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a. The Basic of Renewal
Almost all the Dahlan’s ideas about education comes from his
thoughtfulness of Muslim global situation and global condition at the time.
Many muslims at the time are covered by stagnation, stupidity, and
backwardness. This condition can demage Indonesia. Because of that,
Dahla has inspiration to make a renewal.
Globally, the Dahlan’s ide of renewal can classified to two dimension, they
are :
1. Making a purification of Islamic’s theory from Khufarat, tahayul, and
bid’ah. At the time, all of them are mixed with values of islam.
2. Inviting Muslims to think in modern and using ratio. So, they can be
more critical.
b. Education is a Strategic Eforts
Education is priority to change people’s mind set. Base on Dahlan’s idea, if
the renewal want to be success, so the education has to base on Al-Qur’an
and Sunnah. Because both of them can lead us to Islamic value in
comprehensive. But beside that, Dahlan used modern system like he
combined between dutch education system and theraditional system.
In 1911, Ahmad dahlan made a project, that was bulit a school. In this
school, islamic value and genelar knowladge are given by ahmad dahlan
and member of Budi Utomo. After that, Muhammadiyah was formed in
1912, this school was being Muhammadiyah’s school. This project is
develop rapidly. Muhammadiyah made many brances of school, such as
made school in Karangkajen , in Lempuyangan on 1915, and Pasar Gede
on 1916. Until in 1923, Muhammadiyah has 14 brances and 8 kind of
schools with 1.019 students and 73 teachers. The schools are Opleiding
School in Magelang, Kweek School in Magelang and Purworejo, Norma
Shool in Blitar, NBS in Bandung, Algemeene Midalbare School in Surabaya,
Teacher’s school in Kota Gede, Hoogere Kweek School in Poerworejo.
B. Health
Beside education, Muhammadiyah also concern about health. Until 1925,
Muhammadiyah built 2 clinics with 12.000 patient. After that, until 1967
Muhammadiyah build hospital, 50 policlinics and BKIAs, Orphaneges and poor
houses 200. They make all of them by PKU (Pembina Kesejahteraan Umum).
From the fact, we know that although Muhammdiyah and Indonesia under
colonialized by Dutch, Japan, and also the other obstacles, but
Muhammadiyah still has influent to build thi country and Muslims in society.