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Kenyetta Jackson

English IV
Canterbury Tales Project
This was a well-educated woman who was a principal.
Her duty was to create a climate hospitable to education for each
Also have a shaping vision of academic success for all students.
She was cultivating leadership in others, and this was a good
This woman was the head of the clang.
She wore such ornate clothes with a bang.
Red was the school color so thats how she showed her pride.
This here was something she couldnt hide.
Her hair is burgundy but also new.
Bold is her face, beautiful, and brownish in hue.
A worthy woman all her life, motivated to pursue her dreams.
She worked hard to get the job done and be a leader of a great team.
She has abundant respect and unsubstantial discourteous.
She is very courteous and heedful but no unworthiness.
The cultured woman has a slim body.
Her height is average unless shes wearing hills looking all naughty.
Shes a role model to many.
Easily at her desk she sat. Well taught about her profession thats
worth over a penny.
Shes as broad as a queen, but sharp like a nail.
Always on her best and dont show feelings towards the rest unless
shes feeling pale.
Live with school sprit and enriched.
As her duty is a lot she is to watch over her school witch was her niche.
She is multitasked and flexible.
She supervises all students and teachers very respectable.
Discipline students when needed.
Maintaining secure funding for the school well treated.
She has the ability to make beneficial and constructive decisions.
Her skill is excellent in leadership and supervision.
She is very strong in effective communication and interpersonal skills.
She is the queen who wore cute hills.

Spanish teacher
The Spanish teacher is a woman with a lot of talent.
She spoke both Spanish and English and taught those who havent.
This was one who was unique.
Her mind is loaded with knowledge all days of the week.
With her profession in teaching she has taught many.
She traveled to many phenomenal places and is very friendly.
Her clothing line is not poor.
The color she wears is black in white, even though theres more.
Her face is bold and fair.
She has broad hips with short legs without hair.
With such kind-hearted ways she show her love towards others.
Never abandoned anyone, not even her mother.
Shes destined to pursue her dreams.
She teaches less knowledge people more knowledge so they can
become extreme.
This multi-talented woman influenced a lot of people.
Having a hard time adapting to new environments shes doing just fine,
nothing illegal.
Her duty is to lecture and discuss concepts with respect.
She also enforces rules and disciplines action without reject.
She is influential in student lives.
Her job is challenging just like a long drive.
She is shy.
She gives a giving hand when needed, she never denies.
This outstanding teacher is organized.
Shes also neat but dont be surprised.
Shes very compelling.
Motivates many kids and adults without yelling.
She is creative.
She comes from a culture that is distinctive.
She is teacher of the year.
Theirs no one like her who does what she does and continue to
motivate without fear.