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Case study

Points for case study
1. Explain information security from the point of view Educational system’s modules
and identify 3 main assets like
Information Based asset(Student database, faculty database, employee
database, library database)
Physical assets- Computer system, storage media, communication equipments,
technical equipments.
Service assets-Communication services (Email, chat)
2. Explain possible threats for Educational Institute like viruses,worms,Trojan
horse,malware,spyware, Adware .
3. Then explain how to control threats (viruses,worms,Trojan
With controls like antivirus system, spam filters, spybots, Addon,firewall,
switches,routers, honeypot, honey net system.)
4. For over all security point of view write security policy types according
Educational system’s modules
Using ISO 17799 and ISO 27001 controls.