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Leonard Lamina

Dr. Tallon
Doctrine 1
What is Scripture?
Scripture is the living memory and account of the Gods
activity of restoration in this world. Christians can look to
scripture in three lenses: 1) the pastas a living testimony of
Gods interactions in the world through his people, 2) in the
presentas God speaking to them by imagining how their
present circumstances are informed and shaped by scripture, ,
and 3) in the futureas a sign or signpost to how God will
finally bring his work of creation and restoration to its end in
the future.
How should we read scripture?
Scripture can be read through several methods known to
humanity. While this can be a problem, and at the same time a
great quality, scripture is ultimately intended to convey the
knowledge of God that requires consistent study, experience
and time. The reader of scripture ought to taking into
consideration how the scriptures do not in of themselves
contain the word of God, but through study, experience, and
time, the reader sets himself up to assimilate what God has to
say. Thus the reader should read scripture with a humble
attitude, always keeping in mind that it is the Holy Spirit that
actually helps us know God truly. It is God that ultimately helps
us to read and assimilate scripture.