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Hmm now this is where I normally say to any new readers to go back and read the previous chapters because a lot has happened isn't it? Yeah...tell you what, let's just crack on.

It was a cold and snowy Sunday morning when I was awoken by the sound of the doorbell. I had rolled over in bed and tried to ignore it, but whoever it was had been persistent. Slightly worried about what could be the problem I now found myself downstairs. I picked up the hat from the settee and hung it on the coat rack. If my guest, whoever they may be, accidentally sat on it, the owner would not be happy. Having done that I unlocked and opened the front door.

I was very surprised to find a group of fellow simselves standing in the snow. "What on earth are you all doing here? It's nine o'clock on a Sunday morning. You should all be in bed." I thought about my big, warm, four-poster upstairs. "I should be in bed. What's wrong?“

*** Angela (thepeipers5) writes the brilliant Tha' Simple Life. Lauri (LauriEmpress) writes the fab Legacy of Jubilee. Jessica (Mzyra) is a mod at Boolprop.com Jamie (DocgirlP) writes the fantastic Bohemian Legacy. DrSupremeNerd writes the amazing Vetinari Dualegacy. Orikes writes the epic Pseudo Legacy.

"Nothing." Replied Angela. "Then why are you here? If there is nothing wrong, then I am going back to bed..."

"Di you are not the only one who wouldn't mind going back to her bed." Piped up Doc. "I left my Nummy husband in bed to come here."

The meaning of her words hit her and she turned to Orikes in horror. "I left my Nummy husband in bed to stand out here in the snow! Am I mad?"

"You also left two screaming babies who had just simultaneously filled their diapers." Reminded Orikes thinking of the scene that had greeted her when she had called to meet Doc that morning.

"The twins do seem to be amazingly in synch," Doc smiled the smile of a proud mother, "and it will be nice for their father and grandparents to spend some time with them." She continued thinking about the fact that she was getting out of nappy duty.

"Yes, but why are you all here?" I asked again. "Recap." Said Angela. "Recap?“ "Recap."


"Look Eddie has a son. You are halfway through and we think that before Eddie's son is introduced and Eddie's story continues that it would be nice to hear about who has gone before." Angela smiled sweetly.

I looked at them all standing there in the deep snow. "Fine come in. You know where the kitchen is, so help yourself if you want to make a pot of tea. I'll just go and get dressed." 'and explain why I'm not coming back to bed' I added mentally. I stood aside to let them in, grabbed the hat from the rack and headed upstairs.

Twenty minutes later I was back downstairs now dressed, and wanting a cup of tea. Thankfully my guests had made a pot, and I gratefully poured myself a cup. "So, you want me to tell the tale of the Legacys so far. Summarise eighteen months of game play and fifteen chapters in one morning?“ "Yes." Replied Lauri with a smile. "Ok then."

"It started, as all legacies do, with one sim. This man Gabriel William Legacy. He was a...rogue is probably the best way to describe him. Born into abject poverty he always dreamed of breaking away from his roots and buying a plot of land where he would build a house and provide for his descendents. Somehow he managed to secure the §20,000 he needed to buy a good size piece of land in the tiny hamlet of Regalton."

"On that plot of land he built a tiny shack for himself. It was just big enough to protect a bed and a few other items from the elements. He was content in his little shack. He had slept in worse places, and everything the shack contained was his own."

"But despite this contentment he was lonely. It was on a trip to a local pub that he met Elise Brown, who was working behind the bar. They got on well enough and, although there was very little spark between them, Elise was at least willing to look beyond the fact that he was as poor as they come and listen to his ambitious plans for his future family."

"Friendship turned to love, and it wasn't too long after they met that Gabe asked Elise to marry him. For such a poor sim he had managed to "buy" a very nice engagement ring, and they were married on their plot of land at the start of spring."

"I have a question." Said Jamie. "What's that?“ "Was the engagement ring, the engagement ring that all heirs have presented to their intended since, stolen?“ "Oh yes." I replied. "Really?“ "Yeah. The legacy was founded by a thief and a barmaid. Two types of people who were amongst the lowest echelons of Victorian society.“ "Nice.“ "Hm, I thought so." I said nodding.

"Where was I? Oh yes. Whilst Gabe worked (in an honest profession I must add) a very pregnant Elise started work on the Legacy garden. It would become tradition that every spouse would take charge of the garden during their husband's tenure as heir."

"Gabe sent all the money he was earning on building a house for his family and it wasn't long at all until Gabe and Elise were blessed with two lovely children. George on the left as the first born male was named heir, and his little sister Elizabeth."

"George was a very personable child. He got on with everyone, and made a good impression on his future wife at their first meeting."

"As a teenager he was friendly and loving to his sister and...it's no good, I can't continue this with a straight face. George turned out to be one of the most difficult sims I've known. His favourite way of introducing himself to people was to either start an argument with them, or irritate them in some other way. How he managed to get through life without being thumped is a mystery to me."

"Gabe and Elise's family wasn't complete until a few days after Gabe's elder birthday however, when their youngest daughter Violet made her appearance. She turned out to be identical in looks and personality to her siblings, but somehow she had a sweeter nature."

"It wasn't long until George made his way to university. Although he often found his classes difficult, he made good progress in his chosen subject"

"He also made good progress with getting to know his future wife Allyn Thomason of the Garden Club. It wasn't long until they were in love and Allyn had come round to the idea of marrying him."

"His third year was rather different to the two previous. George had moved to a new plot of land determined to found a society to rival the Landgraab Society, but unfortunately he did not have much money. He spent a year freezing on a lot with no shelter. The climax of which was when he froze on his way to his final exam and missed it. He was put on academic probation, but managed to pass the second time around. Thankfully his final year passed without incident, and it wasn't long until he was ready to move back home and take over the reins of the legacy from his father."

"Taking over the reins of course means a wedding, and George and Allyn became the first to wed in the newly built wedding chapel. At this point I still had some control over the residents of Regalton, and George had annoyed me whilst he was at university. It wasn't long after he and Allyn were married that I put into action my plan for his punishment."

"That plan resulted in the birth of his first two children, Charlotta..."

"...and Anne. As with every one of her pregnancies Allyn ate cheesecake early on to guarantee twins."

"Unfortunately not long after Charlotta and Anne were born, the Grim Reaper came for Gabe. He had had a good life once he had moved to Regalton, and had laid the foundations for a strong legacy. He would be missed by all of his family."

"Life however goes on, and only a few days after Gabe's death, Allyn gave birth to another set of twins."

"Two boys this time, William on the left and Henry on the right. William, as the first born, was promptly named heir and once his brother was old enough to understand what this meant he was far from happy. These two would become vitally important to the future of the legacy."

"It seemed that no sooner had William and Henry been born that Elizabeth became an adult. I had introduced her to Arthur Skinner when she was a teenager...“ "Playing matchmaker Di?" Interrupted Lauri. "Of course, the most common way for middle class women to meet their future spouse was to be introduced to them by a mutual friend. In this case I was very happy to see the two of them hit it off so well, and within a couple of days of Elizabeth's birthday they were wed."

"They went on to have two sons. The eldest Harold inherited his mother's one nice point, but from somewhere (not his father) also ended up with 9 playful points."

"Their youngest John turned into quite the charmer. He cut a swath through the ladies at Sim State and the Acadamie, and has shown no desire to ever settle down."

"Harold has. He moved back into his parents' house and married Emmy Inada whom he met at university. Like his parents they have had a very happy marriage."

"And like his parents they have two sons. Ernest on the left is the youngest and Gerald on the right is the eldest. They are currently at Sim State and Gerald will be moving home afterwards to carry on the Skinner name."

"Elise did get to meet Harold, but not long after she too made that final journey with Grimmy. She had been a brilliant founding spouse and was missed by not only her family, but me as well."

"Her death did mean that there was once again room in the house for Allyn and George to have two more children. Allyn's third pregnancy resulted in Enid..."

"...and Robert. Both twins this time took after their mother more than their father in looks.“ "If I'm thinking right Di, that means that at this point you had nine sims living in the house." Said Jessica. "Yes, and not for the first time. Before Elizabeth left there were also nine sims living in the house. Thank goodness for using cheesecake when there were already seven sims living there. Of course one of the recent patches has now stopped this from happening, but it was very handy for me during this generation."

"As is the way of things, it was soon time for Violet to become and adult. With a little gentle prodding from me, she was offered the position of governess to his two children Frederick and Catherine by Major Thomas Harrison."

"Thomas had been widowed a little while before Violet took up her position and it was not at all surprising to me that he and Violet ended up falling in love.“ "One might almost think that you had planned on it." Said Cee with a wry smile as she joined the rest of us in the drawing room. "Yes one would." I replied

*** Cee is the simself of charris, writer of the wonderful Regacy.

"They had two children together, Samuel and Abigail. Samuel is married to Heather Schwebber, one of the slobs. They have a little girl called Susannah who looks just like her daddy. Abigail married a man she met whilst she was at finishing school, Shane Wong. They have two children, Basil and Amelia."

"George and Allyn's children were growing up fast. Anne and Charlotta would be the first of the family to leave for finishing school, and as for William and Henry. Well Henry was certain that he would be far better suited to the position of heir than his brother. He set about trying to persuade me to change my mind. When that failed he switched his attention to his brother. William did not give him an answer there and then, but Henry was confident that his brother would see sense and renounce the heirship."

"It was around this time that Allyn gave birth to her seventh and eighth children. James seen here..."

"...and Alfred. Because of where they were born in the legacy we've not seen much of them at all really."

"Whilst their youngest brothers were still just babes in arms, William and Henry left for university. Henry once again asked William about renouncing the heirship, and this time William refused. This displeased Henry and he became even more taciturn than usual."

"William meanwhile didn't notice. He had met Beth Trimble in the Campus Lounge one afternoon, and as far as he was concerned it was love at first sight. She didn't take much persuading either."

"As for Henry, much to my chagrin he was stepping out with one of the cow mascots. Although they had never caused much trouble at Sim State or the Acadamie, I was still uneasy to see him become so friendly with one of the bovines."

"It was towards the end of their first year that things really started to go awry. William became ill, and no matter what he did, his health did not improve. He was still ill when he made the journey back home to witness the birthdays of his youngest siblings."

"Allyn had given birth to her ninth and tenth children, thus completing George's punishment. They are Charles..."

"...and Evelyn. They turned out to be the most different of the siblings, not just in looks, but in personality too. Evie especially has a very playful outlook on life."

"Allyn was naturally very concerned about her eldest son, and gave him some oranges from her orchard to see if the vitamin C would help him recover."

"Unfortunately there was a little problem. Somehow the blender became contaminated with part of an old boot. William drank the juice and proceeded to be very ill indeed."

"Henry, as you can imagine, was full of concern for his brother. He certainly did not try to persuade everyone who would listen, including his parents, that William was not mentally stable, and that the heirship should pass to him."

"Thankfully William made a full recovery of both his little turn and the illness he had been suffering from before. At the beginning of their third year they moved into the Legacy Society their father had founded. William was still seeing Beth, much to my delight. I liked her then, and I love her now.“ "Who doesn't?" Asked Orikes with a smile.

"Henry seemed to be spending less time with Suzie and more on the telephone. I thought at first that he was speaking to Suzie, but when questioned he either ignored me or claimed that he was talking to Michelle.“ "I can assure you that it was not me Di." Put in Michelle. "I may have rung to speak to William, but never Henry.“ "I thought it strange that you should call for Henry. I think that he was talking to someone else entirely, but we may never know who.“

*** Michellefobbs (Michaelfobbs) writes the brilliant Planetary Apocalypse.

"During their third year Henry decided to finish it with Suzie, placing the blame on me. He said that I did not want him seeing her.“ "You didn't.“ "I know Gin, but he could have kept that to himself and taken responsibility for his actions.“ “True, but this is Henry.” "Yeah. Anyway, with Henry dumping Suzie things seemed to settle down in the Legacy Society. He no longer was mentioning becoming heir, and instead spent time working towards his degree. Their final year was shaping up to be nice and quiet and uneventful, until..."

"One night whilst William was napping in front of the woodstove in the drawing room a fire broke out. Thankfully Robert called the fire brigade who put out the blaze. The fireman didn't believe William when he said that he hadn't lit the fire before settling down for his nap, but Robert did. He did a bit of investigating and found evidence that he passed onto the local police force."

"That evidence resulted in the arrest of Suzie for arson and attempted murder. This displeased her fellow cows and one travelled to the Legacy Society to confront Henry. It was only later as PC Kauker was questioning Suzie that it was revealed that Henry had been manipulating her into acting as she had and that he was getting more and more desperate as he ran out of time to prove that he was most suited to be heir. Hearing that Suzie had been arrested would tip him over the edge."

"Kauker, Centowski and myself arrived at the Legacy Society that night to find a terrifying confrontation occurring. Driven by desperation Henry was trying to kill William."

"Thankfully PC Kauker managed to stop him. Their time at uni ended on a very low note. Henry was arrested, William was broken and Robert was nursing a very bruised ego since he thought that he should have stopped Henry. William would have a lot to do to help the family get over these events."

"What about their siblings?" Asked Orikes. "What were they getting up to during this time?“ "I'm glad you asked that. Before rejoining the main branch of the family, let me bring you up to date with George and Allyn's other children."

"Charlotta had always taken her responsibility as eldest daughter seriously. She had thrown herself into the Volauvent Society as soon as she had been offered membership and had founded a Legacy Society at the Acadamie called the Victorian Privileged Ladies Society. She knew her parents were proud of her, but she lived in fear of disappointing them: she had no interest in taking a husband and instead wanted to travel the globe. It was at my annual Bonfire Bash that she met Hannah Belfour, a wealthy young lady who wanted to visit exotic lands. On Charlotta's graduation from finishing school Hannah engaged her as her companion."

"Charlotta and Hannah travelled to far off places together, saw sights they had only dreamed of, and fell in love. Allyn was the only family member who remained oblivious to their relationship, but that is only because she did not believe that two women could love each other the same way she loved George. What she did know was that her eldest daughter was extremely happy with her chosen life."

"It was as the two of them were entering middle age that they decided to adopt a little girl called Elle. Elle is the same age as several of her cousins and has just left finishing school."

"Anne had been profoundly affected by her grandmother's grief over Gabe's death. This manifested itself in two ways. First she took to seizing the moment. She wanted to experience everything that life had to offer now, including as many suitors as possible. Secondly she became obsessed with not dying. She wanted to live forever and never leave her loved ones."

"One of her suitors, count Jerry MacArthur, would change her life. He told her of his immortality and she was intrigued. She managed to persuade him to infect her with the vampirism virus. He altered state caused a few problems for me, not least the fact that I was concerned about how she would cope with the change, mentally and physically.“ "Yeah it would have been a shame for her to end up as a pile of smouldering ashes having done so much to avoid death." Said Lea as she joined us "Exactly."

"As luck would have it, a coven of vampires had just moved into the abandoned castle on the hill above the village. I invited one, Mathias to a meeting with Anne and her family. He offered Anne a place in the coven and a roof over her head when she left finishing school. She accepted.“ "knowing Anne, it was probably only because he is one hot ginger vamp."

"I think you're right Gin. In any case once she moved in it wasn't long until their relationship had run its inevitable course and Anne was with child. Mathias proposed and, slightly surprisingly, Anne accepted. I like to think that she has found her one true love and all the rest of her suitors were merely distractions."

"They currently have three children. Julia the youngest on the left has recently had her teen birthday. Florence the middle child has just started at finishing school. She is the only one who seems willing to embrace her parents' way of life at the moment. Their eldest child Richard is currently halfway through his university degree."

"Enid grew up to become a pretty young woman who seemed to take everything in her stride. She was the only sister who was unfazed by Anne's decision and the first to declare her support for her. This might be because the stubborn streak running through the family was strong in her and she had fallen in love with a man her father might not whole-heartedly approve of. He was her Aunt Violet's stepson Frederick Harrison. Thankfully George could see their affection for each other was real and gave his blessing for them to wed."

"Enid and Frederick have two children, the eldest is...“ "My Nummy husband." Interrupted Doc with a smile. I laughed. "Yes, Doc's Nummy Hubby Theodore, and the youngest is the supposedly shy Louisa.“ "Supposedly?“ "Yeah, one outgoing point sims shouldn't go up to a complete stranger and charm them.“ "ACR?“ "Nope. Normal, bog-standard base game charm. I can see her getting herself into trouble if she's not careful."

"Robert had grown into a studious and sporty young man, who, to be honest, expected far too much of himself. He still feels he should have done more to stop Henry. He married his childhood sweetheart Cecilia Wrenworth, and moved in with her, her mother and grandfather."

"They have two children. Loveable cad Stanley, and the straight talking Rosemary.“ "I love Stanley, I really do." Mused Jamie. "So do I." Agreed Gin. "He makes me laugh.“ "I think we all do." I said with a smile.

"I had hoped that Alfred would find his feet at university. He had always been very dependent on his twin brother as a child and teenager. Instead he transferred his attention to Marielle Greaves who was attending the Acadamie at the same time. They were married not long after Alfred graduated."

"They have one daughter, Ruby. She is due to start at the Acadmie soon."

His twin James though, was a very independent soul. For a long time he didn't look like he was going to want to settle down, but with some prodding from Alfred, he decided to propose to Claire MacMillan. Despite his reservations, he and Claire have a very happy marriage."

"Like his twin, he has one daughter, Lydia. She is the same age as Ruby and will be attending the Acadamie with her."

"As for Charles, he grew up to be the most handsome of all the brothers, and the most headstrong. He met Angela at a gathering here at my mansion and it wasn't long until they were in madly in love, and engaged to be married. We all attended their wedding, and it was a beautiful ceremony.“ "Yah I would have been upset if you hadn't," said Angela smiling. “and it was a beautiful day. The weather really did hold for us."

"Angela and Charles have two sons. Ernie, here and the new born Eric. They're adorable."

"The youngest child , Evie is as flighty and energetic as she has always been. She didn't seem to show any inclination to marry until after she left finishing school. It was only then that her long time beau Orlando Steele proposed to her, and she accepted."

"They are very happy, and currently have one child, a son called Bartholomew. Given that his parents are a romance and a pleasure sim, I am certain that he will not be an only child for long."

"William returned home to a family in despair. Henry's actions had wounded them all deeply, but with the love of Beth, whom he married soon after graduation, William would recover. Their marriage got off to a bit of a rocky start when William neglected to mention to Beth about the strict family values handicap meaning they couldn't woohoo until Alfred and James had left for university."

"Thankfully that was just a small blip and before long the first of their three children, Alexandra, made an appearance."

"She was followed by the fourth generation heir Edward..."

"...and a little while later by the very insightful Victoria."

"Whilst Beth was expecting Alexandra, William started building up a business empire to leave to his descendents. The first business he bought was Beth's Bric-a-Brac, seen here as it looks now. He set about building up its reputation with the help of his family. It was followed by Beth's Bouquets and Allyn's Toybox."

"At the same time, Henry was rotting in gaol. Things were improving for the family."

"Unfortunately even though things were looking up, the family was about to witness some more heartache. On Alexandra's toddler birthday, and hours before Edward was born, Allyn passed away. She wasn't very old, and I'm convinced that her son's attempted fratricide broke her heart and contributed to her demise."

"She never got to see Henry marry. He had met Aphrodita when, at my asking, she had stopped by the prison to make sure that he wasn't causing any trouble. We were all surprised when she told us that she was in love with him, and even more surprised when she agreed top marry him.“ "Too true, but they do seem very happy together." Said Michelle.

*** Aphrodita is one of the brains behind the Reclaim Your Game website.

"They do indeed. After serving twenty days in prison Henry was released. He and Dita have three sons. Alfie, the youngest and only redhead has just become a teenager. John the middle child may not take after his father in looks, but there is something about his personality which reminds me of him. He will being leaving for university soon. Timothy the eldest is halfway through his degree at Sim State.“ "Aww I remember when he was just a diddy baby I used to hold in my arms." Said Gin smiling. "I can't believe that he is a grown man now.“ "I know, time goes so quickly."

"As well as making a start on his business empire, William had been working his way up the criminal career to achieve his lifetime want. Not a very William want all told, but that is what he had decided he wanted to do."

"Unfortunately, William had shown...characteristic bad judgment when it came to his work colleagues. He was not working his way up some career track, instead he was involved with a real gang of criminals who had stolen several paintings from the National Gallery. They were making copies of these paintings and William had been selling them in Bric-a-Brac."

"They were also counterfeiting banknotes and were expecting William to start passing them through his shops."

"Thankfully William told Beth his worries, who persuaded him to see me. We ended up enlisting the help of the local constabulary and raiding the warehouse the criminals worked out of."

"To this day though, I can't help but wonder if there was someone else behind all of it. Someone who helped them to plant the false advert that William answered."

"With the criminals in gaol and William in a legal career, it was time to concentrate once more on the businesses. As always he had the support of his family, and it wasn't long until his third business, Allyn's Toybox, was well on its way to being a top level business."

"It was just as William seemed to be doing so well, that George kept his appointment with Death. He may have been very annoying, but his family loved him and he is still missed. At least he was re-united with his precious wife."

"It was when William next went to the Toybox following his father's death that the unthinkable happened. Henry apologised.“ "Still don't buy it." Said Doc. I sighed. "I really have no idea what to think, and I'm the clicky person."

"Things were to get far worse for the family. William and Beth returned home that day, to find Sergeant Kauker and PC Centowski waiting for them. William was arrested on the charge of receiving and selling stolen goods."

"As soon as I heard I dashed over to the gaol to find out what was going on. It turned out that the criminals had slipped up and passed to William one of the original paintings. He had no idea and had sold it. After a lot of discussion I agreed that William had done wrong and needed to be punished. He would spend the night in prison and be released the next morning."

"Once he was released William wanted to get away from the village for a bit, so he took his family to the Lakes. Despite Alexandra sulking for the first couple of days, everyone did have a thoroughly enjoyable time, and the family was closer than ever by the time they returned."

"It was also around this time that William reached the top of the 'real' criminal career path and became a criminal mastermind. He had decided that it really hadn't been worth all the trouble it had caused, but he donned the suit for the first and last time, and went to work."

"Alexandra by this time was a beautiful teenager. She had made a wish in her mother's wishing well for love, and thus met Joe Grundstrom. She...latched on to his interest in her as if her life depended on it. She was convinced she was n love and that they would be together forever. He meanwhile wanted her to leave him alone, but lacked the courage to tell her how he felt. Instead he relied on others telling her he was unavailable to talk to her, and hoping that she would get the message.“ "Jerk." Muttered Jessica.

"Allyn's Toybox had soon reached level 10 and so William had purchased his fourth business Beth's Boutique. There were some teething problems, and a few residents of Regalton still have too much powder on their faces. Despite this it didn't take too long until this businesses too was at the top level."

"William had insisted on Eddie starting to take an interest in the businesses and so after school each day Eddie had been helping out in the shops. It was whilst he was restocking the shelves at the Toybox that he had overheard a couple of customers discussing William's stay in prison. After talking to his cousins Theo and Stanley about his worries, Eddie confronted his father about what he had heard. William came clean and explained to Eddie everything that had happened, not just with regards to his time in prison, but also how his twin brother had tried to kill him. Eddie, whilst appreciating his father's honesty couldn't help but feel that all of this should have been explained to him before, and without his prompting."

"William and Beth were fast approaching their elder birthdays and as his present to her, William bought a new shop combining her two passions in life and called it Beth's Books. This turned out to be one of the most successful of the businesses and soon reached the top level.“ "Completely unrelated to this, have you seen Sergeant Kauker lately, and does he know about Indy?“ Asked Angela. "Yes, we were invited to his wedding.“ "He's married?“ "Yup he and his long term fiancée finally decided to tie the knot.“ "Long term?“ "Since George was at university."

"Speaking of university, by the time William was the proud owner of five top businesses, Eddie was nearly old enough to leave for uni, and Alexandra was already at the Acadmie. One night out during her first year she had bumped into Joe at the Campus Lounge. He had up until then been avoiding her and had tried to continue to do so. It didn't work due to her persistence. It was only when he invited her for tea so that he could tell her he didn't want to see her again, that it occurred to him that she was very pretty and maybe he could take control of the situation and see her on his terms."

"This did not go down very well with Joe's friend Anthony Smith, who told him again and again that he was making a mistake and that he should tell Alexandra that he did not want to see her again. This advice actually echoed Joe's better thoughts, but he ploughed on regardless."

"He had decided that Alexandra had many qualities that would be advantageous in a wife and, despite that nagging voice in his head he asked her to marry him. Unsurprisingly, since she was convinced that she was in love, she accepted, and was ecstatic."

"Alexandra's happiness lasted until the wedding, when Joe left her at the altar. She was devastated, and she was with child."

"Her parents were shocked at her revelation, and were racking their brains for a solution when Anthony Smith stepped in. He had been in love with Alexandra since he had first met her, and was planning on asking William's permission to court his daughter anyway. When he found out that she was pregnant, he asked William for her hand in marriage."

"Despite the fact that Alexandra wondered if she could agree to marry as a solution to her problem, she found herself not even thinking about her unborn child when Anthony asked her. She agreed and the next day they were wed. Anthony had never been happier, and Alexandra wasn't exactly sad either."

"To round off the day, Alexandra gave birth to twins, Christopher..."

"...and Bethany. There was no mistaking who their father was when you looked at them, but Anthony did not care. They were the children of the woman he loved and he would raise them as his own. This is because Anthony is all kinds of awesome.“ "True." Everyone nodded their agreement.

"Eddie meanwhile had started at Sim State university. Throughout his time there he lived with his cousins and best friends, Theo and Stanley. They had an amazingly fun time at university and could often be found of a night performing at the Campus Lounge. Stanley would play the drums, Eddie the piano, and if Theo had imbibed enough juice he could be persuaded to sing."

"Stanley had always seemed to have several young lady friends as a teenager, and once he was at uni he was no different. It wasn't long until he had several ladies he was seeing regularly."

"As for Theo, well for some inexplicable reason the ladies of the Acadmie were falling at his feet, but he didn't take any notice of them."

"By the middle of his second year his grandfather, Thomas had tired of this and so set up a bogus research project to lock Theo in a house for a week with seven ladies, all simselves surprisingly. There was one lady staying there who made him think very un-Victorian thoughts, and without him realising it, he was falling in love. On his return to Sim State, there was barely a night that went by when Theo and Doc didn't talk or see each other.“ "I love my Nummy Theo very much." Said Doc with a smile.

*** The start of Theo and Doc's courtship can be found in A Very Victorian Bachelor Challenge.

"That left only Eddie without a love interest. During their third year Stanley brought home Marielle Hutchins, whom he had met at the Lounge. Eddie thought she was beautiful and, after clearing it with Stanley, asked her out to dinner. By the end of the night he was in love, and was already planning their future together."

"Not everyone in his family was pleased that he was seeing her though. Victoria especially didn't like her, and would not be surprised if it turned out that there was more to Marielle Hutchins than met the eye. She really did think that there were skeletons in her closet that Marielle would not want revealed."

"Vicky did tell Eddie about her doubts, but he wouldn't listen to them, and part way through his final year he asked Marielle to marry him. She accepted, and only time will tell if Eddie is making the mistake his sister think he is."

"Despite their very full social lives all three of the boys graduated with first class honours degrees, and moved back to the village. Theo and Eddie to marry, raise families and do whatever else they want to do, Stanley to be Stanley."

"Which brings us right up to the end of chapter 15." I said looking round at my guests. "You will have to wait to find out where the story goes from here I'm afraid“

*** As will all of you. I hope you've enjoyed this and had a good laugh at my poor picture taking skills when I started the legacy. As always thank you all for reading, and thanks to the creators of the CC that makes my legacy hood look so fantastic. Also thanks to the authors whose simselves I have running around my neighbourhood. You can find all their stories and much, much more at Boolprop.com. See you soon for the start of Eddie reign as heir.

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