed them to public shame and exoner­ ated the work of Je­ J e h o v a h ’ s p e o p l e ________________ _ h o v a h ’ s servants. This school has had a sig­ SERVING AT HEADQUARTERS nificant share in the great increase of In the spring of 1926 Brother Ruther­ Kingdom publishers that has been seen ford invited us to move to the Society’s since 1943. I nec­ as a pilgrim. and guidance for more than seventeen neatness and coziness. There he assigned us to easier . Jehovah showed me his un­ world headquarters in Brooklyn. teaching thirty-four missionary tions of books I enjoyed the privilege of classes and ten Kingdom Ministry courses. be­ mas and realistic reproductions of outra­ cause of my uncompromising integrity. Sometimes I went to Can­ and brought Irma and me back to Bethel ada. in widely separated parts of the Knorr.Eu rop ean Office in Zurich and later in the Swiss were performed for years over the SocieBethel in Berne. H. making good use of her wholeheartedly and with heavenly support gift of a typical Swiss sense for cleanliness. 8:21) I had produce and direct stirring Biblical dra­ returned to Switzerland. N. the “ spirit of life from broadcast the good news of the Messianic God entered into them.” Together with them I radio stations.— Ps.” (Rom. I geous court trials of Jehovah’s witnesses suffered heartrending and heart-searching by clergy-influenced. COMING IN THE NEXT ISSUE The trained radio w ho becam e my • Rem em ber Y ou r C reator by M anifesting Goodness. ciety. to make me go Watchtower Bible School of Gilead. which was a traveling repre­ essarily had to lighten my work load. representatives for specialized service in foreign fields.254 f& eW ATCH TOW ER B r o o k l y n . Then Jehovah favored me with an un­ too was revived to renewed full-time theo­ cratic work in the “ glorious freedom of expected privilege of service.” Their plays C en tra l. and they stood kingdom in German and in Yiddish over upon their feet. visiting German-speaking congregations Upon reaching the age of seventy. Occasionally I had opportunities to in Brooklyn. performers and mu­ helpful and faithful • Goodness Is to Be M anifested. Those were very busy and ty’s own radio station. • W here A re W e According to God’s sicians in these dra­ marriage companion. N .Y . WBBR. man” bondage. relieved me of my school duties United States. authoritative positions in the Society.” but isterial school for providing advanced afterward he brought me out to great re­ training to missionaries and ministerial lief. prejudiced judges and prosecutors in America. New Jersey trials caused by unfaithful men who held and Pennsylvania. Between transla­ years. overshadowing the severe other stations in New York. To GILEAD test my humility.' “ The K i n g ’s T h e ­ first in the Society’s ater. Con­ sentative and public lecturer of the So­ siderately the Society’s president. This was to the children of God. This I did as a housekeeper. There my merited favor by having me included in privilege of serving as translator was con­ the faculty to teach courses on Bible re­ tinued and enlarged. 66:12. Jehovah permitted them In 1943 the Society established the to ride over my head. The dramas trials. Tim etable? mas were known as We served together • ‘ F a ith Ta lked A bout Th roughout th e W hole W o rld . and there. My good wife helped search and public speaking.

from now on we know no man according to the flesh. . I tire easily. 92:12-15) I cannot do great things. understandably.” One must live and work here to appreciate fully the astoundingly smooth efficiency and the fine cooperative Christian spirit of its organization. . which was O so little. That is why I have giv­ en up all I had. My most ar­ dent desire and my highest hope is not to be great in the kingdom of heaven. I have truly lived a full and joyful life. will blossom forth as a palm tree does . certainly we now know him so no more. Thus far in all my many and varied ser­ vice assignments since 1913 every change has been gratefully seen. but all who would accept him and exercise faith might . The place and its inhabitants had endeared themselves to us so very much. good. but I can keep on doing small things devotedly. Since the time I dedicated my life to our great heav­ enly Father. I can truly testify that not one of God’s gracious promises to me has failed. through the merit of my Sa­ vior and King. be­ fore I began to behold God’s light of truth. I esteem an inestimable and unspeakable privilege. They will still keep on thriv­ ing during gray-headedness . When surveying my Kingdom service over the years. could only be heaven itself.—Luke 17:10. True. as some per­ sons have said. we think. but to see God and to be forever close to him and to my Savior. As it is written: “ The righteous . The text in question reads: “Consequently A t 2 Corinthians 5:14 the apostle indicated that Christ had died as a ransom sacrifice for all. its joys and sorrows. above all. N. I was groping in the darkness of the val­ ley of death and merely existed. No. . but I do not feel at all like retiring now or ever. They have all come true. But we have found Bethel. all for my testing and refinement. No one is driven. as one for the better. (Josh.A p r il 15. His sacrifice did not cover just the Jews or benefit only Gentiles. At times the thrilling ascent on God’s Mountain has been very steep and hazardous. I stumbled at times and got hurt. lov­ able and beautiful.” The primary meaning of these words can best be understood if we first determine what the apostle Paul was proving in the context. I realize that. Even if we have known Christ ac­ cording to the flesh.” (Ps. but with the strong help of our merciful Mountain Guide I always got up again. one worth living. I am fully aware that I have been merely a “good- 255 for-nothing” slave and that all I have done in the Master’s service is what I ought to have done. 1967 SEeWATCHTOW ER work. I am in my seventy-seventh year now and. Another change for the better. It hurt to leave our beautiful King­ dom Farm where Gilead School was lo­ cated. a place that is truly. Jehovah as my eternal Friend. My spirit has retained freshness and enthusi­ asm for everything that is true. . over­ seers are inconspicuous and yet the place is humming with great activity and is amazingly productive. . England. 23:14) To play a humble supporting part in the grand universal drama of Jehovah’s vindication.. in order to gain the crown of life and. . to tell that Jehovah is upright. in time. Never before did we have it as good as now in our dear Bethel home. and with re­ newed courage and carefulness resumed to climb upward. • Can 2 Corinthians 5:16 be used to establish that Jesus would not return in the flesh? — C. I realize that it has had its ups and downs. “ simply out of this world. even more than before.

during April they will be offering a year's subscription for this fine Bible-study aid. his being “ raised up” from death. 256 live because of him. HOW STRONG IS YOUR FAITH? In the crucial days ahead the faith of all Christians will be tried to the limit. Then Paul concluded in verse 16 that anoint­ ed Christians would now know no man accord­ ing to the flesh. he appre­ ciated that Jesus had given his fleshly body as a ransom and could not take it back in resurrection without nullifying the ransom. relying in faith on God's promise to direct their steps in security. unable to go to heaven and sit at God's right hand. Paul spoke about those who knew Jesus according to the flesh. 15. 78.Y . Order now and obtain three free booklets on Bible topics. the Lord Jesus instructed his followers: “ Go therefore and make disciples of people . looking down on some because they were Gentiles or had a low station in life. it would be improper for Christians to view persons on a human or fleshly basis. 28:19. This is proved each year as thousands of its newer readers dedicate their lives to God. or looking up to others because they were Jews or held some prominent position. the apostle Paul realized that no human would see Christ in the flesh again. . This attitude based on external. for in his first letter to the same Corinthian congregation he told them that Jesus was resurrected a life-giving spirit. . without question. The Watchtower. (2 Cor. such as Jews who hoped in the Messiah to restore an earthly kingdom. Rather. f l ANNOUNCEMENTS ff FIELD MINISTRY Before his ascension to heaven. 110: 1. A s a further aid to interested persons. with three booklets. . at one time had looked at Christ only on the basis of his flesh. II1-24. Ps.W ATCHTOW ER. 117. and The Benefits of Mankind’s Millennium. One year. W hile this is the primary point the writer was establishing in 2 Corinthians 5 :16. He did not neces­ sarily mean just persons who had personally seen Jesus with their physical eyes. because we cannot separate the change of knowing Christ and his followers from Christ's resurrection. (1 Cor. teaching them. many or all the members of the Corin­ thian congregation. You can share this joy this coming year by subscribing now. he meant that even if individuals. N o magazine is so dedicated to this lofty purpose as is The Watchtower. Page 229. Avail yourself of the opportunity to obtain it. (1 Cor.” (Matt. How strong is your faith? If it is to be an unwavering faith you must be fed the pure W ord of God regularly. N . Songs to Be Used: 92. 3:8. 11) Since Jesus died for all. The important spiritual re­ lationship they could have with their brothers was the important thing. return again in the flesh. 20) It is in obedience to that command that Jehovah’s witnesses call at your door. 1 5 :50. Jesus showed the same view at Matthew 12:47-50. 5:1-4) Also. Yes. 111-23. they are teachers of the things that are recorded in the Bible. W ell. he would not have been the Christ or Messiah. He empha­ sized the spiritual relationship he had with those who accepted him as the Messiah. 1125-31. 9 :28.” — 2 Cor. (Heb. “WATCHTOWER” STUDIES FOR THE WEEKS M ay 14: Mankind's Millennium Under God's Kingdom— W h y Literally So. Finally. And for this reason this text can be used to establish that Christ's return would not be visible and fleshly. never saw Jesus as a hu­ man. 10:10) Yes. it is also proof that Jesus would not . (Gal. Songs to Be Used: 61. B r o o k l y n . for just $1. since some. If he had been raised up flesh and blood. 5:14. Christians no longer would do so. 15:45) And in this second letter he said that anointed Christians would have to give up their fleshly bodies in order to receive immortality. May 21: Mankind’s Millennium Under God’s Kingdom— W h y Literally So. how was he raised from the dead? The apostle knew. All this was changed by the fact that Christ not mere­ ly “ died for them” but was also “raised up. Page 235. one dollar. fleshly appearances was a thing of the past for those who became Christians. Acts 2:32-36) In that case he would still have to be known according to the flesh. and they offer their personal services free of charge. So in a double sense Paul could state that humans would know Jesus according to the flesh no longer.


"T h e W a tch to w er” is no inspired prophet. but it ‘follows and explains a Book o f prophecy the predictions in which have proved to be unerring and unfailing till now . for w e are all facing a common w orld danger. When other translations are used the following symbols will appear behind the citations: ASATAVDy JP - American Standard Version An American Translation Authorized Version (1611) Catholic Douay version Jewish Publication Soc.. 1 17 Adams S t„ Brooklyn. N o . Le M oRo RSYg - Isaac Leeser’s version James Moffatt’s version J. London N. 150 Bridgeland Ave. Thus this magazine w ill be helping them to prove w orthy o f perfect life and happiness in G od’s promised new order under H is everlasting kingdom o f righteousness. . for its statements may be checked against that prophetic Book..850. "T h e W a tch to w er” is therefore under safe guidance. Private Bag 2. written by inspiration in the name o f the Creator o f heaven and earth. Transvaal 70c Trinidad. W h ic h Book? 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happy conclusion. It shows we are facing the God knows w hat day for the expression of God’s wrath the fu tu re holds. a time for war and a time dicates that we are at the threshold of a for peace. 24:34.” Without doubt. even a time for every affair under the For example. marks his location in the stream of time.” Following that war will were all foretold by be the glorious thousand-year him centuries ago reign of Jesus and are appearing on the world scene j l I Christ. break forth on the world scene. (Rev. 1967 N um ber 9 ROM read in g number of dramatic changes in this very God’s Word the generation— changes that will affect your B ible one can n ot life and that of every other person for all but conclude that time to come. But how can we be confident that these Therefore. to be written down in his Word the Bible.” (Deut. that this earth is in store for a a precise time for the war of Armageddon 259 . in his infinite mankind have arranged their wisdom he has been able to predetermine what course nations would take. He himself promises. 20:4-6) “timetable. 6:18) They are scheduled events in the It also reveals what events are about to “timetable” of God.” that “ the defect is their great crowd of own. for it pro­ swer is simple: Because these are the vides him with priceless information that promises of a God who cannot lie. precisely on schedule according to his * ^ 16:16.— Matt. So with For instance. a testifies that men “have acted ruinously on their own part. (Heb. . then. in the book of Ecclesiastes this information close at hand we can (3:1.-p 4 rv n o u ric i7 z c y J E H O V A H ’S KINGDOM M ay 1. 35. 32:5) Rather. 8) the Creator assures us: “For chart a course in life that will lead to a everything there is an appointed time.” Not that God Almighty is E xercisin g responsible for all that has happened on faith in these earth down through the ages. the Bible “timetable” in­ heavens: . . and for lives in harmony with God’s Word in hope our guidance and encouragement has of becoming recipients of the blessings caused a record of these prophetic events that are to come. knowledge of this “timetable” promises are sure of fulfillment? The an­ is of intense interest to man. there is new era. against all wickedness in the battle at For the frightful what the Bible calls “Armaged­ events of our time don.

4:6) It was in 455 B.— Gen. PROPHECIES FOR ENCOURAGEMENT God’s promises and prophecies are for our encouragement...E. Therefore. the 483 years would end 29 In 29 C. Since prophecies and promises of God .C. So he told his disciples in advance that “he must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things from the older men and chief priests and scribes. as a source of great encouragement to those enslaved and afflicted Jews. Another example where knowledge of a recorded prophecy served as an encour­ agement can be found in the prophecy of Jeremiah.Y .E. This again emphasizes the accurate­ ness of God’s “timetable. AS) In other words. and on the third day be raised up. For example. for it also told of deliverance. 2:1-8) Counting from 455 B. the anointed one. shall be seven weeks. you may believe. Jesus of Nazareth was anointed with holy spirit. in order that. Jehovah caused his prophet Jeremiah to write that the Jews would be held captive in Babylon while their land was desolate for seventy years. 29: 10) The prophet Daniel. 25. the prince. that King Artaxerxes decreed that the city of Jerusalem and its wall be rebuilt. while in Babylon. (Ezek. and be killed. and these will cer­ tainly afflict them for four hundred years. For example. 25. long be­ fore the Hebrews were enslaved in Egypt.” (John 1:41) This was precisely as foretold by the prophet Daniel centuries before. at which time he became Jesus Christ or Jesus the Messiah.” (Dan. Subtracting 400 years from 1913 brings us to 1513 B. took encouragement from these prophetic words and looked for the releasing of his people and their return to Jerusalem. precisely seventy years after Judah had been left uninhabited when the last Jews fled to Egypt not long after Jerusalem’s desola­ tion. the pre­ cise year when God delivered the Israel­ ites from Egyptian bondage.C. N . when translated.” At the beginning of the first century of our Common Era faithful Jews were look­ ing for the Messiah because of recorded prophecies. A close study of the Bible helps us to appreciate that world events can be an­ ticipated and understood in advance by those who are acquainted with Bible prophecies. The prophet Daniel was told “that from the going forth of the com­ mandment to restore and to build Jerusa­ lem unto the anointed one [Messiah].C..E. 50:24. God told Abram: “You may know for sure that your seed will become an alien resi­ dent in a land not theirs. sixty-nine weeks of years or 483 years (for these are symbolic weeks) would pass.” (Gen. Christ). 16:21-23) The reason for such prophecies was given by Jesus in these words: “ So now I have told you before it occurs. and three­ score and two weeks.C. mocked Isaac in the year 1913 B. from a study of the Hebrew Scriptures Jesus Christ knew that he was destined to suffer. son of the Egyptian Hagar. (Neh.C.E.E. In that year Andrew the brother of Simon Peter declared: “ ‘We have found the Messiah’ (which means. and they will have to serve them. 15:13) The beginning of that af­ fliction was when Ishmael.” (Matt.” (John 14:25-29) This is the advantage of knowing prophecy and seeing its fulfillment. Knowledge of this prophecy to Abram could have served B r o o k l y n . those who do not believe forfeit the value of God’s “ timetable” for themselves. 9:24. We gain faith and strength in witnessing the fulfillment of God’s promises and can look ahead with confidence to seeing other promises ful­ filled. (Jer.260 SEeWATCHTOWER to be fought and also a set time for the peaceful thousand-year reign of Christ to begin. when it does occur. which took place in 537 B. die and be resurrected to life.E.

” the earth was to witness a marked change after 1914. But nothing in the early part of 1914 indicated that world upheaval was at hand. 15:4.” when ‘the world began its march toward disaster. They firmly believed that Je­ sus’ prophecy of the conclusion of the system of things would come true. did it? EVIDENCE MARKING THE END For over thirty-five years in advance Jehovah’s witnesses proclaimed that 1914 would be a marked year.E.”— 2 Tim. We who live today stand at the threshold of Armageddon. 24:7. Bible chronology and prophecies agree on this fact.” men­ tioned by Jesus. 1967 SFEeWATCHTOWER. the capital of God’s representative government on earth. and that the seven would.” “the day when the world went mad. . and scoff many did. They were to run for seven symbolic times. be 2.520 years in dura­ tion. There in Daniel is found a prophecy concerning the kingdom of God (Dan. The Bible in­ dicates that each of those “ times” would be 360 years in length. Matt. This also means we stand at the threshold of the incomparable peaceful. righteous rule of Christ that is to follow. 3:1-5. indicated a period in which there would be no representative government of Jehovah in the hands of the royal line of King David to interfere with the Gentile domination of the earth. 3:13. as being a “ dividing line in history. 24:21. and there will be food shortages and earthquakes in one place after anoth­ er. until the appointed times of the nations are fulfilled. a prophecy that pointed to the time when the one 261 chosen by God would be given the right to rule (Dan. it was obvious that Jesus’ prophecy was fulfilled and that the “ appointed times of the nations” had ended. He said: “Jerusalem will be tram­ pled on by the nations. World War I did not settle the world’s problems.—Rom. the year marking the end of the Gentile Times. END OF THE GENTILE TIMES Ours is a most critical generation.May 1. It was not until late June of 1914 that the world began to feel the jit­ ters of world instability. as shown by Daniel chapter 4.’ This is precisely what God’s “timetable” said 1914. we who live at the conclusion of this system of things would be wise to turn to the same sources for our encour­ agement. As early as 1877 their publications warned that 1914 would see Gentile rule interrupted by the king­ dom of God. The world’s scene was a scoffer’s dream. “nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom. It merely sowed the seeds that * See the book “ Babylon the Great Has Fallen!” God’s Kingdom Rules!. But by October 1. This fact is significant because. that fol­ lowing the end of the Gentile Times God’s Messianic kingdom would come into full power and the Gentile powers on earth be ousted. 1914. would be. and for how long a period would they extend? Those Gentile Times began to count in 607 B. The nations were at peace.E. when Jerusalem. was destroyed by the king of Babylon. But how can we be sure? Because of prophecies and God’s unerring “ time­ table. God’s war in which the wicked will be wiped off the earth. 8) The “appointed times of the nations. So when did those “ times” begin. Historians and statesmen speak of 1914 C.* That time period ended in the au­ tumn of 1914 of our Common Era.” (Matt.” a “ turning point.” (Luke 21:24) After this. Well.C. 32) after a period of “ seven times” had elapsed. pages 174-181. therefore. 4:34). Consider the time factor that Jesus gave.. 25. according to the prophecies of God’s “ timetable. were an encouragement for men through­ out all ages. All these things are a beginning of pangs of distress. 4:17. as he said. 2 Pet.

As longer young. According to Bible chronology. and so it has still be members of “ this generation” alive at the time of the passing away of this been. . Already many of its members have Times would mark “a beginning of pangs died. 3 3) H o w famine. And earthquakes. On God’s Armageddon. They tell us be certain: the generation that Jesus said what Satan the Devil already knows. The time is close at hand. we are al­ Therefore. The gen­ greater war within the same generation. the time is short. good reason for Christians everywhere to THE END OF 6. Food short­ COMING IN THE NEXT ISSUE much longer will it ages have affected • Mildness. The yearly toll in itself. Shortly thereafter events with understanding in 1914 is no came smaller wars and revolutions.E. God is now at hand.. all the time mak­ time began in the autumn of 1914 C. therefore. What will that year mean for hu­ lives lost from earthquakes since 1914 has mankind? Will it be the time when God been ten times what it was before that executes the wicked and starts off the thousand-year reign of his Son Jesus year. Yes. These events emphasize the preciseness Christ? It very well could. ing supplication that you may succeed in at the termination of the “ appointed times escaping all these things that are destined of the nations. 12: 12. before God more than twice as • Com m ercial W orld Experiences takes action to de­ many people as were Cause fo r M ourning.” (Luke 21:36) The prophecy is that saw the beginning of this time period sure.” and it is already far ad­ to occur. be.Y. It no longer has many years Jesus foretold. that we stand at the threshold of close. that ‘God’s kingdom come’ will a wicked system of things that will soon soon be a reality for the earth.” That day: “Keep awake.000 years of hu­ cancer are reaching the proportions of a man experience. plunged the world into another and even in 1914 would also see its end.—Luke 21:28. they rejoice because fulfill­ In examining these Scriptural facts. ment of their prayers for the kingdom of something else also captures our attention. heart diseases and 1975 marks the end of 6. A glorious new order is immediately before us. keep in mind the admonition ready over fifty-two years into the wicked of the Lord Jesus when speaking of our system of things’ “ time of the end.000 YEARS rejoice. that his wicked rule is about “timetable” we are in the closing days of to end. Jesus said that “this generation” of man. This is. are reliable chronology preserved in the Bible bringing increased woe. • In structing w ith Mildness. N. stroy the wicked and • Do You Give 'Just as You H ave affected in the 900 Resolved in Y o u r H e a rt’ ? usher in the blessings years before. and in standing before the Son vanced.— Rev. a C hristian R equirem ent. then. the autumn of the year in the earth and go on increasing. would witness those events is nearing its namely. then. too. but we will of God’s “ timetable. Mental and nervous disorders. eration that was old enough to view those namely. Yet of this we can nesses of fulfilled prophecies. Since 1914. But Jesus showed that there would of distress” for the earth. the earth has also experi­ wicked system of things in both heav­ en and earth.262 SEeW ATCHTOW ER B r o o k l y n . the end of the Gentile to run. World War II. This is ascertainable from global calamity.” They make us wit­ have to wait to see. be gone forever. Pesti­ of his Kingdom rule? lences have increased Interestingly. (Luke enced unprecedented 2 1 : 3 2.

As they apply the lessons learned. A government de­ partment handling her retirement ap­ plication called her to the capital for discussion at the very time when the as­ sembly would be in session. A group of Witnesses from the coast of Honduras started out by train for the as­ sembly in Tegucigalpa. traveled four days on that mighty river to reach Belem on the coast. in the Amazon basin. wanted to get to the as­ sembly.”—Luke 17: 5. Obstacles could not extinguish their zeal for attendance at the spiritual feast pre­ pared for them. but her opposed husband even made it difficult for her to attend local meetings. (Matt. Jehovah’s witnesses from the northern hemisphere had opportunity to visit Mexi­ co. Things learned and experiences report­ ed at the 1966-67 series of “ God’s Sons of Liberty” International Assemblies pro­ vide much food for thought along this line. The unexpected happened. The prospect and the hazards of a twenty-day —Displayed at W s Sons of liberty" Assemblies HE faith-displaying course of devoted servants of Jehovah in this day. follow­ ers of Christ today are in effect saying what first-century disciples said to the Master: “ Give us more faith. and felt they T 263 . 1:8. So she was one of the happy participants. is truly a fit subject for up­ building consideration. One schoolteacher liv­ ing some 200 miles distant from Montevi­ deo. and then five days by bus to get to the Brazilian assembly in Sao Paulo. have you ever hesitated about attending some circuit or district assembly of Jehovah’s witnesses orga­ nized for your benefit. Uruguay. 17:20) And that has proved to be true of many of Jehovah’s witnesses in Latin America. Central and South America and the islands of the Caribbean and see firsthand the background against which a vast cam­ paign of Bible education is being pushed in those southern lands. It leads them to examine their own attitudes and ways of thinking in order to root out any that raise obstacles to the growth of faith. for she went ahead with preparations. They could not get through because high waters had rendered a rail bridge impassable. ATTENDING ASSEMBLIES For example. They were thrilled by what they saw and heard. Did they give up? No! They went home and tried again next day and got through and finally arrived one day after the assembly had started. confident that. It moves other ser­ vants of God to inquire into how such strength of faith can be acquired. if it was the Lord’s will.”—Rom. Jehovah’s witnesses from Manaus.could react as did the apostle Paul when he informed the congregation of Chris­ tians in Rome: “Your faith is talked about throughout the whole world. as in the past. Was she discouraged? Did her faith waver? No. because of some seemingly insurmountable obstacles? Je­ sus taught that faith can surmount ob­ stacles. she would get there.

From his district two hundred persons came to the assembly in Lima. testimony to the faith of God’s ser­ vants. Thirty-seven delegates from Nuevo Paraiso. One Uruguayan Witness began tak­ ing in washing early in July so that when January arrived she would have enough funds for the journey. and now has his assignment as a special pioneer minister in his hometown. they turned up at the assembly in Barranquilla undaunted. As it turned out. FAITH TO REACH OUT How do you view the possibility of tak­ ing on enlarged privileges and responsi­ bilities in Kingdom service? Those who have faith to reach out and grasp such op­ portunities are truly blessed by Jehovah. One Witness in a fishing town in Peru was informed that he could not qualify to be a special pioneer minister until he learned to read and write. Another with sev­ eral children and an opposed husband made and sold ice cream to earn her trav­ el expenses. 3:7) Let us never overlook the effect that good conduct has on per­ sons who observe Jehovah’s witnesses un­ der varying conditions. They accepted the in­ vitation to train at the Watchtower Bible School of Gilead and were sent off to for­ eign assignments. happy to be alive to partake of the spiri­ tual bounty of the Lord’s table. But did they have the faith to stick with their assignments? They certainly did. they are the most or­ ganized people we have dealt with.264 3fteWATCHTOWER- return trip could not shake their deter­ mination to attend. he declared he was going to get it out and start studying it. despite frail health. said to his staff: “We must cooperate to the greatest extent with these people. A waiter in a Panama restaurant approached some Witnesses and asked: “Who are you people? You all seem so happy. and there is no discrimination among you— how can it be?” When told that the Witnesses were the same people who distribute the book From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained. in fact. N . Surely their faith is like Abraham’s! FAITHFUL CONDUCT IMPRESSES “ Fine testimony from people on the out­ side” of the Christian congregation is. Many Witnesses had to be resourceful in order to make the trip to the assembly site. after dealing with the assembly organization. eighty of them already baptized. They really take note and talk about it. Puerto Rico. reached out for pioneer ministerial privi­ leges! She has been instrumental in bring­ ing some ninety persons into the organi­ zation of Jehovah’s witnesses. the boat did cap­ size and they lost all their spare clothing and money. Colombia. which he already had. However. That did it. The supervisor of a bus company in San Juan. How signally blessed was one Uruguay­ an Witness who. as convention dele­ gates learned during the Central and South American tour of assemblies. He began studying right away. were undeterred by the hazardous trip in a large motor-powered canoe. as experiences told at the “ God’s Sons of Liberty” assemblies show. Think of it! Eight graduates from Gilead’s first class back in 1943 are still faithfully serving in Mexico and others are to be found in various Cen­ tral and South American lands.Y . these mount the platform at the Monte­ video assembly in testimony to her zeal­ ous and diligent ministry! Northern visitors at all these assemblies also met and talked with missionaries who years ago had the faith to reach out for service privileges. (1 Tim. How rewarding it was for her to see a good proportion of B r o o k l y n .” And a hotel manager in Mexico City declared: “ You Witnesses are welcome here any- . made excellent progress in but a few months.

” A hotel learned that the leaseholder who had manager in one South American city. teachers of the Bible ston. think of the line manager stated: “ You people did a position of the Watch Tower convention magnificent job of organization. How many rooms do you want?” An­ them. by the willingness of mission­ moved in. were owner of the auditorium consented to ne­ deeply impressed. Montevideo.M a y 1.” rains did come on January 1. not to speak of the many foreign delegates. a success­ entire building. employ only Witnesses here I would be HAVING DONE ALL. This year. They quickly gain confidence in other hotel manager. The opening of the assembly country I would not mind paying taxes. penetrating every handled.” One of them declared: “This is the while mosquitoes made life unbearable to first time the Palaeio has a clean smell. was just days away. the very day Another said: “ This is the first time the that four planeloads of Witness delegates Palaeio management has turned over the arrived from Panama. However. and they would ad­ vious years the crickets had to be swept dress each Witness as Hermano or “Broth­ up by the bushel in the downtown areas. And what of the crickets? concerned about how the property will be They arrived in their thousands one hour after the closing session.” Time and again conventioners heard at corner of the Coliseum. had had aries and other Witnesses to come into their humble homes and even eat with their eyes on the huge Velodrome in the . and with it come ers it was noticeable that none of them hordes of crickets and mosquitoes. to anyone. But worth. The lacio Penarol.” Witnesses in Santiago. sure enough. referring to the locustlike thor­ poorer natives in remote districts of all oughness of the Witness organization: those southern lands were impressed. They need faith in God to meet already done for themselves. There is not much that because it may be beyond their power to we can do for them that they have not achieve. “The locusts moved out and the crickets above all. and they seem un­ ered Coliseum. matical precision. everyone.” The auditorium personnel at the Pa. and the contract with him was no observed: “If you people were running the longer valid. but as they got to associating with Normally. Chile.” And an air­ such situations. In pre­ smoked any longer.everything finally worked out well. At first they were smok­ gotiate a last-minute contract. Wish we servant at Managua. if I could into operation in their own lives. Nicaragua. lease. when he had men like you in our firm. Uruguay. TRUST JEHOVAH happy. As someone re­ these assemblies that Indians and the marked. the free of tobacco smoke and other odors. January 1 marks the start of and cooperating with the Witness work­ Ecuador’s rainy season. this time in King­ teachers of this kind. including rooms and pri­ ful assembly was held in Guayaquil’s Cov­ vate offices. er. Jamaica. re­ rented the auditorium to him had lost his marking on the efficiency of the Witnesses. ing. with delegates on for I know I would get my money’s their way from all over Nicaragua. 1 9 6 7 265 SlkWATCHTOWER time. For example.” A Government official in Ecuador said have done their very best to carry out his of the assembly organization: “They have will and yet reach the point where they every last detail planned out with mathe­ must trust in Jehovah for the outcome. said: “Although I am not who are prepared to put its fine principles one of Jehovah’s witnesses. For with such a staff we could run It often happens that servants of God a trouble-free hotel.

however. In Guatemala the Government-owned radio station provided three hours of free time for interviews and other reports on the assembly. carried a six-page story of the assembly. by patient. explained truthfully that the Witnesses are entirely neutral as to political ques­ tions and are exclusively devoted to preaching and teaching the Bible’s mes­ sage for our day. Chile. But not without a great deal of hard work and faith in Je­ hovah as to the outcome was this result achieved. In Brazil an excellent job was done of bringing the assembly to the attention of the press. favorable comment on the cleanliness ob­ served among the Witnesses.” Other local papers. grounds of the National Stadium ever since the idea of an international assembly in their city became known. in its issue of February 26. with the four succeeding pages of pictures and explanatory text under the heading: “ Swimpool of National Stadium Converted into Baptismal Font.266 3fieWATCHTOWER. while Guatemalan papers published 400 column inches. Many types of transportation were pressed into use. including eighteen photographs relating to the Wit­ nesses’ gathering. some many blocks. featured the baptism on its cover. The article concluded: “With the sincerity that flows from the words of Jehovah’s [witnesses]. under the head line: “Jehovah’s Witnesses Convert Na­ tional Stadium into Temple of Anticom­ munism.’ ” All of Costa Rica’s national newspapers published items on the assembly in San . and carried B r o o k l y n . How? Many of the incoming delegates simply walked to their accom­ modations. too. Nevertheless. this obstacle. However. five banners announcing the public lecture were strung across the streets at strategic points. and they also managed to be at the Palacio Penarol for the unfor­ gettable sessions of the assembly. The illustrated Flash magazine of San­ tiago. N . One entire page of a leading paper was filled with pictures of cafeteria activity.Y . including a fire department bus and a huge dump truck. Puerto Rico’s illustrated magazine Bo­ hemia. ASSEMBLIES IN THE HEADLINES Without exception the 1966-67 series of assemblies produced the greatest amount of favorable public attention ever given to the activities of Jehovah’s people in Cen­ tral and South America. El Siglo ( TheCentury). was sur­ mounted. 1967. Newspapers in Jamaica gave an unprecedented 730 column inches to re­ ports on the activities of the Witnesses at Kingston’s National Stadium. In Uruguay it seemed that a strike that tied up all buses and taxies would have a grave effect on attendance at the assem­ bly. including twelve pictures. Puerto Rico. But the visitors got to their hotels and rooms. continuing discussion with one group of officials after another. this new structure was finally opened to Jehovah’s witnesses.” Quite dif­ ferent in motive was the article published by the Communist daily in the same city. with the result that the final count in column inches amounted to 4.263. drawing atten­ tion to the baptism and the Bible dramas. and the “ God’s Sons of Liberty” Assembly was the first event to take place in it. Cycling fans were urged by a news reporter to attend the Witnesses’ assembly in order to get their first glimpse of the completed Velo­ drome. In San Juan. But the Velo­ drome was still unfinished. and even the cyclist association for whose use it was being built had tried and failed to get the use of it as late as the month of Decem­ ber. countless boricuas [Puerto Ricans] are deeply convinced that they will make it to the era of ‘Mankind’s Mil­ lennium Under God’s Kingdom.

Not lightly. tell fellow Witnesses what a large and satisfying field there is in these lands of the south for those with the true missionary spirit. On a number of occasions visiting dele­ gates heard President N. Besides. did those groups of every age brack­ et. when back home. con­ veniences and luxuries. Knorr of the Watch Tower Society bid them. too. 1 9 6 7 SKeWATCHTOWER. left homes. assigned to Colom­ bia two years ago.” And those faithful mission­ aries look at their assignment as “home. W. Those missionaries have been privi­ leged to witness marvelous growth of the Kingdom interests. They feel like fish out of water be­ ing anywhere other than in their assign­ ments. many years ago. told that in all that time he could recall only one door being slammed in his face. from the teen years up to the seven- . From this same town came thirty-two delegates to the “ God’s Sons of Liberty” Assembly. Special English sessions at each assembly furnished the opportuni­ ty to get to know these missionaries who. television and printed page. So by radio. the “Here I am! Send me” attitude. Soon they had an at­ tendance of thirty. an interview in Spanish with F. As one remarked in 267 connection with the ministry in Colombia: “In the matter of assembly places we have progressed all the way from backyards to stadiums. to serve in areas where the need for Kingdom preaching was particularly great. at each branch home of the Watch Tower Society the president and directors of the Watch Tower Society enjoyed a special gettogether with these missionaries. How wonderful it was to talk with faithful ministers who have been dili­ gent in their missionary assignments for periods up to twenty years or more! One missionary recounted how three interested families in a small Peruvian town got together and started having meetings in a home. including a fine meal. The spirit of Isaiah is needed. over se