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Anima 1

Detect Conspicuous Life
Detect Health
Detect Life

Conspicuous absences of life, such as barrens unhallowed by a demon's presence, may also be detected, though the mage must be
specifically searching for such unless they are exceedingly pronounced.
Discerns states of health and well-being, such as knowing what Health Level a subject is currently at.
The wizard can detect the presence of life and living beings of an earthly nature, even if they possess supernatural characteristics, such as a
werewolf or a Hermetic consor.

Anima 2
Change Lesser Life

The mage is capable of altering lesser life patterns, such as those found in flore, fungi, insects, invertebrates and the like. He may chang
such patterns as he pleases, so long as he does not elevate them to higher states.

Harm Lesser Beasts

The mage may harm lesser beasts. He may inflict up to two Health levels of bashing damage or one lethal per success.

Harm Self I

The mage may freely harm himself. He may inflict up to two Health levels of bashing damage or one lethal per success.

Heal Lesser Beasts

The mage may heal lesser beasts. He may heal up to two Health levels of bashing damage or one lethal per success.

Heal Self I

The mage may freely heal himself. He may heal up to two Health levels of bashing damage or one lethal per success.

Interact With Lesser Life

The mage is capable of altering lesser life patterns, such as those found in flore, fungi, insects, invertebrates and the like. He may, to a
limited degree, interact with the pattern with which he is most familiar, his own.

Mend Lesser Life

The mage is capable of altering lesser life patterns, such as those found in flore, fungi, insects, invertebrates and the like. He may heal up to
two Health levels of bashing damage or one lethal per success.

Ruin Lesser Life

The mage is capable of altering lesser life patterns, such as those found in flore, fungi, insects, invertebrates and the like. He may inflict up
to two Health levels of bashing damage or one lethal per success.

Anima 3
Change The Way
Harm Other I

He can alter the paramteres of higher (nonhuman) life and those of his own living pattern. He can freely create alterations that move
between higher and lower patterns, augment or stunt physical capabilities and bend the shape of such patterns to his liking, such as adding a
dot of Strength, Dexterity, Stamina or Appearance per success.
He may harm people with magic alone. He may inflict up to two Health levels of bashing damage or one lethal per success.

Heal Other I

He may heal people with magic alone. He may heal up to two Health levels of bashing damage or one lethal per success.

Vicissitudo I

The mage may add or remove a dot of Strength, Dexterity, Stamina or Appearance per success. To maintain this change on himself he must
spend 1 Quintessence point per dot per day.

Change Non-Sentient Life

He may made permanent changes to non-sentinent life, changes that will carry over to any offspring, though these effects may not enter the
realm of the blatantly magical (a roe is possible, whereas a gorgon not).

Anima 4

Harm Other II

He may harm people with magic alone. He may inflict one Health level of aggravated damage per success.

Harm Self II

The mage may freely harm himself. He may inflict one Health level of aggravated damage per success.

Heal Other II

He may heal people with magic alone. He may heal one Health level of aggravated damage per success.

Heal Self II
Vicissitudo II

The mage may freely heal himself. He may heal one Health level of aggravated damage per success.
He may manipulate the forms of fantastic creatures, provided they possess fleshly bodies.
The mage may add or remove a dot of Strength, Dexterity, Stamina or Appearance per success. To maintain this change on himself he must
spend 1 Quintessence point per dot per month. He may use Vicissitudo I on other people.

Anima 5
Conjure Plague

He may conjure a plague over a wide area.

Control Beasts

He can control the actions of all manner of dumb beasts by exerting influence over their bodily humors

Create Body
Create Life
Eradicate Pleague
Vicissitudo III

He can fabricate a human or any other terrestrial body out of magic, but it is an inanimate husk, unless inhabited by a spirit of some sort.
He may create life out of nothingness.
He may eradicate a plague over a wide area.
The alterations she makes to living beings may he truly fantastic, so long as they have a basis in Nature (such as using the regenerative
capabilities of the earthworm to make a hydra grow its heads hack when they are severed).

. This concoction compels the speaker to lie. this more powerful version of Revoking The Gift Of Adam renders the subject permanently (unless reversed by other magic) incapable of using. It can be long lasting or even permanent. This concoction compels the speaker to speak only the direct truth. stewards over the knowledge of the West. whether sentient or feral. Made with crushed rosemary." for example). Corona 3 Big Lie Create False Emotions Make Friendship Mental Communication Temporary convinces another of even an idea completely antithetical to her own beliefs. Revoking The Gift Of Adam Speech is what distinguishes men from beasts. Make Frienship With Hostile Wins the trust and allegiance of a normal creature trained to be hostile or a normal enraged creature. attempt to resist with Willpower). casting off the chains of flesh to walk in the Astral Umbra as a being of pure thought. allowing one party to know the feelings and general state of another over vast distances. When cast as an Ongoing spell. such as obedience. the result is indistinguishable from any mild red wine until the drinker is questioned. is to render that person subhuman. the result is indistinguishable from any mild red wine until the drinker is questioned." rather than. "We need to go to the docks. that influences the subject’s actions). Betray The Body He also discovers the means by which the mind might he made to betray the body. He may create new consciousnesses. All of the learning in the world is contained within language. can still be conducted with the subject normally. tampered with or even severed from a subject’s conscious mind (though they continue to exist in the subconscious). Speak Languages Hermetic magi use a simple spell to overcome the fumbling’s of mundane languages. for example. making telepathic contact as useless as speech. He can speak with emotion alone and appeal to directly to the thoughts of his desired subject (by impressing a psychic imperative. He can forge bonds between minds. to take language from a human being to steal from them Adam's power to name and thereby control everything in the world. Wins the trust and allegiance of a normal beast. assailing it with confused impulses such that damage to the physical form ensues (inflicting a Health Level of hashing damage per success). The mage learns to tread the aether. Corona 4 Convice Other Enter Astral Umbra Convinces another of even an idea completely antithetical to her own beliefs. plus one per success rolled in the casting. it is only the power found in words that gives humanity the means to subjugate the base life of the Earth. Controls utterly the will of another. every 2 successes add to Subterfuge die pools. striking at the heart of what makes an individual human and making him incapable of using speech to express himself. Animals Mind Control Mental afflictions can he created and cured. understand this. essentially taking away his ability to interact with humanity on any level loftier than that available to trained animals. this spell creates interference for a length of time determined by number of successes rolled. stagnant water and boiled with rosehip wine. He may communicate telepathically with his subject and speech is no longer fettered by the crude barriers of language. Emotions can he created. Convince the listeners. All thinking minds. Well does the Order of Hermes. even to superhuman levels (one dot per success).Corona 1 Detect Minds The mage is able to perceive thought and intellection. Mages of the Order of Hermes use a simple spell to impress notions of friendship or respect in another (notions that must be enforced through the wizard's actions in order to take root) . brook water and boiled with rosehip wine. or else blurt out an incomprehensible garble of sounds. Somewhere between conceiving of words to speak and forming those words in the mouth. Success in casting this spell renders the chosen subject incapable of vocalizing his thoughts coherently. he must succeed in a Willpower roll (difficulty of 6. Read Mind Thoughts and memories may he explored. giving the mage plus one die to Subterfuge pools per success. comprehending or even learning language in any way. Telepathic contact. no matter how much he wishes not to. moving from body to body as the mood takes him. up to a limit of the mage’s Wits score) Corona 2 Aura Reading Elixir: Falsehood Elixir: Truth Empathic Bond Empathic Contact Impress Other Little Lie Make Friendship With Animals He can perceive the spiritual auras of other beings. Corona 5 Astral Shade Create Consciousness Destroy Consciousness Destroy The Gift Of Adam Exchange Minds Mastermind Mind Control Master Exist long after physical death as an astral shade. though those inimical to the subject are likely to be pushed aside quickly. Simply batters down a subject's resistance and forges artificial bonds of this nature. Every time the subject wishes to voice a single thought ("We to go. He may destroy existing consciousnesses. Revoking The Gift Of Adam does just that. The mage can selectively manipulate any aspects of the mind that she wishes. fear or joy. Simply destroys the subject's awareness of language and ability to process it. and the mage is capable of altering deeply held convictions in another with little more than a single enchantment (the subject may. Other than the grace of the Creator. where my cousin will give us the books we need. however. are known to him (provided they are not concealed by stronger magics) Ward Mind He can hone his own consciousness by analyzing it and acting upon what he sees (thereby creating. He can amplify his Intelligence or Wits. Conversely. Made with crushed rosemary. a simple mind ward that adds dice to Willpower rolls to resist intrusion or allowing for one parallel thought process per success. however. reading their emotions as he might read a book. up to a maximum of 10). She can move minds between bodies.

the rod will guide him to it. spiraling to the center. the mage then sprinkles the incense and oils in the bowl and says the key listed phrases. for half the normal cost in Quintessence and Willpower. these are unimpressive. This requires the expenditure of one Willpower point. the energy bound up in a normal pattern. At the end of the hour. or any Quintessence warded by magic more powerful than the mage’s own.Primus 1 Brazier Of Summoning Desert nomads often use special braziers to light fires safely in lammable tents. however (regardless of how many successes are drained from an incoming spell). Particular individual spirits cannot be summoned. It takes only a few moment's concentration to attune oneself to the branch and then begin its use. heading toward whatever mental objects may intrude on the mage's concentration. such as those bound tip in living patterns or those of objects. Sanskrit script is carved around the interior of the bowl. He may create spells of any type may be directly attacked (dispersing successes accrued in the casting on a one-for-one basis). It sheathes its wearer in an unseen cloak that warps or cancels the energies of spells directed at him. or any Quintessence warded by magic more powerful than the mage’s own. the ingredients vary depending on what class spirit one wishes to summon (demon. The outermost script lists items needed to use the brazier: charcoal. the words spell out magical instructions for summoning certain classes of spirits. elemental or djinn). If cast upon a mage. storing free Quintessence (that which is not bound up in extant patterns) above and beyond that allowed by her Fount Background. Obviously. respectively (thus inflicting aggravated damage and harming fully spiritually beings). The inner script lists references from various unknown books and the Kabbalah. gathering free Quintessence (that which is not bound up in extant patterns) above and beyond that allowed by her Fount Background. This rote requires a normal. that mage may spend his own Quintessence to fuel the armor. for example). It could be malevolent.) Once the spell is active. this rote is a version of Bonisagus’s magic that helped bring the Houses of the order together in peace. Quintessential Divining Rod The mage makes this charm from a fig branch. One point of Quintessence must be spent to fuel each such defense. By carefully following the instructions carved on the inside. however. The number of successes on the casting automatically subtract (on a one-to-one basis) from the successes of any spell directed against the Aegis wearer. at the mage’s discretion. thus either reducing or canceling their potencies. the caster must invest such protective spells with his own Quintessence. stripped of bark. as well as anything else that contains excess Quintessence (thus. tugging or pulling in the direction of water. the mage will be able to sense the general direction of all crays within one week's walk. Each success means one point of Quintessence She can also create purely Quintessential ideal forms visible to those with the appropriate mystic perceptions and which might act on and he acted upon by mystic phenomena. only a general spirit from the three classes. When this rod is used. The end of the rod is split and forms a Y. the mage may spend an hour further attuning himseld to the world. however. can find anything. such as talismans. and vica-cersa). that person cannot spend Quintessence to resist spells. sorcerous creatures and those with the Gift. and its duration lasts for half a day. He may create Tass (by distilling it into liquid or a powder. it lasts until sunset. simple casting (it cannot be cast hurried or extended). has been polished to a shine by years of use. in order to enable it to ward against magical beings. rounding tip). snake oil. cannot usually he discerned) and is not expressly concealed and warded against detection. That requires the mage's personal power and knowledge. Gather Quintessence The mage is capable of altering the flow of magic to some small degree. incense. He may infuse a garment with Quintessence. the patterns of such forces or materials crumble out of existence (suffering an unsoakable Health Level of aggravated damage per point of Quintessence drained. the mage need possess only one dot in the listed pillar. differs in that it is ornately carved with leering. friendly or neutral — the mage takes his chances with what he gets. For the Solomonic mage who can read Sanskrit. It points the mage in the general direction of any cray or free Quintessence within a day's walk. The brazier merely summons the being. Each success means one point of Quintessence Harm Magical Beings Soak Aggravated Damage Store Quintessence Visible Essence Ward Against Magical Beings He may infuse a weapon with Quintessence. and the desired type of spirit (which must be a demon. They suspend these brass bowls from finely crafted tripods. Drain Quintessence The Hermetic learns to manipulate any source of Quintessence not directly protected against such tampering. Primus 4 . A nonmage cannot make this choice. Such sources may be drained (one point of Quintessence per success). Alone. Primus 2 Downsing Rod This two-foot long yew rod. it does not provide any protections against it. twisted faces that seem to laugh and jeer at whomever is near. To use the item. animal dung. regardless of fellowship. A mage can choose to admit any incoming spell by not spending Quintessence. All a mage needs do is hold the split ends of the rod in his hands and concentrate on what he is searching for (spending one temporary point of Willpower). If a node cannot be located within a day's walk. Detect Quintessence The mage is able to sense the flow of mystic energy around him: magics of all kinds. respectively (thus defending against aggravated damage and warding against fully spiritually beings). This can be invested into the spell during casting (the caster spends up to three Quintessence to be later used up by the spell as needed) or spent as the Aegis blocks spells. the spell automatically blocks any magic (except for spells cast by the Aegis's caster). Draw Quintessential Energy The mage can assail nonliving Quintessential patterns. once he achieves 10 successes. This particular bowl. note that most objects have only a scant few points invested in them). (The mage rolls his Foundation plus his Primus Pillar in an extended spell. The Hermetic learns to manipulate any source of Quintessence not directly protected against such tampering. the bowl flares into life. an elemental or a djinn) presents itself. in order to enable it to harm magical beings. Naturally. drawing their energy out and using it as one would any other sorcerous power. the spell activates. The mage is capable of altering the flow of magic to some small degree. Note that the Brazier of Summoning provides the proper magical ability. This particular rod. but they can he melded with physical patterns to create self-sustaining systems fueled by magic alone (this allows the creation of ongoing spells. regardless of number of successes rolled (if cast at sunrire. He repeats this operation until he succeeds or fails. a mage places charcoal into the bowl and then lights it. Create Self-Sustaining Quintessential Pattern She learns to create self-sustaining Quintessential patterns. as long as it still has invested Quintessence points to spend. it functions like a normal dowsing rod. as long as it is within the area (200 yard radius) The mage must continue to concentrate on the object or the rod will deviate. Such sources may be bolstered (one point of Quintessence per success). Primus 3 Aegis Magicus Bolster Quintessence Create Spells Create Tass Also called the Great Magical Shield. if this is cast upon a non-mage. such as those bound tip in living patterns or those of objects. such as a chair or cat. at the mage’s discretion. Hermetic wizards often enchant garments or armor to protect against aggravated damage (using the item's normal soak pool and without the cost of a point of Quintessence).

an ongoing spell that not only makes the Materialization permanent. . every 10 successes equals one level of the new cray) This. It is by means of this process that the dreaded Gilgul rite is used to forever sunder the Gift in a mage. Permanent enchantments might he dispelled and sites of power torn apart for the Quintessence they contain. a spirit is contacted and convinced to join a Pact. it is just as painful an experience for fallen angels as it is for the dead. (For those keeping track. enables the wizard to completely cease or destroy the flow of magical energy that pervades all things (inflicting a Health Level of aggravated damage per success that may he soaked only with Willpower). say.) The Pact In game term. to beget new crays where before there were none (an extended spell with no roll limit. (Spirits without that Charm must he given a body through magical means. with great care and at great risk. however. This process. the final authority over magic itself. one roll per day. even if it's not played out in a story or even cast by the mage himself (many familiars arc provided by mages' Masters or mentors as gifts upon their graduations) Most often. 85-86). gaining a familiar involves purchasing the Familiar Background (Dark Ages: Mage pp. however. threads of power might he manipulated. is messy and unpleasant and almost always results in the immediate enmity of the spirit. there is actual magic involved. a demon. 199-200) into the form in which it will serve. It then Materializes (using the Charm from Dark Ages: Mage. The most important part. However.Summon A Ghost Hermetic wizards are virtually without recourse in this matter (remember Bonisagus' prohibitions against acts that defy God's will). though Primus 5 will allow a magus to wrench a restless soul from whence it dwells to come before him. this is also another way for a Hermetic mage to summon. pp. And. which differ by Fellowship. but also connects the mage and familiar on a spiritual level. yes. is the actual Pact. Primus 5 Create Cray Cease / Destroy The Flow Likewise.

the mage may cancel it at any time. If the focus is unavaible. Should a thief try to pick or otherwise desable the lock. 1kg weight per success. He can feel the running water's speed and it's direction. and he is able to move these objects at the speed of a horse. He may create now 10 liters of water per successes scored. water. Outburst He creates an aura of an element on himself for a moment and explodes inflicting a Health Level of lethal damage or two bashing per success (the spell does not deal damage to the caster). The caster may move objects or creatures by concentrating on them. He freezes the blood in another's veins inflicting a Health Level of lethal damage or two bashing per success. so at 5 successes it jumpt to 5 people) Vires 3 Change Temperature II Cloak Of Darkness Cold Blood He may change temperature by 3 °C per successes scored in a large area. He may create a large source of light (up to 5 yard radius) which for spending 1 Quintessence point levitates and lasts for one hour per successes scored . He can feel out where lightning will strike even as thunderheads gather. He creates a little source of light (0. it will not be apparent until the first time he tries to lock it. wind. He can raise earth spikes from under his targets feet in 0. lightning.the mage may cancel it at any time. Vires 2 Candle Change Temperature I Climb Glass Of Water Lightbulb Pebble Stone Whisper He can conjure a candle flame.25 yard radius) which sticks to an object and lasts one hour per successes scored .2 liter per successes scored. Scream Blasts an area with a tremendous cacophony inflicting a Health Level of lethal damage or two bashing per success to every creature or person able to hear. adding a die per success to Stealth die pools. . Fireball He spends one Quintessence and launches a fireball which explodes at contact inflicting a Health Level of lethal damage or two bashing per success in a 15 yard area. Vires 4 Conflagration Earth Wall He creates a sound blast which fastens the burning process of the surrounding objects and sets aflame every combustile matter. which it will repeatedly fail to do. He may change the temperature of objects or even change the temperature of 100 liters of water per successes scored by 2°C per sucesses scored. Control He may control and manipulate these elements: fire. 2 pieces per successes scored. He can project an icebolt from his fingertips inflicting a Health Level of lethal damage or two bashing per success. He may increase the force of friction to the point that a wall could be scaled with bands and feet. Blood Boil He boils the blood in another's veins inflicting a Health Level of lethal damage or two bashing per success. not even for the caster. light. shadow. Sound Blast Spike Telekinesis Thirst Thunderbolt He launches a sound blast to his target inflicting two Health Levels of bashing damage or one lethal per success and pushing him back 3 yards per successes scored. He can create a large earth wall which lasts for 2 minutes per success which blocks all air. He can extend his hearing and feel how much a sound traveled so far and which exact direction it was coming from. This source of light does not blind anyone but inflicts 1 Health Level of lethal damage per turn to supernaturals vulnerable to sunlight. fire. He can conjure water to a glass up to 0. Wizard's Lock The charm prevents a lock from opening without the presence of the wizard’s chosen focus. He may even carry other large objects. damaging the target another time. Should the mage fail to enchant the lock. though a few lockpicks may break before this becomes obvious. Spending one Quintessence point the radius of the spell increases to 2 yards. (the first target counts one target. for example. Enchanting the lock requires a small bit of sulfur and the key matching the lock. a greatsword or even a horse. He may change temperature of small objects or in a closed room by 1 °C per successes scored. she'll find it has been strengthened. ice and lightning based spells which got less success in their making than the earth wall. Game Of Shadows Ice Spike Icebolt Light He may manipulate the shadows to act like as he wishes. Spending one Quintessence point the radius of the spell increases to 2 yards. He won't be able to hear sounds out of his normal hearing range and won't be able to hear sounds that normally would not reach him. Firebolt He can project a firebolt from his fingertips inflicting a Health Level of lethal damage or two bashing per success. the chain lightning jumps to success amount of targets. He can whisper her words directly into the ear of an ally from across a dining hall. earth. Spending two Quintessence the process is faster and lasts for another turn. Spending one Quintessence point makes him able to manoeuvre better and to fly as fast as a horse. Chain Lightning After spending one Quintessence he can project a chain lightning from his fingertips inflicting a Health Level of lethal damage or two bashing per success. Fog He may create fog which reduces all perception based pools by 1 die per successes scored. Spending two Quintessence the process is faster and lasts for another turn. He can project a thunderbolt from his fingertips inflicting a Health Level of lethal damage or two bashing per success. Most brute force attempts to break the lock will remove the latches long before damaging the lock. He can conjure medium pebble stones. sound. damaging the target another time. Fly He can defy his own earthbound nature to take to the skies at his walking speed.Vires 1 Candle Trick Detect Lightning Detect Sound Detect Temperature Detect Water He can feel how long a candle has been extinguished by its residual warmth.5 yard radius inflicting a Health Level of lethal damage or two bashing per success. He may wrap himself up in shadows that hang like a cloak.5 yard radius inflicting a Health Level of lethal damage or two bashing per success. He can feel even the smallest change in tempreature and know exactly how warm or cold it is. He can raise ice spikes from under his targets feet in 0. the lock simply will not open.

structures. going through steel. He launches a lava beam from his left hand striking targets in a straight line. an exit is never as close as it need be.Ever-Opening Door Sometimes. Snow Stairway Storm Sunlight Water Wall He creates a rain of snow for one hour per successes scored. Force He may hat aside an entire volley of arrows with a wave of his hand or do any kinetic work with his magic. Tornado Creates a large tornado. up to 50 yards. A small charm in the shape of a bird’s wing when touched to a door before opening it forms a gateway to the outermost door of the structure. The shock knocks creatures down. Tsunami The elemental master creates a great tsunami. The mage creates a great icestorm. He conjures a large wall of ice stopping air and water based spells which got less success in their making than the ice wall. Every perception based roll pools are reduced by 3 and every movement is slowed within the sandstorm. flesh and bones inflicting two Health Levels of aggravated damage per success scored. Lava erupts from the earth. speak. something every mage is thankful for at least once in his life. There's never the door that you need when you need it. because it blocks his sight. Adding two Quintessence. lethal and aggravated damage for 1 minute per successes scored. Sandstorm Creates a great sandstorm which lasts for one hour per success. The specific effect of an earthquake spell depends on the nature of the terrain where it is cast. The wall stands for 2 minutes per success. People walking through the wall are dealt two Health Levels of lethal damage or one aggravated per success. Shell The mage spends one Quintessence and he conjures a protective earth shell around his target wich soaks bashing. collapses structures.. opens cracks in the ground. anything becomes possible. a shounds nip at your heels. The exit you were certain was just over there is actually a ladies dressing closet. It's winter. He is even able to inflict two Health Levels of lethal damage or one aggravated per success. fire arrows and explosive fireballs fall from the sky. The earthquake affects all terrain. Acid rain dealth one Health Level of Aggravated damage per success. The target is able to breath. Its starting range is 20 yards and can be increased by spending one Quintessence for another 10 yards. The wall stands for 2 minutes per success. She can create true sunlight which can literally blind people if they stare it for too long. The Earthquake lasts for 1 minute per successes scored. Starfall Thunderstorm Lightning balls fall from the sky. He creates a great thunderstorm. In the realm of magic. Vires 5 Acid Rain Earthquake Firestorm Icestorm Lava Beam Lava Eruption Acid rain falls from the sky. but can not come out till the spell is up and can't see what is outside the shell. Rain He controls the weather summoning rain for an hour in a large area. He controls the weather summoning a storm for an hour in a large area. and creatures in the area. An intense but highly localized tremor rips the ground. Snowstorm Creates a great snowstorm which lasts for one hour per success. yay! He may create a stone stairway up to 20 yards and for10 minutes per sucesses scored. He conjures a large wall of water which blocks all fire based spell which got less success in their making than the water wall. vegetation. stone. Ice shards deal one Health Level of aggravated damage. Lightning balls deal one Health Level of aggravated damage. . and more. lay. The Hermetic Order has a talisman that aids in making a quick exit. there is 20% chance that the balls hit someone per success. There is a 10% chance that the balls hit someone per success. Firebolts. Every perception based roll pools are reduced by 2 and every movement is slowed within the snowstorm. Firewall He can create a large firewall which lasts for 2 minutes per success. Freeze River Ice Wall He can freeze rivers solid at midsummer.

as the spell does not grant accuracy or precision. or simply think of his Caduceus and its underlying mystical properties. such a tool might be an aid in other ways. Once enchanted and cleaned. Codex of Angelic Lore. The vast majority of Hermetic mages. should and should not attempt. Corona 5 . swift conveyor of knowledge. per scene/hour. usually envision Hermes in his magistus identity. both environmental and in abstract (such as reading or writing). Primus fuels all the Patterns involved so as to maintain equilibrium. Many mages not only collect ancient tomes. thus making it capable of following simple orders and performing equally simple movements. the blood explodes into flames. or the Warrior Pillar). the Master can pierce the barrier that separates Terra Firma from That Which Lies Beyond… Commanding The Void Corona ••••• Primus ••••• Anima ••••• Materia •••• With Corona: 5. one per success. which can refer to powerful. create a self-sustaining undead pattern with a consciousness (the capacity for reason and intellection) and give it an inviolable "programming. Hermetics use their will to force a semblance of life into an item. Successes Required: 1 per additional action/division of time attempted. As fire is bane to such creatures (a fact the Order learned early on in the war). merely empowered swiftness. Most disturbingly. those who can read) is beyond comprehension. but Demons – beings that have existed since before the temporal world as it is known even came to be. bearded. Anima and Vires provide great physical speed and force while maintaining the body’s integrity. deliberately hidden items are -8. for those who have the knack. the Demon can be bound to either a host body. the advantages of the latter is it can provide the Demon with a means of performing immediate service for the summoner as well as allowing it to begin transforming faith into miracles… even if it does leave the mage more vulnerable to direct influence and is also harder to maintain. What knowledge these minds hold is not meant for mortal men. does not gain bonus dice). It requires Corona 3 and Vires 3 (Vires 4 for the item to levitate) and 20 successes per item. can be dangerous when not used in moderation. or have one fashioned for it’s use in the physical world. as the mystic sustenance derived by the parasite transforms into a raging inferno within the lifeless monster's gullet. the use of re-directed force. this simple enchantment makes a wizard's secret journal exactly that . However. multiple attacks may be dodged and/or parried with great ability (bonus to dodge or parry rolls that the mage makes. such as a bow or crossbow. By contemplating this latter aspect. he can not only read and process a book at a much greater rate. This focus is just such a personal tome. but Umbrally “local” spiritual entities. The simpler. this enchantment typically proves fatal to the offending vampire. for each success and Quintessence spent (to the limit of either natural Dex or Wits). and a haughty spirit to the fall… A handful of Magister Mundi. solution is to animate the tools themselves. he may also transcribe it at haste without fear of his quill breaking or ink spilling due to speed. that of an older. Closed items hidden in plain sight are -4 to spot. Requires total concentration on the mage's part for the duration of the spell. Common Foci: Contemplation of the Void. Pure. Difficulty: 11. such as a statue(tte) or even a building or similar structure. flawless materials (Materia :4 can help with this). such actions have effects that extend beyond the mage’s immediate body. A recent innovation in the Massasa War. the blood itself becomes a deadly weapon when used as sustenance by a vampire. Grandfather's walking stick knows every path in the country and never gets lost. unlimited) may be summoned from the Beyond and bound to a localized area in the Penumbra or the physical world (generally for one scene per success if the Penumbra. who calim to have relearned this skill from those who came long before them. frequent users often grow impatient with the slow passage of normal time. The Order of Hermes' libraries contain references to a handful of spells designed to beseech the Fair Folk directly. all of them either using Corona 4. inflicting two Health Levels of nonsoakable aggravated damage. or one turn per success if in the physical world. Alternately. Winged sandals or a talisman of such. a collection of the mage's own writings about his magical experiences. perceive such attacks is available to him). one per success. he can throw multiple daggers in the space of a quick breath. Corona allows for both mental multi-tasking and for enhanced processing of information. a token item from a Fae being or land. Many an hour in the alchemist's lab is used up preparing ingredients just so. Common Foci: Stimulant herbs. Of course they can create true life… of course they can resurrect the dead… of course they can travel beyond the lunar sphere… And of course they can summon and bind demons… System: Roll… just roll… This “rote” is not so much a stand alone spell as it is a collection of nigh heretical applications of Hermetic theorem taken to their most extreme. or similarly shut and again dusted with dander of a mouse. the advantage of the former is it still keeps the Demon at bay and (hopefully) unable to directly influence the magus while being questioned or bargained with – it also is easier to keep them there in a spiritual state.secret. Names. and may even become physically dependant on any chemical foci used. and as it is tempered by Vires and Corona. to house the spirit as a (mostly) inanimate form – this also makes the duration permanent with 6+ successes and the consent of the Demon. even if the recipient of this spell dies. the mage gains an extra action per turn for the duration of the scene (somewhat similar to Celerity. The oldest form of this journal probably comes from the Batini. Hermetic Tome The Order of hermes takes its duties to preserve lost lore seriously. this makes it easier for it to exist here and makes the duration extended per the normal rules. No Quintessence is needed because of Vires 3 (for one body) or 4 (for many. he remembers some fact or imagining he once had during its composition that provides an incredibly relevant insight to a current problem. this more comprehensive rote also provides for mental ones as well. or materials to be written upon. A generations-old anvil speaks encouragement to the apprentice smith. or Primus 5 at a place of crossing to force the gateways wide. providing adice of a sort. and is not work meant for a bumble-headed apprentice who can barely be trusted to fetch fresh water. But the god Hermes also had another identity – that of a lithe. By ensorceling one's own vital humors with a lingering enchantment. the item will be unobtrusive in plain sight or invisible if hidden. Demons (not demons. reminging him when it is time to reheat the iron or if he strikes too softly. Each success scored on the roll to create Hermes' Brand is one blood point of blood (the caster's or that of another) that will react violently with the vampiric physiology a specified period of time after ingestion and transformation into the mystic substance that sustains the massasa. Also requires one Quintessence per success. This spell. What compels a mage to put such dangerous things to pen where a Commoner can read them (well. and each carries with it great force upon impact (successes add to damage pools. These things are difficult to create. arrogant beyond hubris. the hair or body parts of beasts known for speed. where such multiple actions for others are often limited to physical endeavors. It does not have to be written in a common tongue. but whose spiritual strength is. so long as the blood retains the mystic energy consumed by the massasa. the powers of both swift action and comprehension can be made manifest in the mundane world. for it is created to store insights concerning that Pillar's use. Sacrifices of… an unmentionable nature… Concealed Journal Corona ••• Vires •• Enter Arcadia Corona •••• Primus •••• or ••••• Hermes' Brand Anima ••• Primus ••• Vires ••• A wizard's thought should stay his own. A Hermetic Tome can be used for any Forma Pillar. as long as some means – however remote. both internal and external. waste no time daydreaming and never fall asleep in the sulfur. making it possible for a slain mage to have his final vengeance. regardless of House affiliation. Hermes' Speed Anima ••• Vires ••• Corona •• Primus •• System: Roll Modus + (Anima or Vires) + 3. Invisible text may be seen only if the hiding ward is broken. taking great skill and patience. . though not to attack pools. up to one per success). given number of successes. goeth before destruction. as fire erupts out of the creature's body and devours it from the inside out. the greatest mages on earth. entities whose power is very much curtailed in the physical world. adding one die to his player's Enigmas or Academics die pool for one roll only (choose which skill the tome affects when it is attuned. it cna be affect only one of them).Complex Spells Animate Corpse I Anima ••••• Primus ••• Animate Corpse II Anima ••••• Primus ••• Vires ••• or •••• Animate Corpse III Anima ••••• Corona ••••• Primus •••• Animated Tools Corona ••• Vires ••• or •••• Animate a simple walking dead. wise willworker . they often compose new ones themselves. For each success scored (up to a maximum of the number of blood points the vampire ingests). Similary. also. Such things can be dangerous. Animates a simple walking dead. and safer. When he thumbs through its pages and spends a point of its stored Quintessence. everyone else sees only an empty surface. quite literally. both in body and mind. designed to dissuade the nocturnal demons from slaking their infernal thirst on mages of the Order." Naturally. As described above. or even a tongue known to any one else (it can be a special alphabet or a glyph series created by the mage for himseld). this latter spell is best undertaken as an ongoing spell. Perfecting a mortar and pestle is often the first sign an apprentice is ready to strike out on his own. youthful. know that the precepts set down by Bonisagis are less strict rules to be adhered to and more like “guidelines” for what they. or supervising a situation for its mistress. anything written upon it is visible only to the caster. while useful. both spoken and (more importantly) those which are unutterable. rather than turn for turn. Materia: 4 can be used to fashion a physical object. Hermes' Brand is a defensive weapon. If closed. whichever is highest.Primus 4. Thus. though provides for less flexibility in terms of activity. limited toWits or Dexterity. a mage of the Order can. By adding Anima:5. They do as told. The dander must be allowed to sit for a day before being brushed off with the feather of a bird of prey. Primus 4 to form a Quintessential shell (using the mage's own normal Attributes) capable of traversing the barriers that sever Arcadia from the world of men. indeed. with Anima 5. Fortunately. is dusted with a fine coat of dander from a mouse. The written work. By reaching out to touch the Void just beyond his mystical fingertips. costing a point of Quintessence apiece. Primus: 5. Note that this enchantment lasts for the normal duration. sealed.

thus allowing time. It is meant to be both servitor and watchdog for the mage. thus permitting the caster’s overall self to remain with his physical body while the “partitioned” essence is sent out into the Astral/Penumbral worlds. subject to the normal rules outlined above. Wits 2 Abilities: Alertness 3. and some are even known to turn on their masters. Corona channels a portion of the Hermetic’s consciousness as if preparing for normal astral projection. but can even exist physically in multiple locations at the same time. itself. Djinn. As a last ditch escape. Thus. however. The mage sends a relaxing breeze to his foes. It has the appropriate Attributes and Abilities of the character. not as it is currently structured… Common Foci: Drawn diagrams. etc. they fear uncontrolled fire and will flee from any flame not contained by a firepit or fireplace. Charisma 2. They can become cruel and even spiteful against their master's enemies or even friends. There are. Such things affected are inert and unaware of the passage of time: the instant the ritual is completed. and the mage loses a temporary Willpower point and takes an unsoakable Bashing health level of damage from psychic feedback (or two Bashing. the homonculus turns on its own master. it is a major social gaff to send one in response to a summons FROM a High Umbral being. place. Difficulty: 10 (OR. Tass: Homonculi carry no recoverable Quintessence. himself. Dexterity 2. and more typicall only one foot high. casually converse with others. except as otherwise noted. the magus may use this complex spell to soak aggravated damage. to be suspended. no natural or supernatural source may foul the contents. astral power. it usually takes at least a scene to arrive at the target destination (assuming the mage understands how to get there. literally. Manipulation 2. Common Foci: Concentration. For this reason. Dodge 2. Awareness 2. and only one such projection can exist at any one time (though rumors abound of Batini who can not only make multiple such excursions at once. the bulk of those experiences are only related when it returns to and reassimilates with the mage. fetching and gathering his magical materials and always on guard for danger or untoward circumstance. this spell cannot be fast cast… at least. rarely standing more than three feet tall. and another scene for the astral shade to return “home”. as such. athletics 2. is occupied with other activities. et al. Dagger (Strength+1L) Weaknesses: Homonculi cannot soak fire damage. should this Trait drop below one. including “health levels” equal to the mage’s Corona or Primus Pillars. This charm of the Hermetic Order protects the contents within a cask or bottle from spoiling due to age. per se. subtly manipulate their dreams or conscious thoughts. Even poisons added are rendered inert. a small physical idol of the mage. The non-standard difficulty results from the mage being a facilitator for a foreign. Each tentancle deals 1 Health Level of bashing damage and one lethal damage. in any given turn. they will make everything to stop the fight and rest a little bit. cast Simple Corona or Primus spells. Corona both connects to the astral essence of Saturn (whether the planet or some deific essence is a debate for many) and suppresses conscious resistance on the part of a sentient target. for while it can act to accomplish its mission. or even simply act as an impromptu “watch-dog”… one the mage can trust. Those who may encounter the faux-avatar can communicate with it. Successes Required: 3x target Willpower. The concept of a Daemon. and possibly even believe it is the mage. of the mystical effect itself. and not the direct cause. and cannot spend Willpower on any rolls or actions (though it still defends with a Willpower pool equal to the character’s own). himself. Conjunctions/ Astrological timing with Saturn. Incapacitated Armor: +1B / +1L / +1A Attacks: Fist (Strength+Brawl). Avatar. Perception 3. time for the target simply ceases to be. though the resulting enchantment is particularly resistant to unweaving and counterspells. while using this method to deliver messages TO someone is generally accepted in the High Umbra. Mantras. Intelligence 2. failed Willpower rolls will drain Manipulation. what its instructions are. or thing for ages to come. Obviously. it counts towards the number of multiple mental actions the character can take per turn (though the initial aspect of this is included in the spell’s conception). while the two aspects of the character share a general empathic connection and the mage has a peripheral awareness of what is happening with the daemon. if the daemon is destroyed or unable to return to the mage in time. The Lesser Daemon may even. whichever is higher. the creature loses one dot of Chrarisma. Lastly. Primus allows for the flow of mystical power around/through the area to be suspended or preserved. no roll required if the mage spends a point of Willpower and Quintessence) Successes required: 1 per scene (or none. destroying the bad ones and creating fresh ones anew. few mage keep the same Homonculi around for more than five years at a time. most Hermetics write that off to overactive imaginations on the part of those claiming such things…). A wizard of the Order of Hermes uses her Anima to simply shield her body against the vicissitudes of the natural world and weather conditions. The character must determine at the time of creating the Lesser Daemon what form it will take. avoid harm. The Charms Of Saturn Primus ••••• Corona •••• Another powerful spell lost to current Hermetic theory that suspends time for a given target. by the mage spending a point of Quintessence and Willpower per applicable roll. especially one of the powerful lords. With concentration and an applied understanding of Quintessential Ideals. Specially crafted time-telling devices. Also. several caveats to employing the Lesser Daemon. Attributes: Strength 2. whichever is higher. Brawl 2. directly. but will note almost immediately that there is something off about the apparition. Appearance 0. Should it ever lose all dots. though only affecting those targetable by it via the descriptions of those Pillars. Whether wine. at least one scene to interact with the situation. unless there is some truly pressing reason why the character cannot communicate directly. she uses Corona to draw them to her and to compel them to placidly accept death. no other information or additional instructions are related unless the mage pauses for at least one or two turns to communicate with the distant eidelon – and even then. or for an inanimate object. If caught without protection. Tread carefully… Shadow Tentacles Vires ••• Primus •• Anima •• Soak Aggravated Damage Anima ••• Primus ••• Survive In Nature Anima •••• Corona •••• Creates 4 animated shadow tentacles which strike the casters enemies and raise up from the floor/earth. it possesses no true drive or sense of determination other than what the character initially invests it with. or normal per an Ongoing Spell for an area/object – ST discretion. To provide this protection. They have to roll a Willpower roll (difficulty: 6) and if they fail. find his way back to his body via the usual processes. is not unknown to many with a mystical bent. Eidelon. -1 x 2. mead or water. or sent on brief sojourns to the astral realms where it can deliver messages or receive information/insight while the magus. From this point on. and thus feel no human emotion. but not both. their magic dissipates with their destruction. carefully baked at a constant temperature for three days. If she must have dominion over animals. the homonculus has gone bad and will act maliciously toward anyone but its master. A simple Vires 3 Light spell can destroy these shadow tentacles. Once for each year of game time make a Willpower roll for the Homonculus against a difficulty of 6. it can act in a more mundane manner to spy on others. only the mage or the daemon may cast a spell. as it possesses most all the mundane knowledge of the character. . The problem is that Homunculi have no hearts. a sort of proxy-avatar can be fashioned and directed to either investigate happenings in other locations. Difficulty: target being’s Willpower (or 6. however. -3. 8 for an area). as if he were there himself… Sending Forth the Lesser Daemon Corona •••• Primus •• System: Roll Modus + Corona + 1 (or spend appropriate points). should this roll fail. if a WP and Q is spent each scene). as might be expected for such a useful but taxing enchantment: as long as the spell is in effect. By entreating the divine essence of Saturn (and its shard realm) and re-writing the fundamental underpinnings of reality. the mage may shift his entire mind to the Lesser Daemon. if no temporary Willpower remains). and thus requiring a significant investment of both Quintessence and Willpower. System: Roll Modus+Primus+1. but Primus then forms an artificial Ideal body to house the allocated essence. Treated in most respects as an ongoing spell. including most members of the Order. however. Every breathing person or creature affected feels tired and wants to stop fighting. While this “shadow-daemon” is not the true essence of the mage’s mystic self. as if he had always been astrally projecting normally the entire time. weather or poor care. Water which is then solidified. its essence simply disperses and most all the relevant knowledge or experience it gained while away is lost. -2. it acts as a more or less “glorified automaton” of psychic energy. Melee 2 Willpower: 5 Health Levels: OK x 2. Stamina 3. the mage must coat the outside of the container with a mixture of volcanic ash and river clay. Note: In the case of short jaunts to the High Umbra. himself). the daemon has no Willpower. or to bring more supernatural might to bear on a situation.Homonculus Anima ••••• Corona ••••• Primus • Melody Vires •• Corona ••• Purity Vires ••• Primus •• A Homonculus is a magical construct created in the image of a tiny man. He must then. and where it is going to go/remain. the mage can effectively preserve (or imprison) a person.

deactivate the golem at will (incurring no ill will from the creature). this is one of the primary reasons why many Hermetics believed that such violation of another’s pattern was “impossible”. Intelligence 2. the potentially limitless life span offered by this spell.uses are not uncommon. inscribed with one of the Names of God. with the following stats: Attributes: Strength 10. It should be noted that given the difficulty of this rote.. it is of questionable merit in that botched applications can have especially detrimental effects on those drained by the spell. Each success inflicts a lethal health level to a living target and converts it to a point of Quintessence for the mage. hut or ladder. fresh water. Charisma 1. The forged item has an effective armor rating of +8B/+8L/+4A and delivers +3 bashing damage) The tightly bundled pack of sticks.) must be recorded. Modus of just 1 or 2) often only “break even” in the exchange.The Incorruptible Water Anima ••••• Corona •••• Primus •••• Traffic With Spirits Corona •••• Primus •• Unbreakable Vires ••• Primus • Unfolding Structure Anima ••• Corona •• Primus •• Utterance Of The 72 Names Anima ••••• Corona ••••• Primus •••• Vires ••• More so than any other mystic society known to the civilized world. that is placed in the golem's mouth). These 1s are always treated as though they had been rolled in the process of casting each use of The Incorruptible Water.** The mage unleashes a wave which causes affected people (able to breath) to feel pain in their head. not biological) of the caster's life and this power must be garnered from sources conductive to lengevity (suc as dragon's blood or the tears of an angel) or physical health (a healing spring. however (as might be expected of a spell designed to hold the Reaper himself at bay). and never by intention. Stamina 8. as these 1s stack over the course of the caster's life in regards to this spell. undertaking a lengthly period of meditation and reflection. Wrath Of Apollo summons an unrelenting curtain of solar flame with which to scourge the life from one's foes. a Hermetic magus is capable of raisin a greater golem to his service.e. in which case the wizard has other problems. to form a stiff mud out which the body (which should be no less than eight feet in height and many hundreds of pounds in weight) can be sculpted. for the purposes of figuring botches. which helps to break down even subconscious resistance on the subjects part and gain a level of consent that most cannot consciously give. Manipulation 1. and pure.. Tass. at the very least) The mix of will. (7) and accumulate 2 or more successes in order to take any action or offer retaliation while the spell is in active effect. -1 x 2. Hermetics use Corona 4. resonant connection. Also. Difficulty: 10. they will receive -1 die to every pool. The golem may be "healed" of any damage short of its destruction with an Anima 4. this spell will grant the mage a faithful and steadfast (if mute) servant possessed of a titan's strength and a pure heart. were they even willing. given they often must expend energy commensurate to what they gain for the effect to work. The effect siphons most of the Quintessence out of nonliving matter in the area of the spell. More creative . body and spirit. unworked by human hands before its gathering. and even his own Fount no longer suffice for his ever deepening desire for the energy of others. The power is limited. The creator may. though Primus-3 can drain the Vitae/Pathos they may have as normal. allowing the owner to create things that are no more than one hundred times the size of the bundle. or great numbers of people to glean Quintessence for the mage. If successfully cast. most mages with a less than rigid grasp of their Modus (i. but not nearly so versitale in function. -2 x 2. Corona-4. but one can not shape large fortifications or a massive longboat. but also to protect the mind against the rigors of days beyond counting. Chalices. possibly transforming him into a wraith or vampire if he is not careful… the year 1022 comes to mind… it also inflicts Aggravated damage in lieu of Lethal). twisted and brutally destructive spirit. First. **Curiously. The requirement of Anima and Primus is obvious. sulfur and iron can aid in the strengthening of almost any creation. 139) or to instantly animate the golem with dark. this spell allows the mage to momentarily violate a living being’s pattern and convert her life essence back into Quintessence. Easily the most spectacular of the Order's offensive sourceries. thus. blocky. Vitae Cruorem Transubstantiation) Anima ••• Corona ••• Primus ••• Wave Of Pain Vires •• Corona ••• Wrath Of Apollo Primus ••••• Vires ••••• System: Roll Modus + Primus +2. a handful of Hermetic mages have dwelt among the living since the days when the Founders first gathered the keepers of Hermes' arts together to speak of unification. when untied. Destroyed Armor: 4 dice that can soak any kind of damage The golem is a thaumavore and must consume a point of Quintessence per day or else lapse into a deathlike slumber. A sixty-foot. at his direction. the aggravated damage to targets resulting from botching only occurs accidentally. Technique and preparation go a long way to circumventing the obvious hurdles involved. As Hermetic elemental theory maintains that the sun is formed of pure Quintessence. simple bridge or a similary sized ladder is possible. he seeks to divest himself of unworthy influences that can (and will) sully the final product and. Primus 2 to compel an astral being (such as an angel) to manifest as a partially physical construct (one that might be acted upon by other magics. prehaps. A botch rolled in the casting of this spell is liekly to cause Scourging Backlash (see Dark Ages: Mage. To alleviate this latter effect. virtually nothing without some manner of mystic shielding can survive. and the magus himself can begin to manifest… disturbing… qualities and behaviors. pg. as mystical energy from Crays. Once cooled. Hermetic smiths create this effect through precisely forged iron. affinity for darkness. though such instances can give insight into how such a thing might be accomplished and thus allow the advancement of Anima or Primus with experience. Note that the use of this spell also creates a rift in the Quintessential pattern of the area it affects that only slowly recovers a natural flow of mystic energy. the mage staves off the ravages of aging for then years. The ultimate conquest. stoe to a bubbling mass and flesh and bone to a bare handful of cinders. This rote is virtually unsurvivable by any being not completely shielded against its power. By means of this enchantment. the Order of Hermes makes use variety of longevity elixirs designed to preserve notonly flesh and bone. however to be had easily or by the inexperienced and this enchantment requires considerable knowledhe and power. so nearly all physical objects caught within the Wrath Of Apollo are obliterated. Worse yet. In this fashion have a handful of mages eked out many centuries of life. Each success scored inflicts three Health Levels of aggravated damage on everything within fifty feet of the spell's center per success scored on the casting roll. one point of Quintessence must go into the casting of this spell for each year (chronological. likely requiring a massive outpouring of Quintessence and a not-in-considerable investment of Willpower). for no natural barrier or proof will endure. bipedal-yet-completely-inhuman shape). There are two considerable drawback to this process. The caster may direct the center of this spell anywhere within one hundred yards per success (though he is apt to be harmed by the blast and by flaming debris if he cannot or does not center the enchantment more than two hundred yards distant). projecting withering heat that renders steel to liquid sludge. though. Even powerful magic finds difficulty harming these creations. the item is imprevious to all but the most grievous of damage dealth by the hand of man. tempered in a mild copper solution exactly 22 times. the mage may expend a point of permanent Willpower to reduce his running total of 1s by his previous permanent Willpower.and dangerous . Within this conflagration. They have to roll a Stamina roll (difficulty: 6) and if they fail. Appearance 0 (a massive. Still. this spell is best undertaken as an Ongoing Spell (and. for example). is not. It is considered an “improvement” as it doesn’t require the rigorous training. Primus-4… though this may have permanent effects on the mage’s very essence. Botches are harmful for both parties involved: the subject takes one level of aggravated damage per botch die (with no resulting gain in Quintessence for the mage) while the caster often suffers backlash in the form of undead pallor. When removed. that of Death itself. the Utterance Of The 72 Names animates a free-willed golem of the highest order. is sufficient of itself to inspire many mages of the Order to puruse such knowledge and power. If performed successfully. Also. The user need only speak the appropriate words as he unties the knots to have an instant bridge. less obvious is the need for Corona. Successes Required: 1 per Health Level/Quintessence An evolved form (though some conjecture it a debasement) of the old Cult of Mercury rote “Legion’s Life”. For each success on this rote's roll. the item is packed in red clay for 2 days. which almost invariably takes the form of a potion of some sort. (Note that this latter means that the golem will often wordlessly refuse to enact cruel or immortal commands. this mystic energy is used to ignite the very air. even if they would normally be highly resistant to fire (naturally enchanted objects are considerably likelier to endure than ordinary ones). The wizard must first purify himself in mind. repeated use of this rote over time can result in the mage seeking Quintessence from other living beings *exclusively*. Personal Submission. Primus 4 spell (one Health Level mended per success).) Naturally. This craft requires 5 successes on three rolls as the ladder's rope legs are tied. . Incapacitated. and a desire to drink blood. Common Foci: Blood. (Health levels or Corpus can be drained as above by upgrading to Anima-4. Dexterity 2. He then combines rich soil. this specific rote will not work on the undead. -5. Beings affected must make Willpower rolls vs. moves swiftly to take the shape of a necessary object. reawakening it whether he chooses by "feeding" it a point of Quintessence (often imbued into a piece of paper. though the sources of Quintessence suitable for this effect grow fewer and fewer as the years march on. During this time. The Hermetics create ladders of rope and oak that are portable and compact. every 1 rolled in the casting (provided the effect does not botch. Perhaps such eternal life will soon probe unsustainable. Perception 2. Wits 2 Willpower: 3 The Golem has 10 Health: OK x 4. (Alchemically perfected clay is also suitable for use in crafting the golem's body. render it mad or even evil.) The rite culminates with the invocation of the 72-Part Name Of God. By mean of this Kabbalistic ritual. the slightest mispronunciation of which can strike the speaker dead instantly.

I shall abide by its verdicts. and venture any risk or sacrifice to protect it.The Code Of Hermes I. II. and I shall not spun a friend nor succor an enemy. discipline or arrest and apprentice who endangers the Order. I swear everlasting loyalty to the Order and its members. I shall train apprentices and instruct them in this Code. nor consort with devils or the undead. and shall duly admonish. VI. nor read an Order mage’s mind. V. except in justly declared and open certámen. nor anger the fae. I shall not spy by any means or manner upon another Order mage’s private works. Should I breach it. forceful and imminent threat to the safety of the Order. direct. I bear entire responsibility for my apprentice. VII. I solemnly swear to uphold this sacred Code of Hermes. If called to sit upon a Tribunal. save to guard against a clear. I shall not through action or inaction endanger the Order. nor invade or observe and Order mage’s Sanctum. I shall not deprive any Order mage of magical power. nor through action or inaction attempt to bring harm to an Order mage. III. and shall yield same apprentice to the Order’s lawfully appointed agent or Tribunal. and support the Tribunal’s verdicts. may all the mages of the Order rise as one united and hunt me down and destroy me forevermore. . restrain. IV. I shall vote wisely. Upon reaching the Fifth Degree or higher. If called before a Tribunal. respect the votes of others. The Order’s friends and enemies are my friends and enemies.