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Tutu Bag

Tutu Bag

Please read all instructions beforehand.

All seams are ¼ inch unless otherwise stated.


From bag fabric

Two straps measuring 3 x 22 inches

2 bag pieces

From lining fabric

2 bag pieces

From iron-on pellon

2 bag pieces

2 strips of pellon or wadding 1 ¼ x 22inches


• Baste your pellon to the wrong sides of your bag pieces.

• With bag pieces right sides together, sew together leaving the top open.


• Fold handles in half lengthways and sew to form a long tube.

• Turn right sides out

• Press with the seam to one side

• Insert pellon strip into tube by thread a darning needle with strong thread,

securing into end of pellon and then working it to other end of strip, pulling the

pellon through.

• Press.

• Stitch down the centre of each handles and then again approx ¼ inch either

side of the centre.

• Position handles as indicated on pattern, with the raw edges aligned at the top

and the handle lying flat against the body of the bag.

• Pin the other end of the handle in position on the back being careful not to

twist the handle.

• Sew the handle in place close to the top edge of the bag.


• With right sides together sew around the bag lining as you did for the bag,

leaving a 4 inch gap in the bottom for turning. (Don’t turn it out yet)

• Place the bag (right sides out) inside the lining with the top raw edges even.

• Sew around the top edge catching handle edges in as you sew.

• Clip curves and the centre ‘V’ and turn whole bag right sides out through gap

in lining.

• Hand sew the turning gap closed.

• Push the lining into the bag and topstitch the bag ¼ inch from the top edge.


• Sew the two short edges of the tulle together to form a circle.

• Fold in half lengthways aligning the raw edges and seam.

• Run a gathering stitch as close to the edge as possible (through both layers of


• Halve the tulle by holding it with the raw edges up and the seam on one side.

Pin mark the opposite side.

• Pin the seam in the tulle to one side seam of the bag, and the place you pin

marked, to the other side seam.

• Gather your tulle, easing it to fit. Adjust and gather until you are happy and

then pin it into place using the photo as a guide

• Pin your tulle in place, noting the downward slope in the middle. Hand sew in

place, being careful not to catch the lining.

• Hand sew braid over raw edges of tulle and sew a diamante button in place in

the centre front at the ‘v’.


For this bag you will need :

50cm or 5/8 yd (at 112cm wide) fabric for outer bag

40 cm or ½ yd fabric for lining

40 com or ½ yd of pink tulle (at 240 cm or 94 ½ inches wide)

80 cm or 7/8 yd of 15 mm wide braid

50 cm or 5/8 yd of iron on pellon

1 fancy button