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1. What are the various perspectives on ‘Feminization of Poverty”? How do you view
the trends of the phenomenon in Pakistan?

2. Discuss the links between poverty and violence against women (VAW). How does
violence result in poverty for women at the household, community and societal

3. Discuss the sex/gender binary and link how socialization plays a role in shaping who
we are, particularly discuss the construction of masculinity and femininity and
discuss why these are important to society.


6. 5. Identify the key features of Convention to Eliminate all Kind of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) that are specifically associated with Status of Women? Give valid examples where Government of Pakistan is successful to incorporate the principles and recommendations of CEDAW at policy and programme level to improve Socio-economic status of women in Pakistan? 2 . Please answer both aspects of this question. Give a critique of radical feminism.4. Discuss the concept of contracted motherhood and discuss its pros and cons. Give a brief critique of both theories. Compare and contrast liberal feminism and Marxist feminism.

What are the key misinterpretations of Islamic injunctions that contribute to determine the lower status of women in Islamic countries like Pakistan? How these misinterpretations are linked with violation of Women’s right to Inheritance in Pakistan.7. Give valid examples? 8. What are gender quotas and why are they thought to be the most effective means of improving women’s representation in the parliaments? 3 .

How does good governance ensure gender equity? State your answer with reference to principles of good governance. How do gender inequalities impair the growth of a society at various levels of governance? Explain your point of view by giving concrete examples. 4 . What type of obstacles do Pakistani women generally encounter in the way of their political representation? What solutions would you recommend to overcome these obstacles? 10.9. 11.

12. write a detailed note on the social situation of Eunuchs in Pakistan and how this had been dealt by the Supreme Court of Pakistan? 14. Identify the issues in hudood ordinance and how these issues can be addressed. 13. Elaborate it with examples. How gender inequalities are expressed at various levels of governance? 5 . What do you understand by Gender and Governance.

provincial assemblies and the local government. 6 . What is the percentage of seats fixed for women in elected bodies of Pakistan including the parliament.15. Do you think this percentage is sufficient? If not what should be the percentage and why? 16. Give a comparative analysis of Radical and Socialist Feminism. What is feminism and how it proposes to promote gender equality? 17.

What was the conceptual difference in WID. Write a note on Men’s Feminism. WAD and GAD approach? 19. 7 .18.