FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jessica Smith, Steve Smith, Kawana Lloyd Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Cable Network’s Critics Cite New Evidence that Fox is

THE REPUBLICAN NEWS CHANNEL Plans 2,750 House Parties to Show Film and New Actions Aimed at Fox Next Week, one of the sponsors of the new film “Out-Foxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism,” cites the nearly identical language used by Fox News Channel and the Bush/Cheney campaign in the cable network’s attempt to discredit sponsors of a critical documentary that questions Fox’s claim to be “fair and balanced” in its news reporting. “If you put their statements side by side, the conclusion is inescapable: The Republicans write copy for the Fox News Channel. In short, Fox channels the Bush/Cheney campaign’s message. Roger Ailes, Fox News Channel’s CEO and Chairman, was a longtime Republican Party operative, and apparently he still is,” said Wes Boyd, President of “The premise of the film is that Fox is a Republican Party mouthpiece. Fox’s response to this criticism is taken right from the Bush campaign’s manager,” added Boyd. Excerpts from yesterday’s statement from Fox News Channel and earlier statements by Bush/Cheney campaign manager, Ken Mehlman, belie Fox’s claim of journalistic independence: Fox writes:

“The New York Times corrupts the journalistic process by taking orders from a George Soros-funded web site – Soros is a left-wing billionaire currency speculator who funds many liberal efforts.” (FOX News Channel Statement on ‘Outfoxed’, July 13, 2004) * By the way, George Soros has provided no funding to the Greenwald film through any MoveOn entity. The Bush/Cheney re-election campaign says: “Liberal special interests, led by billionaire currency trader George Soros have pledged upwards of $400 million in soft, unregulated money to defeat this president.” (Campaign Manager Ken Mehlman Tells Midwest Republicans President Bush “Has Seized the Moment,” “Wealthy liberals, led by billionaire currency trader George Soros, have plotted ways around the campaign finance law to spend more than $400 million in negative ads attacking the president and for a massive get out the vote effort.” (Campaign Manager Ken Mehlman: America Faces a Clear Choice, Further corroboration of the relationship between Fox News and the Bush administration comes from a new report by the Washington, DC-based Center for American Progress, which states: “Fox News has used its reporters, anchormen and pundits to parrot the Bush administration's right-wing policies as if they were conventional wisdom or fact.” and Common Cause have organized at least 2,750 house parties across the country on Sunday evening, July 18th, so that their members and friends can view DVD copies of Outfoxed. The number of house parties scheduled continues to climb. Right after the film, participants will be able to join a coast-to-coast conference call with comedian and radio host Al Franken and the movie’s director, Robert Greenwald. sent a message to its members earlier today announcing plans to use this weekend’s events as the kickoff for a campaign “to take on Fox for its partisan reporting and deceptive slogan, ‘Fair and Balanced’.”