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Chapter 1

Business Concept

1.1 Introduction
Tourism is one of the worlds fastest growing industries as well as the major source foreign
exchange earning and employment for many developing countries. It become a popular global
leisure activity.
Tourism is vital to the well being of many countries, because of the income generated by the
consumption of goods and services by tourists, the taxes levied on business in the tourism
industry and the opportunity for employment and economic advancement by working in the
As a service industry, tourism has numerous tangible and intangible elements. Major
tangible elements include transportation, accommodation, and other components of the
hospitality industry. Major intangible elements relate to the purpose or motivation for becoming a
tourist, such as rest, relaxation, the opportunity to meet new people and experience other
cultures, or simply to do something different and have an adventure. Man business span more
than one sector and the impacts in one part of the tourism industry have significant implications
for other sectors.

1.2 Overview of the Business

Reluxxe Resort & Spa aims to provide guests all the comforts of a fully furnished
home, high quality products and services, including the various accommodations that
Reluxxe Resort & Spa market, such as hotels, vacation resorts, villas and cottages.
Reluxxe Resort & Spa is a vacation destination that creates togetherness and memories
among families and groups. Guests looking to relax can take refuge in our renowned
Spa section, offering a full range of massages, facials, body treatments, and salon
services. The depth and breadth of our business across different segments of the
hospitality industry provide us with the opportunity to expand our relationships with our
existing groups of vacationers.

1.3 Business Name

Reluxxe Resort & Spa. Reluxxe came from the words relax which means to
become less restrained or tense, the main goal of our firm, to give and let the guests
relax while on their stay, and luxurious which means feeling or showing a desire for
expensive things, while giving a hundred percent of relaxing feeling, of course our
company will use unique, comfortable and luxurious facilities that would make guests
feel so relaxed and forget every stressful things.
1.4 Business Logo with Description

Reluxxe Resort & Spas logo represents our resort is relaxing and luxurious. The
water drop represents our resort, all of the sections that are involved with water. Feather
represents relaxation. Color blue for freshness and coolness. Black fort background that
represents seriousness. Gold for the resorts name Reluxxe Resort & Spa and the water
drops for elegancy and being luxurious.

1.5 Type of Business Organization

Partnership is an arrangement in which parties agree to cooperate to advance

their mutual interests. A type of business organization in which two or more
individuals pool money, skills, and other resources, and share profit and loss in
accordance with terms of the partnership agreement. In absence of such
agreement, a partnership is assumed to exit where the participants in an
enterprise agree to share the associated risks and rewards proportionately. A
legal form of business operation between two or more individuals who share
management and profits. The federal government recognizes several types of
partnerships. The two most common are general and limited partnership.
1.6 Name of Firm
Enchante comes from the French word which means enchanted.
delighted. or nice to meet you.
You will be enchanted by vibrant yet relaxed ambiance. Reluxxe Resort
and Spas warm and friendly service and quality food will delight you. Most of all,
Reluxxe Resort & Spa is a place where people come to meet, greet, have a good
time or come to get some work done. Make us your home away from home.
1.7 Name of the Proponents


Jhaztine Joy V.
Aira Joy DL.
Vanezza V.
Shaira P.
Ma. Catrina S.
Marie Vikk V.
Beatrice C.
1.8 Establishment near Vicinity

San Rafael,



There are several establishments that guests can pass through while on their
way to Reluxxe Resort & Spa. Like 7eleven branch in Bustos, Bulacan one of an
international chain of conveniences stores.7-Eleven, primary operating as a
franchise, is the worlds largest operator, franchisor, and licensor of convenience
stores with more than 500 outlets. The other one is Caltex Gas Station Bustos,
1.9 Nature of Available Transportation
Have are driving directions to reach the Reluxxe Resort and Spa. From
the nearby provinces of Bulacan where the Reluxxe Resort and Spa located. The
mode of transportation can be jeep, tricycle or even bus.
From Manila (South of Bulacan) 43.6 km, 46 minutes.
First head west on Paterno St. toward Evangelista St., take the 1 st right onto
Evangelista St. and turn right onto Recto Ave. Turn left onto Nicanor Reyes St. and
continue onto Espaa Blvd. At Mabuhay Rotanda , take the 4 th exit onto Mayon St. and
continue onto A. Bonifacio Avenue and straight onto North Luzon Expressway. Exit onto
Plaridel Bypass road and slight left onto Bulihan. Turn right onto General Alejo G.
Santos Hwy and turn right to Cambaog,Bustos. Suggested route is North Luzon
From Nueva Ecija (North of Bulacan) 98.7 km, 1 hour and 33 minutes
Head southwest continue onto San Pascual Bulac Rd. Turn right to stay on San
Pascual Bulac Rd and then turn left onto Pan Philippine Hwy. Turn right onto Felipe
Vergara Hi-Way continue onto Cesar Vergara Bridge straight onto Felipe Vergara HiWay. Turn right onto General Tinio Extension then turn left toward Pan Philippine Hwy,
keep right to continue on Doa Remedios Trinidad Hwy (DRT hwy). Take the 1 st left
toward San Rafael Municipal Rd and turn right onto San Rafael Municipal Rd. Continue
onto . Mabini St, and turn right onto Calle Rizal. Take the 1 st left onto C.L. Hilario S.
then turn right onto General Alejo G. Santos Hwy and lastly turn left to

From Pampanga (East of Bulacan) 49.6 km, 41 minutes

Head southeast on Mega Dike Access Rd toward Bgry. Del Rosario Road and
turn left onto Bgry. Del Rosario Road. Turn right onto MacArthur Hwy then turn left
toward Jose Abad Santos Ave. Contnue onto Jose Abad Santos Ave. At the roundabout,
take the 1st exit onto N Luzon Expy ramp, merge onto North Luzon Expressway. Take
the exit toward Cagayan Valley Road turn left onto Cagayan Valley Road and continue
onto Pan-Philippine Hwy/Santa Rita Interchange. Continue to follow Pan-Philippine Hwy
and turn right onto General Alejo G. Santos Hwy. Lastly Turn Cambaog, Bustos.
Suggested route is North Luzon Expressway.

1.10 Vision & Mission

Vision: To be recognized by service and product quality standard, and to be
consistent in promotion of excellence, novelties and future development.
Mission: To exceed guest expectations. To inspire and motivate employees. To
achieve excellent financial result.
1.11 Feasibility Study Objectives

It provides critical guidance for design, construction and operation

It evaluates potential market support and forecasts usage.
It determines potential financial performance and maximum warranted
development costs.
It provides detailed physical planning parameters.
It recommends the attraction mix and includes images for use in initial