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Issue 1, April-May 2007


At The Moment Issue 1 Editor’s Note Welcome to the first issue AtM, a brand new online Zine that will (hopefully) see periodic release every three or so weeks. In creating the publication, the collaborators had one goal in mind: to create something we’d enjoy reading. As for the needs of all you other poor saps, well… Yes, they were also accounted for if you must know. Since every single one of us has different tastes, interests and hobbies, we’ve opted for an openformat style that accounts for a smorgasbord of content: Movies, music, games, T.V., and anime are all present. Bear in mind, this is a completely amateur, personal project that was strapped together in the space of two weeks by a small group of seven high school friends… By no means should you expect a professional standard here. Not that we’re making excuses! *Glances suspiciously from side to side.* As a companion to the Zine, I’ve created a little website at where you can view the latest issues, subscribe, leave some feedback or a message, or jump on our brand new Forums to discuss anything and everything. If you’d like to show your appreciation for the effort that has been contributed, please visit the Zine on and click the “I Like It!,” button on the bottom of the page, or leave a comment (you do not need an account for either). Enjoy! James Ritchie, EditorIn-Chief The Staff

Andrew – Movies Editor Nick – Music Editor Mei – Artwork/Graphics and Anime


At The Moment Issue 1 Mike – Videogames, Anime Contributor Zack – Music Contributor Trung – Junior Editor, Contributor James – Editor-In-Chief Any and all creative original works contained herein are the intellectual property of the staff of AtM. Any reproduction, electronic or otherwise, of any text or images exclusive to AtM must be done so with expressed written consent and/or proper accreditation. Online had small, devoted followings, they were mainly bland exercises in “go out, perform quest, rinse and repeat.” When Blizzard’s MMO was released unto the unsuspecting public, a solid reputation, familiar setting and most of all, a quality game helped escalate WoW beyond belief. Currently sitting at around 8 million subscribers, the game has surpassed any other MMORPG to date (and by a very large margin). However, considering that the MMO market only exists due to monthly fees, it’s a fair assumption that each player will only be playing one at any given time. Therefore, the genre has limited appeal to consumers. The problem is: Why would anyone want to play anything other than WoW? It’s arguably the best MMO available, and is constantly improving. This is only aggravated by the fact that the traditional MMO formula has remained virtually stagnant for over ten years. Every new release seems like the same basic game, with a different game world and slightly varied mechanics. The only 3

(World of Warcrap) Opinion James Ritchie MMORPG’s, until the advent of World of Warcraft (or WoW, if you think that it’s cool to abbreviate things), were an entirely niche genre. While titles like Everquest and Ultima

At The Moment Issue 1 way to advance MMORPG’s is change, drastic change. Is it happening? To an extent. Games like Guild Wars (even though its not really an MMO), Second Life and a few others show that a new model can still be successful. But few developers are willing to take this risk; with a WoW-dominated playing field, it’s far easier to imitate the winning blueprint than invent something fresh and new. We cannot let the Western MMO market become like Korean free-MMORPG’s – where every game is pretty much EXACTLY the same. Unfortunately, unless some imaginative new title manages to snatch some glory from beneath the Colossus’ grasp, this event doesn’t seem very likely. Here’s hoping that fresh concepts like the upcoming Huxley and Tabula Rasa deviate enough to be fresh, and appealing enough to be successful.

(Medieval 2: Total War) Michael Ladow There have always been many breathtaking games. But this game is


At The Moment Issue 1 one of a kind. I mean, after playing Medieval II for hours, its hard to be entertained by any other strategy title out there. Graphics, sound, gameplay, and entertainment value are all up to scratch and beyond. If you don’t believe me, then read on. If after all this you don’t believe this game is good, go play another less than average tactical wargame… Troops no longer look like clones (go play Star Wars if you’re into that). The unit’s equipment is also visible, whether they have been equipped with cheap leather armour or shiny plate armour. Sound is great too. Screams of death, arrows whistling, swords clashing, explosions, city walls crumbling, fire! All are pulled off with such realism. The games music is also very notable. For those who have played Rome: Total War before, you will notice that the main music soundtrack is a variant of the music found in Rome :TW that has been given a medieval feel. Lastly is gameplay: the most important part. If you don’t have a top of the range computer and are forced to bring the graphics levels down to the lowest settings, it really wouldn’t matter! It’s the gameplay of Medieval II: Total War that can really get you into the game. Playing from the death of King William the Conquer until the Conquest of the New World, there will never be a dull moment. The Grand Campaign is laid out in two ways: The Map and the Battle. 5

Lets start with the graphics. The visuals have undergone major improvements from its predecessors. Textures and detail is exceptional. As usual, you can command thousands of troops. And I mean that literally. There can be over one thousand individual troops on screen at once. One little factor that I really like is the variety in the soldiers. Each individual soldier’s appearance is random.

At The Moment Issue 1 I wont go into too much detail in how you play the game. You capture settlements, build buildings, train troops, move characters, move fleets, initiate diplomacy, and then press the button for the next turn. Its simple but highly effective. One point that is very interesting in this game are the RPG elements. You are given access to many different characters such as merchants, priests, spies and generals. Each character is capable of gaining new traits and talents or assistants. Order a spy to infiltrate and your spy may get even better at his craft. Having your priest root out heresy in a region and he may gain a Witch Hunter assistant. There are limitless opportunities to train and buff your characters. Generals however, often gain experience and bonuses through their actions in the battlefield, which brings me to the next point. The battlefield is where your tactics and skills are put to the test. When your army is built up, you will mostly likely have attacked an enemy on the map. All the little troops you trained will be placed on the 6 battlefield. *in posh voice* “Ah hello there my lil spearman, how are you today?” So now what happens? You fight. Tactics and skill are probably the two most important elements in the battlefield. You may posess one regiment of Gothic Knights, a unit of crusading spearmen and 2 crossbow regiments, but that doesn’t mean its impossible to defeat an army of 15 or so peasants (and I’ve done it=D). Plus the way you utilise your general on the battlefield can often give him new traits, whether they are positive or negative. Your general may have charged into the middle of the action and he may have been given positive traits. Your general may have fled from the enemy and he may be branded a coward. So to sum it up, the Campaign Map directly affects the Battle, and the outcome of the Battle will directly affect the Campaign Map. Ah! They go hand in hand…

At The Moment Issue 1

Implementing RPG elements, action, and strategy, its very hard to resist this game’s aura of excellence. Not only that, but there will be an expansion to this game coming soon, which will only boost the entertainment value of Medieval 2: Total War . You will know you have not wasted any money after having bought this exceptional game.


At The Moment Issue 1


At The Moment Issue 1 Ieyasu), the highest ruler of Japan and the founder of Tokugawa Shogunate, attempted to consolidate his reign and deliberately stirred up a feud between the two clans by inviting them to select five of their best ninja warriors to a fight to the death. Designated as the leaders for the two clans respectively, are Kouga Gennosuke (Joe Odagiri) and Oboro (Yukie Nakama). The two of them are secretly married, and are faced with a difficult decision between their love and clans.

(Shinobi) Trung Ly Shinobi: Heart Under Blade is a Japanese Ninjutsu movie released in 2005. It can be considered as Romeo and Juliet with an action twist. Starring in this movie is 仲間由紀恵 (Yukie Nakama) and 小 田切 譲 (Joe Odagiri). The theme song for the movie is the #1 hit ‘HEAVEN’ by 浜崎あゆ み (Ayumi Hamasaki). Set immediately after the Japanese Warring States Period, Iga and Kouga are two ninja clans who have produced many powerful ninjas and warlords, and have feuding with each other for thousands of years. 徳川 家康 (Tokugawa

A “shape-shifter,” of Kouga clan.

Each clan provided their own warriors with their own special arts. Kouga provided such arts as a woman that feeds on poison and a shape shifter. Iga provided such arts as a beast, a young girl that has


At The Moment Issue 1 mystical powers and a man who “isn’t very good at dying” (but no, he is not an immortal). However, Oboro herself has the most powerful weapon of all, 破幻之瞳, literally meaning ‘the iris of annihilation’. This power allows Oboro to brutally destroy the enemy within themselves the moment they make eye contact. The two of them, initially being peaceful and knowing the preciousness of life, tries their utmost to prevent this meaningless and brutal fight. After the death of all their comrades, they gradually accept their inevitable fate. In the last fight between Gennosuke and Oboro, Gennosuke decides not to defend himself and allows Oboro to kill him, thus letting the clan of Iga ‘win’. Meanwhile, Tokugawa Ieyasu sent his armies to exterminate both villages. To accomplish Gennosuke’s hope of saving the villages and bringing them to peace with each other, Oboro implores Tokugawa Ieyasu and pleads him not to destroy the villages. As a show of her sincerity, she blinds herself, ridding her of her weapon. Moved profoundly by Oboro’s action, Ieyasu withdrew his armies and issued an injunction to protect both villages. Kouga and Iga now live peacefully among each other.

Actress 仲間由紀恵 (Yukie Nakama) as Oboro.

This movie is a classic and is very much so comparable to Romeo and Juliet. It has many fascinating fight scenes, a notable one being when Oboro first uses her “weapon” to kill an enemy. The lighting compliments the fight scenes, and really sets the mood and tension between the characters. The camera angle and shot are steady during fight scenes, so they don’t move around a lot.


At The Moment Issue 1 They are focused on the characters and capture every moment and action. Though many of the scenes are very graphical and revealing, it shows much excitement and twist to the story that will have the viewer holding on to their seats, and breathless to await what happens next.

(North By NorthWest) Classic Andrew Cuce Unlike most dedicated movie fans, I failed to see what made an Alfred Hitchcock film stand out among the rest. I’m not to say previous Hitchcock films I have seen were not remarkable. ‘Psycho’, ‘Rear Window’, ‘The Birds’ and ‘The Lady Vanishes’, all had outstanding plots and characters and set the standard for the mystery/thriller film. But what made a film a Hitchcock film? How do his films individualise amongst his rest? The answer was clearly shown to me, from the stylish opening credits


At The Moment Issue 1 to the suspenseful finale of ‘North by Northwest.’ Cary Grant stars as Roger Thornhill, an advertiser living a bustling life. One afternoon, when meeting a group of colleges for his work, Roger realises he must send an urgent telegram to his mother. On calling for service, a waiter announces a telephone call for a Mr. George Kaplan and Roger mistakenly declares it to be for him. In a matter of seconds, Roger is suddenly at hidden gunpoint by two henchmen and is swiftly kidnapped and brought to an affluent mansion. When there, he meets Vandamm (played by James Mason), who tells Roger how he (mistaken for Mr. Kaplan) has meddled too far into his villenous plans for international espionage. After helplessly trying to convince Vandamm of this case of mistaken identity, Roger is forced drunk and to be disposed of by the henchmen. After a clumsy and unintentional getaway, Roger winds up with the police, who don’t believe his case of intentional murder. Frustrated, Roger continues to pursue who this Kaplan person is, to prove his own innocence to Vandamm and escape the numerous murder attempts by his henchmen. During his investigation, Roger slowly takes on the identity of George Kaplan; accepting phone calls, apartment rooms and clothes all under Kaplan’s name in the hope to track down who he is. Meanwhile, we learn about the CIA’s wanting for Vandamm as an international fugitive, and their attempts to convict him. George Kaplan is actually a fictitious decoy created by the CIA to distract Vandamm from a real government agent right under his nose. But the CIA takes advantage of the fact that Roger, who has inadvertently slipped into the role as Kaplan, will now become a real life decoy for Vandamm. Goodbye Roger Thornhill? Not quite. Watch Roger, who is exceptionally played by the legendary Cary Grant, as he is chased across the face of America for wanted murderer by police, and meet up with beautiful 12

At The Moment Issue 1 and seductive Eve Kendall (played by Eva Marie Saint) who attempts to help Roger in his troubles. The films plot is nothing short of brilliant; an original and fast paced adventure with lasting tension for the audience throughout. Famous scenes such as the crop dusting plane swooping only inches from a running Cary Grant and the perilous chase over the faces of Mount Rushmore, serve ongoing tension for audience throughout the course of the entire film. The witty one liners provide the only humorous relief between the high tension events. the climax of the film, bringing another obstacle to overcome amongst the many in Roger’s search for justice. The special effects and stunts are also very well done and produce a great aid to the films excitement. I now know what is meant by an “Alfred Hitchcock” film and what is meant when a film is tagged as a “mystery/thriller.” It is all seen in ‘North by Northwest’. ‘North by Northwest’ is a gripping masterpiece in film’s history and sets the standard of many others of the same genre. This film has the ability to so greatly weave countless unexpected events into a deep plot, and leave the audience unable to predict the results until clever end. Amazing film for its era and excellent for all people wanting a thrilling tale of love and espionage. And what will happen to Roger Thornhill?

Cary Grant and Eva Marie embracing during the final scene on the face of Mt. Rushmore.

The romantic side of the story cleverly intertwines with the central plot in 13

At The Moment Issue 1
rekindle a friendship with Charlie, who is an old college roommate. Alan is aware of the demons that plague Charlie, as his family perished in the September 11 attacks, and Charlie has suffered dramatically as a consequence. He now lives alone, seeking to avoid contact with his only family members left (the parents of his deceased wife) and leading an existence of solitude and madness. Alan is experiencing issues of his own, however; he struggles to find freedom within his relationship with his wife (ably performed by Jada Pinkett Smith), regularly confronting his psychiatrist Angela (Liv Tyler) with personal problems even as she leaves the office, and contending with an obsessed client who is intent on performing oral sex on him. The angst that has pent up inside of Alan is part of the motivation that causes him to spend more and more time with Charlie, who lives a life that Alan almost envies; complete freedom and anarchy, doing nothing but playing heavy metal music and videogames all day long, and being bereft of the obligations of a committed relationship. The unraveling of Charlie’s haunted past within himself adds depth to a very interesting character. As he and Alan grow

(Reign Over Me) James Ritchie
Reign Over Me is a charming drama that is strung together largely by Adam Sandler’s quirky portrayal of the unstable supporting character, Charlie Fineman. Don Cheadle (Hotel Rwanda) takes lead role as Alan Johnson, disgruntled dentist, who seeks to


At The Moment Issue 1
closer and closer together, the torment that exists within Charlie is revealed; he is in a constant state of denial that he even once had a family, and whenever he is offered any help, he suffers an episode of uncharacteristic rage that often results in violence. He is a shell of a man when Alan first meets him; the professional, hopeful man he once knew is now just a tattered lunatic, roaming the streets on his scooter. Alan constantly attempts to coax Charlie into dealing with his past, and eventually succeeds after sending him to see Angela (the shrink). In a very powerful scene, Charlie releases the memories of his family in a lengthy tearsoaked revelation. While there are moments of humor in this film, these moments of respite do little to detract from the emotion-provoking themes that set this film apart from any other Adam Sandler film to date. It is a truly fascinating and heartwrenching tale of a man and his journey into, and out of, madness, through the love of friends who truly care about him. While some plot elements are a little far-fetched, drawn out and others perhaps tacked on, overall, Reign Over Me is a solid feature.

(Wild Hogs) James Ritchie Wild Hogs is a starstudded comedy that unfortunately misses the mark by a great deal. While it may feature the likes of John Travolta, William H. Macy, the once-great Tim Allen, and Martin Lawrence as protagonists, the humdrum assortment of routine slapstick bits and a myriad of flaws result in what could only be described as a below-average film. How far below average? Well, very far as it turns out. The plot sees the aforementioned thespians cast as a band of middle-aged companions in the grips


At The Moment Issue 1 of tedium. They all have insecurities and have found little refuge from the routine to which they have become accustomed, which leads them to seek escape in the form of a road trip as the “Wild Hogs,” – their not-sohardcore bikie gang. They hit the highway in search of adventure, however their plan soon leads astray when they have a bad encounter with a real biker crew – the “Del Fuegos,”- who kick them out of their bar, and steal one of their bikes. In retaliation, one of the heroes returns to seek revenge – and cuts the fuel line of all their vehicles, which results in a fire that destroys their precious bar. And so, the Wild Hogs make their way to the next town, unbeknownst that they are being pursued by malicious, angry bikers. The climax is a confrontation between the two groups, which as one would expect, results in victory for the Wild Hogs. One of the fundamental issues with this film is the lack of direction. The simplistic comedy would lead one to think that this perhaps could have been a family film; 16 however gratuitous swearing lends this movie to a ‘Mature’ rating when it really is quite immature. Another problem is that the plot is very, very thin; the narrative rarely goes anywhere, and the fact that the director manages to stretch only a handful of vaguely humorous situations into one and a half hours of boredom is commendable in itself. The characters are dull, and some of them especially annoying (especially William H. Macy’s clumsy oaf and the constantly pissed Del Fuegos leader). The only redeemable aspect of Wild Hogs is a couple of cheap laughs, and some nice scenery.

At The Moment Issue 1
convention, he meets an energetic boy named Wilbur Robinson who says he has travelled from the future to warn Lewis of an evil man that has come to steal his invention. Lewis shrugs off this ridiculous theory and after a loud “bang” of his failed machine, Lewis vows to give up and stop inventing. Wilbur alerts Lewis that he cannot give up inventing or it will change the life of the future dramatically. Still unconvinced of the idea of time travel, Wilbur whisks Lewis into his time machine at takes him to his own era. Here, Lewis witnesses the strange land of the future and meets Wilbur Robinson’s very quirky but loving family. Lewis experiences the taste of what true family means after his whole life without parents. Meanwhile, the antagonist said to take Lewis’s invention does so, jeopardising the future, as Lewis has just experienced. Lewis, Wilbur and the Family Robinson must then fight together to save the future. The storyline ‘Meet the Robinsons’ is somewhat different and unique. A Disney film has not gone into depth with time travel before. At some points throughout the film the plot does get somewhat muddled, more so near the end, due to switching back and forth between times. However the love

(Meet The Robinsons) Andrew Cuce
‘Meet the Robinsons’ is Disney’s second attempt at creating their own computer generated film without the help of Pixar. So is this any better than Disney’s shameful display of 2005’s Chicken Little? In a short answer, yes, but there is more detail to be explained. Meet the Robinsons serves as a safe and visually pleasing children’s film. Its animation style is soft and lovable, and so are its characters. The story begins a simple one but slowly becomes a complex tale of inventions, time travel and family roots. The plot opens with an orphan named Lewis, who is motivated to win the school’s inventing competition. Whilst at the


At The Moment Issue 1
and message of family remains strongly intact. The films best asset is its fast and clever movement from different characters of the Robinson family, as an introduction to the family and in several fight scenes. Another great aspect to see is that no major voices were attached to this film, which usually over commercialises the entire film and does not bring the best voices to suit the characters’ personalties. Although not the funniest of children’s films, the moral of family and to never give up is very clear in ‘Meet the Robinsons’, and will inspire many children and parents. Somewhat predictable, but a smart and clever film from Disney.


At The Moment Issue 1


At The Moment Issue 1
songs with heavy bass and drum beats. ‘until that day…’ also consists of a rock beat, but has been synthesised to give an upbeat, dance-ish effect. ‘JEWEL’ and ‘Secret’ are the only two ballad tracks. ‘JEWEL’ was used as the title song for a Panasonic Camera Promo in Japan. There were speculations that ‘JEWEL’ was to be released as a double ASide single along with ‘1Love’, but this release was cancelled. ‘momentum’ would be considered a winter ballad, the second one after her 2000 release, ‘M’. The lyrics to ‘momentum’ are considered one of her finest work on the album. It is debated that the lyrics are about her estranged father, after leaving her and her mother when she was only a young girl. The lyrics read: “The days when I loved you were the last miracle to me. My love for you is the last forever to me. That I could meet you was the first miracle to me.” Secret also contains upbeat, ‘lyrically bright’ songs such as ‘Born To Be…’, ‘BLUE BIRD’, and ‘Beautiful Fighters’. ‘Born To Be…’ is an inspirational song, and used for the broadcast for the Torino 2006 Winter Olympics. The album comes in CD+DVD format. The DVD includes all the music clips

(Ayumi Hamasaki – Secret) Trung Ly
‘Empress of J-Pop’, Ayumi Hamasaki, is back with her eighth full studio album, Secret. This is Ayumi’s fourth project from back in the year 2006, which followed previous album ‘(miss)understood’, and successful singles ‘Startin’/Born To Be…’ and ‘BLUE BIRD’.

The album was originally meant to be a 7 track minialbum. Although Secret has a mostly pop-ish sound to it, the album tracks are greatly influenced by rock, except for two ballad tracks. ‘1Love’ and ‘It was’ are the two most notable rock


At The Moment Issue 1
and making of clips for the album tracks. ‘JEWEL’ is one of the most expensive videos ever made, adding up to a total of ¥100 million.

Over all, the album shows some of Ayumi’s finest work at display, and has shone light on her pathway as she takes the journey and expands on her music genres and style. The album has had great success in Japan and also worldwide, and no doubt that this is one of her best albums up to date. In 2007, she will exceed on her ~Tour of Secret~ to promote her album.

(Young Buck – Buck The World) James Ritchie

Young Buck triumphs with Buck The World, a 16 track by-the-numbers rap album that succeeds by making up for its shortcomings and generic lyrical style with slick beats, plenty of solid hooks and a couple of memorable tracks. The G-Unit produced album features a plethora of distinguished hip-hop industry figures that make guest appearances, like 50 Cent, Eminem and Lil Jon punctuating the songs and working behind the scenes to great effect. Some awesome instrumental work gives the feature tracks a unique and defined sound, with a variety of quality loops supporting some pretty stock-standard percussion backing. However, occasionally the vocals are let down by some soft, almost RnB tunes; with some gruff gangstah rap, you need to have some thumping drums. The themes that Young Buck chooses to rap about will not be setting any records for originality; you’ve got your standard drugs n’ sex topic matter here. Considering this is rap, not much more could be expected, and some of the lines are amusing.


At The Moment Issue 1
Overall, if you’re into rap and you don’t mind more of the same, Buck The World should satisfy the wigga in you. audio spectrum, with plenty of upbeat, repetitive synths you’ve come to expect, and enough deep, resonating repeated effects such as in “The Creeps,”. However, often the music can lend itself a little to be a bit… feminine. Disc 1 kicks off with “Miracle,” – so you might want to skip ahead if you’re not comfortable dancing to tracks that are a tad soft. However, if you’re looking for the best new house tracks, Dance Energy: The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush lives up to its name – and then some.

(Ministry Of Sound – Dance Energy: The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush) James Ritchie Dance Energy: The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush is a solid 2 hours of some of the best house tracks from 2006 and beyond, featuring the likes of Eric Prydz, Fedde Le Grande and Alex Gaudino, who lend their talents to this dual-disc mix. Opting to slice out much of the tedious intro noise that plagues most dance tracks, Dance Energy maintains the flow by transitioning seamlessly and keeping the tempo up for the duration of the whole album. Even club favourites like “Put your hands up for Detroit,” are injected with a new life courtesy of some extra beats and a rapid pace. The sounds cover the

(Hi lar y Duff - Dignity) Nick Nakos Dignity is the fifth instalment from once child protégée Hilary Duff. Dignity definitely cements Hilary as an artist. She was about to successfully produce a record with a wide variety of genres,


At The Moment Issue 1 ranging from pop, to dance and there were even elements of rock. The albums first single ‘With Love’, is an uptempo, radio friendly track, which has seen mild success on the charts to date. Dignity was an album which was difficult to find fault in. I recommend that the album be listened to thoroughly at least two times, to completely agree that lyrics and harmonies of this album. A couple of other tracks which are sure to catch your attention, and may even by possible future releases are ’Between You and Me,’ ‘Outside of You,’ (which is personally my favourite track on Dignity) and ‘Danger,’ which in some forms, represents some Madonna-like similarities and also comparisons to Paris Hilton in a track from her debut album of 2006. Dignity is a superb album which is definitely value for money and can be found at all good music retailers and available from iTunes Music Store Australia from March 31. (Timbaland – Shock Value) Nick Nakos
This ingenious piece of collaborative wizardry by none other than the king of R&B/ Hip Hop Timbaland will provide music critics and fans alike with what is definitely going to be one of the albums of the year. With this album, Timbaland was not aiming to achieve solo success. Why would he want to? Working with the likes of Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake in 2006 to reach number one on charts around the world. This album could almost be a mix tape, with guests in all tracks except the first. It is fantastic to see artists give back to a man who has pushed the industry forward in so many ways. Artists like Missy Elliott, 50 Cent, Justin Timberlake, The Hives, Nelly Furtado and even Fall Out Boy feature on this album. The first single ‘Give it to Me’, is a club friendly track, which is bound to tap in with the mainstream audience given time. The second rumoured single is ‘Throw it on Me’ featuring The Hives. Many have already been quick to criticise this track if it were to be released due to its shortness in length, and the likelihood of it being shoved away as just another R&B track. Some highlights from this record were definitely the tracks


At The Moment Issue 1
‘Bounce’, ‘Scream’ and ‘Release’. Shock Value is a fantastic album, and is available now at Australian retail. This album comes with a parental advisory sticker.

music, along with those such as Norah Jones and Katie Melua, well we do not have to wait too long until we find out. This track will be available from April 14.

(Natasha Bedingfield – I Wanna Have Your Babies) Single Nick Nakos I Wanna Have Your Babies is the first single to be released from Natasha Bedingfield’s upcoming album ‘N.B.’, which is due out on April 28 in Australia. This track from Bedingfield has taken quite a different path from her harmonic melodies of ‘Unwritten’ and ‘These Words’. This track aims to catch the ear with an ‘in your face’ title, about sex and children. This is definitely a radio savvy track, which will attract radio stations to give it a high amount of airplay, which gives this track great potential. Can Natasha Bedingfield finally stamp herself as a real force in female

(Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Hump de Bump) Single Nick Nakos Hump de Bump is a catchy tune from the Peppers who are down under for a number of their sold out Oz shows. You could almost mistake this new single for something from a Pop/Rock band, but it is definitely the Chilli Peppers at their best. The musical arrangement of this 24

At The Moment Issue 1 track is of high quality, with vocals from lead singer Anthony Kiedis gritty and firm. This track has already reached most radio stations and is experiencing popularity. Yet another track from the Stadium Arcadium album, which has performed well album expectation. Add the fact that the band is promoting this single while they are down under, Hump de Bump definitely has the makings of a Top Ten hit. Hump de Bump is definitely a step away from the conventional RHCP record, but could it be a glimpse of what the Chilli Peppers have in store for us in the future? No confirmed release date for this single is known as yet.

(Namie Amuro – Baby Don’t Cry) Single Trung Ly ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ is Namie Amuro’s latest single after the release of ‘Can't Sleep, Can't Eat, I'm Sick / 人魚’, previously released eight months ago. The song is a mid-tempo pop song with an R&B beat. The B-Side track is titled ‘Nobody’. It was originally meant to be released with ‘White

Light’, but was taken off before it was released and ‘Violet Sauce’ took its place. ‘Nobody’ is described as a sequel to ‘White Light’ due to the fact that both songs have almost identical compositions. The melody is altered in the verses but is identical in the pre-chorus and chorus. In the music video for the song, we see her walking in uncrowded places in Japan, including streets, parks and beaches.


At The Moment Issue 1


At The Moment Issue 1


At The Moment Issue 1
Keith Scott. This season is a true coming of age for the show. Bethany Joy Lenz, who plays Hayley James Scott, maybe have realised that marrying at such an age might not have been what was right for her. She had so much potential, and is finding it difficult to pursue a career. With this, she leaves town, seemingly abandons her husband, Nathan Scott, to pursue a career in music. One Tree Hill deals with some of the hard-hitting issues that effect modern day society. Drugs, depression and alcohol abuse are all again addressed, and dealt with in a mature manner. Brooke Davis, the school bimbo, the popular one, and ever the socialite, comes down a notch in this season. Of course, she married fellow cast member Chad Michael Murray during the summer, and this could have had a reverse effect on her acting. Nonetheless, her role as Brooke Davis was executed magnificently yet again, and sparks between Lucas and Brooke and incredibly evident, until Brooke walks away, in tears, leaving all viewers hanging as to what the result of this is. Peyton Sowyer is a character who we have failed to touch on yet. Sometimes the forgotten one. She is deeply in love, with Jake, a sports jock, and has taken the responsibility of fighting for Jake, and mothering his child, Jenny.

(One Tree Hill – Season 2) Nick Nakos
What can I say about One Tree Hill? This show is addictive, amazing, and one of the best things to hit television. Forget The O.C., and trashy dramas like Desperate Housewives, this show has the lot! And caters for all ages groups. On the back of an award winning first season, this show only gets better. The characters all develop in their own ways. Dan Scott, played by Paul Johannson is the main villain, the one whom Tree Hill is against. He toys with the minds of everyone. Bribes the son who he walked away from, Lucas Scott, played by Chad Michael Murray and ruins the life of his brother,


At The Moment Issue 1
One Tree Hill Season Two, definitely gets to the crux of the show, which is love, lust and revenge. This show keeps a serious, yet sexy approach, and you would be hard pressed to find a show that is as fulfilling as One Tree Hill. At times, the show tended to be quite stagnant in a few scenes in particular, involving Deb’s drug addiction. This whoever, did not over shadow the magnificent performance of the cast and producers. The show is yet to remove or kill any characters as such. I believe for the development of the show, new characters, which are unique and confrontational, need to be introduced. Carlos and Anna, two new younger figures in Season Two, where very predictable and the lesbian storyline was very lull and in some ways did the show no favours and was not very beneficial at all. Accompanied by an array of bonus material on all 6 discs, this is definitely one show that you should get your hands on!

(Claymore) First Impressions James Ritchie
Claymore is a brand new anime that began airing on April 3, on Japanese network NTV. The gothicthemed series is derived from a Manga of the same name, which consists of eleven volumes that were featured in Monthly Shonen Jump. A fansub of the first episode has already hit the Internet, and AtM has an exclusive first look at Claymore: Scene 1. The storyline (at least so far) seems to adhere to the plot of the Manga series, although it does deviate slightly in some respects. The world of Claymore is dark and medieval, and most of civilised society consists of small, rural towns, with somewhat of an element of disconnect from the outside world. However, plaguing this otherwise peaceful existence is a malicious presence; evil creatures or spirits, known as Yoma, possess the bodies and souls of humans. Although there is demonic Chi coursing through their veins, the Yoma can maintain a human appearance, and absorb the memories of the host, therefore allowing them to disguise themselves. In order to counter the threat, a highly secretive organization created hybrid creatures dubbed by humans as Claymores – half-human, half-Yoma soldiers, who have the ability to detect


At The Moment Issue 1
Yoma even whilst they are camouflaged. However, due to their tainted lineage, the Claymores are outcasts – feared, perhaps even hated. They are also referred to as “silver-eyed witches.” All Claymores are female, and they all wear similar armour and wield hefty Claymore swords. In the first episode, a Claymore (who we later learn goes by the name of Clare) is called to a small hamlet in what appears to be the mountains. Six townsfolk have already been consumed by a Yoma, and the village Chief has taken it upon himself to requisition the Claymore’s services. However, shortly after arriving, Clare becomes pursued by Raki – a young, curious lad whose parents were felled by the Yoma. He does not fear her like the others. After he travels with her for a brief while, he leaves to ply his cooking trade in exchange for accommodation with his uncle and brother. However, upon returning to them, he finds his uncle has been killed; the culprit is his brother, the Yoma. At the moment of death, Clare arrives to slay the beast and save Raki. His entire family now dead, the town is afraid that Raki himself may indeed turn to Yoma, and he is forced into exile. He collapses in the desert, and awakens to find himself in an Inn. It was Clare, a supposedly emotionless Claymore, who was his saviour. He seeks her out, but instead encounters a Yoma impostor. Clare defeats the copycat demon, and agrees to accept Raki as her cook. The art style, at least until this point, is quite generic, although altogether of high quality. Vibrant colours are prevalent, punctuated by a contrast between the deep reds and blacks during the presence of Yoma, and the bright palette of daytime. The character designs are nothing special. The audio effects are crisp, however background music is sparse and subdued (although this might have been intentional). The battles are quite brief one-sided exchanges. The two bouts featured in this episode both saw the Claymore dispatch the Yoma with relative ease, slicing limbs with no effort. If you’re not a fan of blood and gore, avoid Claymore.


At The Moment Issue 1 (Nagasarete Airantou) First Impressions James Ritchie Nagasarate Airantou is yet another mangaadapted anime series from animation studio Feel, and is set for a 26episode run. It chronicles the adventures of a young runaway name Ikuto, who flees from his home after an argument with his father. He boards a ship in the heat of his frustration – however, fate strikes at the most inopportune time, and the boy is cast overboard. Ignored by the crew, he attempts to swim back to safety, until he is consumed by a mammoth wave. When he awakens, he soon realises that he has stumbled into a very enviable position – his floating body had drifted up on the shore of an island (where he was fished out by the curious Suzu) that is inhabited entirely by females. Yes, you soon realize that the island of Airantou is established for the sole purpose of some creepy Japanese fanservice and some slightly disturbing situations featuring young girls. The backstory is a little convoluted, however a feisty old (and hairylipped) woman informs Ikuto that all the Islanders were part of an exploration expedition that went awry, and who’d remained undiscovered on the abandoned island for many, many years. Of course, this means that all the girls hadn’t seen a male for decades – and you can imagine the resulting frenzy. What at first seems completely innocent soon degrades into a maelstrom of action as Ikuto (for some strange reason) attempts to dodge his “captors,” who pursue him with vigour. Even Suzu, whose kind gesture to accommodate Ikuto seems like charity at first, traps him into a hot tub and attempts to “wash his back.” Yes, wash his back indeed… Don’t be fooled, Airantou is no Hentai, instead opting for a spot of cheeky fun with minimal nudity (but plenty of panties). There’s an abundance of mildly amusing slapstick, and a prevalence of the clichéd anime conventions that you’ve 31

At The Moment Issue 1 come to expect of the genre. This series may not be that original, but it’s a joy to watch. The animation style is very colourful, bright and vibrant – the characters are drawn in a very immature, comical way, however it does look a bit out of place when you are forced to witness what appears to be a thirteen year-old girl rubbing her… *ahem*… all over a confused lad. If you’re sick of the standard monsterslaying fare and are in need of something a little light-hearted, Nagasarate Airantou is a brand new series to keep your eye on.


At The Moment Issue 1


At The Moment Issue 1 feel the need to do some random browsing. The range of items you can use to assemble your masterpiece is fairly good, and more have been added over the course of time. Most of them are fairly generic, and perhaps in the future a custom character creator could be implemented.

(http://www.stripgen James Ritchie The Internet is fast becoming the destination of choice for comic strips, and its clear why; the immediacy of content delivery, and the easily updateable nature of the medium makes creating, sharing and consuming a breeze. is an online tool that has a variety of pre-generated characters, objects and scenery props that can be utilized in order to create a multi-panel comic strip with ease. You can even create a “strip blog,” a page where you can post all related comics under one heading. Also on is a simple set of forums, and a tag cloud if you

(http://www.pandora .com) James Ritchie Pandora is an online radio of sorts that analyses the music you enjoy and provides tracks of similar style and genre for you to listen to. It uses a variety of methods to discern the common elements of songs, and even tells you why it chose particular artists or tunes.


At The Moment Issue 1 Pandora is fairly easy to use, although it does have its limitations (probably in order to preserve legality of the service). You cannot go back if you accidentally skip a song, or choose specific songs to listen to; the individual stations that are created around your choice are somewhat randomised. After a certain amount of playtime, you are required to create an account with the site. The interface is slick and clean, and navigating is relatively simple.
available for use, and this step-by-step guide is intended for beginners who want a simple way to take advantage of BitTorrent. Step 1: Download & Install A Client There are a variety of BitTorrent frontends which offer a range of features; however for those seeking fast speeds, a clean GUI and ease of use I recommend BitComet. BitComet is very popular, and for good reason. To acquire the freeware, you can simply search BitComet at Once there, click “Download Now.”

(A Beginner’s Guide to BitTorrent) James Ritchie
BitTorrent is a peer-topeer file-sharing protocol which allows users to distribute content via a client, and which rewards those with higher upstream speeds by granting them greater download speeds. Those who share are known as “seeds,” – those on the receiving end, “leechers.” The larger abundance of seeds, the more sources and therefore a stronger connection. There are a variety of Torrent indexes and several similar clients

The setup file weighs in at around 6 mb, so it should be a relatively quick download for broadband users. Once the download is complete, simply open it and follow the instructions, as you would any other program. Step 2: Configure Settings Clicking “Tools,” and then “Preferences,” should


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bring up a preferences window, allowing the user to make tweaks to a number of settings.

While the default settings should suffice, if you want to limit/increase your upstream or downstream bandwith, or change anything else, this is the place to do it. Personally, I’ve limited my uploading limit to about 5 kb/s, although having an unlimited upstream/downstream should achieve the best results. Step 3: Find A Torrent To Download There are many Torrent search engines available, and simply Googling “Torrents,” will yield more results than one would need. Some popular sites include, and For this example, we’re going to use Heading there will bring up the homepage, which should appear as follows.

You can pretty much find every piece of media ever created as a Torrent download. However, of course certain files could be deemed illegal to share for obvious reasons, BitTorrent was created first and foremost as a means of effectively transferring legitimate, original content. Let’s try searching 300 Trailer – this is a file that is legal to distribute, as it is free for download from the official site as well. This will produce a small number of results. As a general rule, look for the file with the best “Health,” – a measure of speed based upon Seeds/Leechers that is represented by a bar to the side.

Step 4: Download! sources a number of other BitTorrent sites, and provides them


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as a list to you after you choose for a file. Click on one of those sources, and then you should be able to find a “Download,” link. If BitComet is already configured to open Torrent files, you should just be able to hit “Open,” in your browser before/after downloading. However, you may need to place the file somewhere on your computer (most easily the desktop), and then go into BitComet and open it manually (File>Open). Remember, the tiny .torrent files aren’t the actual pieces of content your looking for – they simply point your client in the right direction, after which BitComet will download the actual media itself. helpful. If you’re having trouble with speed or even getting a connection at all, remember to make sure you’re firewall is configured correctly, and that there isn’t a setting in the Preferences window that needs to be changed. Enjoy!

And ta-da! You’re finished. I hope this guide has been

Thanks for reading!

At The Moment Issue 1

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