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Of Lam Tukdrub Barch Knsel,

Accomplishing the Gurus Wisdom Mind, Dispeller of All Obstacles

*,-0$-D,-7o:-#-e+- T-F0<-0(<-7-/<$-0&+-,

As for the sang offering which aranges common auspicious circumstances and pleases all deities,

{<--#5,--;<-9-e 0+9-/Z<-{,-b-0&+-,-,

The extensive version should be learnt from elsewhere. For the concise daily offering and giving,

#1$-07-#,<-<-Y#<-/7-"9 /+-I-%,-b-;$-[7-09

In a clean place on a raised platform in a fire of various nectar-filled woods

9,-&,-7o-^,-+9-6/-+$- /67-/$-#$-7e9-.+-b<-o,

Place the best part of whatever jewels, grains, medicines, clothes, food, and drink you can acquire.
Concise Tukdrub Sang Offering

` -0+-!-+#-<-o:-+e$< 7##-0+-T,-i/-7+-M9-;9

ky kyem kadak trdral ying gakm lhn drub ngar shar

Ky In the unborn, primordially pure basic space free of constructs the five spontaneously present lights
shine forth unobstructed.

I:-0+-*#<-B7--7n:-:< r+-5-%9-8$-[$-/7-0i,

tsolm tukj gyutrul l si shyi chir yang nangw drn

From the magical manifestation of effortless compassion beings of sasra and nirva, appearing as
anything whatsoever,

0&+-,-#,<-7+9-,-7l,-, 0"7-:-7'7-2,-;9-/-/5,

chjin n dir chen dren na kha la ja tsn sharwa shyin

As we invite you to this place of offering and giving, like a rainbow appearing in the sky,

Concise Tukdrub Sang Offering

U+-%#-8+-`<-#;#<-,<-`$- 9$-9$-+b<-7-#+,-:-/#<

kechik ykyi shek n kyang rang rang gyep den la shyuk

Please come here immediately and be seated on whichever seat you please.


sarwa samaya dza dza



ram yam kham


&<-,--09-9#-7-0+$< 8-;<-&,-7-0-x$-&<

ch kn gyumar rigp dang yeshe chenp m lung ch

All phenomena are the illusory radiance of awareness. Great wisdom fire, wind, and water
Concise Tukdrub Sang Offering

0-#1$-7h:-7-/#-&#<-, /r#<-#)9-/g<-,<-Y$-9-$<

mi tsang trulp bak chak kn sek tor tr n tongpar jang

Burn, scatter, and wash away all impure, deluded habitual tendencies and purify them into emptiness.

Y$-7-$$-:<-80-M7-+e$< 8$<-J#<-/<$-#-0&+-,-:<

tongp ngang l yum ng ying yong dzok sanggi chtrin l

From within emptiness, in the basic space of the five consorts is a complete and perfect cleansing offering cloud

v-,-0+-7-7++-8,-#)9 ,0-0"7-03+-`-,--b9

lana mep dyn ter namkha dz kyi trin du gyur

That becomes a treasure cloud of unsurpassable sense pleasures filling the treasury of space.


om ah hung

Concise Tukdrub Sang Offering

9$-e$-Y$-#<:-7+-`-+`:-7"9- 7/9-/-0-8-/+-I-%,-b-;$-

hung rang jung tong sal kyi kyilkhor du barwa m yi dtsi chen gyi shing
HU In the self-occurring luminous maala of empty clarity blazes a fire of nectar-filled woods.

7++-8,-0"-@-/r#<-7--/-:< T-J<-(9-+-[-2#<-&9--7//<

dyn khogu sekp duwa l lha dz nyerch natsok char du beb

From the smoke of every desirable sense pleasure rains down a myriad of divine offerings.

#6#<--l-9-9#-e-,-/5,-#)/< /g-;<-J<-D#<-{:-r+-9,-&,-/,

zuk dra dri ro rekja trin shyin tib tashi dz tak gyalsi rinchen dn
Form, sound, smell, taste, and texture are gathered like cloudbanks. The auspicious substances and signs,
the seven royal possessions,

/67-/$-#<-{,-7o-^,-/5,--<#< r+-+$-5-/7-:$<-+-0*7-8<-

zatung g gyen dru men shynpa sok si dang shyiw longch tayepa
Food, drink, clothes, ornaments, grains, medicines, steeds and the like A vast, inexhaustible
Samantabhadra offering cloud

Concise Tukdrub Sang Offering

0-6+-,--/6$-7-0&+-,-& ,0-0"7-"0<-,-{<-9-#$-/-7+<

miz kn tu zangp chtrin ch namkh kham kn gyepar gangwa di

Of the infinite enjoyments of sasra and nirva completely fills the whole of space.

e$-&/-/9--/<-<-/6$-/7-#,< /y-0+-+!,-0&#-9,-&,-F0-#<0-/<$-

jang chub bardu kyab su zungw n lum kn chok rinchen nam sum sang
Refuge until enlightenment, the undeceiving, precious three jewels, accept this cleansed offering.

e,-x/<-+$<-i/-n,-:<-,-b-/+# v-0-8-+0-0"7-7i7-2#<-F0<-/<$-

jinlab ngdrub trinl kn gyi dak lama yidam khandr tsok nam sang
Sovereigns of all blessings, siddhis, and activities, the host of gurus, yidams, and kins, accept this cleansed

:#<-(<-Y$<-73,-+0-2#-B<-#%+-7 d-,$-/!7-r$-+0-%,-{-02-/<$-

lek ny tang dzin damtsik j chp chi nang kasung damchen gyatso sang
Those who oversee good and evil in accordance in with samaya the ocean of oath-bound outer and
inner dharma protectors, accept this cleansed offering.
Concise Tukdrub Sang Offering

+/:-/7-#$-<:-7++-@7-&9-&,-7//< #,+-,-,9-T-#)9-/+#-e-/-/<$

ulw dung sel dg char chen beb njin norlha terdak jewa sang
Yakhas, wealth gods, and treasure lords, who dispel the anguish of poverty and shower
down a great rain of everything desirable, accept this cleansed offering.

.,-#,+-0*-Q,-J-7n:-#<-`<-7i Y$-#<0-r+-7-7e$-7-2#<-F0<-/<$-

penn tuden dzutrul shuk kyi dro tong sum sip jungp tsok nam sang
Hordes of jungpos of the three-thousandfold existence who perform benefit and harm and move
with miraculous powers, accept this cleansing offering.

a+-9-730-u$-/+-"0<-$-/7-#(, +!9-d#<-T-t-#5-/+#-7"9-/%<-/<$-

khyepar dzamling b kham kyongw nyen karchok lha lu shyidak khor ch sang
In particular, those protecting the land of Tibet in Jambudvpa, the virtuous gods, ngas, local deities,
and their retinues, accept this cleansing offering.

Concise Tukdrub Sang Offering

B-8-09-T-7/$<-`-<-T-+$- r+--&#<-7-T-9/<-*0<-%+-/<$-

j yi gur lha bang kyi ky lha dang sipa chakp lha rab tamch sang
The leaders gurlhas, the civilians kyelhas, and all the world formation deities, accept this cleansing offering.

/+-8:-5$-$-#1-0-^,-/1,-0 0&+-M-:--8$-7"9-/%<--/<$-

byul shying kyong tsomo men tsnma ch nga trulpa yang khor chepa sang
Land protectors of Tibet, the five mentsnma sisters, their emanations and retinue, accept this cleansing

:-w-5#-<-\9-^7-/+#--<#< #1#-:#-7e$-/7-T-9/<-*0<-%+-/<$-

loda shyak d par m dakpo sok tsuk lak jungw lha rab tamch sang
Lords of the years, months, days, time, par, and m all the gods of the elemental sciencesaccept this
cleansing offering

T,-%#-<-+$-7n:--7#-/7-T 0*,-z,-\:-/7-+i-v7-2#<-F0<-/<$-

lhen chik ky dang tral du gow lha tn kyen pelw dral tsok nam sang
Coemergent and temporarily-appointed deities, the guardian spirits who increase conducive
circumstances, accept this cleansing offering.
Concise Tukdrub Sang Offering

##-09-#,<-+$-u-/9-T#<--8 7#:-z,-/##<-9#<-:,-&#<-*0<-%+-/<$-

nyuk mar n dang lobur lhakpa yi gal kyen gek rik len chak tamch sang
Obstructors of karmic debt, the innately present and temporarily harming, I dedicate to you this cleansing

2-9/<-W,-,<-0-b9-X$-B7-8: "0<-#<0-r+-#<0-9#<-l#-0i,-,-/<$-

tserab ngn n ma gyur nyingj yul

kham sum si sum rik druk drn kn sang
Our mothers from previous lives, the objects of compassion, guests of the six classes in the three
realms and three planes, I give you this cleansing offering.

0+9-,-d-[+-+#--9/-7e0<-5$- 0-6+-7++-8,-{,-b-7"9-:9-/<$-

dorna chin dakpa rabjam shying miz dyn gyen gyi khorlor sang
In short, the outer vessel is cleansed as the boundless pure lands, the adornment wheel of inexhaustible
sense pleasures.

Concise Tukdrub Sang Offering

,$-/%+-7i-,-I-#<0-d#-{7-T +e$<-+$-8-;<-+e9-0+-&,-9-/<$-

nang ch dro kn tsa sum chakgy lha ying dang yeshe yerm chenpor sang
The inner contents, all beings, are cleansed as the mudrs of the three roots, the great indivisibility of basic
space and wisdom.

/<$-$-/+-I-;$-#-+-<-/<$- (0<-i/-0-#1$-*0<-%+-+#-b9-%#

sang ngo dtsi shing gi dp sang nyam drib mi tsang tamch dak gyur chik
Cleansed! Cleansed by the smoke of nectar-filled woods. May all downfalls, veils, and impurities be

0&+-+-7++-8,-{-027-,-b<-0&+ 0&#-*,-+$<-i/-:<-/57-n,-:<-/%:

ch do dyn gyats trin gyi ch chok tn ngdrub l shyi trinl chol

I offer offering clouds of an ocean of sense pleasures. Accomplish the supreme and common siddhis
and perform the four activities!

Concise Tukdrub Sang Offering


+!,-0&#-r+-7-0i,-F0<-.+-`<-0&+ e,-x/<-+/$-/U9-*#<-B7-#6-e,-+

knchok si shy drn nam p kyi ch jinlab wang kur tukj zijin ky
I offer the first part to the three jewels, the guests of honor. Bestow blessings and empowerment! Make the
splendor of compassion shine forth!

0#,--8,-),-0i,-F0<-*#<-+0-/U$- /9-&+-,-<:-0*,-z,-:#<-2#<-\:

gnpo ynten drn nam tukdam kang barch kn sel tn kyen lek tsok pel
May the heart samaya with the protectors, guests of qualities, be mended. Dispel all obstacles and make
conducive circumstances and excellence increase!

/##<-9#<-:,-&#<-0i,-F0<-8$<-:-/W 0(<-;$-20-,<-.,-/+7-/<0-9-/<

gek rik len chak drn nam yong la ngo ny shing tsim n pend sam jor drub
I fully dedicate to the classes of obstructers, the guests of karmic debt. Pleased and satisfied, help us
accomplish our beneficial plans and actions!

Concise Tukdrub Sang Offering


9#<-l#-X$-B7-0i,-,-a/-9-, Z#-/W:-,-o:-/+-+$-Q,-9-;#

rik druk nyingj drn kn khyab par jin duk ngal kn dral d dang denpar shok
I give to the whole six classes, all guests of compassion. May they be free of all suffering and be happy!

/g-;<-+-%$-+#-/7-#,<-7+-9 /+-I-/<$-#-0&+-,-/b<--8<

tashi kyi ching gew n diru dtsi sanggi chjin gyipa yi

In this auspicious, joyful, and virtuous place, through this offering and giving of amta sang,

7"9-7+<-d#<-/%7-5$-"0<-9/-7e0<-` [+-/%+--#8$-:#<-2#<-+/$--7<

khord chok ch shying kham rabjam kyi nch cha yang lek tsok wang du d
May the good fortune and excellence of the vessel and contents, of sasra, nirva, and the boundless
pure lands of the ten directions be gathered here.

Concise Tukdrub Sang Offering


(,-#<0-/g-;<-(-07-7+-/5,-7/9 02,-#<0-/g-;<-w-/7-0+$<-P9-#<:

nyin sum tashi nyim shyin bar tsen sum tashi daw dang tar sal
May the three parts of the day blaze with auspiciousness like the shining sun. May the three parts of the
night radiate with auspiciousnes like the glowing moon.

(,-02,-,--/g-;<-/+-:#<-;$- .,-2#<-D,-7o:-+#-02,-T,-7i/-;#

nyin tsen kn tu tashi delek shing pn tsok tendrel getsen lhn drub shok
Throughout day and night may everything be auspicious, blissful, and excellent, and may an abundance of
auspiciousness and virtuous signs be spontaneously present!

Concise Tukdrub Sang Offering


+-P9-{,-+$-a+-9- &<-+$-7'#-D,-e-/-,
A0-&,-:<-:-7'#-7-2 D,-7o:-/#-d9-7+-e<-,
(0<-i/-0-0*,-*0<-%+-5 0*,-z,-:#<-2#<-7/+-0+-{<
:-:#<-d#-7.:-0-/{+-+9 &<-/{+-9$-5$-+/-7.$-0*
[+-/%+-:#<-2#<-+/$--7 /g-;<-/+-:#<-.,-2#<-7e$-
0*9-*#-/<+-,0<-2#<-J#<-< 0&#-#-8-;<-I:-0+-7&9
+-d9-#+0<--6/-0-7+ *,-0$-,-:-#%<-9-6$<

If you perform this daily and in particular to arrange auspicious circumstances

All downfalls, veils, and discordant factors will be pacified. Conducive circumstances and excellence will effortlessly increase.

Harvests will be plentiful, livestock thrive, and family lines flourish. The dharma lineage will remain long and be uplifted.

The excellence of the vessel and contents will be magnetized, and there will be an abundance of auspiciousness, bliss, and excellence.

Ultimately, by perfecting the accumulation of merit supreme widsom will arise effortlessly.

Therefore, this profound instruction should be cherished in common by all.

When beginning important dharma and secular activities

Concise Tukdrub Sang Offering


<-0-8 {-{-{ +#-:#<-7.:

Samaya. Seal. Seal. Seal. May virtue and excellence increase!

Copyright 2013 by Chokgyur Lingpa Foundation.

Translated and published by Lhasey Lotsawa Translations & Publications.

Concise Tukdrub Sang Offering