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Specially describe the company’s business, recruiting advantages, and culture.

Bright Horizons Family Solutions, Starbucks, and Nordstrom, Inc. are the companies that
will be discussed in this dissertation.
Bright Horizons Family Solutions is a leading provider of employer-sponsored child care,
early education, and work/life solutions. They conduct business in North America, Europe, and
India; they create employer-sponsored child care and early education programs for more than
850 clients, over 130 clients are a part of the Fortune 500 They conduct business in North
America, Europe, and India, creating employer-sponsored child care and early education
programs for more than 850 clients, including more than 130 of the Fortune 500 companies.
They sponsor child care by managing child care centers for many of the world's leading
corporations, hospitals, universities, and government agencies. They provide employersponsored early education by operating 130 early care and education centers for employers and
working families. They strive to help children worldwide develop the skills they need to succeed
academic and in life. Lastly they provide employer sponsored work/life solutions by partnering
with employers to encourage their employees as they endeavor to balance the demands of work
and family. They also, provide back-up care solutions for children and elders, college counseling
services, and an array of other work/life solutions for working families. Its Foundation for
Children supports families in crisis or suffering domestic abuse, demonstrating their culture is
really for helping families.
Bright Horizons Family Solutions has recruiting advantages over other companies due to
them increasing demand for services in a competitive market and in a recession. They have

000 people a year giving many individuals jobs. One of Starbucks recruiting advantage is they offer part-time employees full health insurances benefits.constantly grown despite the economy and have shown a trend of improvement over the past six years in the UK. When the recession hit and many people were laid off. Bright Horizons is a provider of childcare and early years education services.000 retail stores in 60 countries. Another advantage they have in recruiting is that they lead in the market with the amount that they pay their staff. Starbucks hires over $80.000 staff. Washington. . tea and spices with a single store in Settle. It operates 130 early care and education centres for employers and working across the UK and Ireland and employing 4. In 1971.well above the sector average (Hale). They have won awards for leadership excellence and diversity. working across the UK and Ireland and employing 4. they went to Starbucks as a part-time employee for the benefits (Schepp). Starbucks was a roaster and retailer of whole bean and ground coffee. whereas most companies do not.000 staff. including leadership effectiveness . Today. Its Ofsted inspection performance shows Outstanding regulatory performance in all 17 judgments. they connect with millions of customers through their 18.

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