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Antoni Gaud i Cornet was a Catalan architect who has become internationally

recognised as one of the most prodigious experts in his discipline, as well as one of the
top exponents of modernism. He is known for his distinctive style of Art Nouveau. Casa
Batll, located in the very heart of Passeig de Grcia, Barcelona, is the most
emblematic work of the brilliant Catalan architect, Antoni Gaud. He gave Casa Batll a
faade that is original, fantastical and full of imagination. As a whole, the facade is a
joyful and allegorical representation, full of organic elements and colours and a
wonderful spectacle in the city which inspires the most sublime sentiments in all those
who gaze upon it. It is a universe of symbolism, a canvas of marine inspiration, a dream
world, which evokes nature with its organic elements and is suggestive of fantasy. It
stands out because of its organic forms, the innovation of the concepts employed, and
the methodology used.

However, there are some things that I think needs to change or improve. Art Nouveau
was aimed at modernizing design, seeking to escape the eclectic historical styles that
had previously been popular. Casa Batll has too much designs that it makes it messy
and lacks on focal point. It has many curves then added too much details that is why it
is somehow disturbing. The tower looks like a defect in the building, it does not balance
one side to another. It may look better if the building is symmetrical. On the Noble Floor,
Gaud included a huge gallery to see and be seen in the faade. I understand the use of
colour in this structure, relief glazed tiles in varying shades of blue, which are darker in
colour at the top and lighter towards the bottom, thus achieving an even distribution of
the light. But, it is too colorful like one of the houses used in Disney horror movies and
for that reason it is scary to look at. It also can be more wonderful if people can quite
understand the elements of the design so they wont think that it is disturbing. Moving
through the house, visitors are constantly surprised by the details which they discover
with every step. Aside from appreciating its design, they also should have the
knowledge behind it. I also think that if this building is an Art Nouveau style, it should be
consistent in every part of the building. Like in the glass door for entrance, there are
something printed in there and I think it would be better if it is removed and changed

into Art Nouveau style also. The gates in the side, it ruins the design of the building so I
think it should be in Art Nouveau style. On the ground level, the facade includes slender
pillars of Montjuic stone which form bone-like shapes and are decorated with typically
modernist floral designs. Why does it have slender pillars on the ground floor? I think it
should be thicker because it is the foundation of the building. It should not just be
focused on the design, but also with its aesthetics. From the entrance hall on the ground
floor, a sturdy iron railing separates the private access to the Batll family residence. I
think it should be hidden because its a private place for the Batll family. It is like
instead of separated private access to Batll family residence, it should be a hidden
private access.
On the other hand, the distorted shades of the blue of the building makes an effect like
the waves of the sea with skylights which look like tortoises shells and vaulted walls in
curvy shapes. I think it should be removed. Why? Because different people come and
visit Casa Batll so the design should be considerate. There are people who have fears
and had a trauma on the waves of the sea. What if they have an event to attend here? It
causes the people fear instead of happiness. The spine of some huge animal carved
from fine hardwood rises up as a banister through impossible spaces, giving the whole
space an underwater atmosphere, transporting visitors to the fantasy world of Jules
Verne. Here, the idea of the depths of the sea is very believable, with colours and
shades of the surface of the sea and sand, and other marine allusions. Again, for the
same reason. It is not a good idea for them.
On the flat roof, Gaud covered the curved surfaces with cut tiles, in the style of the
Byzantine builders. The prominence of the dragons back, gives way to the four groups
of graceful chimneys. But it I think it should not be seen like it has a hole just for that. It
can be better if it is placed behind the covered ceramic tiles on the roof. The external
walls were redesigned to give them a wavy shape, which was then plastered with lime
mortar and covered with a mosaic of fragments of coloured glass and ceramic discs.
But, it is noticeable on both sides because there are certain parts that is not covered
with coloured glass and ceramic discs. I think it is intentional but I do not know the

reason why and it looks like it is trimmed. It should be covered also because it looks
inadequate when you look at it.
For the interior, it has the spiral stairs leading to the roof terrace. With their structural
minimalism, it is also very striking. The iron handrail, with its simple lines, is a 20th
century sculpture in its own right. But, the handrail should be changed like there should
be a glass below for safety purpose specially for children, they might fall there.
Casa Batll should not be placed beside the other buildings. It makes the other
buildings nothing because of its extravagant designs and events every night. The other
buildings are being ignored and less appreciated because of Casa Batll. Maybe Casa
Batll also disturbs them because of its events every day or they just got used to it. It
will be better if it is placed with nothing beside on it. So all of the buildings were