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Lesson Plan

Grade/Subject: 7

Unit: Short Stories

Lesson Duration: 40-50 minutes

MARCH 10/11


General Learning Outcomes:
1.1 Discover and Explore
2.3 Understand Forms, Elements, and Techniques
1.2 Clarify and Extend
3.4 Share and Review
2.1 Use Strategies and Cues
4.3 Present and Share
2.2 Respond to Texts
5.2 Work Within a Group
Specific Learning Outcomes:
1.1.1 Express ideas and develop understanding reflect on own observations and experiences to understand and
develop oral, print, and other media texts
1.2.2 Combine Ideas - Use talk, writing, and representing to examine, clarify and assess understanding of ideas,
information and experiences
2.1.2 Use concept mapping to remember main ideas and relevant details
2.2.1 Experience various texts experience oral, print, and other media texts from a variety of cultural traditions
2.2.3 Construct meaning from texts identify and explain conflict, and discuss how it develops and may be resolved
2.3.1 Understand forms and genres identify the characteristics of different types of media texts
3.4.1 Share ideas and information use appropriate visual, print, and/or other media effectively to inform and engage
the audience
4.3.3 Use effective oral and visual communication identify and use explicit techniques to arouse and maintain
interest and to convince the audience
4.3.4 Demonstrate attentive listening and viewing listen and view attentively to organize and classify information
and to carry out multistep instructions
5.2.1 Cooperate with others contribute collaboratively in group situations
5.2.2 Work in groups contribute ideas, knowledge, and questions to establish investigation

Students will:
1. Listen to and read/follow along with the short story The Hockey Sweater
2. Discuss and identify important fictional and short story elements present in the short story
3. Create a plot diagram/map identifying and describing important plot elements such as climax and resolution.
4. Dramatize a tableau/freeze frame of a particular plot element in groups of 2-3 to demonstrate understanding of short
story plot elements (also gets students moving).

Key Questions:
Group and student cooperation (who can
What are the key plot elements in the short story The
and cannot work well together)
Hockey Sweater? How can these be mapped on a
plot diagram?
Story has to be read out loud for the LL

What are important fictional/short story elements such

students in the class, as well as for timing
and ensuring that the work/reading is
as protagonist and antagonist in the short story The
Hockey Sweater?
Timing consideration: 20 minutes of free How do you construct a tableau/freeze frame in a
reading time at the beginning of each class
convincing and appropriate way to demonstrate a key
in a 45-50 minute class
plot element in The Hockey Sweater?
Vocabulary initiative working to improve
student vocabulary
Written/Performance Assessments:
Plot diagram and fictional element worksheet (1-page double sided)
Performance: tableau/freeze frame (marked on completion and understanding of particular plot element


Resource #1: The Hockey Sweater by Roch Carrier
Resource #2:
Resource #3:



Textbooks (1 for every 2 students)

Worksheets (plot diagram and elements of fiction double sided)
The Hockey Sweater
Rubric for tableau and questions

Monday (55 minutes)
Free Reading (15-20 minutes)
Stretch (especially Monday morning)
Review (5 minutes)

Review plot, groups (especially with 7-20 and 7-23) may have to remake groups with 7-20 (if they cant remember-not
written in my notebook)
Practice (5-10 minutes)

Practice tableaus (some classes may need more time than others)
Presentations (5-10 minutes)

Groups will present (with about 1 minute in between so that I can prep and mark using my checklist)
Vocabulary/Quote of the Day (remaining time, just in case)

Depending on time go through some vocabulary or a quote of the day with the class
Tuesday (50 minutes)
Free Reading (15-20 minutes)

Worksheet from Thursday (protagonist, antagonist, point of view, conflict, THEME, motive)

Review what a memoir is


Read beginning of my memoir and the beginning of a famous memoir

The memoir that we began on Thursday (on the worksheet) is going to serve as pre-writing for a polished paragraph
assignment that we will write the students are going to write the beginning/opening/hook paragraph for a memoir (will
it be typed?)

Provide 3 memoir writing prompts to help those who struggle with starting

Brainstorm ideas as a class?

Wednesday (55 minutes)

**7-23 is in assembly during class time
Free Reading (20 minutes)

Writing continues, finished?


Fiction terms matching contest

Thursday (50 minutes)
Free Reading (20 minutes)
Finish Memoir

7-23 (missed class yesterday) and anyone left from 7-12 or 7-20 maybe during free reading instead?
Quote of the Day/Vocabulary/Fiction Terms Matching Contest
**May be missing some students because tomorrow is the beginning of Spring Break