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Barry Turi // A2 Media Studies // Pulp Studios

Actor George Sicobo
Character John Staples
Age 18 years old
Height 5 10
Gender Male
I had chosen George to be the main character of my short film because
he has an extensive experience with acting, having done GCSE Drama
(A) and is currently studying performing arts at a separate sixth
form/college. His experience and current studies of performing arts is an
towards the fact that he knows how to act well. I had also considered
George because he is a very good friend of mine who lives locally to me and the locations I
will be filming my short film, so this makes him a lot more accessible.
Actor Dev Umeria
Character Steve
Age 17 years old
Height 5 10
Gender Male
I have chosen Dev as a supporting role for a number of reasons. He
does not have the acting experience of expertise that George has, so I
did not want to put him under pressure with taking up the main
protagonist role. However, he had offered to be part of my production,
and the supporting role of Steve, a victim of street crime was perfect for
him. He also has a good chemistry and friendship with George outside of
filming, meaning that the conversations between them should be
engaging and believable. Dev also lives locally to me and the chosen
locations to film at, making him an accessible actor.
Actor Billy Gravestock
Character Robber
Age 17 years old
Height 5 8
Gender Male
I chose Billy for the role of the robber mainly due to his appearance. He
is quite a stocky person, which generates a first impression amongst the
viewers which tells them that he is more intimidating due to his edgy look
and larger body. As well as this, he is also a good actor he has helped
me with my AS Media Studies opening sequence, and had also featured
in my AS Film Studies scene as a antagonist, where he delivered a great
performance. Therefore, it would only be necessary if I brought him back
to reprise his role of an antagonist, as his menacing performances and
his positive attitude towards filming benefitting the production stage