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To the late sir Jeffrey, it was the day of his death.

To his husband the sir Gregory, it was the loss of his love.
To me, it is but a half-remembered Thursday as vivid as the foggy dreams of
years ago. Jeffrey’s life was but a blink, his time running out faster than I could count.
One mayfly among seven billion.
Oh, certainly there were some qualities of Jeffrey that were notable in some way.
Just in the seconds it took to take him away, I could see how precious he was to Gregory,
the bond of love making the soul harder to tug out of the mortal plane. Once his soul
was in my hand, I caught a glimpse of his life, shorter than most lives come. It was,
however, quite eventful.
Jeffrey had been degraded since age twelve, exiled by his family, forsaken by his
friends for being different. I saw a sea of odd jobs, working for less than minimum
wage, sleeping on park benches until spikes were built into them, built in to make
certain that he knew that he was not welcome in what was called “society.”
I watched him barely scrape by as he was denied all the basic necessities of life
time and time again until he met Gregory. When he was sixteen Gregory’s family took
him in, caring for him as no one else had since before he was forced to mature.
And there was plenty more. Parades of bright colors, dozens of different color
combinations, living life and joining a different society, a society that loved its fellow
humans rather than going out of its way to make them feel unwelcome. Jeffrey had
found a great new life and a great love in his husband Gregory.
Then he died, and he hadn’t gotten to enjoy more than a few months of it.
Guns have made my job absolute hell. Soul gathering was going at a much more
manageable rate before humans kept spending time figuring out new and exciting ways
to murder each other. I took on temps in the 1840s and made them permanent workers a
century later when I realized that the workload wasn’t about to go down any. I guess I
shouldn’t complain, I haven’t had trouble meeting quota in decades. Jeffrey has more
reason to complain than I, mostly because he was on the end of the gun with the hole in

He regretted leaving Gregory alone to deal with the monster society could be if they did not judge you as part of them. I wanted to keep hold of Jeffrey’s for as long as I could. He asked for equality. at least not on a personal level. He felt a deeper. and that the world would go on much as it had before. ten thousand. what they see as weaknesses in their moral character. Only recently had I decided to make the dead more at peace. All who come to me are equal. gel-like contents gushed out and began to interact with those who had died so many years ago. Some of them wish they had built up more material wealth to pass on to their children. . I took him on to the next step of his journey. dark and forbidding. I had personally encountered perhaps a few hundred million souls like his. adorned with precious gems. more selfless regret that he had died.” I will learn more in half a blink of an eye. the third trip I had there. a rare treat. His dying wish was not for any heaven or gold or anything selfish like that. He regretted that his story would be retold another thousand. It was what I believe to be a “random act of violence. ten million times and nothing would change.He only saw the killer for a few seconds. It will not seem short to you. I assured him. Many regretted going off to fight in a war that they had never had stock in. when I have claimed the killer as I have claimed his victim. You will find equality where you are going. I dumped the satchel into the massive golden crate. And in peace. Jeffrey had none of this regret. With some reverence I placed Jeffrey’s soul in after them. I’d had an iron one. Jeffrey was one of those rare souls I found that were… pure. The satchel’s purple. Over all the years I had been taking in the souls of humanity. Some of them found family or lost friends. My satchel of souls was mostly full. Some regret spending their time away from their children. unable to treat him with anything less than reverence after the way his world had treated him. he had moved past his family’s rejection and society’s forsaking. Others regret their failings. Most people desire something in their deaths. for millennia. Mostly. He had come to peace with all of his choices. he came with me willingly. not at first. Gregory will be joining you shortly. Slightly fewer regretted taking a nap on train tracks. but humans are remarkably good at filling up the shortest periods of time with events.

He greeted me with the ease of an old man at peace with his fate before his soul lit up with thoughts of a love once thought lost. Gregory died peacefully in his sleep. Then perhaps I am not as fair as I tell myself I am. I think it is because they feel that with all their blessings. for you will be blessed with him again. All have found peace and equality in me. Many fear me. Yes.In the blink of an eye. Is he happy? Very happy. they must deserve to pay some penance in the next step. He has been waiting for you. …I used to fear you. I had no satchel this time. I was blessed with Jeffrey. Jeffrey? He had an eagerness I could not keep from adoring. I’d wanted this time to be more personal. .