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September 1, 2016

Sr. Merceditas O. Ang, SPC
St. Paul University Philippines
Tuguegarao City
Thru: Mrs. Juana Rivera
Director, Human Resource Management
Dear Sister:
Caritas Christi Urget Nos!
The undersigned teachers would like to thank the university, our Alma Mater, for the opportunity and
privilege to be included in its roster of faculty. Such is a challenge to genuinely live out and share the
quality education we gained as its children.
Meanwhile, the university, through the School of Arts, Sciences, and Teacher Education, aims to
achieve 100% passing rate in the upcoming Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) scheduled on
September 25, 2016.
In this view, we the newly hired teachers, would like to request your good office to allow us take a
leave during the duration of our LET review, from September 2 to September 25. Your permission will
enable us to give our full attention and commitment to our review; hence, a much greater possibility of
making it to the said examination.
Passing the board exam is a stepping stone to fulfilling our dreams as Paulinian educators.
We look forward with utmost hope and gratitude to your positive response regarding this matter.
Cherson C. Bariuan
Idamel M. Cue
Margie B. Marcos
Darrel Joy C. Cabarauan
Conie C. Hipolito
Regina Mae C. Tuliao
John Florence Leonud
John Rovy M. Lucena
Richalyn Gallebo
Lovely F. Carag
Teacher Education Graduates Batch 2016