DBA840D ADVANCED ENTREPRENEURSHIP THEORY AND RESEARCH SESSION DATE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 5-Jun 9-Jun 16-Jun 23-Jun 30-Jun 7-Jul 14-Jul

21-Jul 28-Jul 4-Aug 11-Aug 18-Aug 20-Aug 28-Aug 1-Sep

Overview of the Field of Entrepreneurship Methodology of Entrepreneurship Research

Existence and Discovery of Entrepreneurial Opportun The Entrepreneur and the Decision to Exploit Mid term exam and concept paper presentation The Locus of Exploitation Environmental Influences on Firm Formation Firm Formation Processes and Organization Design Resource Assembly Entrepreneurship Strategy Fieldwork to write research proposal Deadline for submission Entrepreneurship Research Colloquium Submission of final research proposal




Field of Entrepreneurship

ntrepreneurship Research Shane: Chp 2 Shane: Chp 3 Shane: Chp 4 Shane: Chp 5 d concept paper presentation Shane: Chp 6 Shane: Chp 7 Shane: Chp 10 Shane: Chp 8 L. Bautista S. Elias T. Bautista S. Elias

Shane Coviello Dess Howorth Arenius Holcombe Khilstrom Evans

L. Bautista J. Lok M. Norona M. Norona J. Lok

Drucker Baumol Caves Katz Azoulay Shane Solymossy Berry

Shane: Chp 9 e research proposal

Research Colloquium al research proposal



T. Bautista L. Bautista J. Lok S. Elias M. Norona T. Bautista L. Bautista J. Lok

S. Elias M. Norona T. Bautista L. Bautista J. Lok S. Elias M. Norona T. Bautista

synopsis max o 500 words strengths and weaknesses of the article of 1,000 words max research relevance frameworks used in the study research design population and sampling procedure statistical treatment of data research replicability (local setting) social impact (max of 100 words) conclusion rating (scale of 1-10 with 10 as excellent, how will you rate the article)

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