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Winamp "Classic" 2.

* updated to PP's latest input and output plugins
* in_mp3 now doesnt continue to play on output plugin error.
* smaller installers because we use msvcrt.dll now
* fixed bugs relating to files with ~ in their names.
* doublerightclick in credits makes for fullscreen credits
* more bugfixes (including a fix in the version update notification checking)
* updated installer to have nicer error messages.
* made systray icon update if explorer restarts
* and more (muahaha)!
Winamp 2.80:
* fixed drag&drop from open file dialog related bugs
* made CDDB support better handle not-found CDs/lack of CDDB installed.
* update to CDDB ui (bugfix)
* new splash screen
* minibrowser security fix
* updated winamp agent to support both winamp 2.x and 3.x
* included PP's hacks for slightly better unicode filename support
* in_wave support for floating point .WAV files fixed
* better win9x compatibility for DirectSound
* waveOut made skip less
* some in_mod per-file fixes
* OGG Vorbis support for Standard and Full installs.
* CD support back in lite installer.
Winamp 2.79:
* upgraded unzip/decompress support to zlib 1.1.4, for big security fix
* improved multiple instance detection code/opening many files from explorer iss
* winamp agent tooltip improvement
* fix to id3v2+unicode support
Winamp 2.78:
* minibrowser fixes
* cddb2 support
* updates to mod, midi, and wav support (from the wonderful PP)
Winamp 2.77:
* mb.ini skin support (Winamp/MBOpen)
* added page and slider for 'shuffle morph rate' to Preferences so you can
control how much the playlist morphs (mutates) each time it cycles
* PP's ACM disk writer output plug-in instead of the classic one
* PP's WAV/VOC reader (Which is apparently so much better, but we will see)
* included new in_midi and in_mod (yay)
* made playlist editor automatically size down when necessary (on startup)
* made drag&drop playlist URLs work
* made alt+delete work again in playlist editor
* made winamp.exe and winampa.exe both much less likely to fudge HKCR/.
* fixed drag&drop in vis areas
* made Winamp handle language packs that lack strings and/or dialogs better
* made physical file remover ask you for every file, to prevent disasters
* fixed issues with using a large number of input plug-ins and extensions in
open box (I think)
* fixed a small "bug" in the id3 editor of in_mp3
* fixed the frame count bug in id3 editor of in_mp3
* made general purpose plug-in uninstall capability.
* new hyper-leet desktop icon on new installs of full version.
* removed Mjuice support from full version.
* tinyvis 2001 v2.04
* AVS includes experimental fullscreen overlay mode.

Winamp 2.76:
* ryan fixed shuffle!
* christophe added IE URL drag&drop capability
* faster FFTs for vis on WAV/CDDA playback
* fixes RealPlayer's .xpl association bug
* AVS 2.5 (new effects, speedups, smaller presets, etc)
* TinyVis 2001. Includes fast, highly trippy "Random Intelligent Visualization".
* Peter's latest and greatest MIDI plug-in
Winamp 2.75:
* avs 2.4.9 (interface improvements, speedups, new dynamic movement effect (yay!
* made skin installing do better renaming (removes [1], etc)
* some new sample avs presets (thanks to Zen-X and Marco Muraca, Frank Nagel)
* MASSIVELY optimized directory scanning and removed multi-add bugs
* fixes to in_mod and in_midi.
* fixed some NT/2K uninstall issues.
* updated winamp agent with full color icon
* temporarily removed in_asfs from full distribution (security issue)
Winamp 2.74:
* fixed vis shutdown related bugs (message pump is run while waiting for safety)
* cleaned up some startup code
* fixed layer 2 i/s bug in in_mp3
* fixed HTTP/1.1 + Apache CGI issues in in_mp3.
* improved HTTP auth support in in_mp3
* updated to new in_midi version (go PP)
* new AVS with Overlay support
* made uninstall use NSIS's uninstaller
Winamp 2.73:
* smaller main winamp.EXE
* new AVS version with larger interface
* seeking for HTTP/1.1 streamed MP3 files
* improved minibrowser functionality
* updated versions of MOD and MIDI plug-ins (thanks Jake and PP)
* made out_wm smaller (32k->7k)
* updated to newer, more efficient installer (1.1o)
* fixed one cdda related bug
Winamp 2.72:
* stupid in_mp3 fix (for lame encoded files)
* updated directmusic/midiOut plug-in (Thanks to Peter Pawlowski)
* updated mikamp plug-in (Thanks to Jake Stine)
* made Winamp Agent smaller, use less memory, not interfere with ScanDisk, etc.
* fixed some skin related bugs (main.bmp is no longer ever reloaded)
* fixed cursor bugs - cursors are now loaded all at once (makes for slightly
slower skin switching, but should make things more responsive)
* made zip skin loading more reliable (and slightly slower)
* small avs updates
Winamp 2.71:
* new directmusic/midiOut plug-in (PP's)
* mikmod update (we love you Jake)
* avs: optimized fullscreen 32bpp->Xbpp (not full support yet)
better resizing code, multimonitor support
many stability improvements, opts to evaluation compiler
new effects, of bugfixes
avs minimize modes work right (mostly)
* in_cdda: reduced plug-in size by 30k.
* out_wave: made writeall logic better and less problematic
altvol mode in no longer fudges with global volume.
* in_mp3: improved mp3 decoder sync (byte level sync, better checking)
fixed id3v2 rare writing bug
fixed in_mp3 visualization bug
made highest the default text for in_mp3
* made shuffle not reinit shuffletable on add/remove, it adapts randomly
* got rid of http:// checking for file retreiving.. http is assumed
* made tooltips and hotkeys for demand/load/play in preferences
* made 12k fullscreen visualization plug-in for all installs (woo)
* fixed F5 redrawing stuff it shouldn't bug
* fixed moving a file in the playlist and then using shift to select
* fixed / in IPC issues (i.e. winamp.exe http://url now works all the time)
* fixed the generic eq slowdown on silence, made more accurate
* fixed vis plug-in installation issues
* made workaround for bug in in_mjf.dll
* a few other fixes I forgot to log
Winamp 2.7:
* mp3 decoder: better tag editor, bugfixes
* mod decoder: too much to list. much revised. for more info.
* much improved CDDA (Faster, less crashy)
* waveout output plug-in bug fixes
* new directsound output plug-in (very charming)
* many optimizations and bugfixes to AVS - this version is quite fast.
* faster playlist loading, faster playlist editting on large lists
* windowshade visualization now has spectrum analyzer instead of (crappy)
VU meter.
* improved that old issue of what happens when you delete the playing file
in the playlist.
* made credits less problematic (and more time based, less frame based, no mor
e crashing)
* made multiple-instance handling handle running with different command lines
* return of classic demo.mp3
* sped up exit process some
* many other small fixes and refinements
* nsis 1.0 installer ( for more info)
Winamp 2.666:
* spiffier credits in about box
* new mp3 input plug-in
* streaming improvements (now much less intrusive)
* fully ISO compliant decoding
* ID3v2 support
* even more
* AVS 2.1 . New blitter/movement filtering, MMX optimized, new presets.
Winamp 2.65:
* fix to ex-m3u bug/security hole
* improved mp3 http streaming dialog (no longer upsets AVS, etc)
* optional aol icon in full version
Winamp 2.64:
* fix to proxy support for mp3 streaming
* dsp plugin fixes
* justin can't code
Winamp 2.63:
* language pack improvements/cleanups
* giant (2000+) skin archive bug fixed
* promotional offers on install
* streaming improvements (authentification, proxy authentification, dialogless
streaming when winamp is not active, content-disposition usage, etc).
* minibrowser start page now live if inet connected.
* return of out_wm (WMA writer) -- lets you transcode your WAV/MP3/MOD/etc
files into WMA!
Winamp 2.62:
* Generic dialog processing message loop so now TAB/etc... works in plugins di
alog windows
* Fix to Mjuice (memory leak that caused the full install to puke after many h
* Winamp Visualization Studio updates.
* Installer bitmap updates
* Installer terminology changes
Winamp 2.61:
* In accordance with Microsoft's license agreement, we no longer allow you to
use DSP plug-ins or alternate output plug-ins when playing WMA files.
* Installation now gives you more options, cleaner.
* Some mixed block DCT and Antialiasing fixes to Nitrane.
* Support for .wsz files in your skin directory as well as .zip files.
* Fixed: gdi leak when switching skins
* Fixed: gdi object leak when using Winamp systray icon
* AVS 1.5a6 (coming soon, 1.50)
* fixed: make the mouseover on install listbox not, err, mess up at weird scre
en locations
* fixed: the install screen that comes up always when no net connect available
* fixed: bookmarking from explorer should be less nasty
* updated: uninstall should be more reliable
* attempted fix: bookmark add/prefs display corruption bug
Winamp 2.6:
* Massively improved CD audio support complete with menu option to play CD
* New splash screen (smaller) and about box effect.
* Removed unused links stuff in about box
* Improved Jump (to file) dialog (hit the J key)
* Bookmarking system
* Fix to mp3 plug-in. Now won't stop after failed shoutcast stream.
* Updates to URLs used in player for web site integration
* Winamp Agent (can monitor file types, and restore them)
* Better Netscape/IE integration
* Updated MJuice code
* Updated AudioSoft code
* Uninstall icon in start menu now has own icon
* New SuperPiMP installation system
Winamp 2.5d:
* New MJuice code
* Cleaned up CDDA plug-in and fixed a few bugs
Winamp 2.5c:
* Full version has MJF support
* Fixed icon assignment bug
* Added option for old-school playlist editor buttons
* Fixes EQ volume setting bug
* Removed playlist editor child options
* Vastly improved window stack positioning code
* Fixed some rare and strange docking bugs
Winamp 2.50:
* Winamp is now freeware! Thanks to all who have previously
registered, your support is really appreciated!
* Skin selection menu in main menu, browser in preferences
* Builtin visualization settings are now in preferences
* Two streaming-related bugfixes to in_mp3.dll
* Added streamed-file saving to in_mp3.dll (no shoutcast saving, sorry)
* Added extended-M3U/PLS support (files include title and length info)
* Improved in_mp3.dll's frame sync code
* Better multi-byte character set support
* Numerous playlist editor bugfixes, and refinements
* Fixed some default skin images
* Fixed some leak and GDI issues (thanks, BoundsChecker)
* Fixed some leaks in in_cdda.dll
* Restructured some internals of Winamp for bitrate reporting for speed
* Added recent stream list to open location box
* Automatic IE integration for SHOUTcast
* Fixed a bug in out_wave.dll
* Updated AudioSoft plug-in
* Final WMA support for full version
Winamp 2.24:
* WSZ (Winamp Skin Zip) handling (simply open a .WSZ file in explorer
to have it installed)
* Two distributions (one with WMA and ASFS, one without)
* Better equalizer presets
* Better shuffle logic
* Better docking code
* Better support for invalid ID3v2 tags (for people putting invalid tags on)
* Minibrowser optimizations
* Fixed occasional random crashes from 2.23
Winamp 2.23:
* Nitrane 1.60 MPEG audio decoder with MMX and 3DNow! acceleration
* MikMod module decoder plug-in version 1.3
* Self-destructing streaming dialog boxes
* Equalizer presets included
* Cosmetic fixes
Winamp 2.22:
* AudioSoft ASFS Support
* SHOUTcast 1.1 (final, released) support
* WMA fixes
* Lots of bugfixes
Winamp 2.21:
* WMA support fixed
* MP3 decoder bugfixes
* Vastly better DirectSound output
* Other bugfixes
Winamp 2.20:
* Windows Media Technology 4.0 (WMT4) input/output support
* All new better sounding, industry standard Fraunhoffer MP3 decoder
* Generic PCM EQ that works on most formats (WAV/XM/MOD/IT/VQF/AAC/etc)
* Recursion in open directory dialog is now optional
* Windowshade mode for Equalizer
* Improved CDDA support
* Minibrowser improvements (new start page, etc)
* New version checking
* Fixed evil beeping bug
* Fixed vis/dsp plug-in directory bugs
* Fixed de-registration problem.
* Fixed a few small bugs
What's new in Winamp 2.10:
* New preference system (yay!)
* New install screen stuff (with easier configuration)
* Improved CDDA plug-in, with auto-play
* Improved MPEG audio decoding
* Blip reduction
* ID3v1 URL Comment support
* Shoutcast URL Browser support
* Shoutcast 1.1 title streaming
* Improved MOD/XM/IT rendering (64 bit mixing, sample declicking, etc)
* Totally new output driver (faster and more compatible)
* Language package support
* Windows font support w/ International characterset capability (optional)
* Better filetype registration (with options to register on start, etc)
* Desktop Icon and Quicklaunch adding
* Customizable DSP/Vis plug-in directories.
* Playlist editor has more intuitive moving
* Winamp Browser
* A TON of bugfixes (if you've been having GDI errors this should fix)
What's new in Winamp 2.09?
* Fixed stupid hanging bug in CDDA support
* Fixed retarded Windows-making-the-window-too-high-after-awhile bug.
* Fixed clear-playlist-then-seek bug.
* Fixed Nitrane's invalid-genre %6 bug.
* Added full Xing VBR support to Nitrane. Seeking and time estimation
work perfectly.
* Preliminary ID3v2 support (tag is skipped reliably)
* Improved Directsound output (Thanks to Leif Claesson)
What's new in Winamp 2.08?
* Stupid VC++ 6 screwed up my PropertySheets. Crashed on some systems.
Fixed (as far as I can tell, let me know =).
* Fixed a stupid CPU consuming bug in Nitrane
What's new in Winamp 2.06 (the final release of 1998!)?
* Built with VC++ 6 and VC++ 4.2. Faster and smaller (well, we hope)
* Installer now prompts to use old config/fresh config
* Uninstaller only will remove Plugins\ and Skins\ if they are in the
Winamp directory (i.e. if you have a giant skin directory in another
location it won't remove it)
* Added bar analyzer mode to built-in vis (woo!)
* Made .pls playlists streamable
* Info-reading on demand mode, supplements info-on-load
* Made http:// default in open location box
* Better directory and drive adding support (you can now do 'G:\' in
the open location box to play an audio CD, for instance)
* Fixed a slight alignment bug in playlist editor
* Nullsoft Visualization Library! (wVis 4.1+NS Fullscreen Vis)
* Included experimental gapless output driver (rocks the casbah)
* Improved DirectSound output driver
* Made some mods to the waveOut plug-in, should be more stable and more
compatible (might have sacrificed a teeny bit of vis accuracy tho)
* CDDB support now remembers if it hasn't worked recently to avoid
from keeping popping up.
* Fixed a dsp plug-in bug in Nitrane
* Added SHOUTcast title reading to Nitrane, improved Nitrane's HTTP
streaming (non-blocking connect, baby)
* Added better MPEG 2.5 support to Nitrane (still don't have the right
reordering tables, though, but an improvement nonetheless)
What's new in Winamp 2.05?
* Fixed some vis->plug-in interface bugs
* Fixed apply button in setup tab of prefs
* Rewrote some memory chunk allocation code.
* Added a buttload of IPC stuff (lots, baby!)
* wVis 4.0: New effects, higher quality rendering, and DirectDraw fullscreen
* Fixed a skin bug
* Fixed a few error-detection related bugs in Nitrane.
* Preliminary CDDB Support (CDDBP only, no HTTP)
* Much improved HTTP streaming. You can now psuedo-stream MOD,WAV,and MIDI
* Improved MOD decoder (Thanks Jake!)
* Updated icons. Fixed a lot of little cosmetic bugs.
What's new in Winamp 2.04?
* Bugfixes. I had these logged but I lost the log file :(
* Better installer integration (/install and /uninstall switch)
* New, nicer, self checking installer. Uninstall too!
* Fixed vis starting before first track bug
* Added /CLASS="Winamp v1.y" switch
* Added .ZIP support for skins. Simply drop a zipped skin in your Winamp\Skins
* Nitrane 1.24 with better sound quality and corrupt MP3 handling,
two different EQ modes, and an experimental Aural Stimulation Mode.
* Better "browse for directory" boxes.
* More IPC stuff (EQ, Skins, etc -- see frontend.txt)

What's new in Winamp 2.03?

* Improved shift selection in playlist editor
* Better litestep support (litestep options in preferences/options, too)
* Fixed a number of midi/cdda related bugs
* Added WM_GETMINMAXINFO handler, to improve maximize handling and windowshade
* Fixed some stupid (but very annoying) window region related bugs.
* Nitrane 1.22, for better sounding MP3 playback
* New 'No Playlist Advance' option for DJs and people who like to jump
around in playlists.
* Snapping is now adjustable.
What's new in Winamp 2.02?
* massive improvements to audio output system. No more skips!
(be sure you set your audio output prefs to the recommended
settings :)
* Some dsp plug-in related enhancements.
* fixed eq preset reloading bug
* Optimized Nitrane's 3DNow! mode some more. About 10% faster.
(went from 11.5% to 10.2% or so)
* Ported some code to C in in_mod, for the upcoming 2.02 AXP build :)
What's new in Winamp 2.01?
* made playlist editor use windows font.. resizable and skinnable
* fixed a silly little hide-mainwindow-while-minimized-bug
* added up/down arrow (and mousewheel scroll) to plwindowshade
* fixed silly position bar moving bug
* made EQ's 0-lock more accurate
* made title-scroll option
* added width&height chex for pl
* fixed error with sorting in skin selection box
* fixed evil playlist editor 256 color bugs and alignment stuff
* Nitrane 1.20. Faster, fully functional layer 2 support. Optimizations.
Better sounding half and quarter rate modes. fixed decoder mode setting
* more... ! :)
What's new in Winamp 2.0?
* I wouldn't know where to start =) sorry, just play with it..
----------- Old 1.x What's New ---------------------------------------------
What's new in Winamp 1.92 SP?
* New Nitrane 1.0 MPEG audio decoder (mostly bugfixes)
* New MOD/XM/IT player (see readme.txt)
* New CDDA plug-in.
* Fixed WAV plug-in
* A few new plug-ins.
What's new in Winamp 1.92?
* Mousewheel support (controls volume, or seeks when pressed)
* Saves prefs even if you shut down while winamp is running
* Skins can now change the color of most of Winamp's dialogs
(see dialogs.txt in Skins\DColor)
* Shift-minimize minimizes to tray
* Plug-in name caching
* Modeless prefs box, skin selector, about box
* Better filetype registration. With unregistration, and individual
extension selection
* Win98/IE4 taskbar support
* added /config=file.ini (path optional) switch.
* fixed some region related bugs
* Apply works as expected in prefs now! :)
* Nitrane MP3: totally new decoding engine with support for MMX, 3DNow!
and more.
* Removed MIDI/CDDA plug-ins temporarily (coming back soon when we get
them working better)
What's new in Winamp 1.91 sp1?
* midi plugin: Fixed MIDI playback for files with spaces in their names
* midi plugin: Trying to reinitialize synth on playback
* wave plugin: fixed ACM problems on some systems with normal PCM files
(bypass ACM)
What's new in Winamp 1.91?
* better short-fn to lfn conversion
* added new remove options to playlist editor
* added /new switch, opens up a new winamp, always
* none option for taskbar/tray display setting
* Optimized prefs/plugins -- dsp plugins now must be named dsp_*.dll.
* Made playlist editor keep track of playlist file (again)
* Added SkinDir= and PluginDir= options for winamp.ini (add them manually
in [Winamp] in Winamp.ini to change)
* Fixed up some delete playlist-then-hit-stop bugs
* Fixed input-change bug in vis plugins
* added skin enhancement: region.txt region specifier
* added skin enhancement: balance.bmp is like volume.bmp but for
balance/panning bar
* added skin enhancement: nums_ex.bmp allows for - sign definition :)
* added 'playlist types' to open dialog
* made snap to viewport snap on move in stead of on drop
* added plug-in config hotkey/menu item
* made vis_fs.dll default visualization
* changed file type to 'winamp media file' from 'mpeg file'..
* added demo.mp3, and auto-play on first run
* fixed 2 digit bitrate/mixrate bug
* fixed IPC_JUMPTOTIME bug (works now)
* improved http m3u reading (error detection, yay)
* made doublesize mode not so screwupy in win95
* optimized title/length reading code
* auto-idle when not playing
* revised plug-in spec
* added 'default extension' option
* mp3 decoder: new time calculation code (all integer)
* mp3 decoder: added options for different extensions
(and additional extensions)
* mp3 decoder: added MMS streaming option
* mp3 decoder: optimized size-changing checking code (for indirect streaming)
* mp3 decoder: mixed-bitrate mp3s now display average bitrate
* mp3 decoder: more genres
* mp3 decoder: high genre bug fixed
* mp3 decoder: improved http and mms streaming (with error detection n stuff)
* mp3 decoder: fixed priority setting bug
* mp3 decoder: added error messages for id3 editor box
* mp3 decoder: new output system (optimized)
* mod decoder: fixed priority setting bug
* mod decoder: added better 8 bit support
* mod decoder: new 'if title is empty' logic..
* mod decoder: added support for windowshade vu
* mod decoder: added .669 support
* mod decoder: new output system (optimized)
* mod decoder: added waveform dsp plugin support
* wav decoder: .VOC support. Only mono, 8 bit files are supported.
* wav decoder: .VOC support supports silence blocks and changing samplerates
(all upsampled to 44.1kHz)
* wav decoder: .WAV support. Uses ACM so you can play any .WAV file.
* linein/cdda decoder: support for linein:// and .CDA cd tracks.

What's new in Winamp 1.90?

* Major release - Winamp is now a general purpose audio player
(.MODs are back baby!)
* Plug-in input sources. Included MP2/MP3 plug-in, MOD/XM/S3M/IT plug-in.
Coming soon: WAV/VOC/AU/AIFF, AAC, CD Audio, etc
* Lots of bugfixes
* New bugs (since we changed a *lot*)
* Included new beta nifty fullscreen visualization library (with a dot
fountain! :)
What's new in Winamp 1.82?
* Even more ID3 genres
* Decoder bug fixed (for corrupted mp3s)
* Better shell integration (both play and queue options)
What's new in Winamp 1.81?
* More ID3 genres
* Fixed dsp plug-in non-working thingy
* New 'alternate volume setting code' that works on all systems
* You can now set the buffering time to 0 seconds for low-latency
* No more integer mode (sucky)
* New quarter-sample-rate mode
* New 'agressive buffering' option
* Cosmetic improvements
* Winamp now remembers position in last playlist when starting
* Random skin option box (see skin selector)
What's new in Winamp 1.80?
* Skin support
* Plug-Ins now go in Plugins\ (move your old ones there)
* Experimental integer mode for 486s
* 64 bit mode for extra good sound
* Removed Extra-HQ switch (always HQ now)
* Removed bufferless playback mode (slower according to vtune, just set
buffer-size to around 0.3 seconds for faster EQ, etc)
* Playlist editor bugfixes and enhancements
* Many small bugfixes
* Optimized audio output code
* Hold down shift while seeking for some fun
What's new in Winamp 1.73?
* .WAV writing bug fixed (sorry! :)
What's new in Winamp 1.72?
* Winamp style dialogs are now an option
* Improved streaming, supports nearly all web servers (we hope), and HTTP
* Fixed many little bugs, little improvements
What's new in Winamp 1.70?
* Redesigned playlist editor. Much more intuitive.
* Fixed a TON of 256 color issues (vis looks better, dialogs look better)
What's new in Winamp 1.69?
* Restyled playlist editor, graphical equalizer jump box, etc
- they look MUCH nicer
* 10 band graphical equalizer
(Makes your 1.666 and earlier presets incompatible.. sorry)
* Clutterbar now shows you the function of each button in the title
field (when the mouse is over them)
* Playlist editor's time calculation is better (uses ?'s if uncertain, and
shows hours/minutes/seconds if applicable)
* Playlist editor displays time for each track (if available)
* More optimization, mostly in lower quality mode.
* Plug-in related stability improvements (tries to tame badly behaved
* Minor bugs fixed, including DSP selection, reverse stereo analyzer plug-in
* Fixed focus-main-winamp-window-on-open-of-eq-or-pe bug. (phew)
* Reverted the previous button back to the old way, of previous song, always
(I like it better this way too)
* New prebuffer after seek option
* HQ button is now single-click
* Sorry, this version changes the configuration format. You will need
to reconfigure Winamp to your liking if you are upgrading.
* A few new IPC calls
What's new in Winamp 1.666?
* The Clutterbar.
* Windowshade button
* Seek-in-windowshade mode
* Added desktop icon adding to preferences
* Added a nifty hq control on main interface.
* New ID3 tags
* General purpose plug-in architecture (woohoo)
* Fixed mixed-mode layer 2 bug (yay)
* Fixed "blip" bug in low quality imdct
* Optimized huffman decoding and requantinization
* New high quality mode. Slower (but still quick), and sounds GREAT
* Vastly improved shell integration. Try selecting lots of files in explorer,
and hit "open" (doesn't work perfectly unless Winamp is already running)
* Improved graphical equalizer (new ranges, more accurate, etc)
* Added live web links.
* Changed format of seeking display status
* Added nifty "add to playlist from explorer" (more or less) option to
prefs/initial setup
* Better VU meter with peak detection in windowshade
* More stable threading
* Improved command line handling (supports relative pathnames better)
* Alternate volume setting mode (for some soundcards)
* More ID3 format strings
* New buffer-all logic
* More IPC functions for programmers
* %6 ID3 bug fixed (invalid genres)
What's new in Winamp 1.64?
* MAJOR "bug" fix: fixed buffer size logistics (enables 48/24/12khz output
on many soundcards that wouldn't work before).
What's new in Winamp 1.62?
* Numerous bugs fixed
* Tooltip on titlebar
* More menu items
What's new in Winamp 1.61?
* Improved ID3 tag reading logic
* Resizable playlist editor
* Bugs fixed in .WAV writer (now replaces /\|,. etc with _)
* Plug-in configuration hwndParent bug fixed
* Configurable icon in system tray
* Yes, we like refinements

What's new in Winamp 1.60?

* Improved sound quality (added HQ option)
* Improved batch .WAV writer
* Cleaned up playlist editor
* New ID3->Title translation
* New multiple instances logic
* Lots of cosmetic improvements and refinements
* Countless other improvements and bugfixes
What's new in Winamp 1.6 BETA?
* Plugin Architecture
* Visualization Plugins
* Simple test plugins (Analyser, Oscilliscope, VU meter)
* Fullscreen plugins (Analyser, Oscilliscope, Voiceprint, etc)
- requires DirectX3+ or NT4SP3
* Zygron's plugin library (some nifty effects)
* Trippy Visualization plugin (rotozooms/motionblurrs an image with the
music) - requires DirectX3+ or NT4SP3
* 3D Spectrum Analyser plugin (Jeff's) - requires DirectX5.
* DSP Plugins
* Simple Reverb/Echo
* Simple Voice Removal (not extremely advanced)
* Note: these plugins might not be that great, but it's open for other
people to write plugins (and us when we get more time), so it will
be pretty useful.
* Right-click context menus in main interface
* Improved ID3 tag editor w/ MPEG info display
* VU meter and eject button in windowshade mode
* Increased visualization accuracy
* Faster seeking
* More reliable HTTP streaming
* Limited support for Microsoft NetShow audio streams (mms://)
* Bugfixes, new options (of course)

What's new in Winamp since 1.45?

* MPEG 2.5 support (preliminary - occasional blips)
* HTTP streaming support
* New "Eject" button
* Fixed clipping problem
* New mini features
* TONS of bugfixes
What's new in Winamp since 1.40?
* Keyboard shortcuts for playlist editor (as requested)
* Ctrl+A: selects all
* Ctrl+N: selects none
* Ctrl+I: inverts selection
* Ctrl+L: loads playlist
* Ctrl+S: saves playlist
* Ctrl+O: sorts by title
* Shift+O: sorts by filename
* Ctrl+Shift+O: sorts by full filename (with path)
* Ctrl+R: randomize
* Ctrl+Shift+R: reverse
* Delete: deletes selected mp3s.
* Enter: plays (first) selecteed mp3
* Insert: inserts mp3s
* Shift+Insert: inserts directory
* Control+Insert: inserts playlists
* Super low latency low overhead buffering for some computers
* This lets my P5-133 use around 2% with ALL options on in Windows NT
(but only with my GUS pnp, it doesn't help my AWE32. huh)
* It isn't as skip-proof as normal buffering, so you will probably have
to give it some big priority boost in the preferences. But the perform
on some systems is amazing, the fastest I have EVER seen.
* Winamp is now 100% uncrippled nag-free Shareware that never expires.
* Registration for personal use is only $10.
What's new in Winamp since 1.20?
Here's a few:
* Restyled playlist editor (with improved functionality)
* Total time display in playlist editor
* Rewritten playlisting engine (less buggy, more efficient)
* Improved ID3 tag editor (alphabetical genres)
* Revised main user interface
* Display of positioning/volume/balance in songname field
* Panning control
* EQ & Playlist buttons
* Enlarged songname field.
* Manual songname scrolling returned
* Doublesize mode
* Optimized Visualization (less slowdown in win95)
* Fire Analyzer Mode
* Snap-to-viewport in always on top mode
* Returned mixed-bitrate MPEG 2 stream support
* Logarithmic EQ
* Now has full -12db to +12db adjustment
* Presets and auto-loading of settings (per mp3)
* Higher priority by default
* Changes to taskbar/system tray preferences take place immediately
* .WAV ouput support (look in Preferences/Output/Device)
* Added support for mixed bitrate streams
* More file icons
* Lots of bugfixes and refinements