Quick Notes from FD Training Officer?


New Member Training Haz-Mat Operations Trained on Duties & Functions Before Emergency Calls Right-to-Know Training SCBA Use, Limitations, Fit Testing Periodic Training Frequently enough to perform duties safely At least annually Quarterly for interior firefighters Annual Right to Know, Bloodborne Pathogens, any tech rescue performed  Hazardous Materials  Trench Collapse/Technical Rescue  Lock-Out/Tag-Out  Safety Meeting (AWAIR)  Emergency Driving  Respiratory Protection
• • • • • • •

Minimum Required Records
Department Training Records Lesson Plans Attendance Sheets Skills Verifications Testing Records Individual Training Records Annual Report

Retaining Records
• • • • • • • Depart Training Records • Lesson Plans • Attendance Sheets • Skills Verifications • Testing Records • Individual Training Records• Annual Report • Forever 7 Yrs After Last Term 7 Yrs After Last Term 7 Yrs After Term 7 Yrs After Term 7 Yrs After Term Forever

For a list of these and many other documents from this course visit:

and click on the MSFDA FD training Officer Folder.
72 Hour Training Calendar
January Haz-Mat HazDriver Class May Fireground High-Angle HighSeptember Fireground Stand Down February OSHA Preplans June CPR Trench October March Fireground Salvage/Ohl Salvage/Ohl July Fireground AutoAuto- Ex November April Ladders Pumps August
Confined S pace Space

Minimum Training Calendar
January Hazardous Materials May High-Angle HighRescue September Fireground Operations February OSHA Refresher June Trench Rescue October Fireground Operations March Fireground Operations July Auto Extrication November Respiratory Protection April Fireground Operations August Driver/ Operator December Confined Space

Driver Drill December

Respiratory Fireground Fire Behavior Pumps


12 12

Driver/Operator Multi-Company Drill

Company/Night Drill

30 Company Training 18


One 2 Hour Drill Per Month (3 Hour Drill)


http://www.scribd.com/people/view/1161202 Fire Library (Stuff from this class & more) www.firehouse.com Lesson plans, graphics, audio, video, etc. www.fireengineering.com Training Page, Community Page, Video Page http://www.kcftoa.org King County Fire Training Officers Association Lesson Plans, PPTs, Links, Etc http://www.wsftso.org Washington State Fire Training & Safety Officers Lesson Plans, PPTs, Links, Etc www.usfa.fema.gov/training/coffee-break/ National Fire Academy Coffee-Break Training pages – short topics for quick discussions www.minnesotafireservice.com Policies, info, Links to Lesson plans & other info http://feti.lsu.edu/municipal/NFA/TRADE/ TRADE – Training Resources & Data Exchange (10 CDs worth of training info, lesson plans, ideas, policies etc.) www.firefighterclolsecalls.com Lesson plans, video, quizes, Weekly Fire Drills. www.fdtraining.com Subscription service and store for lesson plan books www.volunteerfd.org Join the group and get free access to their grants, by-laws, training, SOG, recruitment and fund raising areas www.firefightersbookstore.com Books on everything www.isfsi.org Subscription service to Instruct-O-Gram PowerPoints & other info www.mfri.org Free Drill & Quiz of the Month http://www.usfa.fema.gov/training/nfa/independent/ CD Rom & Online Study Courses

CLIPART & PICTURES SITES www.google.com Click on images, then search www.firehouse.com/links/Images/index.html Andy’s Fire Pics Page 4 Dave’s graphics www.emergencyclipart.com www.firegraphics.org http://members.tripod.com/mrfire/ http://www.firefighting.com/ HUGE site of audio, video, sound clips, & more www.american-firefighter.com/downloads/index.php www.kirksvillecity.com/Fire/fire_graphics.htm Links www.clipartheaven.com/search/fire.htm www.the911site.com/911_clip/ Links www.ksffa.com/clip_art_links Links http://www.firefighting.com/ HUGE site of audio, video, sound clips, & more

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