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Land Laws


Subject code-LAL-903

Name of the Instructors:Mr. Sidhartha Sekhar Dash
Mr. Anirudha Choudhury

B. LL. Evaluation System ● Measurement ● Evaluation of Application ● Assessment 6.B. 3.Land Laws 3. 4. B.B. MECHANICAL DATA 1. Dispute Resolution. 5.LL.Sc. 2. Nature of subject: General 4.B. Credit hours/week: 6hours 8. Subject: . Teaching Learning Methodology.A.INDEX 1. Name of the teacher: Mr. 7. Paper code: LAL-903 5. Annexure I: Detailed Syllabus.A. 8. Room No: . Objectives. (Semester IX) 2. B. Object.Sidhartha Sekhar Dash Mr Anirudha Choudhury 7. Course: B. Annexure II: Readings. Mechanical data.LL.

case study and research. OBJECT OF THE COURSE: The object of the course is the conceptual analysis of land laws. The following syllabus prepared with the above objectives will be spread over a period of one semester: . After introducing a topic by the teacher the students shall be encouraged to analyze and research the laws and cases on the issues relating to Land Laws . Objectives: A) To make students aware of conceptual development of land reforms. EVALUATION The performance of the students will be assessed on the basis of 100 marks divided into Internal (continuous) Assessment: 20 marks.COURSE DESCRIPTION The object of this paper is to focus on land reforms and understanding of institution of property and its recent trends. B) An understanding of institution of property and its recent trends. Mid – Semester Examination: 30 marks and End Semester Examination: 50 marks. TEACHING METHODOLOGY The teaching methodology that shall be adopted in this paper is a combination of lecture method.This shall be followed by discussions. Internal (continuous) Assessment 20 marks will be allotted on the basis of a Project work/ MCQ/Case study/Snap Test.

Option of the Govt.  New concept under the Act Land Bank.Annexure – I Land laws Syllabus Structure: - Module I Introduction: Historical and Constitutional Provisions    Property Rights and Concept of Eminent Domain Pre 1978 Constitutional Amendment Act. Small Farmer. consequence of not filing claims. 2013  Statement and object.Raiyat Consequences of vesting of an estate Certain land in khas possession. Holding of Land. objective and Constitutional validity. Persons Interested. Land owner. Definition: Affected Family. 1951       Aims. Option to the affected Family. Purchase by the Private Company for Private Acquisition. Rehabilitation and Resettlement Provisions. Share of Appreciation with Original Land Owners. Publication of recommendations and decision of the Govt. Art 368 Post 1978 Constitutional Amendment Act-31. Khas Possession. for lease. Local Authority. Definition of Agricultural year. for Private Company for Public Purpose. Appropriate Govt. for PPP projects.   Module IV Land Acquisition Rehabilitation & Resettlement Act. request by the Private Company to appropriate Govt for partial acquisition. Landless. Requiring body. Marginal Farmer. Agricultural Land. collector. appeal Penalty. Art300-A. for Public Purpose. Company. Various Purpose. continuity of tenure of tenants Filing of claims. Public Purpose. 2013  Mandatory Consultation. Classification of the Acquisition & applicability of the Act for acquisition by appropriate Govt. Cost of Acquisition. Intermediary. Displaced Family. Publication: Appraisal by Expert Group. Estate. Mandatory Social Impact Assessment Study. Land.31. Project. . Process of Consultation & Social Impact Assessment Social Impact Management Plan.Art19(1)(f) Art. Module III Land Acquisition Rehabilitation & Resettlement Act. Art368 Module II Orissa Estate Abolition Act.

Ceiling Area. Resumption of the Land for personal cultivation. Land-holder. Public Approval of the Scheme (18). Review by the Collector(17-1).Cs and S. Classes of Land. determination of ceiling area and disposal of surplus land o Bar of jurisdiction of Civil Court. Submission to the Draft Commissioner(17-2). Landlord. Preparation of Rehabilitation and Resettlement Scheme by Administrator (16) . Person under Disability. Land. Urgency Clause  Compensation Provisions: First Scheduled. Preliminary Notification(11). agriculture land. o Rights of Raiyat and Prohibition of letting. Tenant. Standard Acre. o Definitions.  Rehabilitation and Resettlement Awards Module V Odisha Land Reforms Act 1960 o Historical development of land reform in Odisha o Aims. o Restriction on alienation of land by S. Personal Cultivation.1972        Consolidation of holding: Object and reasons. Publication of the Draft (19) . Overriding Effect of the Act. Determination of Market Value of land by Collector and the Parameters thereof.The National Policy 2013 Module VI Odisha consolidation of Holdings and Prevention of fragmentation of Land Act. Closure of consolidation operations.Raiyat. Award of Solatium. fragment Preparation of Map and Land Register Preparation of consolidation scheme Enforcement of scheme Prevention and fragmentation Revision. Irrigated Land.Ts and effect of violation o Ceiling area. consolidation area. Bar of jurisdiction of civil court . Objection of it. scopes and objectives of the Act. Rent. chaka. Marking out of the Land (20). meaning of consolidation. Homestead. o Land Reforms. Privileged Raiyat. Eviction of Raiyat o Rights of Tenant. Notice to Interested Parties (21) . Fair Rent. Enquiry And Award by Collector.

1976:A Critical Analysis of impact on Housing Robin. Dereliction duty and cancellation of the License. UNDP Urban Land Ceiling Act. Introduction. Samuel Thomas Bledsoe-Indian Land Laws :Being a Treaties on Indian Land Titles 11. 1999 . Rain fed Agriculture. Land Reform in India: Issues and Challenges-Manpreet Sethi Land Reforms in India: Unfinished Task Land rights and ownership in Orissa. Post harvest. Soil Testing and Restoration of Soil health and Fertility . 3. Organic Farming. Recess. Agro Processing .Management. Extension. Bikram Sarkar:Land Reforms in India. License Surveyor: Grant of License. 2.Das-The Orissa Consolidation of Holdings Manual 8. . Agro Enterprise. Eodenpowell Land Tenure in India Vol.Watershed Development. Special Survey and Settlement . Kevin J Gray-Land Law 6. 5. 4. Licensed Surveyor. . Status Report. N. Module VIII Orissa Agricultural Policy. Duty of the Surveyor. B. Agri-Credit. 2008 .Law of Land Acquisition And Compensation 5. Integrated Farming. Access to land in Rural India World Bank Policy Working Paper 2123. Taxman’s New Law Relating to Land Acquisition Rehabilitation & Resettlement 4. Martin Dixon-Modern land law 7.Theory and Practice:A study of Legal 3. 2012 . Objectives .Shanmukhan.-3 2. Agri-Marketing Annexure – II Readings: 1. Risk Management. Education. May. Revisional Survey and Settlement . Pramod Kumar Agarwal-Land Reforms in India:Constitutional and legal Approach 9. Land Owner. Bare Acts of the relevant Laws Relevant articles and reports 1.Module VII The Odisha Special Survery and Settlement Act. Record of Right. Srinivas Mishra-Orissa Estate Abolition Act 10. Agency. Objective and Definitions. Input Managements . Agricultural Research. K.K. Modern Technology.H.

Kumar.2008. Kundan and Pranab Ranjan Chowdhary. . Orissa Agriculral Policy.6. July 2013 9. A socio-economic and legal study of ST Land in Orissa. 24. 7. Govt. Draft National Land Reform Policy. Implemantation of Land Reform. Planning Commission 8.A Review by the Land Reform Implemenatation Commettee of the NDC. of India.