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A Brief Introduction


1. Company Profile
2. Management Profile
3. I . T . Consultancy Services
4. O u t s o u r c i n g S e r v i c e s
5. Satisfied Customers
6. S e r v i c e P a r t n e r s .
7. Licensings
8. Contact Us

1.Company Profile
SolSense1 is a comprehensive enterprise solution company providing customers with
integrated end-to-end solutions and services to develop their business performance in
Realizing that businesses face significant challenges and need dependable solutions to
cope varied tasks in diverse processes, we support our customers in not just gauging
their exact requirements, but also in recommending and implementing absolute, robust
and dependable solutions.
SolSense1 foundation divisions are Technology
Consultation, Infrastructure and Outsourcing. Our
Team of Professionals work proactively to
provide an array of solutions and services to
different businesses. At the same time as
specializing in different areas, the divisions
complement each other, presenting a collective
front that ensures value added and enhanced services to our clients.
Our services include catering to end user IT needs, enabling Converged
Communications systems for organizations, management of human resource. Our area
of expertise includes specialized industrial I.T. solutions. Our solutions are driven by
technology from world-renowned trade partners like Cisco, Microsoft, Telecard, Net
Hertz (USA) The technology offered is acclaimed internationally for its reliability and
ensures complete satisfaction. Our Outsourcing unit offers services in the areas of
customer interaction, back-office transaction, Telemarketing, Finance and accounting,
allowing you to not just reduce your costs but also gain in terms of service quality and

2. Management Profile
Asim Ali (Director Planning and
Syed Asim Ali is dynamic




and a



promising ability to translate strategy into execution and implementation.

He carries distinctive experience in the areas of V o i c e a n d D a t a S o l u t i o n s

a n d h a s a p r o f o u n d k n o w l e d g e o f t h e i n d u s t r y . During the past ten years
he has served in various well known companies like Reckitt Benckiser (Pakistan), KICTL
(Karachi), Ensign Communique (PAF).

Muhammad Tariq (Director Marketing & Sales)

Muhammad Tariq is a competent professional with around 10 years of senior
Technical & Managerial experience in various professionally managed companies with
expertise in I . T . S o l u t i o n s . His core proficiency is in finding new ventures,
proposing solutions to the industry.
He has served in AMZXS, Ensign
Communique (Shaheen Foundation Pakistan Air Force), Hamdard University.
Wajiha Faryal HR Generalist
Wajiha offers a strong track of accomplishment to prove that she is an experienced and a
result-oriented HR Generalist, her core competencies include; Organizational Development,
Business Process Outsourcing, Executive Search/ Head Hunting and Training &
Development. Her Special feats

include Business Development & Client Relationship

with different national & multinational clients.

Wajiha holds a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management with Diplomas in

Public Administration & Applied Human Psychology; she is also a member of various
professional groups, societies and institutions such as National Productivity Organization

(NPO), National Institue of Labor Association and Training (NILAT), Pakistan Navy HRDC.
She often invited as speaker to HR workshops & Conferences.

Jahanzaib Ahmed - Sr. Manager Off-Shore Operations

Jahanzaib Ahmed is a young and confident professional having firm experience of more than 7
years in International contact centre Operations. Leading the team of more than 30 Telesales
Executives for International Business he has proved his mettle. His association with the
company is for two years now. Jahanzaib carry Masters in Business Administration.

Zubair Rashid Manager Operations Off-Shore

Zubair Ahmed is an experienced and qualified International Contact Centre Trainer with
having more than 5 year experience of the trade. He has trained hundreds of fresh
telesales executives. He has experience of handling

team supported by his exceptional

analytical, leadership, and technical marketing skills. Highly organized, motivated capable
of meeting tight deadlines by employing the available resources for the desired results.

3. I.T. Consultancy Services

SolSense1 offer a wide array of Information Technology Management, including technology
consulting, IT globalization, IT outsourcing and IT support services. At SolSense1, we
personalize our IT management services for each organization and take the time to understand
your organization to provide custom tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.
Data outsourcing companies are often used to reduce costs and maximize return on investment.
SolSense1 is an IT outsourcing company or also called Managed IT Services company offering
a variety of services to meet the needs of each client. Our outsourcing services include
managed IT services, Planning and deployment of new Infrastructure, Telecom Services with
worlds leading LDIs, IT support solutions through our Help Desk, backup, security, IT monitoring
We provide a full range of IT services, including comprehensive IT support services. Our
services include our IT audit, which consists of a thorough evaluation of your systems to ensure
they are being utilized to your organizations advantage and that your infrastructure is sufficient
to meet the current and future needs of your
business. We offer full turnkey solutions from our
network maintenance company and a wide range of
services that include disaster recovery planning, IT
globalization, asset management, global IT consulting
What sets us apart from other IT consulting
companies is our personalized service and tailored
solutions. Our consultant will work closely with our
customers to create a plan ensuring network scales
with the growth of your organization. Please contact us to speak with a IT sales consultant to
discover how SolSense1 can help your organization.

Our key Services are,

Custom built Soft PBX solutions.
Complete Contact Centre Solutions
Planning and deployment of complete I.T. and backup power Infrastructure.
247/7 hour customer services help desk.

4. Outsource Services

SolSense1 have cutting edge technology and robust infrastructure to manage all our
projects efficiently. We are equipped with latest facilities like predictive dialer software,
ACD, IVR, soft phone, fax on demand, voice logging and call blending. The call centre
services offered by SolSense1
are divided under three main
heads which are outbound
services, inbound services and
back-office services. SolSense1
has the expertise and skilled
manpower to set up and
manage large outbound and
inbound call center services.
Our call centre agents are well
trained and proficient enough to
handle large volumes of calls in
a professional manner. The
agents are provided in-house
training starting from greeting
the customers over the phone,
calls pertaining to surveys, lead
collections and sales.
SolSense1 is your one stop
business process outsourcing firm for all your call center requirements. All you need to
do is give us a call.

Outbound Call Centre Services

Appointment Setting
This has turned out
to be a pivotal call
center service over
the years. This is
one of the call
center services that
firms offer for office
service schedulers
for various forms of
events, seminars
and others.
Cross Selling and
Cross selling and up selling services are provided by SolSense1. This call center
function helps in the expansion of the client's market, thereby facilitating growth.
Telemarketing Services
Telemarketing services are primarily call center services which deal with enhanced
customer service for the clients. SolSense1 has been able to meet the client's target in
this regard appreciatively.

Market Research & Survey

Market research is essential to gather vital information and current market trends,
buying pattern of customers, competitors and potential area of growth. We offer
extensive research services which enable you to attain business excellence.

Product or Service Promotion

Product promotion involves informing, reminding and persuading the customers to buy a
particular product or service. SolSense1 BPO provides exclusive product promotional
support to customers through Tele-services.
Lead Generation
Lead generation means creation or generation of prospective consumer interest into a
business product or services. SolSense1 has the expertise to give you leads that will
boost your sales. Through our Call Centre we carry out market surveys and research
that helps us to generate fresh leads that have high rates of conversion.

Voice Broadcast
Voice broadcasting and voice mail broadcast allows you to instantly send bulk of
interactive phone calls with ease while managing the entire process right from the Web.
Through SolSense1 Services you can instantly send alerts, reminders, notifications,
political calls, messages, interactive polls, product updates or surveys.

Inbound Call Centre Services

Answering Service
An answering service is a business service that basically answers telephone calls and
conveys messages to the clients. The answering service from SolSense1 BPO services
is capable of doing this and more. We specialize in providing effective and accurate
answering services that saves time and cost as well.
Customer Service
Every successful business focuses on three elements of customer relationship
management - customer acquisition, customer growth and customer care. SolSense1
BPO is a perfect choice to be your Customer Relationship Manager. We will help you to
track the buying patterns of your customers, detect market trends and accordingly sell
your product or services.
Direct Mail Response
The process of direct mail response is offered by an inbound call centre. Our agents
ensure that the mails reach the customers at the correct address and time. SolSense1
ensures that each incoming call is processed efficiently and appropriately by our call
centre representative.
Helpdesk Solutions
The help desk is the central hub through which problems and issues are reported.
SolSense1 BPO Services provides tailor-made solutions to provide superior customer
service interaction and thus leveraging each customer relationship to the fullest.
Inquiry Handling
Inquiry handling is a key function for an inbound call centre. All inquiries of the
customers are handled appropriately and the detailed information about a particular
service or product is given. SolSense1 BPO has an inbound call centre that offers all

information required for the customer to have a thorough understanding of the products
or services.
Interactive Voice Response
Interactive voice response (IVR) helps the inbound call centre in proper distribution of
routing information with the help of FAX or pre-recorded voice messages. The IVR
system of SolSense1 BPO includes services like, self service and FAX management

Sales Lead Qualification

Through this service, an inbound call centre offers qualified leads to increase business
opportunity in your organization. SolSense1 takes charge of your hard earned inquiries
to qualify, nurture, quantify and deliver ready-to-close sale opportunity with excellent
return on investment.
Email and Chat Support
SolSense1 BPO provides management of client's email traffic on behalf of our clients.
We work towards building quality customer relationship for our clients. We have
successfully and competently handled email support. Our experience ranges from the
simple to the complex

Back Office Services

Transcription Services

SolSense1 is the ultimate resource for all your transcription services offering affordable
transcription services that will meet your deadline without breaking your budget.
SolSense1 uses cutting edge technology to ensure consistent high quality conversion of
your audio-video to text output voice transcription.
Order Taking Services

SolSense1 BPO services can play a supporting role in all your order taking services.
We help in accurately recording and delivering the important messages that make your
business run. We have experienced order taking representatives who are proficient
enough to handle calls and take orders over the phone.
Billing and Product Information

The skilled call center agents of SolSense1 BPO Services can be your customer's main
information source for a particular product or service. We are specialized in providing
technical product information to its callers. SolSense1 BPO Services is your complete
source for automated billing and mailing your outsourced services.

Web-marketing Services

SolSense1 BPO Services boasts of a comprehensive web marketing services team. It

ensures that we generate significant revenue for our clients and provide maximum
returns on investment. SolSense1 has acquired the expertise in providing different
strategies for web marketing services.

5.Customers served since inception

We have a long list of satisfied Customers, and in a short span of Two years we have gained
trust and Satisfaction through our commitment and level of services. Some of them are
mentioned below.
a) BEST (Bahria Enterprise Systems & Technologies)
Based in Karachi BEST is a Project of Bahria Foundation, Our scope of work included
Termination of Telecommunication Services including VoIP for Canada, US, UK and
Australia, We have also provided them predictive dialer on Asterisk based platform for
25 calling Executives. .
b) HURCCON (Hamdard Unversity Research & Consultancy Consortium)
Based in Karachi HURCCON is a contact centre and there we have provided them VoIP
and connectivity solution for 25 calling executives.

KPT Karwan-e-Hayat (Karachi Port Trust)

A hospital of Mental Re-Habilitation running in collaboration with Karachi Port Trust. Our
scope of work included laying of 20 nodes wired and Wi-Fi based network and complete
I.T. equipment infrastructure. .

d) E square Services (Karachi)

VoIP services
e) Alpha Communication (Hyderabad)
VoIP and Predictive dialing services.

6.Service Partners
We strongly believe in building new partnerships in order to serve our customers better
And to achieve this we are following 3 golden rules.

1. Be deliberate
2. Be open
3. Be willing
In short span of time we have built sturdy partnerships with companies like
Telecard Ltd. Pakistan. (Partner in Telecom Services in Pakistan)
Noble Systems Touchstar (USA)
NetHertz Corporation USA (Partner in Telecom Services in USA)
E-bone Network (Partner in Connectivity Services)
NasaCom (Partner in Connectivity Services)

9. Licensing
Following are the Registrations and Local Licensings from Government departments
acquired so far.
Company Registration Certificate from Pakistan Software Export Board
Call Centre Registration Certificate from Pakistan Software Export Board.
NTN # 1319305.

10. Contact Us
Suite# 301 Business Avenue Shahra-e-Faisal Karachi,
Pakistan 75400.
Phone# 0092 (021) 386 77 77 1
Fax# 0092 (021) 38677 77 2
Email: or