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: IV
, Desember 2015
: 90 menit

1. Tulislah nama dan kelas pada sudut kanan atas lembar soal.
2. Bacalah terlebih dahulu soal-soal hingga benar-benar dimengerti.
3. Dahulukan menjawab soal-soal yang dianggap mudah.
4. Periksa kembali jawabanmu sebelum dikumpulkan.
Choose the best answer!
1. Miss Ria
: ....
: Good morning, Miss.
a. How are you, students?
b. Good morning, students.

c. Nice to meet you.

d. Good morning, Miss.

2. Anum : How are you, Alyssa?

Alyssa : ....
a. Im fine, thank you.
b. Good morning

c. How are you?

d. How do you do.

3. Putri : ....
Mira : Hi, Im OK. Thanks.
a. Good morning, Putri.
b. Hello, Putri.

c. Hello, Putri. How are you?

d. Good bye, Putri.

4. Alyssa : Hello, Jihan.

Suci : ....
a. Hi, Muthia.
b. Im fine, thanks.

c. Good morning, Muthia

d. See you.

5. Gilang : Hi, Ganta. How are you?

Ganta : ....
Gilang : Fine, thanks.
a. Hi, Gilang
b. Hi, Gilang. Im OK, thanks. And how are you?
c. How are you, Gilang?
d. Good morning, Gilang. How are you today?
6. Ayu : Aam, this is Ratna.
Aam : Hi. Nice to meet you, Ratna
Ratna : ....
a. Nice to meet you too, Aam.
b. Nice to meet you too, Ayu.

c. See you, Ayu and Aam.

d. See you, Aam.

7. Ani : ....
Rizka : Nice to meet you, Ani. Im Rizka.
a. Hi! My names Rizka.
c. Hi! My names Ani.
b. Hi! How are you?
d. Nice to meet you too.
8. Vasel : ....
: Hello, Sebastian. Its nice to see you.
Sebastian: Nice to see you to, Aal.

a. Aal, this is Sebastian.

b. Im Vasel.

c. Sebastian, this is Vasel.

d. Hello, how are you?

9. Ms. Nyimas : Good morning, students. Im your new teacher. ....

a. My names Nyimas Nurkomariya.
c. His names Nyimas Nurkomariya.
b. Her names Nyimas Nurkomariya.
d. Your names Nyimas Nurkomariya.
10. Galang : Hello, Im Galang.
Fariz : ....
a. How are you, Galang?
b. This is Fariz.

c. Nice to meet you, Galang. Im Fariz.

d. Whats your name?

The text is for number 11-16

This is Aisyah. Her full name is Aisyah Putriana. She is from Palembang. She
celebrates her tenth birthday in December. She is a moslem. She lives on Jalan
Kapten Abdullah No. 143. Aisyah studies at SD Negeri 245. She like singing and
watching movie. Her telephone number is 0711 542650.
11. Where is Aisyah from?
a. Palembang
b. Aisyah Putriana

c. Moslem

d. SD Negeri 245

12. What is her full name?

a. Palembang
b. Aisyah Putriana

c. Moslem

d. SD Negeri 245

13. When does she celebrates her birthday?

a. in December
b. on Jln. Kapten Abdullah No 143.

c. 0711 542650
d. Singing and watching movie.

14. What is her telephone number?

a. in December
b. on Jln. Kapten Abdullah No 143.

c. 0711 542650
d. Singing and watching movie.

15. Where does she live?

a. on Jln. Kapten Abdullah No 143.
b. 0711 542650

c. Singing and watching movie.

d. SD Negeri 245.

16. How old is Aisyah?

a. 7

c. 9

b. 8

d. 10

17. my is grandfather Mr. Abdurrahman Hamid.

The correct order is ....
a. Is my grandfather Mr. Abdurrahman Hamid.
b. Mr. Abdurrahman Hamid is my grandfather.
c. Is Mr. Abdurrahman Hamid my grandfather.
d. Mr. Abdurrahman Hamid my grandfather is.
18. she who - ? is
The correct order is ....
a. Who she is?
c. Who is she?
b. Is she who?
d. Is who she?
The Family tree is for number 19-24.
Mr. Antoni


Mr. Putra

Mrs. Linda

Mrs. Andra


19. He is Mr. .... He is Farilyns father.

a. Faris
b. Sutanto

Mr. Faris

Mrs. Marina


c. Putra

d. Antoni

20. She is .... She is Farilyns aunt.

a. Mrs. Linda
b. Mr. Faris

c. Mr. Putra

d. Mrs. Andra

21. Sutanto is Farilyns ....

a. grandfather
b. nephew

c. father

d. uncle

22. Dayat is Farilyns ....

a. nephew
b. cousin

c. brother

d. father

23. How many uncles does Farilyn have?

a. 1
b. 2

c. 3

d. 4

24. Farilyn is ....

a. Mr. Faris son
b. Mr. Faris daughter

c. Mr Faris mother
d. Mr. Faris niece

25. Lisa : Could you pass me the salt, please?

Bahrul : ....
a. No way
c. I couldnt
b. Sure
d. Maybe
26. Shinta : Can you give me more jam, please?
Shanti : ....
a. Here is it.
c. Here.
b. Here it is.
d. Here is.
27. Jihan : ....
Muthia : Alright.
a. Could you give me more flour, please?
b. Could I give you more flour, please?
c. I could give you more flour, please?
d. You could give me more flour, please?
28. Could you ... me the pepper, please?
a. wash
b. kick
c. pass
29. Could you ... the car, please?
a. arrange
b. sweep

c. wash

30. Pipit : Could you arrange the books, please?

Puput : ....
a. I could
b. Certainly
c. What?

d. cut

d. break

d. No, it isnt.

31. Kiki : ....

Neisha : Sure.
a. Can you the door open, please?
b. Yo can open the door, please?
c. Can you open the door, please?
d. You can the door open, please?
32. Can you ... the floor, please?
a. pick
b. sweep

c. arrange

d. move

The text is for numbers 33-36

Every Thursday Alan, Arzeti, and Zahra clean up the classroom. They clean the blackboard. They
arrange the books on the shelf. They wash the garbage bin. They move and arrange the chairs.
They are happy to do all activities.

33. Who cleans up the classroom every Thursday?

a. Arzeti and Zahra
c. Alan and Zahra
b. Alan, Arzeti, and Zahra
d. Alan and Arzeti
34. What do they do?
a. They clean the blackboard.
b. They wash the blackdboard.

c. They arrange the blackboard.

d. They move the blackboard.

35. What do they move?

a. the books
b. the shelf

c. the chairs

d. the blackboard

36. How is their feeling?

a. happy
b. sad

c. angry

d. mad

37. I will make a cup of chocolate. Can you give me ..., please?
a. chocolate and sugar
c. pepper and salt
b. flour and butter
d. ketchup and jam
38. I will make fried noodle. Could you pass me ..., please?
a. pepper and ketchup
c. pepper and salt
b. soy sauce and ketchup
d. flour and butter
39. I will make porridge. Can you give me ..., please?
a. pepper and soy sauce
c. ketchup and butter
b. salt and chocolate
d. sugar and jam
40. What do you need to make a pudding?
a. salt
b. pepper
c. instant pudding mix

d. ketchup

Answer the following questions!
The text is for number 1-3.
Dayme is Aisyahs brother. Daymes full name is Dayme Hidayat. He is from Palembang. He is
11. He lives on Jalan Gurame 3, Pangkal Pinang. He studies at SMP Negeri 1 Pangkal Pinang.
He likes reading and playing game.
1. What is Daymes full name?
2. Where does he live?
3. What does he study?
4. Draw your family tree!
5. Arrange them in a correct order.
a. it here is
b. me pass could the pepper please - ? you