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In the beginning, the air was pure, clear and fragrant; the oceans,

seas, rivers, and streams had clear, cool water and the earth was pure,
green, and lovely. We, the beautiful masterpiece of God, was blessed with
a variety of life- support systems that would sufficiently provide our basic
needs. But to no avail, we have painstakingly destroyed everything that
God had given us. Today, we are all experiencing ecological crisis. The
planet Earth that we live in is endangered. The temperature of the
atmosphere is seemingly unbearable now-a-days. Greenhouse gases
cause the earths temperature to rise, likewise the acidity of the water of
the ocean. Carbon dioxide emissions are absorbed by the ocean water.
Harmful gases and chemicals that contributed in the destruction of the
ozone layers are chlorofluorocarbons or CFC gases, aerosols, nitrous oxide,
methane, pollutants and etc. If citizens of the world continue to pollute the
bodies of water, the air of the atmosphere and everything in the
environment, many scientist agree that the temperature of the air by the
year 2050 will become warmer as it will increase. The result of it will be
the melting of ice in the polar region, flooding of lowland areas near the
oceans and seas, and climate changes. We are destroying the earths
greatest treasure. The hills and mountain are denuded, our forests are
nowhere to be found. Many of the wildlife are endangered because their
natural habitats were destroyed. This is really alarming for us inhabitants
of Mother Earth. Can we still live and survive amidst super typhoons,
earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, hailstorms and other numerous
calamities? Can we still bear the wrath of destruction caused by our
irresponsibility towards our Mother Earth?
However, this can all be stopped if everybody has concern for what
is happening to our environment, We have to realize that it is everyones
responsibility to restore the only sanctuary of man, plants and animals
that God has given us as inheritance. It is not yet too late for us to hear
the pleading of nature. In our own little way, we can do something to
rebuild and restore Mother Earth. Plant in our backyard, vacant lots and in
the forest. Do not burn plastics and rubberized materials. Instead recycle
them. Do proper disposal of garbage by segregating biodegradable , nonbiodegradable , and recycled materials. Use organic fertilizers to maintain
the fertility of the soil. This is a challenge to all of us. As we want a clean
and healthful world to dwell in, this is our global responsibility. If we will
be able to regain the once pure, clear and fragrant air; clear and cool
water and the pure, green and lovely earth, then we will be able to live life
fully. We, the youth of today, will be able to keep abreast to the global
challenge of education which is the K-12 implementation. Because we
have a comfortable and conducive place to live free from natural
calamities and tragedies, we will be able to fully develop ourselves
physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually with the help of the K-12
program in the Department of Education.
There is no time to waste. Let us act now for the conservation and
restoration of our environment for better implementation of the K-12.