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Submitted in partial fulfilment of the Degree of
Bachelor of Technology

Aman Thakur


Shubham Chopra


Name of Supervisor – Dr. Veeresh Gali


Date: Supervisor Designation . Solan has been carried out under my supervision.Certificate This is to certify that project report entitled “EIA OF HYDROPOWER PROJECTS – AN ANALYSIS”. This work has not been submitted partially or fully to any other University or Institute for the award of this or any other degree or diploma. submitted by SHUBHAM CHOPRA AND AMAN THAKUR in partial fulfillment for the award of degree of Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering to Jaypee University of Information Technology. Waknaghat.

Since then there have been 12 amendments made in the EIA notification of 1994. plan or program on the environment. the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests (MEF). under the Environmental (Protection) Act 1986. The MoEF recently notified new EIA legislation in September 2006. Measures are evaluated in Microsoft Excel and appropriately suggested. . In this project. Government of India. Also new procedures were evaluated while analysing the case studies of Hydropower Projects. 1994. The legal.ABSTRACT Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) can broadly be defined as a study of the effects of a proposed project. On January 27. Analysis was made on the National and International Procedures on EIA of hydropower projects. promulgated an EIA notification making Environmental Clearance (EC) mandatory for expansion or modernisation of any activity or for setting up new projects listed in Schedule 1 of the notification. methodological and procedural foundations of EIA were established in 1970 by the enactment of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) in the USA. a review of EIA of hydropower projects in Himachal Pradesh has been made considering the recent natural hazard in Uttarakhand in 2013 and subsequent Supreme Court order to review all hydropower projects located in Hilly Areas.

. POLICY & INSTITUTIONAL FRAMEWORK 2.i ABSTRACT…………………………………… ……………………………………….2 Multilateral and bilateral financial institutions environmental safeguards 2.Table of Contents CERTIFICATE………………………………………………………………………….ii Chapter-1 Introduction 1.4 Project Justification 1.2 EIA in developing countries 1.4 Institutional framework .1 EIA in international environmental law context 2.3 National legislations 2.1 Origin of EIA 1.3 Hydropower projects in India 1...5 Objectives Chapter-2 EIA LEGAL.

6 Mitigation and impact management Chapter-5 EIA in Developing and Developed Countries 5.1 Consideration of Alternatives 5.2 EIA Report Preparation 5.5 Analysis of alternatives 4.2 Scoping 4.6 Public Participation 5.3 Baseline data collection 4.1 Introduction 6.1 Screening 4.Chapter-3 PREPARATION OF TERMS OF REFERENCE (TOR) Chapter-4 ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT (EIA) PROCESS 4.8 Monitoring of the EIA System Chapter-6 EIA of HPPCL Hydropower Project Sainj 6.4 Monitoring and Posting Auditing 5.5 Decision Making Process 5.3 EIA Report View 5.4 Impact analysis and prediction 4.7 Effectiveness Of the EIA System 5.2 Project Description .

1 Impact on Water environment 7.2 Rating of Impacts 8.5 Impact on Ecology 7.2 Biophysical Impacts 9.3 Socio-Economic Impacts Results Conclusion .3 Impact on Noise environment 7.1 Methods of Impact Identification 8.4 Environmental Impact of Pre-Construction and Construction Activities Chapter 9 Mitigation measures for impact management 9.3 Anticipated Environment Impact and Mitigation Measures 8.1 Mitigation Measures for Impact Management 9.6.6 Impact on Socio-Economic environment Chapter-8 Methodologies used in EIA of HPPCL Hydropower Project Sainj 8.3 Environmental Impact Assessment Study Chapter 7 Prediction of Impacts 7.4 Impact on land environment 7.2 Impact on Air environment 7.

Simple matrix to determine the impact to fish and wildlife due to Environmental Perturbations.References APPENDIX A1.Checklist Methodologies during Operational Phase A4-Rating of Impact during Constructional Phase A5-Rating of Impact during Operational phase . A2-Checklist Methodologies during Constructional Phase A3.

2 Fish Types Table 8.1 List of Hydropower Projects in India and their Capacity Table 4.1 Land use Pattern Table 6.1 Primary Adverse Environment and Social Impact of HEP Table 9.1 Mitigation Measures .1 Generalized EIA Process Chart Table 6.List of Tables Table 1.

3 Approved Terms of Reference Monthly Temperature Variation in Project Area Ecological Location Map Figure 8.4 Land Use Classification of the Area of Sainj HEP Figure 8.List of Figures Figure 8.2 District Figure 8.1 Figure 8.5 Rainfall Variation in Project Area District .