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In the 100 years since radionics was first discovered by Dr. Albert Abrams there have been
thousands and thousands of rates developed. Many of these patterns of information were
indentified by the well-known inventors of the radionic instruments: Abrams, De La Warr,
Hieronymus, and my father Peter J. Kelly among many others. But a significant number of
the rates in the KRT database were developed and discovered by everyday folks radionic
researchers who used their instruments to locate the strongest resonance points on the tuning
dials for a particular sample or reagent.
Kelly Research Technologies has been compiling and developing radionic rates for 40 years. A
crowning achievement was translation of the rate book for the multi-dial De La Warr instrument
to the two-dial system popularized by Hieronymus, which required setting, measuring, and
recording nearly 1,500 rates on both types of instruments. In 1983 Peter published Psychotronics
Book 2, a collection of historical and new rates. This book was only available for a few years
before it was banned by U. S. Food and Drug Administration as a result of my dads nave use of
terms like diagnose, treat, and cure throughout. In 1998 the information was re-released
as the Electronic Rate Book: a computer database with the offending terminology removed and
the ability to search and sort the rates as never before. In 2011 the E-Rate Book was totally
overhauled, the ever-growing database totaling more than 13,800 rates, the ability to create
worksheets and reports on the fly, as well as access and print from a library of 28 pre-formatted
worksheets organized on a variety of themes and processes. One unexpected benefit that came
from our overhaul of the E-Rate Book software was that the process of organizing the information
into book format was suddenly a realistic goal for our tiny staff of three people.
It is thus with tremendous pride that here on the 30th anniversary of publication of Psychotronics
Book 2 I introduce these two new volumes of radionic rates! Radionics Book 3 presents the rates
sorted alphabetically by the name of the patterns of information. Radionics Book 4 delivers the
rates sorted numerically by left hand dial and then right hand dial. Both books include every
single radionic rate published in the KRT Electronic Rate Book software.
In addition to publishing these books on paper, we have also decided to publish both volumes in
an electronic format that will facilitate giving them for free to anyone who wants to download a
copy. Moreover, we are publishing these books under a creative commons license; you are free
to copy, distribute, and transmit this work, including reposting of the PDF files on your blog
or website. We only ask that the books remain attributed to us at Kelly Research Technologies,
that the work never be sold without our participation, and that it will not be altered, transformed,
or built upon without our participation.
To download these books from our website please visit:
Let all of humanity benefit from 100 years of exploration of the energetic realm and the wonderful
art of radionics!

Ed Kelly
President, Kelly Research Technologies, Inc.
September 1, 2012

PS: Do you have new radionics rates that you want to share? Send them to us for compilation in
future volumes!