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In orgainizing, managers create the structure of working relationships between

organizational members that best allows them to work together and achieve the goals.
Apples organizing culture is the key factor in the company success. A company
organization culture determines the ability in supporting changes, new policies and
new strategies. Apples employees are effectively developed into an organizational
culture that promote rapid innovation. Such innovation is observable in terms of
products like the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. While the companys organizational
culture generally promotes to business strengths, it also imposes limits and challenges
to the company.
Apples organizational culture has the necessary characteristics to ensure the
companys leading position in the market. However, this organizational culture also
presents some challenges to Apple in optimizing its human resources. Apples
organizational culture is effective in supporting the companys leadership because the
key features that suit the business. Different businesses have different demands for
their culture. In Apples Inc, the following characterictics are the most important in its
organizational culture:
1. Top-notch Excellent
2. Creativity
3. Innovation
4. Secrecy
5. Moderate combativeness
Top-notch Excellent: Apples organizational culture including a policy of selecting
only the best of the workers. The employess that did not follow meet his expectations
will dismiss by Steve Jobs. This tradition in Apples organizational culture continues
under Tim Cook. Excellent is pay attention as a important success factor in the
business, especially in product design and development.
Creativity: Apple employees are selected for their knowledge, skills, and creative
talent. The firms organizational culture highlights the importance of creativity. The
employees that involved in product design and development processes are especially

creativity. The feature of Apples organizational culture helps the firm keep the
capacity and development solutions to business demands and customers demands.
Innovation: Apples organizational culture is also highly innovation. In fact, Apple is
constantly determined as one of the the most innovative companies in the world. The
employees are trained and encouraged to innovate in terms of personal job
performance and by dedicating ideas to the companys product development process.
Apples organizational culture succeeds in facilitating rapid innovation.
Secrecy: Steve Jobs developed Apple to have an organizational culture of secrecy.
Secrecy is the part of the companys strategy to minimize the theft of ownership
information or intellectual property. Upon hiring, Apples employees agree to this
organizational culture of secrecy, that reflected in the companys policies, rules and
employees agreement. The secrecy helps Apples company to protect the business
from corporate spier and the negative influence of employees poaching.
Moderate Combativeness: Moderate Combativeness is also a part of Apples
organizational culture. This feature has linked to Steve Jobs and his combative
approach to his leadership. He will randomly challenge his employees to ensure that
they have what it takes to work at Apple. However, in Tim Cooks leadership, the
company has been changing its organizational culture to a more sociable and less
combative one. Therefore, Apples organizational culture now has a medium degree of