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Chapter I: Summary of the Business

A. Name Of Business : Internet Caf

B. Location
: San Roque, Sogod, Southern Leyte
C. Descriptive Definition Of Internet Caf :
Internet Caf is a high-tech equivalent of the coffee house. However,
instead of playing chess or having heated political discussions, you browse the Internet
and discuss the latest technology. CDs, DVDs, games and other cyber stuff are also
generally available.


To give service to the people with a low and favorable price.
To gained profit for enlarging the business.
Feasibility Criteria :

The business definition has its important criteria in aid for decision making
neither to pursue this proposal business or not. These are Technical, Market, Financial
Socio-Economic and Management Feasibility criteria. Technical Feasibility determines
whether the project could be produced at the highest possible quality level with
minimum cost. Market Feasibility determines the extent to which the services to be
generated by the business are needed or demanded. Socio-Economic Feasibility is
desirability given importance and profitability it measure by the economic benefit to the
people living in the community and its vicinity. Financial Feasibility will assess the
capability to service obligation. Management Feasibility (Operational) is to supervise
and monitor.
F. Highlights Of The Business
1. History
Internet cafes started out in late 1990s as LAN shops a center which
computers are networked in order to play LAN Games.
Internet connection then was dial up and relatively expensive therefore only a
few shops offered internet service.
The bulk of their service back then was gaming and typing services for students.

2. Business Time Table Duration (In Days)












Business Permit
Internet Connection
Air Conditioning
12 Days
3. Nature of the Business Project
The nature of the business of having Internet Caf is that, it gives relevant
information and additional knowledge towards the people specially the student and
being aware of different social networking sites.
4. Mode Of Financing
The acquisition of funds came from LAMAC Multi-Purpose Cooperative with only
3% interest.
5. Investment Cost
The financial requirement for the propose business is derived from loan. The
investment will only include the purchase of computer with accessible one, Airconditioning and Internet Connection.
6. Scope And Limitation
The business Study will emphasize extensively the technical feasibility and the
investment cost. All other studies which involve market, socio-economic financial and
management are derived from existing data available and the group satisfy the above
mention requirements


Chapter II: Market Feasibility

There is no question about the demand since Internet Caf is useful for the
student specially for the students of Southern Leyte State University even such other
people in the community it is favorable and its not so burden to pay the rate of payment
per hour since 10.00 pesos for games and 12.00 for internet. The business
proposed is adequate to compete with other internet shops. Especially in identifying the
substantial excess of demand and the investor attract to invest in a business proposed
with minimal risk and have a higher rate of return on investment.

Chapter III: Technical Feasibility Studies

The size, location, Technology and Timing of the proposed business carefully
studied to cater the appropriate demand with the preparation of workable plan and
actual survey of the site.

All Technical features of the project are reasonably defined and found to be workable,
adequate and acceptable. This business will require social acceptability during and after
the business and extensive consultant by the municipality government to assure the
public respect. The success of this business depends upon the favorable response
intend of the profitability.
A. Business Definition
Internet cafs or better known as computer shops are found on every street in
major cities and there is at least one in most municipalities or towns. It is a place to use
computers to access the Internet, play games, create documents, and chat with friends
using voice and video, as well as a number of other computer-related tasks. Typically,
the computer and Internet access is provided for an hourly fee.
Internet cafs are used by many people when traveling to access webmail and
instant messaging services to keep in touch with family and friends. Apart from
travelers, in many developing countries Internet cafs are the primary form of Internet
access for citizens as a shared-access model is more affordable than personal
ownership of equipment and/or software. A variation on the Internet caf business
model is the LAN gaming center, used for multiplayer gaming. These cafs have several
computer stations connected to a LAN. The connected computers are customassembled for gameplay, supporting popular multiplayer games.
Internet cafs come in a wide range of styles, reflecting their location, main
clientele, and sometimes, the social agenda of the proprietors. In the early days they
were important in projecting the image of the Internet as a 'cool' phenomenon.
B. Preliminary Site Investigation
The team has been conduct survey with the other Internet Caf through
getting the information namely:
1. Investment Cost/ Capital
2. Operational maintenance per month
3. Cost of one computer set
4. Bill of electricity
5. Bill of Internet
6. Rent
7. Annual Profit
8. Tax
9. Location

C. Conceptual Detailed of Business

Business permits (Municipal of Sogod/Brgy. San Roque)

Purchasing of Computer set

Purchasing Air-conditioning
BFP Permit
Purchase Fire distinguisher
D. Business Analysis
This includes total investment cost
Annual Profit
Operational Maintenance
Salary Wages of Worker
E. Business Implementation Schedule
Total time duration of the proposed business is determined using the
Business Evaluation and Review Technique-Critical Path Method through
Network Diagram, Flow Chart and Time Table.
F. Business Management
The strategy on business implementation and management.
Detailed on the Actual Implementation during business engaging.
G. Preliminary Survey Investigation:
The group conduct survey by verify statistical census of Brgy. San Roque and its
Annual population that lives in the community. Also for the other existing Internet Cafe
near from the proposed Internet Cafe whether it could compete from the existing.
The group also conducts a survey to notify if 24-hours open would be feasible
with our project. As we thought, out of 20 people, 16 of them says that it is preferable to
have an internet caf open for 24-hours while the other 4 says that it depends on the
players if they want to play late at night or early in the morning.

H. Conceptual Detailed of Business:

The primary aim to build and produce Internet Caf at Brgy. San Roque and it
can benefits in locality.
I. Cost Estimate of the Project:
Cost estimate covers the direct Cost, Indirect cost, Including Summary of cost.

J. Summary of Cost:
Direct Cost
Material Cost


Operational Cost/Maintenance


Indirect Cost
Vat Taxes

Business Permit




Chapter IV: Financial Feasibility

The financial feasibility aspects of this study will be so extensive since this
business is come from 25% each of the total expenses of the business proposed come
from group which has an equal shareholder of the profit that being benefits.

Purchase of 30 Set of Computers




Operational Cost/ Maintenance:





Business Permit




Indirect Cost:



Monthly Income

Annual Income





SV 2000/unit

Chapter V: Socio-economic Impact

In generating, identification of the set of profit is more difficult than that of cost
partly because the profit greatly differ from one business type to another. The key of the
income objective came from rate of person per hour usage which it is extensively to
know. Since Internet Caf is one of the highest possible quality business that we input
nears the locality. Such that the 20% of the profit generated will be put on saving to
increase the resources in order to open new Internet Cafs or branches on other
vicinity. The Economic profit derived of this project will exceed the economic cost in
years to come.

Chapter VI: Management FS.

The objectives of this studies will reflected with good organization, the people
who will managed before and during the operating period of the business and to earn
much profit from what expected.