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Roxar Watercut meter

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A commitment to providing support and service through our Global Service organization ensures that our meters operate at peak performance throughout the field lifecycle. Roxar also offers a comprehensive portfolio of topside. 3 .Emerson Process Management and its portfolio of Roxar Flow Measurement solutions is a pioneer in the development of microwave resonance technology for watercut measurement. often in some of the most challenging environments. With different models that measure from 100 ppm to 100% water. Starting in the early 1990’s. both onshore and offshore. the Roxar WaterCut meter covers any application where accurate and drift free determination of water content is crucial. we have built up a wealth of expertise and installations worldwide. Roxar Watercut meters are installed across the world. subsea and downhole instrumentation and meters.

fiscal measurement and gathering (crude basic sediment and water and condensate water content) Refinery Crude Feed Desalter feed and control Refinery Refined Pipeline Refined Product Pipeline and Storage Fiscal quantity and quality measurement Shipping Terminal Shipping Terminals 4 Fuel.Application overview Test Separator Production Net Oil Two component well test and production measurement Production Separator Oil Pipeline Crude Pipeline and Gathering Allocation. refined product and crude loading and un-loading .

Due to this distinct difference in dielectric properties between water and oil. As Hydrocarbon molecules have a much more symmetrical structure and do not respond to the changing microwave field in the same way. The Oxygen atom of the water molecule has an affinity for the electrons of the two Hydrogen atoms which results in the electron density on the Oxygen atom being greater. Detects and tracks water content changes as low as 20 ppm – a sensitivity matched by no other technology. This results in the water molecule having a positively charged side and a negatively charged side. the industry has widely recognized this principle for providing superior sensitivity to water in oil over conventional density or optically based principles. Because of this. the water molecules will continuously try to align themselves with the changing microwave field. due to the difference in molecular structure between the two liquids. Maximizes production by immediately showing the effects of your efforts to enhance oil/water separation and decrease retention time. The watercut is then calculated by comparing the mixture permittivity with the dry oil and water permittivities. which in turn will slow down the propagation of the microwaves. they therefore have an insignificant affect on the propagation of the microwaves. and uses this to calculate the watercut. The permittivities of water and oil are fundamentally different (typically 70 vs. • An innovative alternative to conventional sampling with several countries and oil companies having substituted conventional sampling for the Roxar Watercut meter for fiscal reporting and even for the automatic re-routing of oil back into the process when the watercut exceeds the commercial level. 2). 70 Mixture permittivity 60 The Roxar WaterCut meter measures the mixture permittivity. The Roxar Watercut Measurement Principle The Roxar Watercut meter uses microwave technology to measure the permittivity of any oil/water mixture. 50 40 30 20 10 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 % Water 70 80 90 100 5 .Operator Benefits of using a Roxar Watercut meter • • • Determines the oil and water production rates without separation.

but sometimes impacts accuracy if the flow is not well mixed and anything that coats or damages the sensor can require frequent maintenance for cleaning or even replacement. Conversely. very low watercut or very high watercut.Measurement technology Why microware resonance technology? A number of methods are used to determine the watercut. As the watercut increases. there are limitations in this method due to the errors introduced by sampling data not being representative. Infrared absorption is by the nature of the measurement suited to applications with watercut 90% or higher. especially considering its ability to handle changes in salinity. Capacitance is a well established technology for measuring watercut. there are a number of limitations and in particular a dependency on periodic recalibration to maintain accuracy. Unlike other technologies. These correlations are sensitive to – and must include correction for – the temperature of the electronics. but this requires accurate fixed inputs for component densities and is limited when considering applications with heavy oil. This means that the meter does not need periodic recalibration. but the variances within the flow. causing a corresponding decrease in Microwave Resonance™ frequency. This unique technology provides a number of advantages over all other watercut meter technologies. Maintenance . the Roxar Watercut meter does not require any dynamic calibration for set up or continued performance. for example. However. whereas an insertion probe. The Microwave Resonance™ technology is the only method that allows for a very simple. Roxar’s unique Microwave Resonance™ technology allows an energy peak to occur at a frequency defined solely by the contents of the sensor. Most electromagnetic methods depend on experimental correlations between the system response and the mixture permittivity. Other considerations Density measurement can be used to calculate watercut. In addition. . The Roxar Watercut meter solution ensures accurate results as the measurement is taken across the entire span of the flow. ageing and calibration etc. an insertion probe is challenged not only by its own accuracy uncertainty. because infrared light is absorbed by oil then at very low watercut it is difficult to measure a signal if all the light is absorbed. the propagation of the microwaves is increasingly counteracted.reliability The Roxar Watercut meter is designed for minimum maintenance. Using an insertion probe design for this type of technology may reduce capital costs. waxing etc. is only able to provide measurement for the flow the sensor comes into contact with. This compares to insertion devices which can be compromised when • • • • The Microwave Resonance™ frequency with empty sensor vac is measured with high precision equipment at the factory and stored in each unit as a calibration constant. • • Fiscal accuracy Long term repeatability (no drift) Sensitivity as low as 20 ppm water Independence from electronics temperature Measures full cross section of up to 32” pipe Low Maintenance Sample Point Representative measurement Sampling has been used to periodically check watercut values. Therefore should there be any variances in the water content within the flow. Whilst useful for applications with very stable process conditions and low watercuts. These include: 3 3 2 2 1 0 Average watercut 1 0 the measurement element is coated or damaged by deposits. The meter has no moving parts and its full bore design means that the measurement is not susceptible to issues related to scaling. scientific correlation between the Microwave Resonance™ frequency fmix and the mixture permittivity mix. unaffected by the temperature of the electronics.

AutoSalinity is a function exclusively for the FullCut (FC) meter. and in this way is able to provide watercut readings up to 100%. This ability is highly valuable as it gives operators confidence that even when properties of the fluids passing through the Watercut meter are changing (e. Please note that this feature can be retrofitted to most Roxar Watercut meters as a service assignment to update Watercut meter electronics. only available with the Roxar Watercut meter.g. The meter interprets the microwave signal to find the salinity of the water. the AutoSalinity function automatically compensates for the salt content in the water fraction. The TopCut function enables measurement when the meter is out of range by using a density calculation (requires AutoZero). the Roxar Watercut meter can automatically compensate for changes in fluid density in real time. Using a density input from a densitometer or coriolis meter (typically 4-20mA or bi-directional serial connection). The AutoSalinity feature performs with all different types of salt and there is no need for the type of salt to be input. LC and HC Watercut meters are not affected by varying salinity. 7 . when testing multiple wells) then the meter will use the live measured density for optimum accuracy. For the FC meter. measuring the watercut on the full cross section of the pipe. The AutoSalinity function actually measures conductivity. and uses this measured conductivity to correct watercut measurements. The standard Roxar LowCut (LC) & HighCut (HC) Watercut meters have an upper limit for watercut (15% and 50% respectively). This option is perfect when testing wells that are mainly in the 0-15% or 0-50% watercut range as it allows for measurements still to be achieved when the watercut exceeds the stated range of the meter. 2” – 3” standard sizes (FC) 1” – 8” standard sizes (LC/HC) 10” – 36” non-standard sizes (LC/HC) Top Cut Function * AutoZero AutoSalinity * Extends LC/HC to 100% watercut Extended range with TopCut 0-15% 0-50% 0-100% AutoZero TopCut AutoSalinity AutoZero is a patented feature. and then makes use of this to produce accurate measurements.Standard sizes and ranges Available Sizes: Options: The different Roxar Watercut meter models are all in-line (flow through). as it is implemented for water continuous conditions only.

The TopCut option requires a line density input from a densitometer.D EEx d IIC T6 Size (W x H x D) Cable entries Temperature transmitters 8 E2 .027% water per 1 kg/m3 (Automatic compensation with AutoZero option) Effect of pressure variations 0.7s Effect of temperature variations HC01 TopCut 3) 15-100% +-5% +. 2 x M25 4 x 1/2” NPT. Div2.7s Automatic compensation Effect of density variations 0. 3) Specifications in this column are only applicable if the TopCut option is included.0. and provides a density based estimation of % water if the watercut goes above the specified measurement range of the meter.05% 0. 2) The uncertainty specifications for the different ranges assume that the meter has been calibrated against a manual sample taken at the location of the meter.D EEx de(ia) IIB T5 Hazardous area approval Ingress protection E3 IP66 NEMA7 IP66 Material Copper free aluminium Copper free aluminium Stainless Steel Weight 40 kg 40 kg 70 kg 444 x 413 x 266 mm 444 x 413 x 266 mm 405 x 663 x 252mm 4 x M20.005% 0. water droplets no bigger than 1/10th of pipe diameter.) is indicated.05% +. 2 x 3/4” NPT 4 x M20.0.0.e. i. +-0.5%(typ) +.005% 1s 0.r.5% o.4-0.01% +.e. Div. +.r.Performance specifications LC01 MODEL CODE Calibration method In-line 2) 0-1% 4) Range Uncertainty 1) Repeatabilty 1) Sensitivity1) Response time 1-15% +.4-0.05% +.01% +. Group C.5%(typ) In-line 2) 0-1% 4) 1-50% +. ± 0.0.025%. which is normally used as the reference during in-line calibration.0. 4) The uncertainty in this range is given at 95% confidence interval (approximately 2 std.0025% water per 1 bar (Automatic compensation with AutoZero option) 1) The values indicate absolute effect on % water.0.C.5% +. deviations) in order to comply with ISO 3170 for manual sampling.1.0.25%(typ) +.25% +.0. Maximum uncertainty when using such in-line calibration method is ± 1% absolute.25%(typ) 1s 0.5% o. The expected accuracy (std. 2 x M25 EEx d IIC T6 Class 1. Specifications require turbulent flow. deviation) is approximately half of the given figures. except where % of reading (% o.0. Group B. Ex enclosure details MODEL CODE E1 Hazardous area standard ATEX CSA ATEX EEx de(ia) IIB T5 Class 1.r.1% 0.7s FC01 TopCut3) In-line 2) 15-100% 0-100% +. i.

20 mA See variations on page 12 from model code Digital I/O Transmission length 15 m (RS232) / 1000 m (RS422)/1200 m (RS485) Electronics Enclosure PED certification is provided for all meters to be delivered in Europe. ISO 15156 Non Standard: SS316.General information Layout drawing aluminium enclosure Design temperature Meter body spool piece Haz. 2 meters from spool piece -20 to 60° C (-29 to 140° F) Non-IS signal -20 to 42° C (-29 to 108° F) IS signal -20 to 42° C (-29 to 108° F) RS 485 100-240 VAC/24VDC Typical 25 W.15° C 4 . ISO 15156 Non Standard: SS316.100° C (32 . 9 . Max. 0. others on request. with the exception of the 1” LowCut meter as its small size falls outside the requirements of this certification.4”: Standard: Duplex UNS S31803 NACE MR 0175. others on request.32”: Standard: carbon steel NACE MR 0175. area approval Materials / wetted parts Manufacturing procedures Pressure drop Mounting Ambient temperature Layout drawing SS316L enclosure -15 up to + 120° C (266° F) standard -40 up to + 150° C (302° F ) HP/HTprobes Simple apparatus Roxar standard materials(see note 1) ASME / NORSOK compliant Max.212° F) ± 0.3 bar Voltage supply Power consumption Max. 32 W Temperature transmitter Model Range Accuracy Interface Thermowell connection Fisher Rosemount 644 H 0 . 6” . 1” .

Installation details Typical block diagram for a Roxar Watercut meter (common for all models) Supply: 21-35 VDC TT ROXAR Supply 10 .

this is normally not a problem. Inline calibration can be periodically carried out comparing the meter to a representative sample. flange rating and water % range are provided. Horizontal or vertical installation can be used An explosion proof enclosure should be mounted within 2m of the sensor Meter set-up and calibration Customer Information Required During factory set up. For Budget Quotations. 11 . With flow rates lower than 1 m/s. a price and delivery estimate can be provided on the basis that pipe size.Installation requirements The Roxar Watercut meter should be installed in a location with a well mixed flow • The water should be mixed into the oil such that the water droplets have a diameter no greater than 1/10th of the diameter of the meter itself. a blind-T or multiple pipe bends or other instruments just upstream of the meter. This can be achieved by installing a static mixer. additional mixing may be required. With a flow rate of greater than 1 m/s. provided there is not a long horizontal stretch just upstream of the meter. Roxar standard specifications for materials. then we reserve the right to re-quote with additional cost and delivery impact where applicable. For Firm Quotations (and to be confirmed before placing any Purchase Order) then the following additional information should be provided: • Minimum and maximum flow rates • Fluid density • Design Pressure • Design Temperature • Operating Pressure • Operating Temperature If there are any relevant client and/or project specifications that need to be considered. are more than sufficient to satisfy most requirements. Higher velocities are possible and should be checked with Roxar engineering. In the event that these types of specifications are not received until Purchase Order placement. In our experience. the only test required is the determination of vac which remains constant for the meter’s life. we advise that these are sent as early as possible for review as they may impact cost and delivery. • The recommended maximum fluid velocity is 5 m/s. A static calibration using known hydrocarbons can also be carried out as part of the factory acceptance test. documentation etc.

8) Roxar standard 9) FC only available with S1. 6” < in Carbon Steel A106. Group B 02 Super duplex UNS S32750 4) 03 Stainless Steel 316L 6 0 1 2 3 Thermowell No thermowell Threaded 1/2” NPT 5) Threaded 3/4” NPT Flanged 1 1/2” pressure rating 7 E1 E2 E3 8 Electronics enclosure Copper free Aluminium ATEX-II2(2) G. 3) Can be offered as LC version only. LC and HC versions.D Stainless Steel 316L ATEX-II2(2) G. Group C. 2 x M25 6) 02 4 x 1/2” NPT. EEx de(ia) IIB T5 Copper free Aluminium CSA Class 1. 2 x 3/4” NPT7) 9 A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 S1 S2 S3 S4 10 11 12 0 13 Power supply AutoZero No AutoZero Patented AutoZero function enabling continuous correction for changing oil density 13 0 T A A Roxar Standard : 21 to 35 VDC (referred to power supply terminals on meter . 10) Available only for LC and HC meters. Div. . 2. standard design pressure up to 200 barg typical HT HP/HT probes for extended design temp from -40 °C to 150 °C or -40 °F to 302 °F. and only up to 600# pressure rating. 6) Standard with E1 and E3. 7) Standard with E2. 11) Available only for FC meter. 4 mm2) 100 to 240 VAC. 2) NA for FC meter. 50-60 Hz (cable 1. max design pressure 10 000psi 2) 2 1 2 3 4 6 8 3 Size 1” nominal diameter (corresponding to DN25) 3) 2” nominal diameter (corresponding to DN50) 3” nominal diameter (corresponding to DN80) 4” nominal diameter (corresponding to DN100) 6” nominal diameter (corresponding to DN150) 8” nominal diameter (corresponding to DN200) Pressure rating 150 300 600 900 1500 2500 4 ANSI 150# ANSI 300# ANSI 600# ANSI 900# ANSI 1500# ANSI 2500# Flange face F RF J RTJ 5 Main material 01 Roxar standard materials: 1” up to 4” meters available in Duplex UNS S31803. available with S2 up to S4.cable min. Requires AutoZero option.Model code numbering system WCMHC01 ST 2 300 F 01 2 E1 01 A2 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 Base model WCM LC01 The Roxar Watercut LC version WCM HC01 The Roxar Watercut HC version WCM FC01 The Roxar Watercut FC version 1) 1 Functional properties ST Roxar standard design temp -15 °C to 120 °C or 5 °F to 250 °F. 4) Super Duplex has a delivery and cost impact. 5) Threaded ½” NPT is standard for 1” WCM.5/2.5 mm2) 12 0 A D ASCII string – bi-directional RS 4229) MODBUS RTU RS 422 MODBUS ASCII RS 422 MODBUS RTU RS 485 11 D A S2 Additional functions No additional functions TopCut function for density based indication of watercut outside of basic range10) AutoSalinity function enabling continuous correction for changing water salinity 11) Analog communication interface 1 analog 4-20 mA input non IS + 1 analog 4-20 mA output non IS 2 analog 4-20 mA inputs non IS + 2 analog 4-20 mA outputs non IS 8) 3 analog 4-20 mA inputs non IS + 2 analog 4-20 mA outputs non IS 1 analog 4-20 mA input IS + 1 analog 4-20 mA output IS 2 analog 4-20 mA inputs IS + 2 analog 4-20 mA outputs IS 1) Can be delivered only in 2” and 3” sizes. if requested with E2 then adaptors will be provided. if requested with E1 and E3 then adaptors will be provided. FC meter can only be offered in Duplex material. EEx de(ia) IIB T5 Electro mechanical interface 01 4 x M20.

to support ongoing operations and secure long term performance. MOUNTING STAND Stainless steel mounting stand for electronics enclosure. STDDOC MRB. included with page 17 of the brochure. Customer should specify whether the meter body will be insulated after installation as this determines the paint system that is used. 1m long coaxial cables CDF Roxar standard documentation plus customer front pages and decals. 24/7 helpdesk support. spare parts etc. COAX 3. Customer should specify whether meter body painting requested or electronics enclosure painting requested. Installation & commissioning support To ensure the optimum set up for equipment performance. For more details and to request a quotation for post delivery services. PAINT Can be offered according to Roxar standard painting procedure. Technical services agreements Longer term service agreements with regular maintenance. 2m long coaxial cables TEMPERATURE TRANSMITTER Rosemount. PMI Positive Material Identification can be carried out upon request and would be performed in accordance to EN 10204/3. please contact your local sales representative or e-mail gsc@roxar. 644 series CONV RS485/422 TO RS232 converter 13 . Spare parts COAX 1 1 pair. material certificates.5m long coaxial cables (24VDC only. 3. Post delivery services To get the most out of your equipment. can be provided on special request).1. Roxar can provide a full range of post delivery services including: Class room training Typically a two day course for a minimum of 4 participants at a Roxar world area service centre. DISPLAY 1 Type: ABB Local display SS316. SUNSHIELD Stainless steel sunshield recommended for ambient temperature higher than 60 degrees Celsius (requires Roxar 316SS mounting stand).Additional deliverables Additional deliverables Documentation Indicates which types of additional deliverable options are available: Indicates which types of documentation options are available: WFAT Witness FAT according to Roxar standard procedure.5 1 pair. data analysis. welding & test records etc. including pressure test report. CUSTDOC Client specific documentation–1 review cycle only. COAX 2 1 pair. DISPLAY 2 Type: Rosemount Local display type 751 (coated Aluminium). Please refer to VDL.

14 MicroMotion Densitometer . Electronics for ambient temperature minus 40o C MicroMotion Coriolis flow meter The standard configuration for the Watercut meter electronics allows installation with ambient temperature down to minus 20o C. it is possible that this can be accommodated at additional cost on the basis that the appropriate specification is sent to Roxar for review in advance of any Purchase Order placement. Customers should specify whether the meter body will be insulated after installation as this determines the paint system that is used. In the event that ambient conditions can reach minus 40o C then a modified electronics enclosure can be provided on special request. We recommend MicroMotion Coriolis flow meters and can offer these as part of an integrated offer for any two phase flow measurement solution where water and oil determination is needed. Customer specific coating If customers have specific project requirements for the coating of meter bodies or the electronics enclosure.Non standard options Densitometer The Roxar Watercut meter can utilize density taken from a Densitometer in order to provide automatic compensation for changing fluid density. We recommend MicroMotion Densitometers and can offer these as part of an integrated offer. Coriolis meter The Roxar Watercut meter can utilize density and flow measurements taken from a Coriolis flow meter in order to provide automatic compensation for changing fluid density and enable calculation of dry oil and water flow rates.

MRB PDF N/A N/A 2WAD WP: With Proposal WAOA: Weeks After Order Acknowledgement WAD: Weeks After Delivery 15 . Administrative Project Information Delivered TBA TBA Vendor Document List (VDL) For Info Included in Format For Info Bid PDF WP For Review Final Doc N/A N/A TBA TBA Project Plan For Info N/A PDF 4WAOA N/A N/A TBA TBA Quality Control & Inspection Plan For Info N/A PDF 4WAOA N/A N/A TBA TBA Instrument Data Sheet For Info / For Rev. UM PDF 4WAOA N/A 2WAD TBA TBA Commissioning and Start-up Procedure For Info / Final Doc. UM PDF 4WAOA N/A 2WAD TBA TBA Roxar Supplier Declaration of Conformity For Info / Final Doc. UM PDF 4WAOA N/A 2WAD TBA TBA Hazardous Area Certificate CSA For Info / Final Doc. UM PDF N/A 4WAOA 2WAD TBA TBA Wiring Diagram For Review / Final Doc.No Rev. MRB PDF N/A N/A 2WAD TBA Supplier Doc Welding and Test Documentation Final Doc. UM PDF N/A 4WAOA 2WAD Design Information Operational Information TBA Supplier Doc Certificate of Conformity For Info / Final Doc. UM PDF WP 1 WAOA 2WAD TBA TBA General Arrangement Drawings w/part list For Review / Final Doc. UM PDF 4WAOA N/A 2WAD TBA TBA Final Documentation Index For Info / Final Doc. UM PDF 4WAOA N/A 2WAD Fabrication Information TBA TBA FAT Report Final Doc. UM PDF 4WAOA N/A 2WAD TBA TBA Installation and Operating Instructions For Info / Final Doc. / Final Doc. MRB PDF N/A N/A 2WAD TBA Supplier Doc Material Certificates Final Doc. UM PDF N/A 4WAOA 2WAD TBA TBA Block Diagram For Review / Final Doc. UM PDF 4WAOA N/A 2WAD TBA TBA Spare Parts List Commissioning and 2 years of operation For Info / Final Doc. UM PDF 4WAOA N/A 2WAD TBA TBA Modbus Communication Protocol (N/A for FC meter version) For Info / Final Doc. MRB PDF N/A N/A 2WAD TBA TBA Protective Coating Report Final Doc. UM PDF N/A 4WAOA 2WAD TBA TBA Layout Drawing w/ fixing details For Review / Final Doc. UM PDF 4WAOA N/A 2WAD TBA TBA Bi-directional Com 2 Protocol For Info / Final Doc. MRB PDF N/A N/A 2WAD TBA Supplier Doc Local Display Documentation Final Doc. UM PDF 4WAOA N/A 2WAD TBA TBA Hazardous Area Certificate ATEX For Info / Final Doc. MRB PDF N/A N/A 2WAD TBA TBA Pressure Test Report Final Doc. MRB PDF N/A N/A 2WAD TBA Supplier Doc Transmitter Documentation Final Doc.Vendor Document List (VDL) Document Delivery Doc.