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FINAL Design Project:

Thermo II
Prof. Luciano Castillo

Spring 2016.

Choose part 1(a) or 1(b) of the problem 1 described below. Write a report of
20 pages Max per team (for this part only). Also a 15 min. presentation plus
5 min for questions per team should be included on the day of the final. The
report should include the following sections: Abstract, Introduction
(include competition, what is the innovation in your design, literature review),
analysis (including equations, graphs, design, performance matrix, economic
analysis, features and direct comparison with a similar product), results
(discuss in details the results, what the given results means), conclusion and
references. Pick a design project from (a) or (b). It should include:
abstract, introduction, analysis (including 3 design option), results, conclusion
and references.
1.a) Clean Water-desalination power plant: Employ wind energy or
solar energy system to produce clean water from ocean water. The
design should include economic analysis (how long it takes to pay for itself),
how many panels it will require, size of land required for construction of the
power plant. For the turbine you can remove the generator since we do not
need to covert wind into electrons but rather to pump water which can also
be stored. What is the efficiency of the plant, how many gallons of water it
will produce per day. How will your plant will recycle or use the salt for other
products? The design should be able to provide water for a population of
150,000 individuals and it should be cheaper than any existing power plant
available in the world today. Include thermodynamic analysis (e.g.,
conservation laws) and the analysis and show the efficiency of the
desalination power plant.
1.b) Waste-to-energy system: Design a system that converts waste (e.g.
food and human)to energy. The system could be for a single-family home, a
community (e.g. possibly a village but think in terms of 150,000 population),
or for a hospital etc. It should pay itself in a maximum of 2 years. Include in
the report competition, cost, graphs and the uniqueness of your product,
literature review. Include thermodynamic analysis (e.g., conservation laws) in
the analysis and show the efficiency of the waste-to-energy project.
2.)The Human Body: Select the Metabolic System. How it works, how
the body converts food into energy? How one can accelerate the
metabolism in the body and explain if any the relationship with aging and
obesity. Identify the PI parameters for the performance of the system and
indicate which are the most relevant variables one should measure and
3.) Book: Summarize in one page either the book from Disrupt You! by Jay
Samit or Mastery by Robert Green. What 3 key ideas you gained that you
will apply to your daily life. This is one page per person in your team.