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Tina Turtle African Flower Turtle Pincushion


Tina Turtle


Norsk versjon av oppskriften nner du p

Start o making two African Flower hexagons . There are already several tutorials
(and even youtube-videos) explaining this, I would recommend HeidiBears tutorial if you
havent tried making one before as it is very throughout.
Make one hexagon using several colors (of your choice) and one unicolor (this is going
to be the bottom of the turtle), so I picked a rather light color -pink. And make two
rows of dc.
You should be familiar with most basic crochet techniques. And also the magic ring.
Inc=invisible increase
Dec=invisible decrease

For explanation on how to do the invisible decrease/increase (and other useful tips)
please check out this page on Amigurumi basics.
SIZE: The turtle measure approx. 15 cm from head to back when used a 2.5 mm hook
(and schachenmayr SMC Catania yarn; 50g=125m)

Where to place eyes

Start making a magic ring (=MR)
1. 6 sc in the ring
2. inc x 6 (12)
3. sc12 (12)
4. (sc, inc) x 6 (18)
5. (2sc, inc) x 6 (24)
6.-8. 24sc (24)
9. (2sc, dec) x 6 (18)
10.-11. 18sc (18)

12. (sc, dec) x 6 (12)

Attach safety eyes (I used black 6mm) and start lling
13.-16. sc 12
Add more stu ng if necessary, but not too much. Flatten ends and crochet/stitch
together. Weave in ends.
FRONT LEGS (make 2)
1. 6 sc in MR
2. inc x 6 (12)
3. (sc, inc) x 6 (18)
4.-6. 18sc(18)
7. dec x4, 10sc (14)
8. 14sc (14)
9. 2sc, decx2, sc8 (12)
10.-12. 12sc (12)
Add a little bit of stu ng, atten ends and crochet/stitch together. Weave in ends.
BACK LEGS (make 2)
1. 6 sc in MR
2. inc x 6 (12)
3. (sc, inc) x 6 (18)
4. 18sc (18)
5. (dec, 7sc) x 2 (16)
6. (dec, 6sc) x2 (14)
7.-8. 14sc (14)
Add some stu ng


9. (dec, 5sc) x 2 (12)

10. (dec, 4sc) x 2 (10)
11.-12. 10sc (10)
Flatten ends and crochet/stitch together. Weave in ends.


Using needle and pink yarn attachhead and legs together to the pink african
ower. This is how I placed my head/legs.

This is going to be the stu ng of the turtle, and only the edge will be visible when
youre done with your turtle.
Normally I like to spread increases when making a circle, but for this its ok even
preferable to increase in the beginning of each round as it will resemble more of a
hexagon shape.
1. sc 6 in MR (6)
2. incx6 (12)
3. (inc, sc)x6 (18)
4. (inc, sc2)x6 (24)
5. (inc, sc3)x6 (30)
6. (inc, sc4)x6 (36)
7. (inc, sc5)x6 (42)
8. (inc, sc6)x6 (48)

9. (inc, sc7)x6 (54)

10. (inc, sc8)x6 (60)
11. (inc, sc9)x6 (66)

It looks more like a hexagon when you increase at same site every round

Put the two square/hexagons on top of eachother and crochet together

Remember to ll before you complete the round.

When you have completed the round (and remembered to ll before you closed)
crochet another round sc in every st.
Place the body over the bottom and crochet together

Attach body to bottom

Hook through both blue and pink st as seen below. Yo, pull through. Sc through only
blue loops above head/legs.

Attach body to bottom

Body is now attachet to the bottom.

Do not cut thread yet. Through back loops only (blue st) crochet 2ch, sc in every st.
Now fasten o , and weave in.
Now were going to make the shell.

Hook through bottom of dc on back side of ower

Pick up the multicolored ower you made earlier. Turn the ower. Hook through
bottom of the last round of dc. Using same color (in my case green) attach thread
with a sl st, then sc all the way around. Do this until youve made 4 rounds of sc. The
next (5th) round increase corresponding to every hexagon angel (a total of 6).

Completed one round of sc

Now were going to attach the shell to the rest of the turtle. Put the shell on top of the
turtle bottom/body. Hook through both loops last round of shell and through front
loops of body (blue) and sc all the way around.

How to attach

Finally add the shell edge; 5dc in 2nd ch from hook, skip 1 st, sl st in next, skip 1 st, 5dc
in next, skip 1 st, sl st and continue in the same pattern all the way. You may have to
do some minor adjustments (skip 2 st at some point) because the numbers probably
dont add up 100%, but there shouldnt be any major trouble. Weave in all loose ends
and youre done!

How to do the edge

Youre done!

Finished product

Turtle completed

View from bottom

Good luck!

This is very fun making

Some last words

This is a free pattern and unfortunately I am not able to help you make your own
turtle, but if you do happen to stumble across any mistyping or nd that parts of the
pattern is hard to understand, Id be happy to hear from you. (just use the contact form
Kontakt meg or e-mail)
Id love to see the result if you made your own Tina Turtle. On instagram please
hashtag #tinaturtle or tag @inarho.
Youre not allowed to distribute/sell this pattern, if you want to share please provide
a link back here (
Youre allowed to sell pincushions/plushies made o this pattern, but please provide
a credit note and preferable a link back to (or @inarho on instagram) letting
people know where the original design came from.

2. januar 2015

15 kommentarer

Crochet, Hekling, Pattern

crochet, diy, hekling, pattern





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Ina Rho sier:

23. januar 2015, kl. 18:32

Thank you. You dont need too much sewing skills to make this. You only
have to attach a few pieces using thread (yarn) and I use a rather big
needle. Its almost just like weaving in ends.
(but you might might not
need a pincushion if you never sew, but if you crochet you probably have
a needle or two to weave in ends, so a pincushion is perfect. I didnt have
one before I made this, and now I always know where my needles are


Pallie sier:
24. februar 2015, kl. 04:17

My mom actually made something similar to this as a rattle for my youngest

daughter when she was born. This was almost 40 years ago.


Lisa sier:
14. april 2015, kl. 20:41

I think this turtle is the cutest little animal/pin cushion and I cant wait to make
some. Thank You for sharing this pattern


Cheryl Taub sier:

4. mai 2015, kl. 15:13

This is the cutest turtle Ive ever seen . Love it and working on one now. Will
de nitely give you the well deserved credit for designing this. Thank you.


Val sier:
1. juni 2015, kl. 18:11

I love it! I share your publication with my friends ;-))


Edith Bell sier:

20. juni 2015, kl. 00:32

I adore this little turtle and would love to make some. Do you have a pattern for
this in a pdf format so I can save it on my computer? I do not yet have a printer
and inks.
If not, would you consider sending the pattern by email for me to keep,
Thanking you in advance,
Edith Bell

Ina Rho sier:
27. juni 2015, kl. 10:51

Hello, Atm unfortunately I dont. But you can copy the pattern into word or another text editing program and
save it to your computer?

Emma sier:
9. juli 2015, kl. 22:55

Made this for my mums friend as a birthday present. It is absolutely gorgeous

didnt want to part with it may have to make another for myself. Thanks for
sharing your lovely pattern. Instructions are great and easy to follow. Emma xx

Ina Rho sier:
13. juli 2015, kl. 03:50

My pleasure. I am happy you like it. I made one for my grandma, and had to make one for myself too

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Trudy sier:
7. februar 2016, kl. 07:56

Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful pattern. It is so nicely designed
with details that give a high quality product. Love the layers, the internal
pouch, and the edging of the shell and the body. I modi ed 2 things, in photo it
looked like legs and head attached to right side of belly, but I attached to
wrong side. Also I didnt do 5 rounds of picked up sc on shell, just did 2 so that
it didnt get so much larger than body. It turned out like your photo, so I may
have picked stitches up incorrectly. Thanks again!


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Crochet Daily
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