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From: Thohahente Kim Weaver

Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 11:30:33 -0400

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Conversation: Mainstream media anti-Indigenous propagates racism
Subject: Mainstream media anti-Indigenous propagates racism
I and a group of concerned Indigenous people and supporters monitor mainstream media
because anti-Indigenous racism is normalized in Canada and in the media. We conducted a four
year campaign of calling out the CBC online properties for their obvious bias and for the practice
of allowing overt racist commentary by their readers using anonymous identities.
The CBC stopped opening comments on Indigenous stories last winter. Sources within the
corporation tell us that we were instrumental in shutting down the practice of allowing posts on
Indigenous stories and, they now require a Facebook identity to post on other stories. The use of
Facebook identities is a farce and does not absolve them of their accountability morally and
ethically for what people say. The most hateful of these posts against Muslims and other
minorities are done from fake Facebook accounts.
So now we have turned our attention to The Globe and Mail. We will be posting public discourse
analyses on each story to show the inherent bias of reporting with no Indigenous knowledge and
laziness on fact checking. It is important to note that a Settler worldview is not the only
worldview applicable to Canadian stories. We will also be highlighting on social media the
comments made on your stories that are supported by how the stories are written and how these
comment foment hatred.
Canada is a hateful country in its views of Indigenous People. As an Indigenous person I am
accustomed to daily incidents of racism, both personal and systemic. This is understandable since
the country was born through racist oppression and marginalization. Anti-indigenous racism is
normalized and the mainstream media is instrumental in the perpetuation of racist ideology.
Allowing the individual and organized groups of racists a platform is despicable. Allowing
discourse in your stories that supports racist ideology is despicable. Allowing people to conceal
their identity to avoid accountability for their racist view is deplorable.
I have attached a Storified example of Tweets from last week on two stories that ran in your paper
and a discourse analysis of your story from Sept. 19 by Gloria Galloway.

:nen ki' whi

Thohahente Kim Weaver

Turtle Clan