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Sun City Festival Community Association
26501 West Desert Vista Boulevard, Buckeye, Arizona 85396


Class Registration
Begins October 3rd!
New this year, we are offering you an additional way to register
for classes through our Online Registration system! You can
still register at the Member Services Desk if you prefer, but
that is no longer your only option. Class schedules and registration forms are available at the Member Services Desk and
also as downloads through the community website at If you are unsure if you have an
account for online registration, please see a Member Services
Representative who can assist you.

Quarterly Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, October 25
1:30 pm Celebration Hall
Sun City Festival residents are welcome to attend.

Some great new classes will be offered in this fall’s session,
come to the Class Informational Seminar on October 13 at
10 am in the ASU Classroom to learn more. New classes
include, but are not limited to, subjects such as travel tips and
in depth information on specific travel experiences to Cambodia, Morocco, South Africa and more. Other new classes
will touch on culture and economy in places like Saudi Arabia,
Switzerland, and Australia. Learn southwest planting and
pruning tips as well as a little about the FBI, Astronomy, Rembrandt, and history of the Tuskegee Airmen, and the Harvey
We anticipate your participation in these great classes and
welcome you to take advantage of online registration when it
begins. We’ll see you in class!


Pre-Register at Member Services


Popcorn, 1 Soda, 1 Candy Bar
1 PM - Celebration Hall

October 16

The Nice Guys

A bumbling private eye Holland March and musclefor-hire Jackson Healy become unlikely partners.
They find themselves both looking for a missing
woman named Amelia whos ties to a deceased
actress are unclear.

November 20

-Rated R

Me Before You

Hugely successful businesswoman
Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy) is convicted
of insider trading and sentenced to prison. After
being released, she is forced to move in with a
long-suffering employee of hers.

-Rated R



Activities & Seminars
October 4
Dietician Wellness Lecture
10 am Celebration Hall

October 13
Sun Valley Solar Seminar
10 am Mulberry Room

October 19
Medicare Seminar by Humana
9 am Sable Room

October 5
Nice ‘n Easy Travel Seminar
10 am Sable Room

October 15
Chartered Club Expo/Craft Sale
9 am - 12 pm Celebration Hall
and Multipurpose Rooms

October 20
Solar City Seminar
1:30 pm Celebration Hall West

Solar Topps Seminar
5:30 pm Celebration Hall West
October 6
Retirement Strategies Workshop
by PSP
3 pm Celebration Hall West

Branded Pool Party
1 - 3 pm Sage Center Pool/Patio
Please pre-register

October 21
Mike James, Comedian
7 pm Celebration Hall

October 16
Sunday Movie, “The Nice Guys”
1 pm Celebration Hall

October 22
Del Webb Goes Pink Breast
Cancer Walk/Run Fundraiser
8 am Copper Canyon Golf Course

October 17
Flu Shots
9 am - 12 pm Celebration Hall

October 25
Board of Directors Meeting
1:30 pm Celebration Hall

Medicare Workshop by RIS
11 am Celebration Hall West

Nice ‘n Easy Travel Seminar
11 am Sable Room

October 12
Financial Seminar by
New York Life - Gary Roberts
10 am ASU Classroom

Essential Oil Seminar
11:30 am Celebration Hall West

October 27
9 am -12 pm
Sage Center Parking Lot

October 7
Concert In The Park
6:30 am
Celebration Hall Event Lawn

October 13
9 am -12 pm
Sage Center Parking Lot

October 18
SKY Renewable Energy Seminar
9:30 am Celebration Hall West

AZ Solar Concepts Seminar
10 am Sable Room


Oct. 5-8:

Oct. 9:

Oct. 28:

Nov. 9:

Dec. 2:

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta
Apple Annie’s Wilcox
Taliesin West & Western
Spirit Museum
Things Go Better with Coke,
Art & Lunch
Desert Botanical Gardens
& Mill Ave Fair

To Register for a Trip, Contact




Stephanie and Joe Pojman
Being lifelong Chicago area residents, Steph and I decided
to search out an area where we could eventually retire and
enjoy the warm weather and mostly sunny days. During a
business trip in 2004, I first experienced a Del Webb development while visiting Sun City Grand. Shortly thereafter,
Steph visited and we both fell in love with the lifestyle afforded by living in a community loaded with amenities and
activities to enjoy with friends of similar interests. Based
upon our experience in Sun City Grand, we were only too
happy to explore the new community of Sun City Festival
when Pulte/Del Webb decided to build their next development west of Surprise.
We contracted to build our home in Sun City Festival late in
2007 and closed in May of 2008. We were both still working at the time so we spent only a few weeks of the year
enjoying our new home and getting to know the wonderful
people who were slowly, but surely buying homes and moving into the community. As the years have gone by, though I
continue to work, we are now spending almost nine months
of the year living in our Festival home.
Steph and I have been married for 27 years. Between the
two of us we have three children and four grandchildren.
Our newest (and first granddaughter) was just born on
August 15. We have enjoyed the last month getting to know
her and help our daughter and son-in-law take care of her.
As we’ve continued to spend more and more time at our
Festival home, we continue to take advantage of all the

Did You Know....?
• Keep Member Services informed.. Did any of your
information change? Phone
numbers, email address,
emergency contact, are you
moving/selling your home, etc.
• Packages cannot be left at Member Services for
any type of pick-up or delivery whether it’s FedEx,
• New resident facility cards/memberships can be
processed at Member Services Mon - Fri between
the hours of 9 am to 12 noon.


wonderful amenities offered to the SCF residents. We both
have become avid pickleball players and enjoy competing
with our friends and neighbors on a daily basis. I also play
a fair amount of golf and Steph is an active member in the
Caring Neighbors group. Through our involvement in all
of these activities, we have continued to meet great new
friends and neighbors who make SCF such a wonderful
place to live.

Member Services Desk
Sage Recreation Center

• Money can be put “on account”.
Speak to a Member Services representative for more information.
• Payments can be made in the
form of credit cards (except Discover), debit cards,
and checks. Only U.S. currency and U.S. checks are

Chartered Club News
Ladies Doubles Tennis 8:00am
Fine Arts 8:30am
Pickleball 9:00am
Mah Jongg 9:00am
Knit One & Crochet Too 9:00am
Lady Putters 9:30am
Pickleball Women’s Rotational Play 12:00pm
Dealer’s Choice Poker 12:30pm
Chess 12:30pm
Scrabble 12:30pm
Lady Putters 12:30pm
Woodcrafters 5:30pm
Euchre 6:30pm
Social Dance - Ballroom Lessons 6:30pm
Desert Harmony Rehearsals 6:30pm
Pickleball 6:30pm
Swimmers Club Practice 7:00am
Softball Club Practice 7:30am
Pickleball 9:00am
Mixed Doubles Drop-In Tennis 9:00am
Players Club Mah Jongg & Open Play 9:00am
Paper Crafts & More 9:00am
Contract Bridge 12:30pm
Water Volleyball 1:00pm
Knit One & Crochet Too 1:00pm
Tournament Poker (1st & 3rd Tue) 5:30pm
Omaha Poker (2nd,4th,5th Tue) 5:30pm
Ponytail Canasta 6:30pm
Pickleball 6:30pm
Wood Carving Class 8:00am
Fine Arts 8:30am
Pickleball 9:00am
Men’s Doubles Tennis 9:00am
Crafty Scrappers 9:00am
Players Club Bridge & Open Play 9:00am
Beginner Bridge 9:00am
Mah Jongg Marathon (2nd) 9am-4:00pm
Texas Hold’em Limit Poker 12:30pm
Mah Jongg 12:30pm
Lady Putters 12:30pm
Ladies’ Doubles Drop-In Tennis 1:30pm
Don’t Worry Bead Happy 2:00pm
Single Deck Pinochle 6:30pm
Pickleball 6:30pm

Men’s Doubles Tennis Ladder 9:00am
Pickleball 9:00am
Contract Bridge 9:00am
Quilting Bees 9:00am
Woodshop Monthly Mtg (3rd Fri) 10:00am
FAB’s Luncheon 11:30am
Mah Jongg 12:30pm
Chess 12:30pm
Bunco 6:30pm
Pickleball 6:30pm
Mixed Doubles 3.0/3.5 Tennis 8:00am
Pickleball 9:00am
Don’t Worry Bead Happy 12:00pm
Texas Hold’Em Limit Poker 12:30pm
Partners Pinochle 12:30pm
Couples Contract Bridge 6:00pm
Pickleball 6:30pm



Swimmers Club Practice 7:00am
Pickleball 9:00am
Mixed Doubles Drop-in Tennis 9:00am
Fine Arts 9:00am
Lady Putters 9:30am
Line Dancers - Steps & Basics 10:00am
Line Dancers - Beginner Lessons 10:30am
Line Dancers - Intermediate Lessons 11:15am
Duplicate Bridge 12:30pm
Water Volleyball 1:00pm
Knit One & Crochet Too 1:00pm
Dealer’s Choice Poker 5:00pm
Partners Pinochle 6:30pm
Pickleball 6:30pm






Chartered Club Activities

Mah Jongg 12:00pm
Dominoes (Mexican Train) 6:00pm
Double Deck Pinochle 6:30pm


What are your interests? Gear-up for fun and join a club!
Sun City Festival actively promotes and supports a variety of more than 30
Chartered Clubs within the community. Each club is managed and run by volunteer residents who passionately share a similar interests.
A separate club listing page with a short introduction of each club and the
contact person is available at Member Services as well as online at under the Clubs & Interest Groups section.
All Sun City Festival residents are encouraged to participate in any or all clubs.
You can learn more about club opportunities by attending their upcoming events
or by contacting the club representatives for more information.
Wood Shop & Craft Studios Facility Hours:
Monday - Saturday 7 am - 9 pm; Sunday 12 pm - 9 pm

Papercrafts & More Club -- FREE Class
We are offering a FREE Class for anyone interested in
joining Papercrafts & More Club. Just bring your
enthusiasm, all tools and supplies will be provided.
We are offering two classes: Tuesday, Nov. 1 at 9:30 am;
Wednesday, Nov. 2 at 6:00 pm. You will be able to make
a beautiful handmade card to take home, so join us to
see what all the fun is all about.
Seating is limited, contact Paula Taylor at 928-252-2851 or Leslee Kutylowski
at 916-798-8418 to sign up.

Fine Arts Club - October Classes
We are offering October classes if you are interested in
joining the Fine Arts Club. Sign up and pay for classes
at the Sage Center. Registration forms and envelopes
are located in our club mailbox in the library. Enclose
payment no later than the last week prior to the start of class.
Depicting Flowers with Light using Paint or Pastel Instructor: Allen Reamer
Mondays in October from 1 - 4 pm. This class teaches techniques to produce
beautiful and varied paintings and/or pastel drawings of flowers showing how
the light strikes a flower.
Pastels Mondays throught October from 9 am -12 pm. Instructor: Judy Azemove
Learn to create a pastel painting from a photograph and know how to choose the
appropriate colors.

Softball Club - Winter Season Begins
2016-17 SCF Softball Club Winter Season begins
November 7 and runs to the end of March 2017.
All Festival residents and renters, men and women
over 50 are invited to join us. No prior experience or
minimum skill required. Cost is $30 for the year. No cost to come out and try
before you join.
Members can play one or two days per week and just need to have your own
glove and soft spike shoes to play. Teams/leagues are formed according to
skill levels and play each other. Games are held M-F. Everyone is welcome to
come out and watch. For more information, please contact Richard
Mickelson at



Sun City Festival Community Association


How To Beat Colds and Flu
by Chuck Eier, M.S. C.S.C.S., -- Fitness/Wellness Director

With the onset of cold and flu season, we all want to do our best to minimize our
risk of becoming ill and to help reduce the impact, or recover more quickly, if we do
catch a bug. Yes, we can use the home remedies like chicken soup or large doses
of vitamin C. Scientific research has shown some things actually boost the immune
system and fight viruses. Some of the steps to take for treatment and prevention
are listed below.
We all know about the frequent hand washing and avoid touching the eyes, nose,
and face. In addition, frequent use of hand sanitizer can help combat spreading
Try to start the day well-fueled. Research from the Netherlands showed a breakfast
of 1,200 calories boosted blood levels of gamma interferon, an antiviral agent, by
450 percent. Skipping breakfast showed a seventeen percent decrease in gamma
interferon. Of course, those 1,200 calories shouldn’t be pancakes, maple syrup
and a side of bacon. A fruit smoothie, whole grain toast and orange juice are great
things to include.
Go green with tea. Research from Canada showed green tea added to samples of
common cold viruses stopped virus replication. Put simply, green tea keeps a virus
from growing and spreading inside the body. A chemical compound called EGCG,
found in highest concentration in green tea, is the responsible party. Drinking green
tea at the onset of cold or flu symptoms will help keep symptoms from getting out of
Get plenty of “Zs.” Lack of sleep can decrease immune system function by 50
percent. Eight straight hours of sleep is what will help virus-attacking “natural killer
cells” operate at their peak efficiency.
Get moving! Regular exercise stimulates the immune system. When sedentary
adults were compared to moderately active adults (45-minute brisk walk five days a
week), active adults were found to have colds half as often. And remember, when in
the gym, make frequent and plentiful use of the antiseptic wipes.
During cold and flu season, just a few simple steps can mean the difference between being down with illness for a few days and feeling great every day.
References: “8 Ways to Beat the Cold and Flu” by Bill Phillips.

Fitness/Wellness Services
Massage Therapy: 1-hr $60, 90-Minutes $90
Fitness Assessment: Complete Fitness Assessment with a personal exercise
program including one lesson = $40
Equipment Orientation: Free 60-minute group session on effective and safe exercise
with demonstrations.


Personal Training: One-on-one personal training session $35/hr

ZUMBA 7:15 am
Pilates 8:30 am (ballroom)
Flow Yoga 8:30 am
Interval Blast 9:45 am
Aqua Aerobics 10:00 am
Cardio Lite 10:45 am
Jazzercise 11:30 am
Gentle Fitness 12:45 pm
S.E.T. 8:00 am
Step It Up 9:15 am
Strength, Stretch, Balance 10:30 am
Aqua Aerobics 11:00 am
Jazzercise 11:45 am
Yoga 5:30 pm
ZUMBA 7:15 am
Pilates 8:20 am (ballroom)
Flow Yoga 8:30 am
Interval Blast 9:45 am
Aqua Aerobics 10:00 am
Cardio Lite 11:00 am
Gentle Fitness 11:45 am
S.E.T. 8:00 am
Step & Stretch 9:15 am
Strength, Stretch, Balance 10:30 am
Aqua Aerobics 11:00 am
Jazzercise 11:45 am
Equipment Orientation 3:00 pm
Yoga 5:30 pm
Flow Yoga 8:00 am
Pilates 8:00 am (ballroom)
ZUMBA 9:15 am
Aqua Aerobics 10:00 am
Cardio Lite 10:45 am
Gentle Fitness 11:45 am
HIIT 8:15 am
Interval Blast 9:15am
Aqua Aerobics 10:00 am
* $2 or $4 fee for most classes

Free Blood Pressure
October 7 at 2 pm &
October 17 at 9 am
(Fitness Center)

Dining Hours:

Sat & Sun 8 am - 8 pm
Mon- Fri 11 am - 8 pm
Breakfast: Sat 8 am - 11 pm

Sun 8 am - 12 pm
Happy Hour: Daily 3 pm - 6 pm

October 7
4:00 - 6:00 pm

Yester Year
Country Music Night

October 12
4:00 - 6:00 pm
live entertainment

October 15
3:00 - 6:00 pm



Bob Marotta

October 21
4:00 - 6:00 pm

Like Minds
October 28
4:00 - 6:30 pm
live entertainment

2016 Over-Seeding Schedule
Golf Course Closes Monday, October 10th and
Re-opens on Saturday, October 29th.
Why Over-Seed?

Each October we close the course for three weeks to accomplish Over-Seeding. Why would we want to close the course
for three weeks just as the weather is getting nice and the
course is in great shape?
The reason is to provide our golfers with a better playing surface and green grass during the cool winter months. If we
don’t go through the Over-Seed process, our Bermuda base
turf becomes yellowish/brown after the first frost of the year.
The Bermuda grass actually goes dormant during the cooler
winter months. For this reason, we Over-Seed with Rye grass,
which is a cool season grass that is able to grow in the winter

Player Development Clinic

Monday, October 31 from 11 am - 12:30 pm
Cost: $25 per person
As part of our Get Golf Ready Program, we will offer a
Player Development Clinic. Full swing and short game
stations will be set up with an emphasis on the basic
fundamentals of each. This clinic is limited to the first
20 participants. Please sign up in the Pro Shop.

The process begins by cutting the Bermuda grass short, a
process called scalping, and reducing the water supply, thus
forcing the Bermuda grass into a state of dormancy. We then
seed the course with Rye grass and turn the water back on to
germinate the Rye seed. Rye grass requires constant moisture until it germinates and matures. October temperatures
are ideal for this process and keeps the Bermuda grass dormant.
We hope this helps answer the question of “Why OverSeed?” and we appreciate your patience during this process.



Marketplace Partners

Contact Information
Brad Lundmark
Community Manager
Karey Belanger
Community Standards
Pat Cassidy
Facilities Director
Janet Turner
Lifestyle Director
Chuck Eier
Fitness & Wellness
Lisa Annett
Gordon Grassi
Lifelong Learning Coord.
Caring Neighbors
Copper Canyon Golf Club/
Indigo Grille
Festival Sales Center
Del Webb/Pulte
Customer Service

Sage Recreation Center
Fax: 928-252-2102

Monday - Friday
5:30 am - 10:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday
7:00 am - 10:00 pm

Wood Shop & Craft Studios

Contact Lisa at or 928-252-2133 for more
information on advertising here or on our Business Listings posted to the
community website at

Monday - Saturday
7:00 am - 9:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 pm - 9:00 pm