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Fabiola, Kitty. 2015. Faktor Determinan Kejadian Perdarahan Postpartum DI

RSUD Kanjuruhan Kepanjen Kab Malang Periode tahun
2014. Tugas Akhir. Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas
Muhammadiyah Malang. Pembimbing: (1).......................*,
Background: Postpartum hemorrhage was one of the causes of maternal death in
addition to bleeding due to ectopic pregnancy and abortion.
Objective: To know the determinant factors that may caused the incidence of
postpartum hemorrhage. In addition to obtained prevalence data, parity, age,
education, employment, the most common cause and risk factors for mothers who
experience postpartum hemorrhage in Kanjuruhan Kepanjen hospital, Malang.
Methods: Analytical observational used cross sectional approach. Samples as
many as 30 respondents including HPP group (post partum hemorrhage) and 30
respondents including non HPP group (not experiencing post-partum bleeding).
Samples were all patient in maternity obstetrics and gynecology section at
hospitals Kanjuruhan Kepanjen Malang during the period 1 January to 31
December 2014. Data were obtained from hospital medical records Kanjuruhan
Kepanjen Malang then processed and tested by chi-square test.
Result: Results of statistical tests on 60 people who became the sample group of
respondents (HPP and the control group (non HPP) obtained some results, among
others: (1) that mothers with healthy reproductive age (20-35th) were more at risk
of postpartum hemorrhage; (2) mothers with multiparity status greater risk of
postpartum hemorrhage; (3) mothers with lower levels of education more at risk
of postpartum hemorrhage; (4) a mother who worked as a housewife and the
private sector were at risk of postpartum hemorrhage;. While the results of chisquare test shows that there was a correlation between maternal age, parity,
education, employment, double pregnant, anemia, macrosomia, polhidramnion
with HPP events (post partum hemorrhage).
Conclusion: There was a relationship between risk factors on the incidence of
HPP (post partum hemorrhage) in this study.
Keywords: determinant factor, post partum hemorrhage