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The Grand Duchy of Karameikos

Karameikos is a deep, dark land; mostly wilderness which man throughout recorded
history has tried to occupy. Karameikos sits on the south shore of the continent, west of
the Thyatian Empire and east of the Five Shires; to the north, broad mountain ranges
separate the nation from The Republic of Darokin and The Emirates of Ylaruam. To the
south, across the Sea of Dread, may be found the island archipelagos of the Kingdom of
Ierendi and the Minrothad Guilds.
The indigenous Traladaran people originally settled this area long ago, and their past is
shrouded with mystery. The Empire of Thyatis conquered Traladara roughly 100 years
ago, incorporating the land into their empire as a buffer region. Thyatian noble Duke
Stefan Karameikos III acquired the territory 30 years ago, after trading his ancestral
homeland to the Emperor of Thyatis. He renamed the land the Grand Duchy of
Karameikos, which operates as an autonomous vassal territory under the direct authority
of Duke Stefan.

Government and Politics

The Grande Duchy of Karameikos is a monarchy ruled by Duke Stefan Karameikos III.
Officially, Karameikos is a Duchy within the vast and mighty Thyatian Empire, but
retains complete autonomy. The Grand Duchy also includes several semi-autonomous

Duke Stefan and his family.

The People
Humans are the most populous race in the Grand Duchy. The population is divided
between the indigenous Traladaran people, and their conquerors the Thyatians. The other
races within the lands include dwarves, elves, hin (halfling), and gnomes. There are
abundant humanoid races including goblinoids and gnolls, and some rarely encountered
sylvan races such as satyrs and centaurs.
There is often much friction between the Thyatians and Traladarans, but increasingly
they are coming to think of themselves as a single nation. Despite the exploitative nature
of many Thyatian nobles, who see the Traladarans as a work resource to be used for
maximum profit, Duke Stefan has enforced many laws to ensure Traladaran equality.
Traladaran - The Traladaran people tend towards superstition, and believe in the reading
of entrails and tea leaves, the evil eye, etc. Many older Traladarans view the Thyatians as
money hungry oppressors. The Traladarans are a pale, dark-haired people, who tend to be
energetic, romantic, artistic and family-oriented. Their customs, dress and society may be
compared to the Slavic and eastern European cultures of Earth.

Thyatian - The Empire of Thyatis is one of the largest cultural centers on the continent.
Consequently many Thyatians feel an innate sense of superiority over the mostly
illiterate, superstitious Traladarans. The Thyatian people are cosmopolitan, urbane and
interested in new things to the point of faddishness; they also prize efficiency, and dearly
love their heroes. They tend towards a light olive skin tone, with hair ranging from light
to dark brown, though centuries of intermarriage with conquered natives have resulted in
a population of very mixed appearance. Their Earth equivalent is Byzantium or late
The Dwarves of Clan Stronghollow are renowned craftsmen and engineers, originally
hailing from the northern Dwarven homeland of Rockhome. Their skills are invaluable to
the gnomes, with whom they share the settlement of Highforge. The Stronghollow clan
ran mining operations and conducted trade with the local Traladarans long before the
arrival of the Thyatians, and has only grown in wealth and influence with the increased
trade from the Thyatians. They are renowned craftsmen and their goods are sought for by
the merchants of Karameikos and other nations.

Stronghollow dwarves are the best smiths in the region.

There are two main groups of elves in Karameikos; the Calarii and the Vyalia.
Callarii - The Callarii are related to the elves of Alfheim and the Erewan elves of Glantri,
and are relative newcomers to the Karameikos region, having settled here less than 1800
years ago. They are healthy and robust, with tan skin, white or blonde hair and deep blue

eyes. They commonly engage in horse riding, horse breeding and river boating. They
send their best warriors to join the elite forces of Duke Stefan, the Elvenguard. The
Callarii occupy the forests of central Karameikos, in particular the Radlebb woods as well
as the westernmost part of Dymrak. Their most important settlement is the trading town
of Rifllian.
Vyalia - The Vyalia are remnants of an older race of wood elves, and are related to the
wood elves of Minrothad and Wendar. The Vyalia commonly have pale skin, red hair and
green eyes. Their settlements are concentrated in the Eastern Dymrak, the most important
stronghold being Greenheight, on the Thyatian side of the border
The gnomes are a reclusive and secretive race that lives within the settlement of
Highforge. There are several major clans of gnomes in Highforge, specializing in various
industries that include mining, crafting, trading, tinkering, and even entertainment.

The Land
Most of Karameikos is covered with thick hardwood forests, and is largely unexplored.
There are broad patches of rich soil, especially beside the broad Highreach River where
farming is good. Central moorlands gradually merge into the northern hills, eventually
climbing to the Black Peak Mountains.
Goblin tribes are known to inhabit the Dymark Forest and portions of the Radlebb
Woods. Gnolls frequent the northern hills, while ogres are occasionally spotted
wandering the hills of the Cruth Lowlands. Orcs are unknown except in the most northern
of the mountainous areas. Lycanthropes and undead are rumoured to roam the dark
forests near the ruined Koriszegy Keep.
Settlements of Note
Specularum - The capital city of Karameikos has a population of 50,000 or more. It
features a great deep-water bay through which much shipping moves, the well defended
royal palace of the Karameikos family, a foreign quarter, a dangerous slum called The
Nest, several merchant districts, the walled-off Dukes Park, and much more.
Kelvin Kelvin, the second-largest city in Karameikos (population 20,000) is built where
the rivers Windrush, Hillfollow and Highreach merge. The city was designed to be a way
station for entire caravans. Inside the walls is a large field for caravans to set up and a
secondary wall in which is the city of Kelvin proper, and the fortress and castle of Baron
Desmond Kelvin II.

Threshold This northern town of 5,000 residents is a logging and farming community
surrounded by untamed wilderness, nestled at the foot of the Black Peak Mountains, and
bordered to the north by Lake Windrush. Threshold is ruled by Baron Halaran (also
known as Patriarch Sherlane of the Church of Karameikos).
Fort Doom - This is the capital of the Black Eagle barony, which is ruled by Stefan
Karameikos cousin, Baron Ludwig von Hendriks. Von Hendriks is a dangerous man
who terrorizes and brutalizes the populace of his domain.
Krakatos - Krakatos is a ruined stone-walled village of antiquity, and the site is of some
fascination for Traladaran visitors.
Highforge - This is a secretive gnomish community in the Wufwolde hills. It is home to
several clans of gnomes and the Dwarves of Clan Stronghollow.
Rifllian The main trading town of the Callarii elves, merchants may find many items of
elven craftsmanship, and finely bred horses here.

The Grand Duchy

The commonly spoken language throughout Karameikos is Traladaran, which until
recently did not have a written form. The official state language and the language spoken
by the ruling class is Thyatian. Thyatian is considered the Common language, as this is
spoken as a trade tongue by many of the surrounding kingdoms.
The dwarves speak Dengar, while the elves speak Sindariel, a local dialect of Elfish.

Religion is very important to the daily affairs of humans and other races. There are two
prominent churches within Karameikos. The first is The Church of Karameikos, which is
the official sanctioned state religion and is followed mostly by Thyatians. The second is
The Church of Traladara, the main religion of the native Traladarans.
The patron Immortals of the Church of Traladara are Zirchev, Petra and Halav, the heroic
leaders of the ancient Traldar war against the beast-men. The Church of Karameikos
incorporates a belief system based on cleansing the spirit, and follows a conglomeration
of Immortals consisting of Asterius, Kagyar, Ilsundal, Valerias and Vanya, among others.
The Callarii follow Ilsundal, Mealiden and their own patron Maiden, lady Callarii. The
Vyalia follow the older Immortals of elves, primarily Ordana.
Dwarves dont often speak about their myths or beliefs, but it can be safely assumed that
most dwarves revere the Immortal Kagyar, patron of crafts and artisans, as the creator of
their race.

The Economy
Karameikos imports many luxury goods, but is becoming a major exporter of resources
such as timber, precious metals, and increasingly horses. A significant amount of trade is
conducted up and down the Highreach River and along the Dukes Road.
Logging, mining (gold and silver), agriculture, fur trapping, horses.
Technological Advancement
Before the Thyatian invasion, the Traladarans were limited in castle building and siege
warfare, and utilized iron works and mail weapons. The Thyatians have upgraded the
level of technology to include steel, advanced castle and siege warfare, and an advanced

navy using war galleys. The influx of trade helped introduce more advanced weapons
including plate mail, crossbows, ship design, and improved agricultural techniques.
Magical Development
Karameikos is lacking in advanced magical development and artificing despite the best
efforts of Duke Stefan and the recently instituted School of Magic in Specularum.
The Grand Duchy of Karameikos mints coinage locally. Foreign currencies are widely
accepted as well.

Kopec (kp) (copper)

Crona (cr) (silver)

Halav (hv) (electrum)

Royal (rl) (gold)