Vol. 60 No. 10

Newsjournal Of Kansas and Nebraska Southern Baptists

October 2016

Canadians Return Blessing by Serving in Kansas
A two-way relationship describes the partnership
between Flint Hills Baptist Association in Kansas and
Northern Lights Baptist Association in the Canadian
province of Saskatchewan. Flint Hills Association took
its first mission team to Saskatchewan in July 2015. The
Canadians returned the blessing by bringing a team to
Wamego, Kan., in March 2016. They worked with New
Life Baptist Church and performed a variety of tasks
— maintenance on the church building, working in the
community garden on the church property and doing
community outreach. Flint Hills Association sent its
second team to Saskatchewan in July 2016.

KNCSB Annual Meeting
To Be Held Oct. 10-11

LifeSpring Church, Bellevue, Neb., is the site of the
2016 KNCSB annual meeting Monday night, Oct. 10,
and Tuesday, Oct. 11.
A variety of activities will precede the meeting. Information about the pre-meeting activities and the annual
meeting is posted on the KNCSB Website at http://www.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Baptist Digest will
cease its printed version at the end of this year.
The last edition will be December 2016. Beginning in 2017, we will publish a scaled down
electronic version on a weekly basis. You can
receive this electronic version by sending your
email address to The weekly
version will also be embedded on the front
page of You can read
it there or download it to print.

Volunteers Needed for Flood Recovery in Louisiana

Volunteers are urgently needed for flood recovery in Louisiana, said Frank McCrary, KNCSB
director of disaster relief.
In August an unnamed storm dumped more than 25 inches of rain in central and western Louisiana. An estimated 150,000 homes were damaged along with 60 Southern Baptist churches.
KNCSB is working out of Zoar Baptist Church in Baton Rouge. Two disaster-relief units from
Heartland Church Network in Nebraska—a laundry unit and a flood-recovery unit — are based
To volunteer in Louisiana, contact your associational disaster-relief director or Frank McCrary,
KNCSB director of disaster relief, at
Flood recovery in Louisiana will be a long-term effort. Volunteers will be needed for months.


The Thought Occurred to Me
By Bob Mills

KNCSB Executive Director

Some time ago, we heard from our Future
Directions Task Force about developing a comprehensive communications strategy for the convention. We
have been giving significant thought and time as to
what this strategy might entail. We are prepared now
to take a first step in trying to do a better job in communicating with you, our Baptist family.
We will be discontinuing the monthly printed
Baptist Digest at the beginning of next year. Instead
we will provide you with a weekly digital newsletter. By communicating with you weekly instead of
monthly, we will be able to do a more immediate
and timely job of informing you of things happening

around the convention.
We will be sending each of you postcards about
the change and helping you know how to connect
digitally in order to take full advantage of this new
communication channel. Should you personally not
have a computer/tablet/smartphone…etc., ask your
church office or your pastor to print off copies and
have them available for you to pick up in the church
foyer or office.
Hardly a week goes by that I do not hear from
someone about how much they enjoy reading my
Baptist Digest article. I am flattered and humbled by
your supportive comments. I will continue to have
articles about once a month in our new publication.
I hope you will stay with us through this transi-

tion from print to digital
communication. If you
have trouble securing the
information you need
from us digitally, please
let us know so we can
help you in any way
possible. Our desire is
for you to know all that
God is doing in our twostate convention. The
Father is doing amazing things through the
people of Nebraska and

It’s either traditional or contemporary… what if both
were appropriate?
It’s either seeker sensitive or hardline fundamental…
what if both had a place?
It’s either Baptist or nothing… well, let’s not get
Last week I had the privilege of sitting under the
teaching of Dr. Claude Thomas, the former pastor of
First Baptist Euless, Euless, Tx and now president of
C3 Global.
He made an incredible statement that is probably the
most important “both/and” I have heard in a while.
He said, “We (the church) need to grow spiritually,
that’s true, but if we do not grow numerically we will
eventually become irrelevant.”
True words, life-giving direction, and hard to reproduce.
I think there has long been a belief that we don’t
need to be effective as a church as long as we’re faithful. That perspective has lead us down a road where
we say that we may not be growing numerically, but
we are growing spiritually.
I wonder, has this become an excuse?
Have we traded in the difficult work of the objective
growth of the church numerically as we point to a subjective growth that we want to believe is there?

The truth is, healthy things (spiritual growth) will
naturally grow (numerical growth).
And, didn’t Jesus himself say you will know a tree
by its fruit? Fruit is also called produce… because it is
something that is produced.
I’m not arguing for numerical growth over spiritual
growth. And, I’m not asking for spiritual growth to be
dominant over numerical growth.
In fact, you may ask, “Andy, which one do you want
spiritual growth or numerical growth?”
And my answer would be, “Yes!”
The truly healthy church and the truly healthy
believer is growing spiritually, and the evidence of that
is a fruitfulness in which the believer reproduces, multiplies and adds to the Kingdom.
Honestly, numerical growth is evidence of spiritual
growth. And spiritual growth is the predecessor to
numerical growth.
It is a “both/and.”
So step up to the table, the church is famished, and
the world is in need. When you’re thinking about the
direction of you, your leadership and your church, and
that little voice inside your spirit asks which do I pursue… spiritual growth or numerical growth?
The answer is difficult and easy… it’s a “both/and.”
The answer is “yes.”

The Cross Eyed Life
By Andy Addis

Senior Pastor, CrossPoint, Hutchinson, KS


I have an experience common to many of you.
Raising teenagers, specifically teenage boys, comes
with a series of predictable issues and outcomes.
There will be emergency room visits.
There will be “shenanigans.”
There will be drama.
I guess you don’t even have to be a raiser of teenage boys to know this is true; you just need to be near
them, those jokers can eat!
Depending upon what
cycle of the growth spurt
they’re in, I cannot tell
you which will be higher
on any given month, my
utility bill or my grocery
A few weeks ago my
boys came in from some
outdoor summer frolicking. Before they got into
the kitchen, I heard from
their brotherly conversation that they were “starvAndy Addis
Good timing.
Mom had laid out a spread, and I had grilled up
brats, dogs, and burgers. It was a teenager summer
food dream come true.
As they walked into the room, they both eyed the
kitchen table, and I felt a little fear for my life recognizing that I stood between them and the bounty that lay
before them.
Mom told them to grab a plate and asked if they
wanted a hamburger or a hotdog.
In unison, they both said, “Yes!”
I love that answer because it’s one of my favorite
responses… Not “either/or”, but “both/and.”
They didn’t want one; they wanted one of each.
I think the church needs to get a good dose of
We argue about which is right or best and often it’s both.


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Kingdom of God through their ministries.

Bob Mills

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Sharing & Strengthening

Churches Need to Invest in College Ministry

By Chuck Lawless

Dean and Vice-President of Graduate Studies and Ministry Centers
Southeastern Seminary, Wake Forest, N.C.

I don’t know the
location of your church,
but I suspect you have
a college or university
within driving distance of
your church. You might
have college students in
your church every week.
I’ve previously written
about why churches must
reach college students, but
I’m writing this post to
challenge church leaders
specifically to intentionally invest in them. If you
Chuck Lawless
take that step, here’s what
you will bring to your church:
1. Energy. Recently I spent two days with college students in Mississippi. I wish I had half of their
energy. Churches need some of their energy, so bring

them into your congregation.
2. Passion. College students are more willing to go
anywhere and risk any cost than my generation was at
their age. By their very presence, they will challenge
your apathetic members. And you, perhaps.
3. Global commitment. They may not know their
geography well, but they’re willing to go to nations
they’ve never heard of.
4. Multi-culturalism. College students will often
want your church to be multi-cultural. In fact, you can
quickly take your church in that direction by connecting with international students —many who come
from other faith backgrounds, but who are interested in
learning about Christianity.
5. Honesty. Collegians are brutally honest — sometimes too much so for their own good— but they
won’t tolerate fake Christianity for long. They demand
6. Depth. They’re the ones who bring their journals
to church and take notes on your sermon. They’ll ask
you questions that will force you back to your Bible
commentaries and your systematic theology textbooks.

After the Vote: Christian Response

you,” and “We are praying for you!”
n Post a reminder sign in your meeting room, i.e.
“Our class prays for City Council Representative,
Gina Clasp.”
n In your group’s email or mail correspondence,
include a prayer reminder.
n Voice a prayer for that government official when
your group meets.
Step #5: Use 1 Timothy 2:1-4 as a 3-step prayer
guide—“First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers,
intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for everyone,
for kings and all those who are in authority, so that we
may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and
dignity. This is good, and it pleases God our Savior,
who wants everyone to be saved and to come to the
knowledge of the truth.” 1) Ask God to help them. 2)
Intercede on their behalf. 3) Give thanks for them. We
pray for believers as well as unbelievers in leadership.
If the leader is not a believer in Jesus, that last verse
provides an added incentive to pray. We pray for those
with whom we agree and those with different views.
God says pray, so we pray faithfully!
Proverbs 21:1 promises, “A king’s heart is like
streams of water in the LORD’s hand: He directs it
wherever He chooses.”
Picture this. A senior adult Bible group prays weekly for your U.S. Senator. The media team prays for the
state’s Governor. The choir prays for a Judge. The 7th
graders pray for a City Council representative. Every
group in your church is intentionally praying for a
specific elected official, and God hears those prayers.
As soon as the winning candidates are announced this
Election Day, get ready to pray for them.
© Diana Davis is an author, columnist
and minister’s wife.

The Cooperative Program and KNCSB: Reaching out to Nebraska and
Kansas as well as the whole world.
Partnering with all Southern Baptists
to carry out the Great Commission.

After we prayerfully vote for our government leaders, Christians have a further responsibility to pray for
those who are elected. Here’s a fresh idea for a small
group or an entire church to impact governmental
Step #1: Before Election Day, use sample voting
ballots to create a list of governmental positions to be
elected, including local, state and national leaders.
Step #2: State the goal. As a church-wide project,
various groups in the church will commit to pray
faithfully for one specific elected leader, and to let that
person know they pray. (If this is done as a smaller
group, assign individual members of that group to
pray for a specific leader.)
Step #3: Make prayer assignments. Each group
who commits to pray will select an elected position
from the list. They will intentionally pray for the person who is elected to that position. Involve as many
groups as possible—Bible classes, committees, teams,
music or sports or discipleship groups, deacons, small
groups and so on.
Step #4: Provide sample ideas, but leave flexibility
in methods to accomplish their commitment. Some
n Make a plan to mail a monthly or bi-weekly note
from different individuals. It may include encouraging words, prayer, Scripture, your church name
and group.
n Purchase a Bible as a gift, writing an encouraging note inside the cover to promise your faithful
prayers. Members sign their names. After the election, emboss the leader’s name on the cover and
deliver it.
n Prepare a card to mail to the winning candidate
immediately after the election. Include a group
photo, holding signs, “God bless you,” “Thank

7. Reality. In many cases, they’re more aware of the
struggle of living in the real world than the rest of us
church leaders are. They’re not caught in the Christian
bubble that has enveloped us.
8. Worship. Give them room and freedom to worship, and they’ll show you how to get lost in wonder.
And, they won’t worry that you’re watching.
9. Social action. Collegians care about issues like sex
trafficking, hunger, refugees and disaster relief. They
want to do something to make a difference. They’ll turn
your church outward.
10. Interest. They will want to get to know you.
They’re longing and looking for Christian men and
women to invest in them.
If you’re a church leader, I challenge you to find out
where the nearest college students are. Connect with
ministries on that campus. Get to know some students.
Hang out with them. Even if you think your church
isn’t ready for a collegiate ministry, invite students into
your home. Start a small group Bible study or a simple
fellowship group.
You’ll likely need to re-arrange your calendar and
re-prioritize your ministry activity a bit, but I encourage you to take this step. I doubt you’ll regret it.


kncsb proposed 2017 budget

In accordance with the constitution, the proposed 2017 KNCSB Budget is presented below. Messengers will vote on the proposed “Resources for Ministry” at the Monday evening session, Octo
ber 10, 2016, when the Convention meets at LifeSpring Church, Bellevue, Nebraska.

Cooperative Program

Proposed 2017

SBC Cooperative Program (27%)*







D. Convention Meetings and Reports




E. Office Administration




F. Building Operations







LifeWay Christian Resources



C. Baptist Digest

KS-NE Foundation



Viola Webb Associational & State Missions Offering


Collegiate Ministries Fundraising

Proposed 2017



National Student Ministries



North American Mission Board

A. Foundation
B. Webster Conference Center



G. NAMB-Funded Ministries



Webster Conference Center



H. Field Ministries



Judea Fund (KNCSB)



I. Personnel Benefits and Travel






J. Personnel Salaries

















Baptist Digest Advertising




*50% of CP income that exceeds budget requirement will be sent to SBC. SBC Cooperative Program reflects an increase of 3%

A. Foundation
B. Webster Conference Center
C. Baptist Digest
D. Convention Meetings/Reports
President’s Travel
Mission Board/Committee Meetings
KNCSB Leadership Team Meetings
Annual Meeting
Annual, Book of Reports and Calendar
Professional Fees
Church Ministerial Annuity/Disability
E. Office Administration


Office Supplies
Printing Supplies
Equipment Maintenance/Repairs
Equipment Rental
Computer Network


F. Building Operations
Building Maintenence/Repairs
Building Maintenance Contingency
Kitchen/Bath Supplies
G. NAMB-Funded Ministries
Church Planting Funds
Church Planting Development
Existing Church Evangelism Strategies
Church Planting Evangelism Strategies


Proposed 2017



















H. Field Ministries
Associational Assistance
Church Leadership Development
Church Planting Start-up Funds
Church Worship
Collegiate Ministries
Disaster Relief (General)
Discipleship Training
Eagle Retreat
Family Ministry
Historical Data/Archives
Latino Youth Celebration
Lending Library
Men’s Ministries
Normative Conf. (small church leadership)
Partnership Missions
Prayer Ministry
Stewardship/Cooperative Program Promotion
Sunday School
Viola Webb Missions Offering Promotion
Women’s Leadership
I. Personnel Benefits/Travel
Personnel Insurance
Flexible Spending Account (employer contribution)
Retiree Insurance
Personnel Retirement
Payroll Taxes
Workers Compensation
Support Staff Travel
Staff Travel
Auto Lease and Maintenance
J. Personnel Salaries
Elected Personnel
Employed Personnel
Service Awards
Collegiate Ministries


KNCSB Annual Meeting to be Held October 10-11
October 10-11, 2016
LifeSpring Church
Bellevue, Nebraska
THEME: “Better Together”
Scripture Reference: Eccl. 4:9-12

Monday Evening, October 10, 2016


Pre-Session Worship - LifeSpring Worship Team
Call to Order/Welcome - Joe Stiles
Prayer and “Better Together” Testimony Marty McCord
Worship and Praise - LifeSpring Worship Team
Reports: Credentials Committee-Randy Caddell
Committee on Order of Business-David Manner
Mission Board-Joe Stiles
Committee on Committees Appointed
International Mission Board Report - John Brady
Miscellaneous Business
Budget Presentation - Bob Mills
Bible Study - David McAlpin
Worship and Praise - LifeSpring Worship Team
President’s Message - Joe Stiles
Closing Prayer - R.D. Fowler



Introduction of Representatives
of Agencies & Boards - Bob Mills
Strengthening Report - Tim Boyd
Bible Study - Glenn Davis
Miscellaneous Business
Sending Report - Mari Parker
Worship and Praise - Beto Silva & David Martinez
Annual Sermon - Jermaine Pennington
Closing Prayer - Roger Criser

Tuesday Afternoon, October 11, 2016

Worship and Praise - Beto Silva & David Martinez
Prayer and “Better Together” Testimony - John Shields
Committee on Committee Appoints:

Time, Place, & Preacher Committee
Resolutions Committee
Nominating Committee Report - Jerry Schoenenberger

Worship and Praise - Mt. Moriah Worship Team
1:40 Prayer and “Better Together” Testimony - Tim Ohls
Committee on Committee Appoints:

Committee on Order of Business
Credentials Committee
Resolutions Committee Report - Aaron Householder
Miscellaneous Business
Foundation Report - Peck Lindsay
Sharing Report - Jon Sapp
Bible Study - Ralph Lassiter
Introduction of New Pastors/Staff - David Manner
3:20 Break
Election of Officers
Webster Conference Center Report
Starting Report - Georges Boujakly
Committee Reports:

Time, Place, & Preacher Committee
Credentials Committee
Worship and Praise - Mt. Moriah Worship Team
Keynote Address - John Brady
Introdution of New Officers - Bob Mills
Closing Prayer/Adjourn - John Craighead

Ministers’ Wives Fellowship

KNCSB Missions Celebration



Tuesday Morning, October 11, 2016

Yes, it’s that time again, time to gather with
other minister’s wives for some fun and encouragement! Put this date on your calendar!
Monday, Oct. 10 —Coffee fellowship for
ministers’ wives at LifeSpring Church, Bellevue,
Nebraska, from 1:00-4:00 p.m.

CrossOver Omaha

Find resources to promote the Cooperative Program at

(All pastoral staff, spouses, and church leaders are
invited to attend.)

Monday, Oct. 10, from 1-4 p.m.
LifeSpring Church, Bellevue, Nebraska
“Healthy Balance” is the theme for the 2016
KNCSB Leadership Conference.
Featured Speakers: Craig Liscom, Family
Health; Derrick Lynch, Physical Health; and
Corey Schliep, Mental and Emotional Health
Craig is a church planting catalyst in Omaha, Nebraska with the North American Mission Board. He
has been married to his wife, Elizabeth, for sixteen
years and they have been blessed with two boys and
two girls while also serving as foster parents.
He has served as a Senior pastor for twelve years and
most recently planted Changed Life Church in Omaha.
He has been a visionary leader in starting Nebraska
Church Planting Network whose goal is to start 110
churches this decade.
Craig has two Master’s degrees and is in the dissertation phase of his Ph.D in Christian Leadership.
Derrick began serving as Lead Pastor at Blue Valley
Baptist Church, Overland Park, KS, in May 2007. He
has been married to Julie, a principal with Kansas City
Public Schools, since 1990. They have two children,
Caleb (married to Dani) and Abbey; and a bird dog
named Penny.
He is a former trustee for New Orleans Seminary
and is the current vice-president of KNCSB.
Derrick received a B.A. from OBU, a MDiv from
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and most
recently, a DMin from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is currently working toward a PhD
at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.
He is a lifelong fan of the Kansas City Royals, and
enjoys quail and pheasant hunting and model trains.
Corey has served as the Executive Director of CFCC
& Associates, Inc. since 2006. He received his Undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement
and Corrections with minors in psychology, sociology,
and human services from Washburn University. He
earned his Graduate degree in Marriage and Family
Therapy from Friends University and a Ph.D in Marriage and Family Therapy degree from Kansas State
Corey assists individuals, couples, and families
by utilizing sound Biblical principles together with
researched protocols. He is passionate about leader
and organizational health. He enjoys determining a
leader’s optimal influence within their organization
and helping to improve their organizational functioning and productivity.
He loves spending time with friends and family,
enjoys learning, going shooting, and traveling. He
loves trying new food and listening to a wide variety
of music.


CrossOver is the evangelistic outreach that
precedes each KNCSB annual meeting.
CrossOver Omaha will meet Monday morning, Oct. 10 at 9am at LifeSpring Church. We will
conclude with prayer walking and survey work.
Lunch will be provided.

The KNCSB WMU Annual Missions
Celebration will be held Monday, Oct. 10,
from 4:15-6:15 p.m. at LifeSpring Church,
Bellevue, Nebraska. Speaker, John Brady, IMB
Regional Vice-President, will join us. Cost is $5
per person and includes dinner, so pre-registration is required by Oct. 1.
To register, mail names and contact information along with payment to: Women’s
Leadership Dept., 5410 SW 7th St., Topeka, KS
66606. For more information call Jessica at 785228-6828 or 800-984-9092 or e-mail jruhnke@

KNCSB Leadership Conference



Partnership Is
Two-Way Effort


As small and disparate as we were that Friday
morning, we courageously set off on a nine-day journey to the (semi)-foreign country of Saskatchewan,
Canada. It required 22 hours of driving to get there.
There were seven of us — two teenagers, a college
student, a middle-aged woman and two old guys. We
represented five different churches and five different
cities. But spending so much time together in such a
small space as a van, you begin to know each other.
During those two days of travel we became friends and
partners on a mission.
Saturday night we arrived at our destination, Allan,
a small rural community of 700 people. It reminded us
of multitudes of Kansas towns. Surrounded by fields
and more fields, this little community sits on a flat
plain where you can see for miles.
There is little industry in the area and residents
travel miles to work in the “big city.” The few businesses there struggle to survive and the community is
considered healthy as long as the school, gas station
and grocery store stay in operation.
There are two churches in Allan — the Baptist
Church and the Catholic Church. Located in the center
of town with a high-steepled building, the Catholic
Church was clearly the predominant faith preference
of the community. The Baptist church sits on the east
edge of town and resembles the typical Baptist church,
floor plan and all.
At 9 p.m. Saturday we arrived at the Baptist church
parking lot and unfolded out of the van to greet the
pastor and his family of six. As assignments were


made for the week it
became apparent that
God had planned this
whole venture long
before our arrival. The
families that housed
each volunteer were
both welcoming and
generous. The group
Flint Hills Baptist Association in Kansas has a partnership with Northern
would be finely accomLights Baptist Association in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. The
modated and eat well
partnership is a two-way effort— a team from Saskatchewan served in
all week.
Wamego, Kan., in March. Flint Hills Association took its second mission team
So after a fast night
to Saskatchewan in July. (Below, left) The Flint Hills team served at Allan
of restful sleep we
Baptist Church in the town of Allan near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
worshipped together
(Submitted photos)
with the church family
of Allan Baptist Church
every house. While we were at it, we laid out a plan to
on Sunday morning.
do some minor improvements to the church property,
Two of the Flint Hills team members shared testimolike caulking a few windows and soffit repair. (We also
nies and Pastor Kim Uhren relinquished his pulpit for
set aside an entire morning to clean out the driveway
team leader Richard Taylor to bring a message.
culvert so rain would not form a small pond in front of
Your typical Baptist potluck followed the morning
the church!)
service, assuring all that this was going to be a great exBut the main focus for the whole week was what
perience! The potluck meal brought to mind the story
took place each weekday afternoon: Vacation Bible
of Jesus feeding the 5,000— plenty of food and wonder- School! With Glenys Uhren’s (Pastor Kim’s wife) leadful unique dishes.
ership, 35 children in the area were taught about Jesus
We were introduced to families and individuals
and His love. In addition to the seven VBS workers
who were excited about our arrival and anticipating
from Kansas, other folks travelled to Allan from sister
a tremendous week of Vacation Bible School for the
churches of Northern Lights Baptist Association to
children of the whole community. Each Kansas team
member was given a specific task for the week. And, as
Through games, crafts, mission activities and Bible
if orchestrated by the Lord, each was uniquely suited
study, children were taught about the abundant life
for their abilities and giftedavailable in Jesus. Even the refreshments provided for
the children were used to teach about Jesus.
The rest of Sunday
The final evening of our mission trip in Allan was
afternoon was spent in final
the culmination of VBS. Families were invited to
preparation for VBS as well as
participate in a barbeque meal, games, jumping in two
a walking tour through Allan.
bouncy houses and a special VBS program.The long
This is a truly beautiride back home gave each of the team members time
ful town and people on the
to reflect on what they had experienced. You know,
northern prairies of Canada
Saskatchewan is really not a whole lot different than
— there was a feeling that we
Kansas and (aside from the accent) the people are not a
had landed in the middle of
whole lot different either, “eh?”
“Mayberry RFD” or maybe
The families in Kansas and Saskatchewan deal with
Dog River in Canadian televithe same stresses and problems, and all people need
sion show “Corner Gas!”
the Lord.
All through the summer,
Pastors in Saskatchewan and Kansas sacrifice much
each weekday morning in
because they see the tremendous hurts and needs.
Allan is devoted to swimThey commit their lives to ministry in these small rural
ming classes for children. So
communities. There are churches on both sides of the
on Monday morning while
border committed to ministering in their towns and
the kids were splashing about
sharing Christ to the lost.
our group prayer-walked
Partnering together for our common mission is a
through the town. We walked
sweet experience. It’s a blessing to all and glorifies our
down every street and by
Father, you betcha! So let’s do it again!

KNCSB Women’s Leadership
Do You Know Vagus?

A Word From ....

I ran across this quote the other day ‘the
best things in life are old, loved, and rescued’. How
true is that?! I love to see the creativity of others
that have taken some old broken items and
transformed them into something of beauty and
purpose. It’s so true that one man’s trash is another
man’s treasure!
How great is it that we serve a God that rescues
and re-purposes? Think about it. He takes an old,
sinful life and loves them to redemption and
beyond! He is the ultimate re-purposer!!
2 Corinthians 5:17 says ‘Therefore, if anyone is
in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed
away; behold, the new has come.’ He makes us
new again. We are made in His image from the
beginning but when we make the decision to follow
Him we get a new purpose.
How many of us have questioned that? Most
of us! It’s really simpler than what we’ve made it.
This world has complicated what a christian truly
is and it can all be found in Matthew 28:19-20. You
probably already know the verse. His first commands are to GO and MAKE; Go into all nations
and make disciples. That’s the foundation of His
instructions. Doesn’t sound too hard until you apply
it to today’s world that looks for political incorrectness and acceptance, just waiting for Christians
to fail. But here’s the BEST part of that .... ‘and
behold, I am with you always’. We’re not alone
in it! He doesn’t give the assignment and leave us
on our own to do it! The job he’s given us isn’t to
do the saving. He’s only told us to tell! He takes it
from there.
There’s no doubt that our world is in a scary
place and He is the only one that can fix it. Imagine
with me for a moment what could happen if each
one of us that’s been ‘re-purposed’ WENT and
TOLD just one person how we’d been rescued,
made beautiful, and given purpose.


“Daughter of the King” Psalm 45:11

November 11 & 12, 2016
Webster Conference Center in Salina, KS

International Parents Fellowship
After a year of living counter culturally, I eagerly await time with others that choose to surrender family time
together for the sake of making Him known. While some share stories of God’s faithfulness and what He has
done through their lives on the field, I’m reminded that this choice of surrender is eternally worth it. Living
with poverty, barriers to the Gospel, in another language and with life-shaping values, adult Missionary Kids
(MKs) struggle at not losing their precious experiences at the cost of fitting in. And I’m stretched to be a
listening and understanding grandparent and church member. When I hear what decisions are being made at
the International Mission Board, I’m encouraged to trust God’s leadership through them. Thank you KNCSB
and partnering churches for coming alongside Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri and Iowa parents encouraging us to
stand with, rather than be a drag on, our families that have chosen to live and work cross culturally. It is worth


Embracing the Mistake
For though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again...Proverbs 24:16

The anticipation of finishing up the lion drawing filled me with excitement. At this point, I had spent nearly
21 hours drawing and praying over the team as I created the lion. I only had two small sections left to fill. We
were driving along the freeway and I did not want to wait until we arrived at our destination so I pressed on in
my drawing. Just as I started to draw, we hit a major bump in the road and I drew a line across the section that
messed up the design I was going to create. At first, I froze and gasped, but then I told myself, “Wait! Just as
in life we must embrace the pain in order to grow, how can I embrace this mistake and use it for the glory of
God?” I looked at it for a minute, said a short, “Help me LORD!” prayer. It was not the design I had originally
intended, but it was beautiful in its own right. When someone gazes at the lion, they would never know that I
had messed up.
Sometimes, we mess up bad. We hit a major bump in the road, we make a
choice that causes us to fall into the pit of sin. We say something we should
not have or just choose the wrong path for a season. Instead of fighting God,
we need to just embrace it and ask Him to help us move through it. Without
our realizing it will become a part of God’s great design in how He grows
our character. When we embrace our mistakes by owning them this is when
God can use them.
Father, please help us to embrace our mistakes and give them over to You!
Simply, Dr. Tara Rye

October 2016

Join Annie Downs and Lori Morrison, along with
hundreds of other teen girls for a weekend
of growing, serving and worshiping!

No, it’s not a typo. I’m talking about your vagus nerve, and yes, you do have one. What purpose does it serve,
you ask? It is the key to activating the parasympathetic nervous system, which is the system responsible for
rest, digestion and reproductive function. This nerve helps us de-stress! Ah, there’s the point.
No matter how much we talk about “slowing down” and “taking it easier”, we Americans just keep speeding
up, driving hard and filling the void in our lives with everything but the beauty and good news of Jesus Christ.
Because of the pathway of the vagus nerve, long deep breathing is the number one key to activating this
nerve. By bringing awareness to the breath, lengthening and deepening it, you turn on the vagus nerve giving
your body opportunity to rejuvenate. So BREATHE brothers and sisters!
Stop and try it right now. Sit up tall or lie down. Close your eyes. Inhale deeply and float your collarbone, exhale, soften and relax. Inhale and expand through the sides of your rib cage, exhale, relax. Inhale feeling your
back broaden, exhale, relax. Keep going!
And while you are experiencing the calming response of the physical body, meditate on the beauty of Jesus.
Try reading the Bible, determine how God is revealing Himself to you, then silently speak that back to Him as
you deep breathe. In this way you bathe not only your physical body in peace and calm, but also the lightness
of the Spirit that indwells us when we live in the Truth and beauty of Jesus Christ.
Isaiah 52:7
How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who
proclaims peace, who brings glad tidings of good things, who proclaims
salvation, who says to Zion, Your God Reigns!
Debbie Eble, Fit 4 Him Consultant




Join us in PrayerWalking through the

1. The summer camps are over and the fall meetings have begun with Wonderful
Weekend for Women and the Collegiate Fall Retreat being held in September.
2. The Matching Challenge Grant to pave the entry road has been met, but WCC
is still in need of about $30,000 before this paving project can begin. The paving
company has given WCC until October to raise these funds without changing the
bid price.
3. Work continues on the final cosmetic details of the Dining Hall expansion and
work on remodeling the old Dining Hall will begin later this year. (All funds
have been raised for this project.)
4. Work on the Picnic Pavilion and Recreation Shack renovations has begun. (All
funds have been raised for this project.)
5. The Mulberry Creek Beautification Project is back on the “front burner” as
WCC tries to resolve one issue with the Army Corp of Engineers. When resolved,
fund raising will begin for this project.
6. Volunteers are still needed to assist with finishing the detail work on the Dining
Hall. Could you give a day or two to help? Call Bill Cooke for more information:
7. Praise God for the life changes that are being made in the lives of people at
every event at WCC.
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“Thank you” for your continued support of WCC!

Omaha community
9:00 am - 11:30 am

VanBebber to Speak at Apologetics Conference

Monday, October 10, 2016

(lunch provided)

We will meet at LifeSpring Church
13904 S. 36th Street
Bellevue, Nebraska


Where is Your Church on this Life Cycle Chart?



If your church
has reached the
top or is on the
downslope, you
might want to talk
to the Strengthening Team about
scheduling a ReFocus or Transformational Church Experience. Contact
Tim Boyd (tboyd@

First Baptist Church, Quemado, New Mexico, is seeking a resident bivocational pastor. Parsonage available with utility supplement. Quemado is
a small rural community located in west-central New Mexico just 50 miles
from the Arizona border. The church is part of Mountain Baptist Association
under the SBCNM. Send resumes to First Baptist Church, Attn: Pastor Search
Committee, P.O. Box 102, Quemado, NM 87829. Or contact our deacons, John
Wainwright at (903) 389-3124, or Jerry Armstrong at (575) 773-4775.

David VanBebber Sr., pastor at Crossroads Baptist Church, Riley and Fostoria
Baptist Church, Fostoria, is scheduled to speak along side Dr. Ted Cabal of Southern
Seminary. Cabal, general editor of The Apologetics Study Bible, is the keynote
speaker at the “Shield of Faith” Apologetics Conference Oct. 7-9 at First Baptist
Church of Buffalo, MO.
Pastor VanBebber, who is a contributor to the “Shield of Faith Apologetics” blog,
will be presenting a lecture titled: “Speaking the Truth in Love.” VanBebber engages
in applied apologetic encounters on a daily basis. His apologetic approach focuses
on communicating the message of Christ in a manner that recogonizes the imprint
and image of God in humanity. This has motivated many of his discussions with
those hostile to the Christian faith.
Cabal, with whom VanBebber is partnering, has collaborated with such
renowned apologists as Norman Geisler, Ravi Zacharias, and Lee Strobel. He has
engaged in numerous campus talks and debates with atheist philosophy professors,
and currently he is completing a book on the age-of-the-earth controversy.
“Having both pastored and taught, Cabal and VanBebber understand the challenges pastors and lay leaders face in addressing objections to the gospel in a
naturalistic, materialistic society,” said Dave VanBebber Jr., pastor of FBC Buffalo,
who organized the event for the Dallas County Association of Southern Baptist and
serves as a member of the Missouri Baptist Apologetics Network. “The two men
both teach with humility and are motivated to empower church members in the
discipline of defending the faith.”
Pastor VanBebber Sr. is a bi-vocational pastor in the Smoky Hill Baptist
Association. “We live in a time when defending the faith is incredibly important,”
said Dave Van Bebber Jr.. “Those speaking at this conference are dedicated to
empowering individuals to speak the truth in love.”
There is no cost for attending the conference, FBC Buffalo requests that those
planning to attend register at or call the church office
at 417-345-7210.
FBC Ulysses, Ks. seeks F/T Senior Pastor, married, 1-10 yrs. experience.
Mixed age congregation with deep 20 year roots. Ideal candidate emphasizes faith, leadership, shepherding; also committed to discipleship, Biblical
scholarship & focused presentations. Email your resume and statement of
doctrinal beliefs to our pastor search committee chairman, Ronnie Young @: PLEASE DO NOT MAIL TO THE CHURCH WEBSITE.