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Deeksha Sharma,
Faisal Numan,
Juhee Singh,
Shama Parween

Consumers or the Customers are valuable assets for any organization as they are the ultimate
destination of any products or services. Since, they are the ultimate end users of any product or
services, thus, the success of any organization depends upon the satisfaction of the consumers, if
not they will switch to other brands. Due to this reason, the satisfaction of the consumers
becomes priority for any organizations. For satisfying the consumers, one has to know about
what consumer buy, why they buy it, when they buy it, how and how often they buy it and what
made them to switch to other brands. The study also examines the various factors which
influence the consumers to buy a shampoo of particular brand and reasons for their switching
to other brands.

Hair care, once an occasion based activity, in the beginning of the 21st century has become an
integral part of Indian consumer daily beauty regime. The rising trend for hair care products in
India is driven by the internal desire to be presentable.

In todays world consumers are treated as the King by every organization. They play an
important role in deciding about which product is to be offered, where is to be offered and at
what price they are going to purchase it. Accordingly, their expectations from the products and
organizations are also increasing day by day. The concept has changed from Sellers Market to
Buyers Market. Consumers make buying decisions everyday on a regular basis and most
companies conduct research on consumer behaviour to find out answers regarding questions
about what consumers buy, when they buy, for whom they buy, how much they buy and why do
they buy i.e. it attempts to analyze the Ws of consumer behaviour. The central question for
the marketer is to find out how consumers form their perceptions and what influences their
choices that companies offer in the market. Women are very much concerned about beauty and
are known for hygienic practices, and shampoo is one such product, which is meant for hair care.
Washing the hair and scalp has become a near universal practice. The method of doing so varies
depending on both geographic and economic factors. Women are known to use more amount of
shampoo than men, thus they can also be dynamic while purchase habits of shampoo brand is
concerned, so there is a gap to be filled in this regard.

Brand Ladder:
Multiple qualities of the brand can influence consumer decision making. Brand Ladder refers to
the various benefit levels which a brand provides to it consumers. Over the lifecycle of a brand,
marketers project a brand so as to gain customer loyalty.
Brand ladder consists of 4 levels (W.r.t brand):
Identify Awareness of the brand
Functionality The range of operations performed by a brand.
Liking Whether the brand provides a sense of security and purpose to the end customers.
Relationship Strong connect unaffected by external stimuli.
A brand over its lifecycle is required to travel through these levels in order to gain a loyal
customer base. Some of the most successful brands have been existing for decades because they
have been able to successfully pass through the 4 levels.
Product -Shampoo

Purpose of the Study To find what variables defines customer perspective on the given
Research Methodology We have used laddering Interview techniques.
Data we have interviewed four respondents

VARIABLES for First Interviewee (Ritika)

Price QualityAvailability
Brand Conscious

Does not matter at all

Driving factor for buying the product
Non-availability of product forces respondent to use other producers
Definitely an important factor
Does not play any role
An important factor
The focus is more on quality

VARIABLES for second Interviewee (Vaani)

Price QualityAvailability

Does not matter at all here too

Driving factor for buying the product
Non-availability of product forces respondent to use other producers
Definitely an important factor

Does not play any role
Not really an important factor
Brand conscious
VARIABLES for Third Interviewee (Arya)

Price QualityAvailability
Brand conscious

Does matter to some extent

Driving factor for buying the product
Non-availability of product forces respondent to use other producers
Definitely an important factor
Does not play any role
An important factor to every extent

VARIABLES for Fourth Interviewee (Sana)

Price QualityAvailability
Brand conscious

Does matter to some extent

Driving factor for buying the product
Non-availability of product forces respondent to use other producers
Definitely an important factor
Does not play any role
An important factor to every extent
Not really a brand enthusiast

It is evident from a study that every consumer is unique and it is this uniqueness, which makes
the job of a marketer more and more challenging. This uniqueness can be observed in the
shampoo market too with respondents having different perceptions about the same product.
Companies will be successful only when they tap this uniqueness and cater to it and offer
products to suit this uniqueness. Consumer behavior cannot be predicted precisely due to various
factors. Starting and ending of the survey highlight that Consumer is the King , so companies
must concentrate on analyzing the requirements of consumers thoroughly to satisfy and retain
them. Shampoo is a fast moving consumer good with a very high frequency of usage among
women since women give a lot of importance to their external appearance and beauty. There are
a number of shampoo brands available in the market, which offers different attributes for
different reasons. Since television is the most significant source of information for consumers,
marketers must communicate effectively in order to attract customers and sell their products to
the right person at the right time so that they can influence the consumers decision-making
process positively. Thus, it has been concluded that the usage rate of shampoo among the select
individuals, as well as the frequency of purchase has been high. Price, brand, availability and
packaging of the product also plays an important role in buying the shampoo products.
Surprisingly, Advertisement here has not played any important role in consumers buying

behaviour and also in switching behaviour. It has been found that most of the consumers are not
influenced by preferred gifts, extra quantity, discount, price off while making decision for buying
the shampoos.

First Interview Transcript (RITIKA)

Interviewer- I am really a fan of your hair, what do you do or use to keep your hair smooth and
Respondent- Thank you so much, you know hair for me is a very important part of my
personality, I do nearly everything to keep my hair smooth and shine.
Interviewer- Yeah, Go on
Respondent- My mother have kind of imbibed me in this to care for my hair, because she thinks,
hair adds value to your personality and I am completely agree with her.
Interviewer- As u care So much for your hair, now tell me, how do you care for your hair?
Respondent- You know , I always believe in CHAMPI, Ha-ha ,it is an important aspect of my
life, I regularly oil my hair ,nearly twice a week ,because of the busy schedule hair ,it really give
me a lot of relief.
Interviewer- Ok, as you oil your twice a week, you must be using some shampoo to wash it off
Respondent- Yeah, I am very peculiar about the shampoo I use, because, Till now I dont even
remember how much shampoo brands I have changed, Now for nearly past five years , I am
using LOreal Professional.
Interviewer- For the past six years really? /
Respondent- Yeah ,when for the first time my mom bought it for me ,at that point of time I was
using Pantene hair fall, as my hair was falling really fast, but I didnt help in the long run.
Interviewer- So you stopped using Pantene, because of LOreal?
Respondent- Yeah, you can definitely say that.
Interviewer- Ok coming back to my last question, tell me why are you using LOreal for six

Respondent- First thing I would love to tell you is, I really love the smell of that shampoo, it
smells so good, and I always thought why its not a perfume (Burst in Laughter)
Respondent- Sorry
Interviewer- Is the smell that good?
Respondent- Yeah I only use LOreal Keratinoll Complex, it has superb smell, I just love it, and
you should try it too.
Interviewer- Ok you are kind of promoting it by asking me to buy it.
Respondent- Hahaha, yes I am really in love that shampoo,
Interviewer- Do you recommend it to nearly everybody?
Respondent- You know nearly every of my friends are using it now, because I nearly spooked
everyone to use it by asking them to use it.
Interviewer- I think LOreal should gift you something for promoting it so much and getting
them lots of consumers or customers?
Respondent- Hahaha, Yeah I do think so.
Interviewer- Ok, other than the smell what other purpose, this particular shampoo has served to
Respondent- Other than smell, it really make my hair smooth, silky and shine.
Interviewer- Yeah go on
Respondent- Yeah and now even I am not losing my hair, they dont have frills, it really serves
the purpose for I bought it.
Interviewer- How many times do you wash your hair with this shampoo?
Respondent- Nearly, thrice a week.
Interviewer- Thrice?
Respondent- Yeah, I need to buy it nearly every month.
Interviewer- Do u buy it yourself, or your mom stills buys it for you?
Respondent- No no I buy it myself.
Interviewer- Then you must be aware of the price?
Respondent- Yeah, a 250ml bottle cost me around 750rs
Interviewer- It is quite costly, dont you think so?
Respondent- No I dont think so, it has always given the value of its price to me, and I will even
buy it even if they increase the price.

Interviewer- Quite a Brand loyal you are.

Respondent- Yeah, because this brand serves me the purpose, it is giving me nearly everything
what I want.
Interviewer- What if any other brand launched nearly the same thing, for a lower price, would
you consider it?
Respondent- No way, I am using this brand for nearly six years, now I have got a kind of
emotional connect to it, no other brand in my eyes can give me this product and this smell to me
at the given price.,
Interviewer- Quite a staunch Loyal you are.
Interviewer- Ok moving forward, you said it connects you on an emotional level, elaborate
Respondent- First thing is, my mom introduced me to this shampoo, and it nearly solves all my
problem, and even I love shape of the shampoo bottle which is round, I dont know why but it
appeals to me, and again the smell.haha, dont kill me for that,
Interviewer- No No go on
Respondent- Smell is the thing that can bring instant memories to you we all know that, and I
really dont want to miss the smell of this.
Interviewer- Ok, now, do you like to recommend any changes in the packaging or any other
Respondent- No, Definitely know ,its just perfect ,and other thing I would like to add other than
this is ,should I
Interviewer- Yeah, go on
Respondent- This particular shampoo give me a sense of luxury, it heightens my self-esteem,
and you know what people when people ask me which brand of shampoo I use , it gives me
sense of highness , which I quite love no doubts
Interviewer- ok one last question, if any other brand offer you a great discount on shampoo will
you prefer it?
Respondent- No way, discounts does not excites me.

Second Interview (VAANI)

The interview was a 20 minutes conversation. Following questions were asked:

1. What are the things/activities that you do for your hair care?
Oiling is very important for hair care so I do it twice to thrice in a week and then
shampoo and condition them properly. Hair spa is also very important. Once in two
weeks it should be done.
2. Do you consult any dermatologist for your hair care?
No i dont. I never really found any need of going to any dermatologist for hair treatment
or consult. I have always been very particular about my hair oiling and shampoo. Doing it
on regular basis have always kept them healthy and i never really faced any kind of
serious issues with them.
3. What kind of shampoo do you prefer?
I use mild shampoo. As my hair is a bit on the rough side, I prefer using something which
leaves a shine in them. Moreover after shampoo conditioner is also equally important.
4. There are plenty of shampoos available in the market what is your choice?
As i said that ill prefer using something which is milder and leaves a shine after wash.
Im right now using Pantene. Ive been using it for quite long time now. Almost a year
and the results are satisfying. Along with the shampoo i use its conditioner as well which
is equally good.
5. Are you brand conscious when it comes to shampoo?
Yes i am and i think a person should be. When it comes to your hair or skin a person
should be brand conscious. Obviously you just cant use anything and everything. One
must always make a choice.
6. What made you choose Pantene over any other brand?
Its not that i have always been using Pantene. Before this Ive tried different shampoos.
Initially every shampoo suited my hair but later it started affecting my hair. So now its
been over 8 months that m using this product and my satisfied with the results. For
example I was using tresseme before this. In the beginning the results of the product was
really good. My hair use to be very shiny and bouncy after wash. But after using it for 3
months i realised hair fall problem. I first thought could be seasonal but no it wasnt.
Then i changed my shampoo and switched over to Pantene.
7. Is it the brand or the product that you see before experimenting?
I think its the product. Someone from my friends recommended me this shampoo. She
too is using it for a long time now. He told me that the product is really good. So i too
started using it. If she wouldnt have suggested me this product even then i probably have
searched online for a good shampoo.
8. Does price of the shampoo matters?
I dont think it does. For me if a product really suits me and is beneficial for my hair i
would buy it no matter how costly it is. Its better to use a good product thats beneficial
rather than later giving fees to the dermatologist (ha-ha). Price is really not a concern for
9. If tomorrow given a choice to choose between two products of the same brand then what
will you choose? For example pentene shampoo for controlling hair fall or Pantene
shampoo for long lasting shine.

It depends on my hair quality in that case. If Im experiencing a lot of hair fall then i
would prefer something that controls my hair fall. Like now m using that controls hair
10. Do you suggest this product to your other friends or known?
Oh yes i always do. If somebody is benefited using this product then why not?! Even i
was suggested this by one of my friends. I tell this to whomever talks to me about their
hair problem
11. Do you follow this brand advertisements?
Not really. If an advertisement comes across then i dont mind watching it, but especially
I dont think i ever watched it. I keep myself updated though regarding the new products
in the market. I think its really important for a person to keep themselves updated
regarding the new launches. Internet eventually provides you almost all the information.
12. Do you know who the brand ambassador of Pantene is?
Recently i saw this advertisement of Pantene in which i saw Anushka Sharma. I think she
is the one promoting the brand. I remember that advertisement of pentene in
which Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma came. That advertisement of the brand
was actually hyped too much because of the link-up. So yes Anushka Sharma
might be the one.

Third Interview (Arya)

Interviewer -Hi Arya

Interviewer -How often you wash your hair?

Thrice a week
Interviewer -Which Shampoo do you often use?
I use Pantene most of the times
Because it suits my scalp and my hair and it has really great smell.
Interviewer -Does smell really affects your choice?
For me its the driving factor for me to buy a shampoo.
Interviewer -Wow, ok
Interviewer -What type of shampoo do you prefer?
I mostly prefer shampoo which have something for hair fall.
Interviewer -Do you have a hair fall problem?
Yeah, and Pantene is really suiting my hair.
Interviewer -Ok Do you buy sachets or bottled shampoos?
I mostly prefer the bottle one .
Interviewer -Why?
Because, I will be free from buying it at least for a month.
Interviewer -Ok you are using Pantene from?
I am using it from nearly last two years.
Interviewer -Two years, and you have not used any other shampoo in between?
No, but if Pantene is not available I go for garnier.
Interviewer -Garnier?
Yeah only when Pantene is not available.
Interviewer -Are you satisfied with the price range?
Yeah quite, it is reasonably priced and it serves the purpose.
Interviewer -What if they increase the price, will you still prefer it?
If it happens, I may look for other brands, available.
Interviewer -Means you are not brand loyal?
I am but to some extent

Interviewer -Explain
I mean if someone is giving me a far better product and at a reasonable price, I will surely go for
Interviewer -Does packaging of shampoo affects you?
Yeah, always, a good packed product always catch my eyes,
Interviewer -As you are using Pantene now, would you recommend any changes to them?
Yeah, I am kind of bored with the old packaging, they should try something different.
Interviewer -Ok Now tell me does, advertising affects your buying pattern?
Not exactly, if I have decided to buy something I will surely buy it, on the other hand if I have
not decided to buy that product, I will not buy that product, I doesnt matter how much they
advertise it.
Interviewer -Thanks a lot for your time.

Fourth Interview (SANA)

What product do you use for wash your hair?
Ans- Shampoo
From the 10 shampoo given below which one do prefer the most?

2-fima the wills

4- Vatika
8-clinik plus
9-home made herbal shampoo
10- Any other please specify

From what age are u using shampoo?

Ans- From childhood
How often do you wash your hair on average in a week?
Ans- 2 time in a week
While buying a shampoo do you look at its brand or its quality?
Ans.- brand & quality both
Many potential reasons are in the following list I would like you to rank the following qualities
for purchasing a shampoo?
2-bottle design
3-moisturizing capabilities
4-shine factor
5-commercial ads

Other please specify

Ans.-moisturizing capabilities

How many different shampoo have you used in the past 6 months?
Ans- Dove, Vatika, Sunsilk

-Does the price of a shampoo affect your decision regarding the purchase of?
a shampoo?
Ans- Many times
Do you prefer a homemade herbal shampoo over a commercial one?
Ans- Not believe on commercial one
If someone tells you to use a relevant shampoo made at home from Common herbs would you
use it?
Ans- Sure
Are you satisfied the results your shampoo gives?
Ans- strongly satisfied