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Std -4
1. Which of these is not a part of CPU?
a. MU
b. Monitor
c. ALU
d. CU
2. The physical parts of a computer that we can touch and see are called __________
a. Software
b. Spyware
c. Hardware
d. All
3. A computer system performs ____________ basic functions.
a. 5
b. 3
c. 2
d. 4
4. Name the device which is used instead of a mouse on the laptop computer.
a. Trackball
b. Touchpad
c. Touchscreen
d. Lightpen
5. Which of these is not a type of Scanner?
a. Inkjet Scanner b. Flatbed Scanner
c. Handheld Scanner
Sheetfed Scanner
6. Which of these is not a type of input device?
a. Lightpen
b. Scanner
c. Touchpad d.Speaker
7. How many types of monitor are there?
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 5
8. Which printer sprays droplets of ink on a paper to form text and graphics?
a. Laser Printer
b. Inkjet Printer
c. Dotmatrix Printer
d. None
of these
9. What is the full form of ALU?
a. Arithmetic Logic Unit
b. Arithmetic Long Unit c.Arithmetic Locked Unit
b. d. None of these
10.________________ is primarily used for Video Telephony on the Internet.
a. Web camera
b.Dot matrix
c. Laser Printer
11.Which of these devices is used for output of sound?
a. Scanner
b. Trackball
c. Lightpen
d. Speaker
12. Which of these devices is used to record voice in the computers?
a. Scanner
b. Microphone
c. Speaker
13.The ________ printer works like a typewriter and creates impression by striking on
the paper.
a. Inkjet
b. Dotmatrix
c. Laser
14.________ is used to turn the computer on and off.
a. CD/DVD drive
c.Power Switch d.Reset button
15.The set of instructions that help the hardware to work in a desired manner is called
a. Software
b. Spyware
c. Hardware
d. All
16.We can divide the keys of keyboard into ____ parts.
a. 2
d. 5
17.How many types of Scanner are there?
a. 2
d. 5
18.Which device is similar to a mouse and can be used in its place?
a. Trackball
b. Printer
c. Scanner
d. Monitor

19.Navigation keys consists of ___________

a. Alphabets from A to Z b. Numbers from 0 to 9 c. Arrow keys
Ctrl, Shift, Alt
20.Who is the inventor of the computer mouse?
a. Sir Christopher
b. Charles Babbage
c.Leibniz d.Dr.Engelbart
21._________ are included in Function keys.
a. Alphabet keys
b. Arrow keys
c. F1 to F12
d. 0 to 9
22._______ is the full form of CRT.
a. Control Ruler Tab
b. Cathode Ray Tube c. Control Raw Text d. None of these
23._______ Printer is very fast and gives high quality output.
a. Inkjet
b. Dotmatrix
c. Laser
d. All
24.Which output device allows you to hear sound?
a. Microphone
b. Speaker
c. Monitor
d. Printer
25.Which device gives the output onto paper?
a. Printer
b. Monitor
c. Speaker
d. Scanner
26.Which device is used to select the objects directly by touching with fingers?
a. Touch Pad b. Light Pen
c. Touch Screen
d. Dark pen
27.____________ is the part of a computer that controls all the information and gives
instructions to other parts.
a. Keyboard
b. Mouse c. CPU
d. Printer
28. Name the memory, which is used to store startup programs.
a. RAM
b. ROM
c. Flash drive
d. Multimedia card
29.Computer takes more time to access data from _________ memory.
a. Internal memory b. External memory
c. Both
d. None
30.__________ storage of a computer is also called secondary memory.
a. Internal
b. External
c. None
d. Both
31.A ___________ is made up of multiple disks.
a. RAM
b. ROM
c. Harddisk
d. Flashdrive
32.Harddisks can store upto ______________
a. 2GB to 5GB
b. 2MB to 5MB c. 2TB to 5TB
d.2KB to 5KB
33.The storage capacity of a CD is ____________
a. 700MB
b. 1 GB
c. 200MB
d. 1024 KB
34.CD stands for _______________
a. Circular Disk
b.Clear Disk
c. Compact Disk
d.Computer Disk
35.DVD stands for _______________________
a. Digital Versatile Disk
b. Downloaded Video Disk c. Data Versatile
Disk d. Data Video Disk
36.Blu-ray Disk has __________ times more storage capacity than that of traditional
a. 2
b. 5
c. 10
d. 20
37.Flash drive is popularly known as ___________
a. Harddrive
b. Pendrive
c. CD drive
d.Multimedia Card
38.__________________ is a flash memory card used as a storage medium for portable
devices like mobiles, digital cameras etc.
a. Multimedia Card b. USB Port
c. Blu-ray Disk
39.The storage capacity of a DVD varies form _________ to _________.

a. 4.2GB to 16GB
b. 4.1GB to 17GB
c. 4.7GB to 17.1GB
to 17GB
40.The maximum capacity of multimedia card is up to _______
a. 223 GB
b. 31 GB
c. 128 GB
d. 130 GB
41._______ is not a secondary storage device.
a. RAM
b. DVD
c. Flash Drive
d. CD
42._________ disk is a storage medium likely to replace the CD/DVD.
a. Blu-ray
b. CD
c. ROM
d. RAM
43.Which card is used in a digital camera or mobile?
a. Pendrive
b. ROM card
c. RAM card
d. Multimedia Card
44.How many digits do binary numbers consist of?
a. One digit b. Two digits
c. Three digits
d. Four digits
45.Which of these are portable storage devices?
a. Pendrive
b. CD
c. DVD
d. All
46.The size of a CD measures ________ in diameter.
a. 4.1 inches b. 4.7 inches
c. 3.4 inches
d. 3.8 inches
47._______ is the next unit of measurement after Giga byte.
a. Megabyte b. Beta byte
c. Kilo byte
d. Tera byte
48.1 Giga byte is equal to ______
a. 1024 Kilo byte
b. 1024 Tera byte
c. 1024 Mega byte d.1024 Petabyte
49.RAM is like a _______
a. Audio disk
b. Calculator c. Tape Recorder
d. None of these
50.RAM stands for ______
a. Read All Memory
b. Random All Memory
c. Read Accept Memory
d. Random Access Memory
51.ROM stands for ______
a. Read Only Memory
b. Random Only Memory
c. Random Original Memory
d. Read Optional Memory
52.The most important program of a computer is the __________
a. MS Paint b. Operating System
c. Wordpad
d. Notepad
53.Which of these is not a type of operating system?
a. Linux
b. Windows
c. Excel
d. Unix
54.The first version of Windows Operating System was ______
a. Windows 95
b.Windows ME c.Windows XP d.Windows2000
55.We can pin our favourite programs on the _______ for easy access.
a. Title bar
b. Status bar
c. Taskbar d. Scrollbar
56.The new ______ feature allows us to turn the open windows transparent and make
the Desktop of the Computer visible.
a. Jumplist
b. Aeropeek
c. Search d. None of these
57.The ____ feature takes us straight to the documents, pictures, songs or websites you
recently visited.
a. Jumplist
b. Aeropeek
c. Search
58.The first screen of Windows is known as the ________
a. Folder
b. Desktop
c. Context menu
d. Jumplist
59.Using the ____folder, we can access all the folders and files stored in a computer.
a. Computer
b. Context menu
c. Shortcut d. Search
60.________ is a collection of related information stored together.

a. Folder
b. File
c. Program
d. None
61. A folder within a folder is called a ______
a. Minifolder
b. Smallfolder
c. Sub-folder
d.Merge folder
62.Which button opens the Start menu?
a. Computer Icon
b. Windows button
c. Start button
63.A ________ is a collection of relevant files stored together on some storage devices.
a. Icon
b. Folder
c. Desktop
d. Start button
64.Windows is a ________ user interface.
a. Graphical
b. Character
c. Word
d. Paragraph
65.When you right click on any icon, a pop-up menu appears which is called ________
a. Startmenu
b. Context menu c. Desktop
66.Small graphics displayed on the desktop are called___________
a. Icons
b. Images
c. Photos
d. None
67. Name a popular Operating System Software available free of cost.
a. Unix
b. Linux
d. All
68.Which company has introduced Windows?
a. IBM
d. None
69.The Start button is displayed on the left side of the ________
a. Statusbar b.Title bar c.Taskbar d. Menubar
70.Which option do we select from the shortcut option to change the background
settings of a desktop?
a. Refresh
b. Arrange Icons by
c. New
d. Personalize
71.Which bar displays the program icons?
a. Menubar
b. Taskbar
c. Standard bar
d. Title bar
72.The Taskbar has a ________ on its right side.
a. Start button
b. Desktop
c. Notification Area
d. None
73.Which key combination deletes files/folders permanently?
a. Ctrl+Del
74._____ helps us to find the desired file.
a. Filename b. File address
c. Folder
d. Sub-folder
75. Who is the founder of Microsoft?
a. Larry Page
b. Bill Kendrick
c.Bill Gates d.Charles Babbage
76.______________ means to perform more than one task at a time.
a. Aeropeek b. Multitasking c. Jumplist
d. Desktop
77.____ tool is used to draw various filled and unfilled polygonal shapes.
a. Lines
b. Shapes
c. Stamp
78._____ is the unique feature of shapes tool in Tuxpaint.
a. Enlarge
b. Shrink
c. Rotation
d. Smudge
79.The _____ tool is used to remove the unwanted parts of the picture.
a. Eraser
b. Drop
c. Remover
80.______ effect is used to add white noise to our drawing.
a. Dots
b. Sand
c. Noise
81._____ effect is used to mix two different objects smoothly.
a. Noise
b. Smudge
c. Foam
82.____ effect is used to wiggle any picture side to side.(Horizontal)
a. Waves
b. Wavelets
c. Foam
d. Tornado

83.____ effect is used to wiggle any picture up and down. (Vertical)

a. Waves
b. Wavelets
c. Foam
d. Tornado
84.Tux Paint is available in more than ________ different languages.
a. 80
b. 82
d. 90
85.There are ____ different shapes available in the sub-toolbox of the Shapes tool.
a. 14
b. 16
c. 18
86.______ allows us to draw a rainbow that we can see in the sky after a rainfall.
a. Rainbow effect
b. Real rainbow
c. Both
87._____ is the cartoon helps us to learn more about various tools and sub-tools.
a. Penguin
88.______ is the lead developer and designer of Tux Paint.
a. Vinod Dhamb. Bill Gates
c. Bill Kendrick d.Larry Page
89.Name the Indian who helped in translating TuxPaint in Gujarati.
a. Ravishankar
b.Ankit Malik
c.Kartik Mistry d.Pavithran
90.Name the Indian who helped in translating TuxPaint in Telugu.
a. Ravishankar
b.Ankit Malik
c.Kartik Mistry
91.Name the Indian who helped in translating TuxPaint in Hindi.
a. Ravishankar
b.Ankit Malik
c.Kartik Mistry
92.Which tool gives a foam effect on the picture?
a. Grass
b. Foam
c. Noise
d. Smudge
93.Tux Paint is an award winning free software for children with many ______ features.
a. Creative
b. Funny c. Horror d. Clap
94.The toolbox has a total of ______ different tools.
a. 18
95._______ effect draws a train of rainbow colours as you drag the magic wand.
a. Rainbow b.Noise
96.There are ____ different backgrounds with which you can start a new drawing.
a. 50
b. 48
97.Tux Paint gives us an option to draw beautiful patterns using the ____ tool.
a. Shape
98.We can create a dripping effect of wet paints using the _______ effect of Magic tool.
a. Drip
b. Smudge
c. Foam
d. Waves
99. We can rotate the shape up to ______degrees.
a. 180
b. 260
c. 360
d. 300
_____ tool is used to create and open a new file in Tux Paint.
a. Eraser
The ______ effect differentiates the edges from the rest of the picture.
a. Eraser