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Lehrstuhl fr Aerodynamik und Strmungsmechanik

Fachgebiet fr Strmungsbeeinflussung und Aeroakustik

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Jakob Kaltenbach

PhD position Computational Aeroacoustics

"FlowAirs" is an international research and training network (ITN) funded by the EU's Marie
Curie People programme. The acronym "FlowAirs" stands for "Silent Air Flows in transport,
buildings and power generation". Participants from 6 countries include academic institutions
and partners from industry. Several positions for doctoral student ("early stage researcher")
are open immediately with the network partners. The project is coordinated by Yves Auregan
from Laboratoire d'Acoustique de l'Universit du Maine (
Specific tasks
In the recently formed Flow control and aeroacoustics group at the institute for aerodynamics and fluid mechanics a position for a doctoral student in the field of computational aeroacoustics is vacant. The research shall focus on the numerical investigation of the performance of large scale splitter attenuators (dissipative silencers), including the identification of
(self)-noise sources for different geometries of the splitters and inlet and outlet manifolds and
the assessment of the role of flow conditions (inflow magnitude, profile shape and turbulence
level) on the sound propagation and attenuation. Methods include unsteady, three-dimensional CFD approaches (LES) for the prediction of flow and identification of the aerodynamical noise sources as well as appropriate tools for modeling of the sound propagation,
scattering and attenuation.
Required background
A master's degree or diploma in engineering or applied mathematics / physics is required.
Experience in fluid dynamics or acoustics or numerical simulation techniques is desirable.
Eligibility criteria and employment conditions
The candidate must have had research experience within the past 4 years and he/she must
not have resided or carried out their main activity (work , studies, etc.) in the country of their
host organization (Germany) for more than 12 months in the past 3 years.
Employment is limited to 3 years. According to the fixed funding rules set by the European
Commission the gross salary including a mobility allowance amounts to approximately
46'000 Euro per year. The estimated net income (after deduction of mandatory contributions
to social security, health insurance and taxes) is in the order of 2000 Euro per month.
This EU funded project aims to foster mobility within the EU. Applicants from EU member
states are especially encouraged to apply. TU Munich is an equal opportunity employer.
Prof. Dr. Hans-J. Kaltenbach
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