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Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

Innovate UKs perspective

ADB Transport Forum 2016
16th September 2016
Dr. Harsh Pershad
Lead Technologist (Energy, Infrastructure)

Innovate UK is the UK Governments Innovation


Our goal is to accelerate economic growth by stimulating and supporting

business-led innovation, from concept to commercialisation.

We provide 561m per year in innovation grants

to projects across the economy
For example this year we are funding 49 m in 2016/7 for Infrastructure
Systems (Energy, Transport, Urban)
With public sector partners we run competitions for transport innovations
(IDP13, Low emission freight and logistics, APC5, CCAV)
Industry-university collaborations (KTP)
Innovation focus for public procurement (SBRI)
Our Knowledge Transfer Network, Enterprise Europe Network and
Catapult Network play key roles in connecting innovators
Strategic Direction (e.g. Hydrogen and Fuel Cell sector)

We support international R&D collaborations

The Energy Catalyst
Newton Fund

Four criteria for Innovate UK support:

Can the UK do it?

Is there a large market


Is the idea ready?

Can we make a difference?

Innovation Case study

Kick-starting hydrogen and fuel cell integrated
energy and transport infrastructure

1) Business case
2) Competition design
3) Run competition and assess submissions
against criteria
4) Project monitoring
5) Exploitation

Projects have led to technology awareness, performance
improvements, scope improvements, cost reductions and a
growing network of hydrogen vehicle refuelling stations
servicing diverse vehicle types.
Range of partnerships, business and regulatory models
developing, including hydrogen refuelling stations providing
services to energy networks.
Cumulatively many 100,000s of km travelled using hydrogen,
with corresponding emissions reductions.
Follow-on investment in the UK hydrogen sector by public and
private partners (Office for Low Emission Vehicles, Fuel Cell
and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking) to upgrade stations, expand
refuelling network and use, with vehicle manufacturers
targeting UK as an early adopter.

Joint industry-government technology roadmap
Objective to maximise sustainable industry growth in the period to 2025
Integrates local, regional, international and sectoral initiatives (electricity, gas,
transport, industrial, other), public/private/academic/NGO, and bridge short and
long-term drivers.

Thank you for your attention.

For further information, and for

advance copies of the
#UKHFCRoadmap, please email